today’s question: “what do you do to keep from getting trapped in the rabbit hole of inspiration?”

i don’t know about you but i find the best stuff when i’m so deep in the black hole of pinterest, magazines, books, etc. i like the adventure of going from one thing to another. when an artist’s name takes me to a gallery site which takes me to more artists and more artists. or when i read a blog and they mention a new brand, or fresh talent. click click click. it can be overwhelming and i always feel like i need to see everything but i’ve learned to let go. sometimes if there is a site i don’t have time to explore but i want to check out later i’ll pin one image. if i bookmark it the normal way i’ll never look at it again.

to avoid getting totally stuck i’ll usually jump in the hole with a project in mind. i always find inspiration for future projects but i try to pull what will currently help me. i’ll give myself an hour or two and then go through the inspiration and organize it by purpose, color, type, style. i will make boards (usually in indesign) that show my ideas with a page representing each thought. after I’ve dropped and edited everything in the document i can see where i need more and ill go back just looking for that extra piece in mind.

while i am a total sucker for pinterest and browsing around the internet for inspiration, i can definitely say i do FAR less of it these days. i feel like the blog world is completely full of repurposed content and similarities and i think this has a lot to do with everyone looking to other bloggers or pinboards for ideas instead of looking for NEW sources of inspiration. and this means pushing yourself out of your house, out of your state and even out of your country! i have found the most inspiration sitting on a train in a random city or on an airplane when i have time to really sit with my ideas.

the distraction of the internet can almost clutter my mind too much these days. i think always looking online can often breed unhealthy competition as well. it shouldn’t feel like “oh geez, look what she’s doing on her blog…how am i ever going to top that!?” no no no. it should just be about making your ideas come alive and feeling fulfilled while doing so. once you take a step back, let yourself be inspired and create something that you love, i think people pick up on the passion and are drawn to it (at least i hope so!)

i create this document every year called the “designlovefest mind map”…i write down everything i want to focus on that year, whether it’s partnering with brands, or doing more videos, or focusing more on entertaining. i write it ALL down. even if i think i will never be able to achieve them. and then i write next to those goals WHO can help me get there. do i need a photographer? or a stylist? this exercise will just get your mind SPINNING. thinking of ideas that are new and exciting for you.

don’t get me wrong, reading blogs is great (ahem, i would be sad if you stopped reading this one!) but find a good balance of pen to paper, going on walks or outings and of course traveling! and if you do want to do some internet browsing i usually look at who the people i respect are following. a lot of the times you will find a different style or aesthetic that will give you a fresh perspective.

(illustration by katie evans. read more freelance advice posts are over here!)


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    Both are great answers!!! I can always find inspiration thru pinning, the internet and magazines but the time when I get to really dream is when I am away from home 🙂

    Pink Ronnie says:

    Love your answer, Bri. I think you’re spot on!
    Ronnie xo

    steph says:

    fantastic advice. thanks guys xx

    rachel says:

    what a great answer. it makes we want to explore, notebook and pen in hand, want to drive without a map and a car full of babies and just see what we find. adventure and inspiration should go hand in hand.

    Maureen says:

    I love the idea of a ‘mind map’. It sounds a little overwhelming to me at first, but I really think it would help me organize my blog content around a few themes!

    alicia says:

    You totally do need to get away from the computer more often, it’s so important. I find the big black pintrest hole super overwhelming, once I get into it there is too many ideas and I lose focus and don’t even know what I want to do anymore or even where to get started!
    I definitely get my best ideas when away and on vacation. I’m feeling pretty brunt out at the moment and was very jealous to see all your amazing photos of Palm Springs. I need to plan a little get-away weekend for next month for sure.

    Shayla says:

    Great advice!
    I’m a big fan of mind mapping and inspirational moderation. 🙂

    Love this! Thanks so much for the healthy reminder to step away from the computer!

    Sara says:

    Ah so glad I saw this, I actually just blogged about this myself! These answers are great! I definitely agree with both, and Bri, your mind map idea is awesome. You also have a good point about the Internet breeding competition. Definitely something to keep in mind as I bounce through The Rabbit Hole. Thanks girls!

