i love these striped bags from stone + cloth, and this week they’re giving one winner a backpack and ipad case (which i have and adore!)

the coolest thing about this company is much of their products are made in LA, and it was founded with a purpose to help kids in tanzania get the education they deserve. $10 from every purchase goes to the knock foundation, supporting their education program, which includes tuition assistance, meals and school supplies.

here’s how to win… (CLOSED)

1.  visit the stone + cloth website and leave a comment below letting me know what you’ll carry around in your backpack.

one winner will be chosen on wednesday, march 6th at 10am PST. this giveaway is for US readers only. the retail value is $100

UPDATE: winner is #256 frannie!


Add your own

    Steph says:

    I would carry an extra scarf and soft gloves as it ALWAYS cools down in San Francisco!

    Carrie Beth says:

    I’d love to win this! I would use it as our Spring outing bag. We’ve made a bucket list for Spring of things we want to do with our son. This bag would be perfect for so many things: the beach, Sunday afternoon picnics, a baseball game, the zoo, etc!

    KatieF says:


    I would carry my Mamiya 35mm camera, previously my grandfathers, and a whole bunch of film.

    I would also have my passport and journal–both requisite for the trip I would be taking.

    And whatever sweet treat I found along the way.

    christin says:

    i’ll carry my laptop, wacom tablet & makeup bag!

    Jenna says:

    fun! I love stone + cloth. I would carry around extra camera lenses and my iPad. This would be perfect for going on adventures or just around town.

    Rachel says:

    oh cute! I would carry my library books and lunch, and of tuck my camera in there too! The ipad case would go to my Mom though, as I still haven’t joined that technology club 😛

    Lorie Davila says:

    Oh my… I need it so bad, I’m 27 and going to start college again! This backpack will make me feel like an amazing new student 🙂

    Kelly says:

    I have a few trips coming up, so I’d use this backpack to carry on a few of my in-flight essentials. Love the stripes!!

    christine says:

    i would use it as a non-traditional diaper bag! *fingers crossed*

    I would carry my extra notebooks, kindle and camera lenses in that lovely backpack. I’ve been in the market for a new ipad case and this would be perfect!

    Haleigh Forbes says:

    I have an almost two year old so I am carrying stuff around ALL day to keep him entertained, fed, hydrated, whatever! These bags are so amazing! And when we are really desperate we use the iPad to watch cartoons 😉 Thanks for the giveaway!

    Beth says:

    I would carry my iPad and all of my normal purse stuff in this cute backpack! I love the idea of carrying a backpack instead of a tote! hands free!

    Brianna says:

    This would become my pool bag for the summer! All of my pool essentials would go in it: towel, sun screen, and a good book.

    Laura says:

    I would keep a good book and snack in my backpack! Love the stripes.

    Holland says:

    Cute cute cute! I’d carry a picnic lunch for me and my husby to enjoy! XO

    Barbara says:

    wow I just got an ipad and this case is adorable!!

    Elyse says:

    In the stone + cloth backpack I would carry my MacBook Pro and notebooks. I am constantly taking notes and making lists and this backpack would allow me to walk around hands-free. It would play nice with my Missoni for Target laptop case as well—stripes on stripes!

    monica says:

    hi bri! I love your giveaways! I just checked their website and fell in love with this brand. I’d carry my laptop and my sketchbook. Also, my camera!!!

    Kaitlyn says:

    This is an ADORABLE giveaway. I would use mine to carry my work gear – I work in a fairly casual but stylish environment and this would be the perfect way to tote around my laptop, to-do lists and of course, favorite beauty staples!

    I would carry all of my school supplies in it. I am starting to shoot my portfolio and it would be awesome to carry all of the staging stuff in there.

    Melissa Jean says:

    This would be PERFECT! I’d carry my camera, notebook, and kindle. Staples for every day

    Carrie says:

    My iPad, of course, plus a pad and pens. Never leave home without them!

    I would carry around my fuji instant camera, notebook & a book for my mini road trip adventures. love that these are connected to education!

    Krista says:

    Would love to carry around the Lucas wide stripe backpack at music festivals this summer!

    Lesley says:

    Oooh I would love to have these for grad school! I would carry my laptop, books, all of that fun stuff!

    Ergo-Blog says:

    How beautiful it is!! I would carry around my notebooks, my pens, and my Nook that I don’t leave the house without!! =) Please count me in!

    Amy says:

    I would carry the backpack around everyday with all my books and art supplies for school, and my ipad as well.

    Meghann says:

    I would carry my school supplies in that adorable backpack!

    Irene says:

    i would carry all my park essentials for warm summer days (one can dream) at Dolores Park

    Amanda Blair says:

    In the Lucas, I’d carry around my macbook air so I can whip it out and write when inspiration strikes, my journal to keep track of how I’m feeling (I really like writing),yoga clothes so I can down dog all the live long day, a reuseable water bottle to hydrate and a slinky to set down the Met steps, because it just sounds like fun!

    Allison W says:

    It’d be fun to use as a small weekend bag! You know, when you tell yourself you’re only going to bring the essentials and try to pack light, fail, and end up bringing two bags? This would be perfect for that second bag.

    I would carry around all of my notebooks and blog planning supplies…perfect pens, inspiring books…the works!

    xx Ashleigh

    Amber says:

    I would use it while traveling in the city.

    Lindsay says:

    This would definitely be my “exploring the city (SF) on the weekend” backpack so…a good book, my current knitting project, a beautiful scarf from Ermie, sunglasses, water bottle, and phone/map/camera.

    Katie says:

    Love them! I would carry around my books- I’ve been extra book-wormy lately. I’m not usually much of a backpack person, but this one’s so cute I’d definitely use it all the time!

    Amy says:

    I love a stylish backpack! I would carry my laptop, ipad, and makeup bag! My current tote bag really digs into my shoulder when its heavy, and I’ve been dying for a cute backpack! This is perfect!

    Ellen says:

    I would carry a beach towel, a good book, water bottle and a snack and head to the beach 🙂

    Suzanna says:

    I’ll carry around my current reading selection, my laurel denise planner, my julia kostreva journal for business notes, and my hobo wallet. Woohoo!

    Jessica H says:

    After 4 years in the workforce, I’ve decided to apply to grad school. I know, I know, what am I thinking?? But! a cute backpack, such as this one, might make this daunting journey a wee bit more manageable. It would be perfect for carrying around my books and notes and everything else. Thank you!

    Nicole M says:

    1. My notebook for writing down inspirations, thoughts, goals and dreams.
    2. My camera for capturing all of life’s little moments.
    3. Some kleenex for when said moments make me weepy.
    4. My dreams and wishes for a happy and fulfilled life full of adventure.

    jessica says:

    This is adorable! I would carry everything- use it for work during the week and pack up for a day at the lake on the weekends.

    Laura Parke says:

    such a cute backpack! i’ve been looking for one to take on my vacation to italy in the fall. i’d pack it full of trip essentials…camera, travel guides, sunglasses, etc!

    emily anne-marie says:

    i’d love the The Lucas – Wide Stripe


    Alicia says:

    This would be lovely for school! I could carry my notebooks, my nook and computer 🙂

    Bethany says:

    Funny story! My backpack strap broke on the first week of school and I haven’t found one I loved until now! This is great! And for a good cause! I would haul around my laptop and books for school! Great giveaway!

    Natasha says:

    Checked out the website and am very impressed with the great work stone and cloth is doing. I try really hard to be a socially responsible consumer, so I love what this company is about (particularly empowering kids through education…so important for change!)I would bring this bag with me to Bonaroo which I am attending for the first time this year! I would keep all my essential outdoor festival survival items including some sunscreen, trail-mix, water bottle, and my Polaroid camera!

    Tish says:

    I’d carry a bit of sunshine 🙂 (iPad, books, sunnies and a clue)

    abby says:

    looks like the perfect bag for a beach trip!

    Lauren Eichinger says:

    I would carry my school books in it for my LAST semester of my master’s program in Oklahoma. After that, I would use it for mini day trips!

    karamay31 says:

    I would throw that over my shoulders, hop on my bike, and head to the arboretum! Me, the Times, and a thermos full of joe.

    MCR says:

    In this super pretty backpack, I would carry my new iPad case (duh!) my Trader Joe’s daily buys and my Rifle Paper idea notebooks <3 GIMME!

    Naomi A says:

    I’d love to carry my work things in it: stethoscope, pens, snacks, water bottle!

    joanna says:

    i’d totally carry around all of my art-making stuff: brushes, sketchbooks, my elephant-shaped pot for water, watercolors, and my favorite pencils ever!

    Lindsey M says:

    Oooohh, depending on how big and how much room, I’d love to make this my camera bag!! I adore the stripes!!

    Gentry says:

    I’m constantly running all over New York City, so the backpack would have everything from my moleskin, writing goodies, snacks & little tube of after work mascara to my texts for class. I’d give the iPad case to my roomie & best friend who desperately needs one for hers!

    Stephanie says:

    That striped backpack would be perfect and SO cute for my festival days coming up soon! I need something to tote water, sunscreen, a blanket to sit on and maybe a couple beers around in on my trips to Memphis and Gulf Shores in May. <3 it.

    brooke says:

    I would totally use it as a diaper bag!

    Mary Kate says:

    Looks perfectly sized to carry books around town for outdoor summer reading.

    Joy says:

    That would be an absolutely lovely bag to trek around with, I would use it when I go snowshoeing to hold my camera, my gaiters, a bottle of water, and sunglasses… and of course my Ipad and snacks when I want to take a break. Wonderful giveaway, thank you!

    Christine says:

    oh wow those are sooo neat! I would totally carry picnic supplies with me on a weekend bike ride in that bag! And even swap it out as my new work bag 🙂 eek! pick mee!

    Holly says:

    I would carry my MacBook, some pretty notebooks for sketching design ideas, my favorite fine-tipped pens and sketching pencils, my bkr water bottle from Blogshop (I take it with me everywhere!), my Wacom tablet, my Kindle (I’m currently reading book 4 of Game of Thrones) and some Thai chili lime cashews, in case I need a snack.

    I would take my everything I currently carry in my tote to work every day — wallet, lunch, book for the commute on the L, agenda book, heels, etc. A very cute matching set!

    April says:

    Oh these are both darling! I would carry my ipad, books, a sweater and my camera for my travels!

    Sara says:

    Well, I HAVE been saving up for an iPad mini, so of course I’d take that. I also hope to spend more time with my 4 year-old niece this summer, so this will be perfect for toting around her snacks and other necessities. I could also take it to work (where I’m a books buyer) and use it to tote samples around the office. It’s kind of the perfect mix of casual/functional and cool, so its uses are endless!

    Monica Wang says:

    i will be carrying around books and my macbook!

    This bag would become home to my dance clothes and shoes, my camera, my university work, and all my doodle/idea notebooks. Though not all at once! Might get a bit crowded!

    abigail says:

    I’d carry all my travel essentials… Camera, tripod, water, books, and of course, my iPad mini in it’s new case!

    Kaleigh says:

    These are so cute–it would be great to carry this around in the sea of black backpacks at college! Mine would house my science textbooks… and a sketchbook! Love love love.

    Sarah Swafford says:

    I would carry around all my art supplies for school and my ipad! Always on the lookout for cute new cases 🙂

    Melissa says:

    I would take all of the blogger/entrepreneur essentials: MacBook Pro, my Canon T2I, a few lenses, my cute notebook and colored pens, iPad Mini, lotion, and some lipgloss!

    Hannah says:

    The backpack would of course always include my fuji insta cam, sketchbook, pencil pouch and ipad! Perfect for exploring. I recently bought an ipad to take to interviews and show my portfolio easily. I would love to walk in with this stone + cloth case! Such an awesome redemptive business!

    Theresa says:

    Wow, I absolutely love this site! They have a great sophisticated, classic style for every day items. Since I work from home and often bike to a local coffee shop, this would be my go to backpack containing my beloved mac, camera, notebooks, sketchpads, extra hair ties, pens and pencils, inspiring magazines and my kindle. Gotta be prepared for everything!

    Adrienne says:

    I would use this backpack for travelling and would keep my dslr, scarf, socks, eye mask and all other essentials in it! Great giveaway!

    Conria D'Souza says:

    I would love this bag to carry around my sketch books and reading materials for when I’m around town.

    Hilliary Jordan says:

    going to school and working full time means my backpack is my best friend. I’d carry my heels for work, sneakers for biking to school, a trusty water bottle, and all my paints and brushes for class

    Danielle says:

    I would carry my laptop, tablet, and idea notebook!

