winning wednesday is beginning to be one of my favorite days. it’s so fun to read all your comments and have the chance to give away some of my favorite products. today we’re giving away this lulu & georgia pouf! it’s perfect  for a multi-use piece in a small space, just throw a tray on it and it’s an ottoman/coffee table. some pillows and it’s great for seating.

here’s HOW TO WIN this pouf… (CLOSED)

1. go to lulu & georgia and decide what your favorite item is!

2. then leave a comment below letting me know which one you chose!

one winner will be chosen on wednesday, april 3rd at 10am PST. open to us residents only. the retail value is $350+.

+ plus, lulu & georgia is offering DLF readers 20% off through march 30th. just enter the code LOVEFEST20 at checkout, ok?

UPDATE: winner is #263 Ann!


Add your own

    Erin says:

    Love the Metric Pouf!

    Kate says:

    The mirrored bamboo tray table is awesome!

    Lauren says:

    The Kabul pouf you’re sitting on is pretty amazing. Love the stripes!

    Megan says:

    I am particularly fond of the Lana Lamp, perhaps for your next give-away?!!
    Love your blog, always a great way to escape the duldrum of the work day 🙂

    Krysta says:

    Wow, they have a really great selection of rugs over there! That painted desert rug is awesome… just need to wait for it to be back in stock!

    Kate says:

    The Jill Rosenwald Hourglass Pouf in Sage. I love the pattern!

    bethany says:

    i love the poufs! i regretted not bringing one home on a trip to morocco last year, so i would be very excited, to bring this little addition into our home! i think i’d opt for the lilou pouf in gray.

    as my husband likes to quote, “i should have been in this pouf” – Gob, arrested development

    Kendra says:

    The colors in the Genevieve Rug make my heart happy! love love!

    rachel says:

    i love the painted dessert rug. it would be so perfect in my daughters bedroom. If only it weren’t out of stock! Oh, Krysta said the same thing.

    Danielle says:

    I loooooove the Jameson Rug. I have a (currently) neutral apartment and the colors would really give a pop of color. The pattern on that pouf would look amazing on it too…

    jessica says:

    never met a pouf i didn’t love….. kabul is my fave

    Maren says:

    I love the round sade trays!

    Mia says:

    This pouf looks so comfy! I also love their Catalina Console Table…really cool.

    Hannah B. says:

    The one-of-a-kind rugs have me swooning! But the practical gal in me would love a few of the poufs hanging around the living room 🙂

    dana says:

    LOVE the Emery Rug. Blue houndstooth rules!

    Laura says:

    So in LOVE with this pouf! It is gorgeous! Alas, I am a Canadian so can’t enter. Any chance DLF will be opening ‘Winning Wednesdays’ to international readers soon? Keep up the great work!

    Chelsea C. says:

    Loving the siren pillow! And I kind of want to just lounge on that pouf all day long. Thanks for the killer giveaway! xo

    Elizabeth says:

    I love A Hoot Sculpture! I have a crazy obsession with anything owl. As soon as I saw these beauties, I fell in love. They would look amazing in the living room I have right now with my roommate!

    Gina says:

    My favorite is the Ikat Shag rug! Love that it is a one-of-a-kind too!

    Ashley says:

    I’m a huge fan of the Jill Rosenwald Hourglass Pouf in Dark Chocolate.

    K says:

    Love the Goldeneye Rug. Yum.

    Shirley says:

    i love the colorful jeweled KATE RUG!

    Julie Vachon says:

    Definitely the Metric Pouf!

    rachael says:

    so cute! lulu & georgia’s rugs are always so bright and cheery. i especially love the painted desert rug.

    Sara says:

    All of their stuff is darling but I especially adore the Fairmont Coffee Table!

    Natasha Murphy says:

    I love the metric pouf! They’re all so beautiful 🙂

    I love their rugs – especially the Nomad!

    Brooke says:

    J’adore, Kabul striped pouf!! Lulu & Georgia have an awesome selection of organic items, including that poof and those awesome silver chevron ikat pillows. I love them all!

    I love the hourglass pouf 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity!

    The Madeleine Armchair is to die for!

    anne cuddy says:

    I love the ferris wheel plate set! So fun!

    Fi says:


    missy says:

    It was hard to pick just one favorite but that Harlow Bellini rug is GORGEOUS!!

    Kari Vik says:

    I love the glacier pedestal! love your blog xoxo

    I love the Jaeda Rug, Pink Flamingo…What a statement piece!!!

    Allison Ramsey says:

    The Metric pouf is amaaazing!!! But they’re all so cute! I love the one you’re sitting on with the stripes. Want!!

    danielle m. says:

    The in bloom rug fern is gorgeous!!

    Kim H. says:

    I love the Hidalgo armchair in chartreuse!

    JessR says:

    Kind of in love with with the Cheyanne Rug.

    YUP.. it’s the ultra colorful and happy ferris wheel plate set

    Tiffany says:

    Can I just say that I love everything? I hadn’t visited Lulu and Georgia before – what a great site! The prices seem reasonable too, given the design quality of their pieces. Anywho, I’ve been looking for just the right accessories for our living room and I love the Inga tray. The turquoise color is boss.

    Misty says:

    The ceramic garden stool, but I’d want it in a seafoam or cobalt color. This is the first giveaway I’m entering, because I love that pouf! I also LOVE those kicks!

    Harris Designs says:

    love love love the Jill Rosenwald Hourglass Pouf in Dark Chocolate. Who doesn’t love chocolate? I can see this being a great piece for dinner parties or just lounging around on a lazy Sunday.

    Amanda says:

    I love the pouf of course, but I’d LOVE a Tatum rug for my living room as well!

    Colleen says:

    Love the Stella pillow & Teluca pouf!

    Whitney says:

    I really love the lines and airiness of the Catalina Console Table!

    L says:

    I love that pouf and alo the serenity table…what a fun site!

    Sara says:

    The Kabul pouf you’re sitting on is actually my favorite! Just moved into a new place in Albuquerque, New Mexico and have absolutely no furniture yet! Living on folding chairs and tables until I can decide on some actual pieces 😉 This would be a great start to the fun, modern bohemian environment I’d like to live in 🙂

    Amy says:

    Love the Anisley Metallic Side Table!

    Stephanie says:

    Love the Essex Nesting tables!!

    Allison says:

    Silver Galaxy Nesting Tables! Cute site!

    Amber says:

    I’m loving the fade away shag rug in royal purple. I need some deep, concentrated color for my bedroom. Love this site!

    Kayla says:

    I’m in need of lighting, and the Charlie Bottle Lamp is the exact lamp I’ve been looking for.

    rugs are so grown up.
    love that ruby flokati one.


    happy wednesday & thank you for the giveaway!

    Kathleen says:

    The Tristan chair in storm looks so cozy, and so does the pouf you are sitting on! It would be a perfect addition to my tiny reading nook in my room!

    allison h. says:

    love the Fiona Side table!! so classic and clean! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! Love that pouf and could definitely use it in my living room!

    Angela says:

    I actually really do like the Kabul pouf, especially because it can double as a coffee table when we have company! But other than that, I really love the Timber cocktail table. My husband and I love repurposed items, and whole-nature products like the driftwood base!

    tamar says:

    the KABUL STRIPED POUF is actually my fave! looks so comfy too!

    shannon says:

    Tatum Rug, Caribbean Sea!

    Megan says:

    Love the Inga Tray in Turquoise!

    Jenni says:

    I love THIS pouf!! Although everything they have is pretty fab!

    Rosemary G says:

    definitely the Lilypad Indoor/Outdoor Rug!

    isabelle says:

    Definitively the Kabul Striped Pouf! So fond of oversize stuff! :)))

    Sarah Armstrong says:

    I’m basically dying over the whole site. I love all the printed throw pillows. I really love the Blue Fir Pillow

    Mariana says:

    I love the Jasmina mirror, tres chic! Actually there are so many things I like, hard to pick.

    Brianna says:

    LOVE the Emiel chair, so luxurious. Perfect reading chair!

    Cassie says:

    I love all of the bright colors in their Huckleberry pillow!

    Jenna says:

    Oooo, I am such a fan of rugs and totally digging their Shoreline Rug!! –> https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/shoreline-rug
    LOVE the colors!

    Justine says:

    I’m loving the Kamile and Melia Pillows. They shout spring, and this girl is definitely ready for spring!

    Criss Marie says:

    I am adoring Lulu and Georgia’s poufs and cubes — such a fun solution!

    kat xiong says:

    the serenity table is my absolute favorite! Please pick me! I would like to grow out of my Ikea furniture! 🙂


    Holland says:

    I am seriously loving the Victoria’s Bloom pillows! Thanks, Bri! XO

    Helen says:

    I adore the two-tone cream & coral rug! I can already visualize how awesome it’ll look on my living room floor…

    Stacy says:

    I am so enamored with the Branch Out Table in gold. It’s rustic yet elegant and would look great as a bedside table, in a white room with a few bright colors to make it pop!

    Miranda says:

    I want two of the Allegory Chair and One Annabel Table!!! I am in deep with the Annabel Table.

    Kelsey Smith says:

    The Ferah Pillow in Gold!

    Kelly says:

    Totally went googly-eyed over the BELVEDERE HANGING LAMP! So classic! Love at first light!

    Kayla says:

    I’ve been looking for the perfect pouf! I think my favorite is the Mountain Peak Pouf, but the one above look pretty promising!

    Giselle says:

    The Blackout Cowhide is just perfect.

    Hattie R says:

    I love the liu pendant lamps. Great statement pieces!

    So many gorgeous things – how to choose one favourite?
    I quite like the Arrowhead Rug in Coral. So pretty 🙂

    Mar says:

    Ainsley Metallic Side Table! I love brassy gold accents. Plus no tables in the living room yet!

    Brianna says:

    The serenity table is beautiful.

