one of my favorite blogs,Β bleubird vintage, did a “what we wore” feature on arian and i this week. head over there if you wanna see where to shop any of the items! thanks for the photos, kim! and for the post, james πŸ™‚

i don’t read a lot of mom blogs…because, well…i’m not a mom. and i’m not even close to being ready for that. but there are some family oriented blogs that are so approachable. they make having a little family someday seem very exciting. i often have thoughts of “i’m so messy, and unorganized and easily distracted…how am i going to have a kid!? i can barely unpack my own suitcase.” but i have a few friends that put my mind at ease a little. when i go over to their house, there’s still dishes in the sink and clothes on the floor…you can still be messy and that doesn’t mean you’re a bad mom! i’m learning that your whole life doesn’t have to drastically change just because you have a child. of course i don’t want to be messy forever…but that’s just the way it is right now.

i’m looking forward to spending some time with this guy in paris + spain next week. we keep saying to each other “i’ll meet you in paris.” which is pretty fun to say. we’ve probably said it too many times, but oh well. i’m taking the train from london and he’s coming from LA, we are meeting at the apartment we rented, and then goin straight to cafe charlot for eggs.

the last real vacation him and i took ALONE for more than a day or two was august 2009 (!) when we went to costa rica. wow. that is a long time ago. pardon my trip down memory lane here for a sec…

something i’ve noticed lately is how disconnected you can get from your significant other if one of you travels a lot. if you aren’t seeing the same things, or on the same time zone it can be easy to drift into your own seperate worlds. so this trip is really important for us to experience another place together. and make our own memories that we don’t have to try to explain to each other over the phone or in an email. have you dealt with this same problem?

i guess 2009 was all about taking couple photos with one extended arm. i remember having so much fun on that trip. and being a little chubby because all i used to eat was pad thai and buttered noodles and then one day my metabolism caught up with me and was like “nope, you can’t do that anymore.” ha. which brings me to this post about how i lost it.Β (which somehow is still the top read post on my blog ever!)

anyways, i’m rambling. yay for alone time with arian. that’s all. -bri


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    Naomi A says:

    Aw good for you, you deserve on alone time together! xoxo

    The Occasional Indulgence

    This is so sweet. Hope you guys have the best trip! I’m trying to figure out how I can finagle a trip to Paris with my wonderful boyfriend for my 30th this year–dreaaaam vacation! πŸ˜‰

    Mariel says:

    This is so adorable! Both you and the photos themselves! I envy that kind of relationship! πŸ™

    Mariel says:

    This is so adorable! Both you and the photos themselves! I envy that kind of relationship! πŸ™


    rachel says:

    I really like that you threw a personal post into the mix. Sure, blogs don’t need that, but a smattering makes you even more relateable. I became a mama accidentally and really young and so I always brought my kid (then kids) around with me. Now that more people in my social group are having kids, I realize my bring ’em along attitude might be not that normal, but it’s been great. My kids are awesome and really well rounded and I never lost myself. Also, mt floors are always super dusty.

    Allegra says:

    That 2nd paragraph and the 2nd to last = truth.
    You are so right…right…right.

    Katalina says:

    I can totally relate to the second to the last paragraph. I work in international development and have to travel a lot for work, and it was pretty hard on my marriage. It is hard to feel consistently connected and close through skype, emails, and phone calls, and when you are seeing and experiencing all these amazing things in the world all you want to do is share it with your significant other! But it is hard to cut down on travel because we are both young with no kids, so this is the time to take full advantage of our careers and have all these adventures. One thing we do is have a lot of alone time and date nights when we are home together to talk about the trips and other life musings. We also try to have our own adventures together both in our city (visiting new places, hiking in the mountains) and internationally. Tulum was our last one and well swimming with giant sea turtles and exploring mayan ruins is an experience you can’t forget together. My advice is for every adventure and memory you make on your trips, make sure you are making just as many with your significant other. πŸ™‚

    I love these pictures! Holiday snap shots are the best…every one always looks so happy and relaxed…I could use one right now πŸ™‚

    xx Ashleigh

    Julie says:

    I love the candid snap shots. So cute!