    Emily says:

    Ooh!!! I love this!!! I will use this to carry sunscreen and snacks when we’re at photo shoots!!!

    krys says:

    love this giveaway! this backpack is perfect for my nyc commute. i’d toss my ipad, dslr, extra scarf and my burts bees tinted lip balm inside!

    Stephanie says:

    Any bag I carry usually has the most absolute motley assortment of items a person could fathom. Right now, I would need to put loose nuts, bolts (in bags), 3 apples, packets of sugar, my phone, a can of beer, a can of ginger ale, a black sharpie, my laptop, my laptop power cord (uncoiled) and a parking ticket to pay (later). This bag and case is over the top amazing. Artists know everything, trust me.

    Jessica says:

    These are too cute – and I love how they could work for guys or girls! I’d carry my workout gear in it and would let my husband have the iPad case.

    Rachel says:

    I will carry so many things in this backpack everything from my sketch book to dog treats! I’ll carry my water color set, silk scarf just in case it gets windy, dog biscuits (home made for my poochy)and some bright red lipstick!

    michelle says:

    I would bring it to Thailand. It’s perfect to fit under any bus seat and small enough that I don’t have to lug around too much stuff. It’s so hot there that I can fit everything I need in that pack and with the ipad sleeve it is perfect to keep my technology and clothes separate.

    How cool is this company??!??! I’d keep with the black-and-white trend, since that’s one of my fave color combinations, and put a notebook full of white pages with black pen and ink sketches, some Oreos, and maybe a baby zebra (ok, that one’s wishful thinking) in my backpack 🙂

    Eva says:

    I would use this to carry my moleskin journals, iPad and portable french press coffee maker. It would be great for travel trips and weekend over-nighters!

    Julianna m says:

    my tablet, laptop and sketchbook would be right at home in this beautiful backpack!!!

    Marlo says:

    Great looking backpack and iPad case! I’d fill it with my travel essentials (passport, camera, sunscreen and a spanish-english dictionary) for a big trip to South America this summer!

    backpacks are my favorite! I love throwing stuff for a picnic in a backpack, hoping on my bike and going to the lake

    Andrea says:

    Pick me!!! Pick me!!!

    I would pack obvi my Ipad case. Been looking for one everywhere and this one is just too cute! In the bag, I would pack all my beach essentials. Summer is coming up and I can’t wait to take this bag to Carpinteria, CA every weekend!

    Yvonne says:

    I love The Benson – Olive! You always have the funnest giveaways.

    Well, I surely know what I will be carrying around in the iPad case 😉
    As for the backpack, I have been dying to find the perfect cary backpack on for when I travel. I love using backpacks when I fly because you don’t have to worry about lugging something through the airport. (And typically I am chasing my kids through the terminals) I think my books, passport, a sweater and a few snacks would fit perfectly. Then, switch all of the items out for a bathing suit, sandals, thermos of h2o, snacks, my book and a towel and I am set for the beach. Perfecto!

    I absolutely love the give back. You can never take education away from someone. We are so fortunate in the US. Thanks for introducing me to this company, Bri!

    Deanna says:

    This set is too cute! I’d definitely store my sketchbook, bamboo tablet, and macbook in there when I’m travelling around campus to work on my designs!

    Darrian says:

    My goodness, you always feature the coolest companies – great products. I would fill my pack with my kindle, some notebooks and a brush 😉

    LOVE LOVE LOVE – thank you!!

    Amanda says:

    I want to carry a change of clothes and my new spin shoes 🙂 Along with my ipad in that ipad case!

    Molly says:

    LOVE THIS. This backpack will carry around my laptop and notebooks for all of my treks to the library and classes 🙂

    Pegah S says:

    this will be a stylish backpack to carry my camera and my babies diapers when we go out for strolls.

    Caprice says:

    Long overdue for a stylish backpack. Love these bags and the fact that they support a great cause is incredible. Perfect for regular trips to the park or coffee shop. Will carry my current read, a notebook, pen, granola bar and camera. Thanks!

    Laura says:

    I would use the backpack for my laptop going back and forth from work. I love the contrasty black and white, it’s just the right canvas for all the extra crafty stuff I carry for my kids.

    Caitlin Johnson says:

    Such a cute backpack, I would use it for caring my weekend essentials when I’m out and about: camera, ipad, books and snacks!

    Amanda says:

    I would pack up some books and snacks and a towel and hike down to the beach for some much needed relaxing!

    Mia says:

    I would carry my laptop, sketchbook, notebooks and book with me! And my ipod for those long commutes. Snacks would also be necessary.

    Sarah says:

    As much as i’d love to have something super cool in that backpack, there will probably be combination of purse contents and diaper bag contents… but whose to know 😉

    Imagine the greatest picnic you have every had…. the contents would be in my fan-flippin-tastic backpack. 😀

    I would carry my iPad of course, my color swatches, research books, laptop and any random treasures I find along the way while I get ready to make a film!

    Anne says:

    I would carry around my ipad in its pretty case from stone+cloth as well as my sample album & the other goods I bring with me when I meet with a bride!!

    A B I G A I L says:

    love love love! i would use this as my yoga bag 🙂 and the ipad case for my cute ipad!

    Elizabeth says:

    I would love to win either of these! Even though I don’t own an iPad, if I won the case then I would have to get one to go with it, right? 😉 Also I’m in LOVE with the backpack. I’m not in school anymore but I just love the stripes and it would be so cute carrying to a book store with some books and my laptop to sit down and have a nice read and writing session 🙂

    Amber says:

    BACHELORETTE PARTY BACKPACK! I’ve been searching for a cute backpack to take with me to Key West for my upcoming bachelorette party in April. I’ll be sharing this special weekend with 18 of the most important women in my life! <3

    Ash says:

    I’m purchasing a bike soon and will use it to compute to work, and I will need a cute backpack to hold my lunch, heels, and everything else!

    Sarah Kovash says:

    Love it! It would be so perfect to tote around my iPad and lunch on the bus to work!

    zoë says:

    moleskine, lipstick, colored pencils, ipad, snacks! I have a definite stripe addiction and this would be a perfect addiction.

    Erynn says:

    I would carry around my sketchbook, agenda, pens, a book and my wallet. It’s so hard to find a bag to fit it all!

    Chantel says:

    This would be perfect as a work bag for me!! I usually have a big tote with a laptop, folders, etc and then my purse with everything else. A backpack would be so much easier…love the striped design!

    My laptop, for when I go work in coffee shops!

    Grace says:

    This would be a great bag for biking! I’d use it to carry my laptop to work and my yoga gear to class!

    Kate says:

    In my Lucas I would keep my book, journal, makeup kit and carry on essentials. I am always traveling, much of the time on very short notice, so this would be perfect!

    Mariana says:

    I would carry my sketchbook and writing notebook so that can be creative anywhere, and a book to read on my subway ride home ; )

    Maria says:

    I would use it as one all inclusive bag. If I won the backpack I would no longer have to bring a lunch bag, gym bag, and purse to work with me separately. Plus I’d be stylish, instead of mismatched.

    Parker says:

    I love backpacks! They are cute, versatile, easily let me carry around my essentials for whatever is on that day and (most importantly) let me relive my inner six year old. Today if I had a backpack it would hold:
    1. Electronic essentials
    2. A sweater/hat/umbrella
    3. My book for the subway
    4. My travel mug
    5. Snacks (would goldfish be pushing the whole childhood thing too far?)


    cat says:

    OMGosh! That is such a sweet organization and they have adorable products! Love it!
    I would definitely be toting that backpack around to and from work with laptop in it!

    tara says:

    This would be fantastic to carry my watercolors when I go for long walks!

    Lauren says:

    I’d carry my iPad, planner, wallet, and lip balm. Essentials, if you ask me! 😉

    Sarah says:

    I’m a reporter and also a student, so I carry around gobs of pens and notepads. In my backpack, I’ve got a water bottle, wristlet for quick coffee cash and some lip balm. And I mustn’t forget the snacks and button from mom reminding me “she was perfectly comfortable being exceptional.”

    A pair of cooooool shades and some Evolution juice for a hike.

    Celeste says:

    What a great cause! I’d carry my books and notebooks and support a little of my own education while I work on getting a degree in nutrition science. These are also so summery and stylish I’d use them as my carry-on bags for some fun weekend trips to visit friends and family and explore new cities!

    Pakou says:

    What a wonderful organization! I had no idea.

    In the bag I would carry a camera, notebook and writing utensil, a small snack, and tea bag.

    Megan T. says:

    I’d carry around some of the dried strawberries that we just made with our dehydrator! Yummmmy! Backpacks are great for loading up on snacks for traveling adventures.

    Krista says:

    i would carry everything i need for a day at work (lunch, sketchbook, planner, etc) and use the backpack on my bike commute to work every day!

    Kelsy says:

    I would carry around yummy treats to hand out to all of my favorite people! Love their stuff!!

    Kristin W. says:

    I love these! I would haul all of the stuff I need on the days I leave my house at 630am and dont return until 930pm!

    Sarah says:

    It would be perfect for carrying all my circus gear for shows.

    Leslie says:

    Items you would find in my backpack: Macbook Pro, mini iPad, current book I am reading, also current magazine I am thumbing through. Also included in my bag would be my bike lock, water bottle, nut snack mix and bottle of Kombucha.. all my daily goods.

    Paola says:

    I love these! I would carry my all my school stuff (sketchbook, journal, camera, etc.).

    Ariel says:

    Perfect for school work, newspaper and laptop!

    Kay says:

    These are amazing! I would use the backpack to tote around all my everyday goods and use it as a purse on the go! Also, I’d obviously use it to carry all my beach essentials for a summer day out on the water!

    Daria says:

    I usually have a book, the New Yorker, my moleskin calendar, and way too many other things to hold on my one shoulder!

    Leann says:

    I’d put my camera, a pretty journal, and a tasty snack in the backpack to tote around during my visit to Budapest and Vienna next month!

    I would carry my new (case-less) iPad mini my boyfriend just got me instead of using a beanie to cover it. And in the backpack I would carry everything needed to run my business and go to class at the same time. We powerful women always multitasking!

    i’d have to say all weekend fun gear for hunting down flea market finds to photography excursions. how perfect is that pattern + zipper?

    Mariah K says:

    I absolutely love what Stone and Cloth is doing with the Knock Foundation. Education is something every child should have access too. I would use my Stone and Cloth backpack to carry all of my sketching supplies,sewing patterns,and fabric with me to Fashion Camp OC. I teach fashion and styling classes to young girls (and stylish boys) ages 7 on up. The girls would die over the stripes, which is the same pattern that covers our ironing boards!

    Gina says:

    Ooooh!! They look so fab. I always carry a notebook and a set of colorful pens no matter where I go. 🙂

    Stacy G says:

    I’m currently going back to school for design, so I would use it everyday for my ipad, camera, and school supplies!

    Heather says:

    {Confession} I actually haven’t carried a backpack in quite some time…but need to start again! I would take it on cruises to the beach and fill it with the essentials: a great book, girly magazine, beach towel & volleyball.

    Loren says:

    That backpack is perfect for travelling or for throwing some stuff in it to tool around town on my bike. I love it!

    Phoebe says:

    I’m going back to school to get my MBA, so I will definitely be toting around my school schtuff—laptop, notebooks, snackies—in the backpack!

    Alyssa says:

    I’ll carry my work computer to and from the office and feel like I’m a student again wearing this cute backpack!

    Meghan says:

    I’ve been looking for a new backpack and this one is perfect! It would be great to carry my books in to class – functional and super cute!

    Nieka says:

    I am going on a trip to Paris and several parts of Italy in about a month. I would definitely use these there! I would carry my camera, my drawing notepad, and some traveling essentials like my sunglasses, lotion and rose bud salve! I would also carry around my ipod for those train rides from city to city, and a book or two!

    Kelly O says:

    So adorable! I would carry my extra shoes since in Michigan I have to wear snow boots outside. This backpack would surely brighten up the winter!

    Sheena says:

    I’d be using it to carry around my toddler’s essentials… we still need our diaper bag things but she is much too mobile for me to chase after her with anything other than a back pack!

    Nikki P says:

    This would be a super cute bag for my tours (I’m a NYC tour guide). I would carry in it my water bottle, sunscreen (for all those summer tours), wallet and any leftovers I take from my food tours. 🙂 The ipad case would be perfect to bring along my ipad which I use to show old photos and maps on some tours.
    Love this bag!

    christine says:

    I would carry it to camping! and have my camera, wallet and survival kit in it 🙂

    Jessi says:

    I’ve been looking for an adorable backpack as a carry-on as well as something cute to take to the music festival i just got tickets to!

