last week i featured two of my dream jobs with benefit cosmetics (jazz singer & detective) and today is our third look…the florist! i’ve always admired this profession. i love the way they pair various flowers together to create a completely different vibe each time. in a lot of ways florists are similar to a graphic designer or an interior designer…you have to understand balance, color theory, textures, and scale. it’s fascinating to watch artists work in different mediums with the same guidelines.

and flowers are such mood changers. when i have fresh flowers next to my bed, i wake up in a better mood. i have been making a lot of efforts this year to keep fresh flowers and plants in the house. they make the space inviting and somehow put your mind at ease a bit. don’t you think? we have an LA flower mart that has a huge selection at really awesome prices. it’s a fun weekend activity to just stroll around there.

those peonies are ridiculous, right? my floral contributor, kristen from moon canyon design co, actually flew those in from holland for the shoot! we wanted the makeup for this look to feel light, bright and cheerful. i’m a big fan of benefit’s brightening powder to make the skin have that glowy look.

shop the benefit look: hello flawless oxygen wow brightening makeup, boi-ing concealer, stay don’t stray primer, powder shadow brush, longwear powder shadow, they’re real! mascara, posietint lip & cheek stain, dandelion brightening face powder, ultra plush lip gloss (shade: lollibop)

there’s one more look on thursday (and the video!) also keep your eyes open for a big giveaway with all the products used in the 4 looks. your comments about the project have really made me smile. thanks for being so awesome. -bri

partnership: benefit cosmetics and designlovefest
photography by:
styling by: sarah and sunshine
hair by: nicole gehweiler
makeup by: rachel desimone
florals by: moon canyon design co. 

see the past looks here!


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    Lauren says:

    These pictures are so lovely: floaty & dreamlike, and of course the florals are gorgeous! Looks like so much fun 🙂


    Asilosofy says:

    Amazaing photos!

    rachael says:

    hehe this must have been such a fun shoot. i especially love the one of you surrounded in flowers. i think it would be awesome to be a florist! being around my gramma, mom and auntie gardening has given me a special feeling regarding working with flowers. 🙂

    Marta says:

    Whose the dress? It’s beautiful!

    rachel says:

    You should totally bring The Language of Flowers with you on your next plane trip. The novel totally made me want to be a florist and to learn about what all the different flowers mean.

    Alessandra says:

    And what about the dress?!

    Daniela says:

    beautiful series!

    Rachael B says:

    I used to work in a floral shop – by far one of my most favorite jobs. I am crazy in love with those peonies! But yes, the pretty dress + a trench & boots is totally how those designer girls were. Always a bit off the beaten path but classy underneath.

    This is absolutely adorable 🙂 loooove the last picture with the flower angel pose! I agree being a florist must be so fun, I would love to be surrounded by beautiful flowers all day long!

    Awesome project, Bri! I need to make the effort to keep fresh flowers around the house too. xx

    totally hit it out of the park again bri!
    just loving this series 🙂

    Ergo-Blog says:

    I’m just loving this series! You can tell how much you had with this!! =) Your makeup and outfits are too pretty!

    this one is darling! very ethereal and love the concepts behind it. think if this were eliza doolittle’s life as a florist how different her path would have been…

    Look forward to these “Dream Job” photos each week!

    charlotte says:

    Oh this is my favourite of your benefit shoots so far! The make-up is so light and pretty. Love love love! Plus your hair looks nice too 😉

    Maureen says:

    LOVE the fishtail braids! I wish my hair could look that cool!

    Sarolta says:

    That last pic made me laugh! And I loooooooove that headpiece! This shoot is just perfect, the light, the dress, the make-up, everything.

    Shawnee says:

    ohmygosh!! I’ve always wanted to be a florist too!! I think “Love Happens” contributed to that as well as other films… Such a light, pretty look!

    Ohh those peonies are drool-worthy! I wait and wait all year for it to be peony season. When I lived in Portland, I had a few bushes planted around my house, and it was heaven. These photos are gorgeous, of course. I absolutely love this series, not simply because it’s fun to look at but because it’s inspired me to think about what my dream jobs. What a gift!

    I love this! It is so true this is an art – i’ve seen some of the stuff my mom comes up with being a wedding planner it is unreal!

    PS your hair looks awesome! I too was blessed with crazy long/thick hair!

    alicia says:

    Awesome. I agree with the different artists using the same guidelines in different environments with different materials, it always fascinates me and makes me smile because although I may not know anything about that different art form I can totally see little connections and development processes 🙂

    nicole says:

    please share!! where do we find that dress?

    Ana says:

    Ok, I thought I will love the detective most, but now I’m in love with the florist. Detective saw something for the 7 years old, now as a grown up, I go with some relaxed jobs. 🙂

    Great photos.

    Molly Sarah says:

    This is my favorite by far. I want to make a ranuncula head piece for myself some day.

    fawn says:

    This gives me spring fever.

    Allison says:

    so adorable! this is definitely my favorite so far <3

    Trish says:

    OMG those boots! This is a very gorgeous post.

    Such a nice project. Love flowers and this post 🙂

    Bri – I think you’ve captured a lot of the creativity that {I think} it takes to be a florist in your ensemble and makeup alone… I don’t have a knack for floral arranging myself, so I’m thankful that your brain comes up with concepts like these. Hunter boots + real peony poof + fishtail braids = keepers.

    Hannah says:

    Those peonies are immense!

    I’m actually retraining to become a florist. I was looking for a new, happier career direction and flowers make me happy, so it suddenly seemed like the obvious choice!

