a while back i posted about not another bill,  and today we are  having a giveaway with them…a 6-month subscription to one DLF reader! each month you’ll get a surprise gift in the mail (see past gifts here!), and you’ll get to discover something cool from a designer, brand or artist.

here’s HOW TO WIN a 6 month subscription…(CLOSED)

1. go to not another bill and see what they are all about!

2. then leave a comment below telling us the best thing you’ve ever received in the mail.

one winner will be chosen on wednesday, april 10th at 10am PST. open to international residents. the retail value is $220+.

UPDATE: winner is #177 jim!


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    chloé trudel says:

    a hand-written letter of 5 pages from one of my best friend who was gone in Europe for two years. Second best thing, a limited edition vinyl of Sigur Ros’s Takk.

    Candice says:

    I am so excited for this giveaway! I have always thought it amazing NABs philosophy and style and getting presents in the mail is SO MUCH FUN!

    that being said // the best thing I got in the mail was a Battleship game board…not a pair of them, just one. There was a note attached to it from one of my friends with his Skype information. I was instructed to immediately log onto Skype and play against him (and the other board he had with him). It was a “skype date” which ended up really beginning a great friendship…just a friendship. I cannot describe the pure excitement of receiving a HUGE package and opening it up to such a wonderful and fun surprise adventure awaiting.

    Pegah S says:

    oh this is a Great giveaway, i love surprise mail. The best thing I got in the mail was my daughter’s birth certificate with my name under the title Mother.

    Jane says:

    The best thing I ever received in the mail was a care package from my sister when I was working at an over night camp in Maine. She had sent some fun things like jump ropes, side walk chalk, pirate eye patch, etc. The best part was that she had just had a baby and had total mom brain and by accident sent me a package of half eaten crackers and my dads old cell phone.

    I thought maybe they were jokes but just recently I mentioned it to her and she was wondering where that cell phone had gone to!

    Sarah says:

    When I studied abroad in Spain, my best girlfriends sent me a gigantic package filled with all the things I couldn’t get there: American magazines, my favorite brand of gummy bears, a DVD of them telling me how much they missed me and what was going on at home, handwritten notes, and more. It was simple but made me feel so loved!

    Quinn Cooper says:

    Best thing I’ve gotten in the mail would have to be a handwritten letter in the mail from my friend Emma who sent it right when she moved to Israel. It is so rare to get hand written letters anymore and it was just the most touching letter.
    xo Quinn

    Anna says:

    Peanut butter! When I was living in Europe it was hard to come by or really expensive, so every time my family sent a care package I asked for some PB 🙂

    This is a wonderful giveaway! I think the best thing I’ve ever received in the mail was letters from my boyfriend (now hubby). Even though we saw each other every day, he would still send me a letter at my parents house – he’s always been so thoughtful!

    Helen says:

    The best present I ever got in the mail was a care package from a best friend when I was in college. It was filled with goodies that I loved and he sent it because he knew I was getting stressed out from finals. He had included a teddy bear that wore a custom T-shirt that said _____ loves you … and included a letter that confessed his feelings to me. Even though we’re not together now, it’s still the best package I have ever received in the mail and I smile every time I think about it.

    Erin says:

    What a wonderful concept! The best thing I ever received in the mail were homemade Christmas cookies from my mom my first year in college. It made me cry, and they were delicious too 🙂

    Lisa says:

    I LOVE getting packages in the mail, so I’m especially excited for this. Best thing I’ve received in the mail was a handmade card for my 27th birthday from my two nieces, with their handprints on it. 🙂

    Sandra Ann says:

    the best thing i ever received in the mail was a four-page letter from my close friend in california who is basically isolated to the world as he interns on a farm. letter-writing is his only (reliable) form of communication these days, so it was wonderful to receive his letter and catch up on his life! 🙂

    as a side note – i have been loving n.a.b. since i discovered them, especially this year with my new pen pals. (i even made a list of things i could send to start my own n.a.b. gift-sending spree!)

    Robyn Britz says:

    When I was younger (an awkward tween) my dad sent me card marked as from a ‘secret admirer’ on Valentines Day. I obviously believed some cute boy out there liked me & sent me a valentines. My little tween heart was thrilled that someone liked me. I felt special(even though it wasn’t real haha)! Thanks dad <3

    Keri says:

    My grandma used to send me beanie babies when they were popular, and continued to send them to me after they were no longer popular. I knew that she went out of her ways to find unique and hard to find ones. She was a lady of few words and it was definitely her way of saying ‘I love you.’ 🙂

    Jordan says:

    When I studied abroad in Athens, Greece it was impossible to find peanut butter!! The few times that I did, it was terrible (think pasty and salty) and it tasted nothing like peanuts. All I wanted more than anything was some Peter Pan peanut butter and my excellent father delivered! I got the sweetest package filled with 2 jars of Peter Pan, a bottle of Heinz ketchup (!!), oatmeal and trashy american tabloids. My dad has since passed away but I always think fondly of his sweet package and hand written letters when I was away from him and the rest of my family for that long semester.

    Thanks for offering this give away!

    Mary g says:

    Im from Boston and a couple years ago I had a “penpal” from England. We had mutual friends and met a couple times in real life but decided to keep in touch through emails and social media – never real letters (like a penpal should be.) But one day I received a post card from England! The Internet makes it easy to keep in touch with friends from across the world but there really is nothing like having an actual letter/ postcard. Written word is so much more meaningful then typed word! I still have that postcard in my dresser!

    Brittany H says:

    I spent a summer abroad in Oxford, and my fiancee (then boyfriend) arranged for a milk man to come to my house each day! It was the sweetest thing. There’s nothing like fresh milk and apple juice on your porch each morning.

    not another bill is shweeeet. The best thing I ever got in the mail was a bag of hershey kisses accompanied by a dvd of wayne’s world. Great gift, and it planned my evening out for me 😉

    heta s says:

    I love the new concept. Best thing in mail was my niece’s picture from India.

    lucy says:

    Nothing beats a tin of homemade cookies from my gammy. xo

    Lisa says:

    I received my very own Tillie of Tillamook cow from Portland from some dear friends! She’s a reproduction toy from the late fifties produced by a cheese company. She’s so cool!! Thanks Bri!

    You can see what she looks like here. http://www.tillamook.com/community/loaflifeblog/a-slice-of-history-tillie-of-tillamook/

    Heather says:

    Wow, I really love the idea. You see t-shirts, beauty products, even bacon in the mail, but there is something unique in the way that makes the company a complete surprise.

    Probably the best thing I ever received in the mail was something I got last year for my birthday. Now that doesn’t sound so extreme, but I don’t have any local friends to go out to parties and in the age of social media I’ve gotten used to “Facebook wishes” instead (lame). But this past birthday I received a small box from a twitter friend who was in the hospital dealing with chemo. Apparently she wrote the little things she wanted to get me and asked her Mum to go buy them and then wrapped them all herself with a note going “I hope this brings a smile to your face.” The fact that she took the time out of her busy and stressful life to do that, meant the world to me.

    (ack long comment, sorry!)

    Danielle says:

    Love this idea!

    My favourite thing I have received by surprise was a tiny paper crane in small box from a friend who traveled to Italy. We are no longer friends but I still have the little crane on my dollhouse bookshelf.

    Renée Yoxon says:

    The best thing I ever received in the mail was a surprise gift from my partner. I was away, living in Brooklyn for the summer and I was having trouble getting around to get the things I need without him due to my chronic pain. One day when the mail came, a small package was there for me and it contained a music writing moleskine and a fresh pen. That was the most thoughtful gift ever 🙂

    Sarolta says:

    I started reading about this wonderful giveaway, already mourning that it would be open for US residents only like most times. But then, oh, my heart jumped when I saw, I could take part from Germany, too! 🙂
    I love snail mail and for this Easter I received a special gift from my grandparents who live in Florida. They sent me and my husband a super kitschy post card I really wasn’t thrilled about. Until I learned in their accompanying letter that they had kept that Easter card for more than fifty(!) years and that they wanted to pass it down to us now. Now that was a love letter!

    Myrna says:

    This is such a great idea. I love surprises in the mail the best surprise I ever got was a postcard from my husband when he was in Greece. I love a handwritten note from my husband .



    The best things I ever received in the mail are hand-written letters from my husband or family. I love them so much more than e-mails, and keep a box of special letters in my office to re-read and enjoy. Love this giveaway!

    brooke says:

    I received a pair of Tiffany earrings from a dear friend. It was wonderful!

    Jess C. says:

    So cool (and so happy that it’s available to international readers!)

    Best thing: a letter notifying me of a big scholarship while I was in high school.

    Lauren says:

    This is so exciting! As soon as I read your original post about Not Another Bill, I was in love and have been pining for a subscription ever since! The best thing I ever received in the mail was my very first iMac computer. It was this computer that would eventually lead me to my love of graphic design, causing me to pursue design professionally. Thanks for the awesome blog and this amazing giveaway 😀

    Kelsey says:

    What an amazing concept. I’m a huge proponent of snail mail and love sending and receiving! While I’ve gotten many fun things in the mail, I think the best was when I was living in Spain my mom would send me care packages of all the things I missed, including peanut butter and macaroni and cheese! It made me feel a little closer to home when I got those from her.


    Marta Garcia says:

    I was studying in England and my cousins in Belgium sent me a parcel full of chocolates. Really moving!

    Lindsay says:

    My mom used to send me some pretty awesome care packages with homemade cookies and other treats. The best one I ever received was when I was living abroad in the Dominican Republic. It was so nice to have some of the comforts from home!

    Christina says:

    My favorite thing I ever got in the mail was a letter from my grandma… the day after she died. We would send long letters in the mail to each other, she was old fashioned and did everything by snail mail. She wrote me a letter for my birthday and put it in the mail. Later that day, she had a heart attack and died. Obviously, I was devasted but the next day in the mail, I got her letter. She signed it “My love will reach to you wherever I may be, Grandma.”
    Gives ya chills doesn’t it???

    Holland says:

    Super cool! For my December birthday one year, my mom sent me a stack of Christmas Peeps. It was fabulous!

    Anne C. says:

    Anything personal from friends and family can be so wonderful! Especially when it’s unexpected. I had a friendship with a boy who would write me letters. It was very exciting and romantic to know he was putting the time and energy into writing down his thoughts just for me. In a world of instant gratification with texting and facebook it was such a different experience for me to anticipate a letter. And to respond– it really makes you value penmanship and choose your words carefully. It feels really good to take your time and care with something that you’ve crafted, that you’ve touched and that you’re sending out into the world.

    Maria João says:

    This is an awesome giveaway, really great idea! The best thing I received in the mail got to be the handmade blanket my grandmother sent to me once, at the time I haven’t seen her in 5 months and I missed her so bad *

    Merette says:

    Best thing I ever gotten was a letter my mothers friend wrote to me just after I was born which she send to my mother to give to me when I was older.

    Great give away. Love the thought behind not another bill!

    Elizabeth says:

    I am absolutely obsessed with the Tudor family. My favorite part of history. So when the TV show came out, I loved it! Around the second season, they were having a contest where the winner would get a trip to England and all of this other amazing stuff. But they also had weekly winners that won seasons 1&2, The Gourmet Cookbook, and a $500 Macys gift card. I entered at least once a day if not more, hoping for the big prize. I came home from church one morning to a box on my front porch. Surprisingly enough, I was the weekly winner! So I had all of these amazing things and I have put them to good use since 🙂

    Danielle says:

    before i got married, i used to get these little care packages from my mom (and a box of chocolates from my pops)every valentines day. it was always filled with thoughtful little mementos, gifts, and a hand written card. those were my absolute favorite.

    kirsten says:

    the best thing i’ve ever received in the mail is a get well card from my then boyfriend (now husband) when i got my tonsils out in college. It was really sweet and I wasn’t expecting it.

    molly alone says:

    As cheesy as it sounds, I received my wedding dress in the mail. I thought it was going to be anti-climactic (not having the drama of trying it on in a bridal salon) but it was nice to just have my sisters and my mom with and putting it on in my room. Love this giveway BTW!

    Best thing I ever received in the mail was my MacBook from graduation 4 years ago.

    Victoria says:

    A collection of post cards, cds, short stories and poetry.

    Criss Marie says:

    The best thing I received was a care package from my mom when I was studying abroad. It was right around my birthday so I was starting to feel homesick. She sent me birthday cards from everyone as well as all my favorite treats from back home; including tostones (plantain chips) and the most colorful scarf from Anthropology (one of my favorite stores) to brighten my days and keep me warm. It was the sweetest thing I had ever received in the mail!

    Emily B says:

    Flowers from my best friend when we were states apart for college. Definitely the best way to receive a gift!

    Suzy says:

    … was actually shipped from England as well! A set of my grandma’s vintage china set which has been passed down through multiple generations. A lovely reminder of her at every sip.

    rebecca says:

    The best thing I received in the mail was a hankie covered in handwritten notes from my family when I was living abroad.

    Liz says:

    LOVE this giveaway! The best thing I get in the mail are birthday and holiday cards from my grandma with a letter from her inside. She still sends a $5 bill in them just like she did when I was a kid!

    Gabrielle says:

    A thank you card from a good deed I had done. It was the best thing I have ever received.

    Chelsea Ward says:

    Not Another Bill is such a great idea!
    Best thing in the mail…my book! I’m trying to self publish one of my children’s stories and it was the BEST day when I got a proof of my book! So fun to see my baby in print and flip through the pages!

    Alisha H. says:

    This is a great giveaway because I love sending and receiving snail mail. The best thing I’ve received in the mail was a bouquet of flowers from my boyfriend. We weren’t dating at the time but it was the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for me and it showed that he cared for me. He outdid my family and friends that year haha. The second best thing I’ve received in the mail was a handwritten letter from my mom telling me how proud she was of me for going to college and doing well for myself. It brought my spirits up that day and made me appreciate her support even more.

    Ana says:

    My best friend and I had a tradition of making every year a advent calender for each other. This year I moved to SF, but I got a cute envelope advents calender full with small pieces, messages, recipes in my mail box. 🙂

    Kate M says:

    What a great idea?! The best thing I ever received in the mail was Darrel Lea Australian Black Licorice. I was at my parents last Christmas and my Dad kept telling me that I had to try this licorice he had gotten at one of his outdoor stores – he is an avid fly fisherman. I finally did – it was delicious! About 3 weeks later, I received a package out of the blue at my apartment Inside were 2 bags of licorice and a yellow post-it that said “Love, Dad.”

    Morgan says:

    This giveaway is awesome!! The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail are birthday and holiday cards from my great-aunt. She makes them all by hand and they are so elaborate, like little works of art, I always look forward to them!!

    stephanie says:

    Love mail surprises! The best thing I received in the mail was a book of encouraging notes my mom collected from my friends and family during a difficult work time…I still look through it on occassion!

    breanne says:

    I used to participate all the time in a website called postcrossing.com. I would receive postcards from strangers from all over the world – it was a blast!

    Camille says:

    I used to send postcards to friends even when I was in town. best thing ever!! i love receiving mail!! that one would be such a great surprise!

    Carly M. says:

    I spent a semester in France and made friends from all over the world. I was sad to leave them when I had to return to the US, but now I love receiving snail mail from so many places!

    emily says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the email was really simple- a post card that said “I loved you and miss you” from my boyfriend (who was living across the country). It had been a terrible no-good day but that little bit of magic totally flipped it for me.

    Shannon says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail was a pair of little booties my mother gave my grandmother when she found out she was pregnant with my brother Patrick.
    My mother had lost one of her children 5 years before she was pregnant with my brother and the loss was very hard on my grandmother.
    So when my mother found out she was pregnant with my brother Patrick she mailed my grandmother a pair of cashmere boy baby booties with a note saying “Guess What?”.
    When I became pregnant with my daughter, Gigi, my grandmother mailed the booties and note to me.
    My Mother past away in 2006, so when I opened the package I was as surprised as I was touched.
    It was the best gift I’ve ever received via mail.

    Jill says:

    I love getting packages in the mail and hand written cards. The best thing I ever received by mail was a birthday box from my mom when I was in college. It was such a joy!

    Justine says:

    My most favorite mail gift was a vintage copy of Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumors” vinyl. It was such a surprise because I’d only known this person for a little while, but they remembered me talking about wanting a copy and decided to send it to me for my birthday! So special. If you don’t think I have danced around my kitchen listening to “The Chain”, you are dead wrong.

    Michelle says:

    My daughter (age 7) loves sending and getting mail so sometimes her daddy helps her send me a homemade card!

    ingel says:

    When I think about it, I remember two extraordinary packages. First one was from my brother (who has birthday today!), he sent me an umbrella. It wasn´t in a box, instead, it was wrapped up tight in paper and had stamps all over it. Looked very funny:)
    The other one was from my mother, I was travelling in Spain and got sick, she sent me a get-well-mail with a hot water bottle, chocolate and a bottle of vodka (for disinfection purposes!)
    I love sending oldschool mail myself, for birthdays or for some friends who live abroad. Its such a great feeling to find something unexpected from your mailbox!

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail was a beautiful hand written thank you note from my little sister that listed in detail every little thing she remembered from her trip to visit me in Brooklyn the week before. It was sweet to hear that all the little things we did made an impression on her and also to see what a mature young woman she is becoming.

    Maite says:

    all of my moms packages fo sure, every package includes something that makes me so happy and its always at random times of the year, last once included 3 reusable food containers with different icons on them, homemade chocolate truffles and always a note with whatever paper she could find in the post office

    Hazel says:

    The best mail I received would probably be an old Jane Austen book owned by my late grandmother which contained pressed flowers inside. It was given to me for my birthday by my grandfather which made it extra special. Thank you for this lovely giveaway!

    The best thing I’ve ever gotten in the mail was a stack of screen prints made by my best friend Jeanette. She is in the masters program in Montreal and often sends me all some of her misprints that she’d normally throw away. But she knows that I think they are treasures because they were made by her 🙂

    Laura says:

    The best thing I ever got in the mail was the first care package my mom sent me after I’d just gone away to college. I was lonely and craving a little piece of home, and it was delivered right to my dorm in the form of some homemade food and a lovely card saying that my family missed me as much as I missed them.

    Jenny says:

    what an awesome idea. wouldn’t it be great to give someone this service for a birthday/holiday and then they get presents all year long?! best thing I’ve gotten in the mail recently was my acceptance to grad school and full scholarship offer!

    Duyen says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail was the first letter I got from my pen pal when I was 10 years old. We both were obsessed with Sailor Moon and would write each other on sailor moon stationary and send little sailor moon goodies in the mail. It was so awesome. I would always look forward to sending an receiving mail from her. Now I really want to dig through my old box of letters and start writing to her again!

    Kat Hill says:

    Oooh what a fab giveaway! I’ve got everything crossed. The best thing to ever land on my doormat was a parcel of little pressies my friend sent (and who lives 5000 miles away) when I was going through a tough time. It made the world of difference and I was so grateful!

    Stephanie (afunhouse) says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! The very best mail that arrives here every year are the photo cards during the holidays. We clip the photos and attach them to an xl wide framed Ikea mirror hung in our entryway. The smiling faces of everyone we love most in the world greet us each time we come and go throughout the day! Family and friends and good snail mail are all such a treasure!

    Allison W says:

    I would say the best thing I ever received in the mail was an invitation to the first shower that was held for my husband and I. It seemed to make our engament more real! It was one of those “this is really happening” moments!

    Christa says:

    NAB is a great present to send to your sister, your bestie, your sweetie! We all love the unexpected and thoughtful gesture. My sister-in-law recently sent me a package of sumptous candles after I’d admired them at her house. I was so touched and surprised. Reminded me to pay it forward, too. 🙂

    Niki says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail is a letter from my husband that he sent to me via Snail Mail my Email.

    He wrote a sweet email of encouragement and I received it as a handwritten, illustrated letter with a “llove llama” drawn with markers. It was so awesome 🙂

    Priscilla P says:

    The best thing I’ve received in the mail was a packaged from my boyfriend’s mom in Norway. She sent me a bunch of Norwegian chocolates, a hand-knit sweater, and wool gloves!

    Sarah says:

    A heart cut out of plain paper with the words “I Love You” from my mom. BEST EVER!!!

    Robyn says:

    Every holiday my fiance’s mother sends me a card with a sweet note and present inside each one. There’s something so sweet to receiving a gift in the mail. So unexpected.

    Hannah says:

    The best thing I ever got in the mail was an acceptance letter to Savannah College of Art and Design. I dreamed of going there for years and Even though I didn’t end up going there (Im too poor), this was my first college acceptance letter and I didn’t stop smiling for at least a week afterwards.

    Sarah says:

    Their site is too cute. The most unique thing I’ve ever received was a painted coconut postcard. Yup, the whole coconut. Absolutely adorable.

    Jenna Valoe says:

    I gave my avid corresponder friend the Pantone postcard set for Christmas one year. Since then, she has sent me countless beautifully colored postcards. Some with short stories, some with well wishes, some with grocery lists. They are always my favorite pieces of mail!

    As soon as I suggested starting to study Graphic Design in college and started to take an interest in it all my guy ‘anonymously’ sent me a couple of Graphic Design books and I swear it was one of the nicest gestures i’d ever had done for me because it made me realise that he does indeed listen! Lovely mail that was!

    Raquel Running says:

    the best thing I ever got in the mail was a first edition book by my favorite author from my grandfather! he always sends the most thoughtful, unexpected things

    I could not possibly choose one favorite piece of mail because every time I get something that isn’t a bill, it makes my day which is why I love the name of this company. They understand that getting little surprises in the mail is a universal joy. Every invitation, thank you card, magazine, amazon order, care package, holiday card, surprise gift from a collaborator, freelance check, or free sample is an amazing delight to have waiting for you in your mailbox.

    katie says:

    oooooh, what a cool idea! The best thing I have ever received in the mail was… a package from my mom while I was traveling. I had just had my backpack ripped off with all the photos from my trip, my travel journal, my clothes and my mom’s favourite book. She sent me a new journal and a copy of the book with an inscription that said: regardless of what is lost you can always be found. Still by my bedside 🙂

    Emma says:

    The best thing I ever received in the mail has to be my 1950s wedding dress! I bought it on Etsy (nearly giving my mum and sister a heart attack in the process!) and waited two weeks for the box to arrive in London from California. It was wrapped in lots of pastel tissue paper and turned out to be completely perfect!! Emma

    Logan says:

    The best thing I’ve ever gotten in the mail was from my Aunt in Chattanooga. I had just moved to New Orleans for a design job working downtown. She sent me an old family book of beautiful illustrated architectural drawings of the Vieux Carre (historical area in the French Quarter). Now it sits on my desk and I look at it for inspiration all the time!

