man, where do i even begin? paris is always the city that makes me feel the most inspired, the most awestruck, the most wide-eyed, the most happy. each time i have visited has been very different, but also very the same. we were a part of the creative council team for this trip…which allowed us to wander around, explore and film/document the whole thing and then share our favorite spots with you. i really love a brand that is open to change, open for exploration and of course allows creative freedom. (stay tuned for the video we made that i’m posting on thursday!)

let’s start with this little gem of an apartment, shall we? it’s small but they maximized the space and fixed it up real nice. it’s in the perfect spot in le marais on rue de rosiers…tons of cafes, bars and shops right below us.

renting an apartment you just never know what you are going to get….i was pleasantly surprised that for under $180 a night we could stay here and it felt like a hotel! clean, safe, beautiful views, a skylight, nice appliances & bathroom. it was a total score.


i met arian on our front doorstep (i was coming from london and him from LA) paris always feels a little like a fairytale when you get there, but waiting for your guy to come around the corner with his luggage somehow felt extra fairytale-like. with him being jet lagged we decided to just eat ravioli and enjoy the rain from our comfy room and do the whole tourist thing the next day.

use this map to bookmark some of our spots from our trip! thanks so much for creating it, asia!


our first morning we slept in and then walked to café charlot for eggs benedict and a cafe creme. this café is very cute (and has free wifi which is always a plus when traveling abroad for those of you that go through instagram withdrawals.)

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we decided to go to this street rue montorgueil (where my friend jordan took us when i visited with jen last year!) to pick up some flowers for the apartment, cheese & cornichons, and of course a baguette for a picnic on  Île Saint-Louis later in the afternoon. we also had to stop by one of the most delicious patisseries, maison collet, to get a few chocolate eclairs for dessert. the sun was shining and it was beautiful.

we headed towards the river for our picnic, but it started to rain so we just ducked inside of the restaurants on the saint-louis island and shared a bottle of wine and a goat cheese salad. they always say the waiters are rude in france…generally i would say if you at least attempt french and you’re polite then they are pretty nice to you. the guy at this restaurant was an exception, he hated us from the start. you just have to laugh it off though.

we strolled back to our apartment to rest from all the walking around (and the wine.)

i was excited to take arian that evening to one of my favorite restaurants in paris, le refuge des fondues in montmartre (remember this post?) where the wine is served in baby bottles and you eat endless amounts of cheese. we met angela there and it was pretty packed (go early!) but we managed to get the last couple seats in the place. this is the spot where you have to climb on the tables to get to your seat, so get comfortable with eating community style…elbows to elbows. next door there is a little hole in the wall bar where we ended up meeting some of the locals and dancing to french music (you have to watch the video for this, it’s pretty funny.)

and the metro home…right under our apartment is the famous falafel place, L’As du Fallafel, that we kept hearing about. so even though we were stuffed from fondue we decided to split a falafal sandwich to see what all the hype was about (this place had a line out the door almost all day) we aren’t huge falafel people, but this was impressive. quick, cheap and delicious. it was a good night.

the next morning we really wanted to go to merci for “dipping eggs” as arian calls them at their cafe & tea room. they also have a salted butter there that i think about all the time and admittedly put in my purse if i don’t finish the whole thing. we have a lot of happy memories at this cafe, so it was nice to go back together. if you don’t know about merci, it’s incredible. (a commenter just told me they have a new online store that ships to this US! thanks for the heads up.) they have a store in addition to the cafe that is filled with all sorts of greatness. (most of it, i can’t afford, but hey) if you are able to, splurge on the bed linens (or at least the pillow cases!) and have a look upstairs at all the amazing tapes and journals. i would buy all my dishes there if i could too. last time i was here i was shopping next to sarah jessica parker which obviously made me feel like i was in a sex and the city episode and that her russian lova was just around the corner. i picked up a few treats and we were on our way.

