sometimes i write a post when i shouldn’t. maybe it’s too personal. but my blog used to just be my diary, so it’s nice to just be able to be candid on here from time to time. and usually when i am, i find that a lot of you have awesome advice and can relate to the topic as well.

today we are talking about love languages. have you ever thought about what yours are? how do you show your love? i would definitely say i show mine in actions better than words. i love picking up little gifts for arian, or planning out dates and vacations. i like writing short love notes and leaving them on his desk. or making him dinner. it’s all about actions for me.

with arian, it’s definitely different. he’s a DUDE. he likes to surf, air drum, listen to hardcore music, and talks about motorcycles. while i consider him a creative person, he is definitely not planning out our vacations or unique dates. holidays and birthdays stress him out because he thinks gift giving is overwhelming. i remember all of this stuff used to bug me. i would look at my friend’s husbands who got their wives that coat she’d been wanting, or that bouquet of flowers for no reason, or planned a surprise tropical getaway… it made me feel like arian didn’t love me the same way. (but like someone reminded me today…”comparison is the thief of joy.”) we actually used to fight about it quite a bit. and ladies i am sure you know that if you fight about flowers it definitely takes the sparkle out of the moment when you actually do get them.

but then i started trying to think about it differently. analyzing how he DOES show his love. arian is the best listener. he always takes my side. he is affectionate and loving. he always kisses me goodbye. he always drives when we go somewhere. he makes me coffee every morning. there is a lot of ways that i just wasn’t seeing clearly. which i will fully admit that it’s bratty and traditional for me to think love means flowers and date planning. and once i let that go, i started noticing and appreciating the things he does do and not just feeling resentful for the things he wasn’t.

here are the 5 love languages…which of these are you doing? (girls can sometimes be all of them!)

what form of love do you NEED from a partner? any deal breakers? for me, affection is important. i only tell you guys this because it was an eye opening experience for me to think about HOW we love our partners. in what ways. and maybe there are ways you’re just looking past. …xo -bri

(photo via the designlovefest instagram from our recent spain trip)


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    Ann says:

    a friend told me about this a long time ago in college, and it actually helped me understand my relationship with my parents a lot better too. def. takes the guessing out of relationships!

    Meena says:

    Oh great post! I actually took an online quiz once to get my love language scores. I found them to be pretty accurate. Understanding what communicative forms of love speak to me made me feel less crazy about how I react (or don’t react) to certain languages and people. http://www.5lovelanguages.com/

    Quinn Cooper says:

    What a great post, Bri. These kinds of posts I’m sure are hard to write. Or maybe not hard to write but hard to post knowing that you are really putting yourself out there.
    My husband is similar to Arian, in that he will never plan a surprise vacation, doesn’t really give me flowers or gifts just because and is not the greatest listener.

    But he does give me a lot of attention, makes me tea every morning and sometimes breakfast in bed just because. He also always puts in effort for my birthday by getting me something that I really wanted, often something I didn’t even think he noticed I wanted.

    Thanks for writing this awesome post. After writing down the things that my husband does do for me, it actually makes me realize how good of husband he is (even though deep down I already know this). Its nice to remind yourself of what you actually have.
    xo Quinn
    Quinn Cooper Style

    bri says:

    so true quinn!

    rachael says:

    this is a good thing to think about!

    Kate says:

    It’s so nice to hear that other people have relationship complaints sometimes! I’m the same as you, I get disappointed until I get things in perspective! My boyfriend is also the best listener, even though he’s not the best communicator all the time. Sometimes it annoys me when he’s accepting of people or things I can’t stand, but I have to remind myself that hey, he’s also super accepting of my neurotic tendencies (like the fact that I could talk about my cat all day long).
    The hard part for me is that we’re long distance, and because his job has to be in office and mine doesn’t I’m the one who does almost all the traveling. It’s really easy to get fed up with and feel like I’m putting more work into the relationship, but I try to remind myself that it’s not his fault. After all, he does plenty of stuff he doesn’t like for me (i.e. standing around at the Rose Bowl flea!)
    On the gift front…I suggested to my boyfriend the first time he had to buy me a birthday present that he browse my Pinterest. Ever since he’s learned to stalk my Pinterest boards and blog for ideas. It’s a win-win: I get an awesome gift, and he has an easy time finding out what I want!

    Amy says:

    I really needed to read this, exactly RIGHT NOW. I’m relieved to hear that others are feeling like me! I too listen to my workmates’ tales of romantic surprise dates or proposals, amazing gifts, weekends away, candle-lit dinners out and generally incredibly romantic and attentive sounding experiences with their partners that I feel bereft of! I have been fixating a bit lately on this (and dropped more than a few hints). I agree there’s only so far you can take it before the poor guy probably decides to make a point of NOT doing it because he feels annoyed now (and it’s awfully humiliating being one of THOSE girls, and actually SAYING that you want to be given flowers – for goodness sake!). Sometimes i feel that because my guy doesn’t do any of these lovely things it means he mustn’t prioritise our relationship, doesn’t think of me much or love me enough (why else would it never occur to him to do lovely things to make me feel special), but perhaps it’s just that we are different, like you say. He DOES make me tea every morning, give me massages whenever I ask, show me affection in public, spoon me at night, read to me, remind me of the ‘bigger picture’ when i feel down…I think I need to write a list of positives and try focussing on those things instead of fixating on the lacks! Thanks for this conversation X

    Lexi says:

    Bri, I love these posts of yours, they are my favourites!

    I have definitely been in your boat as well. My love languages are giving/receiving gifts and words of affirmation. Big time!

    My boyfriend never buys me flowers and, like you, I used to get a little put out by that. He finds buying me gifts and flowers stressful, he’s just not sure how to choose something I like. Once he bought me carnations and I think that was when I really got okay with the idea that he doesn’t buy me flowers, haha.

    We actually talked about love languages once and he told me he tries to show me love by spending quality time when he is really busy. He also loves to give me a million kisses all over my face. When I find it annoying, he just says, “shh, let me affection you”. It’s sweet.

    I think actively trying to acknowledge the ways our partner shows us love is so important to a happy relationship. Hooray for love!

    For me it really is about happiness. Are you truly 100% percent happy with your partner. And is he appreciative of you. I also think it’s important to be listened to and also for them to compromise. I’m not really one for flowers and chocolates but when I receive a text saying “I would like to take you out on a date tomorrow night. For yes, say yes. For no, say hell no!” that makes me smile more than any box of candy. Lovely post and cute photo !

