alright, here is our final dream job! the circus performer. i have always been completely obsessed with those feathered headdresses and when i saw this one at the fitting my jaw hit the floor.

and let me tell you about this location! we took a drive out to riverside and shot this at a legit circus prop house. i actually think the couple that owns this place knows how to swallow fire. it was sensory overload. a magical parking lot of authentic circus. (watch the video below to see!)

the goal for the beauty portion was big hair, soft makeup with some shimmer. i thought the subtle glow under the eyes was a nice touch.

shop this benefit makeup look: hello flawless oxygen wow brightening makeup, they’re real! mascara, fine-one-one sheer brightening color, the POREfessional balm, ultra plush lip gloss (shade: a-lister), creaseless cream shadow (shade: blue my mind), longwear powder shadow (shades: blingo, call my bluff)

this was an unforgettable day. and definitely felt the most like a dream out of all the looks.

now for the video. i feel super proud to call this dude my boyfriend. arian shot & edited the footage for this project and it was so fun to be able to hang out with him on set and watch him do his thaaang. you should check out his work here! and here’s the magic he created for benefit…(and the soundtrack was made by a super talented gal, ashley jurgemeryer just for this video!)

and as promised one lucky designlovefest reader will win ALL the makeup used in the video and series! you are basically set for life in the makeup department…

the prize package includes…
hello flawless oxygen wow brightening makeup, boi-ing concealer, stay don’t stray primer, longwear powder shadow (shades: quick look busy, pinky swear, thanks a latte, kiss me i’m tipsy, call my bluff, blingo), they’re real! mascara, posietint lip & cheek stain, dandelion brightening face powder, ultra plush lip gloss (shades: lollibop, a-lister) magic ink jet-black liquid eyelinerlipstick (shade: pillow talk), hoola bronzing powderhigh beam complexion enhancer, badgal waterproof eyeliner, benetint lip and cheek stain,  creaseless cream shadow (shades: no pressure, blue my mind), fine-one-one sheer brightening color, the POREfessional balm, instant brow pencil, watt’s up soft focus highlighter, fakeup hydrating crease-control concealer

here’s HOW TO WIN all the benefit products! (CLOSED)

1. leave a comment below and let us know what was your favorite makeup look out of the 4 in our series? (take a look at them here) which one was most your style?

one winner will be chosen on thursday, march 14th at 10am PST. open to us residents only. the retail value is $640+

UPDATE: winner is #877 jaclyn c!

partnership: benefit cosmetics and designlovefest
photography by:
styling by: sarah and sunshine
hair by: nicole gehweiler
makeup by: rachel desimone

see the past looks here. thanks so much for following along during the series! xo bri


Add your own

    Kat says:

    I loved the jazz singer look! The hair and makeup looked stunning!

    I loved the detective look! Remembered me of my childhoof! 🙂

    Meg says:

    Loved the florist look! I died over the headpieces!

    Emily says:

    I loved this series! You looked beautiful in all of the scenarios. My favorite was definitely the detective. I’m a sucker for winged eyeliner!

    Eileen says:

    I’m in love with the florist look, but all of them are simply gorgeous 🙂


    Dang! That video was awesome. So much talent involved in this project! My favorite make-up was definitely the jazz singer – I rarely leave the house without a little pop of color on my lips.

    anne cuddy says:

    Loved the detective look! So sweet and sassy!

    Megan says:

    I love the circus performer! It was glamorous and natural.

    Heather says:

    So hard to choose, but the detective calls my name the loudest!. Love love love this project; beautiful & inspiring!

    Meredith says:

    Wow – what a great giveaway! I love the look of the detective!

    This has been SUCH a fun series to follow…I’m sad it’s over!! As for my favorite look?? It has to be the detective…I loved the vintage throw back!

    dot says:

    I am pretty obsessed with Benefit’s Erase Paste (it’s my little makeup secret), so this giveaway gets me really excited! I loved the detective look the best…sleek & glam.

    Jenni says:

    I’m digging the florist look the most. Great giveaway!

    Naomi A says:

    My favorite look was Jazz Singer, and it’s something that I’d call my own Dream Job! I wish this collaboration could keep on going and become a feature on your blog! I loved each and every one of the different set and stylings! xoxo

    Elise says:

    I loved all of the looks, but I loved the old Hollywood glamour of the Jazz Singer!

    Tasha says:

    This whole series was amazing! My favorite was the circus performer, hands down!
    Soo fun!

    Jessie says:

    I would have to say the circus performer. Loved the the soft look of the makeup and of course the headdress! 🙂

    Kate says:

    My favorite look is the florist. So lovely!

    Heather says:

    I’m certainly more of a Florist gal, though all the looks were beautiful!

    Jenna says:

    My favorite look was the jazz singer. I’m so blown away with how much work went into these looks and your video was amazing! So fun to follow!

    Trisha says:

    The detective look was my favorite of all.

    Victoria says:

    The subtle shimmer of the circus performer was so perfectly hazy and dreamlike. It was perfect for the over the top costume and amazing set, but it would also transfer beautifully to “real” life.

    Erin says:

    My favorite was The Florist! Beautiful! 🙂

    Lauren says:

    I really loved the florist, but it was so hard to pick! Loved the photos!

    Ergo-Blog says:

    I absolutely loved this series and your video is so great! I almost wish it was a trailer for a movie of some femme fatale because it looked so awesome! =) Your boyfriend is super talented because really that video is flawless! =)

    Thank you so much for sharing!! I have to check out some of the cosmetics you used!!

    The circus performer was my favorite! That headdress is so fabulous!

    Jen L. says:

    Love love love the florist. Well in fact I love them all..

    heather says:

    I love the circus look! What a beautiful glow. Thanks for the giveaway!

    You are so pretty! I loved all of the 4 makeup looks. This was a fun shoot. My favorite was the circus performer. That look was so much fun and your eyes were BEAUTIFUL!

    This was such a fantastic series. All four looks are amazing, but I think my favorite look is the detective. Also, that video is perfection.

    Maria M. says:

    I dig the florist. ahaha. get it?

    My favorite look was the Jazz Singer one! But the one that was most my style was the Florist look! 😉 You look beautiful in ALL of them!

    Tiffany says:

    This series was so fun! I love each look, but I think the florist look was my favorite. I really need to try these products!

    Krystle says:

    My fav look is the circus performer. That under eye shine is beautiful!

    Rita says:

    The jazz singer! You were beautiful in all!

    Lorrie says:

    The detective- I love the eye liner and the whole outfit!

    angie says:

    detective for sure! Harriet the Spy forever!

    ah! this is such a great giveaway- who doesn’t love benefit? my favorite shoot was the circus one- all of the props were so dreamy and i love your hair piece! but the look that is most my style would definitely have to be that of the dreamy, whimsical florist. thanks for the giveaway + love your blog!

    charlotte says:

    only open to the US….sad face 🙁

    Emily says:

    I love the florist look!!

    Dot chan says:

    I love the circus performer! 🙂 so light and airy!

    Charlotte says:

    I’ve really enjoyed this series.. you are very inspiring x

    Lauren says:

    I love the circus performer the most! I love the contrast of your makeup and your outfit. I would have expected your makeup to be bold, but it works so well with the red dress and the head piece. The neutrals look beautiful!

    Justine says:

    Loved the circus performer! So beautiful! The hair was amainzing and I loved the simple makeup!

    Shannon says:

    This series is absolutely amazing. The florist is my favorite, those giant peonies! And I would definitely rock that dress (with my grey Hunter boots).

    kathleen says:

    I love the jazz singer- reminds me of tap classes!

    Nicole S. says:

    I love them all but my favorite has to be the detective!

    Aubrey says:

    This series was beautiful! It is hard to choose a favorite, but I’d say the florist look. Something magical about it really!

    Sarah says:

    You look AMAZING in all 4 looks. I LOVE the circus performer for myself. So playful…like my personality. 🙂

    cj says:

    i loved the florist b/c that’s one of my dream jobs, too!

    Michelle says:

    I love love loved the Detective look for me. But I have to admit I liked the Jazz Singer best on you. That hair was amazing!
    Can’t wait to watch the video – when I try to use Benetint I end up looking like I ran a marathon so need the pointers!
    I loved this whole series and am looking forward to your next big idea!

    Lisa says:

    So hard to choose, they are all beautiful! But secretly I have always wanted to perform so the jazz singer wins my heart. 🙂

    Katie says:

    LOVED THAT VIDEO! You’re stunning and this was so creative. Love Love Love!

    Paige Smith says:

    I loved the circus performer! It was sweet and natural with a beautiful glow. Amazing!

    Rebecca Popenoe says:

    I love all of them but I’m leaning towards the lounge singer. Sexy and simply beautiful. Nice work, the project turned out amazing!

    Jennie S says:

    Love the simple beautiful look of The Florist!

    Christina G says:

    I loved the Jazz Singer look the best, but always secretly wanted to be a Detective. Harriet the Spy was my favorite movie!

    kristine says:

    i loved all of the looks (and benefit for doing this!), but especially adored the florist. gorgeous.

    Erin says:

    THE FLORIST FOR SURE! So fresh and what a rad job!! The flower outline was ethereal heaven.

    Laura Bear says:

    The florist is my favorite! A soft braid and make-up to match, so pretty and fresh!

    Danielle says:

    i love the cat eye of the detective look! it’s not over the top, but still a little dramatic. 🙂

    Brooke Stuart says:

    I’dd have to go with The Detective look! I love how simple the makeup is. It also may have to be that I wanted to be Priviate Eye or a spy when I was growing up!

    Allison W says:

    I love the Jazz Singer look, and I believe it’d be perfect for date nights. But, I’d say the Florist look is more my every day. I love them all, though!

    Pauline says:

    If I had to pick ONE, I would pick the florist. I love flowers and the peony headband was to die for. Great job!!!!

    I have loved this series. My favorite? The florist!

    rachel says:

    i love the sweetness of the florist look for the everyday, though jazz singer is my favorite “special” look.

    Anonymous says:

    I liked the jazz singer look best – glamorous!

    Charlotte says:

    All of the looks were so beautiful it’s hard to pick just one! I think the florist is probably my favorite though. I love benefit and rarely leave home without their posie tint!

    hannah says:

    i loved all of them, but i think the detective was my favorite! i’m a lifelong nancy drew fan, and can’t say that isn’t one of my dream jobs too 🙂

    Jane says:

    So hard to choose from as I like to think that my style from day to day is fluid, but today, this morning the winner is jazz singer.

    It must be all that Downtown Abbey, Ken Follett trilogy ( The Century trilogy), and the impatient await of The Great Gatsby. Really, they’re all killer.

    Tessa Lynn says:

    Okay, honestly, I loved them ALL but I’d have to say that the florist is closest to my style but I’d really want to say the vintage singer or detective is. I LOVED the vintage look they both had!! What an awesome project this was!! I kept checking your site excited to see the next one:)

    Emily says:

    I loved the florist look! I spent a semester in Thailand and seeing the beautiful flowers really took me back to the amazing flower markets in Bangkok!

    Kiersten says:

    I love how subtle the Circus Performer look is, but I’d love to try out the mysterious Detective look. So glamorous.

    Jessica says:

    I love the Detective look! What a perfect little flick of the eyeliner!

    Cris Marie says:

    This was a total dream, Bri! The Circus Performer is my favorite; I love the whimsy of it all. And the feathered headdress, magic! Big hair and soft makeup is most my style too. I’ve never tried Benefit, but I sure will now.

    Arian did a fantastic job on the video, by the way. You guys are a great team!

    kim gee says:

    i loved the entire series, but “the detective” was giving me all kinds of anna karina vibes which i can always get behind!

    MCR says:

    Loved the DETECTIVE. Amazing eyes and sweet lips! Loved them all and the video!

    Lauren says:

    I’d love to pull off the circus performer look. Big hair is and subtle makeup is basically my biggest dream! I have extremely pale skin and dark hair, so I’m normally more of a jazz singer girl. This spring I’m trying to get out of my beauty comfort zone and try some lighter, peachier hues.

    Megan T. says:

    The Jazz singer’s soft smokey eye and elegant red lips = the style of my ideal self. So classy, yet fun, sexy and relaxed. The way I would see myself in my dreams (the way I would want to be)! Need to work on doing that more often in real life! 🙂

    lisa bradley says:

    The florist was my favorite look! Hello Spring!

    Erin says:

    I loved the Detective with the great eye makeup!

    Hannzah W says:

    I like the circus look. I cant believe how bright and blue your eyes looked in all of the looks. So prettty!

    Personally, I was a little sweet on “The Detective Series.” Always been a fan of the older, more traditional looks. Less makeup focusing on a bolder impact on facial features. Obviously all four in the series were lovely!

    Thanks again for the giveaway Bri 🙂

    Leah R. says:

    The Florist was my favorite it was so soft and romantic!

    My favorite look was the florist! Love all the textures and colors, perfect for spring … and I loved the glowy makeup!

    I loved the make-up on the jazz singer but I also adored the headpiece during the florist shoot!

    Amy says:

    Circus performer all the way! The whimsy style definitely spoke to me. You look fab in alllll the looks though and the video was amazing.

    Anonymous says:

    Amazing video! Who did the music? This series was so creative and inspiring…My favorite thing I’ve seen on Design Love Fest! The circus performer’s look was my favorite look- I liked how it enhanced all the beautiful colors around without being too much.

    Lauren says:

    Amazing video! Who did the music? This series was so creative and inspiring…My favorite thing I’ve seen on Design Love Fest! The circus performer’s look was my favorite look- I liked how it enhanced all the beautiful colors around without being too much.

    Emma D says:

    All the looks were lovely and you are lovely in general. I have to say my favorite was the Circus Preformer.

    Julia says:

    The detective was my favorite make up look, and the closest to what I’d like to wear on my own face. As for dream job? Jazz singer took the cake!

    kelly says:

    the makeup from the jazz singer was so glam and classy. i don’t get much time to primp like that, and i found myself daydreaming about singing and performing all dolled up. what an experience!

    Samantha says:

    My favourite was the detective but I loved them all. The video is great – the music was perfect!!

    Colette says:

    Bri and Angela! What a fun project this looks like! I LOVE the jazz singer, and the vintage vibes that gave. You look incredible!!

    Maribeth Jones says:

    The makeup look for The Florist was definitely my favorite! It was so soft, natural and romantic.

    Zoe says:

    I love all the looks but I love the florist look….it feels fairy like and magical and I love that!

    Ash says:

    The Detective was my fave, though I probably am more along the lines of the Jazz Singer myself. This was a really fun series, I hope you do more like this!

    Alicia says:

    Loooove the circus look!!! The slight shimmer on the eyes is divine! Definitely most similar to what i would try!

    Compliments to your bf as well!! Awesome footage!

    Elyse says:

    The Jazz Singer is probably my fav, but the detective is closer to my everyday make up. Love a cat eye!

    Carrie says:

    Love the natural look of the Circus Performer!

    Haleigh Forbes says:

    What an amazing giveaway! I love the Florist look- soft pinks, very sweet.

    Thanks DLF and Benefit!

    Abby Carlson says:

    The Florist look was my favorite! My style is feminine but relaxed, and since I’m always on the go, a quick simple makeup routine is a must! It was the perfect ‘just rolled out of bed looking like this’ makeup!

    Lucy says:

    Hard to pick….but definitely the detective!