    MaggieB says:

    What a great giveaway! My favorite?-the serenity table

    Sara Shepperd says:

    Well, if I’m choosing based off of what I NEED most right now((;), then the Ruby dining chairs in white! But if it were based off of what would rock my world…then that damn Emiel Chair. Such a dream…

    jenny r. says:

    LiLou Pouf in Gray and Yellow! LOVE

    Katie says:

    I love the Ivory Driftwood lamp. The neutral colors and the organic feel is right up my alley 🙂

    Julia says:

    I’m in love with the sawtooth pillows!

    Katherine Vandertulip says:

    I love that Taylor Rug in the One-of-a-Kind section! Awesome and great for my new apartment! #smitten

    Al says:

    I’m loving the Monroe Table. So chic.

    Sam says:

    OOO love the black and tan metric pouf!

    Christine says:

    These poufs are amazing!! I love the JILL ROSENWALD HOURGLASS POUF, SUNNY YELLOW!

    Marianne says:

    MONTMARTRE SIDE TABLE! looking for a side table for my man to drop his whisky glass down, next to his eames chair. This would do. 😀

    Kasi Allen says:

    I can’t get enough of those rugs! I love the Flowers In Your Hair Rug… that would add sun to any room.

    Danielle says:

    What is there NOT to love? I am obsessed with the Keyhole Pillow (blue on white), and the peek-a-boo lamp. So glad I know about these guys now!

    Jessica says:

    I love the simple industrial look of their commerce lamp!

    yoi says:


    Krista says:

    i love love love the Tikal Rug…that baby would brighten any room.

    Emily Elizabeth says:

    This website is beautiful and the items are stunning. Very stylish with that touch of your unique taste! I really find the Molly Chair to be the perfect monochromatic and elegant piece – a definite favorite. Thanks for this contest! Such a special treat…

    Whitney says:

    Oh my goodness. I love poufs, i’ve wanted one forever and a day….the Lilou Pouf in Grey. Love it.

    Pegah S says:

    BETTE CHAIR for me please

    amber peters says:

    They have great stuff! I’ll take any of their ikat pillows. I’m especially loving the Sabri pillow in cranberry.

    Maribeth Jones says:

    I can hardly decide which pillow I like the best! I would love mix and match the Melia and Eliza pillows in my living room!

    Dani Zupanovich says:

    The Cheers Lamp is my absolute favorite!

    wishful nals says:

    so many beautiful things – but that flamingo rug is stealing my heart.

    Kelly says:

    I love the Audrey lamp in beige and the pillow top ottoman in Sea Mist!

    Brianna W says:

    The Kabul Striped Pouf is a total dream. Love Lulu and Georgia.

    Claire says:

    Pretty much any of the cowhide rugs but specifically the Edwards Cowhide!

    mindi says:

    since i’m dreaming, the allegory chair in violet is pretty awesome.


    Kitty Cotten says:

    This Jameson rug would look perfect underneath my dining room table! Plus, its named Jameson. Thanks for the giveaway!!

    Kelli says:

    Loving all of their bright pillows! Can’t pick just one…

    Katie says:

    I’m moving into my dream-place soon and am plotting out the living room design. The Jill Rosenwald Fallon Arrowhead Rug in Simple Sage in a 3’6″ x 5’6″ is the MOST PERFECT RUG for the space that I have ever seen. Going to have to figure out how to work that one into my budget!

    Kellye says:

    I love so many things here, but I could definitely use a few of the MELIA PILLOWS in kelly green! thanks!

    monica says:

    loving the JILL ROSENWALD HOURGLASS POUF, SUNNY YELLOW! i love this shop, bri!

    Julie says:

    I’m basically obsessed with everything at lulu + georgia…but I really love that serenity side table in gold. it’s absolutely divine!

    Carmen says:

    Wow! So many great products! I love the Lilou Pouf, Yellow and the Metric Pouf, Black and Tan. It’s a complete toss up!

    Ashley Kane says:

    The Lola Lamp is so damn cute! This site is great, and so are your giveaways!

    Casey R says:

    i love the beria pillow. so fun and colorful!

    Jenny says:

    I am loving the ALKALI MIRROR!

    Trisina Dickerson says:

    How can I choose! If I must, I pick the Tristan Chair in Storm with an Antler pillow. Love!

    Suzy says:

    The Pearl <3seat makes me happy. And almost half of those rugs. XO

    The Emiel Chair would totally transform my living area. It. is. gorgeous. I live in a studio and am in desperate need of some extra seating for guests.
    xo C

    Haley says:

    I adore the mirrored bamboo tray table…I’d use it as a bar cart!

    Lisa Murie says:

    I love the russell cowhde rug. I have wanted one for so long!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    Alissa says:

    Loving the metro poof!!

    NIchole Redinger says:

    I love the Harrison nesting tables! Our apartment is begging for some plants and these would make great plant stands!!

    Rebecca says:

    I adore the L&G sheepskin rug. I NEED it for my bedroom!

    Alissa says:

    Loving the all the poofs!! So hard to pick just one 🙂

    Anonymous says:

    Callie Chair, Blue Pinstripe ~ Yes, please!

    Laura says:

    I’m obsessed with the Tiva rug!

    ^^Callie Chair, Blue PInstripe ~ Yes, Please!

    Allie says:

    I love the Kate Rug in Sunset. Gorgeous and cozy!

    Ann says:

    Hi Bri!
    I love the Jaeda rug in Pink Flamingo. So so so cute. Def going to check you out every Wednesday from now on!

    Homa says:

    I could really take one of every thing in that store… but I will go with JILL ROSENWALD HOURGLASS POUF, CLOUDY SKY.

    christina says:

    JUST one is probably impossible, but how cute are these butterfly pillows? https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/winged-fancy-pillow-set-2

    Alex says:

    The Kamille Pillow in Sunburst is spicy! I like it.

    I need a pouf so so bad! We’re moving into a new apartment next weekend and this would be amazing:) I also love L&G’s Callie Chair in Blue pinstripe.

    Emily says:

    I love the Kamile Pillow in Sunburst! It would brighten up any room.

    Emily says:

    I love the Ciudad Pouf!!

    Nicole says:

    I’m with other commenters – I love all the poufs! Too hard to pick just one!

    Megan Flowers says:

    I’m loving all the rugs. Particularly the Kate rug in golden

    Allie Middleton says:

    The Kabul Striped Pouf is to die!!

    I never enter these, but i figured it couldn’t hurt, right??

    Follow you here and on insta and i am obsessed with your photos and your work!


    beth says:

    Love their stuff and it’s hard to choose. Definitely digging the Totem Vase though. https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/totem-vase

    Holly Wells says:

    I need a liu lamp in my life STAT!!!

    keri says:

    love the fairey nesting tables. but the kabul striped pouf is adorable.

    Logan says:

    Oh man, I’ve been lusting after the Painted Desert rug for months, but this pouf would surely do! Love, love, LOVE.

    We have been thinking about replacing our chaise or one of the couches because they take up too much space. I feel like I could totally make these chairs work. And the pattern is to die for! I love that they are not bulky at all.

    Danielle says:

    the hex and black rug by commune is fantastic. definitely my favorite.

    Bri says:

    the telucia pouf would be perfect in my living room! we recently had to get rid of the table in there because my baby is now mobile and kept hitting his head 🙂

    Sarah M. says:

    Well I am in love with the Jaeda Rug (Pink Flamingo) or the Royal Amrita rug. Oddly, just looking at the Royal Amrita rug made me want to finally refinish the MCM hutch I’ve been hanging on to forever. Maybe this will be the impetus to do so!

    It’s torturous to choose one product. The seafoam pillow top ottoman really caught my eye.

    Kat says:

    I’m loving the KABUL pouf! I love the shape of it the most.

    Claire says:

    I adore the Tabitha lime green chairs. They would look great at either end of my dining table!

    Sara says:

    Love that Atomic Table! But I toooootally want that pouf!

    Ooh, we definitely need a rug too. I think I need the Hazel Zebra Chair and this rug.. SUNKIST REVERSIBLE INDOOR/OUTDOOR RUG, LEMON-LIME.. I can see my living room coming together right now! 🙂 https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/sunkist-reversible-indooroutdoor-rug-lemon-lime

    Jordan says:

    The Mirrored Bamboo Tray Table is my favorite!!

    Hannah Baker says:

    Def digging the Luna Mae Rug. Love the colors!

    Annie says:

    I loveee their throw pillows, the sawtooth ones in particular. Thanks for the chance to win!!

    Gabrielle says:

    Love this pouf! If I had to choose one item i’d go for the Snake Eyes Rug 🙂

    Leah says:

    If I enter every winning Wednesday I’m bound to win eventually…right? That’s what I’ll hope for. 🙂 My favorite item is the Thomas Paul Bijou Rug, Canary Yellow. Yay!

    Daisy says:

    I love the pink Birdaria Marble Manor canvas!! <3

    Maria McGinty says:

    Obsessing over the Goldie Rug! My living room needs it!

    Brianna says:

    I love the Zigzag Pouf!

    Mariah says:

    I love the painted desert rug!!

    Carrie says:

    I love the Kabul and the Metric Pouf. Though, in my house, I’d have to fight over them with the dog.

    Kiley says:

    I love all the pillows!!

    That Orion Lamp! Squeal!

    molly alone says:

    I love the Cole Slipper Chair! It’s kind of casual, yet super cool! FINGERS CROSSED to win the pouf!! (“Pouf” is like the cutest word ever.)

    Ashleigh Bergh says:

    The Birdaria Marrakesh Bazaar black reverse canvas is gorgeous – I’ve been looking for something like that to hang over my bed and it would really tie the room together. Thank you for introducing me to this awesome shop!

    Lori says:

    i’m loving the belvedere hanging lamp… so perfect for my master bathroom… maybe a must for me!!

    Victoria says:

    That pouf is my life!!! I also am loving the Tangiers Kelim Reversible rug! The bright colors are so fun!

