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designlovefest + max wanger
designlovefest + max wanger
designlovefest + max wanger

i love working with max because he appreciates the surreal. for this style post we wanted to focus on movement, form, and gravity.

designlovefest + max wanger
designlovefest + max wanger

this dotted dress is such a dream. it’s a great price from asos. and the item that appears all three times? the purple tights. i have been wearing this color constantly these days.

designlovefest + max wanger
designlovefest + max wanger

how insane is this gold vintage skirt?! it felt like it weighed 50 pounds!

photos by: max wanger
styling by: sarah and sunshine
hair by: nicole gehweiler

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    Cori Magee says:

    This post is so cool. Being half Mexican, I was raised on surreal art and stories. I love when you two partner together!

    Bri says:

    oh my goodness so much fun! seeing your photos makes me want to get bangs again 🙂 so dangerous! ha!

    Love your colaborations with Max. It’s like you guys share creative genes. You two always produce such stunning images.

    Awesome job!

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

    Guys this is amazingly rad. I’m looking at theses with my mouth open! (no kidding) It must be so fab to work which such a talented photographer! I’m calling you guys The Ultimate Dream Team! xx

    Selena says:

    Fantastic post! Love the movement that comes through the images. Also hope you are enjoying this sunny Vancity day!!!

    Diana says:

    love the punchy outfits and the surreal look of this photo shoot. Max is such a talented photog!

    Hanna says:

    THis looks like so much fun and the dresses are just awesome. You are so lucky to be able to work together with someone as talented as Max Wanger on such a regular basis, I’m jealous!

    alicia says:

    Max really is one of a kind. This is so great! He amazes me every time, I hope one day I can do a shoot with him!
    The one falling image is making me think of the intro of Mad Men, a little Don Draper influence? 🙂
    So fun, your style posts are the best!
    It was super great meeting you+angela at blogshop this weekend! Very inspiring as always, I hope to see you again sometime 🙂

    giulia says:

    max is simply amazing! and you are so cute and funny and model so well! the photography here is stunning! one of my favorite style shoots you’ve ever done. so creative!
    did i use too many exclamation marks!?

    Naomi A says:

    These photos are so fun! They remind me of Alice falling down the rabbit hole!

    The Occasional Indulgence

    Stephanie says:

    I love everything about these photos and I love Max. The omg-I-wish-I-could-be-as-good-as-you-in-my-dreams kind of love, not the creepy stalker kind. 🙂

    Also, the title of this post reminded me of this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTeQ6gSveRI

    Erin says:

    My previous comment seemed to not work, so I’ll try again. OH MY GOD! This whole post is beautiful. Way to rock the hell out of that gold skirt *clap*. You are absolutely stunning.

    Anonymous says:

    lovely! Where are the first pair of shoes from, I’m curious!

    Ergo-Blog says:

    You always have the most amazing style posts! I just love all the poses and the weightlessness to each photo! =)

    Anne says:

    My goodness your style posts are always THE best!

    Oh that forth picture from above. Totally dreamy, totally you. I can see it as an avatar on everything fabulous you do Bri 🙂 Max’s work pairs perfectly with your conceptual thinking and it’s always nice to see the results of your shoots.
    Have a bright week!

    LOVE the photo shoot. And those tights are to die for! May I ask where are they from?

    kelsey says:

    these are insanely pretty photos

    Ali Mackin says:

    Gorge as usual, I would expect nothing less! : )

    Ali of


    Ally Ebdon says:

    This is so beautiful! They turned out great and I adore your outfits.

    Yvonne says:

    i am speechless at how magical these images are. beyond!

    excellent shots, and colors of this collection is just how I love it*

    Allyson says:

    This. Is. Awesome. That’s all.


    Denysia Yu says:

    These pictures came out beautifully! 🙂

    Danette says:

    Oh man these are fantastic. You are always awesome, but I do love this Max Wanger guy.

    Holli Anne says:

    Oh wow, LOVE this! Awesome post and concept!

    Manon says:

    I love those pictures !!!! Colorful and magic !

    Tabara says:

    Gorgeous Bri!

    tasha says:

    I love the photos!!! Everything looks great.

    Nicole says:

    Utterly beautiful! Where is the first dress from? It’s just lovely.

    Sarolta says:

    That third picture from top would make a great print. These pictures are so dreamy, so perfect!

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