    Danika says:

    I would carry this to the office every day for my laptop, clipboard, markers and notebooks. I’ve been looking for a cute and functional bag! This is perfect for the fashion publicist’s lifestyle. 😀

    Mandi C says:

    I’d use it for our 8 month old daughter…so some diapers, wipes, toys, wallet, etc 🙂

    I will carry extra gloves, dog treats, my sketchbook and sunnies!!! Love the lightness and style… perfect work commute bag!

    Krystle says:

    I would bring my macbook and travel necessitates for my trip to italy !

    I will use it to carry my books around, of course! As my last back-pack just broke!. Haha

    Aya says:

    I love it! I would carry my sketchbook and watercolors in the backpack, along with all of my school supplies. I would donate the i pad case to the family i pad. (i mostly use it though!)

    Courtney says:

    I would carry my laptop, lipgloss, a notebook and pen! : )

    STACE says:

    I’d fill it with CHAP STICK, an EXTRA CHAP STICK, the BOOK I’m currently reading called “How To Piss in Public,” my POLAROID CAMERA + FILM, a few BUCKS, WATER, & I’ll stop there…it sounds heavy already.

    Alli says:

    I would have to be boring and say books!! I’m still in school, so I would definitely put it to practical use 🙂 but there’s no doubt in my mind I would be the most stylish girl on campus! 🙂

    Tiera says:

    I would carry my new Ray-Ban sunglasses, my reusable water bottle, and a cardigan. It’s so hot outside in HI right now, but inside my office is freezing so I’m always packing one!

    Lauren says:

    We are going on a couple of trips this spring, and I would LOVE to win this backpack to carry all my essentials around.

    Since I’m an active grad student, I’ll be using my backpack to carry around my laptop, sketchbooks, tablet, charging devices, books, pens, all sorts of random things a designer would need during school.

    Thanks for hosting this contest!

    Oooh, so gorgeous! What a great stripe treatment. I would definitely use it for school to carry my laptop, books and notebooks. Being a web development major means lots of tech and lots of books! I think it would also be great to bring to an upcoming WordPress seminar I’m going to in April. Good luck to me!

    – Lindsay

    Crystal says:

    [carry] I would carry around my 2 fat dogs and fluffy cat. Well, at least their pictures. I’d also throw in magical beans so I can transport to awesome places!

    Holly says:

    In my backpack I would carry: a chilled bottle of prosecco, two red cups, a brick of cheese and some creminelli sausage. I would tuck a baguette under my arm and in my other hand hold onto my best guy and we would skip into the woods and take a long overdue, lingering afternoon to drink and kiss and smile.

    Melissa says:

    I’ll carry my reusable water bottle, a book, and a pair of fashionable shoes to change into when I reach my destination. (I do a lot of walking and take public transit. Not great for cute shoes!)

    Amber says:

    LOVE these textiles + Design! I would carry my idea journal a good book and my lipstick in my new back pack! Oh and of course my lap top! I would be set to go and ready to design at my favorite coffee shop!

    Morgan says:

    Most days it will have a blanket, some library books, my camera and snacks….for picnic dates and nature walks with my littles. Some days it be packed with all the right tools to have a few hours to get away from life and just be with Jesus….my bible, my journal sketchbook, and a pen! Then when the right person needs it more than i do….Ill pass it on. 🙂

    Melissa says:

    What an awesome bag! I would totally put everything in this and use it as a purse when I’m on my scooter (when the weather warms up)!!!

    Alana says:

    I will carry my iPad and my twin boys toys, pull ups etc…

    Elizabeth says:

    My passport, Nikon J1 camera, Skull Candy headphones and some Euros. I need a sturdy backpack for my 22 day European vacation in June 2014. I’m so mega excited!!

    kara says:

    i would inevitably carry a diaper, lip gloss, apple sauce, a random lego man, my wallet + a random pair of mismatched little boys sox. <3

    Haley G. says:

    Love the bags! I would carry around my sketchbooks and computer for school. 🙂

    Ira says:

    i would carry, my diary, colored pencils, books, crystals, keys, money, mobile phone, tissues(for the cold winter), lip balm, the broken camera, and i will pretend to be an explorer.:D

    Viet says:

    wow, so glad i stumbled upon this site! i would bring my backpack on hikes and probably as a carry-on when i travel. these are like the toms of shoes (almost)! 🙂

    Rachel says:

    So gorgeous! I’d definitely use this to replace my boring, black, work bag.

    Amy says:

    Awesome! Diaper bag for sure! Ah! so cute!

    sharon says:

    i’d put all the school work i have in it! yay college life haha 😛

    Kory says:

    Oh my gosh! I would love to win that backpack! I am constantly carrying around my laptop and various art supplies to class and back home, but my backpack is not trendy at all. I would love to be able to go to class looking more stylish! 🙂

    dana says:

    love these! i would carry my kids’ stuff and ipad, of course!

    Katy M. says:

    I’m a developer, so I’d carry around my macbook pro, ipad, iphone, a droid phone for testing, and a notepad full of ideas-basically everything that I use daily for coding! 🙂

    kate o. says:

    ipad – cloth diaper – wipes – water bottle – wallet – snack

    Mare says:

    Love this company! I would carry my ipad mini and supplies for a picnic in the park 🙂

    Stefanichung says:

    So awesome! And for a great cause! I’d love to win this for my baby boy! We’d love to use it as a mini baby bag for when we are out and use it when he starts going to school! 😀 and iPad case for mama! Hehe

    Dale says:

    I have my eye on a Vespa that Id like to buy, and would use this bag to carry my work things with me while riding it!

    Priscilla C. says:

    I’ve been using the same backpack for 7 years so it would be awesome to finally get a new and stylish one! I’m in college so I would carry my books, notebooks, and my lunch box. Don’t forget, my pens and pencils!

    Olivia says:

    I am trying to exercise more, so I will carry my gym clothes in the backpack to and from work. Motivation and style in one!

    kirsten says:

    I would carry my nook, camera, wallet and tons of chapstick.

    Erin says:

    I broke my ankle one week ago – so I’d put pretty much everything I would in my purse plus what I need for my meetings. It’s apparently VERY difficult to get around with a purse and crutches.

    Kasi Allen says:

    I carry a backpack everywhere in the city since I ride my bike, so I put everything in it. My laptop, some fruit, an umbrella, extra shoes, etc.

    I will carry a few plastic wine glasses and a bottle of wine for a lunch date at the beach!!

    Chloe S says:

    That is marvelous — both the design, pattern, and the cause. I had never heard of them before. Thanks for telling us all about them!

    Tawnee Gomez says:

    What an awesome company! I am a wedding coordinator/planner. I would carry around all my crafting supplies and couple files. Oh and some healthy snacks for the day. ♥


    Casey says:

    I have been searching EVERYWHERE for a cute ipad mini case! My boyfriend just gave me an ipad mini for our 3 year anniversary and I’m dying to find the perfect case. The iPad Mini Case in Wide Stripe is so perfect! It would be too cute to carry to work everyday and bust it out with this adorable case! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    Justine says:

    Luuuv it, too cute and I especially like that diagonal zipper pouch on the backpack! I’d carry anything from my laptop, to my camera + accessories, to my art supplies!

    Anna says:

    Extra notebooks, scarves and snacks, always need more!

    juliana says:

    I would carry my inspiration sketch pad, my colored pencils and my nook. It would be a great and stylish accessory to find inspiring places to design.

    Casey says:

    forgot to mention what I’d carry around in my backpack! *doh!* Definitely love sporting a cute backpack; I’d pretty much carry around EVERYTHING from my laptop, ipad, always have a pair of comfy flats with me when those killer heels dont work 😛 and of course, touch up makeup!

    I would carry my work laptop to the office and use it as my carry on when I travel!

    Such a great statement piece to dress up my casual work attire.

    I would tote my school stuff and my camera for trips!

    Magen says:

    All of my work essentials because i need two straps for my train ride! Also- my iPad in that cute case 🙂

    In love with this! I would carry my camera on weekend adventures! Fingers crossed 🙂

    Tracey says:

    I’m going to London & Paris in May and these would be perfect for toting along on the plane & train! Beautiful store!

    Allison says:

    I would use the backpack as a stylish and hands free diaper bag. Perfect for trips to the zoo, library, music and art classes!

    Nora says:

    • rosebud salve

    • some pretentious notebooks and pens (moleskin & lePen)

    • various apple products (pad/phone/pie)

    • snacks!

    • anything else that won’t fit in my many fanny packs

    Marie B says:

    stone + cloth is awesome!!! I’d carry all my essentials while riding my bike around LA!

    Stephanie says:

    Gym clothes, my bkr wattle bottle and my moccasins for comfy walking!

    Rachael B says:

    I would carry everyday art supplies I need for my classes, as well as my computer or tablet for my marketing classes! I’m tired of carrying all of my art supplies in a grocery bag!

    theresa says:

    i love these giveaways=) I may not be the winner but i absolutely love discovering new places to shop and its for a great cause! The Lucas line is the way to go. It would have to choose either the Wide Stripe or the Navy. I’d carry around my iPAD (of course!), my mini dslr (a photographer must), sketchbook (to scribble down my ideas!), sharpies (to write & you can never go wrong with too many sharpies), bkr (to stay hydrated), and burt’s bee lip balm!

    Kat says:

    New baby gear! This is so much better than a lame old diaper bag :)and hands free. No traditional mama stuff here! Love this site!

    Susie Marie says:

    Oooh new website to lust after .. 😉 .. Being a Pet & People Lifestyle Photographer .. I really need this! I would love to toss my camera and all my other goodies in the back pack and be able to take my iPad too! 😉

    Amy says:

    I would take this beautiful back pack on my weekend adventures. I’d store my camera to snap shots of all pretty places and people I see. I would carry around my favorite crochet afghan to lay out for picnics. And probably a thermos of coffee because I love my caffeine fix.

    Kat says:

    I would carry all of my weekday dissertation work and read at the cafe.

    Megan says:

    I would carry around all of my books and notes for classes! I would also use it for weekend adventures to visit my friends!

    Mika says:

    Living in Wyoming and being a student I always need to be prepared for an adventure and to study! I always make sure to pack my notebooks, a drawing pad, my iPad, pencils, a water bottle, and a knife( because you never know what kind of interesting shrub you will find in the woods and need to take home!) This backpack would be the perfect transition from the hustle and bustle on campus to the calmness in the woods and everywhere in between!

    Bean Wagner says:

    I’d carry my iPhone giant (aka iPad mini) in this sweet bag! On the weekends, I’d probably carry wine and snacks from the lake house to the dock!

    Kim says:

    this would be perfect for my laptop and ipad when I head to the coffee shop to work remotely for a little while.

    Catina says:

    WOW, this duo is a beautiful set. Another awesome company that you have chosen to share with us! Love Stone and Cloth’s merchandise, the choice of fabrics and patterns are delightful. The fabric is stunning. I would definitely carry my laptop in this bag, and my other work essentials! Thanks again!

    Caroline says:

    Oh my gosh! I wish I had known about this company before my last trip to New York! I had to carry all of my stuff with me for two days. I would have felt a lot better around all of those NYC fashonistas! I’d carry my camera and make sure I got lots of selfies in this adorable backpack!

    Danielle says:

    SO CUTE! I’d keep my laptop, notebook and mad assortment of microns and colored pens !

    Suzanne Davis says:

    What an incredible bag to carry my treasures in! Which includes, my cell phone, ipad, wallet, sketch book, keys, date book, lotion, hand sanitizer, receipts, mail, pens, pencils, thumb drive, extra set of clothes for yoga, headphones, whatever book I’m reading, (“The Happiness Project” would be in there today), bottle of water, and of course, my sanity.

    Lis says:

    I’d carry writing supplies, my polaroid camera, plus all the sleek new digital items I capture images with. I am going to Greece this fall and this would be the perfect travel companion, plus a great chance to spread the word about the knock foundation and its initiatives to other travelers along my way!

    angela says:

    camera, notebook, pens, nivea hand creme, burts bees, and my gnome Thor (he goes everywhere with me and is two inches tall).

    Tali says:

    I would carry my nook, a pair of flip flops, my ‘do more things’ notebook, a set of sharpies, and my make-up bag.

    Katalina says:

    My moleskin, my iPad, the book slouching towards Bethlehem!

