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i was driving along one day in my neighborhood and stopped immediately when i saw this peacock chair left on the street for the taking. so in my car it went. sure, it was a little beat up, but i knew it would make the perfect DIY post. natalie sprayed it gold and gave it some major love. one man’s trash…is my new peacock chair! check out the before & after…

what you’ll need:

• a wicker or rattan chair in need of some love

• gold metallic spray paint

• large pieces of cardboard

• yarn

• a large yarn needle

• time and a vision

IMG_1502 copy

how to make it:

• depending on the condition of your chair determine if you need to fix anything before you paint. we had to reinforce some sections of our chair where the armrests met the body to help stabilize it. we used some medium weight wire to help rewrap areas where the rattan had been damaged. this will obviously be needed on a case by case basis but it’s best to take care of any structural issues before you start.

• take time to clean any dirt from the chair. our chair had tons of leaves stuck to it that had to be removed prior to painting.

• in a well ventilated area (outside preferably) we created a spray booth out of several large pieces of cardboard. this helped to keep the spray paint contained and also keep debris from contacting the chair as we were working.

• paint several light coats of gold spray paint giving coats time to dry in between applications. it is best to start with a very light dusting of paint. this helps create a base layer with a little bit of a tooth to it for subsequent layers to adhere to. if your chair has any paint on it already you may want to consider a light sanding and a primer coat first.

• after you have given your chair the midas touch it’s time to let your imagination run wild. the best place to start it with a good color palette of 3-5 colors of nice thick yarn…

• designate different areas of your chair that you would like to concentrate on and weave the yarn either in and out of the wicker or rattan or wrap around entire areas for big solid swathes of color. the shape and design of your chair will help dictate the best areas to concentrate on. we really loved the overall shape of our peacock chair so we wanted to help emphasize the outline with our design.

• remember to have fun with it, the objective is to make something unique so give yourself time to consider lots of design options both before you start and as you go along. we didn’t have a particular final design in mind when we started just an overall idea that we reworked as we went along.

• if you’re pom pom and tassel addicted like we are consider areas where you might add some here and there. see our DIY post on how to make poms here!

project by: natalie shriver for designlovefest
“after” photos by: kimberly genevieve
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    wow–awesome revival of an already awesome chair, this looks amazing! and call me next time you see one on the side of the road please? cause i’ll take it.

    Vanessa says:

    Creative genius right here. It looks fabulous!

    mekeesha says:

    this looks perfect. great job!

    Melissa says:

    I can’t handle this post.

    Melissa says:

    Holy Crap! I was waiting to see what you’d do with it. So awesome! This is the greatest street find of all time!

    Anonymous says:

    Ohhh this is a wonderful project. You put some major love into this chair. I love it!

    Ana says:

    This is AWESOME! I remember seeing the chair on instagram and was wondering what you are going to do with it. Turned out great! Don’t understand who people can throw this out. But there is no accounting for taste. 🙂

    Dariela says:

    I love the yarn details, the whole look is perfect!!

    alicia says:

    So pretty, especially with the pom poms 🙂

    Ohmygosh….what an awesome makeover for a great chair!! 🙂 I love the stitched yarn details – genius!

    Kristen says:

    Looks amazing! I’m so happy you incorporated pom poms–the perfect touch!

    japolina says:

    Fantastic results!

    Meredith says:

    I”m not usually a DIY person, but this turned out ridiculously awesome. Poms make everything better. I have a weekend project now.

    mae says:

    Fun! I love peacock chairs… we found two dumped outside our college apartment and they were forever known as the “throne chairs.” Wish I had thought to do something as creative as this. Those pom-poms add the best finishing touch.

    That is pretty amazing! I love these chairs, but my husband hates them – boo! I don’t know that the yarn would sweeten the deal for him but it makes me want one even more so that I can DIY it up! If I want it more than he hates it that means I win, right?

    xx Ashleigh

    Cat says:


    Ally says:

    this is an amazing idea! i love the pom poms. I have a peacock chair already but its in pretty good condition. I might have to add these poms to it though i love it! Thanks

    YOLONDA says:

    I want this bad! Can you send me your chair?

    Nicole Marie says:

    That is awesome! Natalie you did a great job! So cool.

    God this sounds so cheesy, but it seriously warms my heart to see a piece of would-be trash get transformed into something so gorgeous! Well done – as always =)

    kelsey says:

    my parents have the exact same chair! i’d love to spray it gold!

    Bitty says:

    WOW!!! So beautiful! You guys did an amazing job! I can’t believe somebody would get rid of that, bet if they saw it now they be kicking themselves!

    Latrina says:

    Wow! I am so impressed. I would have never thought about doing something like that — I love it! And I just bought me a simple wicker chair for my garden, now I want to attempt something like this! 🙂

    Chelsea says:

    This is such an amazing DIY Bri! I love the metallic spray paint and those sweet pom-poms make all the difference.

    Chelsea & The City

    Stunning. I love this x

    Allyson says:

    This chair is seriously gorgeous!


    Wow-what a great find and what a brilliant way to spruce up the chair. I’ve never thought of using yarn. Brilliant!

    What an amazing find! Love how you updated it.

    grecia says:

    Bri, those chairs were really popular in Mexico in the 80’s, usually used for honoring mommys to be at their babyshowers, my mom sat in one in her celebration, i have pictures, i dont like them fo that use specially, i think they make better garden chairs, buuuut let me tell you i am impressed with your transformation

    Sam says:

    That came out amazing! That chair was definitely worth it.

    islandshii says:

    This is nice! I love the metallic gold.

    Brilliant! Would never have thought to use yarn to jazz it up. I bet it could work with strips of fabric too.

    Great job on the DIY!

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

    Capella says:

    Great idea! I’ve been thinking for months where I could fit a peacock chair into my house or backyard – still can’t decide if it fits or not, but after seeing this I’m going to have to try harder.

    just snagged one of these on Craigslist for $5 this week, so am DEFINITELY considering giving this a shot. very cool.

    This is super cute! Nice job on the re-style!

    Alex from http://www.polkadottedpixels.com

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    dom says:

    freaking rad.

    Deena says:

    Pretty! This was an incredibly wonderful post. Thanks for supplying this info.

    Appreciation to my father who stated to me about this webpage, this weblog is in fact amazing.

    Dearlives says:

    Wow, this is so awesome. Thanks for sharing this DIY chair project. Gonna try this out.

    Kate says:

    How can I get this DIY project material?

    Mugs says:

    This DIY look fantastic.

    This is AWESOME! I remember seeing the chair on instagram and was wondering what you are going to do with it. Turned out great! Don’t understand who people can throw this out. But there is no accounting for taste. 🙂

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