    Annemie Duquet says:

    When I was about ten I entered a competition in the kids section of the newspaper (those days you had to sent a ‘yellow postcard’ to a mailbox to enter), a few weeks later a giant package arrived in the mail for me. The excitement!
    It was a Disney Lion King towel. I loved it. And it was practical too since I was quite an avid swimmer :).

    Nicole says:

    I think the best thing to receive in the mail are handwritten letters from friends that don’t live near you.

    tobie says:

    the “Oh! My God! I miss you” print by Yoshitomo Nara. i had recently moved away and was feeling displaced and lonely. the print from a dear friend helped instantly to ground me and remind me that in this world i am never alone- always surrounded on all sides by great love.

    Kate says:

    Getting mail when you’re at summer camp is one of the best things. My mom sent great packages to me when I was at summer camp – they usually had delicious treats, beauty products – something that seems extravagant when you’re showering in a showerhouse, and some good paperbacks, among other things.

    Karol says:

    I think the best thing that I have received in the mail are letters from loved ones even if they a few minutes away down the road or a few thousand miles, the hand written letter is so much better then email because it is the time that the person has spent on writing and thinking of you.

    Brianna says:

    Birthday presents in college were always the best. No one had any money, so they were always and great hodgepodge of inexpensive but fun things.

    Bri says:

    oh gosh this is so neat! i suppose the best thing i ever got in the mail was a wedding card from president obama! my husband proposed on a special tour of the west wing so we sent him an invitation and he replied! too cool.

    Ashley Kane says:

    Hand drawn cards from the children in my life are always the best mail you could get. They are some of my most treasured possessions.

    The best thing I’ve received was actually a couple weeks ago from my sweet mommma…She sent a huge picnic basket complete with a blanket strapped on the side. She knows I love being outdoors and I’d been having a hard time but she brightened my day:)

    What a great company and awesome giveaway!

    The best thing I ever got in the mail was corresponding from my great great aunt back when we were pen pals. I miss her and her letters dearly.

    X Kenzie


    Kathy Davis says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail was a postcard.

    Sarah says:

    When I was in university I spent a semester in the Czech republic, after a really awful evening I headed back to my dorm and emailed my friends back home about how lonely and upset I was out there, the next week I received the first of 5 care packages that they organised amongst them containing hand made cards, letters of love and funny little gifts like sparkly socks and snow globes containing their faces – it really cheered me up and made me appreciate my fab friends.

    Clio says:

    The best thing we ever got in the post wasnt actually for me but for my little brother. It was about 13 years ago and my brothers godparents were living in Helsinki (where it’s freezing!) at the time…they sent him a pair of skis! All wrapped up in brown paper. We barely got a few inches of snow that year but we had so much fun sliding down the road!

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail was a wonderful letter from a close friend to my birthday 🙂

    Jessica says:

    When I graduated college, I gave my mother a gift. I was going to be moving away within the month and I wanted to create a way for us to stay close and continue to get closer even with the miles that would be seperating us. I saw this great “mother-daughter” journal in a local shop and decided to make a version of my own. Each page has some sort of prompt; “My first memory with you is..” “Top 10 songs that make up my college years soundtrack..” “The qualities I admire in my friends/family and why..” in addition to a few “free space” pages. And for each prompt there is a “Mother Side” and a “Daughters Side” for the response. We made a pact that we would each keep the journal for a month, fill out a few of the prompts and then send it back for the other to read and fill out for the next month. It has been a great way to tell stories to each other and we have gotten in the habit of sending little items that relate to one or two of the most recent entries (i.e. my mother wrote and entry about her high school prom dates, so she sent me her senior prom program and dinner menu that she saved and a few classic prom pose pictures that they took). It’s something that we each look forward to recieving in the mail every other month and a nice keepsake that I want to continue to do with my children later on.

    katie says:

    Just because packages from family are THE BEST!! They are little surprises you didn’t know were coming- how can you beat that? I remember one from my sister that she sent while she was away in college. It was just a big bag of candy, but to a 13 year old it was the coolest thing ever.

    Lauren says:

    The best thing I ever got was a box I received for my birthday last week from my Grandmother all the way on the other side of the country. She has cancer and is always tired, but she still took the time to individually wrap each little gift inside, even tying a little bow. Brought me to tears and I almost didn’t want to open any of them, just knowing she had spent so much effort made the gift SO special to me.

    Lori Byrne says:

    I have friends who live in the states and they will randomly send up things like animal shaped flashlights, books and silly other goodies that make one question the shipping expense! I love to recieve unexpected things in the mail!!!

    Tali says:

    I was in a long distance relationship and would receive wonderful 10 page long love letters, with little tokens and sweet little treats. We broke up but are still really close friends and I still love getting letters, but those love letters are still the best mail I’ve ever received.

    Jessica says:

    One of my closest friends moved to a different school in high school and we began to send handwritten letters folded up into paper hearts back and forth!

    Jana says:

    This looks great! The best thing I received was from a 92 year old woman who was once my landlady and became a grandmother to me. She sent me and my roommate a box of Christmas candies a few years ago. It was adorable because she clearly ordered it by phone from a catalog (she doesn’t get out or know how to use a computer), and the package came addressed to one person, not two, whose name was an incomprehensible jumble of both of our names. We could just picture her yelling into the receiver over and over trying to get the names right and eventually giving up.

    Kimber says:

    I love them! Thanks for offering such a nice giveaway! And sadly, I can’t think of anything I ever got in the mail that was special … Lol. But instead I’ll share what i sent to a friend: a dozen bottles of his favorite apple juice. The organic, non- filtered kind that they didn’t sell in the new town he just moved to. He loved it!

    Melanie says:

    I really liked your first post on their concept and decided to get a three-month subscription as a birthday gift for my best friend. How great would it be if we both get lovely surprises from them?
    The best thing I ever got was actually from her; when I was in the UK for an internship and we couldn’t celebrate my birthday together she sent me this really sweet parcel: when I opened it two balloons flew out and it was filled with pink and purple confetti. She had written a lovely card and it came along with a mix of my and actually out favourite songs. It made me so happy and saved the birthday 🙂

    K says:

    How could I choose only one thing?! All packages received via mail are fun, no?! From handwritten cards and letters from friends, to beauties ordered online, I always love getting a package in the mail!

    Fran says:

    the best thing was the first handwritten letter from a penpal. she wrote on an old beautiful wallpaper, added a vintage handkerchief and tea. the letter smelled so antiquarian. this was amazing.

    Jade Sheldon says:

    Ahhh! This is so exciting! One of the greatest things I’ve ever gotten in the mail was a Jason Wu Designer bag. It was completely unexpected and such a surprise!

    Best thing I’ve received recently – while in Williamsburg for the Brooklyn Arts Fair this past summer my friends and I stumbled upon this app. You take a picture and at some time in the future you get the picture in the mail (and email too, if you choose the option). Just got my picture. Very cool and brings back nice memories! http://throwback-app.com/

    alicia says:

    I was in love when I saw your previous post! It’s such a great idea!
    My favourite mail-pieces are always from friends when they send me special little handmade trinkets from countries far away <3
    Please give me the subscription 🙂

    charlotte says:

    I’m not even going to say how excited I just got that this contest is open to international readers! Woohoo. (Canadian girl over here). Any who. This company looks sweet. Everything looks so nicely put together, articulate and ever so unique. It would be a dream getting these packages in the mail each month. Snail mail is always so exciting. My boyfriend and I are doing the long distance thing right now because I work here in Toronto, and he play pro hockey in the U.S. Its tough, but we keep things interesting. We try and mail each other stuff each month or so just to remember how much we care. This past Valentine’s day I told him not to send anything because he was paying for half my flight to come visit him that month. But as sweet as he is, he did anyways. Sent me a box filled with fake roses, a stuffed teddy, a beautiful bracelet, chocolate and more. Can you say spoiled? It was so nice of him and I wasn’t expecting it, so it made it ten times better.

    The best thing I ever received in the mail was a birthday present from my sister. She is always the best at wrapping things, and although it was just a old-fashioned brown box package on the outside, the inside was amazing. As soon as you opened the box paper butterflies sprung out and delicate flowers were nestled inside instead of the traditional (and gross) packing peanuts. I can’t even tell you what the gift was! I don’t remember because the packaging is all I ever tell people about.

    Kora says:

    The best thing I ever got in the mail was fresh oysters from where I grew up in VA, sent I’m sure at ruinous expense for my birthday. The joy was intense and fleeting and now they’re gone. Actually, they were gone in about 10 minutes. They tasted just like home. Delicious.

    Haley Doolittle says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received was my birthday gift from my parents! I was studying in the UK and they sent me a new birthday outfit 🙂

    Logan Fisher says:

    My absolute favorite thing is to back kickstarter projects and completely forget about them. Then down the road, i receive these great packages full of thank yous for donating to help someone’s dream and its honestly the coolest feeling and a great surprise.

    I love snail mail!! It’s totally my favorite thing getting home at the end of the day and opening up a package! The best thing I’ve probably ever received was a handmade pendant cross I had made for my boyfriend from one of my friends who I went to University with. He is now a silversmith and is AWESOME at what he does!! He made the design I chose after I searched everywhere trying to find a simple silver cross that wasn’t completely massive – he wears one all the time and his current one broke so I wanted to replace it for his birthday. Such a keepsake!

    Kasi Allen says:

    My best girlfriend lives across the country, and we always find things in thrift shops that remind us of each other. Once, she sent me a package absolutely exploding with Lisa Frank stuff. It was so fun!

    Jennie says:

    Great giveaway! The best thing I ever got in the mail was a birthday gift from my aunt on my birthday which was on 12/12/12. She sent 12 fortunes, 12 pieces of chocolate, and 12 bags of tea … so thoughtful and amazing!

    Hanna says:

    Yuhuu, a great give away that is open internationally!

    The best thing I ever received in the mail was probably the acceptance letter from the college I wanted to go to, that was one happy day. Sounds a bit lame maybe, but I love being at this particular college, so screw lameness.

    Rebecca says:

    The best thing I ever received in the mail was the silhouette of my cat my mom traced (true to size, which was impressive for a cat of 16 lbs!) with little notes from my family written inside (including one written from my cat, Isabella) when I was living all far away from them by my lonesome on the opposite coast in NYC when I was 18.

    Sweetest thing ever.

    Lauren says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail would be letters. Whether it’s a handwritten one from a friend (which I love) or the acceptance letter I received 13 years ago for college (It was the only place I applied to because it was the only place I wanted to go. I was leaving my house for work after school and decided to check the mail first. There is was- I was so happy that I cried in my car.)

    This is one of the best giveaways I have seen! I absolutely love the concept! The best thing I received was my new passport in the mail. With that I’ve been able to travel all over Europe and not completely embarrass myself with a passport photo from middle school! This little booklet traveled with me to all of the best places and I have such great memories from that time!

    Amy S says:

    The best thing I ever got in the mail was a birthday package from my best friends, even though we all lived in the same sorority house they knew how much I loved mail so they mailed it instead of handing it to me. It was one of the most thoughtful things I have ever received!

    my favorite parcel I’ve ever received: a sweet treasure box of books, pictures, and a heartfelt note from my dear friend while I was away.

    The best thing I ever got in the mail was a letter from a girl I had met in Austria when I was 12 while I was visiting. We had exchanged information, but I was so busy and hadn’t gotten around to writing to her, so when I saw her letter, it was such a surprise. And we were pen pals for about a year! Europeans have the best handwriting 🙂

    Kiersten says:

    My grandma sends me different kinds of coffee every once and a while. It’s always a surprise and it reminds me of drinking coffee with her every morning.

    MadeByMeg says:

    how fun! i would have to say though that the best thing i’ve ever received in the mail was my college diploma…

    Jen says:

    I used to love getting packages from my grandma in Japan. They were filled with Japanese goodies and it was always a pleasant surprise.

    jessica b says:

    I recently reconnected with my best childhood friend. She moved away in the 4th grade and we were pen pals for years until we lost touch. A few months ago, she sent me a letter, folded into a little football, just like the ones we used to send each other…and it even included a friendship bracelet she made for me! I felt like a kid again. Best mail ever.

    Ella says:

    a sweet and thoughtful birthday gift last year from a dear friend.

    Hands down, the care packages from my mom while I was in college. <3

    Justyna says:

    The best thing I received was a hand written note from my sister when I was at summer camp when I was little. The week I was away was the week the Spice Girls were in my city and I was a huge fan. My sister watched their interview and wrote out what each Spice girl was wearing and what songs they performed. She also included a photo of the band that appeared in the newspaper the following day.

    Rosa Paula says:

    Hand written letters and pictures from my friends when I moved from my hometown and internet did not exist yet. Simple but made super happy!

    Pauline says:

    The best thing I ever got in the mail were aerogrammes from my Dad when I was a kid. He used to send me some when he’s away on business. I remember a very special one with photos of the flowers in Amsterdam!

    Sarah M. says:

    I love this idea! Since setting out on my own, all my mail has been purely functional. Wah wahhh. (It’s also hard for the first few years out of college when everyone’s addresses change so frequently!) The best thing I got in the mail recently was a Georg Jensen ring from my boyfriend. I am in love with it, so the two weeks it took to mail it back to Denmark to get it resized took forever!

    Emma says:

    When I was studying abroad in Florence, Italy, my (future) boyfriend mailed me a mix tape of songs recorded from vinyl. And just to make sure I could listen to it, he included a cassette player too! In the age of iPods and everything digital, it was a very special gift that showed how much he was thinking of me.

    Sarah K. says:

    I would love this! I moved to the other side of the country last year and my friends and I constantly send each other little things in the mail. Probably the best thing I’ve gotten is from this Christmas, when my best friend sent me two matching paintings she had made of California (where I’m from) and Pennsylvania (where I live now).

    Kayla says:

    One of my best friends was doing Peace Corps work in Guyana, and she sent me the best letter I’ve ever received. The envelope itself was covered in doodles and stories. I love snail mail.

    Emily says:

    Best thing I ever got was a fresh flower lei from my Hawaiian relatives celebrating my high school graduation! Thanks for the great giveaway!

    Becky says:

    This is such a great idea! I love getting things in the mail. The best thing I’ve ever received was the series of coded notes from my now husband when we lived apart. Five years on and I still haven’t managed to crack one of them and he can’t remember the code so I don’t know what it says!

    My grandmother recently posted me a music magazine with an article about opera which she thought would interest me. The entire 3 page article was highlighted with her notes and comments in the margins. Cutest thing in the world – she could have emailed it to me with the click of a button, but went to so much effort and sent it to the other side of the world (Sydney to New York) to reach me. It made my month 🙂

    (Full disclosure: I’m still struggling to finish the article… but it’s the thought that counts, right?)

    Ansley says:

    The best thing I ever got in the mail was a set of vintage stamps from when my uncle traveled around the world when he was younger. He knew I would love them and surprised me with them in an awesome snail mail package, so great!

    Sarah says:

    When I was abroad, a friend sent me two romance novels. I had totally forgotten telling her about accidentally receiving romance when I was 10. No note or return address that gave me a clue, so finding out the mysterious sender was part of the fun, too!

    sandy says:

    The best thing i ever received in the mail was a thoughtful handmade tea towel from my friend.

    Aleta says:

    Maybe the best thing I ever got in the mail was a rose bush! I love gardening but live in Phoenix so I have a lot of challenges during the hot summer months. I special ordered a fancy type of rose that is heat tolerant for my side yard… when it came in the mail I got so excited, even though it was basically just a stick with roots dangling off the end. Now it’s a beautiful full sized bush!

    Sahana says:

    the best package i ever received was a belated birthday present. it was a hastily packed earring for a new piercing which a handdrawn card. it was from my best friend who passed away shortly after. i always wear the earring and i’ve kept the card forever because it’s the last piece of her i have.

    Jenica says:

    The best thing I ever received in the mail was actually a letter. I love letter writing and I think going back to the vintage feel of getting to know someone is way fun and very romantic!

    Victoria says:

    Mail is literally the best thing ever. My favorite mail has always come from my best friend Taylor, who would hand make crazy things to send me even though we lived 5 minutes away from each other. She sent just one flipflop once and when we were in second grade she made an envelope for her letter to go in that was such an odd size it required 4 stamps. Her mother is notorious for sending great mail as well, which was wonderful when I was a freshman in college and would get things like ghost garland to put all around my room for halloween, or monogrammed styrofoam cups just because!

    Alyssa says:

    My favorite thing I’ve ever gotten in the mail was a handmade paper crown my best friend sent me for my birthday. I still wear it every year!

    Chelsea says:

    SUCH a good idea–NAB is just delightful!
    The best gift I received in the mail was for my 25th birthday, from my then long-distance boyfriend. It was full of a ton of awesome treasures, but above all an old hobby book for boys carved with our initials. When I opened it up, a musical box from a greeting card played a clip from Earth, Wind & Fire’s Shining Star and then his voice wished me a happy birthday full of love. I’m so glad we’ve now tied the knot–every day with him now feels like my birthday.

    Daniela says:

    Best thing I ever got in the mail was at Christmas from my sis-in-law who lives in North Carolina. We never got to know each other b/c of geography over the 8 years that I have been married to her brother. She and I saw each other once, maybe twice a year but never bonded. Not a good relationship to say the least. We stayed w/ them the week of Thanksgiving and had the most amazing time! We bonded, realized how similar we are and forged a true friendship and sisterhood! She sent me a pair of cute pj’s at Xmas with a note that said, ‘So happy to have you as a sister!’ It was a nice surprise and a wonderful gesture.

    I love what Not Another Bill is doing! Such a brilliant idea.

    The best things I’ve received in the mail are love letters from my husband (then boyfriend) when I was on tour for a year. Getting a handwritten letter from him just about made my heart burst! I still have all of them, of course.

    Katrina says:

    The best thing I ever received in the mail was a telegram. I have always heard about them and seen them in movies but never received one. Then this past September, when I was getting married, I received a telegram from my husband’s extended family who reside in Italy. How cool is that!

    Sarah says:

    My grandma always sends me chocolate in the mail… but in a normal card envelope, absolutely COVERED in stamps.

    She never misses a holiday — even things like Columbus Day and President’s Day — and it makes me smile every time I get one.

    Marisa says:

    Last summer I exchanged packages with a friend in Japan – it was so delightful to receive all sorts of Japanese goodies in my mailbox!

    Kat says:

    I got a single, long-stemed, red rose in the mail once from a boy when I was in London. It melted my heart.

    Tori says:

    The best thing I have ever received in the mail was a Beatles coffee mug from a friend back in my hometown. It was nice to know that she remembered how much I loved The Beatles and was thinking of me! It made my heart melt.

    Alex says:

    This is such a cool idea! Reminds me of when I was a little kid and I did a book club where I got a new book in the mail each month. Recently a good friend of mine sent me a mini version of the paper sculptures she makes and I was SO excited!

    Forrest says:

    This giveaway is so cool! The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail is a letter from a college friend in an envelope she made out of an old TigerBeat magazine (was that what those things were called?) with Jonathon Taylor Thomas on the cover. I had such a crush on him back in the day! Not sure how she found that magazine but it was great!

    sarah says:

    I keep seeing Not Another Bill on lots of cool websites! I LOVE that idea! I’m glad you’re featuring them. I’m all about the USPS…I mean, I can give someone less than .50 cents to take a piece of paper to my grandma once a week? It’s kind of unreal. Best piece of mail ever? Too hard! It’s so rare that someone takes the time to package something beautifully or make you sometime sentimental they any surprise I receive is just lovely. xoxo

    The best thing i have received in the mail was a handwritten letter from my boyfriend for valentines day. It was super romantic and completely unexpected. Nothing beats a handwritten letter in a world of technology these days!

    Vanessa says:

    I think the best thing I received in the mail was also kind of the worst thing (at the time). When I was super broke and in my early 20s I received a huge box from my dad and I immediately thought he’d sent back up rations of food and supplies for my broke ass but instead he had shipped me the box of all my childhood dolls because they had cleaned out the garage and wanted the space. I remember saying to my roommate, after excitedly tearing the box open, “DOLLS? I hated these even when I was kid!!”. Which was true, they weren’t the kind of dolls you played with, but instead sat creepily on a shelf staring at me and waiting to come to life while I slept. But now I love having my doll collection, maybe someday to torment a daughter of my own 🙂

    Alexis says:

    This is such a great idea. The best post I’ve received is a package including a cozy pair of hand knit socks and a letter from my sister. I put on those toasty toe warmers and read that letter and it was awesome.

    I do hate checking my mail only to find bills. That is such a great idea to find little presents, what a pick-me-up! My favorite thing I’ve ever gotten was a package of old family pictures a new-found relative sent. 2 amazing surprises – finding a family member and seeing old gorgeous pictures I can pass down the family tree.

    Marci says:

    It’s a toss-up between two birthday presents. One was a hand-crocheted hippo(!) and the other was from the boy I was totally in love with and included all of my favorite things.

    Georgie says:

    Since graduation in 2008, my best friend and I have only lived within driving distance of each other once. And it was only for 6 months. So we’ve become stellar pen pals. One thing we consistently send each other are magnets. My favorite? An homage to my favorite show Friday Night Lights that says “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose”.

    Jessica says:

    I still LOVE getting the mail each and every day. My husband knows, even if he gets home before I do, to leave the mail in the mailbox for me. 🙂 My favorite things to get in the mail are items you ordered that you forgot about and then – BAM! A surprise in the mail!

    maryclaire says:

    such a cool site! best thing ive gotten in the mail is checks from my sweet grandma for dinner with my cousins 🙂

    Chloe Guy says:

    I love gettting my favourite magazine in the mail every month! wish i could afford not another bill!

    jim says:

    I received a fresh bag of coffee from my favorite coffee roasters after I had moved. my wife ordered it for us without telling me and it was awesome.

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail was a handwritten letter from my little brother 🙂

    Lynne says:

    An amazing copper jam pot from France. Wanted it for ages but never expected to have one!