    Samantha says:

    Book, book, books galore! I always have a hard time finding cute bags to carry that can fit a couple books but don’t feel bulky. This one is perfect! I’m currently re-reading the Hitchhiker’s Guide series, so they would naturally come with me. And why not put the iPad in the case and then in the backpack? Perfect for on-the-go posts!

    Brooke Lynch says:

    Ooo la la… I would carry my MacBook Pro, magic mouse and charger. My sketchbook, DSLR and my pens. A perfect creative carry all.

    Fallon Klug says:

    LOVE this bag! I’m moving down to Nashville tomorrow and would carry my laptop, lunch, and book-of-the-week in my new bag to my new job!

    Jamie says:

    Oh my goodness! That bag is gorgeous. I’d love to use it on day trips out of New York to the Hudson Valley (tucked with the essentials – cheese, olives, a little wine, water, a good book for the train). And also for adventures around Quintana Roo, Mexico this summer.

    Kait says:

    I’ll carry around my laptop and fancy pens and pencils to my design classes that start in April – inspired by your blogshop courses I decided I wanted to learn more!

    Sarah says:

    My YOGA stuff! I’m an instructor so I have chimes, clothes, anatomy books, candles….my mat is in my hands so a backpack would be so nice!!!

    Dana says:

    I will tote around a few books and my little 50mm 1.8 lens that i use for my street style blog!

    Dani says:

    I’d carry my beach towel, water, snacks and iPad in my new case of course!

    Jaclyn C. says:

    I have been looking for a cute backpack for a while now and this one is adorable! Every Thursday I go to school with my boyfriend (I already graduated, but he is still in) so I can see him. We don’t live together, meaning we barely see one another and 7+ years of that has been hard. So, every Thursday I meet at his place and we go to school. While he is in class I draw, doodle, brainstorm better things for my photography business, but I don’t have a proper cute bag to carry all of my things. I usually end up carrying it all in my arms (yikes!). Then in between his classes we hang out, draw together, play a card game (always have cards with me!), then it’s off to the next building. It would be super awesome to have one bag to hold it all. AND an ipad case to protect it. 🙂

    Scout says:

    How cute! It looks perfect for all of the books that I already lug around with me 😉

    Ana Paula B says:

    I’ll fill it with books and other usefull things for the trip I’ve plan this summer!!

    cianne says:

    i love love LOVE this giveaway! I would carry my notebooks, phone, macbook, and maybe a bottle of wine!

    Rebekah says:

    These are so adorable, and I love that they’re also donating to a good cause as well. I would love to have this backpack for traveling, packing my ipad, magazines, snacks, whatever I may need for my in-flight entertainment (or work!).

    ashley says:

    love these products! This would be the perfect backpack to tote my laptop in around NY and on business trips…not to mention a great pack for impromptu weekend trips!

    Bonnie says:

    Love it! Since I’m at grad school right now, it would be perfect for all my notes, books, and pens, but I’d love to use it for day trips to carry my sketchbook, art supplies, journal, and some snacks 🙂

    Joie says:

    I would throw my lil pup in there so he can go bike riding with me!! That would be perfect!

    Anonymous says:

    I am a new mother and don’t like most diaper bags that I see. I chose to use a backpack, but the one I have has already worn smooth out. A new durable one would be fabulous! Plus, stripes are my best friend. The ipad cover would be wonderful to protect my ipad from all things baby. 🙂

    Sara says:

    I would carry around my textbooks, iPad (hopefully in its cute new case!), and thermos of blue bottle coffee. As a grad student, that is my life these days! xoxo

    Julie says:

    Super cute! I would love to carry this out to picnics and when I’m hiking outdoors.

    Allison Skok says:

    That backpack is spot on what I need! I’m going on a road trip in a month and that would be the perfect carry-all for walking around to shops and the beach and what not. The perfect bag to carry a towel, sunscreen, and shades 🙂

    Jill says:

    Those stripes are fabulous. This would absolutely become my new day bag, carrying all my usual goods that get me through life.

    Sam says:

    Smoothies and yoga clothes, for sure!

    Josie says:

    I would looooove the Wide Stripe iPad Mini Case for my new iPad mini!! So chic and minimal. Love it!

    Caroline says:

    I would carry my normal purse items plus my laptop!

    stephanie p says:

    This bag is to love! I’d carry around my colored pens that I use to take notes,a box of thank you cards (because I’ve been really into sending those lately) and my knitting project.

    Beth says:

    I would carry extra things for my baby daughter instead of diaper bag! It’s just so cute

    I would take it WPPI in vegas and carry around my camera and all of my notebooks and materials in it and of course everyone would ask me where I got my killer backpack!

    Georgie says:

    Hi there! I’m georgie from sydney and i’m still in year 11 at high school. i absolutely love the backpack and to be honest i think i’d carry a lot of things i didnt need in it, just because it looks so cool and effortlessly chic. that said, i would probably carry things to take to the beach in it too… im definitely a beachy kinda gal X

    oooh do i love those stripes!!

    i love that their products also upport an amazing cause! that backpack would be perfect for everyday life! as a student, nanny and active gal it would be oh so perfect as an everything bag! and i’d love to carry my laptop as well as all the goodies you need as a nanny!

    i love the minimal design and would love to spread the word about their amazing stuff!

    fingers crossed! xoxoxo

    kristian r. says:

    i love to win this little gem! my hope is that i would look slightly more stylish and slightly less “non traditional student” upon returning to school for a second degree in design this fall. here’s to hoping!

    Deepshikha says:

    I would carry my school books in the bag, along with little things like pencils, pens, gum, and a small block of wood (you never know when you’ll need to knock on wood! I’m just a wee bit superstitious 🙂 ).

    kristian r. says:

    whoops! i guess i should clarify that in it I would carry all necessary items. including but not limited to… colorful pens, a few moleskins, my bobble bottle and any required text 😉

    dionne says:

    oh boy — i would use it as a diaper bag, and be the most stylish mom around!

    Kati says:

    too cute! would be perfect for carrying finishes, files, and fabrics to design client meetings

    Carlene says:

    I’d carry my little girl’s toys and extra sweaters on chilly evenings. Maybe my i-pad and some candy… always gotta have candy. 😉


    riya says:

    i would carry around my graduate studies supplies & laptop! its been tough trying to find chic budget friendly bags~ great giveaway and great cause too!

    athena d. says:

    oh my gosh. i love absolutely everything on that website. and i love the bag that your giving away. the color is awesome! and would fit practically everything i wear. and i would carry around everything. it would make it so much easier to drag around my daughters things, and if i won, i would have room for my things finally! lol

    Allison says:

    love the product, love the cause!

    i would carry creative supplies so i can have them on hand wherever i am! i would also use it for a spontaneous one day trip <3

    Anonymous says:

    What a great bag! I would use this to house my macbook, a moleskine or two, a disposable camera, and whatever book i’m currently reading.

    Been loving these giveaways! Thanks Bri!

    sandy says:

    I’d carry all my books from grad school! 🙂 such a stylish and functional backpack. love it

    Christina P. says:

    i would use this backpack for all occasions! it’s adorable!

    BUT, i do make lunch for my hubby everyday, and walk it over to his office, so i’m pretty sure i’d use this backpack to hold our lunches!

    Jem says:

    THIS BAG: is wonderful. The design, the concept, the style, love. Because it is so wonderful, I would put in all my lovely things.
    -My journal (complete with sparkly pens)
    -My Macbook
    -A tasty snack
    -And of course, chap stick.

    Jenn Matney says:

    this is so adorable it would be wrong not to comment. i would take this with me on my biking adventures around town. in it would be my water bottle, bike pump, jacket, and kindle…just in case i was drawn to a certain spot where i just had to stop for awhile.

    Courtney says:

    This bag is adorable and would be so much better for work trips than my standard issue computer bag.

    cortney p. says:

    stripes! stripes! stripes!

    i would use this backpack to carry all the gear me and my one year old would need to hit the pool/park/playground this spring. towels, water, sippy cups, dr. seuss books, and 2 bananas because they’re our favorite!

    Alex says:

    Maybe an obvious answer but I would be using it to carry my laptop and textbook to campus!

    here’s to hoping i’ll finally win one of your giveaways! i’d bring this on my family trip to hawaii later this month- so a book, beach towel, bathing suit and flip flops would go into this backpack!

    Abby says:

    Easy – I’d carry my books to my college classes! And my laptop to the library for major study sessions. (:

    Bethany Linkous says:

    I would absolutely love to fill this backpack with my microbiology textbook, my organic chemistry notebook, and my always fashionable laboratory goggles!

    Kwin Khieng says:

    Cute! I have been looking for a grown up version of backpacks to carry all my supplies from the office to the studio! Thanks for posting this!

    p.s. It always helps to carry something looking as chic as these products.

    Keri Dawn says:

    Lovely backpack! I am definitely in need of a new one. I would take it on my shelling beach runs and put all the shells I find in it!

    brittney says:

    Today my backpack is holding three textbooks (transnational business problems, corporate tax, and white collar crime) and my computer… and a billion pens and lip gloss, etc.

    Allison Ramsey says:

    I absolutely LOVE this backpack! I have two little girls, and we’re growing out of the diaper bag stage. It’s great to have your hands free and look stylish while chasing kiddos. I would carry all my gear (wallet, makeup bag, planner, cell) plus a bag of extra clothes for the girls, and the ipad to keep them busy at the grocery store. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

    Laura says:

    I’d carry around my commuter essentials in this beautiful striped bag. Laptop, ikat-patterned makeup bag, Baggu-enclosed lunch… Right now my 1.5 hour haul is a labor of love – working in the fashion department of the world’s largest online retailer is a dream come true!

    Courtney says:

    How cute! I’m obsessed with stripes and this would be perfect for client meetings!

    Sasha says:

    I’m expecting my first little one and have been battling against having to carry around a diaper bag. Hip backpack seems like a way better option to me 🙂

    Stephanie says:

    Stripes are my favorite! I would use the backpack to carry around springtime adventure necessities like sunscreen, snacks and a disposable camera 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

    willis. says:

    all my school necessities of course! can’t start my graphic design classes without a hot bag!

    Stone and Cloth has some really great items! all over it!

    i leave for Europe on the 13th and i will be in London and Paris for two weeks and i am taking my iPad with me so this ipad case would be perfect because my ipad is still caseless. this backpack would also be so perfect for taking around on the plane and train ride. they are both adorable!

    i would love love to win these two items!!!

    Vanessa says:

    In the backpack I would definitely carry the book i’m currently reading, a blanket and a six pack in anticipation of summer!

    And in the ipad case, well I guess an ipad! (just have to buy myself one)


    Amanda says:

    This would be great for hauling snacks and water bottle to the baseball field this summer for 3 little boys.

    alicia says:

    Love the backpack and ipad case! The backpack would be great for summer, stuff in some picknick things and go explore the outdoors.
    My boyfriend and I are planning a lot of weekend trips for this year and although the backpack alone way not be enough it still is a great alternative to a handbag when exploring a new city with your camera.
    I only have one ipad case at the moment so I definitely wouldn’t mind having a nice alternative 🙂

    bhogan says:

    mighty fine backpack there… i reckon that backpack is made for adventures in bravery! plenty of room for books, band-aids, lip balm, and the unavoidable collection of receipts documenting all my explorations + exchanges.

    Becca says:

    This is SO adorable! I would totally use it on the weekends for trips to the farmer’s market!

    Jessica says:

    I would carry the current book I am reading, John Lennon, along with my I Pad, bottled water, my EOS lip balm, and of course my camera (it will be great taking pictures now that my hands will be free!) I will probably tie a fun spring scarf to the backpack strap for an extra pop of color, it would look great with the stripes!

    lucy says:

    i would carry my new gym shoes for a little lunch break workout!

    Kestrel says:

    Ohh how lovely! I’m not sure what i’d put in it because the contents of my bag changes daily! Lately i’ve been sketching a lot, so probably my sketchbook as well as some snazzy colored pens. Laptop, phone, textbooks and snacks on snacks are some other things that would definitely make the rounds 🙂

    Taryn says:

    I love that backpack! I’m going to Italy in late March and have been looking for a bag just like that to carry around on the trip! On the plane I’ll probably carry my laptop, a book, some school work, and a change of clothes. Touring Italy though i’ll have my camera, wallet, phone, and a notebook to jot down ideas i get while I’m there!

    Elizabeth Clark says:

    I’m a wedding planner and this bag would be the PERFECT Emergancy wedding day bag. To hold anything and everything for that special day… Sewing kit, lint roller, tissues, bottled water etc.Not to mention my iPad to keep the day on track.