    Shannon S says:

    They are all fabulous! But I have to say I think the Jazz Singer was my favorite. I like a little drama when doing my make-up 🙂

    martha says:

    i love the dress and all the flowers in the florist look, but that gorgeous cat-eye in the detective look gets my vote for sure!

    Kim says:

    My fave was The Florist. It was just so … PRETTY!

    Jessica says:

    wow what an awesome project!!! I love the circus performer look the most- love the shimmer under the eyes!

    jordan says:

    i’m dying over this whole series. such a KILLER idea!
    i’ll go with the florist 🙂
    props for rocking all of the looks!

    Emi says:

    Lovely! I absolutely adore this video. I’ve been daydreaming for years about being a florist and now I have part time job in a floral shop in addition to my school! <3 I adore the florist's look, the gorgeous brightness I associate with benefit and love. I also love the detective look. The winged eyeliner is charming! This video is a dream.

    My favorite look was definitely the detective. Such a confident look, with still a bit of an ease to it. My trench coat and scarf obsession might be adding to my decision though…

    Amelia says:

    Bri, so so beautiful! I loved the retro makeup for the detective look & the florist is probably closest to what I usually wear. thanks for the giveaway 🙂

    brigid says:

    As a little girl, I dreamed of being a detective. I couldn’t get enough of Nancy Drew, Harriet the Spy, and old school film noirs — so it’s no surprise that my favorite look was featured in Dream Job No. 2: The Detective! Thanks DLF & Benefit!

    Crystal says:

    My favorite of the makeup looks was definitely the florist. So fun and flirty without being too over the top! But I really did love all the looks, you guys did such a great job capturing them all! 🙂

    Katie says:

    I loved the detective look! So classic and simply stunning.

    Bella says:

    I liked the detective look the most. It was gorgeous but, in a subtle way :]

    Roser says:

    The Florist is my fave, it’s soft and you look healthy, I like it!

    Magen says:

    That video and this entire series has really just blew my mind. Absolutely beautiful and amazing. Your group is so talented. My favorite makeup look is probably the circus performer. It is so fresh and young. I prefer less makeup that makes me glow. And you’re absolutely glowing:)

    Katie says:

    The Jazz Singer is my favorite! Classy and sexy at the same time.

    Nina Smith says:

    Definitely the jazz singer 🙂 gorgeous.

    Emily says:

    The look that was most me was the detective, but I loved the florist photo shoot!

    Steph says:

    All the makeup looks were great, but I enjoy the detective look the most. It is very reminiscent of my everyday makeup.

    Elizabeth says:

    I love The Detective the best! I have always secretly had a desire to be one and I feel that the make up is perfect and exactly what I imagined! Sexy and dangerous 🙂

    Jordan says:

    I LOVE the Jazz Singer! Love a bright pop of color on the lips and a simple eye. The detective is my second pick, pretty and fresh. All of them are gorgeous and I’d love to recreate them myself! 🙂

    Jessica says:

    my favorite is the florist <3

    Janet Blair says:

    Wow, I love them all, but my favorite is the florist. This series was wonderful 🙂 Thanks!

    Amy says:

    I loved the florist look – soft, muted, sweet!

    Rachel says:

    I LOVE the Circus Performer!! So clean and pretty.

    molly alone says:

    Considering I wear a subtle cat-eye everyday – I would have to say that “The Detective” is mostly my style. I love Benefit and these posts were by far my fav. Great job!

    Oh – WHAT FUN! I think the circus performer is my favourite. Great video too.

    Suzie says:

    The circus performer was my favorite. It’s the look I feel like I would use the most. Working in a hospital means I feel like I can’t go too high-drama with make-up.

    Hilliary says:

    I loved the detective (nancy drew addict let me tell you) but I think my dream job might be playing dress up like you got to for these four looks

    kristin says:

    I love the florist look — just lovely!

    Mary Catherine Allen says:

    Love benefit cosmetics. And all the looks. The dream job that most suits me would be the private detective. But circus performer is so glamorous!!

    Mar says:

    Certainly the Jazz singer! Red lip for life. But I do love the Detective Cat Eye!

    I can be a Detective posing as a Jazz Singer! Perfect.

    Emily says:

    Jazz singer all the way! So classy and sexy.

    Jessica says:

    I loved them all especially the circus performer and the flower shop. Beautiful makeup, outfits and pictures. Well done!

    Ada says:

    The florist was my favorite! I LOVE that dress, the huge flowers and braids were perfect, and the makeup was beautiful!

    YOLONDA says:

    I LOVE THE JAZZ version! Very sexy!

    ♥, LONDA

    steph s. says:

    my favorite makeup look was definitely the jazz singer. love a good cat eye.

    shazzy says:

    This is the BEST collabo ever. I LOVE making the dream jobs come to life–what a treat! my fave was def the detective. Ive wanted to be Columbo my whole life!
    nicely done.

    susan says:

    oh detective is DEFINITELY me! love the bold look of top lid eyeliner and those gorgeous eyelashes! course, the classic hair and clothes help seal the deal too! mucho thanks!

    Tracey says:

    It’s a tie between the florist and the circus performer, although they were all beautiful. I am kind of obsessed with that feather headpiece! What a cool concept for this series! I would die for all that makeup!

    Jamie says:

    Detective look, definitely – I’m a sucker for a trenchcoat. 🙂

    Dale says:

    I loved the detective look! The cat-eye is my go-to also! Have you ever seen the original Pink Panther series? They are wonderful

    Holly says:

    I LOVED the jazz singer. Call me a sucker for a good red lip!

    Conria says:

    The detective was definitely my favourite and I loveeee the look of the eyeliner in that one!

    kellie says:

    Bri, I loved the circus performer. I loved the natural look with the bold colors.Stunning. And what girl doesnt love a diamond head piece!

    Simplethursday says:

    Love the circus performer look! Just angelic!

    lauren g. says:

    The florist was the most like my style but I loved them all!

    Cortney Dupies says:

    I loved ALLl the looks but the detective was by far my favorite! Every little girl dreamed about being nancy drew 😉

    Allie says:

    LalaLOVE the bight-eyed, big-haired circus performer look!

    Anna says:

    I LOVED the Jazz Singer. You were stunning!

    Gretchen says:

    I feel so inspired when I look at your site. It’s utterly gorgeous, and this series was such a joy to look at and watch. What a great partnership with Benefit and fun way to show off their products. All four dream jobs were precious, and you looked beautiful, but the florist look was just too cute for words. I could see myself wearing that look all the way through spring and summer. Keep doing what you’re doing, girl!

    Ashley P. says:

    I loved the Jazz Singer look, but the one I can see myself wearing is the Detective. Plus, I’ve always secretly wanted to be a detective myself! This series was wonderful – so dreamy and one of my favorites on DLF to date.

    Lauren says:

    My favorite was certainly the jazz singer! Beautiful!

    Laura says:

    I adored the jazz singer. Such a fun series, oh creative one!

    Shani says:

    Circus performer. So pretty!

    Linnea says:

    the detective!

    Kim says:

    I can’t enter to win because I’m in the UK, but I just wanted to say that this is one of the best blog/brand partnerships I’ve seen – really creative, brilliantly executed!

    Kate says:

    The florist!

    Jamy says:

    This was such a beautiful segment Bri—they were all so striking and unique but I have to say my favorite was the detective. So mysterious.


    Chelsea C. says:

    These have been so, so gorgeous to look at. It’s just so inspiring to see bloggers making collaborations like this so seamless and perfect for their own brand and vibe. My fave was the very first one — the jazz singer was so beautifully shot, and the makeup was flawless. Good on ya, guys!

    Alyssa C says:

    Oh my gosh Bri, I would actually die if I won all of that makeup! My favorite look was by far the circus performer. I love how bright but natural your look was! Xo

    Morgan says:

    I love the florist look, natural, but glamorous! This was an awesome series!!

    jes says:

    my favorite look was the detective. it was simple and fresh! but all of them were great and look forward to trying all of these looks!

    Allison B. says:

    The florist’s makeup is best suited for me. The clean, fresh look is what I find most flattering, especially in natural lighting. What a generous opportunity – thank you Bri + Benefit!

    I loved the detective look, but really, I loved the retro feel of the whole series! It’s one of the reasons I love Benefit, they’ve always been so good with that (and fun names and packaging!).

    Colleen says:

    This was such a fun project, not only were the outfits and makeup beautiful but I was so excited to see what new “dream job” you would post next.
    My personal favorite was the circus performer, (while I may not ever don a feather headdress) I would certainly wear the makeup that gave you that incredible glow!

    Erin says:

    Loved them all, but the detective was most “me.”

    Sarah G. says:

    Oh my. This was spectacular! All of the looks were down right amazing, it’s hard to pick just one! Let me just say the theme for each series was on key and the way they were presented made it feel like a dream. The jazz singer was glamorous, everything about it was simply perfect. If I had to pick a favorite for makeup it would be the detective because the cat eye is a classic in my book and the way it was portrayed through this scenario was superb. The florist and circus performer were also great because the makeup was minimal but elegant and I think that’s what everything wants. Ygg!

    Kayla says:

    I loved the circus performer look. When I was little I dreamed of being a trapeze artist and having a trapeze act with my twin sister. All the looks are crazy inspiring.

    Jenn dePaula says:

    All of the looks were lovely, but the one I was really drawn to was “The Florist’s” and fits my style. Thanks for the chance to win!

    Lindsey says:

    The jazz singer photos were lovely – always a dream of mine to be a glamorous singer!

    jen says:

    I love the florist…the braided hair is just adorable. Beautiful video!

    Brianna W says:

    I love that all these looks are ‘fresh faced’ but The Detective has that old school classic vibe.

    loved them all but i love a good red lip. i pick… the jazz singer!

    This look, circus performer, was definitely the one I would replicate. I am into heavy makeup just as much as the next person, but love the light, airy look you have here. I have green eyes so I love to accentuate them with a little mascara and brightener to open them up. They were all magical, but this look is most “me”.

    Best of luck!
    – Lindsay

    The detective :), murder mystery books and movies were always my favorite.

    Diana says:

    This entire project was an amazing concept from start to finish. I also thought it was great that a lot of these are also my dream jobs in another life. My favorite look was that of the jazz singer! This one was the most my style as well. Such inspiring stuff!!!

    Kaleigh says:

    The circus performer is my dream look–my hair does that almost naturally! In the real world, I’m the florist, rain boots and all!

    Count me in – loved them all but the flower girl was my favorite. maybe because it would be such an escape from the daily office but congrats on a well run campaign!

    Erika says:

    this is the coolest collab i’ve ever seen! your creativity always makes me smile. i especially love the circus performer look – it’s so fun and dreamy. like water for elephants! i always wanted to wear glitzy, glam get ups and ride around on elephants 🙂

    just love!


    Grace says:

    The circus performer look is my favorite! Love the soft eyes and natural look.

    Samantha says:

    i love the circus performer. it’s the one i get most the feeling of being an another world 🙂

    Christina says:

    I seriously love them all but the jazz singer look is my favorite. Everything is so fun! I really love this series!

    Sarah says:

    Oh Bri – I’m in love with the Florist, that fresh look would be most suited for me. Maybe I’m easily swayed by the springtime vibe since Chicago just left me with 11 inches of snow! You’re gorgeous my dear!

    Lauren says:

    I was going to comment on how great this circus performer makeup was before I even saw there was a contest!

    I love the lightness of it…such a great daytime look!

    meridith says:

    my favorite look was the detective. i love the mod feel and am definitely a girl who can appreciate a great cat eye. in fact, i think eyeliner application might be one of my top skills.

    Lindsey says:

    The circus look was phenom! Benefit makeup is the BEST of the best. Cheers to everyone involved on this amazing shoot/video!

    My favorite was the circus performer. Great work to the entire team on all of these looks!

    Erika says:

    my favorite look would be the florist… but i loved the detective, too. you’ve made it difficult to choose because they’re all so good! 🙂

    Katie says:

    Jazz singer is my favorite, and is definitely a style I would love to be able to pull off.

    Jill says:

    The beauty and glamor of this shoot is amazing! I loved the circus perfumer the most, that picture of your beautiful face with hands on your cheeks blew me away, the natural glam is incredible! And it never hurts to have lots of sparkles!

    allison h. says:

    i loved all the looks. so awesome! i think my fav is the jazz singer. so glamorous! great job to the crew on the video!

    Brooke Miller says:

    My favorite look was definitely the Detective, the look is very simple, classy and adds a hint of mystery, especially with that cat eye! on another note, BEAUTIFUL shoot, and amazing styling all around!!

    Tali says:

    I loved this whole series, they are all gorgeous looks! My favorite would have to be the Circus Performer, I just love the glow.

    Allison says:

    Oh man, these have all been so great! I’m going to have to go with the detective, with jazz singer as close second.

    Erin says:

    I LOVED the florist look the most. So clean and fresh and gorgeous! What a great giveaway (fingers seriously crossed on this one) thanks Bri + Benefit!

    My favorite look is the circus performer! They makeup looks the most natural which is exactly how I like to wear my makeup.

    I love me that circus make up look! It’s soft, feminine, and dreamy.

    I LOVED all of them! But I do think my favorite was the florist look. 🙂 This is such an amazing giveaway the the photos/video and vision was just amazing! Hoping I win this!

    rossana says:

    My favorite look is the florist. So lovely!!

    Becca says:

    All these pics are phenomenal! I think the florist emulates your personality best, and I LOVED the photo of you on the ground surrounded by flowers! But, the Circus Performer is my fave, to be in that circus prop shop looked incredible! The feather headdress shots are amazing. I love that the make-up is glam, but pretty and dreamy at the same time. Amazing concepts, photographs, and video. Have loved the entire series! Congrats!!

    Liz says:

    The jazz singer is definitely my favorite. It is timeless, glamorous and who wouldn’t want to feel sultry every day? It is just perfection!

    Maria Anne says:

    this series was super fun & i love benefit! i’d freak out if I won all that makeup.
    The jazz singer look was my favorite – i love the red lips!
    close second is the florist. so cute and fresh. I’d say that’s closest to my style!

    maria anne

    justbeth says:

    Wow, wow, wow, you look so good in all of those occupations, but by far my favorite look was the florist, its was so innocent and bright all at the same time your cheeks look amazing in that pink blush! Great project, great video, great talent. xoxo -b

    Jessica says:

    Ahh I love benefit! I think the detective was my favey, but this last one was great too! Alsooo March 14th is my birthday, so maybe some luck will come my way. Fingers crossed!

    THE CIRCUS PERFORMER!!!! It would be so fabulous to be a carny! <3 <3 <3

    alicia says:

    I am soooo loving the big hair in this!! I think my favorite was the detective tho, for both the dream job and the dream make-up, the cat eye is the best!

    Madison Fisher says:

    I thought the detective look was absolutely stunning! The detective and the jazz singer are both looks that I rock quite often!

    Samantha says:

    I love the circus performer look, though the florist look was really dreamy, too! I’m always trying to find a way to brighten up my face but look soft and natural at the same time.

    Amy says:

    I loved the florist – both in the photographs and in the video. Such a dreamy and joyful job! It perfectly captured every one of my fantasies about wearing peonies all day, every day.

    Courtney says:

    My favorite look was the florist. It’s most like my day-to-day face. But the glow under your eyes in the circus look was amazing!

    Jessica says:

    Definitely love the florist look. The sweet and waifish style is absolutely adorable!

