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last week i brought 7 of my friends (and they all happen to contribute to designlovefest too!) on a road trip to palm springs for a relaxing couple of days at the parker hotel. it really is one of my favorite places on earth, so it was special to get to share it with these ladies.

we spent tons of time just lounging around, taking pictures, spa time, eating the best breakfasts at norma’s and girl talkin over cocktails by the pool. i made a little video (with my phone) to document the trip for us…watch below if you’d like! (ps i edited it all in photoshop, which is what we teach in our video blogshops!)

heather took some photos of jesse and i in these wild pants from a new company called J + CO. two different color legs? i think i’m sold.

our little flower child, jesse…

the grounds at the parker hotel are like a big green maze to run through.

the neutral pancho i am wearing is from free people. they have a nice selection of them here. and the pink one that jesse is wearing is vintage from shareen vintage.

with a bunch of photographers there, it was bound to turn into a photo extravaganza. it was really nice to just be able to shoot whatever we wanted. no constraints or pressure. just creativity. and learning from each other.

obsessed with my kate spade saturday circle sunnies. have you guys been to palm springs? it’s pretty magical, huh? we ate dinner one night at birba – great pizza and the beet salad was incredible. a must try when you go there.

it sure feels great to have the sun shining again…

photography: heather gildroy for designlovefest
lots of love to my road trip gals: jen, heather, natalie, alex, angela, jesse and katie!
more style posts: right here


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    love the parker. hands down one of my favorite things about coming back to the US.

    Jackie B. says:

    Love the little video you made about the trip! Looks like you girls had so much fun together… oh and it also looks like you girls are the coolest group of gals out there! -jb.


    Cutest video! Looks like you had a blast 🙂

    Shawnee says:

    you ladies are the coolest! how fun! i’m dying to vacation in palm springs now.. xoxo

    Ergo-Blog says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to Palm Springs and now I have to push up on my list of things I must do! What a fun shoot! I think I need to plan something like this to do one weekend! It looks like it was a blast!

    Pegah S says:

    Your videos are so lovely!!!! you make them look so fun.

    i was just dying over your instagram pictures.
    looks like the best girls getaway!

    Naomi A says:

    Adorable video! The song is one on my favorites from way back!

    The Occasional Indulgence

    What a fun weekend! Absolutely love the video, so creative. I may have to challenge my video making skills now…

    That video made me so happy and also want to take a trip with my girlfriends.

    Jenny says:

    very cool stuff 🙂

    Shelley says:

    It looks like you had a great girls weekend. The pictures made me realize that not only do I need a vacation but I would love to spend it with my best girl friends.

    claude says:

    this sunny post makes me happy… thanks!

    Jennie Kay says:

    I love those orange pants where are those from?

    Amanda says:

    aw, that video put a huge smile on my face! thanks for sharing 🙂

    rebeccapaull says:

    I can’t seem to fing the J+CO orange pants either. Any chance there’ a direct link hiding in that brain Bri?

    Monique says:

    I’m going to Palm Springs next month. I’ve never been so I’ll def check out Birba. Thanks for the tip.

    cat says:

    i want the black & white jeans! how do i find j + co???

    Holly says:

    How fun to have a girls weekend! I am jealous that Palm Springs is a drive away from LA. Wish Seattle had something close like this too!

    That video had me smiling the entire time! So much fun. I absolutely loved it.

    MFree says:

    Adorable video! So jealous of your time at the Parker, it’s completely dreamy there.

    The pictures are insanely beautiful and the video made me cry of envy 🙂 Glad you had fun Bri, you totally deserve it!

    victoria says:

    odd question but what shade of red lipstick is jesse wearing the these pic’s??

    Melissa says:

    beautiful! you are all stunning. awesome little video. looks like paradise

    Elana says:

    Love this! We always get a house when we go to Palm Springs (I just /have/ to play bartender the whole time!!) but seeing photos of the Parker makes me reconsider for the next time we’re there. Love those two-toned pants!

    Chelsea says:

    The trip looks like a blast! I’m loving the sweet video!

    Chelsea & The City
    Be sure to check out my Stella & Dot trunk show + giveaway!

    You look just like Rachel Zoe in the top photo! So glam. Looks like a fabulous trip!

    had never heard about the parker before!!!
    great photo shooting and video, as always 🙂

    Danielle says:

    bri, i looked up J + CO and found nothing. are these pants available for purchase anywhere yet?

    bri says:

    hi everyone! the denim company is new and will be up and running within the month!

    Brittany says:

    Super fun video. Made me think I need a girls trip soon. Thanks for sharing, Bri. 🙂
    xx, Brittany

    Dana says:

    NooOOoooo i just can’t handle those perforated rachel comey oxfords! TOO dreamy.

    Avery Cox says:

    Looks amazing… Maine is still quite snowy, nice to escape for a couple minutes! Loving the pants, awesome photography.

    Becky says:

    Supa fly.

    Could you link the J + Co site? Surprisingly hard to find.

    Priska says:

    Wooow! Makes me want to run away from the still snow covered Swiss alps I’m living in and directly to Palm Springs, with my best friends in tow!! I really hope you come to Europe very soon with the Video class, after London was cancelled.

    Viet says:

    agree with linking J + Co site. my google skills are not cutting it this time.

    Viet says:

    whoops, just saw your comment, bri. cheers!

    great pics! Please the orange jeans heather is wearing? Where can i find them?


    khali of Bss says:

    That video is hands down my favorite movie of the year.

    Bri + Ang + Co.,

    this is so great! Fun-tastic. I wish London video wasn’t cancelled-big time bummed about that! See you soon. Ciao.

    Rachael B says:

    Love the pants! One black leg and one white?! Gah! I must have them! Also… I’m insanely jealous of your trip. I’m in desperate need of some sunshine!

    Kelley says:

    Must. Have. Pants.

    Krizianid Vazquez Velazquez says:

    what is the name of the itunes app that you used for that video and other one in Cabo??? :)))

    Bronte says:

    These pictures are so cute and the video was amazing! I’m loving these short little silent films and would love to know how to make/incorporate them for my blog!

    Tanya says:

    Fab video!! Really, really fun. Can’t wait to take one of your blogshops one day. Best wishes always!!!

    look see. says:

    I love your video!! 🙂

    Gretchen says:

    That video= awesomesauceballs!!!!!

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    #Foto bugil says:

    desperate need of some sunshine!

    Foto Bugil says:

    This looks so fun ! Loved the balloons as well and all seemed to be a very creative space to work.

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