    Jenny says:

    the serenity table is gorgeous! the churchill chair looks pretty comfy as well!

    kelsey says:

    adore the hourglass pouf!
    kw ladies in navy

    Nicole Quinonez says:

    How did I not know about Lulu & Georgia! This is such a great site. MIRRORED BAMBOO TRAY TABLE is my fav at the moment!

    Sarah says:

    I love the poufs!! I wish I could afford one of these because I’ve been looking for ones like this. I’d say besides the pouf and pillows (love all the pillows), my favorite would be the blaze mirror it’s absolutely gorgeous!

    Loving the Melia Pillow in PInk!

    Bri Binder says:

    I LOVE the Kabul Stripe Pouf and the Pierce Rug. Everything on this site is amazing!!

    Jennifer says:

    LOVE the Kabul Striped Pouf, the Jaeda Rug in olive and the Jill Rosenwald Fallon Arrowhead Rug

    katie says:

    What a great store, it was tough to narrow it down to just one item. The Lola lamp would be lovely on my midcentury credenza in my dining room. Good food + good company + good lightening = perfect evening. Thank you!

    Christa says:

    Oh the chairs! Helena, Chester, Emiel. So distinctive and inviting. Any could be the signature piece in my living room. Perfect pop of color, too.

    Carley says:

    New LA apartment in need of the Kabul Striped Pouf !! XO – Carley

    gloria says:

    I really do love too many things, but i am especially fond of the Emiel Chair!

    Greer says:

    The Gabrielle Side Table is beautiful! Love the gold geometry. xo

    Olivia says:

    I swoon for the “MOD CROSSWALK REVERSIBLE INDOOR/OUTDOOR RUG in NEON YELLOW.” The cross-functionality and that pop of color would totally make a room, especially a kitchen or breakfast nook.

    alison love says:

    Painted Desert Rug X2!!! I went to order it and Im on a waiting list. I love the fabrics on lulu and georgia. thx for sharing 🙂

    Chelsea says:

    In love with the pouf- head over heels for Jaeda Rug as well! xoxo

    Jessica says:

    Aside from my love for the pouf, which would be the perfect coffee table substitute with a little one on the way, I’m crazy about the Jaeda Rug, Pink Flamingo. It would be the perfect twist and punch of color in our living room!

    A B I G A I L says:

    I can only pick one favorite? I can’t, I have to pick two. I love the ayla pillow and the eliza pillow together!! That pouf is pretty rad too!

    J Cusack says:

    The Jaeda Rug in Pink Flamingo might be my new living room purchase. Mad for the color combination and the pattern feels a bit Native American to me which happens to be my latest obsession.

    Ergo-Blog says:

    Ooo I love the Adelaide Console Table! So pretty! Please count me in!

    Karla says:

    I never knew about that site! Such cute stuff. I love the montmartre side table…the touch of gold is glamorous!

    Danielle says:

    The Pillowtop Ottoman in Sea Mist! Love!

    Rebecca says:

    Kabul poof, just love it!

    Jade Sheldon says:

    The annabel table is crazy beautiful!

    Rachel Cohen says:

    The raspberry acacia stool has such a cool shape to it!

    Love the Jill Rosenwald Hourglass Pouf in soft poppy, so fun.

    MFree says:

    Our place is in serious need of some new rugs. I love the tatum chevron action. Thanks!

    Kjerste lee says:

    love the jaeda rug, and the pouf in the giveaway – gorg!

    Kate says:

    Looks comfy! The sunny yellow hourglass pouf would fit perfectly in the empty spot left in my living room after rearranging furniture last weekend.

    Sarah says:

    I am so inspired by pink latley. Every space needs a pop of pink, any hue will do! My favorite items are the emel and melia pillows.looove lulu and georgia!

    Biz Homik says:

    i love love love the BEVERLY RUG. love!

    tracey says:

    The beverly rug is to die for! I need it in my living room STAT.

    Maggie says:

    Oh I’m loving that Kabul Striped Pouf!

    nicole b. says:

    I love the Sabine rug- hopefully it’ll be back in stock soon! Thanks for the chance to win. xo.

    Kate says:

    Lurve the kabul pouf!

    Beth says:

    I love so many things from them! But the timber cocktail table is really fun!

    Mare says:

    Love the metric pouf!!!

    Mara Dawn says:

    I like the peek-a-boo lamp.

    Katie says:

    So hard to choose, but I LOVE the Jaeda rug in olive!

    The Tatum rug in Ruby is awesome and so is the Inga tray! Awesome colors to brighten up a room. I’ll definitely be cruising this site on the regular.

    Margaret says:

    I love the rain lily lamp! You always have the best giveaways which leave me lusting every time. I’m not sure who would love a pouf in my living room more, me or my two cats?

    kacia says:

    so hard to choose! but i’m loving the hidalgo armchair.

    Suzie says:

    My favorite is the violet allegory chair!!

    Whoa. This store is great! Love the Jaeda Flamingo rug!

    Kristine says:

    The Hazel Chair in Zebra. I’ve been experimenting with patterns and although I get nervous with animal print, this is something I could start with that’s subtle but give a pop of fun. I’m finally changing over my furniture from college hand me downs, to a “grown up” look.

    Oh man! What a FANTASTIC inventory! I’m in the middle of a hunt for the perfect reading chair for our little sunroom, the ‘Churchill Chair’ in gray looks EXACTLY perfect!

    Vanessa says:

    Oh man the Jaeda Rug, Pink Flamingo is pretty rad! But that pouf is awesome too!

    Katie says:

    the Cheers Lamp is delightful! Reminds me of stage lights.

    Justine says:

    I am in love with the jaeda rug in the pink flamingo! So so beautiful!

    hannah says:

    i love love love the trumpet honeysuckle pillow!! thanks for the great giveaway bri 🙂

    I could be a happy woman with this rug.

    Erin says:

    I love the Jaeda Rug, Pink Flamingo!

    carly says:

    How fun is the out of the nest chair! Would be so fun for a vanity!

    Nicole Reese says:

    The timber cocktail table is amazing. So nautical ! A must!

    breanne says:

    The Champagne Side Table is beautiful!

    christine says:

    my fav is the hex in black doormat! so cute.

    Heidi Sonnenschein says:

    How can I choose just one?? Everything so bright and cheery. I pick the bridaria keys of reason art in aquamarine!

    Jodi says:

    Need that Kabul Poof! So fun!

    Kari says:

    I love the Beverly Rug!

    Suzanna says:

    Pink flamingo rug is the best. 🙂

    Kelsey says:

    WOWZA! I’m obsessed with the birdcage lamp… but also the rugs… and the tables… and those patterned pillows! So much pretty!

    Linda P. says:

    My favorite is the Alexander round bottle lamp! It’s so beautifully simple in form and would complement any space. Love it!

    julie says:

    Love the SERENITY TABLE!

    Kat T says:

    Kabul pouf! Just the thing!

    jenna says:

    I’ve been perusing the Lulu & Georgia site recently and I’m obsessed with the Painted Desert Rug (wish it was in stock!)

    Ada says:

    I really love all of the pillows, especially the Neya Pillow!

    Samantha says:

    I love Lulu & Georgia so much. I’ve been following them for a while. I love this pouf, and I think the turquoise Inga Tray would look so good on it with some colorful trinkets!

    lucy says:

    i love the mountain peak pouf!!

    Chelsea says:

    I adore the Kamille pillow in PLUM. The color is unlike any other I’ve seen and the patten is great, too. I could see it on a neutral colored chair.

    Thanks, Bri and Lulu & Georgia!

    Vanessa says:

    I love the Audrey Lamp in pistachio. The color is gorgeous, and the shape of the lamp is so classic!

    Rachel says:

    I love the Inga tray in turquoise and the plush star pillow in subtle gold! I should purchase them and put them on my new pouf! 😉

    Elizabeth J. says:

    I love the Hudson Woven Jute Rug in Crimson. There is a lot going on in my house, so I think the solid bold color would help anchor things a bit.

    Diana V says:

    I am obsessed with the lilou pouf in yellow! It would look awesome in our living room or our music room.

    Lea Anna says:

    I really like the Jill Rosenwald Hourglass pattern in blue.

    Grace says:

    Love the pouf and I also love the Large Belvedere hanging lamp.

    Michelle says:

    love the paint splatter rug!

    Sarah says:

    I love the Jaeda Rug in Pink Flamingo! What an awesome mix of colors: pink, mint, and dark blue. A great statement rug for a living room!

    Lindsay Johnston says:

    I love the Kabul Striped Pouf just like you posted! I can imagine so many great meals, reads, and relaxing times on it!

    Shanna says:

    I’ve been eyeing the Fiona Side table for months!

    Iris says:


    Jessica B says:

    I’m in love with the Carnival Tray! And all the poufs! Pick me!

    Ansley says:

    LOVE the Matterhorn vase! They would be perfect anywhere, so interesting for such a simple object

    Dale says:

    Ooh, I love the Jaeda rug!

    Michele Locatelli says:

    Melina pillow in kelly and Neya pillows are just lovely and lush!

    Stacey Brown says:

    Oh my gosh! How can I choose!! But I have a serious crush on the red poppy In Bloom Rug.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!!

    Oh my, sooo many lovely items to choose from….I choose Jaeda Rug, Pink Flamingo! Thank you for the contest! Much love! XX

    Vanessa says:

    Adore the mirrored bamboo tray table! The pouf is fantastic as well, great giveaway!

    Darci says:

    That pouf is to die for! What a fabulous site.
    We could use the pouf in a corner as a reading nook for our one and a half year old son 🙂

    Angie J says:

    Those Taye trays would look lovely sitting atop a new pouf!

    julianna m says:

    i have the perfect corner in my bedroom for this poof!!! & i LOVE the Tikal Rug, it would look wonderful in our living room!!

    Ann says:

    Love that raspberry oxford storage ottoman – what’s better than furniture that does double duty?

    Mary Kate says:

    Melia Pillow in pink!

