i am definitely jealous of whoever wins this giveaway! there are only two of these teepees in existence in the world and they are letting us give one away exclusively to a DLF reader.

the teepees were created by chris barrett design to showcase her new line of textiles. barrett is a santa monica, CA based designer of high-end residential projects (and for you fellow angelenos, comme ca in weho and hotel oceana in santa monica.)

it sure would look great in a child’s room, or on your back patio, don’t you think? it includes poles for assembly (the more rustic versions were used for this photo shoot.) AND you can choose which color you would like – grey or pink…

here’s how to win…(CLOSED)

1.  leave a comment below letting me know what you would do with your teepee if you won! what room would you put it in? or would you use it outside?

one winner will be chosen on monday, february 11th at 10am PST. this giveaway is for US readers only. the retail value is $945. 

(photos by karyn r. millet)

UPDATE: winner is #691 annalisa!


Add your own

    if i won, i would probably put this in my craft room.. possibly the teepee would help with inspiration in times of need?! because it is so well designed! haha.

    [email protected]

    Maria says:

    This would be so much fun to have in the backyard! I would have to go with gray 🙂

    Alicia says:

    Oh my gosh! I love these! I was just talking about wanting to put a teepee in our son’s room. I think he would love to play and hide out in there, I sure would.

    Kaitlin says:

    I would definately put the pink one outside on the deck. It would be perfect to use as a really chic dog house!

    Kristi says:

    Awesome teepees! They look so cozy with all of the pillows. I’d love to win one.

    Brandy says:

    I would love this by our basement fireplace or out on the patio in the summer!

    Kristi says:

    And….I’d probably use it in my spare room or outside on occasion for fun hanging out in the backyard! (I can picture an afternoon in the teepee with lots of pillows and a good book.)

    Marissa says:

    Hmm. I would definitely find a way to incorporate this guy into my July wedding. Perhaps perch some stiff drinks and comfy chairs next to it and invite friends to lounge around between the ceremony and treehouse reception. After that it’d get a whole lotta use in the backyard.

    Anonymous says:

    I love these! I would want the gray teepee if I won. It would be perfect for my sunroom!

    Pegah S says:

    OH my daughter would love to hide in this, it will be in her room for sure if i win it. she will take her dolls in there for diaper changes.

    Nicole says:

    This would definitely go in our living room… near the fireplace! Fun!

    Rachael B says:

    My husband and my four year old daughter love to camp out in our house. I think she would absolutely flip her lid for a teepee like that! I would fill it with comfy pillows and blankets and maybe even make her a fancy head dress of sorts so she knew she was queen of the teepee! Thanks for sharing Bri! They look incredible!

    Kate says:

    I would put the teepee on back porch. It overlooks the fire pit, so it would feel like camping in the city!

    Alana says:

    I would totally give this to my little 8 year old niece. It would be perfect in her bedroom… She would be so excited!

    Ingrid says:

    I’d love to make a special little hideout for my son. Wouldn’t that teepee make a great childhood memory?

    Liz C says:

    I would put in my daughter’s playroom! My Pinterest is being filled with teepee inspiration as we speak and this would be an amazing gift for the both of us 🙂

    Melissa says:

    I think the better question is where WOULDN’T I put this teepee?! I’d move it down to the living room for rainy Sunday movie marathons, hide in it in my bedroom when I need to get serious about blogging, and bring it outside for cocktails and cornhole once the weather warms up!

    Rachel S says:

    My husband and I just finished some huge projects in our backyard, including getting our pool fully functional! This would look so cute on our back patio for the first time we host a little pool party!

    Angelina says:

    ah! this would be perfect in my loft (one big studio) as a little reading nook during the winter months and would definitely be used during the warmer months on our shared rooftop for a little privacy and shade.

    Ash says:

    Oh my yes!! This would look perfect on the back corner of our little farm property in Vermont. We’ve built a small fire pit and have been looking to pitch a tent or create a small area where one could go sleep out on the property and this would be ADORABLE for our girls. *fingers crossed* xoxo

    Shannon says:

    Such an awesome giveaway! Hope I win, I would put it in my son’s room, he would freak out and be so excited, we could have story time in there. 😉

    Katie F says:

    Ahh, such a beautiful giveaway! My sons love to build forts, so this teepee would make a great addition to their playroom….or mine!

    oh, this would be so perfect for my little ones…under the tree in the backyard! beautiful beautiful fabric…

    Jen L. says:

    My kids would *love* this particular teepee and I would love it because of how cool it is. It would go outside in the summer and inside during the cold months when everyone needs to hibernate in a teepee. Right?!

    Corissa says:

    Oh how I would love this! I would put this in our future baby’s room and would pick the grey since it’s gender neutral. Love, Love it!

    andrea says:

    These are so beautiful. We’d use the teepee as a reading nook / secret hideout in my daughter’s room. I am guessing she would pick pink.

    Anne N. says:

    I love this! My step-kids would have so much fun playing with it in the play room. It’s beautiful and fun!

    Ramona says:

    This teepee is awesome!!! I am torn on which color, either would work anywhere in my house! It would probably rotate between my 4 children and the back yard of course! My 4-year old daughter would love it in her room, since I’m redecorating it, that would probably be home base for it! I would love, love this teepee & take great care of it! Thanks for the opportunity to win 🙂

    Danielle says:

    this would be perfect on our back porch with some good records a glass of wine and a good book.

    Steph says:

    Ah! I love this. I would use it in our bedroom and outside when possible. 🙂 It’s like a mini vacation spot in your home. So sweet!

    Sejongee says:

    This will be my reading teepee with my dogee!

    Allison says:

    i would give the grey one to my little nice

    The best giveaway by far. I’m a big kid so I would love to put this in our den and use it to take naps in or read a good book.

    love this! i am a grown ass woman, but my husband and i still love to make forts and have movie nights in…and this would be oh so fun to do so in. ohhh, and also could be passed down to a little one perhaps one day. perhaps. thanks for hosting!

    andi says:

    I believe I would makeout in the teepee 🙂
    its very cute.

    Scout says:

    Oh my gosh! PLEASE pick me! I want a teepee so bad (no, I’m not five). It’d make the perfect reading fort. Crossing my fingers!

    Donna says:

    What a perfect spot for outdoor meditation for now, a spot I would consider sharing when grandchildren arrive in another decade or so…

    Liz says:

    I had a teepee growing up, and had many adventures in it. It would be so fun to have one for my four boys to have their own adventures in. I have the perfect spot for it in our playroom, and on sunny days the boys could take it outside just like I did!

    elissa says:

    this is amazing! i would struggle between giving it to my nephews and putting it in my office at home. i think the office might win, styled just like above: with tons of pillows! this would be so great. fingers crossed!

    Claire says:

    Hmmmm I think the sun porch would be an adorable place for this one. Weekend camp outs!

    Lisette says:

    Oh wow! I love the pink teepee. I would put it in my living room and make a romantic Valentine’s day picnic for my boyfriend and I to share inside of it! He loves camping, and since it’s frigid cold here in Maryland, it would be a nice surprise for him – warm, cozy, and delightful!

    Jenelle says:

    My daughter is 4 months old and I would love to save this teepee to have this to put into her room for when she gets a little older. It would be the perfect little reading nook and playhouse for her to enjoy for years!! Love it.

    Amy B says:

    Gorgeous teepees! I would love to use the pink one on our back patio for book reading in the shade.

    Amanda Blair says:

    I would use it as a meditation cave in my NY apartment. NY is so crazy/hectic all the time, that I am really trying to make my new apartment a calm. whimsical place to inspire me. This teepee would add the perfect touch to my space!

    I’m usually not one to worry with giveaways but that’s too beautiful to pass up. I would definitely put it in my office for inspiration. But also because that serves as a play area when our niece and my youngest brother visit.

    I always wanted a teepee when I was a little kid. I would build little forts with blankets over chairs and decorate them with Christmas lights. This teeppee would bring back so many childhood memories and spark that imagination all over again. The pink one would look darling in my office space!

    Leah says:

    if I won the teepee I would put it in my bedroom. In times when I feel like just another cog in the system I could switch the icicle lights on in the room and write poetry inside.

    These are spectacular!
    I don’t have any kids, but I would definitely put it in my studio room so when my friend’s children come over, they can have fun imagining, exploring– feeling happy & comfortable in my home!

    Jessica Volt says:

    I love the grey one! I would put it in my living room for my husband and daughter to play in on cold, wintry days.

    Cassie says:

    Too cool! I would keep it in our den most of the year but when it’s perfect AZ weather, outside for cozy book reading in nature! Thanks for the chance!

    Daniela D says:

    I would put it in my studio for inspiration! I am sure it would be taken over by the kids. They can hang out in there while I work.

    Kristin says:

    I love this!! I would put it in my living room, for when I am building pillow forts with my boyfriend, The pink one would be perfect to hide away in for the weekend! I’d even be tempted to go camping with it when I go to Iceland, It would contrast so nicely with the green moss and volcanic rock!!

    Meredith says:

    If I won the teepee (hopefully the pink one!), I would totally create a lounge section in my living space – filled with colorful pillows, blankets, decorative lights, and fun trinkets to create a really relaxed and fun atmosphere. What an awesome idea!

    YOLONDA says:

    Adorable! I would use it inside…it would be a place for me to escape and read. I love to read but get torn with so many other things…I think this tent would be a great hideaway.

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    ♥, Londa

    Naomi A says:

    I’d give it to my nephews as a place to hide from their mom (my sister)!!

    Becca says:

    If I won I would make my son a reading hut and also set it up outside often.

    Shannon says:

    I would use it in my living room. I think it would be fun to have this quirky little tent in my most formal room. Would love to see the look on my MIL’s face!

    Adrienne B says:

    Love this!! I would love to put the teepee on my rooftop patio for reading/music/wine. I would also use this for photoshoots or even to let my puppy hide out in!

    Tasha says:

    This is one of the coolest giveaways ever! I love the grey one, such a mature teepee 🙂 Id put it smack dab in the middle of my loft and have snuggle time with the little pup in there.

    Kate says:

    I love the pink teepee! I would bring it outside and take wonderful naps in it!

    Misty says:

    I would love to win this to put it in the sunroom of the house I’m trying to buy! that would be so amazing for me and my two little ones (and 4 fur babies) to hang out in and read books!

    ay ay ay! would love one of these – we’re getting ready for a move to copenhagen and i think this is the perfect dose of american design to bring to scandinavia in our yard – perfect for our little one and a new batch of scandi friends!

    rachel says:

    Oh my, this would be for my new boy, Arlo, who is 8 weeks old today, and his big sister and brother, Sena and Gus. Sena and gus have birthdays very close together coming up soon. I would love to put all of their presents in in and surprise them on their birthday morning.

    bethany says:

    love this! is a perpetual fort-lover, i would use this adorable fort in my bedroom, but perhaps bring it along for picnics in the park as well. (and wouldnt it be adorable as sun protection on the beach?)

    Cheryl says:

    I would definitely have fun setting this up and doing a bit of mid-winter camping in my living room with my husband. I love finding new ways to chase away the winter blues!

    courtney says:

    i would bring this to our tiny little city back patio and bring my husband and 3 black kitties and create the ultimate city oasis. i may never want to leave!

    Gabi says:

    I’d love to use this teepee as a decoration for my wedding!

    Lisa Pease says:

    Love! This is the perfect little hideaway for my son and daughter. I would put the teepee in our family room so that our dog, my husband and I can join in the fun!

    Cate says:

    Um, best giveaway ever?! Yep. Well, as tempted as I’d be to keep this for myself (maybe prop it up in my bedroom and curl up inside with a book and a flashlight?), it would bring me even greater joy to give it to my nephew, Kash. I can just imagine what kind of adventures he’d have in there! (Location of teepee would have to be decided by my sis…)

    Kathryn says:

    The teepee would be perfect in the corner of my loft as a reading, napping and general awesomeness hideaway.

    Catherine says:

    this would be a blast in our playroom! the fabric is gorgeous.

    Courtney says:

    Oh my! My first baby boy is due in a few weeks and I have been dying for a teepee for his eclectic woodland theme nursery! How gorgeous in gray!

    So perfect for a kid’s room!

    steph says:

    I absolutely love cosy cocoon-like spaces. Being in my Wendy house was one of my favourite childhood memories. If I won this beautiful teepee, I would store it away in a safe place until the day I have children and can share it with them.
    Steph, 27 xx

    Jana Miller says:

    My nephew would choose me as favorite auntie with a teppe like that!

    Abigail says:

    Oh oh lovely! I would put this Teepee in my design studio to have creative powwows in! I think clients would really love to have our business meetings in there haha. Or maybe I could go hide in there when I have too much work to do. Never the less, I would love to add some fun to my studio with that charming teepee 🙂 Thanks Bre!

    gena says:

    i would give it my cousin for her toddler and newbie!

    Alle says:

    I have always dreamed of having a Teepee, so when I saw this giveaway, I almost peed my pants! I’ve got so many ideas of how to use it, but the most important would be to bless my two little boys. We live in a small apartment + anything to boost the imagination + make their space special is a welcome addition to our home. We’d definitely go for that gray beauty + after bedtime, I might have to have special dates in it with my hubby! 🙂

    All my fingers + toes are crossed!

    Tori says:

    The things I could do with this teepee are endless! When I was younger, my mom built me one out of long sticks and quilts. It’s one of my best childhood memories. 🙂 Through the warm seasons, I think I’d bring this outside to create a shady reading//relaxing hut. My own little quiet, summer hide-out. When it gets colder, I’d bring it on into my bedroom and maybe string some white Christmas lights and create a magical little corner that feels warm and cozy. And I’d probably plug in a latte machine close-by. Ha!

    Merritt says:

    Woo! We would use this at our upcoming late-spring wedding & then we’d would put it in our den next to the brick fireplace for indoor s’mores, bourbon cocktails, & camp cuddles. Love the grey. Thanks so much, Bri!

    Rachel says:

    Omigosh! My kids would LOVE this! Outside, patio. Oh yes

    Stephania says:

    So in love with this teepee! I would create a little reading nook in my living room (and I’m sure my puppy, Ophelia, would also end up using it as her personal bungalow!).

    Marisa says:

    I would set it up in my living room to camp out in and watch movies on rainy days!

    Denise says:

    I worked at a summer camp during college and where my nights were spent living in giant, 10 man teepee’s we would build for the campers. I helped with every aspect from finding the right size trees to fashion into poles, climbing up to wrap the teepees at the top, and make sure everything was good to go! Now I live on the other side of the country in sunny SoCal and miss those good ‘ol days. This would bring back fond memories and would fit perfectly in this empty, random front room my husband and I have no idea what to do with. We’ve tried making it a meditation space, a wine room, nothing has fit. This would be perfect!

    Becky Kurtz says:

    I’d put it on my patio under the stars on a warm spring night and have a teepee sleepover with my grand kids.

    ashley says:

    This would be PERFECT in my living room…for me and the dog! The grey one would fit in with the already grey color-themed room (with pops of color of course).

    Teresa says:

    I would put it in my family room, to be used often!

    emily anne-marie says:

    this is great, i’d love to win. i would totally put it outside (for most of the year) create a great lil retreat outside!!


    Elaine Mullowney says:

    I would definitely put it in my living room with lots of squishy pillows and a sheepskin rug!!! It would perfect for my little girls and myself to read books and ignore the outside world:)

    Megan says:

    I would definitely be the coolest aunt ever with this – and I’m not afraid to admit I would use it myself as a reading nook in the den or the backyard on sunny days. I would choose the Grey.

    I would toss out my dog’s completely unfashionable crate (which is totally cramping my room’s style) and replace it with this teepee. So good!

    Eunice says:

    Ive been dying for a teepee for my kids(which they would LOVE). I would get rid I their eye sore of a tent and replace it with this beauty!!!

    If I won this, it would instantly become my dog’s tee pee! She loves getting in things and under blankets. We have a huge lime green room in the front of our house with epically high ceilings. I would put it in there to show it off.

    THIS IS AWESOME! I would put it in the corner of our living room for my little girl to use as her fort. 🙂

    Chelsea C. says:

    Are you kidding me?! I would set that thing up and never leave. I’d have my mail delivered there. Number One, Teepee Avenue. (Or more realistically, I’d plan teepee parties with my niece in the backyard of her house. Secret handshake and password required for entry.)

    Mary Beth says:

    This teepee looks perfect for a dog house! Bauer would completely love it.

    I LOVE it! I’d put it in my main room! And maybe then my bedroom! And then perhaps out on the patio! And then back in the living room!

    Oh my god this is simply amazing. I love this thing!! I would bust out all summer long at various music festivals and outdoor dance parties with it and it would totally become the most choice chill out space. Anyone who walked by would have to stop because it is so wicked and just lay down inside and hang out.

    Megan says:

    Well this is the coolest giveaway I’ve seen in a while. I’d love to put it on my front porch, it’d make a great hang out for my pup, Bingley. Or I’d bring it inside for a nice little reading nook! So many possibilities!

    (also, I clicked on the link to Chris and it was broken)

    megan says:

    it would be the crowning jewel to the playroom i’m designing for my daughters. check out my pinterest board – i’m going for a pop-native feel.

    Sonali says:

    I would use this on my patio on sunny days as shade, but my cat would probably claim it. I could share it with her! I would love to win the grey one.

    I would use this teepee in my coffeehouse for a fun little space for the kids to play while their parents are enjoying their coffee.

    Tara says:

    I would put it in my son’s room. He loves to read. It would make the best reading nook!

    Heather says:

    These are awesome! My boyfriend’s brother just asked us to be godparents to their first baby, Hunter Rose. I think this would be an amazing gift for her first birthday. I can just imagine toddler story-time in that pink one!

    Bekka Palmer says:

    I would give this to my nieces! They would love it.

    Sarah says:

    I would give this teepee to my nieces, they would love it! I have a feeling the teepee would get pitched in the living room and never come down.

    Casey Lynn says:

    O my gosh how I would love to have this teepee!! I just moved into a new apartment with two other friends and I would absolutely love to put this teepee in our living room to provide more character to our new place! We love having people over and letting our apartment become a place where community happens so having a teepee would be a great piece for everyone to come and enjoy at our home and hangout in!!

    Vanessa says:

    I would use this teepee in the surf film that I am making!

    MaggieB says:

    This is amazing!! It brings back so many fond memories of the teepee my parents built for me in the garden when I was little. If I won I would put it in my living room to use a little reading nooK

    Every child needs a teepee. This would go either in the forest of our backyard or in a corner of Nova’s room. All she wants to do is play hide and seek and I can see this teepee being the perfect hiding place for her. I think I would choose the grey one. xxxooo

    raina says:

    I would def put this out on my new patio! I just bought a projector to watch movies outside, this would be the perfect addition. ps. LUV the chair!!

    Nate says:

    This would be great for my two sons, either as a family room fort or an outdoor tent for nice summer nights. They’d love it, and would use it all the time for… well, just about everything, I’d guess.

    Katie R. says:

    The gray teepee is perfect! I would put this in a (future) nursery. My fiance and I just bought our first home together, and plan to start a family! I can see the teepee becoming a beloved part of a child’s room for many years to come. Thanks, Bri!

    Anni says:

    Yes. yes. YES! That thing would be smack-dab in the middle of our living room..with a million Anthro pillows and cafe lights stringing down. Swooning…

    lena says:

    I can already envision this sweet teepee on our back porch near our hammock…another beautiful nesting spot for my two little girls and to share with their cousins and friends!