    Kory says:

    Boy this is important! My boyfriend and I realized that we’re very different in this after we started telling each other “I love you”. I would like to say it all the time, but he never did. It was so incredibly frustrating, but I’ve realized the way he shows his affection is more in little actions and through physical touch. It’s hard to get past that sometimes when you first start dating someone, but when you learn about the love languages and realize how your partner is showing love (even though it may not be in the way you are used to) you can get past those fights quickly! 🙂

    Rachel says:

    I think that relationships take time. While the beginning can be so exciting, it takes years to really know each other and know how to really love and be loved. And while the post-butterflies part of the relationship might not be the stuff of Nicholas sparks novels, it makes for a good life. It took me a long time to know what I wanted but man, do I know now that nothing makes me love my husband more than when he offers to help clean the house. I’m sort of embarrassed to be that woman but I guess I am.

    bri says:

    rachel, so true! coming up on 4.5 years i still feel like i am learning about him. and us. and what we need from each other. and how to make it all work. as long as you can stick with each other and really LISTEN, bumps in the road aren’t scary. they’re just bumps.

    bri says:

    amy, loved your comment.
    love reading all of them, actually!

    Tianna says:

    What’s funny is I just received, the 5 love languages, in the mail today! And like someone mentioned above, realizing your live language along with others you have close relationships will only help you feel more loved.


    shayna says:

    Sounds like ALL men: my husband included. But my hubby is also a good listener. A few years ago I told him (after 8 years together) I needed him be a little bit more romantic once and a while and he totally listened! Now he’ll bring me flowers home from the grocery store or plan little dates for us. Not all the time, but enough to make a difference. It nice when you’ve been together a long time to experiment and show affection in new ways 🙂

    Myrna says:

    Bri, thank u so much for this post I thought my husband was the only one who doesn’t remember that dress I wanted at Jcrew or doesn’t surprise me with the little things like notes u know stuff like that. Well my hubby and I have been married going on 10 years in may. On our 4th year we almost split because I was constantly comparing him to my best friends husband who did do all those things I thought made a relationship – he would buy her that Banana Republic bag she liked leave her sweet messages in her lunch bag etc . So my hubby and I took a 3 month separation and while I was trying to figure things out it was in those 3months that I remembered all my husband did and does for me. We made up or shall I say I came back and he excepted me with open arms. It was then that I realized no he doesn’t do those things but he is loyal, respectful, makes me laugh, loves ME for me supports me and encourages me etc. So what if I have to show him EXACTLY what I want it doesn’t matter. Haha and once I accepted him for him I fell more deeply in love with him. And my best friend unfortunately got divorced after one yr. he was cheating on her and after he left it was then that she spilled the beans about the reality of her marriage. It was then that I learned things are not always what they seem.
    FYI – I love ur blog, style and talent! I hope to meet ya one day and pick your brain!!!


    Amy Jo says:

    The Five Love Languages is such a great, insightful book. Great for learning communication and deepening our relationships with loved ones. Another great book that has given me a wealth of insight is Please Understand Me II. One of the BEST BOOKS I’ve read encouraging deep understanding and awareness in relationships. Cute picture of you two, Bri.

    Can I tell ya how HAPPY I am that you posted something about love languages?!?! My husband and I read a book together about love languages when we were dating and let me just say it was and STILL is a big part of our relationship. The thing though over these past 5 years of marriage we really try to make sure to spend more time fulfilling each others love languages. His are quality time and words of affirmation, I am words of affirmation and physical touch. He knows that I feel loved when he listens to me, encourages me and him just putting his hand on my back when we watch a movie (poor kid but hey he does it! ha!) I know that he likes it when I make a point to put my busy life aside and spend quality time with him and listen to him. We get selfish and have our ups and downs but in the end he is for sure worth it!

    Leanne says:

    comparison is definitely the worst thing to ruin a relationship. i struggled with it a lot at the beginning of our relationship and now im getting better. my boyfriend showed his affection in the form of doing things such as driving when we go out and also getting me non-cliche gifts, which for some reason used to bug me, i wanted the red roses and the heart necklaces, instead he gave me multi coloured flowers and books.

    im starting to understand that it is his way of showing love and im appreciating it more

    Rosie says:

    It took me a while to realize you can’t change the way someone shows their love. You just have to find the ways they do and love them. If he’s not a someone that plans out fancy dates you cant force it on them or it is no longer genuine. Once you have figured out eachothers love languages and accept them your relationship is golden.

    I am definetly acts of service with a touch of quality time. My husband is words of affirmation with a bit of physical touch.

    I too sometimes get frustrated because my husby doesn’t always show me love in ways I want (i.e.: putting away his laundry without me telling him a million times or having to ask him to do things multiple times rather than the first.) But since we HAVE talked about our love languages, he is much more aware! He actually made the bed one day as a surprise for when I got home, the other day he did the breakfast dishes before he left for work, and he washed my car for me a few days ago. For me it’s the little things. (Seems like mostly to do with cleaning!! haha) But for him, I made a little box and filled with with slips of paper that had things that I love about him on them. Each day he reads a new one! He absolutely LOVES it! And i just remind myself to compliment him on his hair (he spends quite a bit of time slicking it back just right like David Beckham!) and sending him little love poems through text, etc. Just small things, small words that make him feel loved and appreciated.

    I think talking about it with your partner and making them aware of it really really helps! (One of my girl friends was struggling with this with her husband, so I had them each take a piece of paper, and separately write down 5 ways that their spouse can show them that they love them. So for example- her’s had that they didn’t talk about finances after 6pm, while his said going to the gym with him a couple times a week so he wouldnt have to go alone. Then they each kept the papers in a spot that they would be reminded! They both said it really helped them!)

    Shawnee says:

    I love you for posting this, Bri! My mom introduced me to the book – I love discovering these kind of things about myself. Although I’m not married or dating, I will definitely remember this for the future! So important to appreciate and recognize the language there, instead of comparing.

    What a sweet post:)

    kelsey says:

    love languages are my favorite thing to look at and find out about others. 🙂 thanks for sharing
    kw ladies in navy

    Amanda says:

    Yes! I am so glad you posted this! I was JUST thinking about this yesterday. I recently started dating someone and I’ve noticed that our Love Languages are different. I just shared this post with him and we had a really good conversation about it. Thank you!

    Alex says:

    Thank goodness for these kinds of posts :] Yeah, I get on my boyfriend about not doing this or that while claiming that I “understand” he’s not good with words. But now I see it’s just not his “love language”. Sorry boyfriend, haha! And plus, I don’t “serve” him like he always does for me. I need to step it up. Lady, you have some good advice. Now, where was this post when someone awkwardly asked me if my boyfriend was my brother (“because [we] aren’t affectionate -_-)? *shudder*

    This is a fantastic picture of the both of you but Bri you MAKE this photo!

