i’ve always liked square photos better. it’s probably the graphic designer in me…always thinking of composition and shapes.

one thing i noticed is that there are a few people on instagram that are able to reach through your phone and make you feel a certain way from their tiny squares. their style is consistent and you know it’s their photo without even seeing the name below it. no matter what the situation, there is always their stamp on it. i’ve always admired that.

here’s just a few examples…think about who you follow and why you do…

denisebovee: her instagrams exude adventure. they remind me to live spontaneously. they are honest and free. and she gets me pretty excited about being a mom one day.

the_brick house: the gal’s just got style. you can always find inspiring interiors, enviable light fixtures, funny captions, and a photogenic pup.

amandajanejones: her instagrams are graphic and remind me of the power of simplicity. you can always admire her eye for composition, and her photos have great lines and shapes.

thisisglamorous: you see her instagrams and it feels like there is something you should be celebrating. feminine, chic and full of champagne.

so tell me, have you ever thought about it? -bri



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    Mirka says:

    As a new Instagrammer, I was just looking for some inspiration – so thank you for this post 🙂

    Kenzie Lee says:

    I never really thought about having a continuous style on instagram, until now. Or maybe I have but sometime my need for speed overtakes my need for design.

    X Kenzie


    Lauren says:

    I love that you featured Denise! She shot our wedding and I am in love with her work!! <3

    Sarolta says:

    I follow people when their pictures inspire me and make me happy. I follow you because your pics are always full of colors and light. I follow a friend because she captures nature in a very beautiful way and sfgirlbybay because she brings so much nature inside and also captures the most beautiful skies. Just to name a few.

    lo says:

    I follow some of these too! It is interesting how there some peoples feeds that stand out to you, especially when they are so simple isn’t it?

    alicia says:

    it’s like you read my mind with your post, totally agree! a lot of times it feels like i actually know the people i follow. i’ve started to try and be more consistent with my style on instagram too, sticking with the same filters and often really thinking about composition, lighting and little details when i take the photos.
    it’s also great to have a few new awesome follower for the new year.
    i am a huge fan of bonnie tsang and i also love following her on instagram, she’s very true to her style.
    and being a graphic designer i do love squares too, my first print portfolio right out of school was all about squares!

    Kristen says:

    Wow. These seriously inspire to brush up my insta skills. This year I’m doing a photo challenge and I’m thinking this will help. Come to think of it, I think I am drawn to squares as well. Love the composition they create.

    Anne says:

    good choices! amanda’s feed is my fav

    Sally says:

    Ooh, some nice new people to follow for the new year! I’ve been trying to mix up my instgrams a bit more recently as I felt they were all getting a bit samey, but you’re right, it’s nice to follow people who have a consistent style! and I’m a big fan of the squares too!

    Andrea Howe says:

    A Piece Of Cake – always the same aesthetic, featuring snaps of her all white and black home, but always inspiring and never boring. I see her pic come up in my feed and I always know it’s hers. Jason Hudson too. He wrote a lot about styling on IG and trying to stay consistent. He only shoots in one filter, ever. Brannan I think…

    love denise’s instagram. totally always about adventure.

    Chick Tyler says:

    Oh Honey, I love me some denisebovee. She also makes me super excited about having kids and all the adventures you can have with them!

    Tish says:

    I like random chaos. Life isn’t consistent so why make instagram that way. I just like pictures that tell stories. I see a lot of the same ish alllll the time and that’s when I unfollow. The same types of pictures…the same filters every time. I get how branding is something to consider for a business, but let art be art. No confines, no rhyme or reason…USE ALL THE FILTERS! SNAP ALL THE THINGS!!! (borrowed logic from Hyperbole and a Half)

    bri says:

    hey tish! i’m with you there too…some people get stuck in shooting the same things over and over…which can be boring. but my favorites are people that always seem to switch it up but still remain recognizable. it’s fascinating to me.

    DENISE. says:

    Thanks for the recommendations! I have a HUGE pet peeve with Instagram — I hate it when people use photos that didn’t originate with their phone. When they do that, they take away the art and make it just plain ol’ social media or a marketing platform. And that takes away the beauty of it. I think it’s so inspiring to have a feed that’s just authentic, beautiful images.

    Agata says:

    Hello. Yes, i’ve always admired that too. I’m choosing people which have this spacial touch to the way they frame and see reality. I joined to instagram recently, but still not there to make a pictures….;-) All the best in 2013!

    kate says:

    Ah, refreshing to see some lovely new IGers. I’ve been loving Hokaytokay lately, in all her quirkiness. Moneal is a longtime fave and friend with consistently beautiful shots. I also love the simplicity in cassysong’s photos. Happy New Year, Bri!

    roséline says:

    dear bri — thank you for the lovely feature, and adore your angle — it’s always fun to be able to recognise someone’s personal stamp on things; remember once, you had told me that i had a specific round-up style, and it made me realise that you were right 🙂 think that having a specific style, whether intentional or something that occurs naturally or by accident, reveals so much about a person’s personality, and adore the way you put it — “people that always seem to switch it up but still remain recognizable” — and it would seem that if we remain true to ourselves and the things we love, a sense of cohesion is nearly inevitable . . .

    wishing you the most wonderful new year! xo

    roséline says:

    {p.s.} and for the record, there is always something to celebrate x

    i’m a total square! lovely to see some of my faves to follow + some new ones to watch. thanks, bri. xx

    Bethany says:


    At first it was fun to take pictures of food. Before I had an iphone …much less instagram, I was in a long distance relationship with my now husband. We always took pictures of what we ate and texted it to each other. Once we moved to the same town, and I became and instagram user, it was a hard habit to break. The last few months/year I’ve tried to do a little better.

    …I can’t hardly stop taking pictures of my dog though. I tried.

    I tend to use a certain vscocam filter. Since I came across afterglow I’ve been experimenting again. I think it’s good to get a routine down, and then stir it up every now and then. I love seeing other people’s process though! I think it would be cool to see if those ladies use any other apps to edit!

    Love this post, you’re so right, there are a few people I follow on instagram that I instantly know it’s them without seeing the name! I always admire their consistant taste. A few of my favorites are Peggy Wong at bluepoolroad, Jennifer Hagler at amerrymishap and Rick Poon at rick_poon, to name a few!

    kelsey says:

    Thanks for sharing! I think denisebovee might be a new favorite of mine. Do you follow timmelideo? I think you would love him.

    snappystreet says:

    This is amazing!

    I swear my husband thinks I’m having an affair with Instagram – I spend that much time on it 🙂

    Come over and follow me if you like! @snappystreet


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