    JessicaP says:

    My fiance proposed to me in a teepee, so they definitely are a special symbol of our relationship. I would use it on our wedding day as decor and then it would live inside our living room forever. Love the gray one!!

    GASP! What a cool giveaway! When I was little I used to read in my closet, I would totally love a new hideaway to read, perhaps out on the patio.

    Megan Walter says:

    I am going to be an RA next year at my college and I would definitely put this in our commons to make it extra cozy!


    Michelle says:

    This teepee would be the chilliest spot in my nature-surrounded back yard, it would totally be right at home. Perfect for a nap or some tea after yoga 🙂 Amazing.

    Mindee says:

    Ohhhhh I so need a beautiful teepee for my living room. Slumber parties and girls nights would never be the same!!! 🙂 Teepee, come to meee!

    Ditte says:

    I would put up at my wedding this summer.. It would look so pretty on the grass and I’m sure the little guests would love it too 🙂

    Amy says:

    I would use this teepee in the living room for impromptu movie nights and tea time. In the summer it would be used outside for social hours and reading in the evenings!

    Beth says:

    I’d definitely put it outside on my patio! Living in SoCal means LOTS of outside time, and I’m a big reader, so this would be the most adorable and cozy private reading nook for me (and my cat!) EVER!

    Jessica says:

    What a fun giveaway! If I won I would totally set it up in my living room for my nieces and nephew to have a fantasy sleepover whenever they come to visit and also put it outside to make movie night on the garage even more magical!

    Holly says:

    I would be the coolest aunt ever and gift it to my twin nephews! The grey would be perfect!

    Samantha says:

    I would put the ADORABLE pink teepee on my back deck and stuff it full of blankets and pillows for summer nights stargazing with friends!

    Kathryn says:

    On our third date, my husband and I made a fort. We totally embrace our whimsical sides! I would put this in our den and it would be a special retreat with special significance. It will, one day, have significance to our kids, too. This is a wonderful giveaway! Wow!

    Traci says:

    This would be great in my living room, what a great reading and play area!

    elizabeth says:

    I would host a girls sleepover and we would drink wine and pretend to be somewhere warm.

    Nancy says:

    I would set this up for my two boys right in the middle of our living room, where we would have a camp-out. So gorgeous–too pretty to dare to put outside!

    Jessica LS says:

    I think this would make the finest reading nook I can imagine. Fingers crossed!

    MCR says:

    Our bedroom has the stairs of the apartment upstairs right above us, so I’ve been trying to create a nook in lowest part of it, just tons of blankets and pillows, but this is my dream come true for this! Adorable and perfect for chilly winter nights 🙂

    Jennifer says:

    I would put the teepee in my backyard for my two kids, ages 5 and 2. They are currently obsessed with being archeologists whenever they are outside, so this teepee would serve as their base camp when they are excavating important finds!

    molly alone says:

    I read a Design*Sponge post last summer about using summer camp as inspiration for your living room. That idea has been stuck in my head since then! So I would put right in the corner of my living room!

    Sarah says:

    I saw this on pinterest and love the design! I live in Northern California so I would put it outside for the summer and bring it in for my precious 2 year old granddaughter to play indoors in the colder months.

    Kristina says:

    This is so cute! I would probably give it to my 2 year old niece who would absolutely fall in love with it, hope i win! Come over + enter my Giveaway too! http://tinyurl.com/be8h6ro

    Carmen says:

    This is an amazing giveaway!! I would love to use this teepee in my living room. It’s the perfect unexpected piece that would add character to the room. LOVE!

    krista f says:

    OMYGOSH!!! The gray one would go PERFECTLY in my new sunroom/playroom…the kiddos would LOVE it…and let’s face it, so would I!!!!

    Lauren says:

    I would love to have one of these. My 9 yr old son and I would have so much fun playing with this and using it as a little reading nook.

    annie says:

    i have a small back room the my pup has taken over, she would definitely like to get cozy in this teepee

    I will be moving soon, so it would be interesting to see where this would end up in a new apartment! I would love to make some room in the living room for big pillows and a great lounge area!

    Kayleigh says:

    I’m doing a camping theme in my baby’s nursery and this would be perfect! I’m imagining my little girl growing up to read books inside… a gorgeous little hideaway.

    Annette says:

    I would totally use the teepee as a secret reading/napping nook. It looks like the perfect cozy getaway after a long and stressful day. I’d put it in my living room so that it could doubly function as a decorative piece as well 🙂

    Esther lee says:

    This would be the perfect replacement to the forts I build with blankets when my nephews and nieces visit. I’d plop it in the corner of my living room and the string white Christmas lights inside.

    erin says:

    OMG best giveaway ever. nice one, bri!

    Valerie Rose says:

    Oh wow!
    These are too beautiful!
    I will be severely jealous of whoever wins this too! Because let’s face it, I never win, but I do hope I win this one!!
    For now I would put this in our play room. My daughter would love to use this as a reading cozy spot. Then when we have a gated backyard, this would go Be so nice outside. The pink one is fantastic. Such a wonderful piece.
    Awesome giveaway,Bri!

    Mily M says:

    My daughter is name Grey, so we would definitely get the color in grey! We’d have it in the living room, but I’m sure it will travel in our daughter’s room or wherever she goes. This would be an amazing treasure for our home.

    I would definitely put it in my living room- to snuggle up with my boyfriend and watch a movie (seven psychopaths is next up for us!) thanks for the giveaway!

    Stacey says:

    Pink! My living room as a place to read books and day dream for all my guests, kids, and my hubby.
    Oh and for photo shoots too (i am a photographer)
    Amazing it is!!!

    Dalyn says:

    We have a lovely huge living room with bog windows the kids like to play in front of. I would put the teepee right next to that window!

    Hailey says:

    I have been longing for a teepee and this one would be perfection! I can totally see myself sitting in there reading, snuggling with my pup and listening to old records… 🙂

    jenny says:

    What an amazing giveaway. I would for sure use this in my remote, outdoor wedding in which all of my guests will be camping. How great for photos and a little private, cozy escape from the festivities. Thanks!

    Meg S says:

    This is so cute! Would it be weird to put this in my living room??

    Carson says:

    The gray teepee would look fantastic on our cabin deck. It’s our family cabin that’s been in my family since 1881. We use the deck to star-gaze during the summer and the teepee would be a perfect addition to our nights under the stars.

    tracy! says:

    If I had this teepee, I would dream in it, wish in it, put it out in the snow and huddle in and drink cocoa with glittery nail polish.

    Jenn Adamson says:

    Pick me! Pick me! I would put this teepee in my spare bedroom for all the times i have my 9 nieces and nephews over! It would give me another way to connect with my favorite littles and would be adorable for my “future” kids room!

    I would put this teepee in my living room to snuggle up in and read books by candlelight or pretty lights. When I move to a home I would put it outside to dream in under the stars.

    Mariel says:

    My husband and I are trying to get pregnant so I would definitely put this in the nursery. I would get the grey one since I am dying for a gender neutral nursery!

    Layken says:

    If I won this amazing teepee it would definitely for the time being go in my room. It would be the place for sketching ideas and brainstorming all things creative. An imagination getaway right in my very own room. It would one day when I have children be placed in their room for their own imagination getaway. I would hope it would be something passes down and treasured for years to come.


    Kate L. says:

    If I won, I’d set this teepee up in the most used room in our house – the living room – because all I’d wanna do was be inside! Great giveway, love your blog!

    Kayla Horn says:

    This teepee would be an amazing addition to weekend camping trips all over Montana.

    Gaye Lynn Balzer says:

    I can see alot of Grammy time when my Granddkids are here-and maybe some me time when i’m by myself! 🙂 I love the grey one!

    julie says:

    gorgeous. in the study, for sures

    Steph says:

    I think these are very neat! My boyfriend and I have a small apartment in the city and he is always saying he wishes there was more room. If we had a teepee it could be like a “get away” i nthe living room! Ps. Love the gray one!

    Gabrielle says:

    I would get the grey one, and would use it to play guitar while singing billie holiday tunes. What an inspiring little nook!

    Gracie B says:

    What would I do with this TeePee? What wouldn’t I do? I literally would put it in the living room and do everything in here. Eat, sleep, read, watch tv, answer emails, work, work out if possible. I love it so much!
    Gracie B

    brianne sheppard says:

    this would go right into my sons room who is due March 16th.. a little reading corner in grey would be freaking adorable and make my year. possibly my life. Thanks!

    julianna says:

    i live in montana, so in the winter we would have it in our family room! and in the summer it would go outside!! it would be a great hangout spot!!

    I would love to put this teepee around my bed to make it a little more cozy

    jen says:

    That is one beautiful teepee!!! Love it. I would have to design a photo shoot around it, use it for all kids birthday parties and probably redo my whole bedroom so I could have it up the rest of the time.

    Amy says:

    If I won I would use it as a hideout for my June 2013 wedding in LA and then I’d pack it up and set it up in my living room in New York because it is WAY more fun to watch TV when you’re in a teepee!

    Kimberly M says:

    I would give it to my Niece & Nephew so they could use it as a little playhouse.

    Jessaca says:

    If I won, I’d put this either in my son’s room (he’s 2 this month) or maybe even in our living room for him to play in! He loves to read, so I’m sure I could see us reading in there.

    Kate Roebuck says:

    MY husband and I could certainly use a readying nook!
    The glow would be charming with a little light hung inside!

    Elizabeth Thomas says:

    I’d put in in our living room! I’ve been dreaming about a teepee for awhile, I would cozy up with a good book, and some champagne. Love the grey!

    Kimber says:

    Oh my goodness! If I had that teepee it would be in many of my photo shoots! Not to mention, my niece would love to sleep in that when she visits! What a wonderful reading nook that could make for a lazy Sunday and a fun sleepover night. I can imagine getting pillows all set up and a little table for tea. Ahhh!

    Anastasia says:

    Ah! I have a uninspired studio I’m looking to spice up. I’d put this in there with strands of white little lights around the room so it would be a cozy and romantic nighttime escape (almost like really being under the stars). Looove the grey one by the way!

    Lo says:

    LOVE the pattern! I would put it in my living room as a cozy fort with lots of pillows: the perfect place to cuddle up and watch a good movie.

    Meg says:

    no kids, no pets. studying for second career. super stressed a lot. i would love a beautiful teepee to get my head together in when i need a time out. i’d put it in my office or maybe the living room.

    Dale says:

    Precious! I would use it in our living room probably 🙂 It would be the coziest reading nook!

    Kendall says:

    A place to play with my 3year old and have it for her first sleepover!!

    Emily says:

    I am a photograhper, so I would use this for my engagement sessions!! How cute would it be with a couple kissing in it?! 🙂

    Katia says:

    this is fantastic. i have always wanted a teepee. it would be the perfect chill-and-hide-from-the-world reading nook!!

    lisa says:

    What a beautiful teepee! I think it would look lovely on our back porch! <3

    Logan says:

    Love the pink one! I would put this on my deck outside. It would bring the woods and camping back to me since I now live in New Orleans :)!

    nicole b. says:

    I would put it in my (new) office at home, which still needs a lot of work. It would be a great reading nook. Thanks for the chance to win! xo.

    Chelse Shaum says:

    I would most definitely sleep in this teepee every night for at least a month. I would make my love R cuddle in right next to me.

    ashley says:

    Oh yes!! I’d stick that sucker anywhere it wanted to be. It’s welcome anywhere in my home or on my property. Capiche?!

    Chick Tyler says:

    We have an empty front room that we haven’t known what to decorate with, but now I know I would put in that teepee and it would become my reading nook!

    stephanie says:

    ohhmergrahd! i’ve never seen a giveaway for a teepee before. this is way too cool. i’m graduating in a couple of months and moving to a new apartment with my friends. i would love to display this piece in my new place!

    hannah says:

    i would set this up in our backyard. can’t wait for it to be warm enough again that we’ll actually want to be out there!! thanks for the great giveaway xx

    Carrie Beth says:

    Since my husband is an eagle scout and we have a new son, I’m sure we’d find plenty of fun things to do with this both inside & outside! It would be such a joy to watch my son have playtime with Daddy in this! I can see them in there reading “Where The Wild Things Are” and having a blast!

    kerry says:

    my patio could use a teepee like this! it would be so perfect to hide away for evening cocktails or a snooze in the afternoon sun!

    Hannah L says:

    I live in a dorm at college, and the whole thing is pretty dismal, and lacks whimsy… This is the perfect thing to make the room feel happy, great for studying!

    this would stay in my house! I would eat chocolate cake in it. 🙂 How cute is it! Love the textiles!

    Brianna says:

    I would love to put this up in my backyard or playroom. The pink one is absolutely adorable!

    wakako says:

    I would love this teepee for a patio we are builging right now!!!! It will add a nice touch to hardwood floors:) Thanks for sharing the great giveaway!

    Rudi says:

    I know a particularly spunky little girl who would have the most exciting adventures in this teepee!! Of course, with her imagination, it might end up being a spaceship or a fortress or underwater cave!

    Rachel says:

    I’m getting married in April, and we have no idea where we will be living. If I won this darling teepee I’d know me and my husband would have a mini cozy little home that we can carry with us, wherever we end up!

    My son’s long time dream is to have teepee. We would probably put it next to our bed so he can camp out there whenever he wants. The gray one is perfect.

    Hilary says:

    oh my gosh this is absolutely divine!!!!! we are planning on rescuing a pug this year, and i would transform this baby into the sweetest little spot for him!

    Danielle W. says:

    If I won I would put this in the nursery for my very first little one due June 10th! My husband and I would read books and bond with our baby for hours in this teepee!

    I meant ‘a teepee’ sorry I got excited haha

    Airiel Lane says:

    I would most definitely use it outside this summer. Either in my backyard with a good book or on the beach! I’m also recently pregnant so by the end of summer ill bring it in and it will go straight into the nursery!

    myka says:

    love love love this teepee. I’d set it up in our living room so my husband and I could share romantic dinners inside.

    Laura says:

    These are so cool. I lived in a tepee, a big one, for a summer, at a camp on Lopez Island, so fun. I would give this to my neice, she is 2, as my brother also lived in a tepee, only for a month, when he went to camp. I hope she gets to go to that camp someday but if not this would be the next best thing. They have a great backyard to put this. 🙂 Thank you.

    Melissa says:

    Yes! My 7 year old daughter would flip for this! We would probably use it both indoors and outdoors. Indoors for sleepovers with her friends or cousins and outdoors in late spring and summer for lounging about and reading books on a warm, breezy day. Thanks for the chance to win a near one of a kind!

    Jess says:

    I love the idea of having a whimsical teepee in my apartment. The pink one is really sweet and it would be fun to set up an indoor picnic for my boy for Valentine’s Day.

    My little girls love to read books, and I have always wanted to get a teepee for them to relax and read away in. This teepee would be so perfect for their space, and it would make them so happy!!!!

    Paula in Guymon,OK. says:

    Definatly out on the deck! Might need to anchor it down with these Okla Panhandle winds! Our daughter would LOVE playing with her Breyer horses in there! Great idea!

    Lauren Bowers says:

    I would put it in my new baby’s room and have cuddle sessions inside. We’re going with a Moonrise Kingdom-esque summer camp theme for the room and this would fit in perfectly!

    Angie says:

    many, many, many uses for this teepee! in the backyard as my own personal play den, to the beach for timeouts away from the sun, park picnics campouts. so much fun!

    Kym M. says:

    I am in LOVE with this teepee! I would definitely use it for future photoshoots. I’ve already started storyboarding!!! It would be fantastic for any kind of portrait session, with a hint of hippie and whimsy. ♥

    Jessica Zigenis says:

    Love it! One of my good friends is saving up to put a teepee in her 2 year old’s room, and I’d love to bless her with an unexpected amaze-balls teepee like this. I’m smitten with her little boy, and I’d love to see him light up if he had this!

    Cynthia says:

    whoa. best giveaway ever! i would turn this into a reading nook for my kids and put it in my daughter’s room next to her bookcase.

    Aleta says:

    Omigosh this is the cutest! My husband and I are in the process of getting certified to become foster parents, so this teepee would definitely go into the kids’ room! The grey one would be perfect because we’ve already painted the room a feather grey with red accents (so it’s gender neutral). I know that any kid would think it magical to have a teepee in their room!

    Kim Cahn says:

    I would definitely put this amazing teepee in my daughters room. What little one wouldn’t love using their imagination inside?!?! We would have tea parties with her stuffed animals, and snuggle reading books.

    Sage says:

    i would use it inside! and selfishly, for myself hehe. it’s gorgeous! it’d be so fun to use in the summer, though, outside. like the wild child i am.

    melissa says:

    I would give it to my best friend who just had her first baby. It would be his special place to read books and imagine creativity. Love the chair too!!!

    Lauren says:

    I would put the teepee in a corner of my living room and make a lovely spot to read books!

    Ashley says:

    I would share the Teepee fun with the littles in my life, probably put it in the fun room…. and of course photograph/instagram/blog/share the beauty as much as possible.

    Lisa Marie says:

    Oh my goodness… these are gorgeous!! I’ve had my eye on a few teepees for a while now from different sites to purchase as a gift for my nephews! I would definitely pick the gray teepee… even though both color pallets are fabulous! Plus it would be great to save for when I have kids of my own one day <3

    kellen says:

    I adore this Teepee! I would use it in the living room to watch movies with my boyfriend! I think my cat would also really appreciate the teepee!


    Meditation Teepee! I would put it in my dining room where I also teach yoga classes. Think of all that stored energy! I can also see some spirited games of Boggle taking place in this teepee. I’m pretty sure this would also be a traveling teepee so I could share it with others. I have three little blond girls in mind who will swoon over it.

    If I won, I’d use it inside, in my baby’s room 🙂

    Caley says:

    I love teepees! I would use this in my apartment in the living room for fun parties/indoor picnics, for reading in, and for the kids that I nanny. They would love it!

    Holly says:

    I LOVE the pink one! I would use it as a special reading place for myself at the moment, and then when my husband and I start having kids they would use it as a fort, reading, pretend area. The possibilities are endless and these teepees are beautiful! 🙂

    Kim says:

    We are pregnant with our first so this would definitely go in babies room!!…and then it would be taken outside for bday parties and such to add to the decor and fun festivities! We have been scouting around for one of these for months and these are amazing!!!

    Leah says:

    Love this! I would use it inside the living room for entertaining or just a fun and romantic dinner for two on the floor.

    I have two little girls who would love this teepee! But who am I kidding? I’d love it too! We’d put it on our back patio so we could play in it day after day in the summer!

    Andrea says:

    I would totally use this outside! I would live up to the term GLAMPING. This would be a perfect addition to camping in style.

    Lauren Ward says:

    Wowzers! This giveaway rules, as well as your blog:). I have a boy (3) and a girl (5), they share a room and this would totally rock. I love how gender nuetral it is. It would be the coziest reading nook ever. pick us pick us, I promise we would put it to great use:):):) -smiles from all 3 of us!

    I would looove to win the grey teepee! I would use it outside and inside! I would use it for a few outdoor photography sessions, but the rest of the time I would probably use it in my loft for a little reading nook!

    Brittany says:

    OOOOOHH! They grey one would go perfectly in the “kids nook” of my stationery store opening this spring!

    My husband and I are newlyweds and live in a tiny two-bedroom starter apartment; our main room is part lounge, part dining room, part office/art space for us. This pink tepee would be the most divine escape– we’d put it in a cozy corner of the room and use it to get away from it all (while not really going anywhere). We’ve been searching for a way to spend time together (and not get sucked into work, social media, tv) and this would be oh-so-perfect.

    kate says:

    This would be AMAZING for beach days when I need a break from the sun!

