it’s always nice to be home. there is something comfortable about teaching in our beloved LA, and we can’t believe the bunches of brilliant students that continue to walk through our doors. teaching here in town at studio 1342 was a welcome break from all the crazy travel in the last couple months (but don’t get me wrong, i love it!)

sometimes you just have to admit it. these “my bad” letterpress cards by richie make it a little easier.

there is always something new and awesome at poketo. we were lucky enough to have their canvas zip wallets in our LA goodie bags this time around.

ann shen makes cheeky postcards of bad girls throughout history—hilarious! my favorite is marie antoinette…maybe because of this.

my florals contributor kristen caissie of moon canyon design co decked out our studio in some seriously amazing stems. she really took it in a different—and greener—direction.

delicately-dipped triangle earrings came to us all the way from portugal, made by the boutique minimaliste.

my go-to for literally every outfit, bando mini poms in every color are a must for every wardrobe. i always love giving these because i know they will get used again and again.

each student got a teeny box of even teenier colored pencils by splendid from our friends at karen kimmel, perfect for adding a splash of color to sketches, notes, to-do lists, you name it.

we find these hold shift mousepads we made exclusively for blogshop are a great reminder of one of our most-used shortcuts, and as you can see we got a dose of sugar from frosted cupcakes.

want to take blogshop? check out our upcoming classes here(bring this PDF to your boss!)

feb & march:

NY, BOSTON & MINNEAPOLIS (sold out – email us for waiting list)  |  NEW YORK VIDEO (4 spots left!)  |  LONDON (4 spots left!)

april & may:


want to be our weekend intern in one of these cities? we’d love if you’d apply here!


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    Looks so wonderful! Those earrings are fantastic!

    maçã says:

    In so deeply in love for you blogshop classes, that everytime I try to talk about it I smile like a little kid! I’m moving to London in the end of March, so I hope you come back there after that!

    Have a great day xx

    alicia says:

    so happy to see you had a little something special all the way form portugal. i now live in vancouver but grew up in lisbon 🙂 i checked out the shop and it’s super cute too!! i think the little stud earrings are going on my wishlist…..

    Kat says:

    I’d love love love to be your Vancouver intern!

    Leah // Freutcake says:

    So happy to see Ann’s illustrations in your goodie bags! She is such a talented lady!

    I fell in love with your blog! I found so many fantastic inspirations over here! Thanks for everything!
    Love from Ireland!

    Kory says:

    I would love to intern for you guys if you ever came to Nashville! I don’t really need the class, but would love to help out in any way! 🙂

    Patrizia says:

    I would LOVE to hear that you are coming to ITALY… Will this ever happen?

    Amanda says:

    This is a lovely blog to read.
    Do you have any suggestions for young travelers going abroad? Bags/Hats/Gears, etc?
    I would love to share anything that you can suggest with our small community of travelers. They’ve been sharing their stories over at my website Holiday Migraine.

    Elizabeth says:

    i love what you’re wearing – the blue/black and green pattern is so pretty, where can i find it other than your awesome closet?!


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