it’s crazy how in the zone you can get teaching more than one class in a row. it’s pretty cool getting to see that look in a student’s eye when they really grasp something we have taught, especially the ones that were having a tough time…so by the end of it all i was feeling relieved and happy. here’s the recap of LA ’13 part two, complete with our goodie bag breakdown…

bkr has limited edition valentine’s day-inspired bottles with hearts on them that we gave out to this LA class. you know how i feel about hearts…

the outdoor area at studio 1342 was perfect for a quick fresh-air let’s swing around, laugh and try to retain all this new information break. these letterpress cards by that noise gallery were pressed by presshaus la. it’s fun to give local goods to our students.

chez renee is a great little online shop and we love these tiny ceramic boxes, each printed with a different number.

plastique makes funky jewelry out of acrylic. this kern ring set was so perfect considering our subject matter. and hopefully, it will serve as a reminder of one of our lessons! they also make cmd-z necklaces. now that’s a vital keyboard shortcut for anyone new to photoshop.

my friend kristen of moon canyon design co. who does the florals column here on DLF really pulled out all the stops with some awesome decor, like this stunning greenery photobooth backdrop.

one of our la students was actually a neighbor at my office and works for karen kimmel. they gave each student one of these journals and a craft kit.

handpainted ceramic black and white triangle coasters came to us all the way from greece from the tilissimo shop. i have two on my end table in my living room right now and i love them.

if you can’t tell by the above picture we had quite a fun bunch (but don’t we always?)

want to take blogshop? check out our upcoming classes here(bring this PDF to your boss!)

feb & march:

NY, BOSTON & MINNEAPOLIS (sold out – email us for waiting list)

NEW YORK VIDEO (2 spots left!)  |  LONDON

april & may:


love photoshop? want to share your skills with the world and learn some of our tricks? we’re looking for some awesome interns in all the above cities and we’d love if you’d apply here! live in NYC or minneapolis? we’re looking for one more person to assist us in each city. thanks! -bri


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    Thank you for sharing tour blog shop posts. It’s always a teat to get a peek into your classes. You honestly do such a great job with always keeping your content/ sponsors within your brand.

    so excited to attend boston this weekend!!

    XO, Stefanie
    Life on the Squares

    Kristine says:

    Thanks for posting this! So stoked!
    So exciting to see the letterpress card photographed so beautifully.

    Is there any way to correct “Presshause LA” to “Presshaus LA” without the extra E?
    Thank you so much for this!!

    Emma Gray says:

    It would be super awesome if you’d come to DC!

    Emily says:

    It is my dream dream dream to attend the Vancouver Blogger Workshop but sadly it is not within my budget right now. Fingers crossed you will one day come back when I am not struggling on a student budget.


    xfallenmoon says:

    anyone know if there’s a montreal blogger workshop? i would sooo love it if there was. seems like so much fun. btw, that plastique ring is awe-some.

    love, x
    blog | twitter

    sharon says:

    hopefully one day you’ll be able to blogshop the college series (:

    Kelly says:

    Hopefully one day you guys will make it to Belgium. 🙂

    Love the goodies from Plastique, I’ve had so many compliments about my cmd-z necklaces (which I’ve owned for years).

    Claire Lee says:

    1) Love everything about Designlovefest. It brightens every day!

    2) Does the Blogshop attendee with the pink vest + plaid shirt + glasses have a style blog? LOVE her look!!

    Dawn says:

    Come to Indianapolis!!

    Merely amazing! I recognize you have put a lot of effort into this and I wanted to inform you just how grateful I am! Hope you placed out also much more awesome things in the close to future and I will come back as well as read it!

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