it’s time for this…it’s BEEN time. i have tons of vintage dresses, home accessories from my loft days, jewelry and more that i will be selling at our annual yard sale. oh joy and i are teaming up and having it on march 2nd from 10-1pm  in atwater village (i suggest coming on the early side, last year was a bit bonkers!)

ALSO! our friends at yeah, rentals (a furniture and props rental house specializing in mid century modern / industrial & cosmic southwestern design) will be selling a bunch of awesome pieces you won’t wanna miss out on.

• cash only! •  CLICK TO RSVP HERE with your email (see that little number 1 with the dropdown?) and we will send you the address of the sale the day before!

will we see you there? –bri

flyer photo by: kimberly genevieve


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    Pegah S says:

    Oh Man, i wish i lived in your neck of the woods to come and have my way with all those fun clothes.

    Sarah says:

    me too! Cyber yard sale next time?

    ah to live in the us to go! looks amazing

    omg how I wish I lived near you two :((( Have SO much fun!

    Rachel C says:

    I agree! Cyber sale, please!

    Jessica says:

    Yay! Cannot wait!

    Ergo-Blog says:

    I wish I was on the west coast!!!!

    Lauren says:

    ugh. i’m going to be in la on the 14th. you should prob push it off until then!

    alicia says:

    Very jealous, wish I lived in LA! Pretty cool that you guys do this 🙂

    How fun! I’m sure you two have some great items to sell. Wish I were in the neighborhood. 🙂


    Emily T. says:

    Sold out?

    Bri, have you ever considered announcing the event but scheduling sign ups for a certain time another day (Jordan Ferney does this for her craft nights–it still goes crazy fast though)? Everytime I try to RSVP to one of your events it’s sold out by the time I read Designlovefest, around 10am! I want to go to all your fun stuff, but I don’t get up to read in the wee hours!

    alex says:

    hi all! we just added more tickets, there is not a capacity! hope to see you there.

    Latrina says:

    How fun! Sadly, I will not be in the LA area then — but have fun for those who are going! 🙂

    Jules says:

    This is SO awesome. I wish I were closer to LA for this! Fabulous idea and a great team.


    Jules of Canines & Couture

    Adele says:

    I wish I could go! I’m watching the calendar for the next time you’re in Australia!

    xfallenmoon says:

    aww, too bad i don’t live any where close. i’d love to come. have fun!

    love, x
    blog | twitter

    Elizabeth says:

    I’m super excited to go but am I the only one who doesn’t know the address of the event? My ticket location was blank.


    Elizabeth says:

    Whoopsie, I just got hooked on phonics and actually read that the location will be disclosed later. Feels very spy games!! 🙂

    so fun! it’s like in the movies! wish I lived there so I could come and say hi! good luck!!!

    Amélie says:

    love the yellow jacket !

    Jolene Redfern says:

    Aw, I’m moving to LA from Chicago that weekend, but won’t be there until Sunday! 🙁 I will have to keep this on my radar for next year!! I love both of your blogs!

    Katrin says:

    I’d love to be there – have fun, everybody!

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