    Kelsey I says:

    My fav was the Circus Performer for sure! So fun & so glamorous!

    Daniela says:

    The jazz singer was my favorite make up look…oh, especially with that smoky eye! The detective is closest to my style. Love the cat eye and the lashes.

    Corinne says:

    I loved the Jazz Singer look…absolutely beautiful. I think the florist was more my style though. Love the fishtail double braids!

    Jennifer says:

    TOTALLY IN SMITTEN LOVE with the florist look. The bright cheeks and soft colors are absolutely amazing.

    Amber says:

    Circus performer! Might go for a look somewhere between Florist and CP for my day-to-day. Would be extravagant to explore these products more.

    Kate says:

    Definitely the florist look. So soft and romantic!

    Tanya says:

    The florist – It’s snowing here in the northeast and it made me so excited for spring makeup and spring flowers!

    jennifer says:

    the jazz singer! sparkly costumes, big red lips and cat eye eyeliner! lovely lovely!

    Lynne says:

    I loved all of the looks so it’s hard to choose, but I have to say the florist was my favorite. (Circus performer was also my favorite, darn you for making us choose!)

    megan says:

    Amazing video, all the looks were superb. The circus performer was especially nice, I love a little glow.

    Giselle says:

    I can’t choose! The moddy cinematic photos in the Detective look may be my favorite though.

    Kaitlyn says:

    The JAZZ singer was my favorite! The pictures turned out amazing.

    cristina says:

    my favorite look was the florist.
    so fresh and beautiful. i wish i could look like that every day (huge peonies as hair accesories included!)

    Allison says:

    The soft + pretty makeup from the florist look was definitely my style, but I absolutely loved the dramatic makeup from the jazz singer look. All were amazing though <3

    Kathryn says:

    The detective look is my favorite! How wonderful! This project is amazing!

    Lisa says:

    I LOVED the shimmery, soft look of the circus performer. It’s definitely something I could rock on a date night or at a party!

    Lindsay says:

    I would love to pull off the detective look, though gardener is probably more my speed. These photoshoots were so fun to look at!

    Liz says:

    This was such a fun feature. It was hard to choose my favorite look because they were all amazing in their own way. I loved the look of the jazz singer because I am a fan of bold lips but the florist photos were my favorite.

    Jamie says:

    Each look was stunning, but I think the florist fits my style best. What a wonderful project & giveaway!

    Marylai says:

    So hard to pick one cause I loved them all!!! But I loved the detective look with the natural makeup, great hair and mysterious yet approachable look!

    Natalie says:

    The circus performer look is my favorite, I have to buy that lip gloss!

    nicole b. says:

    Circus Performer! I prefer a soft, natural look that brightens and enhances your natural beauty. Thanks for the chance to win. xo.

    Carissa says:

    The Jazz Singer was my favorite look (I’m a sucker for a bold lip!) But as much as I’d love to spend everyday looking bold & sultry, my day-to-day routine is more like the Florist. Bright and light!

    Wow! I completely adore the circus performer look! The soft makeup is gorgeous.

    Joey says:

    This was a great project to see pop up! I love Benefit cosmetics because of all the fun photoshoots they have in their advertisements and just how light their make-up feels. You look like you had such a great time with these! It’s hard to choose between them all because the Jazz Singer look and Detective had great eye features, but the Florist won me over. I love look for Spring (and the last photo makes me giggle every time I see it)!

    Lindsey says:

    circus performer is my favorite! a bit girly + a bit silly + fully glam :]

    Jessica says:

    I love look number 2 the detective, the video is fabulous!

    christa says:

    Wow. Hard to choose but I pick the Florist.

    Lindsey N says:

    I love all of the looks from your dream job series! But… I think the florist is my favorite, and most fitting with my personal look and style.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    Duyen says:

    EEEE! All of them were amazing. It was so hard to choose, but The Florist was my favorite look! That floral crown by Kristen was so gorgeous. Those peonies? KILLER. I loved the whole look, and especially loved the photos. That flower outline was blowing my mind. Loved these shoots so much! Great job!

    lolo says:

    being surrounded by flowers is a dream!! what a beautiful choice. i cannot think of anything better than having flowers in my hair all day every day!

    Rachel says:

    The Detective eye makeup is definitely my style. I love adding a retro feel to my everyday look.

    Bri this partnership has been DA BOMB. Seriously, so well done, and you’re just gorgeous. My fave makeup look was the circus performer, and the one that’s the most my style is the florist.

    The jazz singer is my fave, but it’s a tough call since they all are so great. My second fave is the florist.

    Kaylee says:

    THAT VIDEO WAS SOME AWESOME $H*T! Loved it 🙂 Give the BF a high five from me! My favorite look of yours was definitely the Jazz Singer: classic, gorgeous, dramatic… but I loved them all. <3

    Sarah says:

    I loved the circus performer! With my naturally curly hair and olive skin tone I think it would really make my eyes pop to add the highlighting underneath and i am a huge fan of the nude lips!

    Megan E says:

    My favorite is definitely the jazz singer! The makeup and the dress and, well, all of it are just amazing and definitely right up my alley. Loved this whole series!

    Kaleigh says:

    oh my goodness this has been one of my favorite projects that you guys have done! So fun and inspiring! I think the florist makeup was my favorite but the circus performer is my favorite shoot. That headdress!!!

    Amy S says:

    Beautiful!! The Circus Performer was my favorite, it was very natural and fresh. Just in time for spring.

    Peneloping says:

    Definitely the florist! I’ve always had a secret hankering to be the girl who works in a flower shop and those photos captured that dream exactly! <3

    Christina says:

    The florist- perfect for spring!

    Heather says:

    It’s funny (not hahaha funny) how my dream job corresponds with my favorite make up look.

    My fave Dream Job is #3 as is the look. Pretty eyes and subtle lips. Such gorgeous photos!

    Irene says:

    I loved the Jazz Singer!Although all looks were gorgeous!

    erin says:

    I loved the florist look…it was simple, fresh and lovely.

    Kendra says:

    The Detective. The pops of color were all right 🙂

    Abbe says:

    The first one is my fav – love the bright face with the massive headdress – amazing!

    Kate says:

    I love love LOVE the makeup for The Circus Performer – light and fresh and subtle. A little Detective mixed in now and then is nice as well 😉

    Annie says:

    Loved the florist, which resembles my style the most. Wish I could pull of the detective more often!

    Brittany H says:

    Wow!!! That is amazing!!! I loved the florist look the most because I’ve always dreamed of being one… although I would take any of these dream jobs! Great series and collaboration, Bri!

    Emily says:

    Oh, how I adore Benefit – it’s the only makeup I use! All the looks were all gorgeous! The detective was my favorite – maybe because a detective seems like such a fun job!

    Randi says:

    Your detective look was perfect and one of my dream jobs as a child for same Nancy Drew reason. Love your style posts!

    These are all amazing! I love the florist one for the simplicity but love how the mascara makes they eyes really stand out. Great job with these looks!

    sooki says:

    you are stunning and i loved all the looks, but my fave has to be the florist! fresh, bright and happy!

    Jen says:

    All of the looks are exquisite. I love the magical styling a of the circus performer. Beautiful.

    Melanie says:

    Love this whole shoot, I was anticipating each coming look like crazy! I’m a film student and I want to be an editor… so I really like when you feature Arian’s work. Bravo awesome couple. As for the make up goodies, my favorite look was by far the detective. I watched far too many noir films as a child and always loved the idea of being a spy.

    Donna says:

    Jazz Singer all the way!

    The circus performer, for sure! It’s magical!

    Sarah says:

    The Florist, for sure! I <3 Benefit!

    these are so beautiful and fun! I love the florist, so cute and cheerful! everyone did such a great job! loved the video too 🙂

    Morgan says:

    I love the bright and glowy florist look 🙂

    Wow what a huge giveaway!! These were all so awesome but I think my favourite is still the florist. Definitely more my style 🙂 Love these!!

    meg says:

    My favorite look was the detective! I have always loved idea of mystery and intrigue. The make up looked fresh, natural, and still very elegant! I have never considered using these products before, but I will definitely keep them in mind next time! Excellent work!

    I’m so sad this series is over! it’s been so fun to follow along to. my favorite look was the detective, but I think my favorite photoshoot was the florist!

    vanessa says:

    the detective is my favorite because the cat eye {or any eye makeup} is my go to routine for any day i need a good start.

    it’s quite interesting how different your dream jobs are from each other and from your actual job as a designer. i think most creative people have that split interest in very different subjects; i’m a visual arts and my other dram job was being a geologist, it was hard to choose when i had to go to the university but i can always go to school again hehe.

    Emmy Smith says:

    Definately the Jazz singer for me!! Loveddddd the retro look, hair was also impeccable! Although florist was definately a close second. Awesome photography also, i love it!

    Julie Ann says:

    I was waffling between jazz singer and detective, but because of the red lip, the jazz singer look won as my favorite. By the way, I love Bri’s hair in the circus shoot-such perfect curls. I live in Riverside and did not know about that circus prop place. That would be a great dive into visual overload.

    Lauren says:

    THIS look is my fave!! Soo ethereal!

    michelle schumaker says:

    Aghhhh, do I have to pick just one?? My favorite is definitely the circus performer shoot, but the jazz shoot is a very close second! You look fantastic in all of them and I am sure you had a blast doing the shoots. I would love to do that!

    Ashley says:

    I LOVE the make-up for the detective and the hair for the florist! What a great idea for a post, and it is so true that people do have these as their dreams jobs. Beautifully executed.

    Jenna says:

    It’s such a toss up for me between this one and your Florist look! They are so beautiful though! 🙂

    Abigail says:

    Detective by day, circus performer by night! What a life! What a look!

    Morgan Furr says:

    My favorite look had to be the florist because that is my dream too!! If only…

    abigail says:

    The florist look is simply amazing… I love it! I wish I could be surrounded by flowers all day, although I don’t have much of a green thumb.

    Bailey says:

    LOVE love love loved the Detective look! So chic. And I’m obsessed with Benefit’s Hoola! looks amazing on everyone 🙂

    adriana says:

    My favorite look was the circus job look. What girl wouldn’t want to be part of the circus adventure dressed up in this whimsical and playful yet sophisticated look? Lovvved it. Loved the shine under the eyes. It is one of the tricks makeup artists use to bring out certain features, lift brows, bring in light and sparkle in the eyes, avoid the subject looking tired…
    The red dress popped out of the surrounding vintage accessories. When in doubt always go red!

    Amanda says:

    I love the florist! So fresh and dreamy.

    Heather says:

    The florist hands down was my favorite! I just love pretty flowers! The jazz singer was def next up for me.

    Courtney says:

    While I have also dreamed about being a florist, I think that your Jazz Singer look was breathtaking! I like how you stayed away from the super smoky eye and put a fresher spin on it. You kept it sexy & classy at the same time!

    Joanna says:

    My favorite makeup look is the circus performer – so beautiful!

    Christina says:

    I love all the looks but the Jazz Singer was definitely my favorite. Congrats! The video looks fantastic. Your guy did a great job.

    Sammy says:

    ok, seriously how does one even decide? BUUUUT since I have to decide I’ll have to go with my gut which is telling me THE FLORIST.

    Kendra says:

    The florist look was my favorite -so soft and pretty!!

    Holly Marie says:

    My favorite was the jazz singer! Everything about it I loved!!!

    my favorite look was the circus performer. i love the prop house as well!

    The Jazz Singer fo sho! Maybe because I AM a jazz singer! 🙂 Loved this entire series Bri. xo

    Rachel Cohen says:

    Adora the circus performer look! So fresh and so clean clean, and that head dress is the perfect topper to the look.

    Hillary Mitchell says:

    Ohhh, extremely close call between The Jazz Singer and The Florist…yet, for me, The Florist takes the win. Although you look divine as a Jazz Singer, I love the natural, feminine glow of The Florist’s make-up! It’s definitely the look I relate to most; clean and simple, but noticeably pretty.

    Anne says:

    wow. i cant wait to invest in benefit cosmetics. my favs would be a toss up between the hoola bronzer (its so hard to find a good bronzer that does make your face look like a glitter explosion!!), or the flawless oxygen wow foundation. It looks fantastic. Can’t wait to get it on my face. But I would also buy this for its packaging design alone….its magical.

    Megan Walter says:

    The Jazz singer was my favorite! The makeup and style was perfect!


    I would have to say the Circus Performer, but followed so so close by the Jazz singer!! Both are over the top beautiful!!! You look amazing!

    Caren Kreger says:

    Hands Down the Jazz Singer look is my favorite! Made me want to glam up and go out on the town, enjoy a stiff drink and cozy up to my loved one is a dark leather booth somewhere.


    Danielle says:

    Loved the circus look, but the jazz singer was closer to my personal style! Amazing photos.

    Sandy says:

    WOW– Exciting giveaway! My favorite look was the Jazz Singer. I use benetint on the regular, but had NO idea that it could be layered for such a sultry and plump lip! Super sexy and I can’t wait to try it the next time I’m going out.

    Maxi Scheppach says:


    The look that ( besides the beloved clothing AND the classy wonderful car ) remembered me most of Benefit !

    Emma says:

    I loved the Jazz Singer – nothing is more glam than a bold red lip!

    Rachel says:

    i loved the circus look!! but if i’m honest, my personal style is closer to the florist….maybe i should try to embrace my inner circus girl!! =)

    Janice says:

    I am joining this contest for my best friend who lives in California. She loves any festive gatherings, colors, big outfits and the last dream job as circus performer definitely suits her. I think the make up on this one here focuses more of having a great canvass, your face. Amidst all the wonders of circus, the soft and clean make up on this one truly stands out. I live in the Philippines but this entry is for my best friend and this can be a great birthday present surprise for her.

    Love –
    DLF fan!

    Claire says:

    I loved the circus look! Big hair and soft makeup, so fun! xoxoxo

    Kendal says:

    Circus performer, hands down. Love how feminine it is!

    Aleta says:

    Bri, any chance you can tell us where this red dress is from (in the circus shoot)? I’m obsessed with it!! Thanks!

    Sara says:

    I absolutely loved The Circus Performer look! It looked so bright and natural but with a little oomph.

    Briitany says:

    So hard to choose! Probably the circus performer for the giant headdress!

    Danielle says:

    Circus performer! I love the glimmer underneath and the brightness of the overall look. Beautiful!

    Stephanie says:

    JAZZ SINGER, hands down : )

    Abbey eilermann says:

    This series was so so fun! My favorites were definitely the last two. So girly and whimsical! I loved your bright eyes in the circus performer. And that headdress!

    The florist- that is totally a dream job on my list. Lovely series!

    Diana says:

    Wow – your bf is one talented guy! My favorite makeup was the jazz singer, but it’s not one I could pull off (I wouldn’t know where to start!). I’d most likely try to go for the soft look of the circus performer. P.S. This was a great, great campaign!

    Haley says:

    i LOVED the florist look. pore professional is my jam. it is the perfect product. as a benefit gal, i could go crazy in that store. high quality product with picture perfect marketing and packaging. love this!

    Amy Saycich says:

    I loved the make up for hte circus look. The shimmer under the eyes is beautiful and just enough to give the eyes that pop that mine lack at my day job. I think I will start incorporating somethign like that into my routine.

    Sarah says:

    Loved the detective look. Very old Hollywood! Gorgeous!!

