in case you want to check out some of our favorite times in sydney, here they are! your recommendations helped us so much, i am so grateful for you guys!

the first day we decided to walk from bondi beach to bronte. the weather wasn’t the best, but the walk was unbelievable. so calm and brisk. of course we have beaches in LA, but the beaches in sydney had wonderful paths overlooking the water. (and how insane is that olympic pool? it’s called the bondi baths and it’s been around over 100 years.) 

in the distance we noticed a beautiful cemetery on some cliffs…we decided not to stop till we got there. i’ve never been to a cemetery as magical.

the winery was definitely one of our favorite spots in sydney. we could walk from our apartment and just hang out. i would recommend going in the daytime for cocktails and the crab toast. it’s less crowded, you can sit on the patio and take in all of the eclectic decorations (like their elvis shrine room – and make sure to check out upstairs too!)

we decided it would be more fun to rent an apartment in surry hills (it was much cheaper and looked lovely). while we had a great stay, we were suffering a bit without wifi. you don’t realize how hooked you are to the internet until it’s taken away from you. our new rule with apartments, it has to have wifi and an elevator (carrying heavy bags up 4 flights of stairs isn’t the best) but this little spot was very cute and a great location.

we went to the finders keepers market (even though our jetlag had us feeling like zombies at that point) and found lots of little christmas gifts from wonderful handmade artists. i picked up some new patterned sheets from fictional objects and really wish i had bought one of those cute leather lockets from jen booth!

palmer & co. was a good time. they had interesting drinks (i got one with maple syrup) and you felt kinda sneaky going down into the basement from the alleyway.

so many of you recommended bourke st. bakery…luckily it was a 5 minute walk from our apartment and we squeezed in some time to make it over there before our flight to melbourne. the quiche and ham & cheese croissants were delicious and the space is very cozy.

the zoo! we know it’s kinda cheesy, but we just really wanted to see the kangaroos & koalas. but we were pleasantly surprised that this zoo was fantastic. you take a ferry past the opera house and over to what feels like the show Lost. you take a cable car up to the zoo (looking down we saw elephants in the water!) it was very green and it wasn’t crowded because we went on a weekday. we breezed right through…saw the kangaroos hopping all around, couldn’t believe how much the koalas look like cartoon characters and even watched a seal show. i’m so happy we went.

some of my favorite memories are just hanging out, eating “chips” (french fries) and drinking wine on the cafe patios while watching the people walk by. i am sure there is so much more we could have seen and done but we still had such a lovely time. i feel so lucky that blogshop brings me to these fantastic cities.

more on melbourne once we leave – i don’t want to miss anything! but we LOVE it here so far. -bri

(photos: designlovefest instagram)


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    leann says:

    such a good, long post. thanks for sharing, bri – i miss extensive, descriptive posts like this!

    Vicky* says:

    My next trip is to Sydney! But I want to go in January, hot and beach, love it!

    Kate says:

    I never wanted to go to Australia (such a long flight! It’s not Paris!) until seeing all your fab pics and stories, Bri! Between you and Scout Rentals, it’s now on my vacation wishlist–my boyfriend will be excited that it gets a new thumbs up 🙂

    Erin says:

    I think you perfectly captured your Sydney visit! So glad you and Angela were able to make it over here. I think I can speak on behalf of all the Blogshop Sydney girls and say that we all had a fantastic weekend – lots of learning, inspiration, and most of all FUN. And that food….amazing. Enjoy the rest of your time in Melbourne and come back to visit soon! 🙂

    look see. says:

    So awesome to see your Aussie adventures – hope you’re having a lovely time over here! (And hoping you come back to Melbs one day so I can come to Blogshop – couldn’t make it this time and was so devo!)

    Fox and Beau says:

    Ohhh! We hope you enjoyed your time here in Oz!! Come back soon!


    Kya says:

    I am glad you had a great time and got to see so much. The apartment you had in Surrey Hills was awesome! It is a really cool place to see, I love all the quirky little shops and boutiques. 🙂

    I’m in love with the graphics in this post! Awesome, awesome, awesome!

    julie says:

    The walk between Bondi Beach and Bronte offers the most breathtaking scenery. I remember doing this walk when they had the open air art show. Have a wonderful time in Sydney. it’s such a great city. btw, you look so much like Brigitte Bardot on the last photo!

    snappystreet says:

    I am so glad you had an enjoyable trip while you were here in Sydney!

    It looks like you really enjoyed the most of everything this amazing city has to offer.

    Hopefully you’ll be able to venture back here again sometime soon 🙂

    Alli says:

    Thanks so much for bringing Blogshop to Sydney, I learnt so much & had lots of fun. Good to hear you guys also had a chance to look around.
    Interesting factoid – my great-grandmother is buried in Bronte cemetery. I always thought the cliffs and water make a great final resting place.

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