    Jane says:

    ok winning wednesday, here I go… I went straight for furniture section and found the Montmartre Side Table. Amazing. I’m so glad to have discovered lulu & georgia. I now have to spend some time lusting over their rugs. Thanks DLF!

    Kim says:

    Ooooooo!! I love me some poufs! Totally coveting the Dakota Pouf. It was a tough call though!

    Faith says:

    I love the wall art by Kent Youngstrom. I could use something colorful for the walls of my diningroom.

    Jessica says:

    What a great item! I love the Jill Rosenwald Hourglass design especially!

    Heather says:

    In love the Capri vase and just about every throw pillow there is!

    elissa says:

    awesome! i love the pattern on the Ankara Pouf. it would be perfect on my porch!

    Kheng says:

    I would chose the Metric Pouf in black and tan.

    Sarah says:

    I love the entire Vintage Eclectic line! If I had to choose one item it would be the Avant Garde Tray. LOVE!

    Naomi A says:

    The Emiel chair is fabulous! I’ll have to keep it in mind when re-decorating our apartment!

    The Occasional Indulgence

    Brenda says:

    I’m drooling over the Elin Console Table. Completely captures our feeble-attempt-at-Scandanavian style. LOL. Thanks for turning me on to lulu & georgia!

    Lisa says:

    The sherlock table is pretty fantastic and unique!

    Aleta says:

    Omigosh those colorful rugs are to die for! I can’t possibly decide on just one!

    Jordyn says:

    Absolutely in love with LILOU POUF, YELLOW!
    My mom has been trying to start a similar business to these lovely ladies in vancouver and thailand, this was an amazing website for her to see so thank you!


    melissa says:

    The Canon Pillow is gorgeous. Love the pouf and would be thrilled to win it!

    Jennifer says:

    I’ve been pretty obsessed with the Beverly Rug, but alas, it’s sold out! It’s so colorful and festive but also neutral enough to complement our existing decor. Gorgeous!

    Elaine English says:

    I LOVE the Lila Rug in the ONE-OF-A-KIND section! The purples and pinks with the subtle patter is GORGEOUS! Want, want, want!

    Audrey says:

    Wow, what a great site! I love the gray Oxford Storage Ottoman. Also all the rugs and pillows are lovely!

    Kim says:

    This is a great site! Thanks for sharing it. I love the Kate Rug, jeweled. All their pillows and rugs are fun and unique.

    Jamie says:

    The Churchill chair is my favorite. I’m a sucker for tufts! This company is a gem!

    Latrina says:

    The hoot sculpture, for sure! But seriously… Completely in love with this shop. 🙂

    Jessica says:

    This store is AMAZING. I want to cover my living room in the 8×10 Greta Teal&Gold Rug, but I also want the Lilou Pouf in gray to keep my bedroom full of cool neutrals.

    Marie B says:

    My fav is the Rain Lily Lamp! Would be the perfect sleek and stylish addition to my living room. And I’d put that pouf in my bedroom for a lounging book corner.

    Kat says:

    OMG, I love their stuff! I’ve now discovered a new online shopping site 🙂 The Gita Decorative object is awesome! I’d love to display that in my living room.

    Charmaine says:

    Ooh I love poufs! The fiona side table on their site is also adorable.

    Allyson says:

    That pouf is gorgeous! I also love the Lana Lamp. So pretty!

    Alice says:

    I love pretty much everything, but especially this pouf (Kabule Stripped Pouf) and the Cheyanne Rug, which my living room is calling for! Thanks for sharing this lovely shop!

    Fran says:

    Metric pouf might be my fave, but I love the Kabul as well. Also, GABRIELLE SIDE TABLE!

    Ariel says:

    Definitely the Jaeda Rug in Pink Flamingo. Ooo la la

    Jamie says:

    The Trumpet Honeysuckle pillow would look perfect on my green wingback chairs. What a great shop & what a fantastic giveaway!

    Lauren says:

    This is my first time seeing your blog, you now have a new follower! 🙂
    The Ankara Pouf is perfection!

    Melanie says:

    Um HEEEELLO this is awesome! I’m loving the painted desert rug, the orion lamp (can I have 20 please) and the addison basket shelf. Thanks for hosting the giveaway : )

    Sarah Florence says:

    The STRIPED KABUL POUF is incredible…it would look amazing in my living room, bedroom, guest room, kitchen…….LOOOVE!

    Hillary says:

    The Lilou puff in yellow is so amazing. What an adorable way to brighten up a room!

    Tess says:

    Love the Carnival Tray!

    Kayla says:

    In Love with Lulu & Georgia’s Painted Desert Rug and the Pouf is so adorable! Great giveaway!

    Thank you 🙂

    Amanda says:

    I am loving the Jill Rosenwald Hourglass Pouf in Sunny Yellow.

    Tessa Sanchez says:

    I’m a sucker for ikat. Love the BERIA PILLOW.

    Natalie S says:

    Cowhide rugs!!! Ohhh yeah!

    Lindsay-Jean says:

    I’d like to step out of bed every morning onto the Sedgwick Shag rug!

    Jenn says:

    Love the Quinlyn Rug in Espresso Bean. It would go so well in my bedroom!

    Wendy D says:

    I’ve been looking for a new chair for my apartment – the Hidalgo Chair, Walnut is perfect.

    MelissaW says:

    The Lilou pouf in grey is super cute!

    April says:

    Love this giveaway. The hourglass cloudy sky pouf is my favorite!

    Jackie says:

    Oh my god, I love everything! I’d say the Purple Fade Away Shag Rug is one of my many faves.
    I just liked them on facebook. My wallet is already afraid!

    lindy says:

    I am l-o-v-i-n-g the Kabul Striped Pouf you’re lounging on. It would be perfect for our small and cozy Savannah apartment. I’m dreaming of curling up on it now to catch up on some magazine reading : ) Thanks for introducing me to Lulu & Georgia!

    kelley says:

    I love the bette chair!! It would look so cute at my desk!

    I have an office for my small business at home, in my living room. My husband and I also have to young kitties that like to claim everything as their own. That being said, besides easy extra seating for when we host gatherings and creative classes, I’m on the lookout for unique furniture that can stand up to pets and looks good when clients come for meetings. I love the eclectic feeling of Lulu & Georgia, and if I could, I’d totally put the Liu Lamps around my workspace. They feel a bit seductive, yes?

    Christen says:

    The Mateo chair looks like the perfect place for me to curl up with a good book or my laptop and a cup of coffee in the morning to get some reading and work done. Top it off with a bright, colorful accent pillow and it would add classic elegance to my living room.

    erin says:

    I’m loving the Oxford Storage Ottoman in tangerine!

    Karen says:

    I’m loving the soft poppy pouf! This is a great site

    Annie says:

    the Hidalgo Armchair in walnut. Such a stunner!

    Hannah Joy says:

    I have loved poufs ever since my honeymoon in Morocco!!
    I would pick the JILL ROSENWALD HOURGLASS POUF in soft poppy, please!!

    SINEAD says:

    The Branch Out Table is amazing….and I’d love a pouf in cloudy sky.

    LOVE the Elin Console Table – but I am dying for one of those poufs!

    Taylor Z says:

    Love the rain Lilly lamp! xx

    I must be ready for spring because I love the colors they offer in all categories.
    Cuidad Pouf. I like almost ALL the rugs.

    Holly says:

    their lamps are AMAZING! i love this one: https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/navaeh-turquoise-lamp (I had actually pinned it on Pinterest already!)

    as for poufs, i want a beer, some nachos and this to lay on: https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/kabul-striped-pouf (same as your picture!)

    Lo says:

    OBVIOUSLY, THE TAYLOR RUG. Mustard colored anything goes with just about everything. Duh.

    Mallory says:

    The kabul striped pouf is so perfect! Love it for an lounger, ottoman, coffeetable!

    Liz M says:

    The mirrored bamboo tray table would be awesome in my living room.

    Sushee says:

    This pouf looks so comfy!! My favorite is the Catalina Console Table. Stunning!!!

    Archy says:

    i think the ethel armchair (right) is probably the perfect reading chair i’ve been looking for all my life. it looks fidget-friendly.

    Susan hall says:

    My favorite is the Zebra animal rug. I just painted the furniture in my guest room zebra.

    Claire says:

    I love the Maddox chair in beige. Its simple enough that you can use it forever with your changing taste. You could dress it down with some funky pillows and a colorful throw, or dress it up with a oriental rug and a reading light. Plus everyone needs a comfy chair!

    Jessica Gottschalk says:

    This is so perfect! I just moved into a lovely (but tiny) apartment in Brooklyn, and my roommate and I were just saying we needed a pouf for extra seating since we can only fit a love-seat! That Kabul Striped Pouf would be PERFECT with our new rug 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win!

    Kim says:

    I love the hourglass pouf, good stuff!

    Jen says:

    The Serenity table!

    Stella Rios says:

    The Tortoise pouf! 🙂

    I adore Lulu & Georgia! I am currently eyeing the Round Sade Trays–they would be a fabulous addition to our home and I know the Mr. would approve!

    jillian says:

    they have SO many great things! i love the Marielle Throw in Blue Grass. xo jillian ([email protected])

    Katie says:

    I love the Mita rug as well as all those glorious pillows on their home page slider.

    Tori says:

    I love the Satya rug!

    Ouch! That pouf makes my heart hurt! I checked out the rugs, cuz I’m on the hunt, and really love the Thunderstruck in Rose!

    Lisa Cooper says:

    I love the Goldie rug!

    Sam V. says:

    The metric pouf. I need it! We have a little babe on the way and this would be PERFECT in her nursery 🙂

    Allison Skok says:

    I love the Wilson Chair!! I’m not sure if it’s practical but it sure is stinkin cute

    IngenuousGlow says:

    My favorite item is the Beverly Rug but it’s always sold out. 🙁

    Taylor Loftus says:

    The Delano Vase….is just pure perfection! { Though that pouf is just amazing!!}

    Kristy K says:

    all the rugs are amazing. the eden-prarie-rug is my favorite 🙂
    glad I found your blog- great eye candy!