    Jessica says:

    I loved all of them really, but I love the Florist the most I think. I’d love to win this package!

    Forrest says:

    I love the jazz singer. Adore red lips!

    Alyssa says:

    I loved the the detective! It has such a retro feel 🙂

    sandy says:

    I loved the circus performer. such a pretty and natural look for everyday!

    Chrissy Wiegand says:

    Circus performer. So soft and pretty. All looks were amazing.

    Lisa says:

    Loved the florist! SO pretty:)

    Casey says:

    This one was definitely my favorite! I loved the Jazz Singer too but, something about the circus is very romantic and mysterious. This was a great campaign, love benefit cosmetics too. 🙂

    Love the Florist! Porcelain skin with a subtle pop of pink lips – definitely my look of choice.

    Kelly says:

    So very hard to choose– they are all so cute and styled beautifully. I love your hair in this one! I think I’d want the florist look for me. 😉 I’ve been using benetint for years, and you must try the Bathina balm, it smells sooo nice.

    Morgan Ashlee says:

    I loved this series! You are so inspiring! My favorite makeup look would have to be the detective (that’s my dream job too)!

    Kimber says:

    Wow! Really great- all of them! My favorite is the florist! I would love that job!!!!

    Michelle Kenyon says:

    I love the jazz singer look the best. You looked so pretty and it suits your style.

    Erin Moon says:

    I love the circus performer the best! That headpiece is crazy awesome!

    Kelly says:

    All the looks were so fun, but I loved the circus performer….the more subtle natural look is totally me!

    Carrie Brantley says:

    Love them all. But the florist is probably most my style makeup wise. Xoxo

    Darrian says:

    I DIE! The Jazz Singer was my favorite look of the 4 (though they were all fantastic.) You looked flawless. I have had a love affair with benefit for awhile, but would love to use them exclusively — this would be the perfect start! Great partnership, Bri!

    Vee P says:

    All the looks are awesome but if I had to choose, definitely the jazz singer. I’ve always wanted to go out with simple neutral makeup and then add that pop of red onto my lips. It feels and looks so classic! And I love your hair style and dress!!! Thanks for the giveaway =D

    Brandie says:

    The Jazz Singer is my favorite although they are all lovely looks.

    Erin says:

    OOh! I love them ALL– and I am wildly jealous at the idea that you even got to do these shoots– dress up and play at different occupations? Cute outfits? Make-up? Play-acting? Yes, PLEASE! (maybe I’ll just do it this weekend– you know, for fun & giggles…)
    Okay, if I had to pick, I’d say that my fave is also the one that is most “me”– The Detective. So retro and sweet, but also a bit sassy.
    Fingers crossed!
    Have a great weekend!

    the florist look was the closest to my style, but I can’t get over this circus performer look, it is FLAWLESS! Holy moly I’m keeping every extremity crossed that I win this one

    Koseli says:

    Get out. Prettiest post series in all the land. Brilliant partnership. The detective was my favorite! High beam and Benetint are my fav products ever.

    Joani says:

    My favorite was the florist! The make-up was fresh & natural—which is totally my style. And the flowers as a “hat” were like a dream—totally gorgeous!

    Meghan says:

    I loved the Jazz Singer- wish I could rock that look everyday!

    Kelly says:

    The detective because I’m convinced I was Nancy Drew in a past life.

    Danielle L says:

    mascara is the florist shoot! what a fun give-a-way!

    Jessica McSweeney says:

    I LOVE the florist look! So natural and pretty. I’ve been dying to try Posie Tint, too, and now that Caitlin over at Style Within Reach mentioned she uses it, too, I think I’m going to take the plunge!

    Olivia says:

    My favorite look was the florist. It was playful, feminine and those fishtail braids were killer. This was a wonderful series to keep up with – thank you for your creative contributions to the blogosphere!

    Laura says:

    Jazz Singer for sure!

    Gwyn says:

    I LOVED the florist look; I adore flowers and outdoor shoots, and your hair was too cute in those braids!

    sarah.a says:

    beautiful series. the florist was a fave 🙂

    Rosie says:

    First of all, this series is AWESOME. I have to say its a tie between The Detective and The Florist for my favorites; I love the Detective’s sass (and eyeliner!) but also can’t help but love the pretty pink Florist makeup! (Although, my dream job would be the Jazz Singer – no doubt!)

    bridget says:

    the detective was my very favorite! those cat eyes were just unspeakable! too, too cute.

    Jessi says:

    i love the jazz singer! a subtle smokey eye… i always aim for this for any dress-up opportunity. but i also love the florist because it’s much like my day-to-day look. who doesn’t love a bubblegum pink lip!?

    Stacy says:

    Wow Bri, I am totally taken back by all the beauty that was captured in this series! You + Benefit is seriously my favorite team-up so far! You two were made for each other! My favorite look was probably the Detective (especially in the video it blew me away!) but I would feel most comfortable wearing the Florist makeup — especially since spring is heading our way! The dress used was so killer.

    Awesome work! My favorite style series so far 🙂

    erica says:

    this one is my favorite look!

    Katie says:

    My favorite was the florist. But the circus one looks so fun too!

    Anna says:

    The detective is my favorite for everyday (I have a bit of a cat eye addiction), but this circus performer is my dream look.

    Monica Wang says:

    the jazz singer fo sure!

    Celeste says:

    I loved all four looks, but the Jazz Singer was my favorite, and whom I wanted to be as a child. Classic, timeless beauty!

    As a Nebraska native, blizzard-prone winters heighten my anticipation for spring months. The Florist dream job is by far my favorite – the pink peonies served as a much needed dose of inspiration. The benefit “lollibop” ultra plush lip gloss is a perfect complement to the memorable floral accents. xoxo

    Erin Turner says:

    All of the looks are great, but the detective styling + makeup is my favorite. Love DLF + Benefit, so this partnership is great!!

    Katie M says:

    I loved the florist look! It was a very simple and natural look, which I loved! All of these have been so great. The art direction, make up, and photography have blown me away.

    it is a tossup between the circus performer and the gardener!
    have a super weekend and thank you for the giveaway.

    Ashley W says:

    I absolutely love the circus performer look. The explosion of color, textures, light, with a touch of magic really speaks to my heart and makes me think back to fond childhood memories. It used to be that the circus was the coolest place to go…a step outside of normalcy and into a world where reality seems like a daydream. Ahhhh…the good ol’ days :]

    Andrea Zamboras says:

    I loved the Jazz singer….I secretly love jazz music because my parents always played it when I was little.

    Arielle says:

    All the looks are stunning and I love the props used for all the shoots! The jazz singer makeup wins my vote as I’m on a real red lipstick kick these days.

    rox says:

    I absolutely adored the circus performer look! it’s just too timeless not to love! thank-you for such a fan-freaking-tastic giveaway…xoxo

    Lindsay J says:

    LOVE the Florist look! It’s so light and springy and lovely, just like my style! I also LOVE Benefit. I always go to their brow-bars!!! What an awesome prize, just in time for Spring!

    Definitely the detective!

    Celeste says:

    My favorite was the jazz singer look- just the right amount of glam and sass. (but I think the florist look was probably closest to my actual style, with a mix of girly and practical) You look beautiful in all of them, though! You look like you are having so much fun, I think I seriously need to step up my glamour game.

    Kayla says:

    I loved this series. Such a fun group of shots! I think my favorite look was the detective.

    Jessica says:

    My favorite look was the circus performer!

    Rosemary says:

    The Florist was most definitely my favorite look and the closest to my personal style. I love everything floral! Great series!

    Emily says:

    Love the jazz singer look for evening! The florist is definitely my style for daytime, natural and soft.

    Kayla says:

    I love these shots! I think my favorite look was the detective!

    gabrielle says:

    I really really loved this series. My favorite look was the Jazz Singer, but the one that is most “me” is the Florist! Best series ever xoxo

    Cristin says:

    The detective was fabulous!

    stephanie says:

    my favorite makeup look was dream job – florist. the makeup was so simply, yet dreamy. however, the one that was most my style would be the jazz singer. i would kill to wear that dress! it’s gorgeous.

    Tiffany Shoneck says:

    I love the circus performer look so pretty. I would love to win all this make up. 🙂

    Heather says:

    I am obsessed with the detective look! Absolutely something I’d do on myself! Love Benefit! xx

    Liz says:

    I love the jazz singer!!

    Ann says:

    I love this series – the jazz singer look is my favorite (also one of my secret dream jobs).

    Amy says:

    the circus job was by far the dreamiest!! but the detective job is definitely my go-to look on a daily basis! a simple cat eye always saves the day!

    Nicole says:

    This was such a fun series of posts 🙂 I loved the florist and the detective looks! Can’t wait to try them on myself!

    Emily L says:

    I love the circus performer look! Such a natural and soft look!

    Kellie says:

    It’s a tough call between “The Detective” and the Jazz Singer, but I’ve got to go with the Detective.

    Dayanna says:

    i just watched the link off your facebook for this series – i am speechless! gorgeous is an understatement, and i just love how this speaks to the inner whimsical dreamer in all of us! too pick one look?! oh man, well the gypsy earth lover in me loved the trendy take on the florist! ❤

    anne says:

    Oh my gosh, Bri! This is such an incredible series! And that video that Arian did was absolutely incredible. So whimsical and fun! I was smiling the entire time, and was literally on the edge of my seat to see how he captured all the looks through video. His use of the old style video camera for the florist was an awesome effect. It reminded me of the dreamy scenes in Annie Hall when he’s remembering his time with Annie, when their relationship was good. So beautiful!

    I am so completely impressed, and this is so inspiring! Ah!

    Anyways, my favorite look was by far the detective. I loved the hair, especially the one big curl in front, and the makeup was so pretty.

    Thanks so much for putting this together. I am seriously so inspired and so amazed at this content. Such a joy for us readers to take in!

    Sara says:

    I loved the jazz singer one – the red lip was perfect. For me, though, the florist is more my style. I loved all of them, though. The photos are gorgeous!

    Lis says:

    My favorite makeup look on you is the jazz singer… and that dress! Wow. Only wish we could have heard your singing voice in the video 🙂 The look that’s most my style is the circus performer. Understated shimmer and sparkle since the main attraction is the accessories & the act! Great series DesignLoveFest & Benefit!

    Lyndie says:

    I LOVED detective, that car was hot. But I can’t deny the Circus Performer. I love a shimmer, and lets be honest, I’ve dressed as a ringleader for about the past 5 halloweens. Such a fun project!!

    Emily says:

    Wonderful series & giveaway! I actually think the circus performer is more my style, although I loved the Jazz Singer’s dramatic red lip.

    Ada says:

    I thought the style that was most “me” was the detective look, but my favorite one was the florist! Especially in the video, it just had such a sweet and whimsical feel to the shoot.

    Emma says:

    Definitely the jazz singer. I’m a huge fan of bold lipsticks and I actually am a singer/songwriter by profession! What a perfect fit. The florist is a close second, though. I’ve always wanted to work in a flower shop for a day and I thought the photo shoot idea was absolutely brilliant and well executed. Way to go!

    Yvonne says:

    I definitely love the Jazz singer the best. But you killed all four! What a fun idea!

    erica says:

    These were all so much fun but I love love love the jazz singer look. Red lipstick just makes me feel glamourous.

    xo erica

    Cori Magee says:

    Such a creative series, you’re stepping up the blog game yet again! That video was cut perfectly, so great!

    Cassandra says:

    My favorite look was the Jazz singer. I think that’s most like my own!

    Cate says:

    First of all, the video with the music(!) brought this shoot to life in the most amazing way. I loved all 4 looks, but the one that is most my style would be the florist. It has a sort of playful, magical quality that I adore.

    Kayla says:

    You looked so smokin’ in the detective shoot. Seriously. That 60’s eyeliner paired with that gnarly awesome pin curl. Wow. Retro beauty at its finest. Going to try that pin curl for my next night out. bow chica wow wow.

    So hard to pick – I loved all the looks! I think the Jazz Singer might be my favorite though because it was so dramatic (however, the Florist is probably the closest to my style). Gorgeous, all around!

    Vanessa says:

    I loved the jazz singer look! I throw back to old Hollywood glamour!

    Laura Rodriguez says:

    I loved the florist look! So soft and pretty!

    Ali Langner says:

    As a fellow blonde, I’m always looking at Bri’s style posts to get makeup and hair inspiration. I loved the DETECTIVE look the most, not because it was the most “me” of all the looks, but because it was the most aspirational look for me. The way that shoot was styled was a perfect example of how that type of makeup can look great on anyone, but especially how that look translates on light skinned, blondes.

    Thanks for the fun post!

    amy williams says:

    I love the detective-the trench coat and glasses look amazing!

    Anne says:

    The Detective is GORGEOUS, and I think it probably is most my style as well!

    Kristen Seghers says:

    I love the Jazz Singer, I think it really highlights the makeup looks best and is most easy for customers to relate to. She looks great and the set is awesome. Pretty, Pretty!

    Sarah Ross says:

    I loved the Jazz singer!

    zoë says:

    I loved the FLORIST look. Stunning colors and wonders!

    Emma says:

    I loved the jazz singer look, very 1920s! Hope to win!

    Alejandra says:

    The circus performer for sure… there is something about the circus that just drives me wild!! <3

    Tracy says:

    My favorite is the Circus Performer look. It is so light, soft, and ethereal. I love the way it brings out Bri’s blue eyes. I am really interested in that brightening face powder; win or lose, I have to check that out.

    Melissa says:

    I seriously loved all the looks! The circus performer was probably my favorite. Loved the big hair and soft makeup. Amazing video as well!

    Anna Keiser says:

    I definitely am more of the detective with a cat eye on a day to day basis! But I loveee the circus performer look with the more natural eye and pinkish tones, also love that hair girl! Going to have to try out those amazing curls! Bri – this project was an awesome idea!

    Audrey says:

    My favorite look was the florist. Those peonies were stunning, and the make-up complimented the colors perfectly! xo

    Alivia G says:

    I love the fresh feel of the florist!

    Kathryn says:

    I loved the Florist! I love the light shimmery lip and the big lashes!

    My favorite was definitely the florist—the shot with the flowers surrounding you was perfection! As a designer and photographer, I love integrating nature into my work, and you achieved this in such a lovely unexpected way, even though it’s a subject matter that’s covered so often. Bravo Bri! I’m also a long-time fan and user of benefit and would looove to update my collection of products with these winnings. What a dream! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway, and for all these amazingly art-directed shoots. It’s been amazing to see where you’ve been going with all your style posts recently. xoxo

    Katie says:

    They were all beautiful, but I think the florist would be most my style.

    Jennifer says:

    I liked the Florist look. There’s a natural freshness to the look among the green and flowery background/surroundings.

    Gina says:

    I like the jazz singer the best, but I have such a hard time with bright red lipstick because I’m always paranoid about it smearing!

    amanda says:

    loved the concept of this project. fun to see the process.
    I loved the florist look the best…simple but bright.

    Sarah M says:

    Jazz Singer! I’m a sucker for a red lip 🙂

    Jessica B says:

    Let’s face it, I practically AM the detective.

    Megha H. says:

    It is a tie for me! Either the Florist or the Jazz singer.

    Sarah says:

    I have loved this series! My favorite has to be the circus look- so glowy and fun! My makeup could use a full overhaul- such a great prize!

