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we all have friends in different categories. you have the friends you work with…the friends from back in the day that you don’t have much in common with anymore but are still friends because of history…those friends you only really talk to online…the friends you call when your boyfriend screws up…and those friends that you talk about life with. the ones that make you think about purpose and creativity.

i have been feeling very cooped up lately (still not 100% better since this) and it’s nice to just go outside, take a walk, and talk it out with your girlfriends. i gotta tell you, this park is sketchy, but there’s also this odd los angeles charm about it.Β (and langer’s deli is across the street – a classic!)

color block coat: oasap, skirt & scarf: vintage, tights: american apparel, messenger bag: claire vivier

sure, we may have been channeling our inner Annie Hall, we admit it.

teal detachable collar shown above: geren ford, priscilla’s clothing: vintage

photography:Β heather gildroyΒ for designlovefest
thanks for talkin it out with me, priscilla!
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    rachael says:

    cuute! i love the colour block coat so much.

    I love her outfit and love that its vintage! Cute shoot!

    stephanie says:

    How cute are you two? Loving the Annie Hall vibe! I watched it (again) a month ago, it’s such a great inspiring classic.

    Chelsea says:

    Adorable shoot. I love how creative your style posts are. Inspiring every time. Love friend time. xo

    Helen says:

    I’m sorry you’re not feeling sparkly yet. I know the feeling, going to school for design – there’s a huge pressure to always be creative and you feel /bad/ when you’re just not feeling it. Don’t worry, kiddo, you’ll feel better soon! Just macgyver it, as my professor says.

    Also, these photos are gorgeous. Your friend Priscilla is super cute! :3

    Lo says:

    So cute! Hope you get back to feeling normal soon, because you sure are still inspiring me. πŸ™‚

    Ergo-Blog says:

    You ladies have some hell of a fashion sense! I love it! I hear ya though about sometimes you need a gab session with your girlfriends…it really does work wonders! =)

    Becky says:

    I’m always impressed by your variety & execution with these shoots. you go girl!

    Vredenburgje.wordpress.com says:

    Love this. And such a fun idea to make a photoshoot out of a meeting with a friend. I need to do that too!

    Kristina says:

    this is just the cutest + very clever! xoxo

    Amy says:

    this is by far my favorite style post! loved EVERY single detail. you have such amazing style, bri. i know it’s not saying much, but you pretty much blow my mind with all the ideas you come up with!

    Shawnee says:

    I adore both outfits! how fun. And the words about friends.. how true. it makes me feel very lucky that I have different friends for different things in life. and how I adore each and every one of them. xo

    Love this post. Love the screen caption…hilarious. Love Annie Hall!

    Priscilla says:

    La-di-da, la-di-da, la la

    Chick Tyler says:

    I laughed out loud at the sex tape thing. SO funny.

    Megan says:

    This is great! I’m glad I have great friends to help me out when I’m down. Girlfriends are the best πŸ™‚

    You both look amazing! Love the mix of styles πŸ™‚

    Rita says:

    hahhaha “why don’t you make a sex tape, bloggers don’t do that” best post I’ve seen in a while πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :)!

    Holli Anne says:

    Adorable! I love those friends in the figuring out life category! Is there an age where that actually is accomplished? Here’s to that age!

    Renee says:

    OMG, you two are just too cute!

    leigh-ann says:

    hahahaha! i love the sex tape thing. looks like a screencap from a movie.

    evie says:

    ah look at you two cuties! sex tape hahahah : )
    getting outside, walking and chatting with a friendo can work wonders huh?! i love enjoying these simpler things and remind myself of this when not feeling 100%. i hope you feel more like bri soon. take care. be kind to yourself. and thank you for all the colourful, fun and loveable inspiration you share. x

    Mariel says:

    I love your outfit! πŸ™‚

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