    It is much harder work than many people realise but so worth it. The creativity inspires me most, particularly working with natures own shapes and colours.

    Sarah says:

    I love my job as a blogger and designer, but florist is near the top of the list of other things I’d love to try, either in a different life or later in this one! You chose some of my very favorite flowers for this shoot!

    Chelsea says:

    Bri, I didn’t think it could get more amazing than the last two looks but you proved me wrong today. This dream job is my favorite so far! The styling on this shoot is bananas, can’t wait to see what you have in store for us Thursday!

    Chelsea & The City
    Be sure to check out my Stella & Dot trunk show + giveaway!

    Sophie M. says:

    This look is so pretty, Bri! I love your makeup, and that outfit is super cute! The florist is definitely my favorite! Plus, it would be so much fun to create art with beautiful flowers! Love!

    Sierra says:

    Sooo…are you a model too? I guess I don’t get what you do. I know you’re a blogger & you do blogshop too, but what are these pictures for?

    Jane says:

    Ugh I thought I had decided that the Jazz singer is the best of the series. I stand corrected!


    Brianna says:

    Florist is one of my dream jobs too!

    blair says:

    Who makes the jacket?

    Marisa Mangum says:

    Gosh, Bri, these turned out to be STUNNING! I love it. Can’t wait for the next one 🙂

    Patti says:

    Love this so much Bri! So gorgeous : )

    Chick Tyler says:

    This is a beautiful post! Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland!

    you are adorable! i love this 🙂

    i think this is my favorite! so cute. xo

    Angela says:

    Wow, Bri! This shoot is absolutely perfect. My grandma owned her own floral shop. She always had a way of putting together the most unique & beautiful pieces every order. I used to dream about the day of putting flowers together the way she did..I just love, love, looove this! Thank you for the constant inspiration & keeping the blog world fresh!

    daviddadli says:

    what we can to improve this website

    This one is my favorite from the series. You are just gorgeous Bri and the flowers absorb your warmth looking like a dream!

    Katie says:

    I love this! What a dream.

    Al says:

    Ok, I was pretty sure these couldn’t get any cuter. I was wrong.

    Liliana says:

    When I was a kid, I wanted to be florist – I loved the fresh smell at the flowershops and I couldn’t imagine anything better than playing around with flowers the whole day! 🙂 I really love the peonies, they are great! I’m very curious now what your 4th look will be!

    Can’t express how much I LOVE this!!! Awesome, awesome work!

    Anonymous says:

    These “dream job” posts have been the so inspirational for me! I have been doing a lot of design work lately and am trying to really bring my A game and this kind of inspiration is just what I need to keep my eyes open for other fresh ideas! thank you for working so hard on putting them together and thank you to all of your wonderful team members who worked on them with you!!

    Emily says:

    This one has to be my favorite. Definitely been dreaming of being a florist some days, and loving the outfit you had! Could the stylist give us information of the outfits you have been wearing too?

    Style Tutor says:

    Love, love, love this post. That dress is divine! Is it vintage?

    Ainsley says:

    Oh my! You look fantastic! I wish I was a florist too!
    – Also, I must have good taste because I have the same fab ASOS dress in my closet!

    just dying over these shots. you look absolutely gorgeous + ethereal. perfection. and i think i need some peonies perched on my head right now.

    Carolyn says:

    I have been a floral designer and stylist for a long time. Not only do we not dress like this, but it takes years of education and experience to actually be good at it.

    If Fantasy is what youre going for, youve hit the nail on the head. What is portrayed in this images is definitely not reality based! =O It’s a difficult, physically demanding job, with LONG hours, standing on concrete floors.

    p.s. We sure as heck dont wear gorgeous peonies on our head. LOL!

    Thanks for letting me share this reality check with you all! Now back to your regularly scheduled FANTASY! 😉

    Jess says:

    Photography is beautiful… however I agree with Carolyn’s comments. I’m a designer. And trust me, this job ain’t for the faint of heart. Long hours, back breaking floors, 1-2am or longer nights, manicure impossible, glue in your hair, thorn in your thumb grueling. Not to mention the multiple personality juggling of brides , mother of the bride & planners. We give up time with our families to retrieve centerpiece containers at midnight and miss our kids soccer games to deliver weddings. We don’t play with flowers or wear peonies in our hair. Thx.

    While Carolyn & Jess are absolutely correct about the hard work, physical, mental & emotional demands of being a florist and years of training to be good, it was one of my dream jobs also. I’ve been a floral designer since 1975 and still give thanks for my job. The soul-joy of; opening a box of Ca. flowers, standing in the midst of a local mountain top flower farm, or cutting an unusual bloom from my garden is simply beyond compare. For me that simple joy makes up for the ruined hands, tired brain-feet-back and demanding clients.

    When I stand at my design table it’s me and the flower. We commune to create designs greater than the sum of its parts. For that moment I forget hauling those 15 buckets weighing 35 lb. each. I forget the pain caused by hundreds of thorns nicking my skin. I forget the aggravation of the bride wanting $5000 worth of flowers for $1500. I forget the panic at being told by 2 suppliers that flowers for this weekends weddings aren’t coming. I forget ruining my clothing with dripped glue, stem/pollen stains, & bleach splashing from bucket cleaning. I forget the hours spent sitting at the computer typing, figuring, re-figuring and changing proposals.

    So, if it’s your dream go for it! I couldn’t imagine a more rewarding profession. Yes, it’s hard. The hours are unpredictable, the pay’s not great, but the rewards are wonderful! Be realistic in your expectations and enjoy the ride!

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