    Emilie says:

    Love the Liu Lamps

    Malia says:

    I love the painted desert rug. Those colors are fabulous

    Zoe says:

    Wingspan Garden Loveseat. I have the perfect spot!

    Anonymous says:

    I adore this rug: https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/play-rain-rug

    Reminds me of a Miyazaki animation. It would do wonders in the living room I’m desperately trying to cheer up.

    Emma says:

    I can’t believe I’ve never been to their site before. There’s so much awesomeness there! I loving the Jeada Rug in Pink Flamingo.

    Dee says:

    Oops, that’s me above.

    I adore this rug: https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/play-rain-rug

    Reminds me of a Miyazaki animation. It would do wonders in the living room I’m desperately trying to cheer up.

    Carrie says:

    I love all the pouf, but especially Jill Rosenwald Hourglass Pouf designs.

    Sarah R. says:

    I love the Hourglass Pouf in Cloudy Sky!

    Danielle says:

    The pouf looks amazing and so comfortable! And the Jasmin Sunburst Mirror is to die for.

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

    Samantha says:

    The metric pouf black and tan is fantastic! Dying for it!

    Christina says:

    The lamps are so pretty!!!

    Jessica says:

    Fabulous giveaway! I love the Churchill Chair and the mirrored tray table!

    ali deknatel says:

    Wow, that was a fun way to spend an hour. Amazing, all of it! Might have developed a small obsession over the Siri rug–love the mustard and gray chevron!!

    Cortney W. says:

    Ok…i’ve got to say…it’s probably the most simple of all things on the site but I am drooling over the Fairmont Coffee Table. It’s simplicity is breathtaking! I’m obsessed with woods, whites + metals-so this guys is an utter gem!!

    I’m moving in with my boyfriend come June + i’d love to have this lovely piece at my fingertips!!

    YAY for the Fairmont Coffee Table!!


    meg says:

    I love the Pure Radiance Pillow in Sapphire!

    Simone Anne says:

    I adore the Panoptic rugs… but I don’t know which color I would most want. All three are gorgeous!

    Linnae says:

    love the Hour Glass Pouf in Sunny Yellow!

    Kit says:

    We just got word (today!!!) that our bid on a house went through! It’s our first house e.v.e.r. and moving from a 1-bedroom apartment to a real home means that we’re going to need some real living room furniture! I love all the poufs on Lulu & Georgia–so gorgeous and useful. Perfect for seating when we throw our housewarming party!

    Samantha Swanson says:

    I’ve been looking for the perfect armchair for curling up in. And I am now obsessed with both the Maddox and the Churchill chairs – it’d be a tough choice between the two (maybe some eeny-meeny-miney-mo)!

    Jillian says:

    I love the mountain peak pouf!

    ali says:

    i’m loving so many things of theirs, but the diamond in the rough rug is one of my favorites. fingers crossed! xx

    Ali says:

    The blaze mirror is fantastic! I am also loving the Molly Chair! This is such a great site thanks for showing us!

    Melissa says:

    How could one ever decide what one loves most at Lulu and Georgia?? I could certainly put my feet up on the CIUDAD Pouf and a hot cup of coffee on the tangled birch end table. I think I might be able to finish my novel then! Thanks for the contest.

    Viet says:

    the metric pouf! so fab.

    I love the pouf you’re sitting on! Awesome and big. Would love it in my living room!

    Katie says:

    Love the metric pouf!

    lootie tootie says:


    Emily L says:

    i love the poppy hourglass poof!

    Karen says:

    Almost every Lulu and Georgia product compliments my style, but I adore the “White Tea Blossoms” Rug in stone. I’ve been attracted to patterned rugs since I moved into my Vermont apartment last summer. Its old victorian wooden floors can be chilly in the coldest months of the year. I like this one because I share my home with my casual, but cool boyfriend and he supports me in whatever I do with our space, even if it means flower power!

    Megan says:

    Thank you for the fabulous giveaway and introductions to such a lovely curated shop. I LOVE the featured pouf, but also their great selection of rugs. The Palisades Rug in Slate has to be one of my favorites…

    I have been dying to get a pouf for my living room!! The light gray Lilou Pouf would be perfect!!

    Kaitlyn Bitner says:

    I love the Allegory Chair in Violet! Stunning. Hope to win! 🙂

    Zoe says:

    I love love the round Sade trays. So perfectly simple. And the Antigua pouf has me drooling.

    Trish Bautista says:

    I love the Kate Rug, Jeweled from the ‘One-of-a- Kind’ section. I would look so beautiful in our new apartment – perfect for right in front of the fireplace!

    Sarah Wertz says:

    Really loving their rug selection, it’s between the Nomad or the Trellis in Iceberg blue. What an amazing company to be introduced to. Thanks Bri!

    Madi says:

    Churchill Chair!!! aaannndddd….everything else on there. 🙂

    robyn says:

    I love the pouf and one would be perfect for my home. Looking at Lulu & Georgia, my favorite item has to be the Kate Rug in Sunset. So pretty and just the perfect pop of color.

    Nicole S. says:

    It’s tough but I LOVE the Gabrielle Side Table. I wish I had two in my living room like…yesterday.

    lea says:

    what a great giveaway! I love that pouf – you just look so comfortable in it – I want to be that comfortable too!

    Hanna says:

    They have so much great stuff! I think the large Belvedere light fixture is especially pretty.

    Devin says:

    I live in NYC, so saying I’m limited on space is an understatement. A Lulu & Georgia Pouf would we the perfect living room accent for guests to sit on and a cozy place to read a new book. Beyond adoring all the Poufs & Cubes– i love the Ferah Pillow in every color!

    Karen S. says:

    I love that Dalia Console Table! Perfect for people like me who somehow trip over every edge and corner in the house.

    Hillary says:

    Ugh it was so hard to choose! I narrowed down my favorite to the ankara pouf. The color reminds me of the desert and would be such a chic addition to my living room. I can imagine 2 would be cute as addition seating for guests!

    Angie McGuire says:

    I love the Hidalgo Armchair in Chartreuse!

    Jenn L. says:

    The Dakota Pouf is pretty snazzy and I love the geometric pattern. I love the versatility of the poufs, and it’s a great space saver.

    libby says:

    I clearly need the Emiel chair to escape from the world at the end of the work day!

    Samantha M.E. says:

    I love the Chandani Chevron pillow set! Gorgeous colors.

    Monika J. says:

    love love love the ANKARA POUF!

    Alba says:

    I love the Tangiers Kelim reversible rug!

    Samantha says:

    It’s gottavbebthe hourglass pouf in Soft poppy

    Julie says:

    I like the Kandence rug in pumpkin pie!

    whitney says:

    I’ve been looking at lots of rugs lately – I love the jaeda rug!

    val says:

    Fav item = Jaeda Rug, Pink Flamingo!

    Jenny says:

    i love the poof that you’re lounging on, the kabul striped pouf!

    Leah says:

    Ooooh! Love the One-of-a-Kind “Goldie” Rug!!! Would be the perfect finishing touch to my new bedroom!

    kelsey says:

    i love the zaide pillow!

    Andrea G says:

    I like their rugs and the graph art pillow!

    Abby Carlson says:

    I’m a sucker for throw pillows, and I’m in love with the Beria Pillow! It’s so girly and fun but has a great tribal print that helps break it up.

    Katie says:

    THEIR RUGS. Omigoh, the rugs. I want the tatum in sky blue and the marais in orange and the two-tone in coral + cream. Jeez, so much coveting!

    Also, I didn’t realize how much of a thing I had for bold geometric rugs. Even though they’re the only kind I own. Um… Self-awareness time?

    Thanks! This is fun!

    AlyshaCoy says:

    The Hidalgo arm chair in chartreuse is delightful.

    Katie says:

    I love love love the red poppy aviary pillow! such a bright pretty color!

    Lana says:

    I actually like the georgia pouf the best! I really love the stripe and the bigger size. Crossing my fingers!

    Kallie B says:

    I adore the Hadley Side Table. This pillow would be amazing! 😉

    Alena Jaffe says:

    All the cowhides are too amazing for words!

    Holly says:

    I love the lightening blue rug. Gorgeous!

    Laura Bear says:

    I am just loving the Ruby Chair set in Fuschia. 4 of those around my breakfast nook would look so cute!

    Courtney K says:

    Love the audrey lamp!

    sydney says:

    I love the cosmos mirror– so retro!


    Lindsey Fillman says:

    I love the colors and design of the Pink Flamingo Jaeda Rug. It is such a fun piece that would make a room pop!

    Sonya says:

    I love love love the jill rosenwald hourglass in soft poppy. my son would love it too!

    Patti says:

    I actually love the Kabul striped pouf that you featured – perfect shape and stripes are so classic! Thanks so much for the giveaway. 🙂

    Sarah says:

    That would be PERFECT in front of my fireplace. I also love the Annabel table!

    Kristin B says:

    Gotta say you’ve put poufs on my mind! I love the one in the giveaway, and also am mega smitten with the ankara pouff – Holy pattern love!

    Jana Miller says:

    The Kabul pouf is so fun!

    Kristin W. says:

    I love everything in the Bohemian collection!The Esra and Margot pillows and the Lilou Pouf!

    Bianca Nicole says:

    I’m in love with all of your poufs and pillow designs! I imagine a big room with the floor as a big bed covered in all of them! A girl can dream 🙂 Love you guys! <3

    stephanie says:

    Love the Jill rosenwald hourglass in sunny yellow! What a nice color and pattern!

    christina g says:

    lilou pouf! so cute! 🙂

    ashley says:

    The Blue Grotto Vase. That color is beautiful in itself, but I think it would balance any bright flower that might make it’s way into it. And every home needs flowers… lots and lots of flowers. XO Ash

    Jenny says:

    I love the Annabel table! They also have some great rugs!