    Jenny says:

    OH GOODNESS! How beautiful! I would put this in the living room and have special date nights with my hubby watching a movie, drinking hot cocoa and snuggling with our kitty cats. 🙂

    Suzie Strong says:

    I would totally put this teepee in my backyard to create an AMAZING space for guests to sleep in! I moved from Seattle to LA a year ago and have dreamed of having an outdoor, but protected space for guests–or for my family if we want to make our own backyard camp.

    Nicole Maria says:

    oh my! i would LOVE to take my bf on a trip to Big Sur and camp on the beach. We could definitely use the get away. All i can think of is big sweaters, hot cocoa, quilts and getting cozy in this teepee!

    Kate says:

    The grey one is nice, but it would have to be the PINK! How sweet!
    I would put this loveliness outside for my little indians in the summer, but bring it in for ghost stories and hot cocoa in the winter.

    Apryl Dailey says:

    This would definitely be used outside on romantic evenings and in our loft for daytime reading!!!

    Margaret says:

    I would definitely use this outside–the weather in Northern California is just getting nice enough to use it! 🙂

    Neka RE says:

    I would definitely use this for the outdoors mostly. I can think of so many uses, use it at story time with my littles, mommy time for myself maybe while editing or blogging and I know for sure I would use it as a prop for a photoshoot either with siblings or a romantic whimsical engagement session! My ideas are endless! All I can say is if I win it I will be utterly grateful and if I don’t to the person who does use it for the potential it really has!!

    pchen says:

    How lovely!! I would put it in my living room to bring the outdoor feel indoor. It would be my son’s favorite hiding place for sure.

    Lynne says:

    I would definitely give this to my daughter! She has been wanting something like this since she was a child. She’s 21 now, but I think she would use it to draw, read, or hide out in still!

    Mi Yang says:

    I would place this charming teepee on our roof terrace for star gazing during the warmer seasons, or next to the fireplace in the living room for relaxing and unwinding during the colder seasons. Both options would involve my two lovely huskies.

    A Stayer says:

    I don’t have kids yet but in a couple of years I hope I do. Until then it would probably go in my guest bedroom/play room/craft room. When my niece and nephew come over we would cuddle up in there, read books, have tea parties, and take cat naps. I love it! There is something so special about having a special place to go as a kid, a place of your own.

    Bre says:

    I would put this in my backyard and have summer sleepovers inside! I can imagine this with twinkling light strands and a cozy bonfire. Love the grey 🙂

    Giselle says:

    This would be so lovely in my living room, the perfect place for my niece and I to read in!!

    Julia says:

    My husband and I would definitely keep this in the backyard/garden to make our already amazing stargazing-backyard-campouts even more incredible!

    Oh my, this is such a sweet looking tepee. I’d put it in my future nursery, and until then, my kitty would appreciate it, and if she’s not in there, my hubs and I would cozy up in it now and then for romantic evenings! xo

    Georgia says:

    I would use this inside in the winter because I miss my summer campouts! When the weather turns I would use it in the backyard for picnics & naps 🙂

    Lauren Ward says:

    neutral** oops. 😉

    Jessica says:

    I LOVE this teepee (I do love the pink one). I would put it in my current “office” with lots of pillows for a reading area, and I would use it outside in the Spring!

    jamie says:

    If I won, it would be a great upgrade for my pup, who currently has the most make shift tee-pee one could image. I would replace his current “home” with this new one, fit for a king! xx

    Ruthie says:

    A pink teepee with tiny pink teepees all over – what would be better than to (1) set it up one evening to enjoy a pink sunset, then (2) after securing a pink flashlight, lie down with my two dogs and a good book, say “Tipis, Tepees, Teepees: History and Design of the Cloth Tipi” by Linda Holley, while (3) sipping pink lemonade and finally (4) enticing my boyfriend to join us with promises of pink cherry lipsmacker kisses 🙂

    Mandi C says:

    I’d get the gray and put it up in my daughters room! String some white Christmas lights inside and have blankets and pillows all around.

    Amber says:

    I would love to use it outside when it finally warms up. I would love to snuggle up in the shade a read or take a nap.

    Megan says:

    I would take a gray one for my nephews. They love to make forts, and this would be perfect for their playroom.

    Christy says:

    Oh these are adorable! The pink one would be so much fun for my daughters. It would be a blast to have in our living room!

    Miriam says:

    Teepee teepee tippy toes…. How wonderfully fun and gorgeous is this?! I can picture this beauty in our living room in front of a window overlooking our backyard….with some sheepskins and pillows, ready for some story reading to my two lovelies, or just by myself…..a good book (or blog ;)) and some tea. Once it gets warmer it will sit nicely outside on our deck…ready for a lunch picnic, or evenings counting fireflies…. Dream dream dream away.

    Janay Garcia says:

    I am a stay at home mom of small toddlers under the age of 4 and I would most definitely put this in their play room. They LOVE making forts.

    Catina C says:

    WOW! These teepees are absolutely gorgeous! If I won I would definitely put it in my office. Native American culture has always influenced my art and design and this would be a perfect addition to the inspiration that fuels my creativity!

    Victoria Liechty says:

    My husband and I love to throw parties. I would use it outside and use it for the party. Especially costume parties. Everyone dressing up as Native Americans. Did I mention I am part Native American 🙂

    Lucia says:

    I would choose the grey one! Hang some twinkle lights in it. Put it in my living room and fill it with soft comfortable pillows. This is perfect for movie watching, date night snuggle time, and create a sacred space for serious “talking”.

    Ashley says:

    I would put the teepee in our newly updated basement! It would be the perfect addition to help my son ease in the transition of an upstairs playroom to a downstairs one! (the upstairs is becoming a baby room!!) I love the print on the fabric!!

    Lindsey says:

    I love love love the grey one! My fiance is in the military and gets deployed often. I would set it up in the corner of our bedroom and fill it with white lights to enjoy the time we do get to spend together in a tee pee as beautiful as his one!

    ashbot says:

    i would keep it on the porch until i wanted to go read in it in the woods of vermont.

    Candice says:

    HANDS DOWN would put it in my classroom! I can just imagine allowing my students to read in the teepee 🙂 WHAT JOY! It would be such a great addition to our fun room!

    lolo says:

    my boyfriend and i just moved into our first apartment together. said apartment is equipped with a huge balcony overlooking downtown denver and the rockie mountains. we are soo lucky! we’ve been talking about collecting sheets to start building forts as winter turns to spring. the teepee would be outside on the balcony for early morning coffee dates and act as an extension of the fort for weeknight balcony camping dates.

    Shannon W says:

    Oh my loveliness!!!! I would put this beauty in my sunroom for reading and romantic hand-holding with my love…and drag her sweet self outside on a pretty day for daydreaming and observing nature (and my pup romping, of course). I’m having daydreams right now about it! ♥ Thanks for such a great giveaway.

    Tawnee Gomez says:

    I use it as a doggy house for my pup johnny. And I would also use it as a playhouse for my nephew Brody. And I would use it as a fun picnic with my husband. So many activities that it could be use for! LOVE IT!

    Lisa R says:

    My baby girl would love this!!

    Tiffany says:

    I am in love with this!! I’ve been wanting one for our living room for my son! He would have so much fun in it!!!

    Kathy Kay says:

    I would put this in my new living room of my new apartment. I’ve always adored teepees so this would be amazing to have.

    Caren says:

    How awesome would a teepee be in my living room to have a cute campfire setting with my friends!

    Francesca Tortora says:

    I was on a beautiful farm out in the countryside just last week planning our festival wedding in a field under an oak tree next to two lakes and a wild flower meadow. One of these beauties would be the absolutely PERFECT addition to the day but sadly I’m based in the UK… *sob*

    Kayla says:

    My husband and I are thinking about starting a family soon and I would love to win this teepee for the little one in our future! It would no doubt take up the whole room, but, really, who needs a crib when you could have a teepee this amazing?! (totally kidding!). 😉

    Jenny says:

    I have a space in my living room that would be just right for the pink one – for my dog, my child, and moi <3

    christine says:

    on my patio 🙂

    blonde says:

    ah…this teepee is amazing! i have dreams of story time with my baby girl in one and as she grows it can become her special spot to hang out in. we currently live in a loft so it could go anywhere, probably in the living area so it could be visible at all times…could never hide this beauty behind a closed door!

    Nicole G. says:

    I would love to put this teepee in my living room for my cat to sleep in.

    jenna says:

    if i win i would put this teepee in my master suite for my pups and me to have a little reading and snuggling nook!

    Megan C says:

    I would give this teepee to my sweet neices- they would adore this and play in it for years!

    Michelle in Austin, TX says:

    I do not want this teepee, I need it!:) My grandfather passed away a few months ago and he was a social worker on Indian reservations all over the country for decades. This would be such a special piece to have in my bedroom as a reminder of him and the pink goes perfect with my room.

    And the winner is being announced on my fathers 60th bday, seriously I am concinvced I am meant to win this:)

    Laura Stephens says:

    I would give this to my sweet little niece who turns 2 at the end of the month. She would LOVE this in the living room!!!

    Laura Elizabeth

    Liz Hergert says:

    My two boys would absolutely LOVE this, and I’d also use it for family photo shoots. What a fun and magical little teepee! 🙂 Fingers crossed!

    Star says:

    Depending on how sturdy this thing is- I would use this to be the coolest kid at burning man. & if it would not stand up to the elements, perhaps it would go in the guest room. So cute!

    Amy says:

    OMG. COOLEST GIVEAWAY EVER! This would be SO perfect for our patio outside! Add some mood lighting, throw pillows, a decorative rug, and a wool throw and I’ve got myself a new nook for some “me” time! “Me” time is very much needed!

    Ariane O'Connor says:

    I would probably put it in my boyfriend’s studio… that way we could snuggle and paint on each other’s faces in it like the good ol’ indian days. Hahaha!

    Or we could put it in my small little bedroom to watch old movies in it, with lots and lots of pillows and his delicious popcorn that he always make!

    Or I could even put it in my backyard by the pool to watch the stars at night in it with candles and marshmallows. Huuummmm.

    Endless possibilities with a teepee! 🙂

    LeAnn says:

    I love this teepee! I think i saw something similar in a jcrew or anthropologie mag! if i won, i’d put my little prize in my new apartment either on the balcony or right in the middle of my living room 🙂 thanks for sharing, bri!! 🙂

    Serena Wentzel says:

    I would put the teepee in my room because that is where I spend most of my time and I there is where I do my thinking. My room is where I want to express my creativity and my style and as of now I don’t have much in my room, but this would define my style is free spirited, natural, and bohemian. I would end up doing most of my work in here as my creative center

    Stacy says:

    it would definitely go on a back patio, or in the grass when i finally have a yard of my own! i’ll go with grey…to please the boy 😉 thanks bri!

    Nikki says:

    I would use this outside. We live in a tiny house with a big backyard, so we spend most of our time out there. It would be perfect!

    Brooke says:

    Love this. It would go in the play room!

    Gaia says:

    I work in Thailand at an elephant conservation center, and while I love what I do, I have very little personal space aside from my hut beside the wandering elephants (not a bad view!) But I would love to set this up on my porch and share it with the two young Thai boys that live at the conservation with me. I do a lot of yoga and this would be a perfect place to sip tea, meditate, and keep the mosquitoes off in the cool, jungle evenings. A little personal space with personality could go a long way. I’m in love and hope I can share my teepee home with my elephant family!

    Sarah says:

    This beauty would go outside and host a numerous amount of fun nights and an overwhelming amount of s’mores. Both colors are amazing and I will be very envious of the winner! Sooooo beautiful 🙂

    Liz Gilley says:

    I love this Teepee! If I were to win this darling little teepee I would put it in, my soon to be daughter, Indi’s nursery. It’s so perfect in either color because her bedroom is pink and grey! Absolutely beautiful!

    sel says:

    In love with it !!! I would definitely take my Teepee on some road tripping adventures!

    Judith says:

    This would become a book nook for the grandchildren when they visit. They would love it so much and might even take their naps in it. It would be full of pillows and have a basket full of children’s books. A secret dreaming place full of exciting book adventures!

    Sydney H says:

    I would definitely put the grey one in my living room – it needs a little something to spice it up! Love these!

    Tania says:

    I love this Teepee!! I would put it in my living room and roast marshmallows on Saturday nights while watching movies!

    Alisha W says:

    Reading nook for the me and my nieces! i’d love to have this in the living room. It’s just so cozy!

    Erin Taylor says:

    OMG I am dying!! I have been wanting to get a TeePee for my daughter who turns 4 on the 17th of this month. I mean I have been eyeing some ok TeePee’s, but this one takes the cake. I would love to have this set up in our living room when she wakes up on her Birthday morning. Iknow she would flip out. It would then be moved into to her bedroom where she can read and dream up magical pretend stories and play in it. I hope we win 🙂

    Jennifer says:

    In LOVE with this teepee! I live in a small studio by the beach and think the teepee would be such a fun touch!

    amy says:

    i have been eying these for quite sometime. in the dead of winter in the city, i would just set this lil baby up in middle of my tiny apartment. bring the great outdoors inside in this adorable oasis. in summer this would be the perfect little romantic spot outside. love love!!

    Liz says:

    I would love to create a little reading cave for myself to retreat to. A quite, cozy oasis.

    Katie Klumb says:

    On beautiful weather days this teepee would live in my whimsical woods in the middle of nowhere. I would crawl in with some books and my sketch pad to live peacefully for the day. Because it is just too beautiful to risk ruining this teepee would also live in my living room when Mother Nature might not treat it so gently. It would be amazing.

    Christine Cliatt Brown says:

    If I won this beautiful teepee, I would make it my own little reading nook. Once we have our first baby, it would be the perfect thing to design a new nursery around.

    Mindy says:

    AMAZING! I would but this in my back yard adjacent to my fire pit! It would be the perfect accent to summer evening cookouts and fall marshmallow roast.

    Melissa says:

    If I won the teepee I would use it with my friends when we have bonfires in our backyards. It would make the perfect addition to our summer nights

    Aimee says:

    I would put it outside. I would use it to escape from the stresses of my day and read a book, take a nap or just hangout with someone. I would even take it camping. Use it as my personal getaway.

    Morgan Young says:

    If I won this teepee I know my dog and daughter both would love it (me too of course)! My 1 year old daughter loves playing in her little princess hut but this teepee would perfectly match her bedroom colors and I know she could use it forever for our countless adventures through the forest with her little imagination.. As for me I know I wouldn’t mind cuddling up with my little Kaya and pup under it next to a fire outside on our patio or reading a book on a rainy day inside. LOVE!

    This is the loveliest! I think we would put this in our living room first and foremost for a romantic valentines day evening complete with champagne and fuzzy blankets! Then I think I would turn it into a cocktail teepee for fun girls nights!

    sabrina howard says:

    i would use it to camp out on the beach and/or put it in my dorm room as a little place to escape from the stress of nursing school for awhile

    I am a photographer and I love using props! This would be the perfect prop for children or couples shoots. I would use it outside and in studio. I’d probably keep it in my bedroom or studio room. I would probably use this in multiple ways. I have a nephew who would love to play with it and I would also have to set it up for a special date night at home! 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/hooverphoto

    I would use this for my photo shoots for sure! Kids would love to play in this!!

    Alison says:

    If I won this teepee… I would put it on my rooftop deck & create a romantic teepee for two! I would add pillows and a fluffy quilt inside, surround it with lanterns and candles… then use a tray for sweet treats like chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. Then spend the evening with my hubby, watching the sun go down then spending a evening under the stars.

    Alison says:

    If I won this teepee… I would put it on my rooftop deck & create a romantic teepee for two! I would add pillows and a fluffy quilt inside, surround it with lanterns and candles… then use a tray for sweet treats like chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. Then spend the evening with my hubby, watching the sun go down then spending a evening under the stars.

    Meridith says:

    So many possibilities….my little girl’s room, take it to the beach, use as prop for photo shoots, in the living room for creative toddler play and to house pillows and blankets!

    Kim Freestone says:

    During the colder months we would keep this wonderful teepee in our OPR (Office/Play-room). In the spring/summer we would use it in our backyard under the canopy of trees. I girls would go crazy for this! Thanks!

    stephanie says:

    I would take naps in my new teepee 🙂

    Ray says:

    These teepees are beautiful! They remind me of the ones I used to try to make when I was a little girl! I have this idea in my head of taking them into the desert for spring break! It looks like a perfect little nook to escape into and totally realign my thoughts! It would also be such a beautiful addition to my backyard in Colorado that looks across the Rocky Mountains!

    Emily Fitzgerald says:

    I would give it to my brother’s fiance who is dying to have a TeePee for her first child due in June. It’s the first time I will be an Auntie so it would be a great gift to her and baby Eloise!

    Claire H. says:

    This is so cute!! I would stick it in the corner of my bedroom to make a meditation area. I love tribal themes, and this teepee seems very close to nature and peaceful!

    Morgana says:

    I would use this puppy for an upcoming photo shoot/short film we are working on for our Spring/Summer jewelry collection. Fingers crossed! xx

    Claire H. says:

    Love this!!!!! I would stick it in the corner of my bedroom to make a meditation area. I love tribal themes, and this teepee seems very close to nature and peaceful!

    ack! i would love this! i just moved into a new apt and i have all this empty space. this would fit perfectly in the living room or in the bedroom as a reading corner!

    Suzanna says:

    My husband and I are setting off in August to live in a van on the road…touring around while he plays music. We are going to hit all 50 states, and I would LOVE to hang out in this grey teepee on the nights we decide to camp!!

    Ariel N. says:

    I would put it in the corner of my workspace. I love to draw laying down, and would probably love to read in it too.

    Lauren says:

    Ah! I would choose grey and put it in my basement!

    Ashley of Lovelock says:

    I loveeeeeee the teepee and would put it in the nursery I’m designing for adoption! Darling!

    Shallyn says:

    I would take this beautiful teepee to my fathers. My younger sister and I would put it in her room and we’d play all day! She’d love lugging all her toys and pets inside. lol

    haley says:

    I would use this in my backyard and eat post BBQ treats inside 🙂

    Vanessa says:

    Wow– my two girls would love the pink one for their room!

    Laura says:

    So darling! I would give the teepee to my mom to use in her classroom. The kids would adore it!

    auntie gloria’s house is already a favorite by my two little neices simply because of the staircase, but i would love to have them over and surprise them the teepee, sitting in it’s own corner of the play room. (aka my room/office). i would read them books and stories. at night time i would use the google star map and we would look at constellations in the [pink] teepee, complete with the stories of how they came to be. it would be quite magical!

    after the girls leave, i would definitely have the teepee there to be a quiet area for reading and thinking. maybe napping too. after long days at my desk designing or in my apron it would be nice to have a hiding place from both worlds.

    thanks for the opportunity!

    Lisa says:

    This would not only be used by my two girls, but by me and my husband too! Tee-hee-hee…

    We’d have to plop this baby in our livingroom for all to see. Fun giveaway!

    Shelly says:

    I have been looking for the perfect teepee for my living room. There is a space in our living room that “belongs” to our 18 month old and all that is needed to complete it is this amazing teepee for him and I to crawl in and read the day away! Pick us and you would make Nico one happy little guy! Thanks!