    Ana says:

    I so agree with bri’s answer. Sometimes it’s just too much and your own creativity gets blocked by all that inspiration. I reduced my pintrest consumption and also the amount of blogs I read. No worries, DLF is one of my TOP 5. 🙂 And I feel so much more reviled. I have never tried the mind map, but I will definitely see if it works for me too. Sound like a good idea. Thanks for this post! 🙂

    .tif smith says:

    Ooh! I love the idea of a mind map, and I wish I could peek through the interwebs at yours! Heehee. I, too, realize that I’m trying to look less and less at all the visual stimulus I pass off as “inspiration” and start using alllllll that time to focus on MY work.

    saudia says:

    great advice as always, i love the idea of the mind map!

    Cori Magee says:

    Hi girls! Bri – I couldn’t agree with you more, the part about so much blog content looking the same these days. Maybe that’s why I’ve scaled back and I’m not blogging as much (sad face). I have to really want to blog about something.
    But do you have advice for those of us who have full time jobs and the internet is the most accessible form of inspiration in regards to time (and money)…?

    Becky says:

    Thank you for the mind map idea. I did something similar (wrote down what type of projects would be cool to accomplish each month), but I like that you take it a step further and get the next step down (who).

    Melissa says:

    preaching the truth, bri! thank you.

    Love what Katie said, getting lost can be terribly fun! And Bri- truth be told sista!! I can often feel discouraged when I am looking at so many AWESOME ideas complied on Pinterest when I really love finding inspiration around–in person.

    hazel says:

    I definitely agree, Bri! The internet has become too much of a distraction for me these days and things get redundant once in awhile. So I started to use an idea journal to organize my thoughts and ideas and it has helped a lot!

    Sara says:

    I needed to read this post this morning. Bri — your response really resonated with me. I’ve been feeling so distracted and overwhelmed with everything out there on the web when it comes to my blog, future posts and inspiration. Sometimes I remind myself that I just need to sit in stillness and look out the window….. It is in these quiet moments that my thoughts and visions for the future become more lucid. Thanks for the lovely post! All the best!

    Noor says:

    Bri your so right about everything just being so redundant on blogs anymore. I just wrote about that a few weeks ago and honestly I have pretty much stopped reading blogs anymore. Actually your blog was always a favorite of mine and I love post like this but not the photo post so much (sorry I do not seem to get it and it seems most blogs are doing that these days). But I love, love, love post like these and wish you would bring more things back that had to do with designing and such.

    bri & katie! i’m so grateful for generous people like you two that are willing to share their tips & insight with us! thank you, thank you! xo


    Katie says:

    This was so great to read! Bri, I really responded to your answer. Especially the part on comparing yourself to others and never feel like you’re going to top that. So true! And I’ve found myself falling into that trap. I see something amazing and am inspired by it, but I would let it stop me from trying it. I would think “well they already did it and did it so well. I would just be copying.” Need to stop that. I do think limiting your time online breeds more creativity. Wonderful advice!!!

    abigail says:

    Do you have any advice about keeping a house clean as a freelancer? I’ve been toying with the idea of just hiring someone for a few hours a week because that’s the thing that always overwhelms me… random and perhaps not a very common question, but I thought I’d ask!! 🙂

    Tracy says:

    You got me thinking about the different types of inspiration we can find, and their value and risks. I feel like there are ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ types of inspiration, just like historical sources, primary representing inspiration from real world experience, secondary representing inspiration from other creatives’ works. It seems that finding a balance between those is important to stay original but also stay relevant.

    Amanda says:

    I must admit, I needed to read this. I am in constant comparison mode. I dislike it a lot. I know I am good, people tell me it all the time, but i compare compare compare!

    This quote says it all…it should be a poster!
    “It shouldn’t feel like “oh geez, look what she’s doing on her blog…how am i ever going to top that!?” no no no. it should just be about making your ideas come alive and feeling fulfilled while doing so.”

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