    Mary Beth says:

    What a great company. Love all their products. I think I’d take my book bag traveling. Looks big enough to care all those necessities like camera, maps, things you pick up along the way. While still being small enough that it isn’t cumbersome.

    Allison says:

    I would carry my art supplies to and from the studio. What an adorable bag!

    Nikki says:

    Love the cause behind this nautical knapsack! I would tote my ipad (in its spankin new case) my portable speakers for an impromptu dance off, and a very happy conscience for sporting a backpack from stone + cloth!

    Danielle says:

    One can never have enough stripes!

    Looks like a perfect backpack for Farmer’s Markets or those summer days when you pack a picnic and some books and head to the park… Loving everything from stone + cloth, actually.

    Maggie says:

    As an engineer I am constantly carrying around reference books and notebooks. It is so hard to find a good looking and functional bag!!

    Latrina says:

    So stinking cute! I am loving the stripes. <3

    This would definitely make tugging my books & camera around a lot easier… plus! I'll be stylish while doing so. 🙂

    I also love that they donate a portion of their proceeds to help those children! <3 <3

    Britt says:

    Love the stripes! I would fill it with my “day at the beach” necessities! Sunnies, a good book, journal, a polaroid, iphone and a cute scarf! 🙂

    Cristina says:

    I would carry my Ipad in my new ipad case, notebook, text books, colorful sharpies and post its, water, snacks, laptop, light sweater. This backpack will carry everything I need for a long visit to the library where I will spend hours studying for midterms and finals all while supporting a child’s education in Tanzania! Oh, and I will look absolutely fabulous doing it.

    lma says:

    I will carry papers to grade. So much chic-er than my usual ‘teacher tote’. 🙂 🙂

    Kayla says:

    I’d fill this lovely bag with my wallet, sunglasses, and french book!

    Ruthie says:

    every year my bf and I tandem bike (about 15 minutes from our house) to the LA County Fair each weekend it’s open in September and my old “fair backpack” has seen better days – therefore, it would hold our passes, water bottles, lip balm, wallets, cameras, cell phones, keys, photobooth strip case, list of rides/food-on-a-stick/booths/food trucks/concerts/fried food/exhibits/wine tastings/shopping pavilions/beer gardens/animals to visit each weekend AND any results of that list above! Thanks 🙂

    Briel K. says:

    Love the striped iPad case! I’d carry around my usual haul: book, notebook, planner, wallet, about 5 pens, etc. I carry around way too much stuff! 🙂

    lisa says:

    love that benson in blue!

    Erin says:

    I work remotely, so my computer, mouse and glasses!

    Britt says:

    I’ve been looking for a great backpack and this one fits the bill! It would be perfect for bike riding once the weather warms up

    kelly says:

    i live for black and white striped! so many cool designs – but this is the best! i’ll carry notebooks, my wallet, camera and lenses in here! love it!

    Liz A. says:

    I love love love this design! This company has such a great cause and I’d love to help out. I’d use this backpack on the daily for all my school/design supplies. I practically live on campus with how busy I am so this would be stuffed with my wallet, planner, photo paper, school materials and makeup (duh) and the ipad case for well, my ipad 🙂

    Kayla says:

    I would carry a picnic lunch, a collapsible dog bowl, and water for a day hike with my boyfriend and our dog, Ida.

    Jasmine K. says:

    Absolutely in LOVE with this backpack! I’ve been in the market for a new backpack to carry around campus. This lovely would house all of my school supplies and other essentials.

    Joelle says:

    I would carry my books and supplies for class since I am an apparel design and merchandising student! So exciting that these products are made in L.A. to ensure quality. And they’re so cute!

    I would certainly move all of the items from my current yellow booksack that I used all four years of ungrad to this new beautiful booksack. It would hold all of my books and materials for graduate school…it would be put to good use, without a doubt! And the ipad case might give me an incentive to purchase one! 🙂

    Trisina says:

    I travel a lot for work so, not only would this be a great everyday bag, it would be great for all of my plane trips and car rides!

    Chloe L. says:

    I absolutely adore this set! I’m a student to I would of course use the backpack for my books and binders, and I use my iPad as a laptop while in class, so of course I would use it for that 🙂 I also think the backpack would be a lovely airport bag/carry on, which would be so helpful since I travel quite a bit. Since the bag is quite neutral, it would match everything and the stripes are whimsical and casual, and the angle of the zippers and the pocket is so unique. I love it! If I don’t win it I might buy one myself 🙂

    Hannah Belle says:

    ME ME ME! I would absolutely adore carrying this backpack around my college campus and letting everyone know about the good cause it supports! Double win.

    Michelle B says:

    I love those fabrics! Stipes are my favorite. I would carry around a book for sure, and depending on the mood some wine and cheese or a blanket for lying in the grass. Thanks for letting us know about this business!

    Monica n says:

    Love this bag, you just can’t go wrong with a stripe. I would carry a few diapers, wipes, my iPhone, a blanket, a sweater and a few snacks and take my baby girl for a picnic in golden gate park.

    Kheng says:

    I love stripes! I would use this as my travel backpack.

    Alissa says:

    Perfect for carrying around my camera and a couple rolls of film!

    love those stripes! i’d have to carry around my laptop and pretend i was still in college….those were the days!

    carly says:

    Oh my! The stripes or navy version of the same bag for sure. I would use it as a weekend essentials bag now that my baby is getting a bit older. amazing!

    Angiela says:

    //for CARRYING//
    • Gold sparkly flats
    • Hot pink scarf
    • A blanket for sitting
    • A bottle for sharing
    • iPad mini for iTunes= dancing

    jenny says:

    I put my clutch, a change of clothes, diaper, wipes for my baby, and some snacks.

    estherjulee says:

    oooh cute! for carrying: extra layers like a light jacket or cardigan & camera.

    Emily K. says:

    Cute giveaway – love the stripes! I would use this backpack for school (I’m a veterinary student), or for adventures!

    Kadi says:

    Adorable bag – fantastic giveaway! I’m visiting San Fran for the first time ever in May – it’d be pretty nifty to go traipsing around the city… I’d use the bag to store my treasures! On a less important scale, I’d stuff it full of books – I can never seem to read just one at a time!

    Dyanna Littke says:

    I would combine mine and my daughters things to make our bus commute easier:) The tech case would protect my ipad from her preschool snacks and sippy cup and it would all be carried in style! Thank you!

    Madi says:

    I would carry around books, notebooks, extra scarves and rings, and tea. It would be perfect running around unexplored cities.

    Emma says:

    I love all things striped and would especially love to carry my planner, laptop, and work supplies in this lovely stone + cloth backpack! thanks for the giveaway xo

    Lauren says:

    books, lipgloss, yoga clothes 🙂

    Kaydee says:

    So cute! I would carry my whole life in this bag! More specifically, I would have my school supplies, books, wallet, chapstick, and probably a cardi because I always seem to get cold.

    jordan key says:

    My supplies for class! I am a student and having to carry about books, my laptops, and supplies is a lot while still trying to be stylish. This would be stylish and functional! So cute!!

    Claire says:

    I LOVE Stone + Cloth!! I would carry around my camera, sketchbook, some snacks, a few cosmetics, and my laptop on the weekend, and I’m a student so of course I would carry my books around in it 🙂 It also seems very nice for a travel/carry on bag for vacations! AHH! TOO ADORABLE!

    Megan says:

    striped backpacks oh my!

    Giselle says:

    I would carry a whole lot of film!!

    Gabrielle says:

    I would probably carry my school supplies – starting college next year!!! Along with my ipod and camera <3

    Jenny says:

    Picnic supplies!

    Vicki Archer says:

    That iPad case is fab, I’d love it!!…xv


    Karissa says:

    I’m TOTALLY going to use this little backpack for the day trip bike rides with my boyfriend. Gotta carry all the essentials in style!!

    Amanda says:

    I would use the backpack for school supplies. Then I would use the iPad case to carry my tiny computer. : )

    Brooke says:

    I would carry all my design supplies as I finish my last semester of college :)!

    Rachel says:

    I would use the backpack for work-related tasks & for weekend adventures at a neighborhood cafe. I would give the ipad case to my older sister who owns an ipad.

    Lisa says:

    I would carry my laptop and all my essentials.

    kaela says:

    i would love to carry my books with me!

    Katie McGee says:

    Diapers and baby supplies for my new babe Stella.
    love this hip bag. Very Coool!

    Tracy says:

    i would carry my sketch notebooks to the park

    ellie says:

    ooh i would use it to bring my binders to class!!

    Denysia says:

    I would carry about my wallet, keys, and random stuff when I go on vacation!

    christine says:

    I’m a new mom and would use the backpack as a stylish way to carry around diapers, wipes, and snacks!

    Chelse Shaum says:

    I would carry my brand new puppy in that backpack…. yup i’m one of those people

    mindi says:

    school books (i’m a teacher librarian).


    Rebecca says:

    I would carry my notebook, iPad, my lunch, mints, and hair ties!

    Elyse says:

    Love their designs! Definitely think it would be great to carry around my computer and tons of notes and notebooks while working on my thesis project this spring!

    beth says:

    I would use it for my camera and lenses for when I go out to take pictures. Im an intern for a photographer and Im constantly commuting to LA for shoots and lectures as well as driving around every day for projects. I would probably keep snacks and props in it as well. who doesn’t get hungry on a set? I would absolutely use the case for protecting and transporting photos. pick me to win!! 🙂

    Eliesha says:

    Oooh! I’ve been looking for the perfect backpack for my cycle commute to work – maybe this is the one! Actually – having looked at the website – I want them all!!

    Chels says:

    oh thanks for sharing this company! their designs fit my taste perfectly & changing the world, it’s a win-win. I just became an Ipad owner & I’m still case-less and this bag is exactly what I need to hull around the endless amounts of supplies I use for grad school.

    Bella says:

    I would carry my school things and my Moleskine Notebook with my colored pencils :]

    amberZon says:

    Super cute backpack and ipad case! I’d carry all my books and ipad for work. Normal bags just won’t do, backpacks are always for the win!

    Amber says:

    I would carry my brand new MacBook Pro that my hubby recently got me for my birthday! And maybe a ComArts magazine 🙂

    Esther says:

    I would load it full of interior design books and art supplies, just like I do with my cross-shoulder bag that is giving me muscle spasms!!! Not only would this adorable backpack help relieve my shoulder pain but it would be waaaaaay cuter! Win-Win! 🙂

    steph says:

    I’d love to say I would carry something cool and hip in this awesome little bag, but in reality it would probably be filled with diaper bag essentials. And a notebook/pen…always. 🙂

    Emily says:

    I’m a student, so I’d probably be carrying books and notebooks and my iPad in my backpack! This backpack is WAY cuter than what I have now!

    Betsy says:

    Baby goodies! That backpack would make a cute little diaper bag.

    rachael says:

    i would carry my lunch, my current read, a bottle of water, my lipstick, my phone and my keys!

    Jenna says:

    adorbs. this cutie would definitely come with me to Spain in April! I’m going on a much needed adventure with sweet friends and am pretty sure this would be the perfect 5th wheel. iPad = bad idea in the pick pocketing capitol of the world buuut i have momma with an affinity for stripes :]

    lisa says:

    I was just out shopping for a backpack for when I ride my bike! There were none this cute, so sadly I came home empty handed 🙁
    But hey, maybe I’ll win this! I would put together a picnic and take my new backpack to the park, invite the ladies, and go for a bike ride if this was my new backpack!


    christine says:

    i’d pack a bottle of wine, corkscrew and some plastic glasses for the sharpest looking insta-party in a bag.

    Laura says:

    art supplies on the go!!!

    Casey R says:

    i’ll be carrying schoolbooks in my backpack 🙂

    Rose says:

    My MacBook, spare diapers and wipes, fruit snacks, and my wallet!

    jennifer says:

    rad! sweet shop. i’d pack a blanket and a picnic in the backpack!

    I would carry my craft supplies on the go, especially when I need a few extra things and want to match color/size in store. It would be so nice to carry it in this super cute bag!

    Emma Gray says:

    oh my goodness! what a beautifully designed bag and with such an amazing story! I’m a college student (still), so I’d be filling mine with a binder full of assignments and a day planner to keep me from forgetting important dates!

    korin A says:

    I will carry. . . . . my lunch and my gym shoes and water and snacks. I’m a girl on a mission for healthy but just this morning I was bemoaning just how much stuff a healthy girl must CARRY to work every day.
    I would love an adorable back-pack.

    julie says:

    crayons and a calender

    Chloe G. says:

    SO DARN CUTE! i would fill it with everything that will fit – books, my computer, lipstick, cute pens, etc.!
    thanks for such an awesome giveaway, my fingers (and toes) are crossed!