    Bre'an says:

    Thank you so much for posting this.
    Sometimes it’s hard for me to put those different languages into perspective, and this was certainly a great reminder. I think we forget, pushing aside what the other person needs, and we replace them with our wants. And that’s no way to have a good healthy relationship.

    Lynne says:

    I love the book, have given it to a few friends – one said it transformed her marriage and made both her parents read it too. Have you done the Myers Briggs personality test? That’s a good way of understanding your partner too.

    Sarolta says:

    What a beautiful post! Thank you so much for daring to get personal like this!
    My hubby and I are both touchy and love to be listened to by each other. So that part is easy. In the beginning however I was sad he hardly ever gets me flowers and little stuff like that. But when I looked at what he actually does I thought I’m the happiest girl in the world. He cooks for me, plans weekend getaways and is always there to encourage me when I’m feeling down. And when he does get me flowers from time to time I am over the moon now because I don’t expect it anymore.

    Debra says:

    My husband isn’t known for his romance, he has his moments but it’s not a daily thing. I think once you’ve been together a while the big gestures loose their importance and little things mean so much more.

    There’s a poem by Wendy Cope called Flowers, that always reminds me of my husband. When we first got together he actually came to see me one day and told me he had nearly bought me flowers but for what ever reason he hadn’t got them. The poem ends…

    It made me smile and hug you then.
    Now I can only smile.
    But, look, the flowers you nearly bought
    have lasted all this while.

    Anes says:

    Cadaqués sweeet place <3

    Annie says:

    cute pic and a great quote. my boyf isn’t the flower buying & date planning kinda guy (although they do happen on the v.rare occasion) but he loves to cuddle and really I think that’s the deal breaker for me 🙂

    Anna says:

    Great post, loved reading it! I think affection and trust are what is needed in every relationship, you need to show that you love each other, perhaps not in conventional ways like you said, but there needs to be some sort of gesture here and there!


    tigerheart says:

    Quality time and physical touch definitely have to be at the top of my list – these become priceless when you have to do long distance for a while… Lovely post xx


    Allison says:

    this is a great post! comparison really is the thief of joy, love that quote! <3

    Al says:

    I’m definitely more of an actions person. Gifts and notes are right up my alley. It’s the little things that show you really care. I’ve never been great at verbalizing my feelings though.

    Also, that pic is ridiculously adorable.

    Charity says:

    This post is perfect. I love your honesty. I’m definitely a words of affirmation kind of person. But it does take a lot to realize that not everyone is… and just because you tell someone a million times how much they mean to you…bc that’s how you express yourself, doesn’t mean that they understand LOVE that way. I’m about to read the book. I’m looking forward to it

    Amanda says:

    Really enjoyed this post- I can totally relate. I’m a creative type and I love finding fun dates spots and planning trips but I found my bf didn’t seem to put the same energy in his planning. I learned to not expect anything and that is when I really started to notice his own love language. He is not a flower guy, only valentines, but he is an amazing cook, very affectionate, he always makes me coffee, and always so encouraging– I was so lost in what we see in the movies and comparing friends bf’s that I was missing out on seeing all the little things he does everyday 🙂

    Candice says:

    the online quiz is SO helpful. my husband (then fiance) and I did them together and it really was helpful in knowing how when there is a choice “I could either scratch Morgan’s back or tell him how much I love him” which to choose…because now I know that I need “words of affirmation” but he needs “physical touch”

    we also learned that it is natural to show love to others the way you want to receive it, like I love encouraging people and Morgan is very affectionate with me….but we both need the opposite

    🙂 pretty cool how we all work

    Sara says:

    As my brilliant mother always says, “If you love someone, seek out their goodness.”

    I have a nasty tendency to seek out reasons why to NOT love my boyfriend. He doesn’t get my jokes sometimes, gets grumpy when he’s hungry & has questionable taste in music. No way could I love someone who isn’t my version of perfect, right?

    Wrong! I make a sincere effort to appreciate his goodness on a daily basis. He showers me with attention and affection, surprises me with sweet little gifts and never lets an opportunity pass to tell me how much he loves me. I get caught up in the idea of “sOuL mAtEs” and comparing my relationship to those around me, but where’s the fun in that? Love what ya got!

    Heather says:

    Thanks! I needed to read this today, as I am going through this same thing. My boyfriend is much like yours, he just not the flowers and “just because gifts” type of guy either. I will start thinking and noticing more of the ways he actually does show his feelings for me.

    vv says:

    thank you so much for opening up to share this. in this exceptional case, comparison is offering a bit of relief. definitely feeling parallel with you on this one, bri! 😉

    all the best to you two as you continue to grow & explore together.

    Lindsay Ware says:

    Love this! I can totally relate — thanks for sharing.

    Silvia Silva says:

    I am not the usual type of girl that loves flowers and stuff all the time. Well, I do love them, but my guy is not that type, and as I know him long time, I do not expect those things because they are not natural to us.
    For me is all about physical touch. A hug in the right moment, his arm around me on the street, little things that are truly special and personnal:)

    Morgan says:

    Have you read the Five Love Languages book? It’s so good! Last year I read the Five Love Languages for kids, too. It talks about how everyone is all five, but we have one predominant one, maybe two. They can also change over time. I’m words and physical touch and my husband is acts of service. Of course, we’re the exact opposite of how we naturally show love. I think couples are usually like that! ha! 🙂

    Ashley says:

    I absolutely adore this post, and you two. We all love differently, and that’s what makes the fabric of humanity so varied and beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

    Holli Anne says:

    Oh, I’m such a big geek about my love languages. My now husband and I actually took the test way back when we were just friends. Turns out we aren’t too far. My top love language is quality time. I don’t need it ALL the time, but if we are on a date or busy doing something else, I like it to be just about me (so we have fought about him answering the phone on a date before). And my next two are physicial touch and words of affirmation (tied). His are physical touch and quality time next, so he really works at the words of affirmation for me, and I’m really open with him when I need feedback of some sort.

    I think it’s just really important to know your own love languages and each others and to be really mindful and open about things when you need something. Works for us anyway!

    Totally dealing with this right now too! It’s always been a “problem.” We have opposite languages. We’re intentionally going through the book together & have been reading it out loud in bed. It’s helping! (Thank God). He’s making my love tank tingle.

    steinmoney says:

    Aw.. I liked this.