    Em says:

    I would choose Pink and I would have it our lounge and we would use it to cuddle up in and remind us of our teepee-ing adventures around Norway and Sweden.

    yuna says:

    OMG. Im in love with these teepee! I would put one in my studio and make it super cozy. it would be amazing to have a cup of coffee inside 🙂 haha. thanks for the awesome giveaway bri!

    Sarah Florence says:

    perfect for the patio! it would be a wonderful space for all the kiddos that fill our yard during the long summer days…ahhhh summer!

    Ciara Marble says:

    I have always wanted a teepee! I would use it so much that the lovely textile patterns would become warm and sun-faded. I’d sleep in it, read in it, have summer time camp-outs, draw, watch the stars, play with my niece in it. It’s absolutely beautiful, and I guarantee I would share it, appreciate it and love it fully.

    Cindy Aiton says:

    This is so much fun! Thank you for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway. I would gift the teepee to my friend’s son for his playroom. However, he must agree that I can come over and play anytime I want. 😉

    Marci Duke says:

    I am obsessed with these teepees! I’ve had one on my wishlist for a while now and I love the print of these. I think it would be perfect in a playroom or nursery. What a great giveaway!

    Movie night in the living room for sure. And I would pick the grey one too 🙂

    Jayna says:

    For my daughter, she creates adventures with her 2 wolf stuffed animals. (and for me because it’s so gorgeous!) Inside AND outside, maybe a backyard camp out.

    Lauren says:

    I would pick the grey one, place it in our living room and make out with my boyfriend in it!!

    Briana Lang says:

    This teepee is so adorable and I think I’m in love with the textiles! I would probably put it in my office as a cozy spot for my pup to curl up (and for me to join him when I need a break) and for my coworkers’ kids to play when they stop in to visit.

    Becca Hall says:

    We are having our first baby in April – a boy! His nursery is going to be decorated with our “little adventurer” in mind and a tee pee would be perfect to round out his room. I love the graphics and the colors too 🙂

    Megan says:

    Love this! I would put the teepee in my baby boy’s woodland themed nursery. Thank you for the great giveaway!

    Jenny Thomas says:

    This would be a dream come true! We just moved into a new place and it would be perfect in my not so little, little man’s room, for reading time or sheer play. So many possibilities!

    Britney says:

    If I won this tepee, I would place it outside on my lawn and appreciate the beauty of nature with a pet or two and be alone an peaceful.

    Amy says:

    I’m pregnant and just painted my nursery grey, so I would choose the grey tepee. I would love to spend time reading stories in it to my son.

    Anne says:

    Loving the textiles! I would have to get the grey one and put it in my son’s nursery!

    This teepee would look awesome in my room…who needs a bed when you have a teepee? After a while, I would probably need a bed again though–after my cat steals the teepee for his own. I’d get awhile with it though, while he was still afraid of it!

    Ashley says:

    This Teepee is awesome! I have a wedding styling business and would love to get my hands on this!

    I’d love to set up a surprise picnic for my clients using the TeePee during their engagement shoot. The shoot would be for one of my very “west coast” brides, somewhere on a rugged beach.

    I’d keep it at home in our den as a cozy reading nook and eventually it would make it’s way up to our family summer cabin. It would be a lazy reading place on the grass and likely become my nephews new fort.

    Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

    MC says:

    I would love to win this to put in my living room to entertain my soon to be niece or nephew on the way. It would be the future home of lots of slumber parties and maybe for a house show or two.

    Julia says:

    This would be the perfect backyard getaway to share a picnic with my husband or curl up alone with a book. Both colors are gorgeous, but I’d have to go with grey!

    Mollie says:

    I loove the fabric pattern on these and the teepees themselves! I am finally moving out of my parents place in a few months, hopefully into a new home. It would be wonderful to have a piece with such character and possibilities to build the rest of my home and furniture around! The grey one would be perfect!

    Susan says:

    Every July my two daughters and I attend The Grey Fox Bluegrass music festival in upstate NY and we have always talked about setting up a teepee on the hill so we can listen to the great tunes but keep safely out of the hot sun. What a perfect teepee for this venue. Many of the concert goers build lean-twos, make shift shade spots and even extravagant tree-houses for the weekend. We would be the most stylish of them all in this teepee!

    Bianca says:

    this teepee is so charming and cozy. i would totally have friends over and just enjoy loafing around in it! i would pick the grey one, which goes with every room color. what a great giveaway!

    Tina Yonas says:

    I would put in my living room. The tee pee would be the first thing people see and it would be right next to my giant yucca . It would be the most fantastic reading spot for when I babysit my tiny cousins (Which happens a couple times a week 🙂 The print and color of the pink would complement my living room the best, which is already desert cactus blossom inspired 🙂 Thank you, this contest is awesome!

    Jack says:

    Great giveaway. Would definitely make a great addition to our living room as a reading nook or even as my office on a rainy day. Just throw some extra large pillows in there 🙂

    Margaret says:

    This teepee is amazing!!! It would be perfect in our petite garden or a first birthday gift for our nephew, though I don’t know if I could part with it. I love the grey.

    Lucy says:

    This is too fun!! I would love to use it outside next time I’m with all of my kiddo cousins. They would love to have a “girls night” where we could make s’mores and sleep under the stars. Too cute.

    I love these!! I would absolutely give the teepee to my godson to play in!

    Koseli says:

    My son would love this. I’d put it in our bedroom in the corner—my son’s “bedroom” and he would sleep in it. Seriously. Thanks!

    MFree says:

    definitely keep it out back for slumber parties outside with my little one!

    Megan says:

    I would love such a fun addition! This would look great in a guest room or patio. But I think it would be great by our large window in our living space. SO FUN!

    kate o. says:

    This might be the best giveaway I have ever entered. Over the next year we will be moving our little guy into his big boy room. In the colder months I think we would tuck it into one of the corners. When it’s a bit warmer we would definitely take it outside. Love.

    suzanne says:

    It would have to be used to snuggle in with a cup of cocoa. Peek my head out and gaze at the stars.

    Elizabeth says:

    i’m at university so i would keep it in my dorm/townhouse during the winter months for fun fort sleepovers and during spring and summer i would def have it outside for pow-wows with my friends!

    Angela says:

    This amazing teepee would become part of our living room! The kids could use it as their hideout, and for sleep overs! It’s so beautiful! We would choose grey so it could go anywhere.

    Two great spots for this teepee:

    Right smack dab in the middle of the living room for rainy day tents forts & picnics. It rains A LOT here in Vancouver, so you can see that the usage would be high. 🙂

    Pack it up and take it with us for a day at the beach along with our BBQ and our dog!

    Talik says:

    We just bought a small piece of mountain property and are moving there in the summer. I would set this up on the top overlooking the valley and ocean and set up camp for the summer.

    Heidi says:

    Love this teepee!
    Winter : indoors in my bedroom for nap-times
    Summer : outdoors in my backyard for nap-times

    Kacey Lewis says:

    I would put this in a little forest grove by my little cottage, I’ve been meaning to make or find a little teepee to put on wood pallets in this little forest opening. Would be so great for tea partys or reading a book with my love on summer evenings. So cute!

    Cynthia says:

    I would use it for my daughter’s room as a reading nook! Throw in a papasan pillow in there with Christmas lights.

    brenda says:

    serious cuteness! I would be nice and give it to my kids and put it in the playroom but don’t be surprised if I sneak away in there myself with a good book. 🙂

    taryn says:

    this lovely (i am obsessed with both colors!!) would be placed in my living room. it would ready for the littles to play, but also used to adult cuddle time with my sweet hubby. yes, please!

    Kris Kimbrough says:

    Gosh, if I got this little tee pee (the grey one), it would have many homes. I am sure between my puppies and my kiddos, it would get the most use in the kids living room or on the back porch, I am sure it would get moved around often and probably moved into one of the kids rooms at night for an indoor camping adventure. There are so many possibilities! I might just hide it for myself so I can relax and read while the kids nap. My own little safe place. 🙂

    Sidney says:

    Perfect secret hiding place for my two adventurous boys!

    Sam says:

    Oh my gosh, I have been teepee dreaming for months…I want one for the lounge my new apartment so I can create a meditation space. Winning this would make me beyond happy! Thank you for the giveaway!

    caralina julian says:

    OHH I would love to use the pink one outside on summer nights looking up at the stars

    Amy says:

    I would love to surprise my valentine with this gem! I’d add some candles, wine, and heart garland and we’d have the perfect night in.

    Heidi Corinn says:

    Oh my Gosh! I was just drooling over CBD’s textiles! This teepee is lovely and it would be perfect in the living room, a little snuggle zone near the fire for me and the puppy. Yay!

    maggie l. says:

    I would pick the gray teepee, and I would cozy it up in the corner of our dining room, where you can look out our front windows at the frozen trees and dark night sky. While my son (he’s two, after all ;)) would love playing in it, I think I would most look forward to sipping wine in it with my husband, after my newborn and two-year-old are in bed and once the sun goes down. We are on a saving money mission this year, and this would make even nights at home feel like a date night.

    Natalia says:

    I love this! I would use it as a reading nook in my bedroom, totally reminds me of blanket forts I used to make with my sister growing up.

    Courtney K says:

    I’d definitely use this as an outdoor reading/sketching nook

    Abby says:

    the PERFECT kitten house for the living room!

    reneemudd says:

    I’m selling my bed, to make way for the teepee!!!

    Rosie says:

    The grey one would definitely have to go in the nursery, so baby Jackson can grow up with it and have his own private nook in the house 🙂

    Alisha O says:

    I would put this in my living room in Fargo, ND. It would be the perfect fort for cold days! Love Love Love!

    Sarah says:

    If I won the teepee, I would put in my fiance’s livingroom as a surprise for when he gets back from his deployment. It would look perfect next to our cactus! 🙂

    Aubrey says:

    One of my closest friends and I attend schools in different states and try to make the most of our time together when we can get it. Her birthday falls on my spring break this year and she let it slip she’d never been camping. Clearly, this needs to change. I’ve been planning to surprise her with a short little trip, and this would make the most stunning addition to what I’ve already got planned. Hammocks, lanterns, succulents, a fire pit, and a whole lot of singing and star-gazing can only be improved by a fantastic piece like this one!

    emily says:

    i’d put by my hammock under the magnolia tree

    Kallie B says:

    Wow! I would ADORE this for my daughter’s room. I imagine we’d put it in her little book nook and she’d hide away in there all afternoon with a stack of books and a pile of stuffed animal friends. Crossing all of my fingers and toes!

    Sarah Bernardi says:

    If I won this Teepee it would take its rightful place in my loft bedroom. I live in a house with my fellow students. Within the Teepee we would hang out and have an escape from the outside world and it’s troubles! Also, it would remind of us of our first year of university when we would hang out in the on campus Teepee and established our lifelong friendship. It would be a very special and symbolic addition to our household.

    Mary says:

    It would be a gift to my valentine to show him how much I love him.

    Terresa says:

    I would love the pink one. I would put in my office/play room for my 3 grandgirls. The girls are 6,4,2 and Phinlee (6) would love to sit in there with me and read and read. Just love it. Enjoy and love it who ever wins it.

    Cassidy says:

    If I won, I would have tea parties in the teepee with my daughter, outside since we live in San Diego!

    Sarah Hobbs says:

    We have nothing in our backyard for our kids to play with (we hear about that a lot)and this would be great fun for the whole family!

    Erin says:

    I love the gray one! It would be great to put outside in the summer to have a picnic inside it : )

    Rhiannon Holmes says:

    My teepee would become my outdoor sanctuary. I would fill it with books and spiral notepads. I would spend more time in my teepee than anywhere else. The piney woods that are my backyard would be the perfect setting for my teepee. I would drink hot tea and honey and smoke my tobacco pipe.

    Courtney Hincks says:

    I think I would definitely use it to camp outside. Way cooler than a tent!!! We live near a golf course so it would be pretty cool to camp on it with a teepee!!

    Miriam says:

    Love this teepee! I would put it in my living room for my four little girls 5 & under. It is too pretty to hide away to a back room.

    Piia says:

    Amaaaaazing, this teepee is a real beauty! Would put it in my daughter’s playroom or outside in the garden!!! Thank you!

    so i would roll it up, bring it with me on road trips, and every single grassy area that was legal for me to unroll it, hop in it and just experience wherever it is that i’ve chosen to stop, even if for a short while, to notice the clouds, the stars, the sun, the sounds and smells around me. and i’d document each and every spot that the teepee prompts me to be. it would be a fun creative project to take on, documenting teepee spots. 😉

    Lia Walker says:

    I want to use this TeePee in my WEDDING!!!!! It is going to be a rustic theme in Montana… the kids would love it. SO would I <3

    Anonymous says:

    Such a rad giveaway! If I won, the teepee would go in my daughters playroom! Fingers crossed 🙂

    Nicole says:

    Such a rad giveaway! If I won, the teepee would go in my daughters playroom! Fingers crossed 🙂

    Tahrim says:

    How darling! I would put it near my fire place where I would snuggle inside with a good book and herbal tea.

    Esther says:

    I would LOVE the grey one in the corner of my bedroom. A nice little spot for relaxing and reading that’s not the bed. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Peyton Edwards says:

    I would use it in my living room while watching tv or outside with a bunch of comfy pillows to read in. 🙂

    Samantha Gale says:

    I would put it in our playroom! It would be perfect full of matching pillows for use as a reading nook!!

    Brandy says:

    LOVE, love, love this! We would use it in our family room as a reading nook.

    josephine says:

    I’d love the gray one to give to my good friend who is expecting. I love the modern and fun print.

    Mel B says:

    I’m moving in with my boyfriend this week (!) and this would go great in our loft. It would be the focal point, since we have no furniture yet : )

    Michelle says:

    OMG this is amazing! I’m actually getting married in October so I would HAVE TO HAVE it there!!! And then it would go in our sun room at home and we could have sleepovers, read books and play scrabble for hours in our cozy teepee. xoxoxo

    Carleigh says:

    I would put it in my living room for our little one to have her own special nook!

    rennie says:

    READING NOOK. ohmygoodness.

    Jordan Faeh says:

    Oh my goodness this is too cute! I would definitely be giving this teepee to my 4 month old girl, Penny. I plan on putting a teepee in her room for a little getaway where she can eventually read and create. Hope I win!

    Dee says:

    I’m helping some family design their dream home in Austin, TX. They have two adorable boys under age 5 and they would flip for this in their room!

    Kathlyn Jones says:

    It would go right into my sons room! He would love the grey one!

    erin rosenow says:

    if i won this teepee i would put it outside in my living room where i could put on my headphones and read while my hubby watched sports.

    erica says:

    i would put my tp outside for the summer, and in winter it’d likely live in the living room so i can hide in it to watch movies 😀

    cori sage says:

    oh my goodness. i would totally use it in my dorm room (if it fits, ha!) 🙂 it’s perfect.

    Jen says:

    So anxious I can hardly type… We have a toddler son that has the luck to live in sunny Los Angeles but the only “backyard” we have to speak of is the patio of our loft. Which faces a noisy, busy street. This teepee would sure brighten up our patio and give us a cozy place to be. And let’s be honest, I say us because I would sneak in myself every chance I got 😉

    allison says:

    i would put it in my baby boy ryder’s nursery! he is about to hatch at the first of may 🙂 we would use it for playtime and his newborn shoot. xo!

    Kate says:

    Oh my goodness, how lovely! I would make it a party piece…would be perfect for my best friend’s bridal shower I am throwing in a beautiful garden party theme. And then when (fingers crossed), I have a little one of my own, what a perfect hideaway for them in their bedroom!



    sarah says:

    What a cool way to promote her line! I’m so inspired by what people think of. How cool is she?! I live in a studio apartment with my partner, so I would set up my teepee in the “living room”. There’s really no where I can go to be alone so the teepee would be perfect! I’d stuff it with pillows and sketch the night away listening to my headphones. Thanks for hosting the giveaway, Bri! xoxo

    Parvina says:

    I love the gray one! I think this would look great in my bedrooms for nights I would rather be camping and cant because I live in the city.

    WOW! I would put this in my salon I’m building! I’m having a bohemian feel with elements of nature. This would be a lovely showcase in the front reception area and fit well in Pasadena!!

    rachel says:

    it would of course go in my room and replace my bed!

    Randi says:

    I would read bedtime stories to my little boy inside of it in his room.

    Laura Parke says:

    What fun! I would love to use this teepee, fill it with the softest blankets and pillows and have a movie night on the iPad with my husband. We love building forts together and I think we’re ready to take on the teepee!

    Brook Griffin says:

    Love this fabric! I would put it in the playroom! My kiddos have been asking for one and these are just beautiful!

    Patti says:

    love this! I would put it right in my loft studio space in the corner by the big windows surrounded by my plants. I would put some blankets and pillows and maybe take a nap or read with a glass of wine : )

    Erin says:

    Expecting my first baby (a girl!) in two weeks. Would put in her nursery as it would look perfect with the decor I have chosen.

    Mimi says:

    Wow this is amazing!! We are moving to a new apartment and unfortunately this building does not offer the “big backyard” our current place has. This would make a great little hideout for our daughter to play indoors while still giving her the amazing feel of nature. WOuld be great in our living room

    daphne says:

    i would fill it with throws and pillows and sleep in it every night…and day…and never part from it!

    Tamara says:

    I would put my tee pee in my yoga room! I love incorporating different elements to fuel creativity in that space.

    I’m so jealous right now for those who can enter in this great giveaway!

    Ansley Prior says:

    Definitely the most fabulous little teepee I have ever seen, brilliant idea to promote her brand. In the spring and summer I would love to have this out on my patio, it would be the perfect place to work (outdoor creative inspiration!!!) or to just chill with a cocktail and a book. And I’m all about the gray one, so simple and beautiful.

    I’d make cushions and knit throws to go inside it for my two puppies Bubba & Theo. They are both Chihuahua mixes and love to laze around and sleep most of the day in warmth, and burrow under blankets. It would go in our lounge where we have double height windows that lets lots of light in. :)X

    Ryan says:

    I have been dying to give my niece a teepee play fort in her room!

    Audra L says:

    I would either put it in my screened in back porch or outside. My girls would love this. It would be a great thing to use when discussing our American Indian heritage.

    Sarah says:

    I have visions of the gray one on my back porch with lots of green lawn and blue sky in the background. I would fill it with soft things and lay half in half out while reading a good book. This is such a fantastic way to display a wonderful textile. Awesome giveaway!

    WOW AMAZING! I love teepees! I’ve been daydreaming about having one in my apartment! I would totally make this my new reading nook. <3 love the pink one!! And all those pillows!

    Cassie Holdridge says:

    Let me tell you what I would do with this teepee! I plan to have various sized teepee’s at my wedding and the smaller sized teepees will be for the kiddos to hang out in. The setting will be in the Colorado mountains in the fall, with everyone dancing and hanging out under the starry night sky!

    I have a 8′ deep front porch that a teepee would be perfect on for little summer porch parties or just a nice afternoon nap during a rain storm. As my son gets older, he could use it as a sweet outdoor reading room/fort.

    mckyna rash says:

    The gray would look great in my three little boys room. They are all under six so they still LOVE hiding and playing pretend indians. And i would enjoy having such a unique and awesome piece in my home!