    Whitney says:

    Oh man this is a lovely idea! The best thing I’ve received in the mail…a surprise food care package from my family when I was away at university…
    My friend and I have recently decided to start sending each other letters so we can share ideas like writers and poets in the 17th and 18th centuries.

    Dale Mackey says:

    The most unique thing I’ve ever gotten in the mail was a set of plastic figurines of women from the 60’s. The funny thing is, there was no return address on the package, so to this day I don’t know who sent them!

    Ashley H. says:

    This company is so cool! The best thing i’ve gotten in the mail was.. my sister! She hid in a box and had my roommate loosely tape her up. She tricked me and surprised me when I got home and popped out of the box when I opened it up! She came into Philly and we got to spend the entire weekend together. Best surprise and thing to come “in the mail” ever!

    Trinidad says:

    haha what a great idea.
    i’m from buenos aires and a huge fan of the strokes. the first edition of their first album, “is this it”, was banned because of its coverart and a track on the playlist, so that edition never made it to bs as. that first edition became somehow a sant grial of the strokes’ memorabilia, and so i kept looking for it in bs. as. for pretty much 10 years (no kidding!).
    one winter a couple of years ago, a friend of mine was going to london, and he asked me what i would want most than anything in the world. i knew that edition was still sold in the uk, so i asked for it. i thought he wouldn’t remember anyway, so i didn’t have too many expectations.
    a couple of weeks later he came back, and asked me what was up. everything was just fine, but he sounded rare. a few more days past by, and one morning the post brang a package from my friends (who sent it when he was still in london). inside was that glorious cd. i just was static. i didn’t see it coming. i hughed him for 20′ straight next time i saw him. i cried and laughed and cried again and he said “you are actually crying. i thought you were over reacting when you told me about how hard was to get that cd. wow”
    best package ever 🙂

    Kallie B says:

    Amazing! I’d love a subscription for sweet treasures in the mail! My best gifts in the mail come from my mother-in-law. She loves gathering things we love from around Florida and mailing them to our new home in Seattle. It’s usually a hodgepodge of things, from our favorite BBQ sauces to stationary from our favorite paper shops. Always so incredibly thoughtful and full of love.

    hannah says:

    the very very best thing i ever got in the mail was my acceptance letter to mount holyoke college!!

    maribeth says:

    I love this stuff! Best thing I got in the mail was a water bottle filled with goodies!!!

    joanna says:

    the best thing I got in the mail was a homemade card

    Flora says:

    Postcards from my grandfather. He has a collections of ones with old penguin book covers and every time he always takes time to choose one related to me or the message he is sending. And they look pretty on my pin board too! And

    Kayla says:

    Great giveaway! My pen pal from college wrote me a note on a {clean} barf bag – but very elegantly – thought it was hilarious and made me smile!

    Florencia says:

    The best thing I’ve received in the mail was a book my friend and I were sharing over summer. One of my friends lives in Israel and the other one in Taiwan.

    Chloe says:

    The best thing I ever received in the mail was a Valentine’s Day care package from my mom during my first year at college. I was super homesick, and all the cheesy lil Valentine’s candy and stuffed animals were exactly what I needed. From that year on, we’ve sent each other silly things for Valentine’s Day.

    ruth says:

    i always love receiving unexpected snail mail from friends, especially since it’s so easy to just send an email or text. not another bill looks amazing!

    Emma says:

    Best thing I’ve ever received in the mail: my grandfather’s letter sweater from college. Quirky and warm!

    Christen says:

    This past Valentine’s, my dad sent me a really nice coffee grinder. When I was a kid, it was always a bouquet of flowers, but now he knows that the aroma of fresh coffee is the quickest way to my heart. It was a total surprise and something I would have never spent that much money on for myself.

    Corinne says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail was an invitation to my best friend’s wedding. I love getting mail but this was on of the most exciting pieces to date.

    Carly says:

    Love this giveaway! The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail…every cute postcard my sister has ever sent me (she usually does it just because, no special occasion).

    Ellen says:

    The best thing I received in the mail was my engagement ring

    Sarah says:

    Best thing ever in the mail for me was a bunch of old post cards I admired from my grandma’s collection! I’m talking 1920’s – 1960’s post cards from Israel, China, everywhere!Thanks Nana!

    brookstar says:

    I received an accordian book with collages on every page detailing the history of my friendship with a friend after I moved away to Scotland from California. It was about a year and a half after my move, I was settling in to my new life, but feeling lonely that day. The gift came as a surprise because it wasn’t near my birthday or any holidays, I wasn’t told to expect anything in the post, but it was perfect. Now that I’m back in California, I get to see her every week now, and I still have the book.

    ananza says:

    been waiting for an int giveaway a long time! YEY
    the greatest thing i think it was a dress for a XV birthday, i was so excited i couldnt even open the box!, and also every Valentines day a dozen pink roses from dad to whereever I am 🙂

    Pauline says:

    The best thing I ever received in the mail was my Cabbage Patch Kid when I was a child. Apparently my parents wanted to get it for me for my Christmas, but it was back ordered. Despite it arriving in the mail a few weeks later, it was a glorious day.

    kerry says:

    i’ve been waiting for this giveaway! the best thing i ever received in the mail was letters from my pen pal in the 4th grade- we wrote to each other until about 7th grade and never even met! what happened to pen pals?! this pastime must be re-instated!

    Kendra says:

    This is such a fun idea!! Now that I am out of dorm rooms and into apartment living, my mail is way too often just boring stuff, ha! This would be a great treat each month 🙂 The best thing I ever received in the mail were prints from a shoot I did with my guy because now they hang in the living room as awesome memories!

    sharon says:

    this is such a awesome giveaway. it’s the giveaway that keeps on giving! i don’t receive mail much since i move around alot but i really like to send things via mail. i just sent a foot of my hair for locks of love (:

    Abigail Cryer says:

    Best thing I’ve ever received was a care package of all my favorite things from my husband while I was out of town. 🙂 So special.

    Best thing i’ve ever gotten in the mail: the envelope had a tiny heart on the back, and inside was a letter which started with “I’m not sure how they used to write love letters, but this is how i would do it..”

    It was from my now boyfriend, a guy who i’d been in love with since the moment i’ve laid eyes on him. It took us 9 years to get together.. and a lot of it started with that tiny heart. And it’s still growing.. in fact, i just found out i’m growing a tiny heart myself 😉

    So I’m sure nothing notanotherbill could send me would even come close..haha.. but this sure is an awesome giveaway!!!

    Audra says:

    I live for “happy mail” days…it’s rare, but I love em!
    Best I ever got was for valentine’s day my freshman year at college, my sister sent me a pillow with Colin Firth’s face iron transferred onto it and his sweet proposal speech from the “Love Actually” film written out (a love letter!). I loved it…even though the others in my dorm were confused why someone would send me a pillow with an old man on it 😉 My sister just gets me!

    Ciara says:

    What a great giveaway! The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail was a huge package from my parents with all kinds of exotic ingredients and their hand written recipes for me to cook. It was really sweet of them to send it. I love getting (and sending) things in the mail!

    anni says:

    I received girl scout cookies from my mom while I was living in the UK. They tasted even better than I remembered 🙂

    Dani says:

    The best thing I’ve received was definitely a letter from my fiance 🙂

    Even though I’m an advocate of sending mail, I don’t often receive anything but items I’ve ordered for my family or my business. The best thing I’ve gotten in the mail was a note from my mother (who NEVER writes letters) when I was away for a summer in college. Many amazing notes and surprises have come since then, but nothing has yet topped the simplicity of the gesture from my mom.

    kandyce carroll says:

    I love getting post cards and sending them too!

    There is nothing more exciting than receiving fun packages in the mail.
    One of my most favorite packages I’ve received so far is one from my old German exchange student. She sent over all types of goodies from back at home. She had traveled all over Europe that summer and picked up candies, post cards, and small little items. She mailed them to me and I loved reading all the messages she had written on the post cards about her travels and anything exciting that had happened. Sending and receiving packages will always be one of my most favorite things. This giveaway is seriously rad. Who doesn’t love cute packages full of different surprises?!

    Erin says:

    Hmm… Best thing I ever received was when I first started dating my husband and we lived apart – he sent me one of his shirts that I had slept in (and it still smelled like him).

    krissy says:

    My PASSPORT! I waited sooooo long to get it and almost did not apply in time to go on a trip to Brazil! I had just missed out on a work trip to Dubai because I didn’t have one and was so upset. Getting that package in the mail changed my life.

    Barb says:

    a cookbook from my best friend

    Audrey says:

    This is such a wonderful giveaway!

    I absolutely love getting mail (non-bill mail, that is.) My old college roomie and I have sent postcards to each other for years, and I can honestly say finding them in my mailbox is always the best mail I receive.

    Monica says:

    I love this concept!
    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail is a huge yarn shipment 😀

    Sara says:

    SnailMail is THE BEST! It’s like a surprise present, whether it’s just a card or something more. The best thing I’ve gotten in the mail is an English care package from my friend in London. He sent me all the goodies I couldn’t get in NC (chocolate biscuits!) with pictures from our last visit and a nice card. So nice.

    Sara says:

    Receiving (real!) mail is truly one of life’s pleasures. The best package I ever received was from a long lost friend who drew me a sweet comic about a fish! So adorable.

    Emma says:

    Aw man, what a great idea. My favorite mail are the cards I get from my parents for every seemingly minor holiday – my mom always includes some candy or stickers.. it makes me feel like a kid again!

    Sarah says:

    I love getting unexpected mail! A random note makes me feel loved and thought of. I also love getting wedding invitations because they’re always so pretty!

    Mollie says:

    When I was young I left my best friend and moved to a small town in Canada. On my 10th Birthday I received a beautiful hand written letter and friendship bracelet It was by far the best present I’ve ever received!

    Ada says:

    The best thing I’ve received in the mail recently was a vintage postcard with a rose on it for Valentine’s Day from my mom!

    Hannah L says:

    Hands down, the best thing I ever got in the mail was a Valentine’s Day care package from my best friend back home. She cut out tons of different pictures of her face and titled the collage “the best of nicole,” she left a note on it that said, turn over to see when I’m happiest, and had put a huge picture of us goofing off. Best mail ever.

    Courtney says:

    The best thing I have received in the mail happened when I was younger. My childhood best friend and I would mail letters, drawings, and pictures to each other after she moved. I got so excited when my mother informed me I had received another one.

    Jamie says:

    When I worked as an assistant at a talent agency, most new employees started in the mailroom and worked their way up. I had a crush on a cute and funny new guy who delivered mail on my floor every day. When I told a friend from college about it, she started sending me fake secret admirer notes from fictional characters (e.g. Jordan Catallano). The way she explained it, it would show said new boy what I watch I was when he delivered my mail. They were all so funny and each one made my week.

    Julia says:

    I think the best thing I could ever receive in the mail would be this awesome giveaway!

    Camille says:

    When I was a kid, me and my cousin would write each other almost once a week. It was so fun to receive her letters 🙂

    Katie says:

    In highschool my first love went off to the Air Force- getting letters from him at basic training and then when he was in Iraq was heart wrenching, but also wonderful. He had beautiful handwriting too.

    ccm says:

    a friend sent me a handwritten letter with perfect penmanship with the mundane details of his day and included a homemade mix CD. best mail day.

    Jen says:

    The best thing I recieved in the post was in my first year at university when my best friend, who was far away at another uni, sent me about 15 handmade valentine cards. They ranged from really big ones to teeny tiny ones. My housemates thought I was incredibly popular! I just knew they were from him though and it reminded me how special he was and how lucky I was to have him as a friend.

    kat says:

    a postcard from my dad when he was away.

    Alessandra says:

    This past summer, I asked my friend Steve for some book suggestions and instead of a text response, I received 4 books in the mail a few days later (3 on loan and 1 for keeps).

    Mandy says:

    When I was living/studying in London for a semester my best friend sent me Parmesan goldfish crackers, hot tamales and People and US magazines. It was a nice piece of home when you were so far away from everyone.

    Tanya says:

    Best thing in the mail I received is a handwritten letter from my 90 year old grandmother along with a vintage silver coffee pot that she said I must have.

    Kayla says:

    Great giveaway DLF!

    My best friend used to make the best collages with handwritten notes while I was away at college. There’s something truly special about receiving personalized messages in the post.

    Jane says:

    the best thing I’ve ever received in the mail was a surprise card from my best friend! it was during those tough few weeks of at the beginning college where you’re feeling awkward and overwhelmed. I was having a hard day and found a handmade envelope in my mail box, containing a little card with “miss you” stamped on it, and a silly picture of my best friend’s cat inside. just what I needed! it’s so wonderful how a lovely little note can change your entire mood!

    Megan says:

    I love that this giveaway will keep on giving! The best pieces of mail I ever received were love letters from my husband while we were dating long distance. I still have them treasured away.

    A scarf hand knit by my grandmother. My father’s parents are not expressive. I rarely get an acknowledgment of my birthday. And then one day, in the middle of summer and no near any holiday, I got a box from my grandmother. It held a fluffy white scarf that she had knit and a note saying that I was a dear girl and she loved me.

    Alina says:

    the best present that ever came in the mail was a box full of colourful cigarettes from my best friend. it was my first year away in london and it brightened up exactly 20 days 🙂
    i love the idea of subscription boxes, we don’t have them around these parts and this one is just SO much better than everything i’ve seen before!

    alinor says:

    amazing giveaway thank you!! best mail ever was a love letter from a school crush (i was pretty young). it also had candy in it. what’s not to love about it?

    Carrie says:

    My grandma regularly sends me handwritten notes (with a bonus $5 bill!). They have a way of making my week.

    Allison says:

    The best thing I received in the mail was from my boyfriend. Though we saw each other almost every day, he would randomly send me cards in the mail. Even thought we broke up, I still think it was such a sweet gesture!

    Wendy D says:

    I love the concept of not another bill – innovative and fun. One of the best things I gotten in the mail was an acceptance letter to university.

    Sagal says:

    The loveliest thing I ever got in the mail was sent to me by my younger brothers, who were 6 and 8 at the time. It was a giant envelope packed with letters they had written me (on construction paper, with crayon) throughout my first year in university, but that my parents never got around to mailing. I got this in the mail shortly after my birthday so they had included homemade birthday cards, crayon drawings and a bottle of salad dressing. Hilarious. Adorable. Memorable!

    Mary Kate says:

    Such a fun idea! Best thing I’ve ever gotten in the mail: “contraband” food when I was a camp counselor. Chocolate granola and banana bread never tasted so delicious!

    a pair of vintage chanel boots!!! What a great thing to come in the mail 🙂 Thanks for the great giveaway. xx

    courtney d says:

    Cards with a hand written letter from my grandmother. They arrive every holiday and sometimes just because!

    Kaila says:

    The best things I’ve ever received in the mail are postcards from friends around the world- they’re my favourite! 🙂

    What a great give-away!

    Ali says:

    Wonderful idea. The best mail I’ve received (and still sometimes receive) are letters from my grandmother.

    Kaitlyn Bitner says:

    The best thing I ever got in the mail were love letters! My grandmother sent me a box full of letters that my Nanna (great aunt) wrote to my great uncle while he was in WWII. The stationary and envelopes were not only amazing mid-century designs but the few exchanges I read were darling and romantic. They were all tied together by string under her bed all of these years! It was a great family keepsake to have. I love the idea of NAB and would be ecstatic to win! Thanks for the contest!

    Kristy says:

    The best thing I have ever gotten in the mail was a secret santa present from an online group. It was amazing to see what I got and also know that thousands of total strangers sent each other presents.

    I LOVE getting packages in the mail! The best gift I ever gotten was a decorated cake by my mom for one of my birthdays. It was pretty awesome. From FL to L.A

    Vanessa F says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t really receive anything other than bills but I have one friend that since being married three years ago always sends out super cute & funny christmas cards. I’m always excited to get those in the mail and would love to get a few more months of joy with this give away! Yayyy!

    Kirsty says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail was a package of old photos and a hand written letter from a friend who I hardly ever see – was the best surprise! 🙂

    How fun!! The best thing I ever received in the mail was my new license with my new married name on it (cue the girly “awwwww”) ::wink::

    jessica says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail was a taser and a pint glass from New Orleans on Valentine’s day from one of my guy friends. It was kinda of a random combination but I assumed the message was drink up, but be safe 🙂

    Rocio says:

    I literally just got my wedding cake toppers in the mail yesterday! At this moemnt I can’t think of anything else that has been better.

    jessica says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail was a taser and a pint glass from New Orleans on Valentine’s day from one of my guy friends. It was kinda of a random combination but I assumed the message was drink up, but be safe 🙂

    Lis says:

    The best thing I have received in mail was cookies with lovely letter for my 20th birthday. That was memorable birthday present from my great friend.

    Erin says:

    The best thing I ever received in the mail was my grandmother’s accordion. When my grandmother died my mother put it in storage. When she died (I swear the accordion isn’t cursed) it went missing but my stepfather found it in my brother’s things when he was helping clean out his house. And he sent it to me, completely out of the blue! My grandmother loved her accordion and I have many memories of her playing it. And now It’s mine and I’m learning to play.

    Amy Saycich says:

    My favorite thing I got in the mail… were my parents. They told me that a package was being delivered for me and it was them who came to visit!

    Tish says:

    I think the best gift I ever received is a tie between a Dwell Magazine subscription my best friend got me for Christmas…I LOVE getting a new mag in the mail each month! and a recent letter from a company saying they wanted to gift three free honeymoon nights in Hawaii. I about peed myself!

    Tee says:

    A handmade card from a friend. It was a very special and well thought out gift!

    UpGemini says:

    WOW this really is a UNIQUE giveaway!
    What I received was a couple of hand-knitted superheros from my boyfriend. He always calls me superuser (nerds humor here…) and at the time we were living apart. So, to cheer me up, he got me these little figurines. Sweet… in his weird way! 😀

    Brittany Nicol says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail was when I was about 9, my grandma and I were very close. She had left that summer to Saudi Arabia for an adventure trip and she sent me a letter while she was gone. I cherished it as a child because I missed her so!

    Andrea says:

    The letter offering me my current job as a professor.

    Carly says:

    This is a super fun giveaway! The best thing I ever received in the mail were a series of postcards from my best friend for my unborn baby boy, she sent one every couple of weeks and it was a sweet reminder of our special friendship!

    Heidi says:

    What an adorable subscription service! I love getting mail. My favorite thing I’ve ever gotten in the mail is a box of these gorgeous multi-colored roses from my boyfriend when we lived in different states.

    Seri says:

    Wow! Not another bill is such a brilliant idea!

    The best thing wasn’t something I received, but something I sent! Last year I decided to surprise my dear friend Chiara with Jordan Poster Bday Project(link here http://ohhappyday.com/2011/05/postcard-birthday-poster-diy/ )
    It was so much fun getting her friends and family involved! And her face when she saw all the postcards was priceless!!


    Louise says:

    The best piece of mail I’ve ever received was a care package from my mother while away at college my freshman year. It made me homesick (more than I was), but so appreciative of my mom!

    Love this giveaway! The best piece of mail I’ve ever received is a letter from my friend after my wedding. She wrote down all the things she would have said if she’d had the courage to give a toast at the reception. It was very heartfelt and sweet!

    Hooray! I love not another bill. Their packaging is ah-mazing. Fingers crossed.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

    Marie-Pierre says:

    My husband and I met in Japan, and since he’s Mexican and I’m Canadian, we spent most of our time apart for 4 years before we got married. The most wonderful things I got in the mail were all from him: letters, photos, flowers or sweets all made me feel closer to him.

    Haley says:

    Eek! I love surprise mail!
    The best thing I’ve received lately was the title to my car. That may not sound like much but as a college student, I wasn’t able to afford a very nice car so I spent years driving around my little clunker (when it actually worked!). Having a nice vehicle now in MY name that I was able to pay for with MY money is such a nice feeling. Especially since I no longer have to stress about how I’ll be getting to work or school every day. I feel like this has been a big step into adulthood 🙂

    what a neat idea!! thanks for introducing me to not another bill!

    honestly, a handwritten letter is always my favorite thing to receive in the mail! but one particular one that stood out was a package from a friend in Paris. it was a handmade notebook and the wrapping was perfect, right down to the postage!

    Madeleine H. says:

    I’m a big letter writer, but I still get a thrill whenever my mailbox has a handwritten letter in it every week or so. Such a great way to chat with friends, near and far!

    Kylee says:

    When I was living in Germany, my friend sent me a taste of home in the form of Skyline Chili! It’s a staple in Cincinnati, and I was thrilled to share it with my new German friends.

    Brittany H. says:

    When I studied abroad in China, there was a postcard center where you could write a postcard and assign a date you wanted it mailed. So, I wrote myself a postcard and had it mailed a few weeks later so that it would arrive to my US address at the same time I arrived home from abroad. It was really nice getting a message from myself describing the amazing day I had while traveling with friends and reminding myself to savor the special experience I just had for the semester.

    I have that postcard hanging in my apartment, and I read it from time to time. It reminds me to be grateful and to remember the experiences I was lucky enough to have.

    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Brittany H.

    Stephanie says:

    The best thing I received in the mail this year was a hand made card from an old friend from college. She’s moved all over the country and it’s been 7 years since we graduated but she still spent the time to send me a lovely hand crafted card and sweet note with a “just because” message and not for any special holiday or occasion. =)

    I love getting things in the mail; letters are my favorite. There is just something about a handwritten note that makes my heart go pitter patter.

    Ashley P. says:

    The best thing I have ever received in the mail is a handmade, knitten beanie from one of my best friends in the entire world, along with a 4 page letter and a poem written about me. Not only was the inside beautiful, it was in lovely packaging and the letter was in magical type.

    adrienne says:

    Surprise tickets to a music festival from my boyfriend shortly after we started dating. Still going strong after 8 years.

    Lisa says:

    My Nana was a genius at hiding candy in mail that she sent to us at camp. I loved hunting for gum taped between comic book pages and pixie stix hidden between extra stationary supplies. It was more fun to find the candy than to actually eat it.

    I’m so excited for this giveaway not only because is awesome but also is open to international readers and that makes me so happy 🙂 I should say now the mail is a big deal for me I lived in a country where the post office is not a priority apparently but now it feel so good to know holidays cards will make their way to us and lovely goodies around the web 😉 and how awesome will be to get in the mail not another bill surprises!