i have been to paris a couple of times, so i was cool with skipping the louvre and the eiffel tower…although it’s still nice to watch it light up from afar! but we did decide to go to the Musée d’Orsay because arian wanted to check out an exhibit they had on demons at the time (it’s called compromise) and i wanted to see the post-impressionist paintings. it’s awesome how different arian and i are when it comes to art…i love bright, large brushstrokes, more abstract & graphic art. he loves intricate, dark, and scary paintings. men are from mars 🙂

a little worn out from the museum we were starving and decided to take the metro to bastille for pasta. a little note about the metro: it’s amazing here. i always feel like i know exactly where i am going, the lines are clear and easy to navigate…it’s the best. we dined at a spot called pause cafe and oh my gosh it was the most memorable meal i had in paris.

i got the linguini pasta with pesto and arian got the penne with marinera. cooked to perfection, a bread basket, a glass of wine, people watching on the sidewalk…i couldn’t stop smiling.

that evening we decided to just walk around our alleyways and look for an easy spot to eat. after a while you get tired of looking at your phone map, always navigating…you just want to wander. we found a little place that was open late and got french onion soup and blonde beers and headed home. we ended up just watching movie trailers on my laptop in bed (one of my favorite things to do) and then magically remembered that we never ate our chocolate eclairs in the fridge, so that was definitely a highlight. our last night in paris was full of laughing and simple joys.

we heard about a restaurant called breakfast in america around the corner, where they serve diner style food like they do in the states. we love breakfast the most, and while i am fine with how the french do it, a chocolate croissant and a coffee…arian was craving the full shabang. you can get pancakes, waffles, and eggs any style here. he was also pretty stoked about the bottomless cup of jo you can get here because he was a little fed up with the tiny coffees they serve in europe. ha.

i got too cocky with our flight info and didn’t double check it till the afternoon. i realized i read the arrival time in spain instead of the departure time from paris AND it was at an airport that i had never been to before. what? i am usually pretty good about this stuff! i blamed it on the cold medicine, we packed lightning fast, we ran and found a cab, and we somehow made it right on time for our flight to spain.

paris, you will always be my #1. thanks for following along on our journey…

keep an eye out for the video we made on thursday! all photos by designlovefest & modshift. map illustration by asia pietrzykthis post is a collaboration with the creative council by UGG Australia.


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    Quinn Cooper says:

    Loving this post! Brings me back to when I lived in Paris 7 years ago. I too used to picked up food on Rue Montorgueil and have girls night at les refuge des fondues (remember we spoke about this restaurant at blogshop).
    I need to go back to Paris soon, haven’t been in 5 years, this post is going to push me to get my butt back there for at least a couple of days. Thanks for the great post!!
    xo Quinn
    Quinn Cooper Style

    kerry orsini-byron says:

    Simply, sensational 🙂 creative pieces of art work, that covers the diverse city of Paris. My suitcases are ready, bon voyage. Xo

    These pictures are AMAZING! I’ve never been to Paris before but this makes me think that I could certainly live there! What a happy happy place!

    xx Ashleigh

    So envious of your trip to Paris! Planning a trip with hubster myself. Do you mind emaling me the apartment info? The place looks gorg and clean! Totally appreciate it!

    Dana says:


    this pics are beautiful. You guys are beautiful.
    that looks like a special trip.

    i life so near Paris (germany. its not sooo far away…) but i wasn´t there.
    BUT I HAVE TO. more after this post.

    xo from germany. :o)

    Tiffany says:

    I haven’t been to Paris in years. This entire post made me smile.

    Leigh says:

    Oh my goodness! This looks wonderful! I want to go now!

    Kelli says:

    Amazing! This makes me want to travel over seas soooo bad! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    stella says:

    i studied abroad in paris, awesome post you threw me back. most amazing city

    also – beautiful apt. nice luck!


    Allyson says:

    First of all, so beautiful. I have never been to Paris, and your trip looked super dreamy.

    On a side note, I have to tell you I giggled a little at the photo of Arian in bed… the blanket pointiness + placement = a liiiitle sketchy. 🙂


    Sally says:

    These photographs are amazing, it looks like you had such a lovely time! I’ve not been to Paris for a while, but am lucky enough to be not far away. I’ll try and visit some of your recommendations next time I go!

    sue b. says:

    Thanks for sharing this Bri!… I am planning a trip to Paris and will def use the website to look for a place to stay.
    Where are those super cute pair of sock you wore??? (the one with the faces…)

    Sylvie says:

    I loved this post. Reminded me of some scenes in Midnight in Paris, esp. the pic Wandering the Alleys in Le Marais. You tell a lovely story, and I’m looking forward to your video on Thursday.