    Duyen says:

    Really love that Annabel Table! So gorgeous. (I also really love this pouf!) Great giveaways Bri!

    Marilynn says:

    That birdcage lamp is epic. As an architect/interior designer I am so excited I discovered this site! Beautiful!

    I love the Diamond in the Rough Rug. So graphic!

    kirsten says:

    love the Jill Rosenwald Hourglass Pouf!

    breanne says:

    i love that ankara pouf!

    cerissa says:

    I think the ZigZag Pouf would add just the right touch of color and seating room in my small newlywed apartment!!


    Stephen K. says:

    I absolutely love the Hidalgo Armchair in walnut. In the process of decorating the living room. Would love a Lulu & Georgia addition.

    Heidi says:

    I love their rugs, but the PILLOWS steal the show! The Peri and Huri are so cute!

    Sharayah says:

    I fell in love with EVERYTHING! I guess if I had to pick just one, it would be the Dakota Pouf. How can you not love tribal patterns?


    Emily K. says:

    I loooove the Diamond in the Rough rug! It’d be perfect in my living room. Thank you for the great giveaway!

    Anonymous says:

    I love the poufs! Especially the color on the JILL ROSENWALD HOURGLASS POUF, SOFT POPPY – it’s lovely!

    Jamie says:

    I LOVE poufs and have always wanted one! One of my favorites is the “JILL ROSENWALD HOURGLASS POUF, SUNNY YELLOW”. So bright and cheery!

    Danielle says:

    I love the poufs! Especially the color on the JILL ROSENWALD HOURGLASS POUF, SOFT POPPY – it’s lovely!

    Yanira Garza says:

    I would say the Pari rug but I would use that pouf in place of my coffee table so I can put up my feet!

    Jill Bradford says:

    I am digging the metric pouf in Black and Tan. It would be a great addition for extra seating in my micro apartment;-)

    emily says:

    allegory chair, chartreuse

    Ashley says:

    Those armchairs (especially the churchill) are fab!

    Rachael says:

    Pearl Wingchair – both modern and classic!

    stephanie says:

    this is pretty exciting. i’m moving into a new apartment soon so i would love to have this pouf at my place! my favorite item is the taylor rug black!


    Vanessa says:

    I won’t be able to afford any of this furniture until I’m 50. The Hidalgo Armchair in Chartreuse, however, would look great in my living room corner, seeming to say, “Look at me and forget about your college debt. Take a seat and dream Chartreuse dreams with me!”

    Cristina says:

    Im in love with the Aura mirror <3

    Jaime says:

    mirrored bamboo tray table…to die for! Love the pouf too!

    Leah says:

    I LOVE the Jaeda Rug!!!

    Tamara says:

    Been searching for a new living room rug and the Medina Tiles is perfect! Color scheme is spot on.

    kate says:

    ooh lala–! I really love the botanical vase.

    Kathryn says:

    I want ALL the rugs? All of the,, semd the my way! 😉

    Sharon says:

    The pouf is my fav.

    Ooh la la! Love the Liu lamps!

    Ilana says:

    I love the Jaeda Rug! The colors and design are amazing!

    Myrna says:

    I love love the Metric Pouf -black/tan!


    Mackenzie says:

    I really like the telouca pouf!!


    Abigail says:

    I love the lamps! I especially love the Axis lamp and the Mechanical lamp!

    Tiffany says:

    LOVE the distressed cube table!

    The Ankara and Kabul striped poufs are my absolute favs!

    Kate says:

    OMG. I’m in love with the Dakota pouf!! It would look super rad in our new house! (which i’m def also inspired by your lvling room redo…it’s gotten me in a decorating craze!) xoxo

    Alexis says:

    Je frickin’ adore the metallic bamboo tray table. I mean who wouldn’t? The natural chunky knit rug in sage isn’t too shabby either. Super hard to pick though lovely products on that site.

    carlye ignatenko says:

    I recently purchased several throw pillows from Lulu & George, love them! Right now my favorite product is the Birdaria Pegasus “Face Your Fear” print.

    Sara says:

    Man oh man, the Ankara pouf is awfully cool. That would be my favorite for sure!

    Bella says:

    I love the ‘Victorias bloom pillow in powder blue’ :):)

    Irene says:

    Im gonna have to go with 2 items im totally diggin – the ‘In Bloom Rug, Dandelion’ and the ‘Golden Metallic Bamboo Tray Table’. Am i greedy? No. I just love to see pretty things around the house.

    Megan says:

    I love the Eliza pillow! Their website is full of inspiring products though.

    Amber says:

    I love the Copenhagen teal tray and the spotted huron tables! Thanks for sharing this site, I’m daydreaming of decorating my living room with all the cute stuff!

    Kate F says:

    Ooh, the Metric pouf. So cool.

    Robyn says:

    The Tangerine Oxford Storage Ottoman is wonderful!

    zoë says:

    so many amazing things! Love the: ACACIA STOOL, SAGE and the: LILOU POUF, GRAY. yes please!

    angie says:

    oh goodness, that Navaeh Turquoise Lamp is so pretty.
    i heart it.

    I love the Kabul Striped Pouf. Looks so comfy!

    Amy Karsten says:

    Pink flamingo rug!

    Liz says:

    Love the Jaeda Rug, Pink Flamingo…wow!

    Jessica says:

    Another great giveaway! That pouf is amazing – but I think my favorite are the Liu lamps! Thanks for sharing this source Bri 🙂

    Rachel says:

    Ooh, the Out of the Nest Table is so fun– conceptual, rustic, though impractical for a lamp.

    deirdre says:

    The Jaeda Rug, pink flamingo is heart stopping!

    Jenn says:

    The gray Oxford storage ottoman is my favorite!!!

    i love the metric pouf, that with the riva ebony vase would be so cute!

    Jamie says:

    I love poufs! Love the striped one here and the jill rosenwald hourglass pouf in cloudy sky. 🙂 Thanks!

    Emily says:

    I love the Sydney Lamp in white! So feminine and a great staple piece!

    Shelby says:

    I really like the Ayla pillow

    Taryn says:

    The Metric pouf…black & tan because I LOVE neutral. Fingers crossed here! Thanks for doing this Bri!

    nicolle says:

    give me that striped pouf!!! it’s awesome!

    Aida says:

    Love the Jaeda rug in pink flamingo! Thanks for the chance!

    Ailyn says:

    Love the AYLA PILLOW!

    Susan says:

    I would love to have one of those Tristan chairs, they look so comfy!!

    Alex says:

    What a hard choice! The winner for me is the Kabul striped pouf it just looks so lovely. I would love to make room for it in my apartment!

    Hana says:

    WOW!!! I would kill for that pouf!!!! Also love the Pearl Loveseat. Too cute!

    Karoline says:

    Love the Takoda rug! It’s gorgeous.

    Becky B says:

    In love with the Nora Lamp! Simple and elegant.

    I’m in love with the Rain Lily Lamp! It would be perfect on my new office that I just re-organized!

    I love the Apache Rug in Clay! This poof would be sooo comfy in our new house!

    Rachael B says:

    Love the Teluca Pouf. So fancy!

    raquel running says:

    finn cowhide rug!

    hmmm, was tough to choose. but i’d have to say the mini parker hanging lamp. i’d hang it low beside my bed. i love the texture of it. perfect for summer 😉

    Aggie says:

    The churchill chair in field grey – actually I think I would like 2 of them. It would be perfect with my new pouf!

    Claire S says:

    The Kabul pouf is exactly what I’ve been looking for to make my living room comfy. Love Love Love the pillows and so much more. Melia pink!!

    While I love all the bright pillows and rugs, I might have to pick the blue Daisy Table Tray, or maybe the Equinox Lamp. I’d love that in my kitchen. It is so hard to choose.

    Stephanie says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Churchill chair in wheat!

    Logan says:

    I love any design that can draw from natural and organic shapes, so naturally (pun intended) I love love the serenity table. With it’s gold branch legs and clean white granite surface, it is the epitome of natural & modern.

    Scout says:

    I love the clay apache rug!

    Madison Bartz says:

    that finn cowhide rug is to die for. one day.. 🙂

    Kam says:

    I am in LOVE with the “Out of the Nest” Chair! Looks like such a great conversation piece. Something that you just can’t walk past without stopping to admire the whimsy!

    Erica Brown says:

    loving the simple is beautiful throw pillow, cause that’s the story of my life:)

    Sms says:

    I like the Diego table

    Emily Moser says:

    I love so many things, but the In Bloom Rug in Red Poppy is my favorite!

    Diana Guerguieva says:

    I like the jaeda pink flamingo rug and the apache, sea green rug. I also love a bunch of their pillows.

    Parvina says:

    omg any of those pillows would look so great in my apartment, I love all these vibrant colors and patterns.

    Allie says:

    What an awesome site! I love it all but the zig zag pouf would LITERALLY be perfect in my living room!

    Chloe G. says:

    I LOVE the Gouldie Rug! Thanks so much for this amazing giveaway – my fingers (and toes) are crossed!

    krissy says:

    i think the antigua pouf wins for me!

    Meghan D says:

    I would love to pair the Cheyanne rug with the Chester chair in sun. So many beautiful rugs!

    Ashley says:

    The metric pouf is my favorite!

    I love the Equinox Lamp, Silver Bullet! so classy and interesting. I also would love anything from there-all so beautiful!

    Emily says:

    I love the avant garde tray!

    Lauren says:

    I love the Pearl loveseat, the Serenity table, and the Addison basket shelf! So many great things, it’s hard to choose just one!

    Rachel says:

    Love the Hidalgo Armchair, Chartreuse! 🙂

    Sarah L. says:

    I really love the Dakota pouf! Great colors and really punchy southwest-y design.

    Erin L. says:

    I think the cherokee rug in pomegranate is stunning!