    I love this!! If I won, I would probably put this in my room – make it a little reading hideaway:)

    oh, i’m so, so, so in love with this! do i have to pick just one use? i have too many things i’d love to use it for! i’d love to set it up in my son’s room and spend hours cuddling and telling stories with him. when the weather’s nice, i’d love to set it up at night under the stars in the backyard and let him stay up past bedtime while we count the stars. i’d also love to use it in a photoshoot someday as i’m a photographer 🙂

    Claire says:

    Oh gee are these not the most adorable teepees?!! I’m in love with the tribal-esque print and can visualize this precious gem spicing up the atmosphere of my dorm room and then finding its summer home at our lake-house. I can see myself cozied up, reading a book and drinking coffee in my room or by the water. I think I could add my own flare by stringing some lights around it to make it more dreamy and cozy! It would also make for a good summer night hang-out on the beach either by day, a shelter from the sun, or night, under the stars. This teepee would always be surrounded by friends, family, long talks, books, coffee and tea, and of course, my dog. 🙂

    Holli says:

    I would put the pink teepee in my July baby’s nursery!!!

    Rachel says:

    I would love the gray one in my parent’s backyard since I live in a condo 🙂

    Karoline says:

    If I won, I would put the teepee on our back porch. I could leave our kitchen door open and my son and dog could come and go as they please…which would be huge fun for them, and a huge help for me while I’m rushing around trying to make dinner without stepping on anyone!

    Tamar says:

    These are amazing! I would put it in the corner of our living room, and go in it to read.

    Laine says:

    Not going to lie – I would put it in my bedroom in a sunny corner for my cat to sleep in. (Here’s hoping he would actually use it!!)

    I have been looking for a tent to put in my son’s room for the past 6 months. I bought one from a “big box” store for Christmas that smelled of chemicals (a fire retardent I was told) and I had to return it… I was so disappointed!. Fabric choices on the other options have left me feeling … “meh” (as a designer I admit I’m picky). I’ve been contemplating creating my own until I saw this and WOWZA! It’s perfection!!! His leather bean bag would go right inside and we would have so many magical nights together reading and laughing and imagining. It would be a treasure to own something so beautiful 🙂

    Maria Masso says:

    This teepee would be for my son. Instead of having story time on my bed, we would have it in here =). Even though he is only turning one, I really think he would really enjoy it.

    Hilary says:

    definitely kids room !

    Courtney says:

    Hi Bri,
    Love this teepee! Would definitely use it outside, when the weather is warm. Maybe doing some journaling, or just enjoying the sounds of the evening.

    Mandy says:

    I’d love to put this in my office/tv room. Would be great to read or take naps in a cozy teepee!

    Lauren says:

    SO fun. This would go in the corner of my office for when I need a little break from work. I’d fill it up with pillows and twinkly lights, and a good book or two! I’d love it in either color, but I think grey is my favorite. My fingers are crossed!

    Abbey says:

    So cute! I would put it by a little campfire in the summer where I stargaze. If it got too chilly, I could just bring along a “special” friend to snuggle with inside the teepee. It would a great romantic experience!

    Jenn says:

    This would be the perfect beach accessory to accompany the coveted Chicago summer. I am loving the new line from Chris Barrett Design and would be the envy of the Windy City, sitting pretty in this amazing tepee!

    perfect for our play room!

    Hannah says:

    We love to use the gray teepee in our boys room, they would read, play and camp out in there, I of course would swoon over it wishing it was in my room! 🙂

    Joanne M says:

    I would enjoy this by the Gila River on our ranch!

    I would read in it! And then when it got warmer, I’d set it up on the back porch. Well, if I had a back porch! Either way, I’d keep it forever 🙂


    michelle says:

    I would put it in my living room next to my indoor hammock with lots of floor pillows. It would complete the most perfect bohemian lounge space! 🙂

    GC says:

    I’d camp out under this in Dolores Park and give out tea and snacks!

    Monica N says:

    Oh how I would love to set one of these beauties in our living room for my little girl. She’s still too small now but I’m sure it would be her future favorite spot to hang out.

    Ferne Emery says:

    Holy Moly! I love this. I’m renewing my vows in September, so I know I’d incorporate this somehow, since we’re doing a very earthy theme. I’d have fort time with my son indoors, and I’d study in it and maybe even use it some outdoors in the summertime by the fire! This is so cute!!! Love! Love! Love!

    Moorea Seal says:

    I would LOVE to win the grey teepee for my office. I am a jewelry designer and I’m hopefully going to branch out into larger accessories soon like bags and home decor. So of course I constantly have piles of sewing and crafting experiments hanging out around my space. I’m in the process of redecorating my space really suit my minimalist but tribal and eclectic style and I think a little teepee would be the most beautiful and unique way to display all of my little rolls of stacked colorful leathers. It would be such a beautiful vignette in a space bustling with creativity and inspiration!

    fingers crossed!
    xo Moorea Seal

    Michelle K says:

    This is so stinkin cute!! We are working on starting our family (has been a bit more of a struggle than we thought but we are hopeful!) and I would definitely use this as a place to read to my kids. We also have a small farm in our backyard, so I would at times set it up in the yard for them to play and experience the great outdoors, the garden, the chickens, and deepen their imagination 🙂

    Viva B. says:

    I would set it up smack dab in our living room, where furniture is scarce and our wee ones (3 and 5 yrs. old) run wild anyway…it is lovely!

    I know EXACTLY what I would do w/ this beauty. I would put this lovely teepee in my husband and I’s bedroom. I would use it as our secret love chamber, so I could day things like “hey babe, you wanna move this party to the teepee?” or “you know what’s better than making love? Making love in a teepee.” P P P P PLEASE PICK ME!

    Jess says:

    I would share this amazing teepee with my godsons! Perfect for many a sunny afternoon in their backyard!

    Hannah says:

    my first thought is to give it to my little niece for us to have secret sleepovers in.
    But then I start to think about how much I want it in my bedroom…decisions decisions

    katy. says:


    i just bought a new home..
    and we’ve been trying to figure out what we are going to do with the backyard to make it our own now..
    chirs barrett figured it out for us!!

    love it. love it. love the teepee!

    thanks bri.

    julie says:

    Porch!! Book, snuggle time with my boys. (boyfriend and puppy) OR snuggling up with a good book on a breezy warm day. ahhhhhh a girl can dream. It’s sooo cute.

    Hannah says:

    Oh this is brilliant! My little sister used to be obsessed with teepees, so out parents built one in the back yard with bamboo and tarps! I would probably keep it in our room or on the deck to lay in during this summer! Maybe even sleep there outside! <3

    Pamela T. says:

    So cool. So inspired. If I won that tepee it would be going straight into my living room. Sounds a bit bold but I have been looking for a new way to create an altar/meditation space. I’ve got the blanket, pillows, statues, etc ready to go all I need is something lovely to house it in.

    Lauren T says:

    If I won this I would have to put it to use with the two year old i have and the second on the way! Planning on doing nursery in grey so this could be a focal point of the room. Love it!!

    Mary L. says:

    So beautiful! I’d love to put one in my backyard so my 2 year old boy could read stories or play hide and seek. String some lights for evening fun as the weather warms up. And could be a fun nook at parties (for all ages!)

    Laura Stoker says:

    Love love love this! If I won I would put it in the lounge of my London flat and fill it with cushions so that my housemates and I could have movie nights in it 🙂 Then in the summer we could take it to the park and have picnics!

    Anonymous says:


    Marissa says:

    This teepee would be the warm tide that washes whimsy and creativity over the stale, dry winters we get near Chicago! I would huddle under it with friends and have warm tea sessions in my living room. Or when the sun finally peeks its head, this teepee would be perfect for the wooded area near my home to immerse in childhood excursions with my little niece. Here we’d parade around like the free spirits we are, with excitement bursting at the seams awaiting summer’s embrace.

    Amy says:

    I would definitely put this teepee in my backyard, so that I could have campouts anytime (complete with smores + whiskey, of course)

    Duyen says:

    These teepees are so amazing! I love the pink one. I would definitely for the most part, keep it in my living room. It would not only be a great piece of art to have, but I could also use it as a reading nook, nap/relaxation corner, and so much more! And whenever it is nice outside I would bring it out next to my fire pit and have a camping night. I can only imagine that even more ideas will come to mind! I hope I’m the lucky one who will get to be the proud owner of this teepee!

    Abbey says:

    I’d put the grey one in my son’s room! Every little kid needs a teepee! Crossing my fingers 🙂

    haley szendel says:

    I would definitely take the pink one to any white sandy beach to spend the day relaxing and soaking up the sun’s rays and when I got home, put it for lounging around in the living room as if I was playing in a fort like when I was younger and then watch movies on my laptop inside with various snacks and goodies!

    Brenna says:

    I would use this teepee to decorate for my sisters baby shower and give it to her so my nephew could grow up enjoying it during his imaginative adventures. I will love to go on them as well.

    Merri says:

    This teepee would definitely go in the backyard, and be my thinking-on-my-back oasis for dreaming up new gardening plans.

    Pax Martín says:

    I would put it in my garden to read stories in the dark to my little daughter with the company of a hot chocalete cup in a summer night.

    Lauren says:

    Love this! I’d put it in my future baby’s room for sure. My fat cat will love it until baby is old enough.

    Kate says:

    If I won, I’d put it in my den. And when I have a baby, in the nursery!

    Ali says:

    A perfect “Welcome to Los Angeles” housewarming gift commemorating our move from Portland to sunnier skies.

    Emily R says:

    This would be perfect in the backyard placed under a tree wrapped with string lights. Filled with blankets and pile of pillows, it would be perfect for daytime reading and nighttime cuddling. What a dreamy outside oasis.

    Colleen says:

    I would give it to my best friend’s son, Willem. He’s my little buddy and we always play cowboys and indians together. I would love for him to have a little clubhouse to think of his Auntie Colleen now that they’ve moved down to Nashville.

    Allie says:

    If I won this teepee, I would put in our front living room to show off to everyone! My niece and nephew would love to play in it when they’re over, which would make me their favorite!

    plus, I’m sure my dog would love to take afternoon naps in it when they’re not here.

    Stacy says:

    I think I would save this guy for special occasions, for those camping trips with friends where there’s no need to actually sleep in the teepee (who sleeps when theres so many friends around and a starry sky above?!), just to have it to decorate the campsite. It would give me an excuse to plan one of those camping trips to say the least! I think it would also be a realllllly rad prop for an engagement shoot!

    Mel S. says:

    They are both just perfect! I know my kids would love it, but I’d fight to keep it as my reading teepee!

    Jaclyn C. says:

    Kablam!!! This is AMAZING!!! I would totally give it to my sister and husband who are expecting their first baby! Eek!! I am a photography so I have many ideas bouncing around me head as to a fun session with my future niece/nephew. Until the little one arrives, I would use it in an engagement session or heck…even my own session with my boyfriend! That would totally rock!!

    nicole says:

    holy smokes! what a DREAMMMM of a giveaway. okay, okay, i am collecting myself here. lets see, i would prop the magical grey teepee up in my living room corner where me & my sweet could enjoy it through the week, & most likely my pups would take it over & hide inside of it when we’re not home. then once the weekend arrives it would belong to my nephews when they drop by for sleepovers! oxo

    anne cuddy says:

    YAY! So cool.

    Jillian says:

    my little liam would love to win this tee pee. the tee pee would have a home in the corner of his room. we’d read books, play hide and seek, and snuggle with his animal friends. he’d be the happiest little boy!

    Courtney says:

    For now, this beaut would go in our living room in a corner by the window. Once we move out of our current apt., he will go out on the balcony. He will also get some fairy lights for inside and a fun wooden sign above the entrance. I love him already and can’t wait for him to come home with me! Fingers crossed!

    yellowsunbeams says:

    These are gorgeous! My daughter is two and we have so much fun reading and playing pretend under forts made with sheets and pillows! This would add a beautiful sophistication to our fun.

    Tory P. says:

    Such a cool giveaway! A tee pee for TP…I think I would either put this as sort of a sculptural art piece in my living room OR possibly take it to Coachella & forget all about having to pitch a tent!

    Kiah says:

    If I won this awesome tee pee I would set it up outside ( only on sunny days ) amongst the ferns and mushrooms in my backyard!

    Ashley says:

    I would put this teepee in my dorm room!! It’s a horrible box and I would love a creative place to read the tons of literature I have to consume this semester!

    Debbie O. says:

    I would put it in my daughters playroom. I dreamt of having a teepee when I was little, so it would be amazing fun for my girls.

    Kate says:

    My twins (boy and girl) turn 1 at the end of February, I’ve been planning on doing a cute DIY teepee for them and their play room, but this one would be like 23478510 times better than anything I could ever make!! What a FAB giveaway!! keeping my fingers crossed!!

    Madi says:

    I would put it up inside and surprise my long distance boyfriend with indoor camping, or whisk him away for a day outdoors when it gets a little warmer. Mandatory huge pillows, blanket, hot chocolate, and picnics. We get so little time together and we both love tents that this would be perfect.

    Sammybeth says:

    Oh my goodness! This would most definitely have to be used for family nights and backyard bbqs! I could see this being the perfect sun relief in the summer time for my sun. I always set up his little pool in the backyard and we have picnics out there and read stories. It’d be the perfect spot!

    Jesse says:

    I would definitely set it up in the back garden as my little oasis to read in. Perfect for sunny days! 🙂

    sara says:

    I would give it to my nieces & nephews and create an amazing reading nook for them. They don’t have a special designated area for them to read and let their imaginations run free!

    Michelle says:

    In LOVE with this teepee! I recently moved into my first apartment and this teepee would add some coziness to my otherwise bare living room. I would get so much more use out of a design like that than out of a boring old couch!

    Holly says:

    I would be completely boring and put the teepee in my room. It would be the perfect reading corner and allow me to reminisce about my camping holidays while I struggle through my A-levels.

    Ashley says:

    This would bring so much fun & whimsy to my creative space! I adore it!

    sharon says:

    i would set it up in my apt! the apt i’m in is cookie cutter and nothing special – it’s owned by my university. this would be great to have in my small living room.

    Kristy says:

    I would set it up in our main room and keep my puppy’s blankets and bed in there. Mr. Schmendrick would have the most stylish hideaway of all the dogs in the building.

    Eliza Posner says:

    I would put it in my bedroom. It’s the perfect place to do homework!

    Natalia says:

    These teepees are cute! If I win, I would put the teepee in the corner of my family room. I think it would be a great space to “escape” from the business of life. I can imagine hiding in the teepee to read, think, meditate, write, watch movies, be artsy, take a nap ;-), or even invite a friend or two over for some girl time. It would be a fun lil’ getaway! The ideas of what I can use the teepee for is endless. Excited just thinking about it!

    Brittney says:

    I would put it in my living room to cuddle up and watch movies in.

    Ada says:

    I had a teepee growing up that we kept in our backyard, and it was basically the coolest thing ever. My parents eventually gave it away, and I’ve wanted another one ever since. I would put this one outside in the grass, but if I had the room I’d definitely put it inside!

    Hannah says:

    I love it! I would definitely use it in a few photo shoots outdoors and then place it in my loft for a nice time-out space : )

    Hilary says:

    I am getting married this summer in an orchard and am planning a little play area for the kidlets…this would be perfect! <3 it!

    Jodi Oates says:

    After winning my grand daughter and I will be moving out from under the dinning room table and will be moving in to our very own tee pee! Its going to be our little place to pow wow. We have also planned a “Tee Pee Tea Party” and have invitations ready to send out for february 16th, would you like to attend to.

    Jenny says:

    Oh this is so amazing! I am pregnant with my first child & the grey teepee would just be so perfect for its nursery!!! My husband is Cherokee & I love incorporating Indian elements into our home. What a magical giveaway!

    Oh, man. This is SO good. I would use this on my large balcony in the summer and in my living room during the cold Michigan months. It would be perfect for cozy reading and sketching.

    Jes says:

    I would put this tepee on my balcony, fill it with pillows and blankets, and snuggle in it with my sweet puppy dog.

    Mara says:

    YAY!! Our little family of four have had our sights set on a teepee forever!! We’re creating a back yard from scratch and this gorgeous teepee (in either pink or grey) would be THE MOST PERFECT thing ever. This would make the kids, parents and pets sooo happy at our house. I couldn’t love it more! xo

    Leah says:

    I would use the teepee for mine and my boyfriends beloved chocolate lab. I am always looking for cute inside dog houses for her and would go great in either our room or the living room

    Stephanie says:

    I’d choose the beautiful gray teepee. I’m craving warm weather; I would use it outside the first day it’s nice out and get all cozy and read a book.

    laura says:

    I’ve been talking about putting a tent in the office since I read this article about the incredible offices at Google (http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/careers/colour-coded-lunches-google-pioneers-a-whole-new-office/article5221350/) – one room being a tent full of pillows for people to work in. So I’d definitely bring it into the office and turn it into my thinking tent! I might even share it with my more free-thinking coworkers … 😀

    gemma says:

    I would use it for garden tea parties and for lazy summer evenings

    Carlee Simmons says:

    I would give it to my daughter Kendyll. She is 7 and loves lounging around reading books. I do too!! We would put it in her room and let her take it outside during the summer. We would love the pink color. Thank you!!!

    Lee says:

    I would lounge in the grey teepee with my notebooks and books, writing magical tales, and revising and editing the magical ones I already wrote.

    Rose says:

    The grey tent would be amazing shelter on my many long days on the beach. Perfect shade for the cooler, long lazy lunches and naps.

    When the tent is not providing respite from the rays, it will be set up on my screened in porch sheltering me from the many distractions keeping me from my work.

    Jasmin says:

    My two Girls would love this! I can imagine so many Childhood Memories created in this lovely teepee.

    Amber says:

    This upcoming semester my best friend and I are getting our very first apartment (which is so exciting anyways) but this teepee is everything we could ever ask for! Its absolutely adorable, and would great in our extra room which we’re wanting to turn into a study area! IT WOULD BE OUR TEEPEE ROOM! This would turn every time we study into a fabulous adventure!

    jill says:

    Ooooo, yes! Grey! Aaaand, I’d probably put it in my “office” space as an additional, cozy “analogue” working space to do some drawing in when I’d like a dash of inspirational whimsy.

    This is seriously the best giveaway ever. I would have a difficult time choosing between gray and pink… but I would choose PINK because then it can be mine and my son couldn’t steal it from me 😉 I would put it in my office, decorate the inside with pillows, some mood lights, and escape to creativity land.

    In the summer I picture moving it to the back deck by the lake and day dreaming while I shield my daughter from the bright sun.

    Thanks Bri and amazing work chris barrett!

    Reese says:

    THESE TEEPEES RULE! I actually slept in a teepee as a small child. My brother and I didn’t like our beds, and preffered to “camp out” in our homemade teepe ( which obviosly wasn’t as gorgeous as these are). These would definitely bring back the good ol times. Thanks so much. Love your blog. Muah!

    Rebeccca says:

    I love the great outdoors, so since I can’t always sacrifice a weekend to go away to the woods, I would LOVE to use this teepee as my backyard getaway. I’m imagining I would place the teepee in a shady area, grab a comfy throw, and read a good book all afternoon. Sounds like perfection!

    Tyler says:

    My sweet Finley Gray would love to have this (in either beautiful colorway) in her room/playroom! (I’ve been planning a DIY version but let’s get real, she’s nine months old so craft time is limited.) Filled with printed pillows, perhaps a little faux fur rug peeking out of the entrance, and lots of books and puzzles. On summer days it could relocate to our second story patio for outdoor play and a respite from the Texas heat. Winters, spent fireside of course. If nothing else it will become my inspiration. It’s gorgeous and would be well loved in our home!