    Caroline says:

    Amazing! I went to Breakfast in America too when we went to Paris in November. Did you spot the mosaic in the loo?

    Amber says:

    So beautiful Bri! Really inspiring, and love your photography.

    susan says:

    lovely lovely…you were in a prime spot for the best the city has to offer!

    Shawnee says:

    what a lovely post! i’m dying to visit Paris now.. your photos are beautiful. xo

    alicia says:

    Sigh…..I can’t wait for my vacation! Thanks for sharing this. I am totally going to reference this post next time I’m back in Paris 🙂
    Can’t wait to see the video and what you have to share about Spain!!

    Fabiola says:

    It all sounds so magical, excited to see the video.Thanks for sharing Bri 🙂

    Tori says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to Paris and your post just made me want to go so much more! Ahhh. Lovely photos!

    Anne says:

    It’s great to read that you had a good time. Even if I live here I love hearing travelers thoughts on Paris.

    I can’t wait to see the video. Your videos are always so fresh and creative.

    Just to let you know, (and in case you really miss it) Merci concept store has just launched an on-line shop and they ship worldwide 😉 http://www.merci-merci.com/en/


    Colleen says:

    Thanks so much Bri! I am going to Paris in June so this guide is extra helpful.

    Jaclyn says:

    So jealous 🙂 this trip looks incredible and is there any better way to enjoy Paris than with a loved one!

    Caitlin says:

    Wow, what a wonderful trip! I’m so glad you both had a such a nice time 🙂

    Jess C. says:

    I agree, the Paris Metro is the best!

    hannah says:

    bri, between these photos + your descriptions, i really felt like i was in paris for a minute!! thanks for sharing xoxo

    Yari says:

    So dreamy!! Paris is #1 in my list too! I went once with friends but Paris is so romantic, definitely have to plan a trip to go with my husband!! Thanks for the inspiration! you and Arian are a lovely couple!

    Val says:

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics! Really looks like you two had the best time. Love the street shots in Paris – brings back great memories for me.

    Michaela says:

    These photos and that apartment just blew my mind! I was just in Paris a few months ago and you are making me so nostalgic to go back and bring my boo!


    Latrina says:

    So lovely! I’ve been waiting for this post. 🙂 Seems like you two had a wonderful time, despite the rain and all!

    Lovely photos, Bri. Thanks for sharing them with us. 🙂 I hope to visit Paris some day!

    jen says:

    Paris is definitely my fave city. I rented an apartment and lived there for a month and enjoyed every second. The food, the museums, the culture. It truly is an inspiring place to be – it feels like you’re in a dream. I’ve already got plans to return for another month rendez vous, looking forward to trying some the of the places you mentioned. That pasta looks KILLER!


    ann says:

    Love the photos. The food looks gorgeous! Want to jump on a plane right now!

    Vero Palazzo says:

    Wow Paris is THE city in the world, no matter if it rains, it is always soooo beautiful! I´ve been there last year for the second time, actually sharing some photos in my blog about our trip.
    I LOVED the city map… and Merci is just great!

    Oh, I’m obsessed with your apartment! It’s so lovely. I went to Paris for part of my honeymoon and have been dying to go back ever since. Will be saving this post for next time. Looks like you had a great time – you fit in well there!

    Paris is one of my favorite cities!

    Brunette Letters Blog

    Simone Anne says:

    This is so cute!! It looks like you went on an absolutely amazing trip!! So much fun & you visited so many cute places!

    Leah says:

    My husband and I were in Paris at the end of last year, and I love comparing my trip to yours. Its amazing how many different sides Paris has.
    We would love to go back, and see Paris from a different angle. Would you mind sending the information about the rental apartment? I love the look of it,and the price sounds amazing! We like to stay in rental apartments/b&b’s/boutique hotels whenever we can on our trips.