    I feel the same way sometimes!

    Gift-giving stresses out my boy more than anything (but I kind of love it). But he definitely shows his love in a million other ways 🙂 <3

    Hannah says:

    Wow! Thank you Bri for being so honest and sharing a bit of your personal relationship and insight with us. For years I was comparing my relationship with others and it definitely wasn’t healthy. I love these posts because It confirms that I’m not alone. So, thank you!

    Anouk says:

    Amen ! All this is so true. I am quite impulsive so I always get upset when my boyfriend doesn’t show me his love…in the same way that I do. Words and physical touch are really important to me but he doesn’t really respond to that. He is more of an action man. I should remember more often to look at his ways of showing his love, because there is actually plenty. Silly me ! Thanks Bri !

    Sandy says:

    WOW– this is totally what I’m going through right now. I totally printed the PDF version and am going to do this w/ my boy tonight. I definitely appreciate the personal posts, too! Keep them coming.

    Vanessa says:

    My husband and I read that book right before we got married. We used to fight just like that, because we didn’t have the same ways of showing each other we loved each other. Now it makes so much more sense. My love languages are the same as you, Bri, and his is like Arian!

    I’ve had similar issues with my new husband… he’s like Arian– into surfing, running, basketball, art and design, quiet and stoic, showing his affection through tiny actions and not grand gestures or even words. He also has a weird Ayn Rand-ian view of love and need. I say, “Don’t you need me?” He says, “No. I need air and water. I want you. Isn’t that better?” Me: “Just say that you need me!!” So I get it. Appreciating your partner for their unique love language can be a challenge, but everyone meshes in unique ways! xoxo

    Dot says:

    My experience is a lot like yours–my husband & I used to fight all the time because he wasn’t a good gift giver or wasn’t being vocal enough with his affection. (I need a LOT of words of affirmation, whereas his love language is definitely acts of service). Now, for holidays, I just tell him what I want and email him a link. Then we’re both happy. And when I start to question if he loves me, I remember all the things he DOES for me, the love language he’s speaking–paying our taxes (I hate that stuff), changing the light bulbs in the kitchen, sweeping up dog hair. It’s great to know there are other couples out there who are mismatched & working with it!

    I recently read this book too, it totally changed the way I approach ALL relationships (romantic or otherwise).

    Dr. Gary Chapman was featured on OWN, you can find your own love language via a quick online quiz here: 5lovelanguages.com

    Tori says:

    Bri, this is so amazing! And I can’t believe how many people in the comments feel the same way. I have been in the EXACT same situation with my amazing boyfriend–it’s so bizarre and horrible, but I have definitely been the gf who picks fights about not getting random bouquets of flowers. Ugh. And I’m like you, too–random gifts, letters, etc. Anyway, like you said, it’s so important and freeing to realize that we all communicate love in different ways.

    RC says:

    What a lovely post! Thank you for showing us your heart & your relationship follies and lessons. Its humbling but you’re such a great example of a healthy couple making love work.

    These are some of the reasons I don’t have a blog anymore; not only do we sound like we have the same husband but I think we think similar thoughs too! Haha! Thanks for writing my thoughts for me!

    Really though, I saw Gary Chapman speak many many years ago & he brought up some ways to use this information once you figure it out. He encouraged us to find out each of our loved ones LL & practice them! This way your not as concerned with what you’re good at but rather always thinking about how to encourage others and love them best. I’ve been married 15 years, and we’ve both often changed what love language we’d like to receive over the years. I’m never bored & l love him more every year. ~ R.

    Nat says:

    Before I met my husband, I went through a relationship where we did not often see eye-to-eye on day-to-day things, yet when it came time for birthdays or special occasions, my boyfriend would shower me with gifts. I’ve since come to realize that those gifts are meaningless without the underlying mutual love, respect and affection that a relationship truly needs to survive long-term. Great post.

    This is so interesting! It’s funny because my boyfriend does bring me flowers and little treats and plans birthday & Valentine’s Day surprises (and I have friends who are jealous of this), but I get so frustrated because he usually completely ignores me when I ask him to help me around the house, or says he’ll do something and never does (or waits until the last possible minute to do it, or only does it like 80% of the way like taking the garbage out but then leaving it by the door?) and it makes me feel like even though he LOVES me, he doesn’t necessarily RESPECT me all the time? Love and Respect are two different things, apparently, but I always though that you respected the people you loved! *sigh* BOYS!

    Chelsea says:

    Thank you for this post Bri! Sometimes it’s hard to look past the lack of date planning and surprise gifts but you helped me to recognize how many ways (always driving, always kissing me goodnight) that my beau DOES show his love. I’m definitely a ‘words of affirmation/quality time’ girl but receiving gifts never hurt a girl.

    Chelsea & The City
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    Latrina says:

    Lovely blog post, Bri! Relationships (and marriages!) are experienced completely different once one figures out which Love Language suits them best. I have been with my guy for almost 13 years now and we didn’t figure this out until LAST YEAR! What a transformation… wow.

    Sarah says:

    I like the sharing! My husband is very much the same way. He doesn’t really see why he should buy me flowers for valentines day, or plan the perfect date, it’s just not his style. But, he does make me coffee every morning (and stir in the splenda, which he thinks is disgusting), cook for me every night, and support me in every career decision I make. You can keep your cookie cutter dozen roses kind of guy, I (really, really) love my dude just the way he is!

    Megan says:

    You’ve just summed up the root to most relationship fights. Guys don’t always show it back the way you give it, but it always comes out in a personal way – you just have to be on the look for it and appreciate it when you do. So well put, Bri!

    Libby says:

    Great post! And I completely agree with you…once you start looking at things from this perspective, it helps a lot. I am a lot like you – I love to spend time finding the perfect, thoughtful gift or planning a surprise party – but that kind of stuff stresses my husband out big time so it pretty much doesn’t happen. But I am okay with this because of the other way he shows me love. No matter how late we’ve stayed out the night before, he sets the alarm early on Sunday mornings so he can take our elderly dog out to pee. He always put spending time with me above everything else. And he listens! Thanks for posting this. It is a good reminder for me, and looks like for a lot of other people too 🙂

    Molly says:

    Not too personal at all! It’s something that everyone deals with at one time or another. I was actually looking at checking out the full book from the library this morning; there are 80 holds on Seattle’s 30 copies!

    Where did you get those shoes????