    Tara says:

    I would carry a good read, a lovely journal, and a wonderful snack!

    Wendy M says:

    I have 9 month old twins, so there would definitely be diapers in there! 😉

    Madison S says:

    so cute! I would definitely be using this for my good friend Mac!

    emily says:

    books and knittting

    Jillian K says:

    I would carry my laptop, iPad, planner, and other odds and ends 🙂

    Sarah says:

    so cute! I would love to use these for my scrubs and lunch during my work commute 🙂

    elissa says:

    great giveaway! i’ve been going on lots of weekend trips lately so these would be perfect. fingers crossed!

    Winnie says:

    I would carry my books and laptop! could also just be used as a casual bag whereever I go!

    Malaea says:

    I’m a recent grad carrying my mac around in my Jansport. This bag would be a godsend! I would carry my 15-inch mac in this. It is unbelieveably hard to find a cute bag to carry that thing around in. I have looked!

    Charmaine says:

    I would probably carry stuff for my summer adventures! And maybe a newly bought iPad too, just for the occasion 🙂

    Sarah says:

    Oh I love it! This backpack would be filled with beach goodies and see lots of west coast sunsets. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    Marin says:

    Since I’m still in college, this bag would be perfect for carrying books and my laptop during the week, and carrying my iPad mini, a sweater and scarf, and other essentials for exploring the New England coast during the weekends! What a cute set! Thanks!

    xo Marin

    Sooki says:

    Love the backpack!! I’d use it for traveling and for carrying my laptop.

    Elysabeth says:

    What a perfect backpack! I’d carry my macbook, planner & books. And perhaps it could turn into a super cute baby diaper bag not too far down the road 😉 Thanks for the giveaway!

    meligrosa says:

    my wallet, water, moleskine and first aid kit. oh, and phone or ipad
    walking is my main mode of transportation so this would be a great way to stay hands free and OH SO elegant with those stripes, in the city!

    jackie says:

    all the things I have to take to work with me: my laptop, camera, batteries, chargers, etc.

    Julie says:

    Loads of bubble gum and my laptop of course!

    marae says:

    i love their simple designs. i would keep many things in my backpacks, but always snacks.

    Sara Kim says:

    This backpack is so cute. I would put all my books and my journal!

    Vanessa says:

    I’d like to say I’d carry some lavish, exciting, contest-winning items in this backpack. In reality, it’d just be the essentials: Sharpie markers and Oreos.

    emily says:

    Oh my! I’ve been looking for a cute backpack to use as a purse/diaper bag. Totally lame I know,but I would carry diapers in it…and wipes…and maybe some dark chocolate. I love this company and what they stand for already! Thanks for sharing.

    Laura C. says:

    How cute is this!?!??

    I’ve been travelling a lot and having a backpack for my laptop, notebooks, and ipod would be so helpful!

    Colleen Boudreau says:

    I’d carry a notebook & pen.

    Jaileen says:

    Since im a biologist i will carry my lab coat, safety glasses, the dissection kit, mini first aid kit, my little loupe and my lab notebook. Love the pattern <3 <4 <5

    Lela says:

    I will carry around a Moleskin notebook and planner. You never know when you are going to feel creative & organized! Love the backpack!

    tula says:

    It would be my go-to work bag for when I go to client homes. I need a camera, measuring tape, note book, iPad, level, and set of pens on me at all time. The backpack iPad combo would be the perfect pair!

    Alana Bonilla says:

    I am in love with strips! This backpack would give me my love of strips without having to wear a T-shirt every day. I am going on a trip to Cuba for one of my classes during spring break so I would bring a notebook, a multitude of colorful pens and my film camera. As for the ipad case I would give it to my little sister because she is the only one in the family that has one!

    Kayla Jackson says:

    Just Darling!

    I would carry my laptop, journal, and camera!

    honestly, i would love to carry it around for the simple things in life: my sketch pad, journal & my favorite book, oh and maybe my macbook air.

    it’s perfect to take while i am riding my bike, just sayin.. it would look super cute with my blue beach cruiser..

    Ailyn says:

    My job keeps me on the go so these would be perfect to keep me stylish and organized.

    Jessica says:

    I’d carry around my camera and ipad! Also probably a snack or two, some lenses, and some bribe/treats for the kids.

    Ellie says:

    I would carry my camera, picnic blanket and sunscreen. Perfect for a summer day at the beach!

    Sarah says:

    I would trade in my work LL Bean bag for this adorbs backpack!

    Susannah says:

    I would Carry My Knife bag and work clothes for my butcher job, and look styling doing so!

    Belinda says:

    I’m so excited to hear there’s more help for Tanzania! I’m in optometry school and my professor has been on mission trips to Tanzania to offer kids with albinism glasses and low vision devices they otherwise wouldn’t have to help them through school. There’s a high incidence of albinism there, and lots of prejudice against them too 🙁 though I haven’t been in a mission trip to Tanzania yet, I would love to go! I’d carry my optometry equipment, camera and passport!!

    Alex Yates says:

    I would carry my whole life in it! I am an artist and I would just love to carry all my things in it! Sometimes I love backpacks more than purses!

    I’m in love with this bag and ipad case! I would carry my wallet, make-up bag, fujifilm camera, keys, phone, mini notepad to write down my inspirations/ideas, and of course my iPad with this cute iPad case!!


    Michelle Caudill says:

    hey hey hey!
    I’d put in my Pantone journal, Moleskin sketchbook, pigment liners that i keep in a super cute not-your-kindergarden pencil pouch, laptop (if it fits?), wallet, gum, and my iPhone camera lenses!!! cuz that’s what’s up.

    Kristin says:

    I would use the backpack to carry around my books for college – I currently use a tote bag that functions more as a purse so I need a good backpack with actual straps. Plus this one is just too cool!

    Julie says:

    The stripped backpack is to die for! I would carry around my computer, dot-grid notebook, a bunch of pens and probably sunglasses.

    jackie says:

    as a grad student, i’d be carrying my laptop, battery, water bottle, snacks, notebook, sketchbook, glasses, and an array of sharpies, post-its, and markers (for ideating!) 🙂

    Piia says:

    My daughter’s stuff, iPad, snacks, pens, paper etc. Fab giveaway! Much needed!

    Jessica says:

    I would use it as a diaper bag! I’ve been looking for a cute one!

    bree says:

    i would carry my school supplies and work clothes hahah:)

    Cait says:

    Love the stripes! I would use it when I am taking motorcycle taxis around town, so it would probably contain some small change in the front pocket, a scarf, my ipad and some random groceries.

    Kara says:

    My first lil’ bub is due in 6 weeks and I need a gorgeous backpack for a nappy bag (better for my back). And nautical style stripes are by absolute fav!

    But alas I am in Australia…but just hoped my entry could be included too.

    Jaimie says:

    That backpack would be perfect to carry my stuff in at the farmers’ market so I could keep my hands free for grabbing food and taking pictures and holding my kids’ hands of course. 🙂

    Emily says:

    If I were to win, I would use the backpack to carry around the laptop I am saving up for with my school books, farmers’ market goods, and for short day hikes on Mt. Hood!

    I’d carry everything in it! Who needs a purse when you have a backpack like that! ♡

    claire says:

    I would carry my camera, school books on school days, a few snacks, my lap

    claire says:

    I would carry school books on school days, my camera, laptop, some snacks, a sketchbook or journal

    Rachelle says:

    Grear giveaway! I’d carry around extra snacks and toys for my kiddos. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

    Karine DeSouza says:

    I would carry my life i.e. my computer so I can go to class with some semblance of style whilst having to wear sweatpants for lab. I need something cute!

    Megan says:

    Diapers! Not so glamorous, but this backpack would help…thank you for another fantastic giveaway!

    Kelly M. says:

    I’m obsessed with stripes. And what better piece to carry all my 9-5 work essentials without making me feel too old 🙂

    Mani says:

    This is adorable. I would use the backpack to carry all my essentials (books, notebook, pens, pencils, lunch) because I’m on the go a lot. And I would use the ipad cover as an incentive to get an ipad.

    Christen says:

    Since my feet are my main mode of transportation, I would carry cute shoes for my destination, the extra layer I may need to always be prepared, beauty essentials for mid-day touch-ups and my notebook so I’m always organized and taking note of my surroundings on the go. And with this backpack, I’d at least have some stylish flair going on.

    Carey says:

    I’d carry a good book (or two), my calendar and a camera with an assortment of different speed films. Plus all the stuff my kids hand me to carry for them 🙂

    Marci says:

    So cute! I especially love the ipad case! I would use the bookbag as a carryon for travel!

    Amanda Feick says:

    I am traveling to Nicaragua soon to learn Spanish and I would use this backpack to carry my market purchases and groceries! I just love the stripes 🙂

    Lauren says:

    Super cute! I’m working my way through the books I got for Christmas, so I’d be carrying around Food Politics by Marion Nestle.

    Anonymous says:

    Would definitely throw my work out gear in the darling bag! They don’t make a lot of cute bags for that sort of thing. My ipad would be so happy to have a case of it’s own. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Would definitely throw my work out gear in the darling bag! They don’t make a lot of cute bags for that sort of thing. My ipad would be so happy to have a case of it’s own. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Tamara says:

    I’d carry picnic supplies so my husband and I can go on more lunch picnics this summer. Being hands free is a necessity since we have two dogs who, of course, will accompany us. 🙂

    Kim says:

    I’d carry my iPad and baby stuff or anything at all just to be able to carry it.

    Avery Cox says:

    My ballet gear, and my portable office! Always have a water bottle with with me too. Have been thinking about getting a backpack because its so much better for my back and shoulders than lugging my heavy bag around. Love the stripes!

    Marie-Pierre says:

    I’m a student, so I always carry some books and my planner. I have my keys, lip gloss, compact powder and sunscreen tube with me at all times. I also carry collapsible chopsticks, so I don’t need to use disposable ones, and cocoa nibbles to calm my chocolate cravings. From time to time, you’ll find the new Martha Stewart magazine and my ipad in my backpack. Great giveaway!

    Colleen says:

    Books from the library. They can be heavy, but free!!

    athena d. says:

    oh my gosh. i love absolutely everything on that website. and i love the bag that your giving away. the color is awesome! and would fit practically everything i wear. and i would carry around everything. it would make it so much easier to drag around my daughters things, and if i won, i would have room for my things finally! lol:)

    Taylor says:

    Really cute products! I will carry around all of my art supplies! –Everything from colored pencils and watercolor to my wacom tablet and pen! stripes are so in right now and I think I would wear both of these out!

    Anonymous says:

    Love! Everything. Great carry-on!

    Keri says:

    Great giveaway! I think I’d use it for my planner and maybe as a small overnight bag. Thanks!

    Parvina says:

    This is an awesome giveaway! I’ve been a huge fan of stone + cloth, i absolutely adore their color palette. I’ve been eyeing the slate ipad mini case and the benson backpack in olive, perfect for carrying around my laptop, tablet and sketcbook!

    Karis says:

    Love that ipad case! I would carry my ipad and planner!

    Krista says:

    These bags are gorgeous. If I win I would carry my ipad and laptop, which I bring to work every day. Even if I don’t win I’ll probably pick up one of these bags, they’re just too awesome.

    Jackie says:

    Love these! I’d carry my ipad, kindle and sketchbook along with snacks for the kids! Great for a trip to the park or the beach.

    Ada says:

    I will carry my laptop, my sketchbook, my notebook, and snacks of course!

    Allison says:

    I’d carry around DIY gifts to leave around my city (New York) that will hopefully brighten someone’s day when found. =)

    Lauren says:

    love love LOVE! Anything and everything, just an excuse to wear it

    Brian says:

    I’d carry around my sketchbook and my SLR (I can’t fit it in my bag and miss so many opportunities to take great photos in the city after work.) Also, like any good new yorker, I’d also have my 6 dollar duane reade umbrella that will break after three uses.

    Danie says:

    My whole life basically – laptop, date book, sketch/note pad, cameras, external hard drives, fruit and snacks, and you can’t forget lip gloss and a good scarf of course!

    Sarah from Michigan says:

    I’d love to use it carry my spf + everything else for my upcoming (first) trip to Coachella

    Lindsey B says:

    I would love to win this! It would be perfect for a trip to Japan that I am going on in April! What a great cause! I would keep my sketchbook in this backpack!