    Chantal Ingram says:

    My favorite was definitely the jazz singer look! Sequins and red lipstick. Divine!

    milynn says:

    Yay! I loved all of your looks in this series. My favorite though is your jazz singer look! You just look so stunning!

    Michelle Iujvidin says:

    The Detective! It reminds me of the glamour of Hitchcock’s leading ladies in any of his films!

    sarah bean says:

    How fUN!! Love the detective look, but the circus performer wins for favorite and most my style (maybe because I wish I was one in a past life 🙂 )

    Sasha Lynne says:

    I love the florist, itching for spring you look fresh faced and whimsical. But lets be honest, all are beautiful and each look has its own time and place.

    My favorite look was definitely the circus performer – the hair and lashes were simply perfect. However, I think that with my current lifestyle, the florist look is most likely what I’d be going for on a day-to-day basis. I love Benefit Cosmetics – their products have helped me gain confidence in my appearance (which trickled over to my work life) over the last couple of years; my go-to meeting lipstick is Lady’s Choice. 🙂

    the circus…hands. down! period. completely and uttterly magical. although they all had a magical quality. your photos come out amazing…super inspiring.

    Esther says:

    I would have to go with the Florist, although I love the shimmer under the eyes in this shoot. Thanks for the giveaway!

    MFree says:

    I love love love that video! The music is just so perfect. My favorite look is the detective! Thank you!

    Annie says:

    My favorite was definitely the florist… that shot of you lying on the ground traced in flowers– perfection.

    kelly says:

    Such a hard decision, they were all so beautiful! But, I’d definitely have to go with the retro vibe of the jazz singer: loved the drama of the entire look. Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

    emily rose says:

    The jazz singer! Classy but sultry. Bold lip and smoky eye is my dream look 🙂

    Ellie says:

    Definitely the detective! Loved the eyeliner!

    elissa says:

    i LOVED the florist love. so soft and fresh and the hair was amazing as well. i’m seriously in need of makeup. fingers crossed!

    Kerry H says:

    LOVE them all but my favorite is the jazz singer! Gorgeous!

    Laura says:

    The music was perfect for the video! I think my favorite is the florist (which is also my secret dream job). Bright, happy and pretty

    Christina says:

    The jazz singer is my fav! Great stills and love the video.. what a fun project!

    Emma says:

    I love the circus look. I could so easily see something like that going over the top with color and sparkle. This more subdued take is fabulous.

    Anonymous says:

    my favorite look was the jazz singer damn, you look fabulous! I love red lips and big curls…great series, bri!!!

    The circus is absolutely my favorite (I may be biased because of the feather headdress, but still). And the video is glorious – so impressed by the soundtrack as well.

    monica says:

    I loved the jazz singer look! loved these series!

    Michal says:

    I LOVED the detective look! Very elegant and yet sexy! So pretty 🙂

    Sara says:

    The Florist – so girly, fresh, and fun. Everything from the braids, cheery make-up, and and basket of flowers was perfect. I want to live in that world.

    Heylee Heep says:

    wow, that video was magical!
    my favorite look was the florist – i’ve always thought that would be the most fun job!

    michelle says:

    I am so torn because all are seriously so great, but I feel like I would rock the florist look hard if given the right (cosmetic) tools : )

    Lauren says:

    I loved the jazz singer…so glamorous! Makes me wish performers still looked like that.

    Tish says:

    Now this was cool beans! I’d have to say my favorite look was the florist look. I loved the sweet simplicity of the look. The video was a treat. You have a very talented film guy on your hands there. Can’t wait to see what else you two cook up together.

    Andrea Darst says:

    Love the jazz singer look! I’m such a fan of the 20’s and this is so right up my alley! Gorg!

    Latrina says:

    Wow, Bri. This has got to be the most coolest & beautiful blog series you’ve done yet. I can not imagine how much fun you must have had doing this! Arain done such a wonderful job at documenting it, too. Gorgeous film! Gorgeous imagery! And love love the makeup + costumes.

    I’ve been following your blog + work for about two years now… and I have to say I am so proud of you. What a dream job! And I means YOURS — not the other four. 😛

    However, if I had to choose between the looks.. and mind you — this is extremely hard because I love them ALL. I would probably choose the Detective look. The make-up chosen seems to fit my style the best. 🙂

    Again, love this series! My husband just brought me home two perfumes from benefit. 🙂 …what an awesome husband, am I right? 🙂 Love their products!

    Ces says:

    My absolute favorite is the Florist Style. I wear makeup but I always aim for a fresh look and I think the look for the Florist series showcases that. 🙂

    michelle says:

    I loved the circus performer– its very natural and innocent looking. I love when make up looks natural and effortless

    Shawnee says:

    Bri! Ohmygosh, I’m dying. All of these looks are so creative, fun, and stunning! All of these dream jobs are definitely on my list as well. If I HAD to pick just one favorite.. the circus performer. that headdress + your hair is gorgeous. but truly they were all fantastic! xo

    Theresa says:

    I really loved the jazz singer look! I thought the makeup captured the look perfectly with a bold, red lip and sultry, dark eyes. I’d definitely try that look on myself if I win 🙂

    Kacy says:

    Loved them all. I connect to the Florist the most. Lined eyes and a pink lip–my go-to!

    Meredith says:

    I love the Circus Performer look the best! The colors are bold and beautiful, and Benefit has the best makeup – period.

    Amy Powell says:

    they were all stunning, but I loved the jazz singer the best. that whole look is exactly my style. (and oh my gosh, that video! breathtaking)

    Rachel says:

    Hands down the jazz singer! The eyes! The lips! The mic! I love this look 🙂

    Abbey says:

    I LOVED your jazz singer look! It was so glamorous and perfect! I would wear that bold lip every day practically. Hope I win! 🙂

    Janelle says:

    My favorite was the florist look! Loved the soft, ethereal vibe. So gorgeous! The circus performer was definitely a close second. LOVED!

    Tiffany says:

    Wow! This was such a great series, with tons of makeup inspiration. I really loved each dream job, but my favorite has to be the florist. The bright illuminating powders with a simple rose cheek stain and hint of gloss is a sweet and chic everyday look! Thanks, Bri for sharing such great imagery!


    Lorie Ann D says:

    Without a doubt…the florist is the best of all, so whimsical…so magic, love it!

    Lauren says:

    I LOVE the florist look! So dreamy!

    Laci says:

    I love the Jazz singer, rule #1: you can never go wrong with a red lip.

    I heart them all, but if I have to choose, then I choose the florist. They were crazy-magical-dreamy.

    Amy says:

    Loved the florist… “I want to go to there!”

    Marissa says:

    I’d have to go with The Detective. I die over the vintage-looking eye makeup. Those lashes!!

    Kaitlyn says:

    I love them all! If I had to pick one, I’d choose the florist!

    Suzanne says:

    I loved all of these looks on Bri, but I think the florist is probably my favorite and the closest to my look! I aspire to pull off the jazz singer red lip/smokey eye for a party one of these days too!

    Chelsea says:

    I loved the detective look! The makeup was so classic and beautiful and it definitely brought back some “We’ll solve any crime, by dinner time” memories!

    Nicholle Astengo says:

    They are all so cute, but I think my favorite look is the Detective. Retro styling, cat eye, and a little bit of mystery-love it!

    Leah says:

    My favorite was the detective one. Classic, glam-bam!

    Logan Fisher says:

    Wow, I have completely ADORED this series. Out of all of the looks, the Circus Performer look definitely wins for me. I’ve always wanted to become a fortune teller and run away to the circus, so I completely feel the excitement and wonder that comes along with this dream. Not to mention…I’m currently working to learn how to palm read. Just because I didn’t chose the circus…doesn’t mean I can’t still learn some of the tricks!

    Anna says:

    I love the detective look – so understated, yet still full of the old Hollywood glamour from the 1940s. Gorgeous!

    Jamie says:

    It is sooooo hard to pick just one, but if pushed to answer I would say The Detective. It reminds me of old Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn looks.

    Sarah says:

    the circus performer look is lovely! the shimmer under the eyes is definitely a trick i’ll be trying soon!

    Love the detective look! Definitely my favorite makeup (and style) look.

    Athena Kramer says:

    I love the detective. (That is… If I have to pick only 1)

    Trish Bautista says:

    I loved this Style series and I am a huge fan of Benefit cosmetics (cannot live without Benetint!) I loved the Detective look – liquid liner cat-eye is my go-to make-up look for special events! How fun to play dress-up!

    Amanda says:

    I loved them all, but I’m a sucker for the pin-up look, so I gotta go with the jazz singer for both makeup and style.

    Krystyna says:

    You are beautiful in all of the looks. I liked the red lips of the jazz singer the most for me.

    jessica says:

    i love the florist. so cheerful and bright.

    Moorea Seal says:

    I love all the looks so much! But I think the Jazz Singer is my absolute favorite 🙂
    xo Moorea

    Lindsay says:

    I don’t even know how to pick a favorite; they were all so beautiful! I can see myself using the Florist look day to day though 🙂

    Stephanie says:

    Jazz Singer was definitely my favorite! Dark red lips, smokey bar, microphone…love!

    Liz Fulton says:

    I lovedlovedloved all the looks! I’m a big fan of playing around with my makeup so I’d say they’re all my style, depending on my mood/outfit/day!

    Jessica says:

    This whole series was so dreamy! I totally got wrapped up in the idea of working in all of these fabulous careers. I LOVE the circus performer make-up, but think that the florist make-up is the most me, and the smokey eye from the detective look is the thing that I want to re-create most! Count me in for the giveaway please ma’am!!!!

    Stacy says:

    loved this whole series! my favorite makeup look was the detective: classic, feminine, with the focus on the eyes (my favorite feature!)

    Caroline Weir says:

    I absolutely loved the detective look, probably because Nancy Drew was one of my childhood style icons. The look was natural and beautiful. The florist reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, another personal favorite! It is impossible for to make look less than stellar!

    Katie says:

    I just really love your hair in the detective look, but makeup-wise probably the Jazz singer.

    Tarah says:

    Loved the detective. I always wanted to be Harriet the Spy when I was little, brought back so many lovely memories!

    christine says:

    What a fun and inspiring project! Each one has its own merits, but I have to go with The Gardener; fresh, fun and flirty – it makes me excited for spring and seemed to fit very well with Bri. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Katie says:

    I loved the jazz singer. The makeup (and hair. and wardrobe. and photography.) was absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous.

    Anastasia says:

    Don’t get me wrong-I ADORE all the looks, but I must say the Jazz Singer takes the cake. So glamorous and classic (not to mention super sassy). You totally rocked the vibe and the red lip! How very Billie Holiday of you.

    Nee says:

    My favorite look was the jazz singer. The hair and makeup was flawless!

    Melanie says:

    Oh man what a hard decision! But alas, I’m a lipstick kinda gal, so I’ve gotta go with the jazz singer. I’m like you, Bri, in that I never wear eye shadow..but I love those creamy, neutral colors for a smokey eye!

    Thanks for teaming up with Benefit for this great project + giveaway!

    Rachael says:

    Definitely the Detective. Very Nancy Drew. I just loved the video!

    Heather says:

    The florist was my favorite look! It’s also one of my dream jobs. I love Benefit and think this was a perfect partnership. I hope I win!

    Eileen says:

    I absolutely LOVED this series Bri! My favorite of your looks was the Jazz Singer – so fun and glamourous. I would say the one that is most me is the Florist – fresh, clean and girly! <3

    Sarah says:

    I actually am a circus performer, so I’d love to put those products to use in real life 🙂

    lisa says:

    i loved the florist look! The freshness of your makeup was a perfect match to the freshness of the flowers. This is definitely also my look and is making me so excited to dress up for spring!

    Rebecca says:

    I love the jazz singer-I’ve always wished I had the voice to sing old standards.

    bethany says:

    first of all, the concept + execution are flawless! well done! (and you are so beautiful!) i think the jazz singer and the florist are my favorite make-up looks.

    Kasey says:

    Woo! I typically do my look like the Florist…but maaaaan I wish I could pull off the Jazz Singer. Totally my fav.

    Jessica H says:

    All of them were stunning but my favorite one was the first one, Jazz Singer. I love the contrast of the red lip against your bright blue eyes!

    Haley Rose says:

    All the looks are lovely, but the jazz singer is my favorite!

    Allison says:

    what an awesome concept for a campaign. well done, bri + benefit! my favorite look by far is the florist.

    Jean Cartwright says:

    Circus performer! I love the fresh, clean face look.

    Jessica P. says:

    i absolutely loved the detective look!!! 🙂

    Tori says:

    OMG!!!!! this is definitely my favorite look (though they were all AMAZING). the luminous eyes are to die for! i’ll definitely be copying the under-eye glow next time i do something fantastic.

    Abigail says:

    I absolutely love the jazz singer look! So glittery and glamorous! Whats not to love?

    cindy says:

    The Jazz performer was Awesome!!!all of them were great but that was my favorite

    Claire says:

    What a fun shoot! I wish I could do my eyes like yours in the Detective! I have the shakiest hands though. 🙁 The Florist is probably more my speed. All were beautiful!

    Anonymous says:

    No brainier for me: The Florist.
    Braids, flowers, glowing makeup…Oh, my! Simple and stunning at the same time. Love. Love. Love.

    Helen says:

    i love this one, the circus! who doesn’t love a bright feather? your face in all of the ads look flawless!

    sarah says:

    Love them all but florist is right up my ally!

    tara says:

    Florist all the way! I should really start wearing flowers in my hair more often. Can’t get enough!

    Elyse says:

    My look is the Detective. Love it!

    Mollie says:

    Apparently we had the same dream jobs… maybe it’s our age? I think my top dream job would be the circus performer!

    All of the looks have been so amazing! I think the circus one is my favorite though. The colors are amazing!! And how fun is the feathered headpiece?!

    jessica says:

    I loved them all, but my favorite is the Detective!

    The Florist! Hands down 🙂

    -Sarah Williamson

    shasta says:

    Let’s go to the circus! I thought I’d never say it but I’d like to wear circus makeup 🙂

    xoRachel says:

    Can I just say >your< job would be my favorite? creating and dressing up all day for work– I <3 it.
    Out of the 4 though, def the florist. Beautiful series!

    roxy says:

    I love them all! My fave would be the circus performer..the feathers get me.

    Melanie Abrantes says:

    The florist!! You looked adorable and looked the most natural!

    Caroline says:

    What an amazing collaboration. I love each and every one of the makeup looks, but the Circus Performer is by far my favorite. It is the perfect combination of glamorous, etherial, bombshell, and girl next door. Great job!

    Kestrel says:

    My favorite shoot was the Jazz singer, it reminded me of Cabaret and Chicago, dark and smoky underground bars! Loved the hair detail and the red lipstick. Follow your dream and become a singer Bri!

    Jennifer says:

    I love the Circus Performer look. Soft, subtle, yet still pretty.

    LC says:

    I loved the Jazz singer, but the detective was probably more me. It has me seriously considering red lips now.

    Ashley Taylor says:

    I loved the Jazz Singer look, though the Detective was a close second. I wanted to be Nancy Drew when I was a kid… actually, I still want to be Nancy Drew.

    Megan says:

    I like the florist look, it’s so fresh and natural. 🙂

    laura says:

    Circus performer for sure! So fresh and, to rhyme cause why not, I love the head dress.

    bethany says:

    My favorite look was the jazz singer. The dark eyeliner on top that has a slightly pineup girl quality to it with the ashy line on the bottom of the lids is what i try to accomplish in my everyday look. Ive always wanted to try the bright lips, they look good on so many models, but i havent found just the right shade yet. LOVE this look 🙂

    Mary says:

    I Love The Detective Look! it reminds me of the old and fascinating film about the detective, also I find it very elegant and fresh is really very nice!