    Priscilla P says:

    I love the idea of indoor teepees! I’d definitely have it either in the bedroom (if there’s space) or the living room. Seems like the perfect place to hide and read in! 🙂

    Emily Hazen says:

    I’d use it in my literacy classroom! I teach in a public school in Houston and the 700 plus kids that come through my classroom would adore this. I love to picture them enjoying a good book inside it 🙂

    Alexandra says:

    This is one of the best giveaways I could imagine!! If this teepee was to be mine – it would most definitely be placed in the “library” I’m working to build up, with many a pillow and blanket.

    Michelle B says:

    I would love this to play in with my nephews and niece! They are the perfect size and age, and then I would have an excuse to get in as well 🙂 So beautiful. I think I would keep it inside.

    jenn says:

    Our baby is due in Sept and will be sharing a room with us. Looks like I’d get a teepee in MY room!

    Patria says:

    Love this! I am pregnant now and if I won this would go straight into the nursery for the baby! What a fun piece to have and grow up with.

    Eileen Peters says:

    my husband and i are expecting our first baby! what could be better then a stylish teepee to add something special for our new addition to the family. so dreamy. i think we’d use it inside!

    Hannah says:

    When I first saw this teepee, I thought of how much fun my mothers kindergarten class would have with it! I’m from Oklahoma and this would be a fun little way of creating hands on activities when the kids talk about Indian heritage. Besides the more literal connotation, the textiles by Chris Barrett Design are fabulous and I would definitely have to borrow it for summer parties or photo shoots! Thank you Bri!

    Elizabeth Fosler-Jones says:

    Wow– I would put it in my little sister’s room. I’d pick the gray one because she’s a bit of a tomboy and doesn’t love pink.

    I would do a photo shoot with my adventurous little boy… all on vintage polaroids. 🙂 xo ps. pick me!

    I only own an studio apartment, but I would totally use the teepee in the corner to be my personal reading or lounging area. Since my living space is so small as it is, anyplace that isn’t my bed or office chair would be wonderful to relax in!

    Sruti says:

    OMG with VDay approaching so quickly, what I wouldn’t give for this beautiful thing! I could serve some macaroons and tea and play house. Adorable!

    Christina says:

    If I were lucky enough to win this teepee, I’d bring it with me to my freshman year of college and use it as a modern fort when I’m missing home, family and friends, and the simplicity of childhood. I’ve lived with my brother for a year and a half, with the rest of my family residing in Asia, and leaving next year for another new place and new faces, it would be lovely to have a beautiful reminder of past sunny days to take along.

    jade says:

    If I won, I would love the pink one. I am a new aunt and i’m sure my little niece would love playing in here. Heck, it’s so beautiful, I would love it too!

    Latrina says:

    So sweet! And what lovely textures too, I love Chris’s designs.

    If I were to win — I’d probably choose the pink one to give to my two nieces who love “indoor camping” 🙂 They’d be so tickled.

    Nicole I says:

    On the back deck for my Native American history buff children. They play Navajo or Miwok several James a week

    martha says:

    i’d set the teepee up in the clearing in the bamboo forest in my boyfriend’s backyard… my little retreat!

    Leslie says:

    If I won this magical teepee I would put it in my bedroom and have an indoor camp out! I’m pretty sure my cats would love cuddling up in there too 🙂

    Reagan says:

    I would put this teepee in my little girls room:)! She would love to hideout with her dolls in there!

    Christy Snowie says:

    So fun! Love this for the living room, FORT FORT FORT!!!!!

    Lindsey says:

    If I won this amazing teepee, I would use it for photoshoots! It would make an excellent prop & give my photos that extra pop! Ultimate photo prop, right here! 🙂

    Mae says:

    Ah, this looks so perfect! I would set the teepee up right in my bedroom, make a pot of tea and some scones, and lounge around doing my favorite things: reading, writing, and drawing. Everyone needs a little escape like this. At night, though, it’d be so fun to set up outside on a stargazing night. 🙂

    Virginia says:

    We are expecting our first baby tomorrow (!!!) so I would love to add the pink teepee to her nursery. It would probably be used by my two cats at first and then they would have to share it with her when she is ready. 🙂

    Aleesha says:

    If I won I would take this teepee outside. We would go on journeys together. From music festivals to camping trips to a day on the beach, it would certainly be well loved with me. Seeing as I’m leaving for college next year it would certainly be a conversation starter and a catalyst for some fun times with new friends.

    Stephanie says:

    These are adorable! I’d love to donate this teepee to my church so that we can set it up in the children’s ministry room for all the kids to play/enjoy.

    oh my word, how fun is this!? i’d take it to the cabin and put it outside. 😀

    Lisa says:

    We are trying to buy our first home and this teepee would be the perfect thing for our living room. I’d love a little space to hideaway to read a book or draw.

    Marie-Élaine says:

    This teepee could be my oasis, my shelter, my refugee. I’ll hide in it when my 3 crazy little boys will be too crazy. I’ll keep in it books, magazines and candies and wait for them to be calm again. It will be mine, all mine, only mine…
    -a crazy mom…:)

    katie says:

    This teepee would be an indoor/outdoor teepee. Indoors in the cold depressing winters of new jersey for candlelight cuddling and reading, and outdoors in the very warm and happy summers next to the fire pit!

    penny says:

    I love the pink teepee! I would love to have it on permanent display in the corner of our living room! The perfect place to read books or make Vines! 🙂

    Stacey says:

    I would use it for both indoors and outdoors. Indoors to snuggle with the puppies or outside on a nice spring day, keeping the sun out of my eyes while I read a good book!

    elizabeth says:

    Geez louise, these are pretty. I’d tell my diningroom table to hoof it and then proceed to have indoor picnics through the sweaty Florida summer.

    clementina says:

    THIS would be PERFECT for our daughter and puppy to share at our summer wedding. Family and friends are joining in a camp out to end The Big Day. She would be delighted to have her own space to share with our pooch. love. this.
    (So many great idea…wish we could pass the teepee around).

    AC Hathaway says:

    If I won the teepee I would put it next to my toyger cat’s teepee. I would take a picture with both of us in our teepees to share with friends as our new home announcement. We just bought a house up in the hills where it is surrounded by mountains and trees, we don’t have furniture yet just a mini teepee!

    May says:

    Very nice! I would put it in my home office and use it as a reading nook – cute and comfy all in one!

    Kristin says:

    Oh sweet goodness is that amazing!! I would pick the gray one and put it in my home office until it transitions into a nursery down the road. That is happiness x1000000!

    Brenda says:

    Probably in the corner of my bedroom that I share with my daughter. 🙂

    Jen says:

    Ohhhhh tough choice…..outside, just think of the magical imagination adventures the kds could have!

    sandy says:

    i would pick the pink one and put in my bedroom as a cozy reading space!

    Aryn Daley says:

    I am a single mom of a 6 year old son who LOVES forts! We would put this in the section of the living room thats all windows so it feels like we are camping outside. 🙂

    There are so many things I could use the teepee for!! It would probably be best utilized as a bargaining tool to get my kids to do things. Or else it would be where I go for some beautiful, all too infrequent quiet time with a glass of wine or tea and a great magazine.

    rachael says:

    i would love to bring this to the winnipeg folk festival in july ! it’s adorable!

    IN LOVE with these tents. I would put mine in the big empty room in our new house (haven’t splurged on furnishing it yet). Then I would make family camp out nights once a month, having a living room camp out with my hubby and 2 1/2 year old daughter. Oh and of course our cat! 🙂

    Malia says:

    I would put the teepee in my living room! It would be perfect with our eclectic ethnic decor and a great spot for my son to hang out as he grows up.

    Kayla Campbell says:

    This would go straight to the backyard the minute the weather warms up in the midwest! Perfect for night time get togethers with cafe lights and cozy throw blankets.

    Ashley says:

    If I was graced with this ever so earthy chic tee pee I would do two things:
    1) LIVE IN IT!…haha, in my room of course it would be set up in a golden corner with a bundle of books, and a pot of tea nearby, my fat cat would wander thru and I would be taken away to another world and hopefully that would include a nap.
    2) I like to keep things in the back of my car for my spontaneous jaunts to scenic outlooks or a grassy forested hill for sunset several times a week. I would love to prop this up on a hillside or a rocky crest to sip wine with while the sun goes down, ahhh perfect…

    Abby says:

    Awesome give away! Good luck everyone!!! If I won this teepee it would be my most desirable photo prop! Not only would this make for adorable photos, the kids would enjoy having their photos taken while playing in or along side this, nothing better than REAL HAPPY smiles from our kids!!! How much fun!

    Leah says:

    I moved into a tiny apartment just because it has an awesome giant back deck. I can’t imagine anything more neat-o than hanging out in an awesome gray teepee on cool summer nights surrounded by candles on my back deck. I love the design execution. So coooool.

    Puja says:

    This would go in my library and act as the reading nook. I would zip tie a flash light to one of the interior fold and let it be my reading lamp. All night read-a-thon.

    Charmaine says:

    I would definitely put it in my apartment. And then take it outside for summer trips!

    Shelby C says:

    Summer night campouts/ picnics! I would LIVE in it! Looks like the perfect place to have an old-timey club house 🙂

    Nicole says:

    I would take it to Coachella with me and make everyone green with ENVY!!!

    elle says:

    I seriously think I would become very attached to the tee-pee, to the point of obsession! I can see myself bringing it on the deck on balmy nights, or renting a u-haul trailer to get it safely to my favorite little spot in the woods. I can see myself wanting to share it with others, and perhaps letting loved ones use it for some “me” time. My head is swirling with ideas for this beautiful little hideaway. It would my little nirvana!

    patty says:

    If I won I’d put it in my room next to my bookcase and read in it. 🙂

    I love the grey teepee! I would put it on my covered balcony for cool summer nights 🙂

    XO, Stefanie
    Life on the Squares

    Alicia says:

    I would love this! I would get the grey one and definitely use it outside in the summer:)

    Ellen says:

    This is so cute! I would put in the living room of my new apartment and possibly never go look for a couch! It would be the perfect little reading nook!

    I’m a kid at heart. If I won a teepee, I’d set it up in my living room and eat s’mores every night while I watched TV shows & movies. Or put it next to the bookcase and read in it every day. The possibilities seem endless, don’t they? 🙂

    Erika says:

    I would put it in our living room so we could read books to our son in there. What a wonderful place to sit and dream.

    mindi says:

    totally gonna use this in my parent’s backyard…because i live in the city and have no green space of my own!

    cheers to an excellent give away.


    abby carr says:

    i would take this teepee to my second home (the graphic design studio at KCAI) to share the teepee love with my incredibly talented studiomates! we’d use it as our concepting tent—only serious design business allowed!

    go design!

    Rosalind says:

    What better way to use a teepee than for for a summer night camp-out? Living on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay, I would pay homage to my Native American roots and enjoy beach camping with friends!

    Dana says:

    I’m living in student housing right now, and the space just… well, makes me a bit, well, sad. I spend a lot of time in my room – I’m a grad student! so much damn homework! – and the furniture is just so hulking, so boxy, the walls so white, so awkwardly placed. I’m a little too affected by my surroundings, huh? I’ve done my best to make my cozy, erm, little space a happy, bright, and invigorating one, but not many things get me down like sitting at this faux-wood desk every afternoon. Despite the small measurements of my room, this gem would fit, and it’s where I’d do all of my reading. It’d fit if I had to sit it in my studio apartment’s kitchen nook. Or perhaps in the confusingly spacious bathroom (seriously why?!). It’d fit in my tiny studio apartment knowing full well that one day, soon, it will travel with me, to an airy, naturally lit living room, surrounded by maple woods and zesty prints. And boy, will it be wondrous. xx

    Annalise says:

    For the kids room! So fun

    Ailyn says:

    This would be the perfect piece to inspire my godson’s room. I see Moonrise Kingdom.

    Lexie says:

    I would live in it on my organic farm! The perfect, most adorable little home for me and my dog.

    Becca says:

    If I got the tepee I would put it in our gazebo for the summer, then I can use it for portraits.

    Laney says:

    One of the perks of living in a very run-down but once gorgeous New Orleans home is the ridiculously high ceilings. I think the teepee would go perfectly in our dusty library and would be a hit with the revolving door of reveling visitors that my roommate and I host. A quirky, modern addition to a very eccentric apartment (and it would probably qualify me as the coolest aunt ever)!

    Rebecca says:

    How indecently lovely! I’m definitely partial to the grey and would find it a home in my son’s room, after we relocate to a new house next week 🙂

    Jessica says:

    constantly planning my next adventure, this would be the perfect addition to my carriage house apartment in western massachusetts during the spring and summer – perfect for lounging, reading, and dreaming of where i’ll go next!

    We are moving and I am redecorating our one-year old little man’s room and have been DYING for a teepee… I even thought about making one, but I don’t sew. This grey teepee would be absolutely PERFECT!!!!

    Erika says:

    What a beautiful work of art. I have been wanting to get some kind of fort/ tee pee for my 2 year old daughter. I would put in in her room and set up the inside all whimsical like. At night we would lay half way out of it and make up stories about the stars ( glow ones on her ceiling) As she would grow with it, it could become anything she wants, reading nook, party place, sleepover tent, where she wants to hide to be alone….anything. Thank you

    so amazing! I would put it in my new outdoor patio and use it for fun photo shoots.

    Lisa says:

    Would love the grey one for my 2.5 year-old son. He would LovE it! thanks for the chance to win!

    Holly says:

    That teepee is soo much fun!!! I would put it in my baby’s room. It would be so fun to have indoor camp nights and take it out in the yard to have picnics. Love for my daughter!!!

    Lorraine says:

    I would love to win this teepee for my nephew Jacob, who is almost a year old. His parents are super creative – my brother is a musician and my sister-in-law an artist – so I know they would love this as much as Jacob!

    Aubri says:

    Being from rainy Seattle and being camping lover doesn’t work out too often. This teepee would be the perfect indoor camp out! I would keep in my living room and have movie night camp outs complete with popcorn & smores ! miam! Not to mention a cozy reading space for those gray rainy days!

    Such a lovely design, love the triangle pattern; specially the pink one, it would really brighten up this Seattle winter!

    Michele says:

    This teepee is fabulous! Oh my goodness! If I won, I would use this teepee as an indoor/outdoor magical adventure for my husband and I equipped with food and party hats! I would also love to have it set up for when my nieces and nephews come to visit!

    Bella says:

    I would put the Teepee in My room and make it a reading corner. I just moved and it would be nice to have a place to be calm and chill 😉

    Joyce says:

    I would put this teepee in the man cave, where I am slowly evicting ny his and and turning into a craft room for me / girls’ paradise for my daughters Sasha and Amelie.

    Susan says:

    These are awesome! I would choose the grey one and give it to my daughter, a graphic design student, to use as a space for inspiration!

    Faith says:

    Those are so beautiful. If I won a tee pee as cute as that I would set it up in my god daughters room for her to play/nap in. I would have loved a tee pee in my room when I was a little kid.

    nicolle says:

    i would use this teepee to snuggle up with my kitties!!!

    Mandy says:

    I would put it in my living room for me and my cat to watch television together! Also fun conversation piece or play area for when we have visitors with kids!

    Chantal Ingram says:

    This is delicious. So adorable. I would put it right in the middle of my living room. Best fort ever for me and the hubs. I would choose gray, so I could pass it down to our little monster one day.

    Jules says:

    Eeeep!! Best giveaway ever! I would definitely put this in my son’s room in the winter and outside in the summer. The grey is perfect. He would totally freak over this, as would I! Love it!!

    lei says:

    soooo my apartment is definitely too small for this right now, so i would wait until it gets warmer and set it up in our small front yard and have a picnic!

    Ioanna Psaroudakis says:

    love! i would put the teepee in my bedroom and use it to read tarot cards, curl up with a book, drink shirley temples, and go through old photos.

    caitlin says:

    That’s totally going in my living/bedroom (in my tiny studio)! in the corner! I would love it!!!! Southwestern/boho/”freepeople” is my decor style…..

    e says:

    i would most certainly feature if front and center in my living room since february 11 is my birthday! that plus the birthday crowns sounds like festive festivity to me!

    Lindsey says:

    I have been a fort/tent fan since I was a little girl. I believe it started when my Grandmother would make a tent off the back of the couch each time I would visit. Since then I have mastered the art of fort making for young kiddos I have babysat over the years, and now as an adult, I long for a little hideaway myself! I would create a special corner in my house for this, the perfect reading nook and napping spot. I live on the water, so I would be def be the talk of my neighborhood if I set this bad boy up on the beach for a day of relaxation/play. I also work with children and attend many different events where this sure would be a show stopper! Let’s just say it would be put to good use!

    Angela says:

    I’m in my senior internship for Elementary Education, and I’ve found that kindergarten is one of my preferred grades to teach (along with 5th grade, oddly enough). If I was hired as a kindergarten teacher, I would put this in my classroom for the kids to enjoy! I would eventually transition it to my home, when my husband and I have kids – we’re planning to move to Portland, OR this year, and I can picture this teepee in a big backyard, playing hide-and-seek with a red-headed toddler and dogs running around 🙂

    jessie says:

    I would use this Teepee in my living quarters as a “reading den” for my family. Whoever needs to take a break and settle into a good book can cozy up in this Teepee. Grey would work best…I have a young daughter and son. We are all big readers though!

    Mary A says:

    I would put this in the backyard for my children to play in! We used to make teepees out of sheets when we were young.

    Kristin says:

    Beautiful! I would put it in our playroom for my boys to enjoy and once our Wisconsin winter ends, transition it to our backyard.

    Tiffany says:

    If I won, this would be perfect for my backyard, especially when having outdoor parties or even a backyard movie night!

    Lindsey says:

    I would love to put this on my back porch!!!

    Nieka says:

    If I won, I would use it on those lovely summer nights when the sun is setting! I would go to the beach with friends and set it up and bring a picnic basket. Then I would set up a fire outside of it and have a bonfire on the beach! It would be so perfect!

    Kari Scharf says:

    I would use this as many places as I possibly could! I would take it to the beach, use it outside by the fire on chilly nights, and even put it in my bedroom for a cozy place to snuggle up with a book. I think this teepee might just be the key to happiness.

    April House says:

    It would go in the grandkids playroom until nicer weather and then to the porch for outside adventures.

    Emily K. says:

    This giveaway is so fun! I would use the teepee inside, maybe to decorate my living room or bedroom! Thanks!

    Holly B says:

    I’d set it up in a corner of my living room and fulfill my fantasy of having a bohemian, pillow filled seating area.

    Annie Lent says:

    I LOVE this teepee. By winter, I would put it in Caleb’s bedroom so he could use his imagination, full tilt. By summer, I would put it on the porch to watch him scoot around while Kim and I have summer brews and wear super cute sun hats.

    Lauren says:

    I would definitely keep it in the corner of my bedroom for some lazy weekend reading time. But why just keep it indoors? I would also use it for picnics outside with the hubby!

    gabi says:

    I would def put it on my NYC balcony during the summer months and inside in my living room during the winter months. It’s so adorable, chic, and matches my decor perfectly!

    Kristy says:

    I would put the teepee on the slab of cement that’s considered our backyard in Philly. I want to turn my little yard into an oasis, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I would string some lights around and enjoy a book and a cocktail inside my teepee. xoxo

    Brandi says:

    First I would use this as a photo prop for my twins’ next photo shoot, then I would put this in the reading nook in my living room. All my kids would love it.