    Sarah says:

    My husband went on a business trip for ONE day this week. I missed him so much, it’s kind of pathetic. The next evening we both took the time to really just sit down and chat without any distractions. I think a short time apart can actually be really good and healthy for a couple, makes you aware of just how luck you are to have that person around. YAY LOVE!

    I relate so strongly to the first paragraph! I’m not quite ready for parenthood, but certain friends and mom bloggers have demonstrated that you CAN retain your identity while having kids. And they make it look pretty darn fun. I’ve gone from “someday” to “In 2 – 3 years.” For me, that’s a huge step.

    Have a wonderful, wonderful trip, and take lots of pictures at arm’s length!

    <3 jen @ librarian tells all

    Chelsea says:

    How cute are the two of you?! If the time ever comes, you’ll be a fabulous mom Bri. Enjoy what you have now and those things will work themselves out when they’re supposed to.

    Chelsea & The City
    Be sure to check out my Stella & Dot trunk show + giveaway!

    Bettina says:

    Have so much fun on your trip together! Eat well and take in all the beautiful sights!

    love your hair!
    you look nice and you looked nice in 2009 when you used to eat noodles as well.
    have fun in paris and barcelona!
    barcelona is gorgeous at the moment! sun is shining!!!

    Quinn Cooper says:

    I can totally relate to traveling a lot for work. As a model I am always traveling last minute. I find out a couple days before that I am leaving for 4 days to go across the country or to a different country. I find like you Bri that making time for your partner is so important. I also find that it’s better to go out for dinner where you are away from a computer, TV and phone (if your phone is not on the table). There are less distractions and more couple time to really talk about things you have missed and mainly just to reconnect.

    Quinn Cooper Style

    Pippa says:

    These pictures are so cute! I can’t imagine my hubby and I pulling off pictures looking so relaxed and effortlessly stylish πŸ˜‰ Well done!

    Dinah Gacon says:

    Such beautiful photos!!!! So glad you had time to re connect and enjoy yourselves

    xo Dinah

    Kait says:

    Your trip to Europe will be wonderful! My boyfriend and I just yesterday decided to map out a 2 week Euro-adventure (London, Paris, Frankfurt, Barcelona) and we can’t wait!

    Alex says:

    I will like this post on Bloglovin because it reminds me of two things. 1) I miss my best friend. I’m still numb to the fact that we ended our friendship because we didn’t overcome the changes to our relationship. Now I imagine taking a trip with her where, sure, it’ll be awkward at first; then we slip back in tune with one another. But I know realistically it takes more effort than that, and I’m trying to figure it out. 2) I need to somehow get my boyfriend excited about taking pictures like these :] Thank you for sharing this bit with all of us. It’s nice to visit a blog and, unexpectedly, have it resonate with our lives as well.

    Nicole says:

    Eek! You sound so in love. I wish you wrote more about Arian ^_^.

    wonderful couple πŸ™‚

    Kelly says:

    You two lovebirds look so adorable in all the photos. I hope you enjoy your alone time in Paris and Spain. πŸ™‚ I can understand that you’re in need of some alone time away from home if your last trip was 4 years ago. πŸ™‚

    Julie says:

    I can totally relate. My husband and I have been married for 16 months and have yet to live together yet. Because of our jobs, I live on the east coast and he lives on the west coast. Half of our marriage he was deployed. We have to work on communication everyday. It so much tougher to have important conversations and build intimacy from afar. My favorite thing we do is have meals where we cook the same thing at the same time over skype. Luckily the distance is coming to a close in May πŸ™‚ I’m so excited to move out west.
    Have fun on your vacation!

    Love this post!
    Bri, I’d love to hear which mom/family blogs you like most?
    Enjoy your vaca!

    evie says:

    have a blast meeting in paris you two love birds! how bloody adorable are you! it is hard when one in the relationship travels a lot, or both for that matter. those moments spent together become even more special. although communicating from a physical distance takes dedication to stay close too, i totally get what you mean about other worlds. have fun oh and i wish you hadn’t said pad thai now i’m hungry. must go read that post you linked to see if i can learn a trick or two ; ) x

    Noor says:

    Ahh you two are so cute together and how long have you all been together? Love this post Bri!

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