    Elyse says:

    There are a lot! But the best thing I ever received in the mail was my acceptance letter to SCAD for the MFA in graphic design program!

    Alex says:

    Today I received the best thing in the mail for my birthday, my mom sent me those “baloonies”, that you used to play with in the tub when you were little. My day has been spent sticking the toxic paste on the red straws, blowing up baloons and giving them to strangers!

    jacki says:

    I once got a massive bouncy ball in the mail with cute pictures drawn on it, and a lovely encouraging note. It’s amazing the things you can send through the postal service!

    KayBe says:

    This is adorable! I never even heard of NAB and I’m sure it will just become another addiction of mine :). The best mail I have received was from my brother when I was 18 while I was away from home. He is a man of few words but wrote me a 3 page letter on how he loved me and was proud of everything I have done with my life. He also threw in some nutella 2 go! My favorite comfort food.

    Danielle says:

    The best thing I’ve ever gotten in the mail would probably be homemade birthday cards that my grandma would send every year. Love receiving those!

    Alex says:

    I live for mail! Hence the online shopping “problem” 🙂

    My favorite piece of mail was a batch of wood pencils from Etsy that say “Schwinn Bicycles, Handwritten Notes, Old Book Smell, Saturday Brunch, Fresh Flowers & Summer Picnics” on them. I’m reminded of my favorite things all day long at the office!

    Leonie McD says:

    Amazing! I love NaB – have been hinting at the boy for ages but to no avail. The best thing I received in the post….probably RSVP’s to our wedding.

    Christine E says:

    The best thing i’ve received in the mail was a postcard from Chicago. After Perks of Being a Wallflower came out there was a guy on Tumblr giving away hand written postcards from Chicago and wallflower bracelets. I ended up getting one, and it was really exciting getting a postcard all the way from Chicago (i’m from Canada). The postcard had the bridge from the movie on it, and he wrote some things on the back. His name was Charlie, the same name as the protagonist in the book. 🙂 Another thing was my acceptance letter to college for a graphic design. I’m almost finished my second year now.

    melissa says:

    THe best thing I ever received in the mail was a stamp kit that I won on KQED when I was just 9 years old. This would be just as cool, if not better?

    Simone Anne says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail? It’s hard to say! I would have to narrow it down to the letters and packages that I used to receive from my penpal in England! It was so so much fun 🙂

    kim says:

    Any real mail that’s not a bill is great, but the best thing I’ve gotten would have to be a handmade birthday card from my kids. Scribbles and funny faces are so much better than anything you can buy at the store.

    Cait says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail? My acceptance letter to The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.


    Kendra says:

    anytime i get something that i’m not expecting in the mail is such a ahappy day! especially love when i order something and forget about it!:)

    Aimee says:

    Not another bill sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing. I love all surprise mail. I think my best was a secret santa gift. They had totally nailed my style, but sent me things that I may not have ever looked at in the stores. I got a bright yellow open woven bag with leather detail, a pair of brown way-farer type shades- love wearing them while blogging, and a coffee mug (such a coffee addict! :)) with Shakespeare love quotes.
    xoxo Aimee of Bows&Beau-ties and The Sitch on Fitch

    Melissa says:

    About 8 years ago, I posted on a message board I was a member on just to vent about how sad I was about the tough times my family was going through, and how I wanted to make a Christmas (tree and all) to lift everyone’s spirits, but didn’t have money for decorations or anything. I wasn’t looking for anything, just some support.

    A week later, a huge box showed up on my doorstep from a complete stranger. It was full of everything you could possibly need to decorate for Christmas with a lovely note in it. It was someone who I had never even interacted with. They got my address from someone else on the forum. To this day, it is the nicest thing anyone has done for me, especially considering this person didn’t know me.

    Ashley B says:

    The best thing I got in the mail was a mixed tape from my boyfriend at the time, title being ” I love you, lets Folk” made up of amazing folk songs. Decked out in a handmade case, super hipster love.

    kendall says:

    this is such a great idea.

    the best thing I ever received in the mail was an industrial plug socket. heavy duty black and yellow kind – just the socket, not the wire … instead of a wire there was a rope tied off with a paper tag that read “curious yet? stay tuned”

    it ended up being from a designer flash sale website promoting their company but as the days went on I got more and more things – this scenario has stuck with me – I thought it was a brilliant way to get the consumers attention!

    Rebecca says:

    I am studying abroad this semester, and I got a hand written letter from my sister in an envelope with my address in her calligraphy. Inside was a necklace with a key charm. It said that you make a wish for when you put it one, and when the thread wears out, the wish comes true! It was a wonderful surprise, especially when I’ve been away from home for so long!

    carol says:

    our friend from back home sends us care packages filled with coffee, wine and honey. it’s so sweet and so useful that it beats all the other crap that comes through the mailbox.

    McKenna says:

    Such a lovely goody! When I was younger and struggling with school, a “secret friend” began to send me encouraging notes and goodies. To this day, I still have some of these little notes, from about 15 years ago.. It’s wonderful how such simple kindness can give someone that little spark of happiness to push through the hard times!

    Amanda says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail is gift boxes from friends for birthdays, etc. Sadly enough, a lot of people don’t do homemade care packages and gift boxes anymore so receiving one is like a huge breath of fresh air!

    mika says:

    the best thing i’ve ever received in the mail was a series of postcards from a postcard project i participated in! a couple friends and i decided to send a postcard per day for 100 days and included reply postcards for friends to send back to us. life caught up with us and we didn’t quite finish, but it was still an amazing experience and i hope to continue the project some day!

    Daniela says:

    The best thing I ever got in the mail was my acceptance letter to Wilfrid Laurier University. I’ve never checked the mail as obsessively as I did that month!

    Jordyn says:

    A exam survival kit from my best friend… stacked with coffee.. coffee filter and a hand written letter

    Rachel says:

    Awesome giveaway! I love getting mail (that isn’t a bill). The best thing I ever received in the mail was a bouquet of flowers from an out of state friend with a note that said “who says girls can’t send other girls flowers?”  Second best item received would have to be the free shoes a company sent just for posting on their Facebook page!

    Ellen says:

    When I studied abroad in Denmark, my mom sent me homemade cupcake mix for my birthday (complete with silicon baking tins). I’m gluten-intolerant, so it was wonderful to have gf cupcakes for my 21st!

    Tamara says:

    The best thing I have ever gotten in the mail is a letter from my best friend, right after my sister in law unexpectedly passed away. She had written me such a heartfelt note, letting me know she loves me and is there for me. It brought me so much joy and I still often think on how important that small gesture made me feel. Now it is important for me to send others unexpected letters, letting them know how important and loved they are to me.

    such a fun idea! the best thing i’ve recieved in the mail is a package of zabars bagels from NYC (i live in LA now). i didn’t realized how much i missed them until i took a bite and had tears in my eyes they were so good!

    Jessica Murray says:

    I love the concept of “not another bill,” especially as an expat! Whenever I receive a shipment from home, it makes my week, but the best gift was from a group of friends. We had all been on a destination wedding and we had an inside joke from the wedding. They sent me a package with a tshirt and instructions of to follow before I opened the enclosed envelope. My husband had to put on the T-shirt, then photograph himself in the shirt, and post it on FB. Then once we opened the envelope, it was full of all our friends wearing the shirt, doing a variety of staged “unmentionable” ways. It made me laugh so hard I was crying, but I’m not sure if my husband was so happy since he was wearing the shirt!

    susana says:

    The sweetest thing i have found in my mail box was a letter for santa of a kid. I hope he received the gifts he was asking for!

    Priscilla V says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail is a postcard from the Vatican. My sister sent it while she was in Rome and she said she even had the Pope lick the stamp. Something tells me that was not true but either way, it brought a smile to my face.

    Biz Homik says:

    my own wedding invitation! i sent one to myself just to see the final product 🙂

    I feel like this is the best giveaway to date! Oh I would love to win this – receiving things in the mail is my favorite thing. It’s so hard to pick my “favorite” thing but I love receiving all sorts of snail mail between a dear friend of mine who lives out of state. We write to each other all the time. She’s a graphic designer and her cards are always so fun to find in my mailbox!

    My mom sends me Ticketmaster gift cards in the mail from time to time. She knows her Broadway junkie daughter well. 🙂

    Julie says:

    oh i love international give away’s! and i like every personal mail, can be cards or gifts 🙂

    Winnie says:

    The best thing I received was a CD from my pen pal on my birthday, which included all of the songs that he personally composed and played on the guitar.

    Toni-Maree says:

    The best things I have received in the mail are unexpected cards from loved ones. Sometimes it is so nice to know people care and I just love receiving such personal lovely mail 🙂

    Karilyn says:

    Homemade chocolate chip cookies, and a few seasons of Gilmore Girls on DVD;-) What could be better?

    Blakely G says:

    OHHHH MAN! okay best thing i’ve ever received in the mail was…. honestly probably my sister’s acceptance in to college. my mom and i were basically stalking the post man and when he handed us a huge envelope that said Boston College we knew it was a yes! So we screamed so much that the post man thought I had gotten accepted!

    Grace Vojvoda says:

    The best thing that I got in the mail was my college acceptance letter to the University of Oklahoma which was my top choice for colleges because of the mass communications college that they have there!!

    The best thing I ever got in the mail was when I was living and working at Disney World. My mom sent me a goody package of all things that made me feel at home. We are huge Colts fans and I was going to take my boyfriend to his first NFL Game. My mom included a Colts jersey. Want to know something cute? My “boyfriend” and I will be celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary next week! Maybe I will get something exciting in the mail again soon. 🙂

    Lizzie says:

    AH! First of all, i love getting things in the mail. Secondly, I have received many of my most prized possessions in the mail while living far away from loved ones.

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail was 2 mix CDs and a homemade photo book. I was working at a summer camp in northern Michigan and, because I was away from my hometown all that time, I hadn’t seen my boyfriend at the time for about 3 months. It was really difficult but one day I found a small package with my name on it in the mail room. Inside was a makeshift photo book of pictures he had taken of all the significant places in our relationship, with a handwritten message on each page, and 2 mix CDs with all of my favorite happy songs. Even though we’ve broken up since then, the photo book is still my favorite thing I’ve ever received in the mail. I’m a photographer now, and i still keep those pictures with the rest of my albums and portfolio books.

    jess m says:

    Every Valentines Day, my mom sends me a package of homemade cookies. Definitely something I look forward to every year. 🙂

    Kristin W. says:

    My mom will occasionally send me and my kids a surprise. I love them!But my favorite thing was just a couple of weeks ago, I received a handwritten letter from my son (my youngest baby, 10). It was special because he told me all of his favorite things about me, but it was super special because my son is dyslexic and his writing skills have been very hard to come by and I know how hard he worked!

    Trisina Dickerson says:

    The best present I ever got was a birthday present my mom sent to me in the mail. I had told her that I was obsessed with Dooney & Bourke and secretly hoped she would give me her old (fake) D&B bag for my birthday. When I got her present in the mail, I picked up the box to open it, and loose change fell out from a small opening. Confused, I open it to find her fake Dooney & Bourke bag filled with a dog bone, two cans of cat food, more loose change, and a rusty paperclip. The box also had chapstick, 5 Lindor truffles, a travel Kleenex pack, a necklace, a make-up case, a cucumber face mask, and three chew sticks for a dog. It was the most random array of gifts I’ve ever gotten, but it was also the most perfect. At a time when I was missing her a lot, she gave me a present that totally encompasses her and soothed my homesickness. Best of all, underneath everything was a new Dooney & Bourke bag that my mom had picked out for me. Best. Box. Ever. You can see a picture of it here: http://instagram.com/p/WICG-iMRSl/

    Victoria says:

    My mom still sends me surprise care packages to cheer me up. Long after I feel like I should have stopped needed her, I realize that she knows me better than anyone else in the world. Most recently she send me a new scarf for spring to cheer me up during the winter doldrums. I’d love to win this competition, not another bill looks too cute!

    cindy w says:

    My most delightful present I received was when I was in grad school. I was in a long distance relationship with my fiance (NYC – Seattle). He sent me a care package of goodies (my favorite chocolates, a love card) to help brighten up my day during long studies. BEST care package ever!

    Maddie R. says:

    When I was little my dad sent me a letter at summer camp, it was written from the point of view the primer in the book I was reading at the time, Diamond Age. I still think it’s the best.

    Emily says:

    Another great giveaway as per usual 🙂 Once i was dating a guy long distance and he sent me a package with 3 mix cds with an 3 or 4 page (back-to-back!) letter explaining why he loved each song. He actually introduced me to some of my favorite bands this way 🙂

    The best thing I ever got in the mail was a double mix-tape from my boy crush at the time (back in the college days) with a list of questions he’d written for me to answer in a return letter (Favourite Movie, Favourite Band etc. etc.) I listened to those mix tapes over and over again, certain they were full of hidden messages about his feelings for me.

    Sandrine V says:

    The best thing I ever received was a card with a drawing from my cousine who lives far away 🙂

    Irene says:

    OMG LOVE!!!

    The best thing I’ve gotten in the mail was a KICK ASS care package from all my friends when I did my study abroad in Rome. It included handwritten letters, chocolates, an actual mix tape,
    my favorite pens (le pen!), and MORE stationary to write them back!

    Kim says:

    My freshman year of college, I got a package from my favorite author at the time Chuck Palahniuk.

    It was my first Valentine’s Day away at school and it coincidentally showed up that day. I loved it!

    April C says:

    Receiving any kind of special treat from my friends abroad is always good. And Bri, has anyone told you about Yuko Takeuchi? I think you two look alike ~ Both with a brilliant smile :):) Loving your blog and your Instagram pics! I showed my husband your Instagram pictures of your rented unit in Barcelona (and Paris). Told him if we ever go there again we’ll try the same. We stayed at Camper Barcelona for our honeymoon while we were there and we loved it too. Next time you should try Camper! All the best ~

    Mado says:

    love, love, LOVE this giveaway! Best thing i ever received in the mail was a handmade little book written by my 6-year-old baby sister – with the help of my mom obviously 😉 – when i was living abroad for a year. It still melts my heart everytime i look at it! 🙂

    MIRANDA says:

    The best things I have ever received in the mail are personal letters. Before email, etc., I received a lot more of them.

    Nicole says:

    A dear friend who recently moved away frequently sends me gifts for no reason and postcards. Once, he sent me a faux fur collar with a bright pink Marilyn Monroe MAC lipstick. He included this note:

    My dearest Nicole,
    How are you? I thought that since I was terrible at playing matchmaker that I’d send some ammunition instead. I hope you set many hearts ablaze with these tools. Stay fabulous.
    Miss you,

    I don’t normally wear bright pink lipstick, but I tell you I’ve gotten so many compliments when I wear it. Then I smile and think of my friend. Sweet gifts from dear friends are the best kind of mail!

    Kathleen says:

    The best thing I’ve received in the mail was a picture my dad had printed of my four sisters and I, all much younger, posing in our backyard for a picture- there is so much personality in that photo! I was laughing the moment I saw it, and it still makes me smile!

    Lauren says:

    Best thing I ever received in the mail was a care package full of makeup, jewelry and chocolate from my best girlfriend in San Diego. Us Canadians love American merch! <3

    alexia says:

    When my sister went to New Zealand, she mailed us 12 giant bars of Whittaker’s chocolate in several different flavours — best ever!

    Gina M. says:

    What a cool idea. Great for a gift. The best thing I ever got in the mail was a bunch of “contraband” candy when I was away at sleepaway camp as a little kid. I still can’t believe my bunk never got caught with all the Twizzlers and Sour Patch Kids that my mom sent (hidden and folded in clothes!)

    Katarzyna says:

    This giveaway is so much fun. The list of cute and special packages is very long, but my all time favorite has to be a set of old fashioned cassette tapes recorded for me by my high school boyfriend. He wasn’t a big fan of writing love letters, but those love cassettes turned out pretty great.

    Last year I came home from a no good rotten and rainy day in the worst mood to find a 5D Mark2 on my porch. It was sent to me anonymously.

    By far the best thing I have received in the mail.

    Mel says:

    A Pearl Jam concert ticket! It was given as a surprise for my birthday! Hope to win this one!

    Stacie Swift says:

    Ooh, great giveaway! The best thing I ever received in the mail was a gorgeous bunch of flowers with the most romantic message from my then boyfriend (now fiance – so it definitely worked!) after a few rubbish months 🙂 x

    Olivia says:

    An ‘Easter Survival Kit’ in the post from my then great friend, now boyfriend, in our first year at university… Inside the parcel was a Battenburg cake, a ruler to cut it with (long story involving lack of knife) and a lovely, lovely letter. Best. Package. Ever.

    Trish Bautista says:

    The best thing(s) I received in the mail have been the letters from my pen pal. We started writing to each other when we were 8 years old (me in Hawaii, her in California) – then lost touch before high school and then re-connected via Friendster (remember that?!?) then Myspace, now Facebook & Instagram. We have never met in-person but she is one of my oldest friends.

    Amy says:

    Oh man, I love this business. I wish they were based in the USA! The best thing I’ve gotten in the mail was the late birthday presents from my uncle every year. He felt bad that they were always late, but I loved having my birthday last for a month!

    Jessica says:

    I received flowers and a handwritten note from my husband on our first wedding anniversary.

    Alissa says:

    What a fun giveaway!! I think the best things I’ve received in the mail are flowers and my engagement ring after it was resized 🙂

    Meghan says:

    My Dad sends me a box of chocolates every year for Valentine’s day. He is a super dork (must be where I get it from) so I always look forward to seeing what punny box he chooses!

    Rachel says:

    My college acceptance letters & a letter from my sister when she was studying abroad in England.

    Chloe G. says:

    This is an AWESOME giveaway! It’s hard for me to narrow down my favorite thing I’ve received in the mail, because I just love receiving mail in general. Whether it be a thank you note or a huge package – it doesn’t really matter 🙂

    sarah says:

    the best letter I ever recieved was a postcard from my now boyfriend who was away for two weeks in the sawtooth mountains in idaho. we had been living in a tent for 3 months together just as friends, climbing and enjoying the colorado summer. i missed him a lot while he was away and when i received his postcard i knew he was much more than a friend 🙂

    Kelly says:

    My first year away at college, for my birthday, my mom sent me a package that contained a mini party (a tiny happy birthday garland, some hats, chocolate, trinkets, etc.), but the best part was a handmade collage card with a wonderful letter inside. It made being away so much easier, and the day really special. There is nothing better than getting mail!

    Megan says:

    The best package I ever received in the mail I received just last week from one of my best buds who moved away last year. It was a Andy Warhol print and postcard she purchased at the Andy Warhol museum in Pittsburg. She knows he’s my favorite artist and said she wished I could of been there with her at the museum. I was totally surprised! 🙂

    caroline says:

    love this giveaway! best thing i have received was my college acceptance letter!

    MaryJo says:

    Best thing ever in the mail…. I lived in Brazil for five years as a kid and it was SUCH a treat when family would send us a package with Snicker Bars, kraft mac & cheese, and Lisa Frank stickers.

    Emily says:

    What an awesome idea for a company!! The best thing I have ever received in the mail is probably my little brother’s teddy bear. We had lost it in an airport and amazingly someone tracked us down and returned him to us. My brother would probably say that this was the best thing he had ever received in the mail either.


    I have always loved these companies that deliver a goody bag in your doorstep every month, but I hadn’t found one that delivers to my country yet. Until you introduced Not another bill and I was smitten to see they deliver to me 🙂
    This giveaway could be a great start to a lovely habit.
    The best thing I got in a mail was a festive party kit won in my first giveaway. I still have it untouched, saved for a special occasion (that’s just an excuse not to waste the pretty stuff ).

    Katie says:

    My favorite thing I receive in the mail is food. I love when people send me treats or reminders of home.

    Abby says:

    The best thing I’ve ever gotten in the mail was a card from my mom a while back. I had just gone through a really tough breakup, projects for school were piling up, I was stressed with everything. One day I went down to my mailbox and found a letter in the mail, it had a cute note on the inside with a gift card from my mom and it was the perfect little pick me up!

    When my husband and I were dating long distance, we exchanged countless things through the mail. My favorite was an accordion book of pictures that fit into an old altoid tin.

    Jenna says:

    My recent acceptance letter to the molecular biology program at the graduate school of my dreams 🙂 🙂

    Catina says:

    First off, WOW! The featured items from Not Another Bill’s recent gifts are SO fun! The best thing I’ve ever gotten in the mail was actually a bathing suit I had won from a contest. The best part was the hand written note from the girls from the company congratulating me and wishing me a great summer. I thought that the note was beyond lovely of a touch. (:

    Ana says:

    A letter from my grandma when I was overseas for a semester and homesick!

    Brooke Lynch says:

    I love the idea of this—what a superb surprise! The best thing ever delivered to me was my husbands wedding ring: a custom made band with a purple pinstripe and a purple inside. It came in a velvet purple drawstring pouch tucked perfectly into a mini circle tin. Loved. It.

    Jimena says:

    mmmm, without doubt the postcards for my birthday my aunt sent me every year from Sweden. For me it was very very special, which came from a place so far away, where there was snow!
    Jimena from Uruguay (a country where it has never snowed…)

    alisa says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail was a letter from my pen pal when I was 11. Written on Hello Kitty stationary, filled with school drama and lack there of, fully stocked with New Kids on the Block stickers, all neatly folded origami style. My Most memorable for sure!

    Justina says:

    In February this year I was having a really hard time, I was totally swamped and stressed out at work and my boyfriend had moved five hours away for a new job. I wasn’t going to be able to join him for a few months so I was feeling a little lonely.
    But then a few days before Valentine’s Day, a package came for me at work.
    It was a box full of all of my favourite things. My boyfriend had sent me a bag of dinosours, purdy’s chocolates, pink and red heart curly straws and a book called “50 Jobs Worse Than Yours”. It had a card and it said the box was to hold me over until I saw him the next week and a note saying it was to hold me over until I saw him the next week. It was so sweet and funny and was a gift only he could have sent me. Brightened my day.

    Julianna m says:

    when my little brothers send me drawings in the mail!! not another bill loooks like a great gift! something to look forward to & cheer up your day!!

    What an amazing giveaway!