    Stef E. says:

    I’ve been dreaming of building a teepee ever since I saw a DIY teepee project a few years back. I would put it in my ‘backyard’ in the city for warm summer nights hanging around the fire pit. I’ve also been planning a wedding, most likely a Native American ceremony, and would love to have this teepee be a part of the wedding decor! Thanks for the chance to win this fabulous giveaway!

    June says:

    Have a little teepee party with my best friends of course;)And take photos all day long!

    Sueanne says:

    At first I would set it up and share it with my best friend Max, my little Schnauzer. I’d use it to read in and relax away from the world while still being in my house. I might set it up outside but I want to preserve it for the day we finally are able to adopt the child we are meant to have.

    Rachel says:

    SO CUTE! I would definitely use it both inside and outside…my boyfriend just got a space-age lookin’ fireplace from work, so it’d be cool to combine them and do something fun with that. ALSO, it’d be a GREAT prop for my photography business! Awesome giveaway!

    Baiyina says:

    This is going in the living room all the way! Love it and perfect for my eclectic style.

    Julia says:

    I’m getting married on a farm in rural Arkansas. I’d love to use the teepee outside at the reception. It would add a fun element for kids and adults.

    Lizzie says:

    My friend is building a platform treehouse up in a eucalyptus tree the mountains. I would give it to him to put up there and we could have tea parties in the Eucalyptus tree looking out at the ocean. What a dream!

    Liz says:

    I would put it in my room ( keep it all to myself 🙂 ) and on warm summer nights I would put it in my backyard with some string lights on and a small fire with some marshmallows — it would make star gazing that much better 🙂 then I would make hot coco with mini marshmallows on top ( addicted to marshmallows) and put it in my camera lense coffee mug (from photojojo) mostly, I would enjoy just being inside the teepee… Simple things like that are so magical. Call me crazy, but a simple night with nature is so inspirational. Gosh, the design is so elusive! Well, I could go on, but I know you have to sift through over 600 comments , so I will cut it short. Thanks for the opportunity! Good luck to all the participants! 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoxox

    P.S. bri — you have such inspirational style! Keep it up! 🙂

    I moved back to Pittsburgh, my home town, and into my third floor apartment with beautiful worn hard wood floors sometime in mid-September. Slowly, I began adding photographs, drawings, illustrations, and objects that remind me of the various places I have called home. And while I call this apartment has become home, I return each day itching to add something new. Some walls remain bare; corners empty. And the cold, grey winter months carry on. This TeePee, perfectly perched in what I’d like to establish as my reading corner in the far wall of my bedroom nearest the window, would bring warmth and a smile to this biting brisk season. I would love the opportunity to come home and snuggle up with a good book in its fun and uniquely designed walls.

    Katy Landrum says:

    First, I would set it up in my living room, sit inside until my husband got home and scare the S*** out of him when he looks inside! Next, ask him to chill inside and sit with me and play our first dance song, Into the Mystic, because I’m romantic like that. Finally, I would give it to my niece and nephew to use in their newly remodeled basement and play in it with them like crazy because I’m a cool aunt like that.

    ksv says:

    Ohmaigoodness! I have been trying to make a teepee and have not been successful. I would like to put a teepee in my living room, right by the fireplace and would hang out in it, like, always. Sitting in teepees or tents helps me not to lose my childhood enthusiasm. I would love to have that enthusiasm, forever!

    What an awesome giveaway! Amazing!

    Ruthie Barry says:

    My sisters will both be undergoing a serious operation this summer and this would be a great escape for all three of us sister once they are both mobile again!

    Cordelia says:

    Would get rid of that crappy IKEA chair in the corner of my living room for that grey beauty!

    RamblingLouise says:

    in my currently very cramped living circumstances i would use this tent to make a separate creative workspace (i’m a composer) where i could really close out the business around me and immerse myself with music and work. in warmer months (soon please!) i would definitely take it outside and make the most of my mobile sanctuary!

    Anna says:

    In the office!

    willis. says:

    If I had a teepee I would move my bed out of my dorm and live in it. My roommate may think I am a strange one, but that’s okay because I’ll have my own teepee.

    Katie Jo says:

    the PINK teepee is going to be on my patio when our family comes over to find out that we are having baby girl!

    Morgan Ashlee says:

    That line is seriously the cutest! I’d love the teepee for outside during the summer! I think I need some of those pillows too! what an amazing line and giveaway!

    Gina says:

    I love this! Super cute and cozy! Great for kids or for big kids (like me) to hang out, read, drink wine, pow-wow, etc. It would be a wonderful for summer days by the beach!

    Missy C. says:

    Oh, my kiddos would have so much fun with this. I would put this in our playroom in the winter, and outside in the warmer weather. Beautiful!

    Caroline C says:

    Oh my. I would totally put this to good use in my classroom… My little 5 year olds would lose their minds if they got to play in this. Plus, on my lunch breaks, I could curl up and close my eyes! Ha! I wish. It is so very lovely, I would want it used as much as possible.

    Moriah says:

    I would use the outside in the spring summer & fall to relax and enjoy my gardens. This would make a great birthday surprise!

    Alexandra L says:

    Love this!! I can definitely see my apartment living room turning into a date night getaway with this!

    jess says:

    If I won, I’d put this in my living room, having slumber parties with my roommate every night. I’d use this space to study, read, picnic, sleep, and simply play. It’d be a lovely stress reliever, and the best gift I’d ever have gown.

    jen says:

    Inside, for sure! We are expecting our first child and this teepee would be perfect for the nursery. Grey is great for a little boy or girl!

    Jaimie says:

    Kids room!! They would love hiding out!!

    I would love to win this teepee for my 3 month old daughter Piper. I am obsessed with tee pees and have been coveting one. I would use it in Piper’s room in the winter string some lights in it and make it a little reading nook. In the summer I would move it outside to the garden where we could camp out and star gaze.

    Karissa Ferguson says:

    I would get grey and probably give it to my little brother in law who is six. He would probably love it!

    Sarah Wertz says:

    A love fort naturally! There’s the perfect nook in our living room to sneak away for a romantic moment…or a hiding spot for my bf and I’s puppy! Love it in grey!

    Deise says:

    This teepee makes me dream of tea parties in the winter and
    Ice-cream parties in the summer- I would use it
    Inside AND outside

    Annalisa says:

    During the long Minnesota winters I would keep the teepee in my studio as an inspiring retreat to read and sketch. As soon as the warm sun would find it’s way back, however, I would place it outside on the lawn by a shady oak tree.

    Adela J Mendoza says:

    If I win this beautiful grey teepee I would give to my nephew and niece. They would put in their play room and it would be a wonderful spot so they can enjoy reading their books or enjoy a sleepover.

    Mary Kate says:

    Wow I think I would drive my roommate crazy and put this is the living room. Oh man. My best Christmas gift ever was a teepee when I was 8. I could never hide one away in a side room.

    Jenna says:

    Rad!! I would put this adorable teepee in my workout/yoga room! How awesome would it be to meditate in there???!! Plus my niece and nephew would LOVE to play in there when they visit!! And, of course, my kitties would just live inside!! They’d love it!

    This teepee would be amazing for my niece’s second birthday in pink! She is so girly 😉

    Jillian says:

    I just moved into a house and in the middle of the backyard there is a random concrete slab, about 4′ x 7′, near the vegetable garden. I would put the teepee there, near the garden, a hide-out for hot summer days.

    Nicole Rogers says:

    I would put it in my living room as a reading nook.

    danielle/Marbella says:

    My daughter Marbella says ” I love being outside, especially in teepees. Me and my mom could do yoga in it together. I could have summer sleepovers in it together. WE could eat dinner in it together. We could stare at the stars in it because our bodies would be in it but our heads would stick out. And we could snuggle in it and it would be a peaceful place to meditate…oh and watch movies.” 🙂

    Becky says:

    I would put it in my basement and use it as a little reading nook/cozy hang out place 🙂

    Amanda Ormsbee says:

    I would absolutely love to have this! I would put it in the backyard and use it as a getaway during hot summer days. I have always wanted a teepee, so it would be perfect if I actually won one!

    Steph Lloyd says:

    So cool! I’d use it myself as a reading nook with comfy pillows and a blanket.

    Julie Akyol says:

    It would be on my covered porch as a reading/secret meeting spot with the grandkids. What a perfect space for our secret talks, etc.

    Kelly Smith says:

    I rairly enter give awaya on blogs… but this teepee is just too perfect. I am about remodel the room I work in at my salon to accommodate homeschooling my 2 and 1/2 year old in the mornings. I want to give her a fun place to relax, read, and feel like she belongs. Thank you!

    Luriel says:

    If I won this teepee, I’d put it in my living room, with pillows and a blanket, next to a nice leather chesterfield and wingback chair… what could possibly be a better addition to my dream space?

    I have wanted to put a teepee to put in my living room for quite a bit now. I would use it to house movie nights with the girls, cuddle times with my cutie, and the perfect little place to curl up with a book or blog! These guys are beyond perfect- and it comes in my favorite color, pink!

    Kelly says:

    I would have picnic’s outside with my kiddos. They would LOVE this. What a GREAT idea.

    Pink Ronnie says:

    Definitely our boys’ room! How absolutely beautiful!!!
    Ronnie xo

    Jessica says:

    Best gift ever for my godson! My sisters and I had one growing up and had so much fun with it – I’d love to give him a similar gift! Gray would be great.

    Emily says:

    WOW! Beautiful. I’m going to Wakarusa Music Festival again this summer and it would definitely help set my campsite apart!! Then of course I’d put it in my son’s room 🙂 http://www.wakarusa.com

    adrianne says:

    I would but this on the upper deck of the boat! When we anchor out it will be the perfect sun shade:)

    Jamie says:

    This is the raddest giveaway EVER! I’m not too much of a material girl, but I DREAM of teepees, and think I’s actually jump for joy if I happened to win. I would love to keep it as a treasured piece filled with memories – lazy summer afternoons in the backyard, ghost stories in the attic, secret smootches.

    Jennifer says:

    Oh wow!!!! I can see this in my backyard close to sunset…and I can almost hear the giggles from my three little ones! Summer nights playing make believe in a Tee Pee…….BLISS:) I would adore the gray:)

    Sara pence says:

    I am a teacher and would love to incorporate this in my room. However, I might be a little less giving and put it in my living room facing the river so I can get cozy in it, listen to music or read a book after a long day.

    Bre Richison says:

    I’m dreaming of starting a family someday, but until then when my kids could play in the teepee, I’d love to even just have it in the living room as fun decor and indoor picnics with the guy 🙂

    My roommate Betsi & I want this teepee for our backyard, we are getting pgymy goats soon (check out how cuuute > https://www.google.com/search?q=pygmy+goat&hl=en&tbo=u&tbm=isch&source=univ&sa=X&ei=wI0QUfLbHY_oiAKZ64GQAQ&ved=0CEQQsAQ&biw=1280&bih=616) and we would like the pgymies to live in this teepee!

    Emily says:

    WOW Beautiful! I really hope I get to take this with me to Wakarusa Music Festival in Arkansas this summer. Our campsite would really stand out. 🙂 Then it would retire peacefully in my year old son’s room.

    Ashley says:

    The TeePee would be used for the Kid in me!!! A getaway to enjoy a glass of wine, an inspiration area for crafts or possibly an area for my future kids!

    Brianna J says:

    Where wouldn’t I put it?? haha but seriously, probably outdoors for camping out on warm spring nights.

    Traci says:

    This would look amazing in my living room! Right next to the big window that looks out at the majestic rockie mountains. A teepee as a private reading nook would be so rad.

    Krista says:

    I would set it up in the living room near my fireplace for fun trysts and romantic picnic dinners with my Love! I also could see losing myself in good books and blogging in it…. Sigh… Please come live in my home perfectly pink little teepee!

    Whitney says:

    I have been planning on making a teepee for my boyfriend. I can’t imagine what he’d do if I got him an awesome one like this instead. Beautiful. We’d put it in our room and fill it with comfy pillows and a little record player for a cool hangout. The gray would fit in perfectly at our place!

    Alyssa says:

    Ooh! I’d place it in my living room and fill it with books when I’m alone or use it to share secrets when I have someone over. It’d make a great place to make a good friendship pact in…

    Tara says:

    It would be a hide out for me and my sister away from all of our kids. We would sip our wine and read our Kindles together and escape the madness that parenthood sometimes throws at us.

    kandyce says:

    love the simple yet funky textile. i would adore the lovely grey one. i would use it for my reading nook, movie fort, and set out on many great adventures come summer. i love to camp and we love to bring all the fun stuff chairs, dishes, hammocks and hopefully soon this lovely teepee. stay golden bri!

    Rachelle wray says:

    If I won this teepee I would put it in my craft room/ office and would cozy up in it with my baby nephews once they are toddlers and would tell them stories. When they weren’t over I would use it to get away for some ME time. I could more then use this!!!

    Kelly says:

    Oooh, that’s just too pretty to hide away in a bedroom! I would put it in my living room so the kids and I can play in it all day!!!!!!!


    June says:

    I would love to put this in my classroom! It would be a perfect reading space.

    Olivia H. says:

    I would be absolutely ecstatic to win either color teepee! I am in college and my 3 roommates and I live in an adorable 100 year old house. It would be divine to have such an incredible teepee to put in our living room for movie nights, rainy Sunday afternoons, and on our big front porch on summer nights. We would use the teepee all of the time! We are four girls with eclectic style and lovers of dreamy things such as this teepee. Please, please pick us!

    I would wait until the harsh Minnesota Winter is over (I don’t think this precious thing would thrive in the brutal snow and winds in this desolate state) – and then I would put it up on my pretty little balcony and enjoy forever 🙂 YAY!

    hannah says:

    Indoor in the winter, outdoors in the summer. Id fill it with lots of pillows and dub it the stress free zone. I promise to not do work or worry inside, but rather read, relax, meditate, ponder, and imagine. Im just a big kid, im not too old for a tipi right? In grey.

    Molly says:

    We just gave away our basement furniture so the kids would have more room to play. This would be the perfect item to add some splendor and fun to what is now an empty room!

    Tara Pianko says:

    I am a college student and I would put my teepee in my backyard. It would be a space where my friends and I could gather and work on homework or discuss the daily college life and chill out. It would be a zen place where we could all get away and enjoy the smaller things in life!

    Rebecca says:

    Smack dab in the middle of my bedroom/office. Perfect nook for eating french bread and dark chocolate with candied ginger and huddling away with a book. Socks and blankets in the winter time, sweetened ice tea and a vintage hand-fan in the summer.

    bridget says:

    I’d love to win the teepee! I’ve always wanted one. I really like the repeating triangle pattern. I’d take it in pink and set it up in my bedroom with lots of pillows and soft blankets for napping, my favorite pastime.

    Anna says:

    I would make it into a fort for my cat Margot! I’m making her a latch hook Navajo rug, they would go perfectly together!

    COLBY says:

    If I won this teepee I would turn my living room into the ultimate staycation/welcome home for my boyfriend’s birthday!!! He is visiting from Italy on the 25th!!! I was planning to build one for the perfect movie watching/champagne drinking/karaoke singing/cake eating spot! Can you imagine ANYTHING BETTER?!??!

    Maddy says:

    This is so delightful it almost hurts. When I was little my brother and I had a teepee that we adored so much that we would eat and sleep in it until my mom was forced to take it down so we could get on with our lives. I want to say that I would have a snuggly movie night in it with my boyfriend, but I would probably end up using it for tea parties with my cats more often.

    Annie S says:

    I would take it camping instead of a tent. I’d also probably take it to burning man when I manage to make it there.

    Oh my goodness!!! I would love this in my home! Perfect for when my little nieces sleepover and when I have little babes of my own to play in it soon!!!

    Torri says:

    no way! this is awesome. i would LOVE to put this outside on the deck. it would be perfect. we already spend so much time lounging out there when the weather is nice. picnics would be complete, cozy s’more making…
    gray would be perfect!

    Kathleen says:

    If I won, I would put the teepee in a corner of my bedroom for personal time away from the rest of the world and sleepovers (also possible hide and seek place?)! This teepee would also call for a renovation of my room into a tribal style. (: Outside, I would use it for camping out (in my yard) and for telling scary stories! Thanks for the great giveaway!

    I’m a huge reader(hello, English major!). I would definitely use this teepee in my living room as a reading nook! It would be the perfect youthful getaway, and maybe I’ll actually get some homework reading done?! You never know!

    Karen says:

    I would relive my childhood and have playdates with my dog and cat in the living room! and of course keep it until I have a kid that can enjoy it just as much

    raaachellll says:

    SO cute. i would study for my cpa in this so i could at least be having some fun while “dying”! sooo lovelyyyy.

    Anjulie says:

    I would love this teepee <3 I'd put it in my bedroom & make a little nook for read & dream & listen to music & sing & tumblr away!! Lol, I just think it would be cool & go with my hippie-ness style & native american roots <3

    aubrey says:

    if i won this awesome teepee i’d set it up as a special place for my boyfriend’s daughter to create art and let her imagination run wild in, while visiting my place. and when she’s not in town, i’m sure the kitty wouldn’t mind her own stylish domain 😉

    Tiffany says:

    I would take it on my next trip to Hawaii (this Summer) and take it to the beach/ Waime Valley, for my nieces to play in it. Of course, have a mini photoshoot with them and the Teepee for all the world to see. 😉

    I would giv this to my starving college student daughter! She would love it! and I would bet that she would put it smack dab in the middle of her living room 🙂 Don’t worry, she’s really not starving…Mom sends her care packages once in awhile!

    Sara says:

    This is beautiful! I would put it in my work space. So anytime I needed a breather, to see things in a new way and get some inspiration, I could crawl inside and feel instantly like I was in a different place, seeing things in a different light.

    Terri Luster says:

    This is a beautiful teepee. I would place it in the living room of my house and place it in the corner. It would be the get away corner.. Where my daughter could go and read or just relax after a long day. I would use it to hide away into my own little world. Thank you.

    Darci says:

    I love a good teepee and this one has the most beautiful fabric I’ve seen yet. My little guy (and I) would love it.

    Darci says:

    Whoops! I would put it inside in my living room!

    Lorin says:

    These are so rad! I would love to put the grey one in my boyfriends office so he can take a break in it during the day when he’s working hard and editing. Fingers crossed!!!


    Kate says:

    This teepee would definitely go in the family room in my future house to help our future children daydream and imagine and create!

    Kate says:

    I’d put my teepee in the family room in my future house to help our future children daydream and imagine and create!

    Hillary Justin says:

    My boyfriend & I just applied for our first home together. It’s a small gem of a house and the yard is even bigger! This sweet little teepee would make for a great ‘bonus room’ in the yard!

    Vanessa Torres says:

    A pink teepee would look perfect in the middle of my dorm under the pink streamers and twinkle lights. I would play fort in it everyday and eat pita + hummus with my roomies. Study breaks will be a must in the teepee.

    tony leos says:

    I would set it up on my balcony in downtown l.a. and use it to sit and relax after I get home around 1 a.m.

    Jacky Northgrave says:

    The grey one is so fabulous that I would have to put it out on our deck. I would store it with all our most comfy pillows and blankets for those nights you want to go out and lay under the stars!

    Avnee Mistry says:

    I would take it out into the forest and sleep under the stars…

    abby liwag says:

    for my lil Wolf (my son) to take to the beach and pretend we are stranded on an island with only our wits and courage, or in his room where we would cuddle and eat cookies and milk and tell stories of strange talking animals…

    I would love to take this out in my backyard in the summer! It would be so much fun to read in.

    mackenzi says:

    I’d use it in my new store. Kids will love it.