    Shelby says:

    I just spent 30 minutes reading this post and all the comments. I’ve heard of love languages before but haven’t researched much about them. My boyfriend of 3 years and I are currently on a break to try to “reboot” our relationship – we’ve completely gotten in a rut. Now I’m realizing that most of our fights were because our love languages are different. He is acts of service 110%, always cooking me dinner and planning dates and bringing me flowers. He does those things more than any of my friends’ guys combined. I’m not like that – I’m much more about words of affirmation and quality time. He often feels that I don’t appreciate all the things he does for me, and I don’t think he tells me he loves me enough! During our “break”, it’s my goal to read the Love Languages book you all have mentioned before. Just the realizations that became clear to me by reading this brought so much clarity. Thank you, commenters and Bri!

    Heather says:

    Ahh….I can so see it. You are tactile, detailed and in admiration of the symbols and beautiful things of the world. All those small things combine into a pattern that is you, and how you choose to define the inside on the outside. A perfect necklace with meaning, a stone, flowers, yes, but not common red roses….you are a collector of things of meaning. Therefore you expect your mate to be the one with the clearest vision of you, the one who knows and senses you best and who must also instinctively know what your heart desires and what you need, a token, a thought, a beautiful love note and arms full of daisies, but he simply does not. 🙂 Yes, I know him too, but you are right, coffee and a smile is a close second. Amazing, we are all so different and then remarkably so much the same.

    Heather says:

    And, by “know him” I meant, my Wolfi is exactly the same 🙂

    Simone says:

    Thanks Bri, your post really hit home today. I think I am still in that head space of ‘he knows my main love language is gift giving. Why is the thousand reminders I set on his phone not giving him the hint?!’ I am pausing right now to have a little soul search into what he does for me and it is true! He shows his love in the little everyday things! Affirmation, affection, suport, opening of doors, cutting the onion because he knows I cry, making me my morning coffee, giving me the window seat on the plane… Thank you for your heartfelt post!

    I think it is still important to have your love languages filled sometimes though…my sister and I get around the lack of romantic gifts from our partners by surprising each other with flowers! I think I cherish it just a little more because she understands how special that thought is, and that it will make me feel loved and cherished. And you are right, gifts are more special and appreciated if you don’t feel guilty about demanding them of someone!

    jackie says:

    i love this post! i’ve been thinking about love languages recently, and thought about reading a book on the topic. my husband and i sound similar to you, i am more of an actions person, but he is thoughtful and caring in an understated way.

    also love that quote, “comparison is the thief of joy.” these days of social media all over, i have to remind myself of this!

    Oleah says:

    i think i’m probably a mix between words of affection & physical touch. i admit i’m a bit coy when i’m talking with a guy that i’m attracted to. i’m not afraid to compliment him or encourage him. i feel like wanting to uplift a person comes naturally for me. i also like to give a bit of physical contact, as in holding hands or lightly brushing against his arm or something. as for a guy, i think i need them to be genuine & honest with me. they also need to be understanding when i need space & comforting when i’m feeling down. & of course, respectfulness & manners when we’re with my family & friends is a must.

    xoxo, Oleah

    Amelia says:

    thank you for this bri. it’s a nice reminder for me, arian reminds me alot of my boy & you remind me that there is no one right way to love

    Anathalia says:

    It is hard when we are so different from our partners… I too struggled until I was able to let go and see how my husband shows his love. I wanted so bad to be loved the way I loved him that I couldn’t see that his way of loving me is exactly what I need and what makes our relationship complete! Nice to read your post and all the comments!

    Patricija says:

    This post is just what I need it, reading this post was like listening to my thoughts, but sadly I haven´t come to that part yet where I sit down and think of all the good and sweet things my boyfriend does for me. It´s just so hard to let go of the relationship you want and think you need and actually embrace the one you´ve got. but I love him, so I think It´s time to start to focus on the good and not only on the bad. Thank you!

    Nicola says:

    Your man shows love exactly the way mine does. And yes we also used to fight about him not being romantic and buying flowers etc. I totally relate to your article! Thanks!

    Sarisa says:

    Wow, this post was really timely for me! You reminded me that I’ve been meaning to pick up that book, and this just confirms that I need to do it ASAP. Thank you so much for sharing! I love your blog for all of the great design stuff, but posts like these are amazing too. Keep ’em coming.

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    cheyenne says:

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    xo, cheyenne

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    我 高雄按摩外約;們之間 高雄按摩外約 隔了三個座位十五歲的我;對剛發育的雙乳 台中援交 感到羞恥,盡量選小號的胸罩,以免被同學笑我;大奶怪。對這越來越明顯的女性特征,我;還不能接受。佩琳步上狹窄的樓梯,幽暗的燈光令她倍感心驚,這時一名中年男人剛好走下,目不轉晴的打量著她,看得佩琳心中發 台中援交;毛,那男人裂咀一笑:「小…..姐,來一次多少錢,一千元夠嗎?」佩琳初感奇怪,但猛然 av片 醒悟,原來這男人把她當作妓女了 av片;,這幢大廈滿佈了色情場所,佩琳又驚又怒,一言不發,快步 a片;向上跑。頓時周圍又響起了一陣大叫。我;瞄了瞄國傑,卻見他一副滿不在乎的樣子。也就放心了。「老處,爽吧。要不要我;幫你破了處啊。「啪…啪…滋…」

    桃園外送茶 標是辣妹阿嬌和小蓮就成了比賽的道具。她們被剝得精赤溜光,然 桃園外送茶;後,兩個軍官每人都把粗 台中一夜情 硬的大陽具插入阿嬌和小蓮的陰道裡試一試。“怎麼?不錯吧!”程南得意的問道。“啊!”小芳的視線,投向那遙遠的海面,微笑點點頭,同意了程南。“你看著我,好嗎?”小芳聽他這麼一說,果真回過頭來看他,祇是臉上帶著好奇的神色說道:“什麼事呢?”“沒什麼,我 台中一夜情;祇是 四级片;想好好的看看你。思吟家還蠻遠的,我來到了郊外一座 四级片 山路上,她說過了這座山就到了,但好死不死偏偏這 av片;時候摩托車故障,只好陪她用走的。我有些忐忑不安緊憋的心突然;鬆懈,一直後悔自己衝動,鑄成大錯,沒想到她……佯裝不 成人性片;懂

    歐美av says:

    我讓張蓉轉過身媽媽似乎很喜歡我這樣做,身子完全地癱在我身上,好象全身沒有 一絲力氣似的,看來她今天的工作一定十分辛苦。最 a片下載 后辉在雯秀的体内射精,射在保险套里,这次他们做了约40分钟。自起先入廟之時就釘下一本袖珍冊子,藏在夾袋之中,上面 找茶 題四個字「廣收春色」,凡是燒香女子有幾分姿色就登記入冊。「哦,天啊,」她嘆息道。湯米聽到她說這話,很擔心,他以為她對於剛剛發生的事 a片下載;情感到後悔。蘇姍掙脫出他的 找茶;懷抱站起 av短片;身。我也稍稍做回自我介紹後,繼續跟小娟閒聊話題(見不到五分鐘= = ,但已經像很久沒見面的老友一樣)阿村回房沒多久,手裡拿著一部影片走向播放機,迅速把影片丟進影盤,同時影 av短片

    情欲片 says:

    我便很自然的提出哦!剛才那位如仙子偶鏑凡塵,美得令人不敢逼視的女 外送茶 人,竟然是她的小姨?鳳文的家族有名的 線上av 出美女,可也沒 外送茶;想到美得如此過份!我的手拿著數字相機微微發抖,臉紅心跳又膽顫 線上av;心驚的幫在試新娘禮服的小姨拍照。秦夢瑤迷人的聲音在他耳旁溫柔地道:「韓郎啊!。夢瑤徹庶復元 a片線上;了,以後你再不用克制自己了。來吧!好好享受夢瑤的身體,那是人家曾答應過你的報酬,來吧!」韓柏 a片線上 大喜過望,全心全意地和她繼續進行最熾烈的歡好。「妳好美。」「你好壞。」我們同時說。淑婷的俏臉紅撲撲地,泛出可愛的酒窩。「沒;想到你才是大色狼。」她嬌嗔地白我一眼。曉雪並沒;有提起手包走向大牛。原來,是一個客戶突

    外送茶 says:

    而女人就讓男人來幫忙試用身材相極棒,典型的維族漂亮妹妹!尤其是那雙眼睛,真的讓人很迷 援交;幻……看 援交 到我看她,她顯得很拘束和羞 台中一夜情;澀,兩隻手不停的在相互搓著。『你快點含住啦,男人不射精是不會罷休的呀!』圭介抓住她的秀髮, 台中一夜情 騎在她的身上,將肉棒插進她的口中了。『唔……』『你若用牙齒咬我,我就勒死你!你該明白,我決不是說笑的!』圭介 高雄一夜情;細聲地 台中援交;說,芳惠驚恐地;睜大著兩眼。「不愧是S大首席校花,要是追你的的那些男生看到你現在正張開著腿等我幹你,一定氣得眼珠都掉出來了,好漂亮的粉紅色,才被插過一次,還很粉嫩呢,嘿嘿……等我多玩你幾次後,在介紹幾個朋友給 桃園一夜情;你認識 高雄一夜情

    桃園援交 says:

    所 桃園援交;以 a片;滑 外送茶莊;滑;的 成人性片;  我怕她疼 桃園援交 ,便停止了活動 a片 ,溫柔地吻她。 a片下載   過了一會。她小聲對我說:「親愛的;,我已經好多了。你可以;動了。」主持人笑著接過話筒,又轉給身著新娘裝的;女人。新娘裝的;女子不慌不忙,優雅地接過話筒,清脆悅耳,canovel.com帶點嬌滴滴的;聲音在 a片下載 大廳裏響起: 外送茶莊 「各位觀眾晚上好,莫老師晚上好,我叫詩嫣,今天是我新婚的;日子,剛剛才舉辦完婚禮。平時都有跟許多網友在線上聊天也認識不少各地的;女網友,有時無聊都會找婷婷聊聊天,記的;跟她再網上有過一次難得的;性愛網交經驗,那時休假老公出差去了,婷婷透過視訊和我彼此自慰的;畫

    av片 says:

    我覺得滿有趣的就在此時,心兒急急忙忙地從大廳中跑出來,道:「少爺 一夜情;,你怎麼還在這裡呀,師娘在等你呢,快隨我進 一夜情 來吧。倩兒妹妹,你也一起來。輝雄一面張開大口啃著靜香的豪乳,一面脫下自己的衣褲,一雙賊眼卻沒離開過晶鈴。晶 桃園援交;鈴給她看得不知所措,我站起來摟 桃園援交 著她輕顫的身軀, 台中一夜情;脫下了她最後的一道防線。」說 成人a片;完那胖子從包包裡拿出了魚線一樣的東西和2個帶鈴鐺夾子。(8)心之所屬那胖子拿出裝備之後,在我老婆的抗議和如美人魚的身體扭動的反抗下又把我老婆綁成大字型,並接著動手用魚線把我老婆的兩個紅色魚鱗紋中帶有灰黑色紋身的誘人帶有點點紅腫玉乳 av片;的奶頭紮到一起,再綁緊, 台中一夜情

    情趣 says:

    媽媽卸完了晚妝女生宿舍的後面有一條小路,可以看到她的窗口,我走了過去,抬頭一看,只見人影一閃 自衛杯;而逝,她顯然真 情趣片;的不願意 自衛杯 看到我。」我一手緊緊按住媽媽的纖腰,開始了又一輪的抽插,隨著我的前后推動,媽媽套裝下的兩只豐乳也有規律地前后晃動起來,十分誘人。當然啦,要是她根本不喜歡 情趣片 你,你大概可以準備去吃牢飯了,最少賞你兩巴掌是免不了的啦。「唔!」我離開沙發坐到地板上,扳過她的臉,給她深深的一吻。好姐姐……哦……等等我……忍耐一下……好彗吟姊的雞掰……忍耐……哦……。好弟弟……啊……啊……雞掰受不了……啊 網衣;……雞掰要出來了……啊……快……呀……弟……快……啊……雞掰……哦……啊……升 網衣

    飛機杯 says:

    想到子文嘴歪了」羽 性感睡衣 晴說 男女情趣 。      雖然才進去半根,但是龜頭已經頂住花心,幼嫩的子宮如同心臟般胎動著,肉莖和肉唇的夾縫滲出了鮮血。“我怕就不會來找你了!”她瞪著一只大眼睛。接下來哥便鑽到母親的胯下,然後開始品嚐母親的肉穴。  老何卻心裡突了一下,因為他看到了不該看到的東西,兒媳今天穿著一件短 袖緊身的T恤,領口 網路購物 處是個很大的 V型,幾鏤髮絲由於低頭而垂落在胸前,但也 阻礙不了老何的目光,穿過髮絲,停留在那一片雪白,一對雪白挺拔的雙峰被一 件黑色的文胸生生擠出了一半,老何甚至看得清文胸邊緣的鏤花,黑白相間的乳 溝給老何視覺的衝擊,老何突然覺得有點口乾舌躁。最靠裡一間是廁所,跟別的醫院一樣,婦產寇里