    My favorite piece of mail I’ve received came from a stranger this past Valentine’s Day. I signed up for a mail swap with Art House Co-op earlier this year, and I got to write a love note to a stranger for Valentine’s day and receive one in return. In February, I opened my mailbox to find the most incredible piece of artwork with a sweet love note written by someone on the other side of the country who I know nothing about and I will probably never meet, but somehow feel connected to in this really cool way.

    Tamsen says:

    Best thing i have ever received was an adorable handmade card and gift box asking me to be a bridesmaid in my friends wedding! Complete with color watches of the wedding colors, fabrics and a paper doll chain with the whole bridal party! So cute and sweet!

    Jessica R says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail is food from home when I’ve been living abroad, especially English tea!

    Allison Joy says:

    not another bill is such a great business idea, i would love to get some of these goodies in the mail! O=one of my favorite things to receive in the mail are thoughts and care packages from family and friends across the globe 🙂

    Andrea says:

    Not Another Bill- coolest idea ever! The best thing I ever got in the mail was a mixed CD with all of my favorite songs at the time from my pen pal who lived across country. I was 15- he and I met at Disneyland! 15 years later….we are still in touch.

    Natasha says:

    I love this and I’m so happy it’s open internationally. I actually received the best thing ever today. I won a giveaway on a blog and the prize was a secret selection of the bloggers favourite products. It took a few months before I got it, so I was absolutely bursting to find out what it was today.

    Foley says:

    Receiving real mail is one of the coolest things ever. You get so must emails and virtual messages, which are great too but still not the same feel as paper… Lately I loved receiving letters from people I don’t know. A dear friend of mine came up with this project in France called Lettres d’un inconnu http://www.lettresduninconnu.fr you get a subscription and twice a month you receive a letter from someone you don’t know. Printed on beautiful paper and envelops, it’s my happy moment of the day when I sat with a fresh cut of tea and enjoy the reading!

    Rachel says:

    So cute! It could also totally be called Absolutely Not Another Email and I would be BEYOND stoked.

    The best thing I ever got in the mail was a banana addressed to me while I was in college from my mom telling me to eat my fruit. You can write an address on a banana and mail it straight! True story.

    Mia says:

    What a great idea! I love giving and receiving special surprises in the mail. The best things I’ve received in the mail are always unexpected, often simple, and leave me filled with a warmth in my heart, knowing my friends and family are thinking of me despite the distance that separates us.
    I love the folding maps from Not Another Bill!

    Lauren says:

    A hand written letter from a friend who had moved to France. The letter was a turning point in our friendship and we became very close after that…like sisters. Years later she became my sister when she married my brother.

    Joani says:

    My best friend lives in NYC, me Florida. Sadly Mast Brothers chocolate bars aren’t easy to find here. So my favorite thing to get in the mail is a candy bar from NYC. I honestly can’t decide what I love more — the chocolate or the awesome graphic packaging. But either way, it’s best snail mail ever! And sometimes she even throws in an old school mix cd—it doesn’t get better than that!

    Amanda says:

    Last year after my sweet Nanna passed away I received a box from my Dad. It was letters that I had written to her from when I was 8 onwards. I had desperately wanted a penpal so she wrote to me, we wrote back and forth for years. She saved up all of my letters. How sweet is that!

    Amanda says:

    Oops! My above email was incorrect. Sorry!

    e says:

    peanut butter in paris!

    Joy says:

    My mom knew I was having a rough time with my classes and job and surprised me by ordering a shirt printed with cats for me that I had talked about seeing and loving. I wear it at least once a week now and think of her every time!

    Sandy says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail actually felt like the worst thing (at the time). After a tough breakup, my ex actually MAILED me my things rather than bringing them to me (coward, i know). It was just bummy clothes, some hair ties, face wash, and really nothing sentimental or even interesting at all (totally reflective of the relationship). Either way, it totally shocked me back to life and reminded me of all the fun I had been missing out on in such a dud relationship 😛

    christine says:

    an assorted package from my sister for my birthday, filled with snacks, mulled wine and accessories 🙂

    Charmaine says:

    Cool site! One of my favorite things I received in the mail was a care package from my roommates while I was doing an internship in SF!

    Eli says:

    A few years ago, the passionate guy who would then become my boyfriend, left a package in my mailbox that I still cherish today…
    A short story written by him and never released before, a copy of the movie “Legends of the fall” to watch together, and a red rose. I was on holiday, and when I found all of this I was moved to tears.. I still wonder how everything fitted in my tiny mailbox: power of love!!

    Megan Gibson says:

    What an awesome service!!! I would love to win this! The best thing I have ever received was Fleetwood Mac surprise tickets from my dad when I was away at college 🙂

    Ieva says:

    The best thing is hand written letters from my friends, always warms my heart.

    kaja says:

    wow, thats a great giveaways!
    my favourite mail is birthday mail. my grandma always makes the best packages including all the good stuff you need for a birthday brunch! the best!

    Jenny Funk says:

    This would be lovely, I never get nice things in the mail! If I had to pick though, I got a pair of hunter boots from my mother in law 2 Christmases ago that I wear constantly.

    jordan says:

    The best thing I have received in the mail is strawberry shortcake. My 92 year old great grandma decided that it would be a good idea to send strawberry shortcake in the mail to me and my sisters for valentines day. Needless to say the whipped cream did not hold up so well in the unreasonable warm February that she sent it in. It still brings a smile to my face thinking about that special box with three store bought strawberry shortcakes in it.

    Allyson says:

    Hands down, the best thing I have ever received in the mail was a letter from my mom. I was out of town visiting my parents, found out my mom’s cancer had come back, and spent the next two weeks caring for her until she passed away. Going back home after those two weeks was really difficult, but I came home to a stack of mail. At the bottom of the pile, I found a letter she had sent the day I went to visit. It was so special to see her handwriting and feel like she was still with me a week after she had passed. I will always treasure it.

    PS – This giveaway is seriously amazing!


    marla b says:

    Last week I got an acceptance letter from Otis college of art and design and I couldnt be more thrilled to start my journey as a graphic designer. Best gift ever!

    Natassia Capella says:

    Getting goodies in the mail every month is such a treat which is why I’m guilty of loving and subscribing to companies like NAB! My favorite thing I ever received in the mail was a care package my freshman year of college. My parents lived in Europe at the time and sent a box full of candies, pictures, and letters. The best!

    Barb Coughlin says:

    The best thing I ever received in the mail was a note from my dad after he passed away. In it he told me how much he loved me and how proud he was of me. <3

    Alison says:

    The best thing I ever got in the mail was a mouse pad featuring both the Teen Wolf 1 and 2 posters with my friend’s faces superimposed over Michael J. Fox and Jason Bateman. It’s been at my desk for the past 6 years.

    Amy says:

    Great giveaway. I,ve been excited about this service since you posted about it a few wks back. Such a great idea! The best thing I,ve received in the mail were Love notes from my hubby when he was touring with his band!!!

    oh wow! what a fabulous giveaway!
    thanks for the opportunity.
    when i was teaching first grade, i would give my students my address so they could write to me over the summer and practice their writing skills. finding their letters in the mail was so special to me.

    Sharayah says:

    I received letters from my boyfriend while he was working at the Olympics and then studying abroad at Oxford for five months, and I treasured them as if they were gold… Thank you so much for the giveaway! What a wonderful idea.

    Aida says:

    A box full of Christmas gifts for my son, my husband and myself that crossed the ocean from Spain to Colorado. Being our first Christmas away from home, it was quite an emotional surprise. 🙂
    Thanks so much for this giveaway!

    Katy says:

    The best thing I ever received in the mail came at a time when I was sooooo stressed and down. It was a silly little card from my mom with just the perfect little note inside and there was no way for her to have known what a horrible day that was going to be for me. It picked me up and made me smile. Best ever. Mom’s know best.

    Emma Radke says:

    The far and away best thing I’ve ever got in the mail was my acceptance letter to the University of Minnesota. It was what started me on my journey to becoming a graphic designer. Without the U of MN I would never have found out how much I love graphic design, let alone that I was good at it! I’ve been at the U for four years & it’ll be two more years before I graduate, but I really don’t mind the wait – I’ll be doing what I love with the best of friends.

    Alexis says:

    My mom has a habit of sending me random packages, usually involving a cooking theme–It always makes my day! This past week she sent me 2 glass domes with matching pink plates, each enough for a single cupcake. When I asked her why she sent me more than one, she said it was in case my boyfriend wanted a cupcake too!

    Megan Walter says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail was a package from an Instagram penpal in Norway! It was need to have something tangible from an “online friend.”


    Lynn says:

    The absolute best thing I’ve ever received in the mail was my college acceptance letter to my dream school!

    Denysia Yu says:

    One of the best things I had ever gotten in the mail was a package of hair care products! 🙂

    ingrid says:

    when i went to college my parents split up and i ended up living with my dad during the summers, away from all my friends. one of my best friends decorated a swimming pool noodle with paper and magazine cutouts, wrapped it in saran wrap (protect those decorations!) and mailed it to me in a box. it was a great surprise.

    isabel g says:

    Great contest!!! I love getting (fun) things in the mail 🙂

    The best thing I ever received was a sweet surprise gift from my boyfriend for my first day of work after graduating from university. We had been visiting New York and I saw a really cute and work appropriate blouse at Uniqlo, but at that stage I didn’t know if I’d gotten the job or not, so I didn’t buy the shirt. The morning I left NYC I found out I’d gotten the job (yay!) and without me knowing my boyfriend went back to Uniqlo to buy the shirt for me. He sent it to me to wear on my first day, it was such a lovely surprise.

    Madi says:

    When I moved to college my mum sent me a unique and fun postcard every week. It was such a fun way to stay in touch with her and now I keep them in a little box so I can pull them out and read the little quips on the back.

    Love the giveaway!


    Hannah says:

    So much snail mail love! The best thing I ever recieved was a surprise package from a friend I had lost touch with. He was in Guatemala teaching and I lived in Maine teaching- it was an odd long distance situation. Anyways, I was checking my mailbox at school and spotted a box with my name on it (!)-inside was a beautiful handmade purse from Guatemala and a lovely note. It is always nice to be thought of, but there is something special about getting personal mail at school. The office ladies were just as excited as I was to open it. 🙂


    Kait says:

    I love a good card from my grandma 🙂 she always writes and sends me random sweet notes. One of her funnier cards mentioned the show The Bachelor and how she wanted “the brunette” to beat out the other “bimbos.” It made me laugh so hard!

    Michelle says:

    The best thing I ever received in the mail was bubble-wrapped mangos from my mom! They were delicious. 🙂

    Kim says:

    Best thing I ever received… my college acceptance letter.

    Rekita says:

    I have 2 things! The first thing is the rubber duckie charm I received from Tiffany’s for my first born son.

    2nd is when I came home after a long day from finding out I had gestational diabetes with my 2nd born, and I was crying all the way home. I finally got home and went to the door and saw box that said “1-800-Flowers” ( i think thats what it said) It was from my husband who was in Iraq at the time. He turned my day right side up. It was no worries from then on.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Oh wow, i seriously LOVE not another bill! I have also been waiting forever for an international DLF give away.

    The best thing i have ever recieved in the mail.. well i don’t really have anything because i always get bills, ‘junk’ mail, of corse online shopping as well and as great as that is i know it is coming. Which is why wining this give away would be AMAZEE.

    Simone Pierson says:

    The best things to recieve in the mail are handwritten letters from long-distance friends. When I moved across the country from Florida to Seattle, those letters added some sunshine to some of the saddest, grey, winter days.

    Julie says:

    My engagement ring 🙂 My husband (then fiance) at the time was in the Army on another coast. We started planning a wedding when we heard about his upcoming deployment without a grand “proposal”. He sent a ring in the mail, and then got down on one knee 2 months later when we got to see eachother for a “re-proposal”.

    laura says:

    When I was 18 living in London, my best friend would send me packages every few months. Each and every package included a sweet hand written letter and cute things to remind me of home. It seriously made my year!
    Thanks for the international giveaway! Us Canadians, love them!

    jobelle says:

    the best thing i ever received in the mail, would be when I separated from my parents at the age of 8, they shipped me off to have a better education and opportunity in the States, I’m 25 and when I was 21, I haven’t seen them in over 13 years, so one day when the mailed arrive, expecting to see another bill, there was a package, i opened it and it was a video, my family made and i watched it, about how much ive missed in their and my own life, and the video led up to them traveling to finally come visit me, and to the point of where i see them walking to my apartment, and knocking on my door! AND THERE THEY WERE! it was the best piece of mail ever!

    Emily says:

    Ooh I love this giveaway! The greatest thing I’ve ever gotten in the mail would probably be my college acceptance letter(s). I felt so accomplished seeing all of my hard work pay off, and the financial aid package was quite welcome also 🙂

    Deepshikha says:

    The best thing I’ve ever gotten in the mail was this giant envelope full of drawing from my cousin. She’s an amazing artist, but I don’t see her very often, and she tells me about herself through the drawings.

    Elisabeth says:

    The best thing I ever received in the mail was a beautiful package of Liberty fabrics from a friend that lives in London!

    Thank you for the great giveaway!


    Andrea says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail was when I was in elementary school my best friend aka BFF sent me a handwritten postcard from Greece and a stuffed Mediterranean turtle!
    Love This is an amazing giveaway!! xx

    Kat says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail was a letter from my boyfriend on our anniversary. It was the sweetest thing and just so touching. My heart melted reading it and I knew he was a keeper! Letters in the mail are always so romantic!

    kacia says:

    Best thing I ever got in the mail was a letter from my dad telling me he was proud of me. It was the first time he ever expressed that to me – I was 25 years old.

    Gina says:

    Love this! My favorite thing would definitely be the bees for my beehive 🙂

    Shelby says:

    I was once surprised by an anonymous acceptance letter to Hogwarts on authentic-looking paper. It was hilarious, and I was baffled.

    Nora says:

    Do I ever love getting and receiving mail?! The best correspondence I received was over the course of a summer. I was working at a camp on the East Coast, and having a very hard time of it. My then boyfriend wrote me a letter every single day I was away (he was in the Midwest). I lived for those morning walks to the main office to pick up my daily note/encouragement!

    Melanie Abrantes says:

    My boyfriend sent me flowers when I was visiting home to Houston. I thought my mom was crazy for saying I got a package because I havent lived in my house for 4 years. I was just so surprised that he sent it. It made me extremely happy, who doesn’t LOVE snail mail?!

    Kristi says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received was…

    My childhood jewelry box and all of its contents as an adult. I moved away from home as soon as I was 18, so when this box of treasures arrived in my mid-thirties it brought back a lot of great memories. My mother loved thrift shopping and when I went with her I would come back with the coolest vintage jewelry. Now I get to wear it all over again, except this time I’m not playing dress up.

    Clare says:

    The best thing I ever received in the mail was an ultrasound photo of my bestfriends baby boy!! She was told she would never be able to conceive!!

    Shifra says:

    Best thing I ever got in the mail… acceptance letter into a program I was super excited to attend when I was 14. I literally fell down on the floor when I saw it!

    Yvonne says:

    I think the best thing is getting postcards from friends abroad. I love the stamps and markings that go on them all. They are all so fun to display. Such inspiration.

    Hillary says:

    I love getting things in the mail! The best things I’ve gotten in the mail are letters from my boyfriend deployed to Afghanistan! They make everything okay <3

    unaisah says:

    It was chocolates all the way from Switzerland!!

    rachael says:

    the best thing i ever received in the mail was a postcard from my parents while they were away on their first trip to europe 🙂 happy!

    Michelle says:

    Oh how I loved those scarves!

    Well the best item I remember receiving in the mail was when I was about 6 or 7. It was from the Publishers Clearing House, I had won a million dollars. I. Was. Beside. Myself. I remember running to my mom, breathlessly saying, “Mom! I WON!” I was so excited, I couldn’t eat dinner. I called my grandma to inform her that her first grandchild was a millionaire. I asked my mom to help me fill out the paperwork. (I don’t remember, didn’t you have buy magazines?) It’s been many years since I’ve been 6 or 7 years old, but my mom and I laugh about that like it happened last week. And who knows what bright and shiny thing distracted me from my lucky envelope at that age – I only remember being excited about it that day. But that day was the best mail ever.

    Nicole says:

    Super fun!! I got this Beth Hoekel limited edition print delivered to my work last week from my sister for my birthday. It arrived with smiley face stickers all over it and made me giddy: http://bethhoeckel.bigcartel.com/product/snooze

    Jenn L. says:

    NAB is pretty snazzy. The best thing I got in the mail was a letter from a friend who was in the Marines. He was super excited for it, and compared to the rest of his crewmates, he didn’t get a lot of letters, so he was thankful that I wrote to him. It was really touching.

    Kara says:

    The best thing I ever got in the mail was a test ring my husband had made for me to make sure he had the right ring size before having my engagement ring made! I didn’t know at the time that that’s what it was……sweet:)

    Sylvie says:

    For my birthday one year, my boyfriend sent me Lola perfume, by Marc Jacobs. We hadn’t been able to spend that time together and that present was, and still is, one of my favorites.

    Amanda says:

    I love this idea. I buy stuff online all the time it is usually my new favorite…

    Conor S. says:

    A care package when I was in camp when I was 11 or 12. My aunt sent it and it was full of amazing snacks and candy, and I wasn’t expecting it at all!

    Tina M says:

    the best gift i’ve ever received in the mail was a hand-knitted scarf from my best friend!

    Jaime says:

    RAD! The best thing I ever got in the mail was the Miranda July pull down shade from THE THING. Cool surprise.

    Oh I would love to have this subscription! The best piece of mail I received came from a lovely lady named in Australia. She sent me a parcel bursting with the softest possum/australian merino wool roving in the most vibrant teal and navy colorway + the cutest card with a little sheep on it (the sheep was made using a piece of knitted fiber..adorable!). I later spun the roving in to a cozy neckwarmer for myself and the cute sheep card is still on my vanity some 5 years later. It makes me smile.

    Trish Wong says:

    a Garfield birthday card in the mail which ended with a promise of a new kitten! 🙂

    Emma says:

    What sweet little surprises! I might have to subscribe even if I don’t win! The best things I ever get in the mail are my momma’s homemade cookies. She sends them when she knows I could use something to put a smile on my face and I usually eat them all in one sitting haha 🙂

    gina says:

    Anything from my Mom is the best thing ever. But, I can remember once, after moving 800 miles away from my family, my nephew sent a little “i miss you” note. Melted my heart.

    Erin says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail was a painting from a friend in Norway. It’s so beautiful and completely out of the blue.

    Dana says:

    A postcard from my first grade teacher who had gone to Japan to teach. She also got me a pen pal from Japan that I wrote to for about a year.

    Julie says:

    Oh I love mail! My favorite thing that I’ve gotten in the mail was a cute Valentine card from my sweet grandma while I was away for school. I didn’t even know she had my dorm address

    For my 25th birthday my mom sent me 25 books by authors she thinks every person needs to read. A mini library to give me the proper literary education I missed in public school and made me look smarter to my guests! Confession: I’ve only read 2 of them. Full disclosure: It’s been 7 years.

    Kelsey smith says:

    The best thing I have got in the mail was a post card once a month from my grandmother. I looked forward to it every month

    Candy says:

    The best thing I have ever receive is, a big box of snacks and necessities hand picked by my mom while I was oversea. That was very very sweet of her. Even though things that may not mean anything to others, you know, socks, my stuffed animal (which stayed with me since I was a baby!) but it was the thoughts that counts and I do appreciate people spend their time to send me some love. It feels like, even though I am oversea but am not being forgotten.

    mindi says:

    my parents used to send me packages all the time in college. mostly they were useful items, but they always put in a little extra something fun or tasty (my mom is an amazing cook, and my dad is an awesome baker).

    of all the packages i received, one was SO WEIRD it made me laugh until i cried…it was a box, messily taped (by my dad), that contained a pair of bright (i mean, NEON) orange “shants” (you know, short pants) that were from the boy’s section of sears (shockingly, they fit), a tape of linda ronstadt (without the liner notes, just the cassette, floating free), and a box of egg replacer (i’m lactose intolerant, and was experimenting with vegan baking at the time)…funny thing, the egg replacer, which was a white powder, had exploded all over the package so when i opened it, a puff of white powder went all over our living room. the best part? a note from my dad: “mom said you needed new pants.”

    my roommates and i were so confused, but terribly amused!


    Peneloping says:

    The best thing I ever got in the mail was a care package from my friend in England containing all necessary things to throw a diamond jubilee party (I’m American). It had paper masks of all the royal family, party decorations, special edition chocolates, and little jams and biscuits and tea. <3<3<3

    Kathryn says:

    I got a birthday card from my aunt the day after she died. One of the last things she did was send me a card and it was like a breath of familiarity ad love. I love getting surprises in the mail!

    My husband and I moved to Sydney Australia so he could go to school here. The best things I have ever received in the mail are care packages from home full of amazing American treats and sweet love letters from family and friends!

    Iter says:

    The best thing was a box full of presents of my online best friend !! We´ve been online friends since 2008. He sent me handmade drawings + stickers, a tiger mask (that the dancers of Acapulco, Mexico use), a tiger mini mask, and i thought it was all, when i found at the bottom a Justice CD !!! It was the best pack in the country !!! Also some messages written at the back of the drawings, it was strange and cool to see the handwriting of someone you just know online.

    I used to swap a lot in swap-bot.com, and also received very nice items from new friends, like a Mori Girls swap i was in, my partner sent me a vintage round leather bag, it is wonderful !! And some nice necklaces.

    Traditional mail is magic !

    Emily says:

    i love this idea and the comments! my husband (before he was my husband) once sent tiramisu to me across the country, with dry ice. it was delicious.

    Lauren says:

    The best thing I remember getting in the mail is a print from Etsy that I posted about on my blog. I still don’t know who sent it, but every time I look at it up on my wall, it makes me smile!

    Lara says:

    I don’t usually get a lot of stuff in the mail, but definitely the best thing was a book called ”Paris, an aspiring tour of the city’s creative heart” I’m in love with Paris, it was a gift from my uncle and aunt that live in San Diego. I’m from Mexico but everyday I dream of being in the magnificent city of love.

