this past thanksgiving i was at arian’s uncle’s house and the whole family was gathered around a projector watching old super 8 videos from back in the day. there was no sound. the quality wasn’t great. but i looked around and everyone was smiling. even the simplest moment was special for them to watch. it made me realize that sure, we take videos when we travel or for special occasions and blog posts. i take photos and instagrams with good light and snazzy filters. but what about those moments that are so wonderful but aren’t aesthetically pleasing? i admit that i forget to take those photos now. (do you?) i remember the days when everyone had a point and shoot camera and would take dozens and dozens of photos for every occasion (guilty) and now i take 1-2 that i take my time with and share on social media.

well it’s time to take it back. we got a flip cam a few weeks ago and i’ve been recording simple video moments (no filter, no editing) on my iphone so that one day i won’t forget the first time i made arian try a face mask and how funny that was. or the day we moved into a new house and everything was empty. or just arian cuddling on the couch with the cats. i am going to want those videos someday. home movies for the win!

what do you think? are you already making home videos?



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    alicia says:

    You need to bring blogshop video to Vancouver cause I’m dying to learn more about it!
    Photo/Video memories are the best and it’s sad when you talk about old stuff and don’t have pictures to fall back on. I have soooo many photos of when I was younger and I just kind of took it for granted.
    Over christmas we were at my boyfriend relatives house and they were also watching super old movies. I didn’t understand anything they were saying since it wasn’t English but it was still so special.

    rachel says:

    I also think that we tend to focus videoing kids and babies, but forget about the adults. Adulthood is worth remembering too!!!!

    Kasi Allen says:

    I’m with you on this. I never take video of anything unless it’s something I want to show my partner later (like our cat being cute) but I forget that there are going to be people in the future wondering “what were mom and dad like before us?”

    love everything this stands for Bri!

    bri says:

    totally agree! people start taking so many more photos/videos when they have kids. but the stage before that is important too!

    Some of my favorite moments with my family are gathering round every few years on a holiday and watching old videos of when we were young doing ridiculous things like air guitar or even the simple things such as eating an after school snack and having a conversation with mom behind the video camera. It doesn’t seem that taking videos are as common now…thanks for the great reminder to do so!

    brittney says:

    This is so wonderful. I love home movies, and it’s nice to document these real/memorable moments. Very sweet.

    Latrina says:

    As a photographer, I am a big firm believer on how important it is to capture memories. I have boxes + boxes galore of photographs… however, I am lacking a bit on the home videos. I was taking them for a while but, for some reason, stopped a couple years ago.

    You are so right though! Capturing moments, whether visually appealing or not, is important. I will make it a point to capture more memories + adventures through video now. 🙂 I know I will greatly appreciate them years from now. (My mother took videos of us girls ALL the time… so so many home videos.. and I cherish them!)

    Thank you, Bri!

    Emily Neill says:

    I love this post! My boyfriend and I just recently started making short 30 second films of our sundays, sometimes we finish them, sometimes we are just left with funny little clips of our days. No matter how silly or seemingly meaningless the clips are, I can tell how happy we are just to be hanging out and I can’t wait to look back in the future and watch them!

    Keep up the great blog, I love seeing what you are up to 🙂


    Brooke says:

    This post inspires me to start taking more photos of the little things in life! Those are truly the important times and most worth remembering 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

    hannah says:

    i made my first one over easter weekend, when my brother and sister were home and my parents were making dinner for my dad’s birthday: http://thehomesteady.typepad.com/my-blog/2013/04/film-making-dinner-for-dads-birthday.html it was such a perfect, fun night…but i feel like without this tiny film, we would’ve forgotten about it already! this is the first of many 🙂

    Chandra says:

    I love this post! The same subject has been on our minds lately as well. Our happy trio of kiddos makes their own videos via photo booth on our Mac and then spend hours revealing us with quotes from their creations! We enjoy watching how much they change so quickly. As recently as yesterday, though, my husband challenged me to take a portrait of each of them every day for…ever maybe? I’m thrilled to take this journey as well! You can check it out on my blog if you’d like!
    P.S. completely ADORE your style!

    hannah says:

    This made me smile! My husband and I do the same thing… I have so many funny movies of us dancing in the kitchen to 60s music…just the two of us. I always think once we have kids they will love to see their parents being young and funky. At least that’s what I hope they think. But you are right…so many people are trying to make the perfect picture to share on social media (guilty) that they forget that there is also a simple joy of having a picture to remember that moment.

    Judith says:

    What a nice reminder to capture more “regular” moments too! I’ll definite film my guy with our cats, it’s the cutest thing to watch 🙂

    Kait says:

    i’m so glad you posted about this – it’s so true. i never think to capture some of the simplest moments that often become the most precious memories to look back on. i’m taking this one to heart – thank you!

    have you thought about the 1 second everyday app? i’ve been doing it since january and i absolutely love it. new favorite way to capture the day to day adventures, big and small.


    Sarah says:

    My boyfriend is the best at this- he snaps photos and videos of everything. Nothing snazzy. Just moments throughout the day. And guess what- those are the ones we go back to over and over, smiling, remembering when.

    Camille says:

    such a great idea! I am inspired to make more home videos now.

    I actually did make one a year ago right before I moved back into the U.S. with my boyfriend from living abroad, (where we met) interviewing him about things he wanted to do when he returned to the states- and it was so fun looking back on that video months later when we were all settled and had done all the things he had talked about!

    Emma-Jane says:

    I love this idea!

    Sarah says:

    OBSESSED with home videos. I am in Japan right now, so I am always taking little snippets of things because it is all so interesting over here, especially during travels. Can’t wait to watch yours.

    Clair Summer says:

    I love this. These are the only kind of videos I make because I don’t have the skills or technology for any other kind. Even so, every time I look back I realise my life is filled with riches (oh, and that I’m more attractive / less fat) than I thought at the time!)Note to self: I am good enough.

    Sarah says:

    Ah ha! That first image is perfect and oh so sweet. I don’t think I could convince my husband to do it. Did Arian know you were going to post that image on your blog? I guess it’s all fair game…

    Holli Anne says:

    I so agree with this! I’m very guilty of not taking pictures when things aren’t beautiful, but there are so many moments that might not look socially sharable but are definitely worth remembering. Thanks for reminding us.

    katie ann says:

    When I saw your post I called my husband Matt over to read it. We’ve been making home movies for a few years, via iphone and 8mm app. We started making them when we moved to Los Angeles together, it’s so fun to go back and reminisce. They’re found here! http://driftwoodvisual.com/blog/category/a-home-movie

    Sarah says:

    This is such a good reminder to take videos of the everyday and the ordinary. I love looking back on old family videos and I’m so grateful my mom took the time to record me and my sisters so often.

    Also, I love that top picture!

    Eric Pomert says:

    I think you’re right on about shooting that footage without a concern for aesthetically pleasing it might be or seem. Keep going!

    In my family, it was all about slides. We’d gather in the living room once a year, pop the carousel on the projector and roar with laughter between the hushed moments of wonder and melancholy. I scanned them a few years ago and edited them into a musical slideshow, which locked them into a digital format that won’t fade. I found out someone in the family took 8mm footage of me and my siblings, but it’s gone missing. I’d love to see it for the sense of time travel that I think home movies provide.

    Katya says:

    What kind of camera did you get? I would love a small one to take on some trips I am taking this year? Appreciate your response.

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