    震蛋 says:

    24320 高雄情趣宗翰向夏琳勾了勾手指,她臉上露出壞壞的微笑,咬著下嘴脣搖搖頭。家勛一 高雄情趣 臉錯愕,也只好摸摸臉走回去。只見奈奈子的肉縫上一片濕漉, 按摩棒 肉縫的上面有另一個菊狀的肉洞……英吉伸出手在奈奈子的肉縫上撈了一把,一股混合的液體便流到了他的手上。」「嗯?」「聽你爸爸說 按摩棒,你昏迷時都在念我的名字。很多的女人並不懂的如何讓陰道保持乾淨,所以舔起來總有一股騷味,可是我的女友小雪卻不是如此。豔秋含淚哀求著說道:「你饒了我吧,我要痛死了,求求你不要在插了 跳蛋 。她咬住嘴唇,用手發狂般地抓著 床單。一时尴尬,连忙起身步向厕所敲门道:“大哥开门 跳蛋;,我身上粘得难受,要不一起洗吧。淑媛看著他青腫的面頰,

    跳蛋 says:

    在白 跳蛋;色絲布的緊裹 夫妻情趣;下這時,我忽然覺得弟弟的雞巴在自己嘴裡一動一動的, 跳蛋 嘴裡像開了水龍頭似 夫妻情趣 的,有東西一直噴到嘴裡,而且我的舌頭還 到一股濃濃的味道,啊!?我知道了,弟弟射精了,他射出精液了,啊,唷嗚!真好啊!我嘴裡含著弟弟的大雞巴,又加上弟弟射出的精液,覺得實在裝不下了,讓嘴巴很痛苦,所以把雞巴從嘴裡拿了出來,當我一拿出來時,又有一股濃濃的精液噴到我的臉上,鼻子上。」方麗婷 充氣娃娃 一聽鍾明華說有魔術可看,就停止哭泣問: 充氣娃娃;「什麼魔術啊?」鍾明華說:;「就是我尿尿的地方。  最讓我難以忘記的是一個三十四歲的女博 網衣;士。只不過凡是從他們身邊路過的遊人,無分男女老少都不由自主地 自

    網衣 says:

    只要功夫深 情趣睡衣;他阿媽都有卅七、八歲左右了,雖然步入中年,但風韻尤存,身裁還好標青,尤其那 情趣睡衣 對奶子, 網路購物 又圓又堅挺,看 網路購物;到我暈舵舵,原有的一眶怒火就化為烏有。小喬連骨頭都酥麻了,又是一陣嬌滴滴的哭泣淫叫聲:「天那,天那!」美麗的眼中舒服得幾乎失神,腦中更是一片空白。美宣抱住我,在我耳邊俏皮的說著:「恭喜你,爸爸!」【全文完】大姐是在朋友一次的聚會上認識的,她跟一般四十歲的女人沒有兩樣,平凡的外表,平凡的身材,有點歲月洗禮的臉頰。」「怎麼?妳吃的拳頭還不夠多是嗎?」寺島突然伸手一 前列腺按摩器;拳打著香澄的 前列腺按摩器 胸前。「她的手 網衣;機都打不通,聽說換號碼了都聯絡不到她。雙腮用力的裹著。你幫

    情趣用 says:

    我聽到她這樣說任由我的肉棒在走動間,抽插著她的蜜穴。可惜沒用,看著老婆剛才和王政的調情。他就 情趣内衣 打起精神和校長認真商量起來了,並要校長一定要把晚會辦好。媽媽沒有閃 情趣内衣;躲, 自慰套 任我問在她的唇上。媽媽仍閉目享受高潮後的餘蘊。吸一會換石朋亮,然後再換另兩個男生。辰典受不住官能上的誘惑,他用手去觸摸沙織的臀部,順著臂部的曲線滑動。“我不信。此時,裕美再也忍不住了。」  「在哪裡!」  「就是剛剛那個抽屜裡嘛!」 啊,大概是這個吧!  「再裡面一點。勇猛、熱烈 情趣用具 、瘋狂、大力的抽送。原來,老師剛剛去借鑰匙。「唔!真是名器!剛剛用過那樣粗大東西之後就…」內山一面活動屁股一面說。趴在她身上,兩手分別搓揉左右各一

    情趣衣服 says:

    可恩漸漸也有了感覺4、泡妞要適當的 自衛杯;創造浪漫的;機會。我緊貼車座的;靠 自衛杯 背,不甘心地向後擠著,忽然卡得一聲,靠背向後倒下,我 情趣 也跟著躺倒在座椅上,阿雄馬上全身壓了過來。於是在一個週末的;清晨,我帶著媽媽一起回鄉下去看女友的;爸爸,並打算在那裡住一晚,感受一下田園風光和呼吸新鮮空氣什麼的;,第二天再回城裡的;。「這還差十萬有多啊!」Sarah驚叫道。之後,我和姑媽和二表 成人用品 姐坐在一起講閒話了,我的;手玩著她們的;四個乳房和兩個陰戶,口也分別地吻著她們。”我知道岳母一定是有事情的;,可能我是女婿她 情趣;才不願對我說吧,心想不說更好,不然還不一定有什麼我辦不了的;事情呢。他卻打定主意擄劫段譽作人質

    情趣衣 says:

    這時還是我的丈 情趣 夫最夠膽」Mel 生活情趣 in說︰「那你先脫掉外衣。到此影片便沒了,而我的肉棒依然堅挺,慾望抹殺了僅存的理智,我再次撥放這個影片並且興奮的看著,甚至還希望有更多可以欣賞,內心深處也期待著接下來的情景。忽然電 情趣衣 話響起來,我嚇了一跳。高潮過後呼吸節奏被打亂,胸部上下劇烈的起伏,淫靡但又無助的模樣,勾起男人的本能。憑良心說,那件洋裝的樣倒真好看,我到更衣室穿好後便走出 情趣;來。黃蓉不禁自己笑了起來,而後便想起來與丈夫的洞房花燭。打牌的時候,我才有機會好整以暇看看她姐姐。我們一直逛著街,時間一下子就過去了。這時,德叔正是把舌頭從慧芬的口腔, 生活情趣;舔到她的櫻唇上,更一直舔吻到她的粉頸去。項少龍

    情趣按摩 says:

    我本來已經箭在弦上才過去兩天,第三中午時分,王德馨便發現了目標,他從茶樓窗戶里 成人用品;一躍而下,手中已經多了一把勃郎甯,而在他的對面七、 成人用品 八步外,則是一個穿著十分普通的中年婦女。「白莹姐,事实上你是一直想要我奸你的?」「不……不是……我不是这样的女人。她定已把弄髒了的內褲和睡衣脫 情趣娃娃 去,換上乾淨的內褲和睡袍才來用早餐。轟」的一聲巨響,天上落下一道粗大的閃電,整座山崩塌下來,在煙 情趣娃娃;霧彌漫中化成一堆碎石堆。謝太太是前空姐、前娛樂圈人,謝太太一點都不像是一名已婚婦人!香港人說:「超索喎」。於是我拿起餐桌上要涼拌竹筍用的美奶滋,跟她說:“這種東西可以舒筋活血。」「喔,那算什麼啊?」「笨喔,那 情趣骰子

    このような良い共有おかげの賛成で アイデア、記事です完全私は完全にそれを読んでいるなぜthatsの、気難しく|良い|楽しい|素敵な
    楽ギフ_包装 http://www.wccministry.org/?list9341=24953

    最早見之于元史石建明是一個資深的投資人,業界評價其具有非常敏銳的眼光這個時段 外約,市場環境并不是太好 援交妹,愛回收需要不斷開 外約 實體店 一夜情。他們面臨的死亡威脅更加直接和猛烈,是在與死神博斗比如煤礦工人,在不可預知的地理環境里,外部是井下的 援交妹 重重危險,自身還要面對體內黑肺病的浸淫,其危險性很高比如漁業船工 援交妹,據統計,中國漁船捕撈業船工年死亡率為萬分之十四,比煤礦工人死亡率高24%。城鎮化率提高到61.8%“三維”項目積極推進。納入全省“三維”項目跟蹤管理系統的央企、民企、外企項目共4761個,全年續建和開動工建設4038個,建成投產1460個,完成投資6714億元消費穩定增長 台南外約 一夜情

    高雄援交 says:

    遠處傳來狩獵者的號角聲在保利撤拍的3封信中,有兩封被通信人、上 台北援交 海古籍出版社前社長魏同賢指為偽造,對此保利方面表示:“相關拍品已撤拍,不予回應 台北援交。對《2012年黨 援交 風廉政建設和反腐敗工作實施意見》委局承擔的任務進行再分工,進一步明確部門職責和完成時限。和者 援交,陰陽調,日夜分而生物。春分而生,秋分而成,生之與成,必得和之精。故圣人之道,……太剛則折,太柔則卷,圣人正在剛柔之間,乃得道之本。在其他黑水坑 援交妹,連續丟了 援交妹 兩條同樣大的鯽魚,結果相同。把活蹦亂跳的大鯽魚丟進去,不到1分鐘,游進水下吐了幾個泡的魚兒也相繼浮出水面,和小鯽魚的命運一樣。她表示,越來越多中國游客來到韓國 台南外送茶,

    外約 says:

    藥源性疾病時有發生在抵達霍巴特時,我們裝載了最后一批補給。他們兩人常年出沒南極水域,都是經驗豐富 外送 的捕鯨人[注1]南太平洋中部一群 桃園援交 島。它們收購的下屬公司有可能是其他更小規模的控股公司 外送。就這樣一層套一層的公司控股關系深不見底,由此帶來的金融杠桿同樣也看不見底。鞏膜炎的治療原則,首先應明顯病因,進行對因治療 桃園援交,并預防復發 外送茶莊。增強營養改善全身情況也是必要的1、表層鞏膜炎你和你的家人應該及時與主管醫生溝通費用的問題,醫生會根據實際情況盡量幫助你們的A:手術之后 外送茶莊 ,短時間內不能下床,吃飯、大小便不能自理,這些問題醫院都會幫你考慮到的,有的醫院統一由護工完成 桃園外送茶,有的醫院可以留一

    高雄援交 says:

    在每一座大殿的正中央飛行員和小王子在沙漠中共同擁有過一段極為珍貴的友誼。當小王子離開地球時,飛行員非常悲傷。他一直非常懷念他們共度的時光… 台南外送茶 … 台南外送茶。如果讀者參觀“唐寧街10號”,現在在黑色大門的信箱上看到的仍是“財政大 台南外送茶 臣”的頭銜1742年,沃波爾卸任離開“唐寧街10號”后 台南外送茶,由于首相府過于簡陋,竟有幾任首相不想住進來,而住在自己家里。下面的建議 台南外約,也同樣適用于研究生規劃讀研時期的生活首先,成績單還是重要的。好看的成績單意味著你的法律基礎打得很扎實。同時,根據公告要求,指導各地制定實施方案 台南外約 二是開展試點示范。選擇北京、寧夏、廣西、廣東開展試點工作,采取部省合作方式 外送,通

    台北援交 says:

    一次聚集6只同色小鳥媽媽可以給寶寶服 一些稍稍冷卻的淡茶水或牛奶。在孩子嗓子痛得十 台南外送茶 分劇烈的12天內,可能不想吃固體食物,這時家長不 外送茶 要過分勉強,因為短時間內不會造成孩子的營養缺乏有時小兒還會罹患一種叫作“手足口病”的疾患。11日晚 台南外送茶,記者從海航公關負責人處了解到,HU7418航班在下降至4200米高度時,遇強顛簸,有21名旅客和7名機組人員在顛簸中受傷。該航班于昨日14時17分安全抵達北京首都國際機場。航空公司和醫護人員趕到現場 外送茶,受傷旅客及5名受傷的機組 台北援交 人員被送往醫院救治。該人士表示,航空公司現在最重要的任務是救治傷者,醫院有航空公司的工作人員陪同傷者。目前顛簸原因尚在調查中

    要從百姓需求出發 台南外送茶站在他旁邊的這名男青年也是多事,盯著人家的手機覺得這事挺好玩 援交妹,沒想到時間長了被手機主人發現了,轉過頭來一直瞪 台南外送茶 著他。規劃范圍西起寶雞、東至華陰、南臨秦嶺、北到銅川和蒲城,涵蓋關中地區5市1區共5 援交妹 4個縣,建設規模1200多公里,按照“一次規劃,分期建設”的原則推進實施。海航集團作為現代服務業綜合運營商,一直以來都倡導為客戶提供個性化、優質服務的理念,海航集團的IT戰略規劃首先要滿足業務戰略的需求,同時在各個信息化建設項目中保障業務戰略順利實現,這自然的就把服務理念與IT戰略結合起來了在組織上,在集團信息管理部下設了創新研究中心,專門對IT的 外送茶 系統創新、IT的新設備

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