    Lea Anna says:

    Before I started dating my boyfriend we were friends since junior high. I used to send him thumbdrives full of music from Portland, Ore. to Lansing, Kansas. In return he felt he had to reciprocate so he’d send me “gifts.” My favorites were a hammer, a can of diced pineapple and a pint of fruit juice from a local farm. Now that we live in the same state we don’t do this anymore, but I still love that it happened. Seeing his handwriting on a package was always the best.

    gift-giving happens to be my thing, so its not really what I receive in the mail that excites me so much as being able to send something extra special to my friends. I love to send things that remind me of them, cute cards, delicious candies, ect. I recently sent one of my coffee-obsessed friends some handsome coffee roasters coffee and tattly coffee-inspired tattoos,and she absolutely loved it. My favorite part was receiving her response in the mail and seeing how excited she was. That was the best feeling, and probably one of my favorite things to receive in the mail.

    Esme says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail was when I was in graduate school in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and my fiancé (whom I’d been with for approximately eight years) was living and working in California. He sent me a framed map of the USA, with hearts marked in San Jose and Ann Arbor. Above the map read, “See, we’re not so far apart after all.” I hung it on my wall until I moved out of Michigan and back to California.


    Willow Sharp says:

    3 days after my birthday ! When no one had done anything for my birthday and I received in the mail a huge box of all our inside jokes, tea, a mens v-neck, chocolate, mix tapes, cookies, candles and so much love that was the best thing I ever got but this could probable top that !

    Kelly says:

    This might sound ridiculous, but the best thing I have ever received in the mail was my acceptance to the college of my choice. It was so reaffirming and empowering to know that the college I wanted wanted me too! And I loved every second of those four years!

    Arielle says:

    I love mail! Although mail from loved ones is always the most meaningful and heart warming, the best package I have ever received was a box of chicks! Chirping, fluffy, precious baby chickens; who have now grown up into gorgeous chickens who provide my family with delicious fresh eggs!

    Amber says:

    I love an old fashioned hand written letter. I’ve jumped for joy when receiving letters from friends who went away to college, letters from my mom when I studied abroad, the first letter received from my now-husband when we were living in separate states. I was also incredibly excited to receive a hand painting of Ganesh and beautiful scarf a friend sent after a visit to India, along with an account of her time there.

    I love what not another bill is doing! Good mail is exciting!

    Emily K. says:

    My favorite things to receive in the mail are surprises! Little gifts from my thoughtful boyfriend or letters from my best friends 🙂 Thank you for the fab giveaway!

    elle says:

    Mail is the loveliest thing and I send letters all the time. The best thing I’ve ever received was a Fuji Instax Mini from someone who admired my blog and read that I wanted one! It was so sweet and just the coolest thing ever.

    Heather says:

    I was about 9 years old, reading my fav magazine at the time, Barbie. Inside the magazine was an ad for Lisa Frank stationary. You could order this huge kit full of fun stuff. Had to have it! Waited about 6 weeks to receive it in the mail and when it finally arrived, I remember being so excited to ripe open the envelope and admire all the colourful stickers, stationary and pencils!

    Amanda says:

    The best gift i’ve ever gotten was from my best friend in Denmark and it was a little keychain to the heart of Copenhagen with a plane ticket from Vancouver to see her! Being away from family and friends during my first year in university was a challenging transition and this unexpected present in the mail was hands down the best gift ever.

    My cousin has been dying to visit her in NY so she sent me a NY love package via snail mail! Aside from an awesome postcard and little NY random trinkets she put a TATTLY TATTOO!!!! I almost died.
    But yea, a NY love package with a Tattly tat. And it made my day.

    i looooove snailmail! the best things that I ever got in the mail are either books or a package full of different craft supplies 🙂

    Leanne says:

    i love receiving pen pal letters. the excitement of getting snail mail from the other side of the globe with little trinkets. my friend from austria sent me snow for christmas!

    NicoleH says:

    college care packages filled with my favorite treats…I also used to have a friend who would test the boundaries of the US mail. He sent me a jawbreaker (small round candy with stamps) and a carton of milk with stamps for fun.

    I had my wisdom teeth taken out just a few days before I moved to Barcelona. My soon-to-be roommate sent me a care package with a Barcelona travel book and a mix CD of Spanish indie songs. Greatest mail I’ve ever received!

    stephanie says:

    one of the best discoveries/ giveaways you’ve ever hosted, bri! the best thing i received in the mail was a journal from my boyfriend, when we first started dating. he had written lovely things in when i received it, but the best part is that we’ve filled it out together ever since.

    Dani says:

    The best thing (looking back), but worst thing (at the time), I’ve ever received was when I was about 9 years old. A family friend sent me a birthday package, and when I saw it on the doorstep, I was so excited! It was BIG and HEAVY and I was so excited to open it… and it was a watermelon. (Flashback to a month prior, when the friend had asked me my favorite fruit, and I immediately regretted my answer.)

    Anyway, looking back, it was a pretty funny and thoughtful gift. However, at the time, I was a 9-year-old girl who probably just wanted a Barbie dream house…

    emily says:

    i got a care package with books, yarn, jam, and random things from my old roommate after having surgery

    kate says:

    I am currently waiting for the gigantic cheeseburger bean bag I ordered to arrive on my doorstep. 😉

    Kimberly T says:

    The best thing I gotten in the mail was a package from my friend Laura that lives in England.. I was not really expecting much, but to my surprise it was a package with little gifts inside.. there were little things like a harmonica to a coffee mug and socks.. I was not expecting so many little gifts within the main package.I was very happy and surprised. It was one the best things I have gotten in the mail. The more I went in the box more little wrapped gifts there were.

    Amanda says:

    I moved to China in August and every single card, present, package that I’ve received from friends and family back home in Canada/U.S. are the best things ever. It makes me feel closer to home 🙂 Fun snail mail is the best.

    Nora says:

    The best thing I ever received in the mail was handmade cards from the kids I used to nanny for!

    Katie says:

    My long distance boyfriend once overnighted me ground coffee and freshly baked scones for breakfast surprise 🙂

    Joanna says:

    When I was little, my dad would travel for work a couple times a year. He always sent postcards home and I kept all of them. I still love looking through them and reading all of his little messages.

    Layla Hubbard says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail was a package from my dear sister, who lives abroad in France. Unfortunately the packages was damaged in transit and half of the things fell out, but the most hilarious but meaningful things managed to stay put.

    Ally S says:

    Seems a little cheesy, but i’m only in high school & a friend of mine asked me to homecoming via mail. Loved it!

    Nadine says:

    any kind of postcard from when friends are on vacation

    Chels says:

    what a great idea! snail mail is my favorite & I love surprising friends little just because notes :] Recently my friend sent me the city themed Rifle Paper Co. calendar for no reason after I moved ( & was super nervous about leaving!) It was such a thoughtful way of saying ‘it’s okay to explore, enjoy the adventure!’

    Ali says:

    The best thing I’ve received in the mail was a letter from my childhood best friend and pictures of her new dogs a few years after I moved away. We didn’t have all the social media we have now (just AIMing!) and in elementary school it was nice to know I was still remembered even after moving away a few years prior. Thirteen years have passed and I visited her this past fall at her college on the east coast 🙂

    katie says:

    i almost bought myself a subscription as a birthday present, but ultimately decided it was too expensive for a self-gift. 😉 fingers crossed!

    the best mail i’ve ever received was a mix cd from my best friend in middle school. he moved to canada and would surprise me with the silliest things all of the time, but i STILL have that mix cd! it has good charlotte AND the smiths on it. haha!


    Lorraine Bond says:

    The best things I receive in the mail are packages from my best friend, Adelle. She hand draws a letter/card for me every time.

    Ingrid says:

    The best thing I received in the mail was a care package from my mother in college full of natural goodies!

    Isabelle says:

    I go to school in Southern California. When I moved from the East Coast my freshman year, I expected that in no time I would become a seasoned surfer. By senior year, I had yet to hit the waves. Then one unsuspecting day arrived and with it came an unmarked package with a wetsuit inside. Someone out there knew how much I wanted to cross this off my bucket list before graduation. For that, I am forever thankful. Thank you, Mr. Anonymous.

    Sonja D says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received is a letter from my boyfriend telling me that he couldn’t mail my 5-year anniversary present because it was too big so I would just have to wait until I came home (we’re long distance right now). Next thing I know he shows up at my door on our anniversary and proposes! Best letter ever 🙂

    Sam says:

    The best thing that I’ve ever received in the mail was a postcard from one of my best friends who was interning on an organic farm in California on summer. It was covered in hand painted drawings and dripping with love <3

    Ratri L. says:

    A book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, from my cousin with a note that encouraged me to pursue my dreams.

    Sophie M says:

    Not Another Bill looks like so much fun! I just love getting special things in the mail. The best thing I ever received in the mail was an encouraging handwritten letter from my small group leader.

    Anonymous says:

    I went to Summer camp for 8 years so I have a lot of experience with mail. By far the most special thing I’ve ever received in the mail was a letter from my younger sister when she was hiking AMT. I was so proud of her for what she was doing and touched that she was thinking of me.

    Carter says:

    I went to Summer camp for 8 years so I have a lot of experience with mail. By far the most special thing I’ve ever received in the mail was a letter from my younger sister when she was hiking AMT. I was so proud of her for what she was doing and touched that she was thinking of me.

    Sarah says:

    I can’t wait to gift this idea to a friend for an upcoming birthday!

    Best thing I’ve ever gotten in the mail: I recently moved down to Ca from my home state of Wa. I moved about a month before my birthday so I was feeling a little lonely when the day came around. But THEN I got this amazing birthday gift including crackle polish and art prints came in the mail from my best friend. Snail mail is just the best!

    nthoki mutisya says:

    An unexpected postcard from my brother (who I haven’t seen in 5years). the message & image of the card brought back lovely memories from our childhood. From then, it became a tradition to send postcards every so often.

    danielle says:

    Best mail ever was beautiful feathers from a friend’s farmyard chicken; she’d named the chicken after me!

    I love a surprising piece of mail.

    Kettuki says:

    An unexpected postcard from a friend who has been away for a long time. It was a stressful season for me and I wasn’t feeling my usual cheery and happy so .. I really needed that pick up the postcard gave me. I was so happy when I found it I walked to work kept holding it and smiling so much inside out.

    ally says:

    my grandma mailed me homemade brownies across the country when i was in my first year of undergrad!! it was awesome.

    Tara says:

    My college diploma!

    Grace says:

    One of the best things I have ever received in the mail were letters from a pen-pal when I was in grade school which sometimes had surprises like stickers or a post card. I miss snail mail.

    Sommer says:

    a month ago I received 2 surprise giclee prints of two collaborative paintings that I did with woman who was a participant at an art studio in France (the studio serves individuals with disabilities). I was going to take one with me when I left, but then decided to leave them at the studio (last spring). BUT to my surprise the studio coordinators got two beautiful prints of the paintings done for me and sent them across the ocean. They look so close the the originals. So unexpected! They are important reminders for me about the studio that I hope to start in the years to come (*like the one in France).

    Tiffany says:

    The best surprises are getting birthday gifts in the mail from friends who live far away. I’m always amazed they went to a post office (they’re lazy and/or forgetful) and the lovely things they thought I would love. There’s always something I don’t immediately love, but it’s the thought that counts.

    Emily says:

    i love this! i really want to try not another bill! the best thing i’ve received in the mail is an easter egg 😀

    Lila says:

    I LOVE this idea! My favorite things I’ve received in the mail (in no significant order) are lucky green socks for a big big test ahead, baby farm animal stamps (who wouldn’t love that!, and post cards from far off places. I sort of devour the mail as its the first thing I think of as I walk into the apartment. For that reason alone I made a new years resolution last year to hand make all my family and friend’s birthday cards.

    Kimberly O says:

    I love hand written letters and cherish every one I receive from my friends. Sadly, I have lapsed for the past year…thanks for the reminder! xoxox

    Tonya says:

    a letter from my dad with newspaper clippings he had been saving me while i was away at college!

    khali of BSS says:

    Sadly I don’t get memory making mail but I remember this one care package I sent my boyfriend when I was 21. He was in a band and touring and completely broke. I sent him new boxers, a couple new tshirts, a lb of his favorite coffee, A pillow I made out of a painting he did and a bunch of fun “pretend you’re not broke” stuff. I lined the whole box with photos of me and us. It was a very rad box. The guy who filled it with foam peanuts at the post office even said so. Looking back I should have just sent the box to myself. xo

    Anouk says:

    Thank you for this giveaway ! The best thing I have ever received in the mail is presents ans drawings from the little kids I was babysitting, for my birthday, aww cute ! It made my heart melt !

    Andrea C says:

    The best mail I ever got was a series of postcards from my boyfriend. Once I got all the postcards, I could put them all together and create a large poster that had a picture and it said I love you 🙂 It was so much fun to get so much mail and piece it together as I kept getting it!

    Nikki says:

    My husband was on a deployment and I have to say, I was always sending him awesome care packages. He never knows what to get me and usually doesn’t even bother trying he gets so stressed out. Right before December, I received a box in the mail. There were 25 envelopes, with instructions to open one every day until Christmas. Inside each one he had written 1 thing that he loves about me. To this day, he still gets romance points for that present!!!

    Courtney K says:

    a good friend of mine once sent me a ceramic vase in the mail for absolutely no reason. It was broken in a thousand pieces thanks to the post office dropping it a few times, but the note accompanying it and the beautiful little pieces were so heartwarming it still ranks as one of my all time packages.

    Fiona says:

    Postcards from my friend every time he goes somewhere on a trip!

    Sandy says:

    My husband is currently on the West Coast so we’re long distance at the moment. The best gift I’ve gotten in the mail is a package from him on our 1000 day anniversary full of all my favorite things. I also recently had another baby and he added some gifts that incorporated both of my children. One of the most thoughtful gifts ever.

    Maria says:

    Not Another Bill is a fabulous idea, especially for those who really like surprises. The most beautiful things I have received by mail were my son’s first soft toys, just before he was born.

    Lisa says:

    For my birthday my friend from University sent me an opened pack of bubblegum. Two pieces were missing. I had a great laugh, I’ve never gotten anything that silly and funny. 😀

    Naomi A says:

    The best thing I ever received in the mail was my acceptance into nursing school back in 2006! I jumped for joy 🙂

    claire says:

    Wonderful giveaway! My boyfriend lives far away and I love receiving his love letters, hand writting and full of sweetness. And a another thing I like is a “gambettesbox” which contain two suprised tights every month. (I’m from France, and I don’t know if I can be picked but I’ve tried 🙂 )

    Lotts says:

    Handwritten letters are always my favourite – especially notes from friends after weekends away and special birthdays. Other than that books from Amazon!

    oh, I remember that time, when I was really lovesick and there was this suprise package in my mailbox. from my little brother. it contained three old fashioned audio tapes. I thought, well, he is a dj and there is gonna be some uplifting tunes in there. when opening the tapes, no it was fake tapes. boxes with my favourite chocolate and a beautiful letter were in there. it made me smile first and cry happy tears, afterwards. a little trick, made a difference.

    Meg says:

    The bets thing I’ve ever received in the post is 14 years of postcards from my older sister – we send each other one every few weeks. We don’t write a note, just a quote that is resonating with us at the time, anything from the line of a song, book, poem, film, or something a friend said. We’ve done it when we lived in different cities, different states, different countries, and even around the corner from each other.

    I hope we always do it.

    Christina says:

    COOKIES! Yep, believe it or not I got them in the mail last year from my friends in the UK. They actually shipped a box of cookies half way across the world for me. That’s the weirdest & uniquest thing I ever received in the mail. Those cookies tastes awesome too!

    Angela says:

    Thinking more recently, one of the best things that I’ve gotten in the mail was the notice that I made Dean’s List at college! This is the second time around for me in college – I went for a couple of years after high school, but dropped out because I didn’t know what I wanted to do. This time, I went back in to get my teaching degree. It’s been hard at times, balancing classes with full-time work and internships, and still trying to carve out time to spend with my husband. Getting the Dean’s List notice was an unexpected affirmation that the hard work pays off, and it felt just great 🙂

    Raquel says:

    One of my best friends informed me that he married his best friend by mail … Is there a better gift than a good news? 🙂

    Minna S. says:

    the best thing i ever received in the mail was from my best friend!
    ever since i moved to the eastcoast, i haven’t seen my friend for over 5 years, and we loved communicating the old fashioned way; through letters! i’ always look forward to them in the mail (:

    Evelien says:

    Bri … I just love the sound of your name! I was so happy that this one is open to the international peeps too.
    But now seriously, the best thing I ever got in the mail: .. I’m sorry it’s a little bit of a sad story but actually also very sweet!
    My mom died rather suddenly around my 20th birthday. During the final few days in the hospital, she was apologizing for not being able to give me a birthday present. This was obviously accompanied by lots of tears from the both of us. But then only a few days after the funeral a package arrived on her name which was painful at first. When I opened it I discovered a small present for me, some special beauty product for 20-y old girls (which is the only clue I had that it was actually meant for me!). I don’t know when she managed to order this or even how? I just could never use it … but now so many years later, It’s a sweet memory.

    Raiyan says:

    Chocolate from a friend! Anyways I hope I win.

    meg says:

    I have never received anything in the mail besides bank statements. Am I missing out on some fundamental joy of life? This would make my year. (and I’m happy I have a chance to win from Aus, not just u.s. residents like always) xx

    Christine says:

    the best thing i received in the mail was a book of poetry written by the person i was seeing, in a language i did not understand, from switzerland (where he lived). he was dreamy! oh…and there were chocolates. haha. it would be amazing to win! i never win anything, ever. xo

    I received a photography book from my friend’s wedding photographer who I got on with so well with at the wedding. She was moving to Paris and thought of me while packing up her books. Even though I had only met her once I was so touched by her kind thought!

    Emma says:

    The best thing I received in the mail was a postcard from my little sister telling me that she had decided to go to a Uni close to mine! Such good news! x

    Sandy J says:

    each time i have friends who travel, i tell them to send me a postcards. i have now a collection of them, but each and single one are as particular. is a connection between me and a friend no matter where we are on the planet.

    Lauren says:

    When I moved to Minneapolis away from my entire family, I got a package in the mail – an express-shipped box from my favorite Michigan bakery, Zingerman’s, with the most delicious loaf of bread in it. Then the next month – a different loaf! Then the next, and the next. My aunt’s gift of the bread-of-the-month club keeps reminding me of how much I am missed and loved back at home; and it makes for a delicious week ahead!

    Lauren says:

    When I moved to Minneapolis away from my entire family, I got a package in the mail – an express-shipped box from my favorite Michigan bakery, Zingerman’s, with the most delicious loaf of bread in it. Then the next month – a different loaf! Then the next, and the next. My aunt’s gift of the bread-of-the-month club keeps reminding me of how much I am missed and loved back at home.

    Pati Reis says:

    I am originally from Brazil. 10 years ago I was leaving in Ohio as an exchange student. I was missing my family and friends back home like crazy. One unexpected day – it was not my birthday, Christmas, or any day special – I got home from school and saw a huge box in my room. When I opened I found out that all my friend and family got together and organized a surprise for me: packages of food that I was missing from Brazil, letters and more letter from each one of them, really funny picture from the event day organized to planned the surprise box, and the most special of all – a homemade video of them talking to me, showing how they missed me, saying a lot of crazy and fun things. For almost 3 hours, I was feeling the most special person on Earth 🙂

    Dawn says:

    I had a long hard think about this but I think the best thing(s) that I have received in the post are those hard to find, unique gifts for family and friends that are only available through a lot of trawling the internet. My favourite one was 2 old records that I bought for my brother on ebay as a Christmas present about 3 years ago. They were albums from our childhood. One was ‘The Muppet Show’ album and the other was the ‘Bugsy Malone’ album. I was so excited when they arrived in the post because I knew he would be so surprised and happy to get them…..and he was.

    Liz says:

    When I took my Master’s comprehensive exam, my favorite graduate from the previous year sent me a care package containing the following: homemade cookies, a handwritten note, a summer sausage, one sweet potato, a six-pack of boxed raisins. The cookies were delicious, the note, heartwarming and encouraging, and the sweet potato, an in-joke. I wasn’t sure what to make of the summer sausage, but it proved good with eggs.

    Sarah says:

    Honestly, the best thing I have ever received in the mail was a simple postcard. It came at a time that was really rough and brought me back down to earth. It helped me to realize all the amazing things that were happening around me and all the people that were there to help me through. I got that card about five years ago and it has traveled with me across ten states and two countries!

    Dani says:

    Wow! What a great service! I had no idea they existed!

    When I was a child my mum would travel a lot and send me postcards from wherever she went. I was about 10 years old and she sent me a postcard from Singapore but it never arrived home. I thought she had forgotten to send one that time. Then around 4 years later, out of the blue, it appeared in our post box! We have no idea where it had been all that time, but there it was. It had a lovely note to my 10 year old self telling me about her day and how she’d see me soon. Best belated mail ever!

    Nazneen says:

    During school we had an assignment to write a letter to the person sitting next to you. This has to be the best thing I’ve recieved in mail because even though I knew I was going to get a letter it was the first thing ever addressed to me and the only hand written letter I’ve ever recieved.

    Kate says:

    one of my best friends was away at college, and for valentine’s day she sent me a card saying how much she missed me, along with a box of candy hearts. it was the cutest and best way to feel like we hadn’t lost touch.

    Kelly says:

    During my first month at college I received a package from my mom. I assumed it would be similar to what all of my hallmates were getting (candy and miscellaneous fun things). It wasn’t. It was a bottle of Downy’s brand new (in 2005) “wrinkle release”, with a note about how she knew I would probably be able to use it. At the time I was offended (my clothes aren’t that wrinkled!) and disappointed (where’s my real care package from mom?) but it was definitely the best and most useful thing I’ve ever received in the mail.

    Thanh says:

    The best thing I received in the mail or door step was my Husband coming to pick me up for our first date! You can’t get better than that!

    Jone says:

    Receiving the invite for my best friend’s wedding with a special handwritten note asking if I would be her maid of honor!

    Susannah says:

    The best mail I have ever received was handwritten letters from college friends after I moved away from Chicago — one regularly sent me my favorite crossword puzzles (from the Red Eye, which is a Chicago-only publication), one hand-illustrated letters with random trinkets, and one letters done in calligraphy.

    I love getting mail from my friends, it’s one of my favorite things.

    Mary Beth says:

    I’m an online shopper. But between ordering the item and receiving it I always forget I’m expecting something. So I always get so excited when I come home and there is a package at my door. It is like Christmas every time!