    Bekah Skopil says:

    This is the first time in my life that I’ll be in my own apartment. Me and my roommates would put this in our living room. I think it would be a nice center piece.

    Mariana says:

    I would put this in pink in my living room so that my daughter could have her own little space to get lost in and let her imagination run wild. Filled with books, toys and a cuddly blanket.

    Kim says:

    I love this teepee!! Such a serene spot to lie down and relax or read a book. I would definately put it outside and maybe even sleep there on cool summer eventings. I would outfit it with lots of comfy pillows and it would be my own little secret getaway.

    raeanne says:

    I’ve been coveting a teepee for my back yard for quite some time now. I just envision lazy day lounge fests, teepee picnics and themed teepee cocktail parties. For cooler months you would find it in my office. Seems like an inspirational place to work!

    Jennifer says:

    Amazing! Would love to have this fabric throughout my house.

    Laura says:

    Love this! I am preggers so it would eventually go in ze bebe’s room. But until the September due date it will go in my living room for me to take naps in! <3

    April says:

    We have four girls so this would totally go in a bedroom to be a sweet little hideout for someone who needs a quiet moment alone.

    Like me.

    Alissa says:

    This is so fantastic, it would have to go in my living room! I would probably have to take outside in the summer too though!

    Jennifer says:

    I would love the grey one for my preschool that I just started at my house! The kids would love it!

    Lisa Johnson says:

    I am truly a ‘hippie’ at heart. I am convinced I was born in the wrong decade. Anything to do with nature, relaxation, outdoors, etc. is extremely inviting to me. Unfortunately, I am living in the center of the city. This would be an amazing little getaway for me on warm, starry nights in the corner of my little fenced yard. Did I mention I also adore small, cozy things? 🙂

    Mari says:

    that teepee would look great in our sunroom and our 3yo son would go bananas for it!!

    Kara C says:

    I’ve always wanted a teepee! This would definitely go in my future nursery and the gray would work perfectly in the yellow/gray color scheme I have in mind.

    Sharon says:

    I would put it on our back deck and invite my cousins over, who love playing house and painting their nails. it would be a cute setting for all of our adventures!

    Gillian says:

    It’s funny, I was just talking about getting a teepee yesterday with one of the residents on my floor (I’m an RA). So, if I had to choose I would pick the grey teepee and I would put it in my floor’s common area so the girls had a cozy study space with lots of pillows and maybe a couple stings of fun lights!

    Ashley says:

    I would use it as a quiet reading nook in my art studio! It would be so wonderful!!

    kate says:

    in my backyard so that i could bring my laptop out there and work 🙂

    Meryl says:

    Since I have a roomie, I would put this in our living room so that we can take turns retreating into the teepees’ solitude! I looks like the best place to hide and read ever!

    Sara says:

    I would definitely put this in my living room next to my record player. Apartment living is occasionally lonely, this would make things a little bit nicer.

    Is it lame that *I* want to sit in it and I am a grown up adult?

    Grace Vojvoda says:

    If I on the pink one, I would use it in the short films I make for fun with my friends and sisters!

    oh my gosh, what a creative and fabulous prize! i love camping and would totally use this to sleep in the backyard under the stars 🙂

    Sarah says:

    What wouldn’t I do with the Tepee!!! I grew up having a Tepee to play in, backyard sleeping, playing Tepee instead of House, etc. so I would do the same with my dog for now…kids in the future!

    sascha says:

    i would happily live in it because i’m just quit my job.

    sascha says:

    i mean, I’VE just. i’m so stressed about being unemployed i can’t even seem to use proper grammar, excuse me.

    saschie says:

    i mean, I’VE just. i’m so stressed about being unemployed i can’t even seem to use proper grammar, excuse me.

    Delbarr says:

    Omg. This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time!! I’m decorating my soon-to-be baby girl nursery (she arrives in April!) and this would be the perfect touch. I’ve been looking for one that I liked and these textiles are perfect for her room! I really hope I win!

    Jeanette says:

    I do believe this is the best giveaway ever! I am getting married this year and would love to have this at my wedding for decor but also for the many kids that will be there to play in. And after that I would use it in a nursery. I just adore it!

    Claire says:

    This TeePee would go in my 3 y/o’s room no doubt so she could create many adventures inside! So fun!

    Sydnee says:

    This teepee is absolutely amazing. I am starting a summer camp for a few kids in my neighborhood. This would be so perfect. Adventures for them (including my nieces, nephews and future kidlets) by day and a sweet little reading nook for me by night. Swoon.

    Kellee says:

    My son would absolutely love this teepee! Thanks so much for hosting this lovely giveaway.

    Meghan says:

    Me and my fella are moving into a new house, the first time outside of apartment living. I have dreams and plans of creating amazing outdoor spaces in our new huge backyard with eating and sitting areas, fire pits, gardens, and hopefully a teepee to complete our little backyard paradise!

    Allison says:

    I have been dreaming of building a teepee here in VT! summer can’t come soon enough. I want to weave in the teepee, read, nap with my dog, also i love that the fabric is printed on both sides! the craftsmanship and styling looks fantastic.

    Forrest says:

    I think I would put the tepee in our living room and make a fort for my fiance and I to watch movies in!

    Heather says:

    I have been trying to come up with a great little reading nook for my kids…I would rig up a mason jar lamp to put inside and put it in the boys room for a hideaway to dream and read in. And in the warm weather this will go outside with us…my kids can do their homeschooling in it’s shade as I dig up the spring garden. Ahhh…Dreams!

    Annie Hartley says:

    This gem would definitely live in the nook in my bedroom to be used as a nap/reading space for me, my husband, and our little one. A beautiful sanctuary.

    Robyn says:

    This tee pee is amazing. I am a photography assistant to my sister and she has tried more than once to create a tee pee for her engagement photo shoots and senior portraits. If I won this I would give it to her to use. She’s always wanted something like this…but we have never seemed to be able to pull it off! How wonderful!

    o!suzanna says:

    The gray teepee would look amazing on my screened in porch to be used as a hideaway for my little ones! Oh the joy!

    Vanessa says:

    My sister and I had a teepee as kids and were obsessed with it– so many wonderful memories! Having one as an adult would be a chance to bring some of that whimsy and magic back into our everyday lives. I’d clear some space in the backyard, fire up the grill and immediately invite over a couple close friends for a party!

    anna says:

    i just screamed with excitement when I saw this! I would so set this up at my outdoor wedding reception in May

    Inside or out? Can’t pick just one place. This little teepee would make visits to our the rooms in my house. A picnic in the kitchen, a hide away for the kiddos in the playroom, a wonderful reading nook with flashlights for some stories at night, a place to drink champagne with my husband in front of the fireplace. oooh, the possibilities. I want it!!!!

    Sara says:

    This is so gorgeous, I would want it for a lifetime! Right now I would use it in the the living room. When I buy my first house, I would put it in the backyard. When I have my first kid, he/she can use it as a fort– I’m thinking long term here 🙂

    Emma Gray says:

    Currently, I’m a college student, so it’d have to go in my dorm. How fun would this be for movie nights?!

    Dani says:

    In my living room with a bunch of throw pillows and blankets.

    Wren says:

    The only camping we can do in smoggy Salt Lake City right now is the indoor kind! I’d love to use the grey teepee to throw an indoor hot toddy and hard cider party in my living room! I’d complete the party with lots of floor pillows and snuggy blankets to make for the best indoor camping party ever!

    JENNAH says:

    This year I am hosting one of my best friends baby shower and our other best friends wedding shower a+bachelorette weekend. I have been pinning teepees like crazy to give a stuffy shower a fun twist. I would LOVE to use the pink one for both events and then take it home, put it in the corner of my living room and remember the memories and hopefully soon use it for my own baby shower! It could be like sisterhood of the traveling teepee.

    Nicole says:

    I was just dreaming about a Tee Pee! I am traveling up the coast from LA to SF in June and going to camp on the beach one night and I don’t want to stay in a boring old tent. I want a tee pee!

    A B I G A I L says:

    This teepee is amazing! I would love love love this in my living room! This would be an amazing addition to my life. Who needs a boyfriend when you can have a teepee?!! xoxo

    Melanie says:

    dude best giveaway ever. in grey please! If I won this teepee I could do so many things. put a ryan gosling alter in it (kidding.. sort of..) stick my dog in it, stack board games and throw blankets it, endless possibilities!

    Jen Noel says:

    I work in the field of architecture, and spend a lot of my time inside on the computer. Ironic, right? I would definitely put the teepee outside in the yard. In this digital age, it’s important to remember to spend time outside and enjoy nature at its fullest, especially if you live in CA. 🙂

    Elise says:

    If I won this tepee, I would put in on the balcony of my NYC apartment and pretend that I was camping with all the traffic rushing by. The tepee would be my tent and the city would be my wilderness. On rainy or snowy days, the tepee would come in and sit in the living room. But on a sunny day, you’d catch me blogging and reading in my own city get away.

    allison says:

    this is the best giveaway ive e v e r seen. My fiance and I are getting ready to buy our own space, and it’d be so fun to have that in the living room!

    marybeth says:

    I love the graphic fabric design and choose black. I will use this for my 3 lb yorkie to play in. She loves to run and play with her stuffies and I can see her peeking out to she if I’m searching for her!

    Kate says:

    If I won, I would choose the Grey Teepee for my living room, not only would I enjoy it, but I think my cats would as well!

    They are truly amazing!

    Sadie says:

    Decorate with tealights and then have movie marathons, mimosas, and fondue night with friends!

    erin says:

    I would put it in my living room and make my boyfriend hang out in it with me while watching RomComs. 🙂

    Sara says:

    The corner of our sitting room would be a perfect home for this teepee. The back wall is covered in black and white tree wallpaper with an old family hutch that has been re-purposed into a cocktail bar. I can only imagine how fun it would be to lounge there and unwind while I sip on a delicious gin cocktail!

    Kim S says:

    Lil’ man Nate (my 2 yr old superhero)and I would spend hours reading, playing and snuggling – outside on warm days and inside on not so nice days {A total upgrade from an old sheet over the dinning room table!}

    Kelli says:

    I would love to put this in our playroom for my two year old boy (and eventually this new baby that will be born in April!) to play in. And secretly crawl in there and read myself, too.

    Erika says:

    SO cute- love the print & color! I would let my puppy sleep in there and crawl in from time to time for a nap & a snuggle with her 🙂

    Mira says:

    If I won the teepee it would go in my little boy’s room, Cash. He is about to turn 1 and this would be the best gift! Cash is full of wonder and giggles. He is always looking for a little place to crawl into. I know he would love to crawl in that tent with me and read or take a nap or whatever his little mind can think up.

    Hayley Trone says:

    Gosh, I have wanted one of these for a while. So amazing. I would put this bad boy in my living room for everyone to see because it’s beautiful, and all the kiddos in my life would love it too.

    Michelle DeMerit says:

    If I won this beautiful tent, I would use it as a place for my 2 kids to play when we move in a couple months. And my ulterior motive would be for me to take photos of them with the tent as a gorgeous backdrop 🙂

    Natalie says:

    I made a ramshackle one for my son that his baby siste is obsessed with. This would a be a nice upgrade for her to play with in her own room. Fun stuff.

    Caitlin says:

    i would love to set this up underneath the 2 huge spruce trees in my backyard. underneath the trees and stars it would feel like i was roughing it in the woods inside the city <3

    Rachael says:

    I would place it along our living room/long hallway to break up the space and give our daughter somewhere to hideaway!

    I would pick the grey one and put it in my living room so I could have my own little private escape from the crazy that is the world.

    Abigail says:

    I’m getting married on a farm this summer and I would definitely set it up at our reception! I think it would be so fun for pictures and for all of our kid guests to enjoy!

    Kellsey says:

    love the pink one! id put it right in my living room! so fun!

    Christina says:

    I would put this in a corner of my small living room to crawl in with my puppy whenever i want to read a book or concept on ideas.
    Im sure dinner guest wouldnt mind hanging in there from time to time either!

    Marissa says:

    One of the things on my bucket list is to travel as far away from the city as I can at the beach, and camp on the beach in a teepee that I planned to create from a DIY tutorial that I found. But this is way better! And if you’re going to do something crazy, it should be done right and go ALL OUT!

    Afterwards, I would have to keep this on the balcony of my apartment and use it as my creative space to get away when it feels like I am too consumed by the ‘average’ day and need some inspiration.

    Melissa says:

    Our first baby is due in 3 weeks and I would love to put this in her nursery!

    bliss says:

    i would love a gray teepee and i believe i would place it in my living room. for me. alone.

    Joy says:

    This would fit perfectly in a particularly bare corner of my room. I’d add lots of blankets and pillows to make the perfect little cave to snuggle in with a book or a movie when I need a break.

    Kate says:

    Hmmmm… I think I would probably camp out in the living room and watch bad movies with the husband. Marshmallows optional.

    kelsey says:

    I’d love this for my daughter! Thanks for hosting!

    MaryB says:

    What an awesome giveaway. I would love to win this to give to my son.

    Jenisa says:

    I’d hate to be selfish, but this little baby would definitely go in my room! I envision my grades improving a lot if I were to do all my reading in there… or just do everything in there since I’d probably never want to leave it!

    Suzanne says:

    I would use this teepee in my own room, just for me. When I saw it, the gray one specifically, I thought, that’s my space. To go down. To be quiet. To bring a mug of warm milk tea. Or flat beer. Or the dregs of a bottle of wine that was used for dinner party/cooking/soothing my mind at the end of a long day. And I would bring my books. Not my husband’s kindle. I would bring my large French cookbooks and technical books that I love to read like novels but never put into practice, because they aren’t practical, I would bring in my childhood set of Little House books and read about Laura and dream I was in a hazy evening on the prairie with horses outside the flaps. It’s a respite. A lab. A veritable BatWoman’s Bat Cave. I would drag in my bulldog and we can be on the lone nomads of our minds and a quiet afternoon during nap time. I might use it to hide from my son and remember that I’m still me and my thoughts are my own here. I would dream about being a child again, in a teepee in my grandma’s back yard in Minnesota, with pet frogs outside and a warm day bracing against cool wind, coming in the bottom. I would sit, and look up the top, and remember what it was like to be small again and think about what was going on in the world outside my tent. And I will remember that the world is big and grand and possible. All outside the teepee.

    Lorraine Bond says:

    Under the stars for a secret campout with my favorite 2 year old, my daughter Marlo.

    SNAP!! I want this ish so bad! My kids would love love love it! It would spend the summers in the yard with lemonade and the winters in the playroom with pillows!

    Stella Rios says:

    Would LOOOOOOVE TO WIN !!! 🙂

    alix houghton says:

    A teepee is so on my list. Would make it a cozy reading space for kids…but I would hide out there too.

    Jenn says:

    My place is too tiny for inside, but it would look great in my little back garden!

    Sara says:

    If I won, I think it would look great in my classroom…what a fun reading nook for the students!

    Elisabeth says:

    If I won I would love to give it to my 8 year old sister! She would love reading in it in her room. 🙂

    Jennifer says:

    A mini-design studio and ukulele jam site is exactly what this would be. Room for a plate of cookies and a napping cat too. Awesome giveaway, thank you!

    Allison says:

    What a beautiful and inspiring place to sit and read on warm summer days! It would be a great getaway to hide and avoid real life!

    ingrid says:

    i would put the teepee in my studio where all my plants live. my cats love to spend time in this room with me, and i think they would love the teepee! i’m also a textile print designer, so the idea of a teepee created especially for prints is extra exciting!

    Charity says:

    I would LOVE to have this in my second grade classroom! Students would seriously do anything to get the chance to read inside the teepee!

    Stephanie says:

    My family likes to set up a croquet set and have barbecues and bonfires during the summer. I can only imagine that a a teepee on the lawn would make gatherings with friends and family even more fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

    Sara J says:

    I would give it to my little nephew! I would love playing with him in it and watching his imagination soar.

    Sophia C. says:

    I would put it in my garden and snuggle with my dog Lola in it! Thank you for the giveaways 😀

    Annie says:

    Oh my, this is adorable. I would put this in my family room….when my grandchildren come over they would LOVE to play in here. They have such wonderful imaginations that it would be a timeless treasure.

    We are re-starting our life after a year apart with a renewed sense of love and respect for each others space and differences. One area where we struggled before was regarding each others “space”. We are renting a home that has a magnificent backyard, and, if we were to win this beautiful teepee, I would have it set up for her – so that she can have her own sacred space for meditation and spiritual learning, outdoors, in beautiful mother nature. Thanks for considering us.

    kari b. says:

    i’d bring this beauty with me when i went to work — i’m a nanny for five kids. they’d be over the moon!

    Kristen Doezie says:

    Definitely would use it for our family photo soot and then in my son’s room. SERIOUSLY LOVE IT!!!

    Joana M. says:

    I think this lovely thing would make a great addition to our backyard oasis. It’s just beautiful.

    Brooke says:

    Gorgeous! I’d place this in our dining room-converted into a playroom. It’d go perfectly with the outdoor swing installed in the room and would replace our makeshift (and not nearly as pretty) fort. (I’d love to have my sofa cushions back where they belong!) We are a family of cuddling and reading and adventuring and this would give us an incredible space to play!

    nacho ontiveros says:

    if i’d get the teepee, i’d keep you informed.

    tess says:

    Yowza, these are amazing! If I won there would be few places this guy wouldnt go! I would keeo ot in our living room most days for old movie marathons, reading, and cuddling and move it to our little porch on cool days for an outdoor retreat in the city, th epossibilities are blowing my mind.


    Lizzy says:

    Oooo!! I would put this teepee in my room. I would work out of it during nights and host movie nights in it. 🙂

    Tori says:

    This giveaway is a dream come true. Who doesn’t want their very own teepee?!

    If I won, I would honestly try to smuggle this teepee to Disneyland with my fam in March. We’re kinda Disney fans, my husband and I, and even met while working at Disney World during a break from college. This will be our first time taking our little girl and I think it would add to the magic to have this little guy set up in our hotel room!

    But you know, if that doesn’t work out I guess I’d just put it in my daughter’s room/outdoors in the summer 🙂

    Kristen T. says:

    This is so cute!! My boyfriend and I always think about making a cute little blanket fort and watching a movie. It would be perfect to surprise him with this cute teepee for his birthday in march, he would absolutely love it! we’d put it in the living room and watch our favourite movies together, all cozy. It’s so so adorable!

    Mika says:

    This teepee is so cute and functional! The grey teepee would go perfect in my pillow room! A great indoor escape to study, drink tea with my roomies, or lounge and read a good book.

    maja says:

    Wow- what a serendipitous giveaway! We just bought a new house with a little cove under the stairs where I had been planning to put up a little teepee. This is so beautiful- my fingers are crossed!

    Tahrim says:

    I love this! This tepee totally fits in with the bohemian vibes I want to have in my room. I would cuddle inside with hot tea and a good read. 🙂

    Kristina says:

    Oh, how darling!!! This would go right in the middle of our living room for our two-year-old son to play in (and for me to swoon over)!

    Mackenzie says:

    I would totally get the pink one!! And put in in my room in my little apartment. So cute!!


    Carlene says:

    Super cute! i’d love this teepee for my daughter to play in! soooo fun!

    Sabrina says:

    I would put it in our front room for my nephews to play and sleep in when they come to visit. #bestauntever

    Denise says:

    So beautiful and fun!! I would put it in my balcony so I can watch beautiful sunsets in it and meditate 🙂