    Paige says:

    The Jazz singer! So beautiful! I would love this. xo

    Nnenna says:

    I absolutely loved this series and I’m sad to see it end. I hope you’ll do something similar again or revisit this in the near future!

    All of the looks were dreamy, but my favorite out of the bunch would have to be the detective look. I also wanted to be Nancy Drew when I was younger so I most identify with this look. Plus the lovely trench coat and scarf over your head has such a great vibe of old school glamour. Thanks for the amazing giveaway opportunity!

    star-crossed smile

    Ash says:

    The florist – both my favorite and my style! love love loved this series.

    Leah says:

    When I was young Harriet the Spy was my absolute hero so I resonate with the detective! However, I adore the Circus Performer, she is so fabulous and magical.

    the florist was my favorite and most like me! loved every look though!

    Maeve says:

    The detective all the way! xoxo

    Laney says:

    This was a wonderful series! I have to say The Detective was my favorite look – I love the eyeliner.

    I love, love, LOVE the circus performer look. There’s something about simple makeup that I just can’t get enough of, probably because I’m fair skinned and can’t handle a lot on my face. But the way the white-rimmed eyes and pale lip meshes is perfection!

    Deepshikha says:

    I love them all but the detective was definitely the most my style 🙂 I love cat like eyeliner!

    I heart The Florist!! It’s refreshing and dreamy! It screams spring is here! Love it and of course the bright flowers and fun textures make the look <3

    Linnae says:

    The florist is DEFINITELY my favorite! You’re a doll.

    Danyelle says:

    I absolutely love the detective look, it’s gorgeous! I love the makeup and the clothes. I was definitely born during the wrong time.

    MaryBeth says:

    I loved the soft glow makeup of the circus performer. Wouldn’t it be nice to live the gypsy life!

    Crazy mad love for all of your dreams. My heart skipped a beat and grew when I saw The Florist! So loving the fresh, flirty, I am loving my life that you captured in this style. ADORE. Just beautiful glowy sassy skippy and colors just to the moon. What a treasure!!!

    Marissa says:

    All of these looks are fantastic but my favorite makeup look was the florist; I love a pop of color, especially with a pink lip. So gorgeous! This is also closest to my style especially now when I’m longing for Spring.

    Sara says:

    My favourite was definitely the florist! I loved everything about the shoot – your hair, your makeup, your dress, the setting. So adorable!

    Bri you looked stunning in all of the looks, and your boyfriend did an amazing job on the video. So dreamy and fun! I think The Florist is probably more my style. Relaxed, bright, glowy, fresh and a little bohemian.

    Kristen says:

    The detective. I’m all about the retro makeup, and benefit tints/bronzer are the best!

    Alexa says:

    The Jazz singer is definitely my favourite, you look gorgeous! I love the old school Hollywood glamour style with Moulin Rouge being my favourite film and this look makes me want to don a beaded flapper dress and slick on the red lippy crooning away to some hot jazz.

    Adrienne B says:

    What an awesome giveaway, I absolutely love Benefits! I think I like this makeup look the best as it is simple but beautiful.

    Eve says:

    Beautiful. I think the florist was most my style, but all of the looks were lovely.

    lea says:

    this series is awesome – i think my dream job might be yours! my favorite look was the florist one – so cute and I thought the concept was super creative too!

    BLIŹNIAKI says:

    Najbardziej podoba nam się cyrkowa stylizacja <333 fryzura, paznokcie, buty, sukienka, pióropusz, róż, diamenty !!! ;]]]

    Kelly says:

    The detective was my favorite look, and also a dream job of mine! My dad had that car (but in plum) when I was growing up and I begged him to let me drive it when I turned 16. All of the looks were amazing! What a fun and awesome project. I love seeing ideas become a reality. I can tell you put a lot of time and thought into the project, and the whole thing turned out great!

    Adrienne K says:

    I wish I was more “The Jazz singer” but truth be told I’m “The Detective” all the way. 🙂

    Jessica says:

    I love this circus one!! I like the shimmer

    Oh gosh Bri. I was just going to comment how much that video rocks! Your guy did a wonderful job, and that music was perfect! I might as well say, the florist was my favorite makeup. Not to mention, the florist’s styling!! The whole project was the stuff of dreams!!! You are such a lucky lady. Whoever wins this should put the makeup to use in creating one of HER dream jobs. I think that would be too fun. Good luck everyone!!!

    Cassi says:

    My favorite look would probably be the jazz singer, there’s just something about that nostalgic glamour that gets me every time! The look that’s most me, however, is the florist’s look! The bright colors and fresh face are what I normally go for! 🙂

    Michelle says:

    I loved the detective look! The winged eyeliner was fantastic on you xo

    Christina says:

    I loved the circus look. I just finished reading Water For Elephants and I’m obsessed

    Elizabeth says:

    My favorite look was the florist!

    Carolyn says:

    I liked the florist the best! 🙂

    the circus performer! absolute dream land xo

    Cassandra says:

    I am loving the circus performer. It was definitely a look I would wear out at night (minus the headpiece, might get cumbersome or else I’d go for that part too!) Also, that place you found to do that shoot was AMAZINGLY EPIC. I need more magic like that in my life, and I think a stock of Benefit Cosmetics might just get me a little bit closer!

    annie says:

    the detective look for sure!

    Audra says:

    Detective, definitely! loved that look, so classic…made me think of hitchcock and who doesn’t want to look like they stepped out of one of his films? (the answer is no one, obviously) The whole series was beautifully done Bri.

    Liz says:

    I am in love with the jazz singer look!

    My favorite was The Detective. Loved this whole series to pieces! 🙂

    Anna says:

    Bri, you look gorgeous and your dude did a great job on the video. The Detective is my favorite in this series!

    Casey R says:

    i loved your florist look! the make-up was so gorgeous in that shoot!

    Rebecca says:

    Love the detective look…high beam product is amazing at making me look like I actually got some sleep!

    Tara O. says:

    My favorite is the Jazz singer. I love the glamour and the music. The other look I liked almost as much was the Detective. Both were beautiful.

    Heather J says:

    I love the circus performer look- beautiful!

    Gloria says:

    I love the glam look of the circus performer, but the detective is closer to my personal style 🙂

    Katrina says:

    Absolutely loved the detective look!

    Alexis Bryn says:

    The florist look, hands down. The fish tail braids, the long, light jacket over the dress with rain boots – and the makeup was perfectly dewy and flirty (definitely my style)! You nailed it Bri!

    Nataly says:

    Without a doubt, the florist was my favorite look! But you looked beautiful in all of them, goodness! I envy your style 😉

    Jenn says:

    I definitely think the jazz singer was my favorite! So classic.

    Jesse says:

    All are amazing, but the florist is my favorite! I love how bright, refreshing, and sweet of a look it is. Great job, team!

    Leigh says:

    Benefit is one of my favorite brands! So many products I would love to try… my favorite look was the florist-so whimsical!

    Megan says:

    They’re all great! My favorite? The circus performer!

    Caraline says:

    The florist and the circus performer! Both are so whimsical! Love it all Bri!

    Neesha says:

    I love the jazz singer style, the pop of color on the lips was beautiful! However, I think I associate more with the floral look, I like to keep my makeup simple and clean.

    Kimberley says:

    I love the circus performer! the makeup is so clean looking with just a hint of something extra.

    Tyler says:

    The circus performer for sure! So magical. I love benefit!!

    Allise says:

    The florist is my fave! That’s what this mama wants to be one day when I grow up!

    Chiara says:

    I love the circus performer look. This series was so much fun to follow!

    Sirry says:

    I would choose the detective look, though they are all amazing!

    Maria McGinty says:

    Love, love, love the jazz singer pout + eye make-up. My style is definitely more along the lines of The Florist. So fun!

    Tina says:

    Hmmm, tough choice but I LOVED the florist look! The flowers in your hair….ah, what a dreamy series altogether. Benefit flawlessly rocks this one.

    brianna says:

    most definitely the florist! so earthy and light, while also being feminine. so great!

    Clara says:

    My favorite would have to be the circus performer! I love the big hair and the makeup is so soft and pretty! Loved this series! 🙂

    Leigh says:

    First, let me say, I just absolutely loved this series!!!! That headrest is absolutely stunning here! Second, I think the flower girl makeup fit my style most. I loved the natural look with the subtleness of the eyeshadow! I probably would only wear a little bit more light eyeliner just on the underneath outside half of the eye. It defines my eyes just a little bit more.

    steph nelsen says:


    Stacy says:

    I adore the Cirrus Performer. It looked like a picture out of a magazine. The make up was so exquisitely natural with enough uniqueness to catch your attention, the hair texture was big sexy and voluminous and the headpiece was was breathtaking.

    Jessica says:

    The Detective is definitely most my style. Such a cute look!

    Mesun says:

    I definitely think the “Detective” look was fantastic. The lip color was perfect! How fitting Benefit cosmetics was used for the detective portion of the Dream Job posts.

    Britney says:

    That is actually the hardest question! I would say my fav is the florist and the jazz singer. And then the detective and the circus performer. Oh-kay I’ll be honest. I LOVE THEM ALL!! This is the best series ever Bri! No really!! Its just ah. You are brilliant and Arian is sooooo talented. If I marry a video maker I’d be a happy lady.

    Allie says:

    I think the florist, but it was so hard to choose! Love the detective, too.

    Viet says:

    My favorite makeup would be the jazz singer because that red lipstick KILLS! But as far as what is more of my style, I would say the florist – so dreamy! xo

    Jordan says:

    Definitely loved the detective look the best!

    liss says:

    love love love the florist look! really, what a dream!

    Candice says:

    I love them all seriously!! But I do rock the red lips a lot so id have to say the Jazz Singer is my fav 🙂 I hope I win!!!

    Sophia C. says:

    Dream Job 01!!!! The Jazz Singer 🙂

    cecily says:

    my favorite look was definitely from the jazz singer post. i LOVE a bold, red lip-it’s my go-to for a night out!

    Lauren says:

    I loved the florist! So light!

    Michelle says:

    I loved them all and it looked like you had such a good time shooting this series. Awesome concepts all around! If I had to pick a favorite though I would have to go with the florist. It seemed the most whimsical of the four and I loved that shot of you with the flower outline!

    Sandra B. says:

    My favorite look has to be the detective. It just looks so clean, fresh, and natural. Definitely my go to type of look.

    Jenn R. says:

    This entire project looked like SO much fun! Cudos to your for making it happen. I adored the circus performer look—it’s the perfect combination of simple, whimsical and polished. Well done!

    Angie G. Nanez says:

    The florist is my favorite, but then I do like the jazz singer also..

    Bri, the circus leader is my fav (best for last), love the feathered headdress! Also, the benefit “they’re real!” mascara is my fav, wearing it now!

    XO, Stefanie
    Life on the Squares

    Erin says:

    The detective for sure! Smoldering and clever!

    Kaelyn says:

    The jazz singer was my favorite makeup look! I love the smoky eye and red lips! This series was great. I’d love to see more like this!

    Nieka says:

    The florist was by far my favorite look. I loved that there was a playfulness to it! The bouquets and flowers that were used were just gorgeous! Those huge ones in your hair? Love! The boots with the dress was adorable. Loved all of them, but that one was definitely my favorite!

    Terra says:

    I absolutely adore the detective look! The make-up, the hair, and styling is so vintage. I’d die to look that classy. I head scarf frames the gorgeous make-up.

    Jenna says:

    I loved them all but I think I have to go with the circus performer. Light, sparkly and beautiful!

    Sarah says:

    I love the glamour of the Circus Performer but I think the Detective is more my style. Gorgeous!

    Sophie M. says:

    Wow, Bri! Such an amazing project! My favorite look is definitely the florist. I just love the simple, playful vibe. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    michelle says:

    I love the florist! Beautiful, fresh and clean with a light pink lip. I adore the picture of you laying on the grass with the flower outline. Amaze balls.

    Andrea says:

    I just love the last look, the circus performer. The big hair and subtle makeup is such my style. Also, i love the colors you are wearing. Love Benefit, especially the Benetint. Such a life changing product!

    sydney says:

    I love the detective look– very Faye Dunaway-Bonnie and Clyde (even though she wasn’t a detective in that one!)

    Jenn says:

    I love the florist look, I still think about changing professions to become one, but the circus performer is more my style.

    Carolyn H says:

    Ahh I absolutely loooove love love the Florist look! Everything from the flowers to the makeup is perfection. I love the fresh-faced illuminating glow!

    Vy says:

    The florist was my favorite. How nice it would be to work with florals all day long!

    Heather M says:

    My favorite look was the Jazz Singer! Such a fun series!

    Kelly says:

    I totally related to your florist post! Is cool how all aspects of art come together for so many different jobs! And the boots/ dress combo is one of my go-tos!

    Lillie Kate says:

    Oh lordy, these are to die for… I couldn’t wait to find out what the last look was this week and it is most definitely my favorite! I absolutely adore that headpiece, and with a crown on top of it all… too perfect! I’m going to figure out a way to rock that makeup ASAP, as for the hair, I can only dream of a mane that magical (you really got on trend with the wild curls, I’ve seen them in many shows this fashion season)! Keep doing your thang Bri! xoxo

    Jessica says:

    the florist was beautiful!

    Alexis says:

    They were all super appealing but I’m also a sucka for the circus so that look is my pick. Great series though. I’m so envious of your job!

    Erin M says:

    My favorite dream job look has to be the retro detective; I never leave the house without winged eyeliner and cat eye sunglasses!

    jmillewitz says:

    All the looks were beautiful, my favorite was the jazz singer.

    Caytlyn says:

    I loved all the looks, but I think the florist was my fave!

    kelsy says:

    They were all incredible, but I especially loved the florist look. So dreamy…

    Molly says:

    Love love love the circus performer makeup! This post inspired my own look today. Sadly, mine does not involve feathers.

    kawai says:

    I like the florist – so fresh and bright.

    Violet says:

    Loved the Jazz Singer look the best, so dramatic!

    Sarah Wertz says:

    The circus performer gets my vote! Love how bright your eyes looked. What a fun prize. Fingers crossed for sure. 🙂

    Emily says:

    I loved the florist look! The lip color was gorgeous and the dress was cute. Beautiful flowers too!

    Hollie says:

    I LOVE all these looks, along with the Benefit Cosmetics line! If I have to pick, I’d pick the “old Hollywood” look ! It is not only simply stunning but being me back on time where I’d watch the “old stories” with my nana, who has recently passed . The “Old Hollywood” look will never go out of style! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

    Sydni says:

    I love the circus performer and the detective I can’t decide they are both beautiful!!!

    Alisha O says:

    I adore the “Circus Performer” it is immaculate! Benefit is the best cosmetics line — I work in the industry and by far it is just amazing! Love!

    The circus performer and the florist were my favorites! Both very wearable! [ minus the feathers 🙂 ]

    Tori says:

    Choosing one of those AMAZING looks is so hard! I think I’ll go with the detective… I loved the make-up, the hair, the clothes, the car… It looked so fun! Nancy Drew with a twist. 🙂

    Jennifer v says:

    These are all so lovely and the shoots look like they were so much fun. I’d have to go with the florist look; it’s my secret dream too.