    Erika says:

    this is such a great giveaway. i love getting mail but hate when it’s bills and ads… so not cool. i think the coolest thing i’ve gotten in the mail is a surprise box from Umba Box… i wasn’t expecting it and it definitely brought a smile to my face since i got a bunch of unique gifts in one box!

    Jenna says:

    One year my boyfriend decided to think outside of the box, and bought me a star (yes, a star) as a birthday present. I found out about it by getting a letter in the mail telling me I now owned a star and the name of it. It was so unique and totally unexpected!

    Michelle says:

    In college I fell in love with a boy named Kyle. It was literally love at first sight – he was strolling through a hallway with a guitar & I said out loud to a friend that I was going to marry him. It turns out that he knew my friend & even though I was mortified, we started talking. Flash forward three months & he’s leaving for a year to study abroad. We spent our last night together camped on a mattress on the floor of his apartment, drinking tea & not really saying much of anything. Months went by & I hadn’t heard from him… I was dating someone else & it was pretty boring. Then one day I got a package from Kyle with a book on French Cinema & a postcard of Kafka. I don’t even remember what it said. But it struck such an immediate cord with me & I’ll never forget that feeling of love and happiness from that package.

    Scout says:

    The best package I’ve ever received was a complete surprise. An acquaintance of mine loves Tom Hanks as much as I do, so as a belated birthday present, she mailed me a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils (for my all time favorite movie, and favorite Tom Hanks movie, You’ve Got Mail), and her own favorite Tom Hanks movie, Larry Crowne. It was the most thoughtful and exciting present 🙂

    Celeste says:

    Handmade Etsy bows always light up my week:)

    June says:

    i love this idea!! I was considering getting myself a subscription because i love getting mail!

    The best mail i’ve ever received was when i participated in a package swap with a sweet girl from Australia. I got a note book, turquoise and mint colored pencils and even a bow tie. It was such a sweet treat from someone from the other part of the world that i didn’t even knew! She put such effort and love in the package.. It was THE BEST!

    There’s really such good disinterested people out there. 🙂

    Fingers crossed!

    Sarah says:

    When i was in my first year of college in NYC, my friends from home in Ohio sent me a care package of photo albums, trinkets and a home video of everyone together. It was perfect! Exactly what I needed for my first year away from home.

    I love receiving surprise gifts in the mail. It’s the unexpected that’s always the best!

    laura m. says:

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway! 😀

    My best packages always come from my sister: she has such a gift for putting unique trinkets, etc. together & including little notes to put a smile on your face! 🙂

    Emma says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail was a journal from my best friend who lives far away who requested in her note on the first page, that I write her a letter in the journal and send it back to her. We continue to send it back and forth so I open this cheery, heart-warming gift about every three weeks!

    nicole b. says:

    I love receiving postcards from faraway places. My dad and his wife send me one from every place they travel. It’s so cute! Thanks for the chance to win. xo.

    Melanie says:

    It’s not an especially profound thing, but my favorite thing I’ve gotten in the mail is a sweet note from my Granny after I was in college for the first semester. She stuck a $20 bill in it (equivalent to a million dollars for a first-time college student!) and just wrote “Wanted to see how fast this could get to you. Call me and let me know!”.

    I probably spent the $20 that day but I still have her letter and I’m so glad I kept it because I want to remember her any way I can now that she’s gone!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Jamie says:

    I love getting cards and letters from my nieces and nephew–I save everything they send. My nieces once sent me a little paper owl that says “Owl always love you!” It is so precious!

    amy says:

    what a great idea for a company, i know i love getting things OTHER than bills in the mail!!
    The best thing i’ve ever received in the mail: A hand-written letter from my grandmother, telling me all of the things to appreciate in life. <3

    Courtney says:

    When I moved away to go to graduate school, I missed my grandmother and her pound cake desperately. One day out of the blue, a UPS driver knocked on my door and handed me a box. Inside: a poundcake and a notecard with the recipe on it.

    Daniela says:

    An international giveaway? With NAB? Is this my lucky day!?
    I love mail. Who doesn’t? So it’s hard to pick. I would say any habdwritten letter from friends and family. Specially if it includes little treats! Or whenever I buy something online, I love recieving it! It always takes me by surprise.

    Yol says:

    A yellow raincoat with Baloo from The Junglebook, I couldn’t believe it!!!

    Meredith says:

    The best thing I ever received in the mail was a surprise gift from my friend who lives in Amsterdam. She remembered our made up holiday (MEmily day – don’t ask) and sent me a bunch of moleskins and cool trinkets from Amsterdam. BEST GIFTS EVER.

    Piia says:

    I live far away from my family, so I receive a lot of packages with homey goodies, from handmade gifts to books and sweets from overseas.

    Libby H says:

    What an exciting giveaway!
    When I went away for college I absolutely loved getting little care packages and letters from my friends and family. It did not matter what it was, but everyday I would walk to my little assigned mailbox in anticipation of another little encouragement to keep going. It’s crazy how much thoughtfulness from another can so uplift!

    Corina Nika says:

    Such a lovely Giveaway!!

    The best mail i’ve ever received, was a letter from my little sister who lives away from me! And a drawing, and a bracelet she made herself!

    Alanna Shea says:

    My cousin and I were pen pals when we were younger – every time I got a letter from her (handwritten of course) it made my day!

    Katrin says:

    I found my last boyfriend in my mailbox. I had participated in an illustration contest and he was one of the judges. He fell in love with my illustration and wrote me a letter to ask for a print of it. We started to exchange letters and illustrations (he’s a cartoonist) and fell for each other.

    Thanks for an international giveaway – and such a sweet one. A greadt idea – and I love their style!

    Maggie says:

    My mom always sends me surprise care packages in the mail. I’m in college so home-cooked goodies always brighten my day! It’s a wonderful surprise!

    STACE says:

    The winner should be WHOEVER SENT CANDICE (FROM COMMENT #2) the HALF OF A BATTLESHIP GAME BOARD. That is the shit!!

    Gretchen says:

    When I was in college (before cell phone days) I used to love getting letters from my close friends and family. Their letters made me smile. Filled with little drawings and stickers – they were such a joy to receive!

    Lana says:

    Not Another Bill is such a gorgeous and super fun idea—bring back the post! Best thing I ever got in the post: My fiancé and I had to live in separate cities for work reasons for a year. Ever the creative, he bought a deck of playing cards and every week he mailed me one card from the deck with a sweet note or quote or joke scrawled on the back. 52 weeks later, I had a full deck of cards and a year of great trips to the mailbox to remember always. I loved checking the mailbox with anticipation each week and it made a year of long-distance a lot more fun!

    Elizabeth says:

    I LOVE sending random packages in the mail. I like it even better than receiving them (which is really saying something!) Anyway… the best thing i ever got was a pack of water balloons with the tag, “just in case.” A roll of my sister’s homemade ginger snaps comes in at a close second.

    (PS — scrolling down to the bottom of this comments page was funny. SO many smiley face emoticons popping up. loving the happy comments!)

    Conria D'Souza says:

    The best thing I have ever received in the mail was my acceptance letter into the university I later attended. It so exciting and started a journey that I will cherish forever!

    Rachel says:

    LOVE this idea. Recently, my boyfriend went on a road trip. He made sure to send me a postcard in the mail every day, so I had something in the mail every single day he was gone. It was so sweet and thoughtful (and I’m definitely not the romantic type)!

    esme oehmig says:

    The BEST thing I have ever received in the mail are all the love letters from my now husband.

    Devin Jones says:

    The best thing I ever received was this amazing painting by a friend. It was so cute I now keep it right by my bedside.

    Colleen says:

    My mom sent me care packages when I was in college, and despite being far from home, the boxes made me feel like I was right next to my family. They helped push me through some difficult semesters.

    Meredith says:

    I LOVE snail mail! I’ve signed up for Quarterly.co which is just fantastic. It is like a surprise present that arrives a couple times a year! I also have a penpal in Canada. She and I send each other stuff that are unique to where we live and also handmade goodies! I would love to add Not Another Bill to the collection. Because that is what I LOVE about these goodies – they aren’t ANOTHER BILL! It is something inspiring and beautiful!

    Meghan says:

    Either my elephant pillow pal my aunt sent me from Germany as a child, thus making my bornite animals elephants ever since… Or the handmade, embroidered handkerchief my sister sent last year to ask me to e er maid of honor… That was a special surprise piece of mail!

    jamie says:

    Amazing! Love this giveaway!!
    I’m a huge fan of pen pals, so I have a few – some who began as strangers, and have turned into good friends, some who started as friends I lived with, and through various travels, have turned into pen pals.
    I’ve recently embarked on a trip across the country to move my life, and so recently I received three of the best things in the mail:
    1. A pair of pants I had been pining over from a friend in thailand – loose fitting, elastic bottom pants that you can wear constantly, and look better when wrinkled (perfect for long car trips); 2. A much longed for graphic novel from a friend in ontario… A beautifully illustrated and long book to read in the car; 3. A package from my american pen pal including a beautiful necklace, and some amazing cds that I’ve been able to use for the trip!
    This giveaway is right up my alley… Fingers crossed!!

    Mei says:

    My best friend once sent me cake in the mail. That’s right. CAKE in the mail. It was in a jar and actually wasn’t too bad! I have this ridiculous love for cake and it was one of the best things she could’ve sent me during finals.

    Kristy says:

    my favorite thing in the mail ha to be the ants for the any farm I got from the backs of ceral boxes when I was a kid! I waited impatiently forever for those little guys to arrive

    shubz says:

    The best thing I got in the mail was a box of sea shells from a friend who was visiting the BVI’s. Plugged them all into a glass jar and it’s sitting pretty on my mantle now!

    Jenn says:

    My ex boyfriend and I used to send random notes back and forth when we lived in different cities. It was so exciting to see his handwriting among all the junk mail and bills.

    Natalie says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail is a package with goodies and a handwritten letter from my Korean aunt that I hadn’t seen in 4 years. The best thing about it is that it came out of the blue. It made me feel so special because I knew she was thinking about me even though I was miles away. It had different types of makeup stuff in it. Even though I don’t wear makeup unless it’s a special occasion, I try to wear the stuff that she got me because it’s something that connects us in a way. It reminds me of her and all the memories we’ve shared.

    Inge says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail… sad enough I don’t really know! It’s been a long time since I received something nice in the mail (that I didn’t order myself), but the one thing that comes to mind is all the crocheted gifts my friend Rebecca included with my order. That was a nice surprise!

    Quetzalli says:

    The best thing I’ve received was a humming bird paint that an online friend sent to me for christmas ( if you’re curious here it is http://fav.me/d2heukj ). I still have that paint hanging on my room and it’ll be in a special place when I get my own place 🙂
    I sent him a pig plush (he has this thing for pigs) along with the pig’s pictures hanging around my city, I thought that was pretty cool but not a match for the painting!

    Alissa says:

    I love getting things in the mail! The best things I ever received in the mail were surprise letters and cards from my friends and family while I was studying abroad in Spain – it made home a little closer!

    michelle says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail were two frozen NYC Mamoun’s falafels on MacDougal St, purchased on a Friday night, taken home to freeze and then vacuum sealed and sent to San Diego on an overnight delivery. They were seriously the best tasting things I’ve ever received in the mail 🙂 They arrived at noon the next day and were a tad soggy but equally delicious!

    Sam says:

    Ace! It has to be a package sent whilst still an impoverished (and very cold) student living up in Edinburgh. My Dad made a fruitcake and sent it all the way to Scotland in a cardboard box with strict instructions of the right way up. It came along with bags of quality peppermint tea and immediately upon opening, instigated a tea party with fellow housemates and other waifs and strays. It makes me smile just thinking of it…

    Laura says:

    Oh boy. I love getting things in the mail! When I was little my sisters had a friend in the military and he would mail me packages from all over Europe. Sometimes it was just a postcard, but every so often he would send me coins and books from places he had been. I loved it.

    Bree McCool says:

    I loved a letter I just got recently from a friend back in elementary school that I thought I had lost touch with. What a wonderful thing, to be reunited!

    Michelle says:

    Ooh I love the concept of the NAB. Who wants to just get bills all the time anyway. I have in the last year taken to doing some blog swaps which have been great. My favourite has probably been a heartswap for Valentine’s day from the lovely Jo (at http://www.blog.heyjodesign.com/) who sent me a little heart dish which was perfect for holding my new engagement ring and little heart earrings.

    Stacy says:

    When I was younger I always wanted mail, but never got it! So in order to get something in the mail I would write the Chamber of Commerce of every state in the US. They would send me tons of fun brochures and I would day dream for hours about being there. That probably had something to do with my obsession with traveling! 🙂

    Viet says:

    great giveaway! the best thing i’ve ever received in the mail was a homemade pie! xo

    Ariana says:

    I came to LA for college in 2001 and have been living pretty darn far away from my parents (they’re in Hawaii) ever since. Every year, on my birthday, I get a Fed Ex envelope filled to capacity with birthday cards. Makes me feel like a kid again. LOVE it.

    Rebecca says:

    When I was in college, my Nana mailed me her homemade matzoh rolls, which are the favorite part of the seder.

    Stephanie says:

    Peanut butter when I was studying abroad in London! Hands down.

    I’m a huge fan of Not Another Bill and am actually planning to give it to my mom for Mother’s Day. Back to biz: the best thing I’ve ever received in the mail actually came last Saturday via a custom painting my old roommate/best friend had done of our cats. Before you start thinking that we were crazy cat ladies, note that I moved out last year from our shared apartment in Brooklyn to London and have been missing her and those kitties like crazy. What an amazing thing to receive in the mail!

    Hafsa says:

    The best thing I EVER received in the mail was a ROCK COLLECTION curated and labeled by my uncle from Morocco! I was OBSESSED with rocks and minerals as a kid!!!

    Gloria says:

    The best thing I ever got in the mail was of course a love letter.

    Ramona says:

    The best thing I received in the mail was one of those coconuts you can write letters on and mail from Hawaii. My best friend nicole sent one to me and one to my friend jasmine. When jasmine’s came it was full of worms!

    Jill says:

    My mom once mailed me a fish. A blue plastic fish filled with a letter and confetti. I would’ve loved to have seen the faces at the post office.

    brianna says:

    The best thing I ever received in the mail was probably a shipment of cookies! My boyfriend at the time (now husband) had been listening to me complain about the cold weather in NYC and sent them to cheer me up. Because cookies are life, I literally jumped up and down when the delivery man showed up!

    Erin says:

    when i was in college, my mom sent me a birthday party in a box. i hadn’t been home for my birthday in a few years and she wanted to make it special. she sent streamers, balloons, glow sticks, plates, cups, forks, napkins and the most amazing cake from home. oh, and some birthday presents.

    Lisa says:

    Knitting yarn and half completed slippers from my Grandma who showed me how how to crochet the weekend prior. Amazingly sweet.

    Melissa says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received was a care package from my best friend when I was interning at a magazine in NYC – working crazy hours and missing my friends an incredible amount!

    domestic diva says:

    I love receiving care packages from my grandma in the mail — full of homemade yumminess.

    Courtney says:

    When I was in college, my then boyfriend and several friends studied abroad in Italy. I was supposed to be going too, but due to health problems I had to stay back. He wrote me letters every single day and I would receive a big pile of them each week to read about what was happening there. On one of our phone calls, which were rare because of his location, he told me how he had passed these beautiful flowers that smelled amazing and they looked absolutely beautiful. They were my favorite color, too. I told him how I wished I could see them (I love flowers and all things pretty!)
    The following week, my letters were accompanied with pressed flower petals from the flowers he told me about.
    To this day, I have them in a gorgeous glass bottle sitting on my desk! They still have their beautiful color and if you smell them closely they still have a nice floral scent. It is my tiny piece of Italy to hold me over until I can get there myself! <3

    Chrystina says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail is a trilogy of Disney CDs from my neighbor. We’re in our twenties now, but we used to rock out to the Disney songs when we were growing up together. (Alright, alright, we still rock out to them.)

    Jessica says:

    When I was 19 I lived Tokyo for 6 months and found myself feeling pretty isolated at times. My best friend and I would send cassette tapes with long rambling messages to each other catching up on what we were going through. I was always thrilled to get them because they were my connection with home and with someone who really understood and appreciated me.

    kelsey says:

    the best thing i have ever received in the mail was cheesecake from new york!

    Christina says:

    The best thing I received was when I was little I sent a letter to my Grandma. In the letter I sent pictures of my friends and told her about them. She mailed a card back saying they seemed really nice, and included $5. While it may not seem like much, it meant a lot to me; I kept the card and felt rich with the $5.

    annie says:

    a friend recently sent me an unexpected surprise book: roadside plants of southern california. i keep it in the car and think of her fondly whenever i pull over to check out a new wildflower.

    Grace M says:

    I am a college student and my grandmother doesn’t do technology very well, so we have been communicating via phone calls and snail mail. Over christmas in the middle of the busy final exam season she sent me homemade chocolate chip cookies, a christmas card and, and a cute little snow globe in a vintage Christmas tin. It was such a simple gift, but I really loved it and it showed so much love.

    Jamie Schoen says:

    My first piece of original artwork, a painting I commissioned and purchased from Michelle Armas! It wasn’t a surprise but it was definitely the biggest and most exciting thing I ever received…. it came in a huge box- I could have lived in that box!!!!

    Megan says:

    I loved getting clues that my newest niece was joining our family through an Ethiopian adoption. In several packages, we got an Ethiopian doll, an African puzzle, and finally pictures of the sweet girl.

    Rachel Carlin says:

    I love this idea! The best thing I ever got in the mail was a handmade surprise ball. So so much fun to unwind!

    Raquel says:

    who DOESN’T love receiving mail?! 🙂 i think one of the best pieces of mail i’ve opened was a birthday card from one of my best friends. i was on a 5 week summer program away from family and friends and everything familiar, when a glittery, over-stickered card shows up for me. Her trademark 🙂 Plus, it was my 20th birthday!

    alyssa dlt says:

    my sister and brother in law’s ultrasound of their little babes on the way! this little surprise made it 400 miles to my doorstep, all wrapped up nice and safe in a clear egg smack dab in the middle of a lovely easter basket.

    Aidan Miolano says:

    It’s kind of corny, but my boyfriend and I have been doing long distance for three years now, as we both go to separate colleges (high school sweethearts, ya know?). Of course we communicate through skype and phone, but there’s something just so darn special about a postcard with a few scrawled lines letting you know he’s thinking of you.
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway! Fingers are crossed.

    Katharina says:

    The best thing I ever got in the mail was the birthday package from my mum when I studied in France. It was in my first month with knowing little people, cracking my foot that day and having a major headache…the package saved the day

    Annette says:

    The best thing I ever received in the mail came a year and a half ago. While it wasn’t the most expensive thing I received in the mail, it was the most memorable: a card and photos from a guy who I’d met a few months before. I found it last week, while cleaning off my desk, and my heart skipped a beat all over again.

    Alex L. says:

    The best thing I received in the mail is probably the penpal letters from friends living anywhere but here. It is fun getting presents and stuff but I really like getting snail mail and reading about their lives even if I’ve been updated on twitter or something haha. But I also really enjoyed getting my superhero-themed panties from topshop.

    anissa says:

    WHAT a superb idea. I am a writer, social media manager and blogger and long for the days of finding more than bills in my mailbox. Best things i have found in my mailbox lately are long handwritten heartfelt letters from my dear friend Madge, and last summer i found a few handwritten notes from some young girls (i suspect) who live down my street …they said things like ‘ you’re so HOT, not even a swim will cool that kind of hotness’ and ‘you make me think growing up is a good idea’…all in misspelt wobbly writing. They made me smile.
    I love the catapults by Chris Jarratt.

    Jana says:

    Love this concept! Not only fun to receive, but also a great way for young designers to get their work out there.
    The best things i ever received in the mail were the weekly handwritten letters my mom and dad sent me when i was studying abroad in London.
    I recently rediscovered them and only now see how special they were: my dad randomly writing about the Dutch soccer-competition, and my mom about the daily things that went on in their lives… I’ll treasure those letters forever.

    Georgia-Lee says:

    Eek, squealing in delight at how adorable this service is!
    I have to say the best thing I ever got in the mail was probably a sweet as heck pop-up card from my little cousins. I just moved away for college and was super excited to find a glittery envelope adorned with four year old squiggles in my cubby! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
    I’ve got to admit though, I am the friend who pops sneaky christmas cards in strangers letterboxes and slipping envelopes full of grass clippings and post-it notes under my friend’s doors. I hope my best friend enjoys the cute lil Japanese incense and pink grapefruit lipbalm that I just sent her~

    Ruth says:

    When I was 15, I received a postcard from my friend Jenny. I had spent the last two months cooped up in my house with my six brothers because it was the summer holidays. I had just finished high school but our friendship group had drifted apart so I felt really quite lonely.
    One day, the postcard arrived from Wales. The fact she had put the effort in to handwrite me something from Conwy said that at least one of my friends remembered me!
    Although I am now at university and she lives in a different country, we still remain in contact, mostly because of that postcard.

    Laura Lock says:

    The best thing I ever received was a love letter, postmarked and everything from my boyfriend. He sent it out when I was having a rough month and didn’t put his name on it til the very bottom. I was so lovely, inspiring, and amazing. I felt truly special!

    Hilary says:

    Well, I’m not sure I would say this is the “best” mail I ever received but it was certainly one of the sweetest.

    My mom sends me packages every now and then and one time she sent a darling purse little purse. Inside of it was tucked several packets of flower seeds from my grandmother and a lovely note from the two of them saying “hello” and “i love you”. It was so simple but meant so much!

    Kadie says:

    I love this concept! The post is such a forgotten art and I would love to see it be brought to life again. Apart from waiting by my mailbox every season for the newest Kinfolk magazine, I also love receiving packages in the mail from my boyfriend who lives 12 hours away. My favorite of these was (of course) the first because something unexpected always holds a little more magic. We met on a airplane seated next to each other 2 years ago, and after a few emails and a lot of hesitation decided it was something worth trying. My birthday was shortly after our first planned visit and I wasn’t expecting much as it was new and the distance seemed monumental. It was a box filled with mixed CD’s, tshirts from different times in his life that were important and the first of many amazing letters to come. Even though we will soon be relocated to the same city, those letters made the miles in between worth it.

