i can’t even tell you how important it is to me that all of our blogshops look beautiful and well put together. sometimes my teammates want to strangle me because i am ultra picky about every little detail. but i can’t tell you how rewarding it is to see each one of them come together the day of. (event planners, you know what i mean!)

with that said, each blogshop we like to team up with designers, florists and handmade sellers (see our full list here). bottom line is, we just like working with creative people. for instance, our floral designer in san fran who created a gold galaxy photo booth backdrop or these fabric chandeliers we used in LA…or these floral arrangements in dallas that were too good for words.

before every class, angela and i have a little photo shoot in the studio where we style & shoot all of our goodie bag items for that city. i have so much fun doing this part & love sharing them with all of you on the blog. they are all products we carefully choose and fit our brand. i just like that each city’s goodie bag feels unique and like a surprise. scroll through the archives here!

if you have interest in teaming up with blogshop for our upcoming austin, LA, boston, NY, minneapolis or london classes…whether it’s florals, goodie bag items, decor, catering…

email us here: alex{at}iheartblogshop.com and show us whatcha got. we’d love to work together! –bri


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    Annie says:

    Sounds like reallllly fun! I don’t know how I would help (here in Minneapolis) but if I could volunteer my husband as a caterer, I would 🙂

    sharon says:

    hi bri, i know this might be super crazy but i was wondering if you could do a blogshop college edition? im a huge fan but being a science major its been hard trying to squeeze in art and design classes into my schedule. its difficult finding other science majors with the same hobbies as mine…

    mackenzie says:

    ahh, i am going to the minneapolis blogshop, and i am so excited! this makes me even more excited! your hard work + attention to detail is seriously what makes these workshops stand out. keep up the awesomeness!

    Beth says:

    eek! I just emailed. fingers crossed you like my work ;-D xxx

    Kya says:

    Awe, being picky just shows that you really do care, and that is very obvious that you do. :’)

    Rachel C says:

    Where did you get that heart-print dress, Bri???? So cute!! 🙂

    I love sharon’s idea! I’d love to attend a college-edition of blogshop. Pittsburgh maybe?

    Carolyn says:

    I am a blogshop alum and am so excited for this opportunity! Thank you for this post, Bri!

    I had a little paper dream (Two Rubies) that came to life because of blogshop. I would love to add some gold foil stationery love to an upcoming blogshop gift bag. I will definitely submit an email with more information.

    little paper dream: http://www.facebook.com/TwoRubies

    This is fantastic! I would love to partner with blogshop and contribute some letterpress stationery to a gift bag. I’ll send an email too.


    We got in touch with you guys just a little too late for the Sydney & Melbourne Blogshops – our little cross stitch timber kits would have been so cute in your gift packs (they always have amazingly cute things!!) …maybe next time you’re in Australia!

    camille says:

    I am so glad that I discovered this blog! these posts are so inspiring! every time I visit I feel like I want to create something fantastic too!

    I think that definitely the “The Shining” inspired post was my favorite. I love the idea of taking interesting cinematography and making into an inspired design.

    looking forward to more posts in the future-



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