    Gabbie A says:

    I am absolutely head over heels in love with the Trellis Rug in moss green!

    Candice says:

    oh my lawd…let me just tell you that my jaw dropped when I saw the Ethel Armchairs. my husband and I are moving into this adorable home in May and there is this one room that is a complete mystery to me as to how to design….but those two armchairs (left and right, naturally) are PERFECT

    please oh please

    Roza says:

    I love the CHEYANNE RUG. what a beautiful color!

    Lauren says:

    kabul pouf, cowhide rugs and desert painted rug!

    andi says:

    I love love love the En Fuego Rug and the Goldeneye Rug.
    Thanks…great products.

    Kerry says:

    I am in love with all of the pillows, but Esra takes my breath away!

    Hannah says:

    So many beautiful things. My favorite is the Lilou Pouf, Gray.
    It would be perfect ‘gender neutral’ nursery I am working on!

    Lisa says:

    Canan pillow is awesome..that color of green is doing it for me!!

    Emma says:

    I adore the Tatum Rug, Caribbean Sea. The simple chevron design and light blue color are so soothing.


    Marie says:

    Love love lovin the Metric Pouf in Black and Tan!!

    Jacklynbreeze says:

    The Emiel chair!! And the twisted root table would look pretty awesome beside it 😉

    Amanda says:

    I love all the pillows- in particular the Spotted Ikat pillow!

    katie says:

    Love the eliza pillow, well actually all the pillow on the homepage are right up my style alley!

    I love their white audrey lamp!

    Sarah says:

    The Ciudad pouf is awesome!!! Thank you!

    Hayley Trone says:

    I love the Jaeda rug and the metric pouf! Good stuff..

    Sasha says:

    I’d have to go with the Montmartre Side Table. It’s the perfect balance of glam and sophisticated simplicity. Love it.

    Mary Beth says:

    I love the branch out table in gold! Would look great next to my tufted blue velvet chairs! This pouf would also look darling in my living room!

    bethany says:

    the hazel chair, two tone is SO perfect. neutral and glam. I love everything about it!

    Rachel says:

    I love the venus lamp! Super old school glamour 🙂

    Laura says:

    Oh my goodness! How can you just pick one thing that is your favorite from this site? This is a bad deal that I now know about this company since they are amazing. I honestly don’t know if I can pick one favorite. I am loving all the poufs though, since I am a floor dweller. I always love finding things to lounge upon on the floor! Thanks so much for doing this giveaway! Great great!

    kelly says:

    I love the montmartre side table I’ve been looking for a table just like that!

    Cassie says:

    I Love the one you are using, the Kabul – perfect stripes!

    Kelly says:

    I think my favorite is actually the Kabul Striped Pouf! I’m moving soon, so I would love to have this in the new place!

    Meghan says:

    The Cheers Lamp! It’s both novel and beautiful- I love that combination.

    Hilary Pearlson says:

    Hi Bri! I just spent a long time on the Lulu & Georgina site and I am in LOVE. I have fallen deeply for the Kabul Striped Pouf!! Just moved into my new apartment and would just love to lounge on it everyday. Thanks for your amazing giveaway and inspiration. Lots of love xoxo

    Joan says:

    The Kabul Striped Pouf is simply perfect!

    Eden Marie says:

    the kabul striped pouf!

    Mel says:

    I really love the rain lily lamp!

    Kristi says:

    The pouf you are on is my favorite. I can easily imagine blissfully lounging on it, an ice cold glass of tea nearby. Ahhh.

    Jacqueline says:

    The Palermo mirror is TDF!

    Sandy says:

    I love the Kabul striped pouf!

    Sarah says:

    Oh my goodness, I absolutely love the Ibiza rug in bonfire! Would make a gorgeous addition to brighten up an otherwise simply decorated room!

    The Jill Rosenwald Hourglass Pouf, Sunny Yellow is fantastic!!! I love Lulu & Georgia! And anything in a shade of yellow is perfect!

    Katrina says:

    funny- cause if I had to choose anything, it would be the poof your giving away!!! Loves it.

    Elizabeth says:

    LOVE the metric pouf!

    Haleigh says:

    This lamp is very charming! I love the rustic feel and contemporary colors.

    Colleen Boudreau says:

    I like the INGA TRAY, GRAPE.

    Madison S says:

    Love the metric pouf! the tan and black would go with everything!

    Amy says:

    Chester chair in Lilac, definitely.

    Sue says:

    The pouf you are on is practically perfect and would love love it!!!!

    Annalise says:

    I love the Teluca, Ankara & Metric poufs!

    Diana says:

    Diamond in the Rough Rug!

    Kayli says:

    Jill Rosenwald Hourglass Pouf, Soft Poppy – amazing!

    Joy says:

    Oh wow, their stuff is just absolutely lovely! I love the clean simplicity of the Diamond in the Rough rug. Wonderful giveaway, thank you!

    erin says:

    I love the pouf! But I also love the Eliza Pillow (gold chevron). Both make my heart skip a beat 🙂

    Jess says:

    I looove the tightrope mirror! I can’t believe it’s under $500!

    Eden says:

    Jaeda Rug in Olive & Venus Lamp! And Evangeline Mirror, Black Raven.. too much stuff that I love on that site. Thanks for sharing!

    Lindsay says:

    That hourglass pouf is adorbs!

    Dani says:

    LOVE the Jameson Rug in Pomegranate. So bright and fun! Would love to layer it with some of my other rugs

    katie says:

    I love Lulu & Georgia’s rugs! The pari rug would look amazing in my office.

    Anna says:

    the Marais Rug is pretty sweet!


    I love the Blue Fir Pillow! Also, the pouf you’re giving away would be great for a movie night. We never have enough seating!

    michelle says:

    It’s between that huge Kabul striped pouf and the fairmont coffee table. Perfect staple pieces for my bare living room. Get in my house already 🙂

    Lauren says:

    The Emiel Chair! What a gorgeous piece of furniture! Perfection!

    Stephanie Gossett says:

    I love the https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/candice-olson-evelyn-rug

    lemongreen915 at gmail dot com

    Whitney Kaye says:

    I love the Cala Table! Great giveaway!

    kandyce carroll says:

    i love the TAKODA RUG, anything black and white really, it’s so major!

    Casie says:

    I really like the METRIC POUF in BLACK AND TAN. So lovely!

    Laura says:

    Wouldn’t mind the taye tray ontop of the pouf!

    Kelsey says:

    All of these are so beautiful and would add an awesome piece to a room! I especially love the striped one featured in the original post.

    Kari Scharf says:

    the starlight vases are great accent pieces. But man, that pouf is awesome. I love things that are beautiful but comfortable- this is definitely one of those!

    Esme says:

    I love the mustard pouf!

    D Schmidt says:

    My favorite item is FOUR SQUARE RUG, MUSTARD AND SLATE rug.

    christina says:

    that black and tan metric pouf would make me one happy gal!

    Courtney says:

    I love the Lilou Pouf, it looks so big and cushy!

    malori says:

    The Gabrielle side table is pretty fabulous… That site is gorgeous and the prices don’t make me want to weep! Definitely bookmarking it!

    Katy says:

    golden metallic bamboo tray table! …i’m all things faux bamboo lately. i blame rewatching all the seasons of mad men in a week.

    amanda grijalva says:

    jill rosenwald hourglass poof in dark chocolate for me, please …

    That poof is just my favorite. It looks so darn comfy

    Maribeth says:

    I am lusting after the Jill Rosenwald Hourglass Pouf in Sunny Yellow. It would be perfect in my front room where everyone can see it and lust after it too! See, I am not stingy…I share my lust! <3

    Kay says:

    Weeping inside over how comfy and multi-functional that pouf is. Now, there’s a lot to choose from on the site, but I have accents of gold in my space; the Eliza pillow is calling my name with how perfect and very simply glam it is.

    heidi says:

    I really love the French Bowline Rug. It would look so cute in my place.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    Brittany says:

    I love the yellow Lilou pouf!

    The Ankara Pouf and Antler Pillow, I can’t decide which I like more!

    Allison says:

    I love the Emiel chair!! I want to get a gift for my bf’s 30th at the end of April, any good ideas out there? He really needs an office chair for his new space but is emial too relaxed…? Love this company! Thanks

    e says:

    i actually really like the kabul striped pouf featured!

    Lauren says:

    I love this kabul striped pouf, and it would be a perfect addition to our living room!

    Meredith says:

    I love anything that is bright orange – so the Oxford Storage Ottoman is multi-use perfection in my book! (though that pouf is number two!)

    Susie says:

    Since I’ve been obsessing about rugs lately, it is only fitting that I choose the Jaeda Rug as my favorite. Just awesome!

    Christina says:

    I love all the poufs!! But my favorits are the zigzag pouf or the Dakota pouf!

    Franny says:

    WOW- I LOVE Jill Rosenwald Hourglass Pouf, Cloudy Sky
    It would look pretty amazing in my living room! 🙂

    Elyse G. says:

    Love the Copenhagen tray in Tangerine! *fingers crossed*

    Emily says:

    Umm, I love everything! The galaxy lamp is certainly one of my favorites, it would look great in my home. Also the zigzag pouf, love the pattern and colors!

    Elisabeth Lyons says:

    I love the Tangiers End Table! Want them!

    Heidi says:

    Love the Jaeda Rug!

    maggie says:

    ooo the emiel chair sure would look good in my living room:)

    Loren says:

    I love that Jadea rug in Pink Flamingo. What a great site! Glad to have been introduced to it today!

    Trish says:

    That Kabul Striped Pouf is very lovely.

    Brit says:

    churchill chair in wheat…obsessed! love the poufs too.

    Sbecky says:

    LEILANI CERAMIC LAMP – something fishy!

    Sarah Kovash says:

    I finally have my own place again after being jobless for almost a year and a half and this would be such a cute addition to my new space! That Emiel chair is also so beautiful!