    Stephanie says:

    When my husband and I were getting married, we received some gifts from people we had not sent invitations too, like extended, out of state family members, and it warmed my heart so much to think that family who didn’t know us well took their time and money and wanted to send us something nice. I felt very loved!

    carolyn says:

    Oh, I would love to win this! The best thing I’ve gotten in the mail … One of my childhood friends and I just started exchanging letters. We haven’t seen each other in years, so it’s a really sweet way to keep in touch. Best part? Not having to play phone tag every time we want to catch up!

    alexandra says:

    A photo album my twin sister send me with pictures of all the good times we’ve had through out the years.

    Parvina says:

    Love notanotherbill idea. It’s so sad to think how rarely i’ve received mail or packages that have made me feel happy. Best I would say is thoughtful gifts and hand written notes and art prints from fellow art friends, nothing better than getting art in the mail. 🙂

    melissa says:

    What a nice concept. My favorite thing I got in the mail was a tin of delicious crispy oatmeal cookies my Grandmother sent me while I was in college. A simple thing, but one of many about her I really miss now that she’s gone.

    WordToAdina says:

    When I moved to New York for an internship, it was so hard to be away from my husband. He sent me a hand written dirty love poem that I kept framed in my apartment. I had no idea you could rhyme so many body parts and still end up sounding so ridiculously romantic 🙂

    The best thing I received in the mail was 20 years ago after my mother had died. It was a surprise package from my only brother (who’s not too good in keeping in touch) containing a mixed music tape. I still get a warm feeling when I think back to that. 🙂

    Carrie says:

    I still love getting real letters in the mail. Ones from my grandmother always make my day!

    sherri lynn says:

    The best thing I ever got in the mail was a package for my 21st birthday when I was in China for the summer!

    jennifer says:

    a giveaway that keeps on giving! love it. all letters and packages that arrive via snail mail are my fave! not too sure i have a favorite!

    Sarah says:

    When my cousin was in jail, he would send me these wonderful letters with handdrawn sketches all over the envelope! I always knew they were from him when I opened the mailbox.

    Curly says:

    The best I ever got was when I spent 3 months abroad and my best friend send me a package with pictures of us, some homemade ccokies plus a super long handwritten letter. Loved it so much!

    holly says:

    the best thing that i’ve ever gotten in the mail was this perfume. I had looked high and low for it and couldn’t find it anywhere. I would go on vacation and check every store for it and couldn’t find it. and then, one day, after i had almost forgotten about it, it just arrived in the mail! my thoughtful friend had come across it and sent it to me!

    Helena says:

    Such a great idea! The best thing I ever got in the mail was a package from my parents when I was living in New Zealand for a year, including all the good stuff from back home that I was missing – e.g. lots of chocolate 😉

    Kelleigh says:

    When I was younger I had a pen pal who lived across the country. It sounds so silly, but I would look forward to the mail everyday wondering if I was going to get a new letter (on Tasmanian Devil stationary!). It really set my mind on fire thinking of interesting things to share with her and I would wonder what I would hear next from her about her life. It was really a learning experience for a child; it made the mail seem magical to me.

    Laura says:

    A box of succulents from a friend who misses me. Oh how I miss living in the desert and having cactus friends!

    Emily says:

    I used to love all of the mail I’d get at summer camp – from my mom, but also from my friends. Each letter and package was so special and exciting! I loved the rule that you had to send it to get it, too.

    Loren says:

    We get Bark Box every month for our puppies. I love coming home and finding that box on our stoop every month. It’s always filled with the best toys and treats and the dogs love it!

    Justine Cox says:

    I had a lovely friend come and stay with me for a month, during which he made a beautiful book full of poems, photographs and memories. After he went home he handmade it and sent it to me, I will always treasure it 🙂

    kat says:

    The best thing I received in the mail was this vintage typewriter. My boyfriend had seen me pin it on pintestet and he went on a secret quest to find it and surprise me by mailing it to me.

    Sharna says:

    I love mail! Even now, and I only get credit card offers and junk mail, I still get excited to check the mail. My favorite thing I’ve ever received is a birthday card with an adorable handwritten note. 🙂


    Andrea says:

    Snail mail is king! The one thing that sticks out is a letter I received in college from my now husband when we were first dating…it even included a few drawings. 🙂

    Gina says:

    The best thing I ever received in the mail was a Rob Ryan poster that I had no idea I had won online. It was beautiful!

    Lana says:

    Not Another Bill is such a gorgeous and super fun idea—bring back the post! Best thing I ever got in the post: My fiancé and I had to live in separate cities for work reasons for a year. Ever the creative, he bought a deck of playing cards and every week he mailed me one card from the deck with a sweet note or quote or joke scrawled on the back. 52 weeks later, I had a full deck of cards and a year of great trips to the mailbox to remember always. I loved checking the mailbox with anticipation each week and it made a year of long-distance a lot more fun!

    The best thing I ever received in the mail was a sweet care package from my Mom and Dad while away at college. It was so timely and thoughtful…

    Court says:

    I’m a devout letter writer and mail seeker, and I love this concept. The best thing I ever received in the mail was just the other day when my mom sent me rice pudding (yes, rice pudding) from “Rice to Riches” in NYC. We went there before a big grad school interview but didn’t have time to actually try any. Weeks later, I heard I was accepted into grad school, and shortly after I received a big serving of it by surprise from my mom.

    Margaret says:

    There are six kids in my family and some of us are quite a few years apart. I am the youngest so I have very few memories of my oldest brother and sisters living with us. So when I was little my oldest sister (14 yrs older) and I would write letters back and forth. In one letter she surprised me with a Strawberry Shortcake (the cartoon character, not the dessert) necklace. I loved it, and is the best thing I every received in the mail. She has since passed away so, though it may not be the most expensive item I’ve every received, it was definitely the most touching.

    Geralyn says:

    The best thing I received in the mail was flowers right on my birthday, from the company I worked for. It was such an unexpected surprise and on a Saturday no less. Such a sweet gesture.

    Julia says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! The greatest thing I have ever received in the mail was a package of seemingly random paper items: little pieces of artwork, handmade sheets of paper, parts of assignments from a book-binding course, letters from strangers, and a letter from my best penpal.

    Andrea Wang says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail is a box of tim tam cookies from a friend I hadn’t spoken to in awhile. It was the last thing we had talked about in over a year, and such a loving gesture!

    Jamie O. says:

    This sounds so amazing!! That’s a tough question…hmmm…really hard! I guess I can say it was awesome being a freshman in college right at the cell phone/email cusp, and throughout that year I received the best letters from all my friends and family to get me through the first year away from home.

    Jaime says:

    Not another bill is awesome! Best mail… a bright red watch!

    Joann says:

    A care package from my Future Husband when we were just ducklings, separated by the Atlantic Ocean.

    Logan says:

    Such an awesome giveaway! When my husband and I were dating long distance, he sent me the best gift in the mail. Since we could not go on a date, he sent me a date in a box. There was a movie, popcorn, hot chocolate, and other odds and ends. He is so thoughtful!

    Rachel Z. says:

    My boyfriend in Philadelphia used to send me the sweetest letters while I was studying abroad in Scotland. I saved them all!

    Jessica says:

    A letter from Santa hehe 😉
    Jessica x

    CeeCee Pham says:

    The best thing I have ever recieved in the mail would have to be a Picnic Blanket I ordered. That probably sounds silly, but I LOVE picnics, especially spur of the moment ones with my boyfriend 🙂

    Linnea says:

    Anything from a loved one, but more importantly I love sending mail with the envolope decorated with goodness!

    Bidibidobidiboo says:

    I like to read my friends dreams 🙂

    Molly says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail was a spatula. No envelope, no box, just my address and postage on a kitchen spatula!

    Amy says:

    i love this giveaway – snail mail is the best.

    love getting wedding invitations in the mail, but my favorite thing i’ve received is a care package from my mom full of treats they had just brought back from overseas. completely unexpected, completely delicious, and it left me feeling completely loved.

    Eunice says:

    For me, the best thing I’ve received in the mail is a postcard. It’s the simplest piece of mail but it is a reminder of someone thinking of you along their journeys. The best postcard I’ve received is one from a friend of mine (we were on rocky terms). Just the fact that she sent me a postcard when we drifting apart made me realize that we both still had room for each other in our lives.

    Kimi says:

    What fun! I received an I Love You postcard from my boyfriend (now husband!) in another language and had to find a way to have it translated when I was away at college.

    Meggie says:

    The best piece of mail that I’ve ever received was a hand drawn portrait of myself from a very dear friend. It meant to be silly but the portrait reminded me of a very specific time and was very thoughtful to me.

    Anna Beth says:

    I would love to win. I love surprises in the mail. My favorite pieces of mail are pictures!

    joe says:

    this is the coolest idea ever. when my best friend moved halfway across the world we were like “we’re sooo sending each other surprise packages in the mail!” but of course it ended after the first one, because, you know, that’s often how these things go. it would be really cool to have someone actually stick to the plan and not give up. and for six months!

    the best thing i ever got in the mail – it may sound sappy but i don’t care – was a “zero-th” birthday card for my son when he was born, from my other best friend who also lives far away. it was actually addressed to him not to me/my family, and it said something about how he really lucked out by having us as parents. it was the sweetest card ever.

    roxie says:

    My best friend from college sent me a beautiful pair of earrings that she had made herself but what was even better is that the whole mailing envelope was filled with tiny 3-D paper stars that she had folded instead of tissue paper or bubble wrap. I still have them on a beautiful bowl on my bookshelf!

    Jessica Mac says:

    The best things I’ve received in the mail were postcards from my aunt when she was travelling across Europe. I stuck them up on my wall to remind me that hopefully one day I’ll get to do that too!

    Rivernik says:

    A box of candies I got from best friend that I really wanted but I can’t get here 😀

    holly blues says:

    I love post! For a couple of years my husband and I had a long distance relationship and I received some wonderful post that made my heart sing! I was also a penpal with a french musician who also painted the loveliest watercolours and I was sent some beautiful paintings and cute zines.
    Holly xxxx

    jane says:

    The best thing I received in the mail was care packages filled with wonderful books from my Dad while I was in summer camp. All the responses have to relate to our loving relationships we make over the years with the people we love. There is nothing like receiving a letter or package in the mail

    My mom sent me a Valentine’s day package. After getting through all the paper hearts and chocolates, I found bacon at the bottom. (It was that gross microwavable stuff so that it didn’t have to be frozen, but it’s the thought that counts so it tasted delicious to me.) Best thing to ever receive in the mail.

    Ashley K says:

    My best friend won a signed book from Neil Gaiman who is my favorite author and she sent it to my house without telling me! I think my heart might have stopped when I opened it!

    Michelle B says:

    The best thing I’ve ever received in the mail was a care package from my friends while living overseas that contained all of my favorite foods and snacks that I was missing. Was so thoughtful and good for a touch of homesickness that I had been feeling.

    Tammy Winn says:

    One of my favorite pieces of snail mail was a mysterious valentine from a dear friend of mine. It was a found and repurposed valentine that looked like it came right out of the 1950’s and had no signature to it. I had to do some detective work to figure out how it came from and the postmark gave it away. I love snail mail and the thoughts some people put behind them to make another persons day even if its just a simple note or paper. This is a fantastic giveaway!

    Chelsea says:

    I think my favorite piece of mail ever was when my Keurig got shipped to me…haha.

    Mei Ling says:

    It was a birthday present from my then boyfriend (now husband) for my 21st birthday. It was particularly special because at that time, we were studying at opposite ends of the earth (he was in Toronto, Canada and I was in Melbourne, Australia, a total of 14- 16 hours’ time difference!) It was a lovely surprise to wake up to.

    kim gee says:

    the best thing i ever received in the mail was a notecard from London that just said “you are beautiful”. no return address, no sender name. it turned out my boyfriend had secretly sent it to me using some website, and it made my week.

    Kate F says:

    After my great-aunt died (at 93) I received a box with all the letters she and her husband wrote to each other while he was deployed during WWII. AMAZING.

    Elisabeth Lyons says:

    A good friend of mine is currently in boot camp. Each letter from him is so priceless and wonderful!

    Meghan says:

    The best thing I’ve recieved in the mail are handknit gifts from my sister. Especially the handknit sweater and tiny mitten garland. She’s in California and I’m in Michigan, so it’s always fun to get something she made especially for me.

    Sarah B says:

    This is a Great Idea, best thing i recieved in the mail would be photos of my neice as a baby, sent whilst i was living overseas.. definatly the best..x

    Lizzie says:

    A sweet postcard of Lake Louise from a new friend I met on a plane ride back from a very special summer.

    Rossana says:

    Best thing in the mail? A little bird!!

    Amy says:

    My mom would send me care packages in college with individually wrapped homemade sugar cookies. Best mail ever!

    Naomi says:

    My then boyfriend, now husband, would send these amazing handmade packages of scrapbooked boxes with inside jokes inside, all so thoughtfully made. Made me feel uber special.

    Natalie says:

    What a great idea! I typically dread the daily bill in the mail but I do love the post!

    The best thing I ever received in the mail is a toss up between my Passport – allowing me to take my first solo trip to Europe at 21, the title to my very first self bought car, and my diploma! Cheers! xx

    Celina says:

    I remember being so excited when I was probably about 6 or 7 when I received my first postcard from my then best friend who went to New York. It was the first time I received anything in the mail and I still have it kept safely in a box.

    Alice says:

    Such a cool idea! Really love the concept of a mail-in surprise. A little unknown to look forward to every month!

    erin says:

    how wonderful! the best thing to receive in the mail is surprise cards for no particular reason!

    lara says:

    so many great things have come out of that mailbox over the years!! but i have to say receiving letters + postcards from loved ones + friends while i was living in haiti for a year was the most endearing + encouraging thing i’ve ever received! love not another bill’s concept… so unique!

    ashley says:

    A good old fashioned post card is the best! I absolutely love receiving these from friends and family who travel to faraway places. It’s refreshing to get updates on a tiny card thats hand written rather than on the internet! Dont get me wrong, I love me some facebook and Instagram but sometimes the old way is just sweeter!

    Burkha says:

    What a great idea! I love receiving mail! i remember I was always anxious about letters sent from my family in Venezuela. And another thing I loved receiving, was a parcel from Ez (from Creature Comforts blog). So nice of her!
    I hope I win this, because in addition to loving mail, I also love surprises!!!
    Besos, from Argentina 😉

    Kelly says:

    Love the notion of getting surprise presents in the mail! The best thing I’ve ever received, ever, was love letters from my now-husband when we were seeing each other long-distance.

    Cat says:

    What a fantastic prize! The best thing I ever recieved in the mail was a care package from my parents when I was young, living far away from home and going through a tough time. It contained words of support and chocolate, and was such an unexpected and nice suprise that it made my week.

    Bieb says:

    you pay my bills
    can you pay my telephone bills
    can you pay my automo’bills
    then maybe we can chill…

    destiny’s child…
    this is definitely not bills….

    Rachel R. says:

    Hmmm. I think I would have to say handwritten cards from my grandfather.

    Anonymous says:

    This is such a fun giveaway! My best mail was the first semester I moved away to college. I was complaining to my cousin about how much I hated to do laundry, she and my auntie sent me a huge package full of panties with a note that said “this should buy you another week”

    Sara says:

    This is such a fun giveaway! My best mail was the first semester I moved away to college. I was complaining to my cousin about how much I hated to do laundry, she and my auntie sent me a huge package full of panties with a note that said “this should buy you another week”

    angie says:

    suprise letters and postcards from friends, just because. those are the sweetest

    candice says:

    oh man, when it’s not junk mail – mail is the best! I recently received 5 (!) jars of my paw paw’s homemade bbq sauce in the mail as a surprise from my grandparents. and that reminds me of the time my mom sent me a bunch of homemade gumbo reusing the container and dry ice that I had used to ship my family some chicago style pizzas. food mail is hard to beat. 🙂

    Megan says:

    I love getting packages from friends, especially ones that have moved away. They send me little pieces of their new home and it’s always exciting to see the new places and people they’ve met and discovered!

    Michelle says:

    I received a package in college from a dear high school friend that was just an envelope filled with funny fliers just because they had reminded him of me. very sweet.

    best thing I received in the mail? Oreos and Dad’s Goodie Rings from my parents when I was overseas. Yummy Yummy.

    Suzanna says:

    My favorite piece of mail was a package of glitter.

    Kat says:

    the best thing i ever got in the mail was a package filled with a bag of hershey’s kisses, a freshly worn clean t-shirt (belonging to the boyfriend at that time), and a letter. we were in a long distance relationship and it meant a lot that he sent me something of his that i could wear and it smelled just like him.

    Kat Skull says:

    The coolest thing I’ve ever gotten in the mail was a calendar from a swap I did. I got matched up with a person in another state and we each answered a few questions we had about design interests and then we sent a calendar to one another. I had so much fun picking it out and I received one I really loved.

    Wendy says:

    I received a Alyson Fox for West Elm wool rug from my sweet beau 🙂

    the best thing i ever got in the mail was the certificate from the trademark office. it said my trademark was official and all that hardwork had paid off. gosh, i love mail. xo!

    dominique says:

    The best thing I’ve received in the mail were the rsvp’s to my wedding. It made the whole thing suddenly feel very real and exciting. I still have all of them 5 years later.

    Julia Sirna-Frest says:

    Every year my mother sends me her signature flowerless chocolate cake for my birthday in the mail. We call it Earthquake cake because the top always has these cool cracks that look like a richter scale! Best present ever!!

    Amy Favero says:

    Love this idea! The best thing I recieved in the mail was an adorable retro red and black polka dot swimming suit my mom sent me while I was living in Hawaii. It’s wearing out now, but I’m not ready to part with it!

    Sam says:

    Anything in the mail besides bills is awesome, really! The best postcard I ever received was from my friend Cheryl in NY at Christmas. It had a scary zombified Santa illustration on it. I laughed so much!

    Jessica says:

    Postcards from my friends all over the country.

    Stephanie says:

    Kewl! The neatest, sweetest thing I ever got in the mail was…my tax return! Haha, no. For serious, it would definitely be the care packages from my mom when I was in uni, complete with cutesy, holiday-themed socks, lots of chocolate, and the loveliest notes.

    Carrie says:

    My friend surprised me by sending me a sugar cream pie in the mail. Yum!

    Nina R says:

    My favorite mail would have to be a care package from my sweet sister after going through some rough times. Mail is a sure fire way to cheer someone up!

    Shila says:

    I’ve gotten some pretty rad mail, but my recent fave is a handmade card from my best friend. A few days after I chatted with her about feeling low and having a bad day, she sent me the sweetest handmade card in the mail. It was incredibly sweet, thoughtful, and sent with love.

    Courtney says:

    I think the best thing I’ve ever gotten is a package of homemade cookies from a childhood friend 🙂

    Julia says:

    Anytime my mother sends me a care package at university I know that it is bound to have just what I need in it. I love seeing them in my mailbox!

    Archy says:

    In first grade, my school set up a “post office” so we could send each other letters. We would put them in a big sparkly colored box and then the teachers would sort them every morning and deliver them to our desks. It was the most exciting thing EVER.

    Sally says:

    It was 21 years ago, I went away for a year just after high school and my Mum wrote me a letter every Sunday night for the whole year. She passed away 14 years ago so the letters are now extra special because writing them so frequently meant her language was so natural. Very special for me.

    christine says:

    i LOVE getting surprises in the mail! when i first moved to california 15 years ago my old boss sent me a handwritten letter about how much i was missed & then went around and had everyone in the office add their own paragraph. i, of course, still have it & in fact i showed it to him last year when he visited.

    noelia says:

    The best thing i ever got in the mail was a huge paper bouquet from my boyfriend.

    JaQG says:

    Lately, I have been receiving magazines for free which is the best! They certainly make me happy 🙂

    Lea Helen says:

    Oh My! The best thing that I have every received in the mail was actually from England as well. I bought a calligraphy print on Etsy. It was everything I expected. What I DIDN’T expect was for the mailing to be so beautiful! The tube was decorated with florishes and swirls and I don’t believe I have ever seen my name and address so beautifully composed!

    zuzanna schwed says:

    Best thing I have received in mail was an edible arrangement from my husband. He even added bananas in white chocolate since it’s my fav!

    Liivi says:

    Love NotAnotherBill – magical surprises are the best! The most wonderful thing I ever received in the mail was a hand-delivered carefully wrapped bottle of New Zealand sparkling wine on my birthday, which my long-distance boyfriend had made for me at his winery. He couldn’t be there on the day but he sent this super-thoughtful personalized gift, along with a heart-shaped love note. <3

    Nhung P says:

    So cool! The best thing I have ever gotten in the mail was a surprise package of Pollen Arts candles from my boyfriend (last week). It also came with a cute little note 😉

    wishful nals says:

    oh, good mail really is the best. it can make any bleak day bright. the best thing i’ve received was a pair of earrings that my mother-in-law’s cousin sent. it was just so unexpected, so sweet, and beyond thoughtful. i’ll never forget that little act of kindness.

    Aly Lopez says:

    The best thing I ever received in the mail was my candelabra, because it was stolen off my front porch and the company was kind enough to send me another at no charge.

    Shay says:

    I love receiving packages in the mail, even if it is something I ordered. By the time it arrives, I have forgotten what I ordered, so it is a surprise when I open it up!

    futurelint says:

    The best thing I ever got in the mail was a box of presents from a friend living in Thailand!

    Lila Freije says:

    A handmade Mother’s Day card from my little boy!

    Nary says:

    a love letter

    Christina says:

    my friend and i were inspired by the sisterhood of the traveling pants, so we had a traveling necklace. it was very nice to receive it in the mail with a note!

    Stephanie Nelson says:

    This is such an amazing idea! I checked out this website when you posted about it and I have to say I almost subscribed! I did tell dozens of friends about it too because it really is such a special, unique idea.

    The best thing I ever got in the mail… it was my birthday last month and my good friend works for an accessory wholesaler and sent me a Hobo bag!! I wear it every day I’m obsessed and so thankful she did something that sweet for me!

    Maggie says:

    The best thing I’ve received in the mail was a little handmade book from a friend (she took a bookbinding class in college) filled with pictures and memories of our time together in college. It was gift for my 23rd birthday. There were pictures in it I’ve never even seen and my friend has a witty sense of humor, so it was really fun to look through.

    Shelah says:

    The best thing that I ever got in the mail was a birthday card from my daughter.

    Elsie says:

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