    Giselle says:

    This bag would be so great for everyday, it’s adorable!

    Liz says:

    I would carry my sketchpad, camera, one of the many books I am reading, and of course, snacks!

    Terumi says:

    I’m going to be carrying around snacks for my littles. What a great bag for this summer and all our adventures:)

    Kate says:

    Library books, snacks, sunglasses, sketch pads and notebooks, and colored pencils in my backpack!

    stephanie says:

    what an awesome giveaway and cause! my brothers and i are surprising my mom with an ipad for her birthday so the cover would be perfect for that! as for my backpack, everything from my laptop to some chapstick. it’ll be the cutest to carry around campus!

    Ciara says:

    Every weekend I’m up and adventuring, finding cool places in the south that I can hike and sight see. This backpack would be perfect for storing my water bottle, map, rocks and keepsakes I collect, and of course my camera that I use to snap all the cool things I see.

    Jennifer says:

    I’d carry water, a dog bowl, snacks, and dog treats for when my pup Kingsley and I venture out of Chicago and head to Starved Rock for some hiking and adventure! Thanks! [email protected]

    i need a proper overnighter and this could double as one, and as my daily with my notebooks, journals and such.

    thank you for the giveaway.

    Daniela says:

    I would pack my cameras, a beautiful picnic blanket, a raincoat, because you never know, and take it to a festival filled with awesome bands.

    Jamie says:

    What a wonderful cause! This the perfect backpack for trips to the coffee shop. It’s just the right size for a few books and a notepad for thoughts and impromptu letter-writing.

    Daniela says:

    aw bummer, i didn’t read the us only part :/

    Hannah says:

    I carry around with my the mini Webster Pictorial Dictionary in case I have writers block. I also carry around my travel notebook where my ideas can easily flow from words into little monsters running across the pages. It is where I will stick my Argus C3 and end up only having 10 of the 36 photos I took actually turn out well (I am a newby!)

    alejandra says:

    I will carry my camera, ipad and keys… lots of keys!

    Alexandra says:

    I would use this bag to add some California cool when I carry my books around my super-preppy East Coast college (Bucknell Univ in Pennsylvania!)

    caitlyn says:

    I would use it for a water bottle, sunscreen and snacks for a hike!

    Carrie says:

    A cute backpack beckons to contain snacks for adventures and a journal for brainstorming!

    ruth says:

    i love using backpacks as an everyday bag walking around nyc these days. there’s so much walking in the city and it’s so much easier to carry stuff around in a cute backpack so everything goes into it!

    Ariana says:

    Craft beer!!! To the beach! Hurray!

    Christa says:

    Indeed, very beachy. Towel, sunscreen and water, with Tina Fey’s Bossypants downloaded onto the Kindle. That would be a perfect day!

    Abigail says:

    I’d carry around whatever book I’m reading at the moment and a notepad and pen for one of the numerous to-do lists I am always writing for myself!

    Iris says:

    I love backpacks, and this one is so cute with the stripes. As a college student, this bag would travel with me as I commute to school and help me keep all my books, notes and projects together! The front pouch will also keep me organized and be a great place to store essentials like my phone, wallet, keys, and other knickknacks.

    Really love stone + cloth’s partnership with Knock Foundation and the fact that their products are made in the US to create local jobs. Would rock this bag to class and to the park for study sessions. My books will have a happy home!

    My backpack would be filled with camera, note pad, way too many pens, lipstick and a water bottle.

    Emily L says:

    i would carry my books, lunch, and a set of workout clothes in my backpack!

    I would carry lots of other striped goodies. Maybe a pair of snazzy socks to change into after a long day, a Nalgene to stay hydrated and a treat for my pup, Ruby.

    kelsey says:

    I would put my daughter’s items for school in that backpack! so cute!

    Lindsay says:

    I would carry snacks, books, toys and all the other necessities for a fun day of running around with my toddler daughter!

    Elyse says:

    I’ll carry a book, blanket and some headphones while I ride my bike to the nearest lake. Once the ice thaws, that is 🙂

    Rebecca says:

    Yes, please! A good scarf, trusty tablet, and snacks for myself and my son would find a lovely home in this backpack.

    cindy says:

    I will carry my art supplies for my sketches. super cute

    Danette says:

    Library books and yummy snacks!

    cindy says:

    i will carry my art supplies for my sketches

    Holly says:

    i am in school for graphic design right now, so this would be perfect for schlepping all my art materials to and from school!

    Christina says:

    I love the front pocket of the backpack! I would carry my computer and my books for school!

    kat says:

    Love this backpack! I just bought a SLR camera and TOTALLY need a cute camera bag to tote my camera gear around while I practice shooting. Plus, I love the matching ipad case (it is so much cuter than the one I currently have).

    lei says:

    i would use this while on my bike, riding to a cafe or the grocery store. depending on the destination i’d either carry my ipad, notebook, pencils and paints or i’d load it up with groceries!

    Meredith says:

    What wouldn’t I carry in this backpack!? I do freelance, so my iPad and laptop go with me everywhere. Nothing says organized like matching cases!

    Erica says:

    Can’t resist the black and white stripes – they get me every time!

    Linda says:

    I would carry my laptop and notebooks for school, and some snacks to keep me awake during class!
    Thank you for the giveaway!

    Anna says:

    Oh my I would definitely carry my water color supplies (I currently dont have a bag at all to carry them in) along with my canon 1V ,moleskine notebook, and a few other essentials I usually have on me. I am in love with those stripes!

    Trisha says:

    I would put all of the tech stuff. My macbook pr and my slr. 🙂

    Kallie B says:

    Awesome! I’ll be carrying around fun things for my daughter and fun camera gear for me. Definitely coloring books, crayons, and some film. Sweet!

    kate says:

    I would carry my laptop,iPad, Wacom Tablet & sketch book from my design classes – in the backpack would also be a pair of cute heels, a silk scarf & make-up so I could travel in style directly to my current event coordinator position where I help throw awesome parties at Sole Repair Shop in Seattle!

    When I have a bag bigger than a wristlet I throw EVERYTHING in it. It gets bad. I would definitely have some gloves, a hat, a notebook, and whatever that days purchases be. Love the stripes, they never get old!

    Jenn says:

    I always carry around my latest book, my sketchbook and bag of pens, and my moleskin calender.

    Naomi says:

    I’m studying costume design so I have lots of sketchbooks, research and supplies that would fit perfectly into that backpack. Great giveaway!

    Rachael B says:

    I would definitely use this on hikes out into the woods in our backyard. Keep a few snacks in it and take little adventures with my 4 year old daughter 🙂

    Kaylee says:

    Since I’m a freelance videographer/editor, I’ll probably carry around fun things to different shoots! One time I used a picnic basket to transport the glitter, shoes, blanket, flowers, and binoculars I was using as props; a backpack would be much more convenient! 🙂

    cat says:

    i would use the backpack (and the ipad case!) all the time to carry all my work junk into town OR all my found treasures while out and about on adventures and such! i would literally use them ALL. THE. TIME. fingers crossed!!!

    Marlo M says:

    I would carry around my sketchbook and all my ink pens. Also probably a pair of shoes to change into – you never know when you need flip flops!

    Jessica says:

    Count me in for the give away please ma’am! I am still in school and would look so CHIC (if i do say so myself) riding on the back of my boyfriend’s motorcycle with this cute bag on my back!

    ashbot says:

    I would carry around bananas, a polaroid, sunglasses, guitar picks, dog toys, my bathing suit, pencils, paper, yarn, glitter, craft glue, carrot juice and chocolate chip cookies, extra shoelaces, silk scarves, a thermos of coffee, books, boots, my mojo bag from marie laveau’s voodoo, and a bouquet of flowers.

    Annalise says:

    Books, clothes, groceries!

    Shirley says:

    As a graduate student trying to complete her thesis, I’m always carrying around my laptop, iPad and every power cord needed. Although I’ve gotten over my fear of technology, I can’t let go of the analog; so I carry a few moleskines in different sizes, a planner and muji pens. It seems like I could streamline all of these but they all feel essential. And because I usually spend hours at a time at the library, I always have my trusty takeya bottle and some almonds with me! whew!

    Helen says:

    I’m a teacher in DC and would definitely use the backpack to store a book to read on the metro, lunch to get me through the long day, and students’ papers to grade! Also on certain days of the week my yoga clothes to head over to the studio right after work to stress.

    Kathryn says:

    I would carry all the things I need for a day full of adventure! And snacks. Gotta have snacks.

    Doris says:

    I’d carry around my notebooks and other stuff for class!

    Alejandra says:

    I’d carry my polaroid, some notebooks, pens and pencils, and some books to read!

    Kari Scharf says:

    I’ll carry my dreams on my back 🙂

    Tess says:

    I would carry around my Macbook Air and a good book.

    domestic diva says:

    I’d carry a delicious novel and a picnic lunch.

    Andrea says:

    I would use this for school and carry my iPad and my sketchbook, drawing supplies, and snacks!

    Emily says:

    notebooks, laptop, colored pens-for school and for jotting down ideas on the go!

    lyndsi j. says:

    i would carry around my computer and all my books for classes! as well as some books just for me to enjoy.

    Caitlin says:

    I would pack a pic-nic with the following: a topo chico mineral water, some strawberries, a hummus and veggie sandwich to share, and some chocolate–all for me and my sweetie!

    Cate says:

    I’m thinking it would be perfect for throwing a few things in for a last minute one-night trip to visit my friends in NY. So annoying to have to lug around a suitcase when you are on a train, bus, or subway! A backpack would be perfect!

    Karla says:

    I would carry my computer, the charger and have room to spare for something that’s actually fun! This bag is so cute because it’s just feminine enough.

    rachel d says:

    Aww snap! Those are awesome. I love all the new products I learn about because of your awesome blog. I would carry… too much. In a backpack would be my ipad (in that great striped case), my sketch book, pens, probably a scarf, too many lip items – chapsticks and glosses and sticks, random kleenex and napkins, m&ms, a water bottle, a couple books i am reading….anyhow you get the idea. More stuff than is needed on a daily basis but enough to know that if I get stranded somewhere I will be comfortable and productive (and look cool of course).

    Rachel says:

    I’d carry my laptop, my Pantone book, my Moleskine journal, a copy of F. Scott Fitzgerald short stories, Orbit spearmint gum, and Dr Pepper Lip Smackers.

    Brianna S. says:

    These products are gorgeous! I would definitely keep my iPad and school supplies and a couple of my trusty moleskine notebooks!

    Leslie says:

    I would carry my wallet, makeup mini kit, sunglasses, and my keys for a trip around NYC 🙂

    Molly says:

    I would carry my camera & some snacks for a day trip adventure with the kids!

    Ashley O says:

    I adore these! I would carry my basic personal necessities as well as my ipad and various other sundries my kiddos 😉

    Jane says:

    I would carry around all my design materials for my business in the backpack, and my iPad, obviously, in the ipad case, which I use for all my presentations.

    Hannah says:

    YESS!!! all summer long my bag would hold the heart of my life:
    -FOAM magazine
    -occasionally laptop
    AND…. memory holders(some sort of photo taking device)
    cue Summer!!

    Elina says:

    I would carry my camera. There are so many photo plans for spring and summer that I need one. 🙂

    Bukola says:

    Hi Bri,

    I love the idea behind this brand: “Carry An Education”, and in that spirit I would carry all my books and art supplies in the backpack when I start grad school this year! And I might use the ipad case as a clutch until I get myself an ipad 🙂

    Meredith says:

    I’d zip up a little pug puppy and prance around with it everywhere! Don’t you think it would look nice in stripes?

    Courtney says:

    Hi Bri,
    I’d carry my books and my journal of course! 🙂

    Victoria says:

    This backpack would be perfect for toting around all my books and papers on the college campus where I teach.

    Its cool style would keep me from blending in with the students while its functionality would make my job a little bit easier.

    The company and their foundation sound wonderful!

    Megan Alissa Glanville says:

    a sketchbook, my phone, dog leash and a snack!

    athena d. says:

    oh my gosh!!! i love absolutely everything on that website. and i love the bag that your giving away. the color is awesome! and would fit practically everything i wear. and i would carry around everything. it would make it so much easier to drag around my daughters things, and if i won, i would have room for my things finally! lol

    oh I LOVE that backpack. see ya, purse.

    here’s what I would carry:
    1. sketchbook
    2. pens and markers
    3. water bottle
    4. dog leash/bowl
    5. ipad (and that pretty matching case)
    6. blanket
    7. hat
    8. snacks
    9. more snacks

    Brianna says:

    I bike everywhere so this backpack would be perfection! I would carry my daily essentials- laptop, water bottle, lara bars, fruit, notebooks, pencil case, and a book (you know, for if I ever get free time!).

