it was really cool to visit minneapolis for the first time. i was really impressed by the creative energy of the city and i had such a great time both in class and exploring. (ok ok, i definitely had too many giblets and cheetos with kate at marvel bar, but it was worth it)

local floral and styling company munster rose put together our fabulous florals and an instagram photobooth background as well. we love having fresh flowers on the table to add life to the room.

it may have been blizzard conditions outside, but thanks to the illume boho candles we gave our students it smelled more like an oasis inside orbit studios. i’m loving the amber dunes scent, and i have it on my coffee table right now.

the lovely gals at ship&shape who are minneapolis dwellers sent us over some gorgeous rings and oversized fortune cards. i am totally in love with that shop.

j.r. watkins is actually a minnesota-based company of natural products, and so we thought it would be a great fit for our goodie bags. we gave each student several items, including this hand cream and cleaning products (that i know my office could use!)

we picked these parker pen jotters again but in pink this time.

ship&shape also makes these ceramic necklaces above.

heart cards by egg press say what i think about our blogshop students.

i love seeing those bkr bottles on all the tables. it makes the room so colorful and nice on the eyes.

egg press also makes patterned notebooks. these are some of those things you can never have enough of… there’s always something to write down.

the girls at white peacock events styled up an afternoon snack sweets bar to give our students a much-needed sugar break.

isn’t it fun to be all bundled up with friends? miss ya minne. but not missing the snow as much. happy to be back in warm cali weather!

april & may:
VANCOUVER  |  SAN FRAN (email for waitlist!) SF VIDEO |  PHILLY  |  NEW YORK (almost sold out!)


want to be an intern in one of the cities listed above? we’d love if you would apply here!


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    Aaaahhh….such lovely memories. Thank you for everything you + Angela taught us that weekend. I’m still trying to let it all soak in and am already scheming ways to sign-up for BlogShop Video! Cheers, A.

    Sarah says:

    The title of this post made me laugh. Minneapolis looks like such a cool place, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from target’s capitol city! Those egg press notebooks are so very lovely!

    Ces says:

    Beautiful photos as always! Can’t wait for Blog Shop Philadelphia!

    Elyse says:

    I had such a dreamy time!!! Thank you so much Bri & Angela for an inspiring, helpful, super informational and fun weekend. I learned a TON! And yes, you should definitely come back in the SUMMER.

    Bri says:

    great photos! i love JR Watkin soaps! i have dish soap for the kitchen and hand soap in all the bathrooms in my house. i love the fresh lemon-y scent and it looks so much prettier than regular old soap bottles.

    I’m sad that I didn’t know that you were doing a workshop in MPLS. I was there last weekend for a design thinking workshop (which if you have a chance, you have to attend one — go to stanford’s dschool and stokedproject’s website for details).

    I am always impressed with the creativity of the twin cities.

    congrats ladies! another job well done 🙂

    Allyson says:

    My city! So sad I work full time, but hope you enjoyed the snow & your stay. 🙂

    Kait says:

    Such a great experience! You ladies were fantastic. The blogshop book now permanently lives with my tablet.

    Thanks for hitting up our snowy city!

    Shawnee says:

    I love Minneapolis! JRWatkins is one of my favorite beauty brands! Looks like another great blogshop! xo

    Sunny says:

    Hey, I just stumbled upon your photoblog, and I’m so glad I did!

    Your photos are absolutely gorgeous, it looks like you had such a fun time! ^_^

    I absolutely adore your layout, by the way, it’s so gorgeous. 🙂

    Taylor says:

    I’d love to go to one of these at some point!! 🙂
    I just posted a flower crown diy on my blog! 🙂

    Kristyna says:

    Your blogshops look like the bees knees. ♥

    Bonnie says:

    when you have blog post on your blogshops i always get so jealous! they always look so stunning and the gifts you get are awesome! wish there was one near me 🙁

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