today’s question: “what would you wear to an interview? “

it all depends on the company and the weather. i thinks it’s important that no matter where you interview you feel like yourself. you want to feel confident and comfortable. the outfits below below are based on my personal style and the fact that it’s winter and i live in nyc. i chose one fashionable and one laid back company to dress for.

kate spade new york: they are all about the bright colors and fun shapes. i would wear this red ponte dress from uniqlo (maybe with a bow belt),  these black heels (love the stripe!) from kate spade, uniqlo’s heat tech tights, a hot pink coat, big leather bag and a cool ring.

kinfolk magazine: they are uncomplicated, down to earth and easy going. i would wear dark denim (jcrew’s toothpick jeans fits so well), a heeled boot, a striped shirt, army green jacket (i’ll take a cab) and this jack spade bag would be perfect to hold my ipad and papers.

here’s what i would wear if i had an interview with, let’s say…anthropogie! first, study what colors that brand is drawn to. loosely base your outfit on something that would be seen in their store (i know anthro likes texture, pattern, layers, color). but most importantly, wear something you love and that tells a story about you!

i think it’s a little obvious to wear a decked out anthropologie outfit to the interview, so i would probably wear something with a similar vibe and then pair it with some accessories from their store. and remember, a manicure is a must.

shop these items: Urban Outfitters asymmetrical coat, Marc by Marc Jacobs striped dress, Anthropologie shiny mini-wedges, American Apparel bright pink tights, Baggu canvas ipad case, Candystore Collective wolf ring.

(illustration by katie evans. read more freelance advice posts are over here and last week’s interview part 1 post!)


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    Love this! I definitely agree that it depends on the company. Hygiene is most important!

    Liz Ablashi says:

    Hi Ladies – just wondering what the name of the font you’re using with the photos here is… thanks!

    Megan says:

    Love these ideas! So much more fun + better looking than the typical interview outfits.

    Monicastudio says:

    Hi, was looking for those lovely gold shoes in your picture on the anthropologie website but can’t find them????? ;(

    Vredenburg says:

    That’s funny! I made a post about this today as well, it even included an animal ring @ http://www.vredenburgje.wordpress.com (usually don’t post my site in comments, but feel it’s appropriate this time 😉 )

    Anyway love the outfits, I’ve got an interview for an internship this coming friday ) so I’m very glad I read this post (same goes for advice 45!). Thank you for reminding me I really need to do a manicure as well 🙂

    When I went to my first interview out of college I bought a pant suit (Anne Taylor), because that’s what I thought you did. The company, while a big name, was far more casual than I expected. I wrote that same suit to an interview for an internship at a theater. Man, was I overdressed! (I mean I was put together, but just felt out of place and not me). Know what got me that internship? The fact that I travel and my boss could relate. From that point on, I dubbed I would never again wear a suit to an interview. The next job I applied to I wore a cute outfit that was just me. I got the offer that day and they wanted to pay me more than I asked for. I stayed at that job for 4 years. 🙂

    Danielle says:

    Of course it depends on the company, but I don’t think I’d ever show up to an interview in anything other than a suit. It’s just clean and professional.

    I do really like the Kate Spade outfit though.

    Sarah says:

    Both of those outfits are totally adorable! I assume for the most part, we’re talking about creative jobs. As a designer, I would never wear a full suit to an interview. I think you absolutely should if you’re applying at a bank, law office, etc (you poor thing). For creative jobs I think the sky is the limit, so long as you look well put together and confident. Please, no short skirts or gum chewing!

    katie says:

    First off,BEST COLUMN EVER. These illustrations make my day!
    And I love this advice! What you wear to an interview makes such an important first impression…!

    nichole says:

    Great post!
    What about thank you notes after having an interview? I just landed my dream job and am going to write one tonight. DLF- professional stationary or funky?

    Phoebe says:

    Bri — totally random question. Did you ever get that Hello sweatshirt from Victoria’s (sfgirlbybay) guest post?

    Pink Ronnie says:

    Katie, your illustrations ROCK.

    Bri, I can totally see you in those outfits…

    Ronnie xo

    Joan Troyer says:

    I love the combinations!

    Marion says:

    I love the look !

    both great combinations! in the past for business interviews i wore a suit, but honestly never felt comfortable in it {as I only wore it about once every 2 years}. from here on out, no more suits!

    Great outfits! It’s so important to evoke personality into what you wear!

    emily says:

    I feel like there should be a bit more elaboration here. Say you are interviewing for some small unknown company (which is much more likely the case than working at kinfolk (if only!) or kate spade) that sells… oh i donno… frying pans and they are hiring a graphic designer. There’s no way to know if everyone at the office wears jeans to work or if it’s a more old fashioned company where a suit and tie are normal things to see.

    I think it’s good to wear something that 1- shows your personality and 2 – shows you are taking the interview seriously. I always wear a skirt or dress pants to an interview (for an office job). If it was an obviously more funky company, i’d probably up the flare. If it’s a fashion company, i’ll wear something that shows my interest in fashion. It’s just important to show you take the interview seriously.

    emily says:

    oh AND it also depends on the position you are applying to. 😉

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