    Megan West says:

    This backpack would hold a notebook, ipad, book, passport, wallet, & headphones, as I would use it during my travels!

    the backpack is great! i’d use it to stow away my moleskine, laptop, water bottle, and always, always, a deck of cards. 🙂

    allison h. says:

    Love this backpack! I would carry my ipad, iphone, headphones wallet, lip gloss, sketchbook, pencil bag, a scarf, & backup cardi!

    Lea says:

    I would carry around my laptop, notebooks and of course snacks for long days of class!

    Alessandra says:

    I would take this on my short little travels and carry my passport, gum, and of course my precious camera. I helped found an organization called The School Fund (www.theschoolfund.org), which began in Tanzania (our students there are still closest to my heart), so I love that stone + cloth benefits students there!

    bridget says:

    i will carry every fixin’ i need for a spring picnic with my bestie: sandwiches & blood orange soda, some fancy glasses wrapped in scarves that double as headwraps, and a portable record player. i will probably have to carry the records under my arm, but that’s ok. oh, and will there be balloons tied to the zipper? let me answer that with another question: can pigs fly? yes. yes, they can.

    Ciera says:

    This bag is amazing! I would use it for Jazz Fest and pack it full of all my fest going goodies like sun screen, water and snacks!

    Julia says:

    I would use this bag to carry my Cannon Rebel and a copy of East of Eden, the best book ever. Then I would be set to go anywhere my heart desired 🙂

    Kelsey Blackman says:

    I would love to win!!!

    emily rose says:

    macbook, kinfolk and red lipstick 🙂

    Rose says:

    Anyone who really knows me knows I prefer a good backpack over a purse. It is all about the comfort of the bag not slipping off your shoulder! I would love to rock this pack! I think it is great to use a back pack to carry my bulky camera and notebooks when traveling. The front pouch holds pens, chap-stick, and chocolate while the back pouch carries the camera, notepads and sweater.

    Elizabeth says:

    I would carry my Nikon camera, the fun vintage scarves and floral headdresses I’ve been collecting for an upcoming photo shoot & my iPad, which doubles as my photography portfolio!

    Lea Anna says:

    A book, a sweater and a snack. These are so stylish!

    Barb says:

    i would carry my moleskine, book about frank lloyd wright and phone… and i would love it all.

    Brittany C. says:

    What ill be carrying im my backpack would be including, but not limited to, my school necessities! My macbook, my pens/pencils, my notebooks, binders. If I go hiking I’d put my snacks in it! I hope this backpack has a big interior because ill also out a blanket in it 😉

    I currently use a junky old backpack right now but would love this one… it’s so grown up! The stripes are for sure my favorite and I would carry everything in my purse plus a water bottle because I need to drink more water!

    Karen says:

    I’ll be carrying heavy textbooks since I’m going back to school soon… bad posture here I come

    Andrea says:

    I would carry my iPad, my books for class, and my reading glasses because now I’m old and need them.

    nicolle says:

    i’m in grad school! i would carry EVERYTHING!!!

    Megan M says:

    a. LOVE the purpose behind this company
    b. i would carry books, and my camera, and maybe toss in a jacket on the cold days. 🙂

    nichole says:

    Since I’m planning an upcoming Birthday picnic for my Husband, the backpack would hold waters, wine, sandwiches and one sprinkles cupcake. Later that evening the ipad case (used as a clutch) would accompany me to the local whiskey bar where all of our friends our meeting us to celebrate. Though it’s his day, I’d feel pretty special too, getting to rock these bags!

    Lauren Schiefer says:

    I would carry my plane needs on my way to Germany this May!!!

    malori says:

    I love it!! I’d carry around all of my electronics like my laptop and camera. That shit gets SO HEAVY in my purse!

    sarah says:

    how wonderful is this?! I will carry around a butt load of books because i’m a poor college student. I am blessed enough to own an iPad, so that will be in tow as well. along with my bike lock, granola bars, Chapstick, and some flowers if I happen to walk by lovely ones that day.

    Jamie says:

    I would carry diapers for my baby & lipgloss for me!

    Some lipgloss and my ipad!

    Jamie W. says:

    Cutest stripe design! The slated pouch/zipper design is so cool! I would carry my laptop and current reading book in the backpack, but it would also be a great carry-on for traveling!

    Minna S. says:

    ooh! love love stripes! i would use my backpack for school! i hate lugging around my ginormous textbooks all the time, so this bag would be perfect! (:

    athena d. says:

    oh my gosh!!! i love absolutely everything on that website. and i love the bag that your giving away. the color is awesome! and would fit practically everything i wear. and i would carry around everything. it would make it so much easier to drag around my daughters things, and if i won, i would have room for my things finally! lol:):)

    Brianna says:

    That backpack will be perfect for carrying around my beach clothes in the summer!

    Angela says:

    How fun! I’d tote around some springtime layers, my laptop, and a book that inspires me to be a better teacher.

    Autumn says:

    Ahhh I NEED that iPad case! My iPad is currently case-less! …..and that backpack would be perfect for just about any traveling adventure! <3

    Katie Contests says:

    I’d carry around my school books!

    Anonymous says:

    I want both so badly! I can only imagine to fun to be had…. I hope I wiiiinnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!! Then I’d carry the iPad case/my iPad in the backpack!!!

    Cat says:

    That anonymous comment above (#584) is me!

    Janice says:

    I would take my backpack as a travel carry-on with these items in it: laptop, book, water bottle, notebook, phone, makeup!

    Kimberlee says:

    Delicate as cloth, sturdy as stone- I would travel with this little fellow in April to Scotland and lands untold. Passport, water, camera at hand- this pack will fill to the brim with memories, and the ipad case would be donated to Habitat for Humanity to help homes stand.

    Maggie says:

    I’m currently a graphic design student so I’d use it for my school needs.

    Ashley says:

    Love these and your blog! I would carry some washi tape, my Fuji instax camera, and my baby girls dolls with me!! A journal too!!

    lauren says:

    i’d bring this little beaut with me to europe this spring. where i’d carry my camera (digital&polaroid), journal, wallet, etc. plus, it would be a great addition to summer bikerides, hikes, disneyland trips, and the everyday!!

    Jessica says:

    I’d use it around campus as a super cute and totally functional accessory. I’d use it to carry my laptop, books, and notebooks as well as my journal and fruit to snack on throughout the day. Too adorable!

    Kristine says:

    I would fill it with my GRE study book, a composition notebook, some Precise V5 pens (the best!), and my wallet to go study and drink far too much espresso.

    terri pargas says:

    Ah! This backpack is perfect! I’m planning a trip to Barcelona, Paris & Rome in May and I’ve been telling my friends that I need a cute backpack for the trip! I would carry some extra money, a light sweater, my polaroid and any fresh fruits or cheeses I picked up for the day!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!

    Margaret says:

    Let’s be real. I’d use it as a backpack! I’m an art teacher, so I’d be hauling around my sketchbook, stuff that needed grading, tons of pens and pencils.. and probably a few hair binders 🙂

    Cameron says:

    I love these bags! I would use them carry my iPad and my trusty bag of swedish fish and accompanying diet coke 🙂

    Grace M says:

    I would carry around my school books, and laptop. I have an IPad so the case would come in very handy. I might also use the backpack for traveling and weekend trips.

    Michelle says:

    Awesome backpack and case! I have to carry a bunch of misc items around at work and have been looking for a versatile bag. Would love this to be the one!

    jeanine says:

    Thank you for this giveaway. I never have enough room in my bag for all the things I need to carry with me like extra shoes and lunch. This backpack would do the trick, and I love the stripes!

    nichole says:

    I am an elementary art teacher and I would use this bag to haul around all my supplies and teacher gear!

    I LOVE STRIPES and polka dots! I am an epidemiologist by day and a dreamer by night. I would carry Lola (my ipad) in that cute little ipad case and because I don’t want her to get lonely, I would throw in my cute little moleskins which are filled with my dreams and doodles about my dreams. I’ll throw Lola and my gang of notebooks in the back pack with my pencil case (filled with sharpies and crayons)…O and snacks cause a girl can’t dream and scheme without snacks….I say all of this to say “Pick Meeeeeeeeeee” **hugs and hi5s**

    Michelle says:

    This has to be the cutest backpack i have ever seen! so chic! I would carry all my essentials for my everyday travels. My sketchbook, my design portfolio, my books etc. 😉

    Angie says:

    my fingerless glow in the dark skeleton gloves that I never leave home without, a jar of peanut butter and 17 different types of lip gloss. You know, the necessities 🙂

    Lauren S says:

    It would be perfect for spring and fall in Wisconsin, since it can be so unpredictable weather-wise here. Space for a jacket, scarves and anything you need, or don’t need!

    Lindsey says:

    I’d carry my textbooks in it!

    Jess says:

    I’d use it as my weekender bag to visit my long distance fiance. it would be the perfect carryall! my fingers are crossed!! 🙂 xx

    Maiya says:

    I would carry around books for school as well as a change of clothes in case of a necessary fashion change.

    Macayla G says:

    That backpack would be filled to the brim with my textbooks, laptop, luna bars, scarf & my favorite tinted lip balm! I’ve also been looking around for a good ipad case. This one is perfect! I love my neutrals and stripes. Great cause!

    eli miranda says:

    Stone and Cloth has some really great items! all over it!

    i leave for Europe on the 13th of this month and i will be in London and Paris for two weeks and i am taking my iPad with me so this ipad case would be perfect because my ipad is still caseless. this backpack would also be so perfect for taking around on the plane and train ride because i will definitely be needing a backpack to travel around with.

    they are both adorable!
    i would love love to win these two items!!!

    Lauren says:

    I’ll carry around my wallet, my lip gloss/chapstick, phone, and everything else I need for my day. The backpack would be great for treasure hunting during an antique festival this spring. 🙂

    Katy says:

    Need that backpack!!!!!

    Audrey says:

    I would carry around an extra journal, my phone, a camera, and box of Ghiradelli chocolates.

    Sara says:

    I LOVE this backpack! I would carry a book, some snacks, and my camera and go on a little day hike, especially now that the weather’s getting nicer. Too cute!

    Lore says:

    I would love to win this! Way cuter than the plastic bags I use around town to carry my extra shoes, light sweater, book, and basic items in. Make life easier and more stylish!!

    Lauren says:

    Love the stripes! I would give the backpack to my cousin who’s off to college next year. It would be a perfect grad gift maybe stuffed with some freshman essentials!

    I’d keep the iPad case for me 🙂

    Erin says:

    LOVE. I will carry my laptop, lipstick, camera, BKR water bottle, scarf, keys, & sunglasses! 🙂

    These are so cute! You just can’t go wrong with stripes and black and white! I would carry around snacks, books, and my camera. xo!

    Ryan says:

    I would carry around all my screens. MacBook, ipad, iPhone. And a pair of Bluetooth speakers for rocking out on the beach.

    Teri says:

    Love their stuff! I would carry around my workout gear in this adorable backpack!

    Kylie Dahl says:

    Nothing. I’ll travel empty only to collect wonderful nonsense.

    Amanda Miserocchi says:

    I would carry my schoolbooks of course! The backpack I have now that I have loved so dearly is ripping at the seams and a newer still fashionable one is in order

    mandy says:

    I’d tote around my acting textbook, Hermoine wand pen and handy chocolate chip cliff bar to skip around campus in style!

    Emma says:

    This is a perfect backpack for me to stuff all of my songwriting notes in, plus a capo, pick and some extra strings (you never know!) and, with guitar in hand, skip off to the wilderness of Radnor Lake for inspiration.

    I would carry my new Nikon J1 camera that I am currently learning how to use (and is a bit big for my purse). I would also carry around my choir music so that I could practice at a moment’s notice (since I can’t say I’m always that prepared.) Thanks for the chance to win!

    Audrey R says:

    Extra pair of shoes, red lipstick, and iPad mini at SXSW Interactive (my first time)!

    Audrey R says:

    Eeek, forgot my email addy (comment above)

    Kari says:

    I would carry my gym clothes.

    Jaclyn says:

    I LOVE THIS! I would carry my wallet, iPad, notebook, lipsticks, water bottle, school books,bible,and probably my husbands wallet as well since he always seems to lose it when he’s the one holding it, haha.i would love to have this backpack…it’s the cutest I’ve seen in a while.

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