    Bri says:

    beautiful! ah this makes me want to go back so badly! i spent a summer in france right after high school and i always say i’m going to go back. maybe once we stop moving around and have a permanent house. silly marine corps moving us all the time 🙂

    Kendra says:

    So amazing!! Paris is just something else, isn’t it? I can’t wait to go back.. hopefully soon! The idea of a rental apartment is so enticing! I always love pretending I live where I’m visiting, and the apartment would certainly help 🙂 I laughed when you said that Arian has such different taste in art.. my boyfriend and I took a design class together and his work was always so much more deep and ominous than mine, ha!

    Monica says:

    The trip sounds so inspiring and a very wonderful opportunity.
    I love the interior of the apartment you stayed at. It looks like a place that belongs in a magazine feature. The views are also magnificent.
    Wine in a baby bottle? Now that’s something you don’t see every day.


    Morgane says:

    Oh Shoot! If only I knew you were there… I work in this area (the Marais), if I know you would have been there I would have gave away few nice spots to go to. Café Charlot is sure is nice but pricy and not very good in comparaison to other places around such as Rose Bakery (and their amazing – everything), Nanashi, even Poilane and the list goes on…
    Did you take a walk in “Le Marché des Enfants Rouges”, it is simply amazing?
    ‘Don’t have the times to read your article now, but (looking forward to do so.
    (Hope my english isn’t as bad as I am) Kisses from Paris
    – Morgane

    Alyssa says:

    Once again you’ve taken beautiful pictures! Looks like you had such a wonderful time.

    Where did you get those adorable socks by the way?

    giulia says:

    I’ve only been there as a baby and I’m dying to go. I’m not even that far, I live in Barcelona. Should I just jump on a train tonight and go?
    I’m happy you had such a lovely time:)

    Oh my, how lovely that apartment was! This is SUCH a timely post as my husband and I are going in May. I have been before but not for 3 years so these restaurant tips are super helpful! your trip looked beautiful! xoxo

    Looks like it was a fantastic trip! I just love refuge des fondus!!! Hope you come back to this lovely city soon 🙂

    Amelia says:

    those two black & white photos of you, bri! you’ve got so much old hollywood glamour going on- reminds me of some of the photos of briggite bardot.

    Amelia says:

    those two black & white photos of you bri! you’ve got so much old hollywood glamour going on- reminds me of some of the photos of briggite bardot.

    Philena says:

    You and Arian are so blessed to be able to travel around the world doing the things that you enjoy! Joey and I are so happy for you and are so proud of you! May you continue to find much happiness on all of your adventures together! Looks like a great time!!!

    Cassandra says:

    When I was in Paris, I didn’t fully enjoy it (maybe because I was there for a guy I liked who ditched me for another chick, maybe because I had to do summer school homework the whole time), but looking back, It was a great experience and I wish I could go back! Anyway, Paris is like everywhere else when it comes to waiters, you get good ones and you get bad ones, and like you, I tend to find that they’re kind on the most part, even when I didn’t speak a lick of French. And yes! I’m a fan of their metro. Though I didn’t read up on it too much before I went and I was alone the entire time I was there, I never EVER got lost in their metro system. It was like the subway for dummies (because I totally got on NYC’s subway the wrong way more than once). Merci for the wonderful post!

    Charley says:

    I went there just the other week and pretty much did all these things (bar the baby bottle restaurant, the other half was having none of that!). We stayed in an apartment on the charming ile st louis so funny that you mentioned the restaurant and that they were rude. We heard that complaint quite a bit, strangely though mainly from Americans – go figure!

    I also highly rate Bouillon Chartier if you are looking for a traditional Parisian bistro – it’s bustling and great affordable food but again, huge queues so go early!

    Rayani says:

    Lovely pictures!!!

    This place is gorgeous and the light is just perfect. I’m headed to Paris late this summer with some friends and we were exploring the idea of staying in Le Marais, but now definitely will and who knows – maybe in this apartment!

    melissa says:

    just absolutely dreamy!

    SO. JEALOUS!!!

    Living vicariously through you and your beau right now. And I LOVE that you can rent such a nice apartment so inexpensively!

    Bon Journee!

