would you ladies ever do a boudoir photoshoot? i like how annie mcelwain captures sexy in a subtle, classy way. what would you wear? i have a friend that did one of these sassy shoots for her husband for valentine’s day and made a book for him with all the photos. i’m sure he was thrilled.

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    Kenzie Lee says:

    I love the leopard set (for obvious reason), but I’m not sure if I would ever do a boudoir photo sesh. It seems a little too intimate for me.

    X Kenzie


    i don’t know if i have the guts to go for it but i do know that i kind of wish i had done it earlier (have you seen the boudoir elisabeth messina does for brides? stunning, and classy all the way) i’m not old by any means but you know, your body changes and as unhappy as we might be with something in the moment, you’ll look back and realize you had it pretty good. i wish i had had more confidence to love what i had in the moment and to capture it then.

    i’ve done a boudoir shoot! i surprised my husband with a book as well. i wanted a woodsy/earthy feel so we did my shoot in the woods with an air mattress covered with the comforter from my bed! we also took some of the photos in a field, on someone else’s property…having to dodge cars and throw my dress back on over my lingerie was quite the rush!

    i recommend boudoir shoots for sure. my husband was awestruck and almost brought to tears!

    Adrienne B says:

    I would definitely do one and love joAnna’s idea!! Might have to go to Nordys and get that Leopard set!

    sue says:

    if my legs looked like the ones in the top image i would do that in a heartbeat… now maybe just a toe shot! 😉

    Elizabeth says:

    I don’t think I would have the guts to do it! What would I wear? How would I do my makeup? Where would I put the photos? Would I pay money for it? Too many hangups for me. I will say that they are lovely if done tastefully.

    Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

    Claire says:

    Yes! My friend does the Birmingham Bombshell photo shoots and they are SO much fun! http://www.birminghambombshells.com/

    Emily Proud says:

    I love that idea! You can look at it together in 40 years and be like remember when I looked like THAT? Ha. However, I would definitely keep it tasteful like you said, and say to yourself “would I be ok with someone I don’t know seeing this photo?” just in case it ever got into the wrong hands..

    Brooke says:

    I just got my first boudoir photo shoot done a couple of weeks ago! The book just came in and I am SO excited to give it to my bf for Valentine’s day! My best friend is a photographer and was offering boudoir sessions for Valentin’s day. It was great because I felt completely comfortable around her. She did it in a very cute and classy way, and I am thrilled with the results!

    Absolutely! I had a boudoir photo session a few years ago and before the shoot I was thinking of how much fun it would be giving the gift to my fiance. But after all I can think of is how much I loved it! (giving the gift was definitely still fun).

    The day of completely changed my mindset – it was an all-woman run crew – no boys allowed. The hair/makeup artist and I chatted while I sipped on champagne and nibbled fruit with my pre-made playlist (they encouraged me to create a playlist of “sexy” music and bring my iPod) on the studio speakers. The two photographers were really fun and kept it light – lots of laughter and zero feeling self-conscious. The environment they put together + the service made for a fun day and a fab gift. Looking forward to doing another session in the coming year!

    Katie says:

    I did one before my wedding and made a book with the photos in it as a wedding gift. It was so fun! I chose to do a dreamy-esque outdoor shoot, which was a little risky, but turned out really good! If you’re in the San Diego/LA area I would highly recommend Shannon of Studio Carre!

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