well, i would embed the video but i am having trouble with it. man i wish i knew how to code. (pulls hair out) you can watch it over here on the good day LA site (scroll down a bit)

yesterday was definitely wild. kristin and i got to the fox studios and went straight to hair and makeup where i read over my talking points for our good day LA segment (yes, i am a nerd and printed talking points) and sat there telling myself it was going to be fine. i had just never done live TV before…actually i’ve barely done any TV. i kept thinking maybe i would swear, or fall or call the host the wrong name on accident. and if you watch the video i accidentally tell prom students to get together and make flower corsages and drink mimosas!! which i didn’t even realize i said until my boyfriend texted me “awesome job babe, you killed it! except for the part where you encouraged underage drinking! ha!” i had to just laugh that one off.

turns out live TV goes so so fast. it was over in what felt like 4 seconds. (you can watch the video segment here!) it went nothing like i thought, but turned out just fine luckily. i just wish i hadn’t spent all that time reading those talking points, ha! hopefully each one of these gets a little easier…

photo 2

so what are we making? flower accesorries that kristin will be providing as party favors at our splendid event at the grove (read about it here!) this saturday. if you live in LA, you should definitely stop by. it’s going to be a blast. make sure to RSVP to [email protected]

(my dress is from splendid, there is a similar one available here)



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    alicia says:

    Practice makes perfect!! 🙂
    Ya did awesome. It looks like it really WAS fast, the host lady was chattin and chattin. It’s a good thing you have your talking points, better too many then not enough, don’t want to be “ummmmm….”-ing on TV 🙂

    Ah, so fun!! Going straight over to watch it now. 🙂

    Kimber says:

    Well done! It’s really great and i couldnt see any nerves. Hopefully I’ll be at the event this weekend. Cheers!

    Kendall says:

    it was fun to watch!

    Chick Tyler says:

    I’m so excited for you! Congrats!

    Ana says:

    The video was so fun. It had could be a bit longer, but probably the airtime is always too short. 🙂

    Amanda says:

    Congrats!! How exciting. I would definitely mess that up. Well done.

    Logan says:

    I love you for the mimosa slip. Amazing. Heading over to watch now. p.s. your hair has never looked better! I love it.

    Emily B says:

    Haha, nothing ever goes as planned, but at least you looked GORGEOUS!

    Charlotte says:

    You look so cute in those bottom photo, love this post x

    katie says:

    hope this helps: if you want to embed the video you should grab the embed code from the gdla site and insert it into your post via the html tab (not the visual tab). you should also probably change the values in the embed code from 630 and 355 to 550 and 309, respectively, to fit your container here.

    Sarah says:

    SHUT UP! That is so flippin cool!I am popping over now to watch. You are so inspiring.

    Sarah says:

    Awesome! That’s so exciting to be branching out and trying something that is out of your comfort zone! What’s next, designlovefest the show?

    Kat says:

    Please, please, PLEASE tell me how you did your hair!

    Kory says:

    Awh! You did such a good job! Congrats on this!!

    Anonymous says:

    Hahaha I think everyone understands the mimosa thing! This is just so exciting!

    Leigh says:

    Hahaha I think everyone understands the mimosa thing! This is just so exciting!

    lacey says:

    you’re adorable! you did such a good job and acted super cool. (were you even nervous?!) i really like this idea and now i want to go get a fresh bouquet and get to work. way to go!

    hina says:

    Bri, you just look wonderful on this show. You just glow on TV, you shoud consider doing more TV shows… really! I hope you got them to make a special on the blogshop, that would be so cool! :-)congrats

    Rachael B says:

    You guys did such an awesome job! I tried watching from work but it didn’t end up working out, so glad I could see it online! I really love adding flowers to everything so this segment was so spot on for me. So happy to be celebrating fun mile stones with you like being on TV for the first time AND totally nailing it! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

    marika says:

    Hello Bri,

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    Take care!


    The text from your boyfriend literally made me lol. You did great! And all of those floral DIYs look so pretty and easy. Hope your Splendid event is a success. I would totally be there if only I lived in SoCal…

    bri says:

    thanks guys!! xx bri

    Kait says:

    you were adorable! i love the text your boyfriend sent you – too funny haha

    Cady says:

    You were so great! Mimosa thing was totally understandable. Any way you could do a tutorial on your hair??? I mean WOW!

    Nica says:

    It was such a nice thought and cute flowers and all but the host is kind of annoying! She wouldn’t let Bri and Kristin finish talking, always interrupting… Bri looks fabulous as always though.

    Amber says:

    Here is the embed code. Kind of messy, but it should work!

    Los Angeles Local News, Weather, and Traffic

    bokep barat says:

    thanks guys that would be so cool!

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