    KAIT says:

    what an incredible adventure 😉

    Milynn says:

    These photos are gorgeous! What a beautiful depiction of your trip to Paris. Magical city.

    katie says:

    thanks so much for such a great post! your trip looks like it was wonderful and i will definitely be bookmarking this for our first trip to paris in june!

    I have to say that I have been to Paris 2 times now and honestly, did not love it. When I see your pictures, my mind is changed. What a beautiful documentation of the trip! xoxo

    Tami says:

    I dream of one day visiting Paris! xoxo

    clue says:

    Hi Bri,
    I was amazed to read about your trip in Paris, as I’m a parisian. It’s cute to read about all the different places you’ve been in as I know them too and wonder if we could have met there!
    I would be delighted to send you some ideas where to go to have amazing french food, and to visit some nice and more secret places.
    And, I just come to think of it, I would be delighted to let you meet some friend of mine that are french photograph , that I’m sure you would love to meet and discuss with 🙂
    Hope you’ll enjoy a trip in Paris again very soon.

    Pauline says:

    I loved going through your post and I’m so glad that you liked Paris so much. It always makes me smile when I hear people saying good things about my city. And now you made me want to try one or two spots I had actually never heard of 😀

    NEnz says:

    This post made me smile! Paris, j’adore! And I love your socks too! 🙂

    Caitlin says:

    Thanks for sharing, Bri! It looks like y’all had a great time.

    Lucrecia says:

    I will be in Paris for the first time in September. Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

    Kate says:

    I stayed in the Marais for 6 weeks last summer. A complete dream. Lovely, lovely post, Bri!



    kirsteen says:

    You’ve made me really want to visit Paris! I went when I was much younger, but would love to go again & explore some of the gorgeous restaurants & cafes you’ve written about here!

    that apt…how ever did you leave it?!

    Amber Cordeiro says:

    So happy you visited Breakfast in America! I worked there for a year! Heading back to Paris in October and this post made me way too excited

    this transported me.
    Thank you.

    I love this appartment, you were so lucky to end up in a sweet place like this. And I could travel with you all the time, I like everything you did 🙂 And pictures – wow, so positive. Need to go to Paris soon 🙂

    Kylie Garner says:

    Heading to Paris in July! Can’t wait to visit some of these places.

    when i grow up i want to be you.

    p.s. where can i get your scarf? it’s adorbs! <3R

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    Jessica says:

    So nice to hear what visitors do when they come to paris! Many places you mention, I also love, and I totally understand what you mean about a good breakfast! Sometimes you need more than just a pastry…when that happens, I head to Eggs & Co in the 6th.It’s a great little spot (upstairs even looks like it used to be an old chicken coop), and the breakfast and brunch are fantastic. For a weekend brunch, make sure you grab a reservation tho: http://www.eggsandco.fr/. The neighborhood is so cute, that you’ll love wandering it for hours! Hope you enjoy your next trip back to Paris!

    Beth says:

    I know… I’m 2 months late for this post. But I was in Paris at the same time you were and it was just the best, the best, THE BEST time ever. Your words and photos are fabulous. I have such a freaking crush on Paris these days. My recent visit simply was not enough. I dream about it most every night. We couldn’t get enough of the architecture… the food… the marvelous, endless people-watching…
    I’ve got to get a second gig so I can go back next year.

    Adamn says:

    I like paris, and I have read some articles about what you write from http://attractions.bz, there is just some official information,and looking more info about this all the time.. yours is more attractive, i like your picture, and the food seems so delicious, and i am preparing to go there now!!!thank you for your sharing

    Jordan says:

    This is acually really beautiful; the food, the wine, the restuarants, the parisian scenary and just the memories it must have created. I really love it.

    jessy77 says:

    we went to Musee d’Orsay This is an outstanding art museum. Not to be hurried through but so much to see there can be sensory overload. We thought we were done until we reached the top floor where the private collections were and wished we had started there first.

    Annmarie Z. says:

    Could you email me details about the apartment you stayed at in Paris. It looks so cute! We are headed there for our honeymoon in July 2014 and would love to stay in this little gem. Thanks!

    Paris is really one of the most wonderful place to spend your quality time with family ..loved ones..
    I have been to Paris with my kids last year and missed my husband as he is no more on the land.

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