    Megan Leader says:

    Ooh love this site! The Jill Rosenwald Hourglass Pouf in Sunny Yellow would be perfect in my living room– it’s the best pop of yellow and matches my color scheme exactly!

    Shawnee says:

    What beautiful things! Love the Ethel armchair + baja pouf!

    cat says:

    what an incredible giveaway! i have had a pouf on my wishlist for (literally) years, so they’re at the top of my list, but i also wouldn’t turn down the mahari candle holders, the painted desert rug, or any of those richly colored flokati or shag rugs. drowling! fingers crossed!!

    Sarah says:

    I have really been craving a new rug to brighten up and define some space in my place. I am head over heels for the FIELDS RUG, so whimsical! Thanks for the giveaway Bri!

    courtney d says:

    My favorite is the IBIZA PILLOW in TANGERINE!

    Sylvie says:

    In love with the Jada Rug/Olive!

    Sarah White says:

    I love the industrial nesting tables!

    Haley says:

    The Emiel Chair is SO dreamy. Wouldn’t mind winning something from this lovely shop!

    coral says:

    I love the rug selection, the striped dhurries are fun!

    Erin says:

    I love the Jill Rosenwald Hourglass Pouf in that sunny yellow! It would look great in my living room!

    Teri says:

    Love the gorgeous Churchill chair in grey!

    Nikki says:

    I am loving the Hadley side table! ::Meoooww::

    Aubrey says:

    First of all, thank you for introducing me to Lulu & Georgia! So much to love on that site! I am loving the Mountain Peak Pouf – would be perfect in my living room! =)

    britney says:

    so much to choose from! I’m in love with the churchill chair.. it’s so cosy and gorgeous!

    Lynn says:

    I love the beautiful CORA CHAIR!

    I love all the rugs, but I really adore the jaeda rug! Maybe a close second would be the topher cowhide since I need a new one. My dog, who is on my list destroyed our last one. Ugh.

    Holly B says:

    Its hard to choose, oh how much money I could spend there! I do really love the Kelp Rug 🙂

    Kamryn says:

    Thanks for bringing this great site to our attention! They have so many amazing items – that Emiel chair is incredible!

    I would stock up on all the different pillows to add some fun to my dorm!

    Heather says:

    I love all the patterned poufs! My favorite is the Metric Pouf in black and tan!

    Kassey says:

    I have been looking for the perfect ottoman and the Oxford Storage Ottoman in Tangerine just may be the right one! It’s lovely!

    Nina says:

    The Kelp Rug could not be any more awesome or funky! I’d love to have it in my bedroom!

    Maiya says:

    I love the Jill Rosenwald Hourglass Pouf in Sunny Yellow !

    Stefanie Gladden says:

    my favorite item is the CHURCHILL CHAIR, BEIGE! it looks so comfy! 🙂

    karel says:

    I like the dark chocolate hourglass pouf.

    Karen says:

    Hello metric pouf! You are so beautiful!

    Amber says:

    Ooooh I would LOVE to win this! I adore the Jill Rosenwald Hourglass Pouf Cloudy Sky! Thanks so much.

    Elisabeth says:

    The Durango Pouf is so cute!

    Sommer says:

    I LOVE the tortoise pouf AND the raspberry oxford storage ottoman. fingers crossed for a new pouf in my life. we all need poufYness!

    Kaja Johnson says:

    I love the pouf and the Ikat Shag Rug on the website. Thanks for the giveaway!


    Elise Rechlin says:

    Well, no pressure on saying the pouf right? Was immediately excitedly overwhelmed upon entering the site. But after much thought…my favorite item is the Aviary Pillow (in the pretty Poppy color), with the Zaide pillow in a close second. Such fun patterns/colors!

    eli miranda says:

    i really love those earnest chairs in pistachio!! such great pieces!!

    Heather says:

    I love “Calm Before the Storm” art piece.

    Raquel says:

    I find the Timber Cocktail Table to be truly enchanting!


    justine says:

    I love the KABUL STRIPED POUF. Looks so comfy.

    Megan says:

    I love poufs, they are so cozy..but i’ve never personally owned one. I’ve always had a dream of having a little nook in my house with a pouf to cozy up and read a book on…anyways,back to reality, lol..I am obsessed with lights so I have to say my favorite item is the Birdcage lamp!

    Leah says:


    sarah b. says:

    love the birdcage lamp – it would be perfect in my house!

    Cait says:

    I LOVE the snowflake rug – it would add some sassy pizzazz to any room.

    Britta says:

    Fabulous shop! I love the Birdcage Lamp!

    grace says:

    i love the josephine cafe chairs – would love a set of four around my little dining table.

    Maggie says:

    I love their lighting options! The Equinox Lamp is gorgeous!

    Becca says:

    Oh they have the most gorgeous rugs! I do love the Kabul pouf and the Lilu pouf. We started organizing out nursery and have been looking for a pouf!

    Celeste says:

    The Warrick Chandelier is absolutely gorgeous!

    Krista says:

    It’s definitely a tie between the City Lights Wall Decal and the Parfum Rug!

    Michelle B says:

    I love all of their poufs, but also the Amantha Rug, Sea Green: https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/amantha-rug-sea-green

    lei says:

    Wow, I really like all their rugs, esp. the striped coral and cream one. But that pouf is great too!

    chelse says:

    i think that the Golden Metallic Bamboo Tray Table is absolutesly perfect. I may want it more than my husband at the moment.

    Dara says:

    LOVING the Metric Pouf, Black and Tan!

    Mary says:

    T-E-L-U-C-A Pouf in the most cheery of baby blues for Spring! Happiness in pouf form. I also love the Pari rug.

    Kelley M. says:

    That pouf looks so comfy! Love the Stenciled Zebra rug, champagne! xx

    cat says:

    i have been looking for a pouf! what a dream come true! (well, if i win…)

    i also love the painted desert rug (or the flokati rugs too!!!).

    love me some lulu & georgia! thanks!

    Abigail says:

    So hard to pick! I am obsessed with the Jill Rosenwald Hourglass Pouf (Cloudy Sky, but I’m also in need of a coffee table and love the Fairmont.

    Alisha says:

    Under the Sea Knit Rug – I need this for my son’s room!

    Jill says:

    I am a sucker for orange and that Oxford ottoman is too dang cute.

    Emily says:

    I’m a big fan of the Venus Mirror.

    Barb says:

    i would love to win the black and white Metric Pouf!

    Silvana says:

    I love the Rain Lily Lamp! And this pouf is just perfect!

    Gini says:

    I love the Dakota and Metric Pouf.

    Liz says:

    I’m in love with the silver chevron ikat pillows and the mahari candleholders… and pretty much EVERYTHING else in the Organic style category.

    Allison says:

    This Kabul Striped Pouf would be perfect at the foot of our bed! But love the tongue and cheek of the Angels in the Sea Rug. And the Tatum, Two Tone, Ibiza, Panoptic and Sailor Girl are such classics.

    Christine says:

    Love the Aura Mirror! Has a vintage charm but is different from other starburst mirrors out there. What a great site, love the filter options as well!

    I’m in LOVE with the Cupid Mirror!

    Gina Montaleone says:

    I love the metric pouf so chic!!

    Jordan Long says:

    I love the Satya rug and the Commerce light. Such a cute site!

    gena says:

    the kabul pouf is my fave!

    I absolutely love the Jaeda rug in Pink Flamingo. The colors are so bright and fun. My only worry is whether my husband will ok the burst of pink in our new home!

    Lauren S says:

    It’s a toss up between the Parfum rug, and the Malabo Stripes rug. They’re both beautiful! And that pouf is so perfect!

    Randee says:

    Oy – do we ever need a lamp for our dark apartment! So, I would have to say that the Rain Lily Lamp or Venus lamp would be perfect for our place! Love it!

    rachel says:

    I love the colors and pattern of the Nomad rug.

    Emily says:

    The Fiona side table. Love it!

    Erin says:

    Loving the Kamille Pillow in sunburst and the Melia pillow in pink – they’re both bright and sunny and would look lovely together. Bring on soiree weather!

    Erin Ebbert says:

    Chennai embroidered pouf

    mag says:

    i love these wowowow teluca is my favorite for its color and pattern! 🙂

    lauren says:

    I love their chairs! I would cozy up in one of their churchhills

    Amanda says:

    I love the sade round trays! They look perfect for entertaining and for decoration!

    Amy says:

    The Kabul striped pouf! Maybe because you look so cute and comfy on it.

    courtney says:


    Geri says:

    Pillows are my weakness!!!! An inexpensive way to change and brighten up my home! Favorites were Farrah, peri & huri! Actually it’s difficult to stop there! XX

    Monica N says:

    Loving the Oxford storage ottoman in charcoal. But that giant pouf is pretty awesome. Would love to have something like that for my little girl to lounge on. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Ashley says:

    The metric pouf is awesome!

    Becca says:

    I love the Dakota pouf!

    Christina says:

    I have been a follower of them for some time now and love all their products. Wish my house was big enough to get everything! But I do really love the Eden Prairie Rug – the colors and pattern are ah-mazing!!!

    Erin says:

    I love the Jill Rosenwald Hourglass Pouf, Cloudy Sky!!

    Paola says:

    I really love the metric pouf! something about the geometric shapes, and patterns really attracts me to it.

    Maggie Ryan says:

    Dang, I really love that Eclipse Rug.

    Loving the Jaedea Pink Flamingo rug – the colors and patterns are right on for spring but not too trendy! A close second would be the Athena bench, they would look so great together!

    Me oh, my oh! What a hard decision! I love this shop! I think I would have to say the HUDSON WOVEN JUTE RUG, TEAL is on my tip top of the list.

    Shara says:

    sedgwick shag rug

    Shara says:

    classic sedgwick shag rug

    emeryann says:

    Love the big yellow poof!

    Rebekah says:

    The Babe Wall Decor. It’s just stupid fun.

    Lena says:

    The Lilou Pouf!

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