    Alicia says:

    I think its a tie for me between the detective and the circus performer! I love how bright the circus performer is, but I love the super classic style of the detective!! All the looks are great though!

    kat x says:

    i love the detective look the most! you looked rad in all of the get ups!

    Dani says:

    All of the looks are stunning! The detective is my favorite though <3

    Kate says:

    The detective look was my favorite and the jazz singer close behind! I love benefit and am always using their products. What a great collaboration!

    Rachel says:

    I love the circus performer makeup look!

    Marilynn says:

    Definitely the jazz singer even though it is NOT my style. It’s very sexy though and I would love to pull it off!

    Alissa says:

    Loved the detective look! I was a big Nancy Drew fan as a kid so that one definitely caught my eye.

    Kina E says:

    I thought that the jazz singer was it, but the the circus performer stole my heart.

    Nora says:

    All stunning! The florist is the most my style, but loved the circus setting!

    shannon says:

    i loved the circus performer look, super natural and radiant at the same time.

    Lori says:

    I love the florist look! All of the looks were so dreamy and beautiful.

    Alexandra says:

    The florist! Can I please be a florist?!

    Emily says:

    All the looks were amazing, but my favorite was definitely the detective one. I’ve always dreamed about being Nancy Drew.

    Emily says:

    The florist or the jazz singer are my faves. The florist is probably more my style though. I have really enjoys all of these looks and the gorgeous Bri.


    Jordan says:

    I love the FLORIST! My dream job is to be a florist and have my own shop! You had such a glow in that post and the peonies were insane! I couldn’t stop staring at those braids too, so lovely 🙂

    Ali says:

    The Jazz Singer was my favorite look, but the Florist is definitely my style.

    Anonymous says:

    i love the circus performer! so pretty and fun and totally my style. beautiful photos and beautiful makeup. i love how benefit makeup doesn’t just cover but enhances. i don’t feel like i’m wearing makeup when i’m using benefit 🙂

    Bri says:

    i love the circus performer! so fun and fresh! totally wish i had a job like that!

    how can i not love it all?! but in my opinion, the circus performer tops them all! i love the look. well done bri! this series is so magical.

    Heidi says:

    The Jazz Singer

    Bethany H. says:

    The detective look was definitely my favorite. I usually wear some eyeliner to make my eyes pop and keep everything else really natural, so I thought it was the cutest! And besides, who doesn’t want to be like Nancy Drew?

    fawn says:

    The Detective look is close to my heart. Benefit makes amazing products. I’d love to score the loot. xo

    Paola says:

    I loved you as the Jazz Singer. So sultry. I loved this whole series, wonderful job!

    Kelli says:

    LOVED the look you created for the jazz singer. you transported me back to the ’20s! the dramatic lips and the smokey eyes were flawless.

    Sarah says:

    The Florist- Simply Lovely

    Anonymous says:

    Jazz singer for sure!!

    Karen S. says:

    That video and the music was absolutely amazing in my eyes! The transitions were seamless. Of the looks, I especially adored the florist mostly because that’s still one of my dream jobs from when I was a little kid! Awesome collaboration.

    allison says:

    the detective is such a great look!

    Taylor says:

    What a fun series! I adore the circus look: natural, yet glamorous. Wonderful job!

    Jamie Wood says:

    I love the Detective look. Nancy Drew, Marilyn Monroe, and Hitchcock swirled into one Bri. Or should I say Detective Emery?

    Leslie says:

    I loved all of the makeup looks but my absolute favorite is the Detective. The eyeliner looked so retro and chic. I also loved the pink lip color. Beautiful! I’m an avid cat eye wearer myself, I feel naked without my liquid eyeliner!

    hello! can i just take all three looks!? all of them are perfect! my absolute favorite you ask? i’d say the circus look: natural but glam all in one! can’t say no to that.

    i really enjoyed watching the video, btw! beautiful face and actor. xoxo

    Julie says:

    Circus performer for sure…love how subtle..and SHIMMER. What could be so bad about that?

    I loved the Jazz Singer look. From the hair, to the red lips, paired with both the silk robe and dress looked absolutely fabulous.

    gabriela says:

    I loved the the Jazz Singer. Very interesting love makeup looks.

    Lara says:

    I love The Florist on you; it looks super fresh and pretty! But my own style leans more towards The Detective, because I’ve come late to the black liner party and can’t get enough of it recently.

    Jenny says:

    My favorite look is definitely the Circus performer! Love love love the whole look!

    Autumn says:

    The Jazz singer is my favorite! Red lips are always in style! <3

    Sarah says:

    I never win these things, and I would be totally over the moon if I won this fabulous prize! I think I liked the last two looks the best, but the circus performer was my absolute fav! You can never go wrong with a bit of shimmer (and big dramatic hair)!

    Sidney says:

    Circus aspirations aside, I love the florist look. It’s probably the most suitable for my living in my corner of the country. Cute!!

    Madi says:

    The Florist is so dreamy. Perfection. But the Jazz Singer sassy lips get me every time!

    Elyse says:

    Definitely the Detective! So classic and cute.

    Katie Z says:

    SO hard to pick just one look–but I’d have to go with the jazz singer! 🙂

    Sadie says:

    The florist, light and pretty.

    Corley says:

    Florist, for sure!

    Kait says:

    I definitely loved the jazz singer make up look the best, and the circus hair! All the looks were stunning and I definitely have a soft spot in my heart for the detective as a dream job!

    Jen says:

    I love this circus performer look as far as the actual makeup goes, but overall, I loved the styling of the jazz singer! What a fun series and a great way to incorporate Benefit Cosmetics without just a post telling your favorite products or a wishlist. Love love love.

    Andrea says:

    I love the detective look. All of it = perfection

    Vanessa Torres says:

    Stuck between the circus performer and the detective! But I think I’ll have to go with the circus performer. Love the contrast between big hair and soft, subtle makeup.

    Savannah Richards says:

    Circus performer!!!!!!!! Nude lips are my favorite & what ever that bottom eye liner is you used looks awesome!!!! I’m in love w/ that look!

    vivi says:

    Oh my goodness, Bri!! This has been so much fun to watch. All the looks were amazing, but I have to say the last one, with the softness and the subtle glow beneath all the circus lights, is my favorite. But the jazz singer was sooo much fun, I could almost forget that I have crippling stage fright ;)Thanks for the giveaway!

    You’re gorgeous! It’s hard to pick one but since you asked ~> the Florist. Ohhh the pink lips, the hair, the flowers and dress sweet and girlie. Beautiful!

    claire says:

    the circus look was to die for. I love the richness of the colors and the feather boa! ohhh so lovely. the makeup was perfect to go with the bold palette and textures. please do moreee pictures!!

    claire says:

    feather boa headpiece**

    Ash Esparza says:

    I am crazy about the Jazz Singer look! Super sexy and sweet. I have always adored that era (style and music!!) I have been inspired by all the looks and I can’t wait to try them all out. Thank you!

    Megan Gibson says:

    OOH definitely the jazz singer, but you look beautiful in ALL of them! This is so awesome!!! Fingers crossed!!

    Megan says:

    Oh dear. Jazz singer is my fav night look…
    But Florist in my fav day look, the hair & growing green things all around.

    Aracelis says:

    My favorite is the florist look!!! Me parece muy romantico. And the braid… Espectacular!!! Me encanta el boing concealer.

    Jocelyn says:

    My favorite look was the circus performer but I would more than likely wear the detective look most of all.

    H. Rebecca says:

    Love the detective look and love Benefit Cosmetics.

    Laney says:

    As a costume-loving New Orleanian (my apartment is still recovering from the glitter overload of Mardi Gras), I think the Circus Performer is my favorite look. Those feathers! That shimmer! My day-to-day style probably lands closer to the Florist, though. Love the beautiful video!

    Krista says:

    My favorite makeup look is definitely the circus performer look, I love the glow you have in this one. The florist look was lush and lovely and while the detective look was fun and very me, the one I related to the most was the jazz singer look. I adored all the sparkle! You look fabulous in all of them though!

    Amanda says:

    hm..so hard to pick just one 🙁 but if I have to I love circus performer the most! it is also the look I want to try on!

    Aubrey says:

    This is the cutest series ever! The Jazz Singer look was so glam! Loved it all though =)

    Angela says:

    My favorite is the detective look – childhood Nancy Drew fan here!

    Stephanie says:

    I love, love, LOVE the detective look. It’s definitely my favorite of the four. It reminded me a little of how I wanted to be a detective/CSI when I was a kid!! I love all the looks though; I think you did an awesome job. And the video was the cutest 🙂

    Jenelle says:

    OOOOOHHHHH MYYY GOODNESS! My favorite was sooooo hard to decide, they’re all absolutely stunning Bri! But I guess if I have to pick it would be “The Circus Performer” The pictures were beautiful and you look flawless as usual, but aside from that I mean did you see that headpiece, Or should I say mega crown! Sparkle sparkle. Well anyhow thanks for the inspiration; no seriously you inspire me so much I finally got the guts to start a blog a few days ago. I would love if you had free time you could check it out http://www.jenelledagres.com aside from that I really hope you pick me because my birthday is March 20th and that would be the most amazing gift ever. :DDDD Toodles Love, Jenelle Dagres <3

    Love the circus performer look! Also me dream job…

    leann says:

    i feel like it took YEARS for this series to come out (i remember your instagram in DECEMBER of arian putting the whole thing together) but it was SOO WORTH THE WAIT! like everyone else, i love all 4 looks but the circus look seems most natural and is thus, my favorite 🙂


    leann says:

    oops, forgot to add my email. that’s my post above 🙂

    Katie Shill says:

    I am so in love with the florist look. That definitely embodies my style. So imaginative & dreamlike. The look was soft, yet colorful and it made me step away from the cold New York weather for just a moment. 😉 This whole video was great – you’re fabulous! Xx

    monica says:

    I never enter anything – because I have terrible luck! – but I am crossing my fingers like crazy for this giveaway. I’m obsessed with Benefit!

    My favorite look was the Florist … so beautiful!

    Colleen Cummings says:

    I love the Jazz singer. The red lip is beautiful.

    tamar says:

    it’s so hard to pick but i love the circus performer. your look is flawless. benefit is my favorite brand of makeup. i would LOVE to win! xo

    Nicole G. says:

    While I loved them all, the florist is closest to my personal style.

    Allison Joy says:

    Eeekk what a great giveaway, I love Benefit! The florist look was my favorite. I loved the flowers and of course the blushy makeup – so my style! Thanks for posting 🙂

    Courtney N. says:

    yay, how much fun! Maybe it’s just my craving for spring but I think I’d have to choose the florist makeup, it just looks so fresh.

    Edita says:

    The detective was my favorite! It has always been a secret dream of mine to be a detective. I am too obsessed with Agatha Christie mystery novels and Nancy Drew. The detective is probably closest to my style as well. Loved the hair and makeup combo and loved loved loved the old mercedes!!

    Joanna says:

    The circus look has to be my favorite. So soft and dreamy.

    Erin Marie says:

    I loved all the looks, but the circus performer is absolutely stunning. This may be one of my favorite series of photographs. Dream jobs + fabulous makeup? Whats not to love!

    San says:

    Definitely the florist because flowers make me unbelievably happy!

    mary says:

    The florist! The makeup was so dreamy and soft. Totally captured the feeling of spring!

    Allison says:

    i loved the detective look!

    Betsy says:

    I love all the looks, but the jazz singer is my favorite. Your blue eyes are so beautiful with that red lip!

    julie says:

    the jazz singer was fabulous

    Jana Lea says:

    The Detective look wins in my book! Awesome giveaway, I’ve always wanted to try BeneTint and High Beam. Heres hoping!

    Kari says:

    my favorite was the detective and the circus. your hair was perfection for circus but your whole detective look was on point! so inspiring, thanks for sharing!

    Brittany C. says:

    I’m torn between the detective look or the florist look!

    Georgia says:

    Soft, beautiful and wearable for any age; the florist look rocks!

    Chels says:

    Loved the detective look, by far my favorite!

    Bridget says:

    I love all of these but the circus look is to die for!

    Kallie B says:

    While I adore the Jazz Singer makeup, I think the Circus Performer makeup is more me – fresh and natural. They’re all beautiful!

    The Florist! But the lipstick in the Circus Performer is amazing! What an amazing series and how much fun you must have had. Truly a dream 🙂

    Jessica says:

    They were all awesome, but I looved the florist look! Very feminine, yet relaxed. Love this series!

    Chloe G. says:

    I love the Circus Performer makeup look – it’s so simple but it really so fresh! I loved this whole series, and I bet you had a blast doing it!
    Thanks for such an amazing giveaway my fingers (and toes) are crossed 🙂

    The Jazz singer!! Love u Bri:)

    susanna says:

    Definitely Jazz Singer – so sultry and flawless 🙂

    moea says:

    naturally it’s incredibly hard to choose a favorite but I have to say I loved the florist look best!! it rather resembles my current kind of look but if it won’t broke don’t fix it 🙂

    Jenna says:

    Goodness they were all so fun and fabulous! I LOVED the Detective the most. I would like to look like that every day!

    Brianna says:

    Gotta be the jazz singer, probably because it really shows how makeup can change the way you feel. I’m normally pretty quiet, but I know that with some bold makeup choices I can feel like the sultry, cool jazz singer I might have been in another life.

    Kayla says:

    I am totally the jazz singer! Except I rock my red lips with loose waves instead of pin curls 🙂

    KS says:

    I am totally the circus performer! I love how natural the makeup and hair is combined with the craziness of the outfit. + who doesn’t want to be in the circus… so cool!

    Helloimkim says:

    Wow!!! Amazing video bri!!

    Goodness! How ever does a girl choose???!!! I love all 4 looks so much and love to change my look up, so I feel like I can relate in a way to all of them.

    If I must choose, I would say the Jazz Singer was my favorite. Probably because that is a dream job of my own…and because red lips always make me feel my best.

    My current look is in between the Circus Performer & the Jazz Singer… soft eye make-up with bold red lips. Hmm…I guess that makes me a jazz singing circus performer!!

    XO Brynn

    Pink Ronnie says:

    Wonderful work, Bri and Arian and the entire team!
    You constantly wow us every day, Bri.
    Ronnie xo

    Brooke says:

    I loved the circus performer! The drama was amazing.

    Sarah says:

    This series has been so fantastic, when I saw you would post a look I would close the window really fast and save the post for later so I could really enjoy each wonderful image. What a great idea. My favorite had to be the detective though, the makeup was flawless and I couldn’t resist that single curl.

    Molly says:

    My favorite look was the florist. Those peonies were gorgeous, and your makeup/outfit!! To die for. Thanks for hosting this! 🙂

    Emma Gray says:

    I love the Circus Performer look! I love how you freshened it up. AND THOSE FEATHERS! :0

    Alex says:

    I loved the florist!!!The flowers were so pretty and so was the makeup!!

    Mai says:

    gosh, i really loved all four! the detective look is more my style though.

    Charmaine says:

    The detective because I always love a good cat eye. But in another life, the circus performer!

    Stephanie says:

    I love the Florist – so gorgeous!

    Rachael says:

    Loved the florist! (They are all beautiful, but here in Philadelphia I seriously can’t wait for spring!)

    Lindsey says:

    My favorite is the florist look! Simply gorgeous!

    willis. says:

    the circus performer is absolutely my favorite of the series. it’s such a subtle look for all the pomp and circumstance around the persona of a performer. a lovely juxtaposition.

    Cristina says:

    Loved the detective look! So pretty!

    Elise says:

    I LOVE the circus performer look! It is so whimsical and beautiful! I feel like if I wore this makeup look, I would be brave enough to perform anywhere!

    Jenna says:

    Definitely the circus performer – the soft and simple look is my go to!

    Hannah says:

    I LOVED the jazz singer! Loved how bold and retro it was.

    Amanda Jerkins says:

    I like them all but my fav is the florist!

    Emily says:

    i love the florist look!

    oh my goodness. They are alllll so beautiful. What stunning shots!!! I think I have to go with the jazz singer. You blog on the stage Bri!

    Jacqui says:

    The Circus Performer HANDS DOWN! The head dress was a deal breaker! Loving these Benefit products!

    Kristin says:

    all are rad, but the florist is just amazingly stunning.

    laura says:

    I loved the circus performer. THe makeup was gorgeous and flattering but not too overpowering. And the feather headpiece was to die for!!!

    Ansley says:

    Nearly impossible to choose but my favorite is the florist. Simple but so bright, colorful and fun at the same time.

    Ailyn says:

    My go to is The Detective but my fave was definitely The Circus Performer.

    sharon says:

    i definitely like the detective look much more. i just really like old school subtle glamour (:

    James says:

    The Destective look is killer. Forever Nancy Drew!

    Stephanie says:

    circus performer for sure!!

    Elizabeth says:

    I loved the jazz singer! Great dress!

    Lori says:

    How could you choose just one?! Each look was gorgeous, but I guess if I had to choose… the detective was my favorite.
    I love the circus headdress- that whole scene just looked amazing. What an experience!
    Great video, great pictures, thanks!

    Lindsey says:

    I loved this collaboration!! I’ve recently started following you and your so inspiring. My style is more of the Circus performer however I would LOooovee to try out the Jazz singer look.

    Elise says:

    The florist look is my fave, so sweet! But the Jazz Singer is gorge, followed by detective for me. All four are adorable of course ! ! <3

    Annie says:

    I loved the Circus Performer. The makeup is stunning and whimsical, but not overpowering. And that HAIR. Glorious hair.

    Style Tutor says:

    We have to choose just one look? I am SO torn between the detective and the florist: the glamor of the detective was reminiscent of old Hollywood, something I am obsessed with, but the florist exuded a quirky sense of of whimsy that best fits my personality. So, if I have to choose just one look as my favorite it has to be the florist, but the detective is nipping at her heels!

    Lorin says:

    The Florist is totally my favorite. The fishtail braids and cheery makeup were adorable and right up my alley. Bravo!

    For me it’s a tie between the detective and this one! Love the whole series. Fingers crossed!

    Ace says:

    Jazz singer was most appealing probably cause you looked bangin’

    Kristin V says:

    I love the Detective makeup look the best! I’m all for strong liquid eyeliner and I’m also just a huge fan of the film noir, 1940s type style. 😀

    Nadia says:

    The circus look is definitely my favorite, that’s my dream job for sure! xo.

    Stephanie says:

    This has been one of my favorite series of posts on designlovefest! It was fun to follow, and I’m sure it was fun for you to put together! Of the four looks my favorite was the florist. In fact, it inspired me to wear my rain boots with a floral top that day 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

    Katrina B says:

    Ahhh! Loved the video, the soundtrack was beautiful 🙂 I love the Florist look!

    lauren says:

    my favorite was the florist look! it’s a dream job of mine, too.

    Kate says:

    The jazz singer look was definitely my favorite – I can’t say no to anything inspired by the 1940s! The smoky eye and the red lip were perfect. And your skin was brilliant in every post too! I seriously want to try out that Hello Flawless stuff!!

    Alex says:

    My favorite was the FLORIST. I really liked the heavier mascara with the light but bright lip. I rarely wear any eye makeup, but that look makes me want to give it a try!

    Lucia says:

    Gosh! Loved every single one them. You are such an inspiration! My favorite was the florist but the circus stole my heart! I wish we could win the photographer, the hair stylist and the makeup artist too! Hah! You looked amazing!!!!

    Amy Karsten says:

    I loved the detective. Thank you for entertaining me daily.

    Berenice says:

    Oh my… the movie made me swoon !!!! the florist is my favorite look. so pretty and *fresh* ! loved it

    holy smokes! so many comments on this thing! but might as well give this thing a shot anyway. my favorite look was the circus performer. the soft tones and light pink lip just gave bri this understated whimsical look that matched the essence of the dream job perfectly. (and that hair?! amazing) BUT the detective look is so me! i am addicted (seriously, ADDICTED) to the cat eye. and if i could style my hair that way i totally would.

    all very fun dreamjobs bri, i think the one i related to most was the florist.. i always thought it would be neat to own a flower shop.

    oh, and excellent video arian!

    xo gloria

    Erinn says:

    i loved the circus! the jazz singer is more my style

    emmakate says:

    I adored the jazz singer look, because lets face it nothing beats a smoke filled room with a pair of glaring red lips and huge eyes.

    The florist look was so soft and fresh. Perfect for spring 🙂

    Falcon says:

    I love The Detective! Amazing video! Thank you 🙂

    Allison Skok says:

    Bri I am determined to win one of your give aways!!
    My favorite look is The Florist. So light, bright & fresh for Spring! Its so light & airy I can’t get enough of that feeling for when Spring comes around.

    A Padilla says:

    love the detective set!

    Nadia Gaudet says:

    JAZZ SINGER!! J’aime! So beautiful, classy and provocative.

    Alex says:

    My favorite look was the jazz singer…so beautiful! My everyday look is closer to the florist. Great series!

    Totally lovin’ the detective!

    melissa says:

    i ADORE the florist look! So gorgeous! The head piece was fabulous!! xoxo

    Jamie Schoen says:

    Oh what fun!!! I think the florist is most me but i really like the circus performer!!!!

    Monique says:

    I really like the detective look. I’m a crime drama fiend. Detective would most definitely be my dream job.

    Helen says:

    My favorite is still the jazz singer look – there is something about the old Hollywood-ish glamour that gets me every time.

    Christen says:

    The understated classic drama of the detective is soooo my style! Chic, yet not too flamboyant.

    Jessica says:

    I love the detective look! So natural with that pop of drama with the bold pink lip. Super cute and flirty.

    whitney says:

    My favorite look was The Detective. I LOVE Benefit and their to die for packaging.

    ali says:

    I have to go with the jazz singer look. I love a red lip and lots of mascara!

    Juliann says:

    The Jazz singer look really suited you. I loved that video!

    Eden Marie says:

    my favorite was the circus performer! so stunning! xo

    Ally says:

    Wow!! I love this series and the culminating video. Fantastic! I love benefit and was so excited to see your collaboration. My favorite look is the detective, perfectly suits my love of old classics. I could definitely see your detective starring opposite Humphrey Bogart.

    Marta Hagler says:

    The Detective. Throwback glamour yet still practical-that’s me!

    Pam says:

    The florist is hands down my favorite! 😀

    kelsey says:

    Wow! It’s a true toss up between The Detective and The Circus Performer. I’ll have to go with detective being my love of retro office supplies and cameras.

    Sara says:

    I’d definitely say the florist is the look that most suits my style. I definitely try to be chic but at the end of the day I love floral prints and pastels. I have what is becoming quite the collection of floral headbands too. Who wouldn’t want that, really.

    Cambria says:

    I love em all but the one most ‘my style’ is definitely the florist! Wish I could dress up as my dream job – cowgirl/rancher!

    Niki says:

    It’s a tie between the Circus Performer and the Detective! Depends on how I’m feeling each day 🙂

    Libby E says:

    The jazz singer was DEFINITELY my style….the sultry winged out eyes…*sigh*. I would be set for life with this makeup collection!
    Thanks for the chance to win, and sharing this great project with your readers! So awesome!

    Lina says:

    My favorite was Florist! The Rosy and radiant look on Bri was so beautiful! My most favorite style was Florist as well… Hunter boots, flower crown, and a cute dress are all things that I would wear even if I wsn’t a florst! 🙂

    Nancy Ventura says:

    My fave has to be the Circus Performer, oh so magical. I’ve been obsessed with the circus since childhood.

    Lucy says:

    Definitely the florist, so fresh and springy!

    Erica says:

    The Detective look was my favorite. Simple and retro chic with the trench coat, scarf, and cat eyes!

    Amanda Blair says:

    I love the circus performer look…the shimmer under the eyes is something I always do when I want to make myself look more awake and glowly without wearing tons of makeup. Loved the series!

    Lesley says:

    Love the detective look! Very old hollywood.

    Bethany Vensel says:

    The Detective is lovely!

    My favorite look was the spy look! So much fun!

    Liz says:

    Jazz singer all the way! Work it girl.

    Olivia says:

    My favorite was without a doubt the Jazz Singer! Sultry eyes and a perfect red lip are timeless and fun. Not to mention the fabulous curls (can we say hair envy?). xo

    Sarah says:

    The jazz singer is breathtaking! I love the old Hollywood look, and this look is perfection.

    Sarah says:

    The jazz singer look was breath taking! I love the glamour of old Hollywood style.

    Emily says:

    OMG! by far the circus! this post definitely resonated with me the most and sparked memories of me dancing(not that way, lol) on stage! bri, you are absolute perfection and you wear that makeup impeccably! you and your team are truly an inspiration to me everyday 🙂 thanks for always putting a smile on my face

    Minna S. says:

    holy moly! benefit is my favorite cosmetic brand! (:
    i love your ‘detective’ look bc of that wonderful cat-eye eyeliner!

    Bri Taylor says:

    I must say I absolutely love the jazz singer look. SO classic and sexy at the same time. You had the very essence of Veronica Lake. You had the very look that i think all jazz singers form the 40’s-50’s era had, the look that said “keep looking, but you better not touch!”. You looked absolutely gorgeous there, but you always do.

    Vicki H says:

    I love the soft and pretty look of the florist! I may be biased though as I’ve always dreamed of being a florist 🙂 Really, they all look great, and I love the bold lip on the jazz singer. Love this series and love Benefit! (how many times can i say “love” in one comment!!!)

    shana says:

    The jazz singer! I love the sultry look.

    Kjerste lee says:

    love the florist look, it’s so bright! That’s my dream job 🙂

    myka says:

    The florist look was my fave! And it’s also a job I’ve dreamed of having.

    Jessica says:

    Love them all!! But the circus performer was my absolute favorite. The soft makeup with that shimmer under your eyes was truly magical!

    Leslie says:

    The detective look was definitely my favorite. Why? Because it is classic. And I really appreciated the Mary-Kate and Ashley reference.

    jess lonett says:

    the detective look is what i wish my style is most like, but my favorite look was the circus performer. that location is really fabulous!

    Maren says:

    I love the detective look the most, but they are all so gorgeous! Plus it helps that I was obsessed with Harriet the Spy and Nancy Drew when I was little.

    Kristen Ghergich says:

    The Jazz Singer look is my favorite – I love a red lip 🙂

    kelly says:

    i adore all of the looks bri! you really rocked it for this campaign – and i am sure others will be lining up! i love the jazz singer – also a dream – but that was the fave!

    Fran says:

    I think it’s a tie for me between The Jazz Singer and The Florist. I kind of like to imagine that The Jazz Singer is a florist during the week when she’s not performing 🙂

    Emily D says:

    Love these looks! The detective was my fave with that awesome cat eye 🙂

    Huda says:

    wow, that’s really a tuff choice !!!!
    you are really amazing .. and lucky to be chosen by benefit <3
    I've been in love with all of them .. but now since there will be a prize for choosing hmmm then I'll go with the florist as my Fav.

    Missy R says:

    the soft colors from the florist were just lovely, that was definitely my favorite 🙂

    Julia says:

    Definitely the Jazz Singer! You look like an absolute stunner! Perfect dream job choices, too – I’d gladly be any of those!

    Elcin Icten says:

    I loved the Florist look and your natural makeup! It looks like you have a real flower on your hair 🙂

    Traci G. says:

    I loved the circus performer look!

    Stefanie Rodgers says:

    you are so gorgeous! i love all of the looks, but my favorite is the circus performer.

    Lauren says:

    love love love the Jazz singer…that lipstick was perfection!

    Justine says:

    I’m torn between the Jazz Singer and the Detective! I love winged eyeliner for emphasizing my almond-shaped eyes, but there’s nothing like red lipstick for brightening up a day– most effortless look ever!

    Danette says:

    Oh hurray! I love Benefit make up, I hope I win.

    The Detective is my favorite look, for sure, but they all looked great.

    The video is awesome BTW…;)

    Nary says:

    Love the Jazz Singer look but daily I’m more of the natural look shown in the Circus Performer. But they were all fab and gorgeous!

    Logan says:

    I would definitely be the florist! I love being creative outside and using nature in the process. She has a pretty/whimsical/polished look, which is the look I go for everyday I wake up! BEAUTIFUL!

    Janssen says:

    I loved all the looks! Everything was so beautiful but I was most drawn to “The Detective”. There’s something so sultry and mysterious about that look, part of me wants to start my own detective agency! 🙂

    krista f says:

    All were beautiful but the Florist was def my favorite!!!

    candice says:

    the detective look was my fave! what a fun little series 🙂

    Jamie says:

    I love the circus performer look- the perfect amount of subtle panache! And I absolutely adored this series. It was so imaginative, so well-executed, and it hit almost all of my secret dream jobs (except for underwater explorer).

    Jaclyn C. says:

    Besides them all being adorable, I would go with Detective. I dressed up like this many a time, I even asked for a magnifying glass for Christmas one year (instead of barbie like my sister, hehe). I love the way you portrayed it and that car is amazing! I really enjoy detective type stories (Sherlock Holmes!) and movies. They make for some smarty arty people with rad style. 🙂 (btw, the circus performer came in a close second for me.) hehe. Great job on all of these my dear. It was fantastic and I adore Benefit cosmetics. Cheers!!

    Jane says:

    I love the detective look! Very classic w strong eyes. It looks like this was a really fun photo shoot!

    Kat says:

    They’re all amazing , but I love the Circus Perfomer look! It’s so fresh yet natural. Your face looks absolutely radiant! I love the They’re Real mascara…i just started using it and it’s amazing.

    Stephanie says:

    Ohh, it’s so hard choosing between all of your fabulous looks, but it had to have been the khaki trench with pops of color peeking out that got me! With the scarf and the dramatic eye, it was like looking at a 2013 Hitchcock! Just gorgeous.

    mindy says:

    I think my favorite is the jazz singer. such a bold lip!

    Jessie says:

    Oh, definitely the circus performer!

    Ashley says:

    What a fun collaboration! So a tough choic but I loved the detective. I guess I read too many Nancy Drew books as a child. Plus I loved the makeup and hair!

    Jennifer Langdon says:

    I love the florist! So pretty!!

    The jazz singer look was definitely my favorite. The sultry glamour of deep red lips paired with perfectly sculpted brows and sexy smoky eyes was an absolute show-stopper! This would definitely fit my style the most- for either a night on the town or an evening in- whatever the plans may be, this look is seriously sensational!

    kelly ann says:

    So, so dreamy. I’m a flowerchild at heart so The Florist look is my absolute favorite!

    Marianne says: