my mom taught me a few tricks when it comes to making a home really feel like a home. on the top of her list? candles. lots of good smelling candles. they really do change the vibe in your room, they’re relaxing, they make parties special, they kinda make you feel like a grown up. i love when little objects can be so powerful like that. my mom has almost burned down the house about 30 times, but it’s definitely homey whenever i visit!

today, illume candles is giving away TWO sets of candles for one lucky candle lover. that way you can make your home filled with them and give them as holiday gifts too…

the winnings:
• 2 gold confetti motif pedestals
• 2 oversized wood fire matchboxes
• 2 art deco starlet candles
• 2 naughty & 2 nice candles
($230 value) 

how to win: (CLOSED)
1. head over to illume and leave a comment below with your favorite product from their site! (hopefully one of them is what you will be winning!)

bonus for designlovefest readers!
take 50% off any of the starlet candles through dec. 17th…use the code DLF50 

one winner will be chosen on Friday, Dec 14th at 10am PST. make sure you leave a way I can reach you if you are chosen. happy holidays! -bri

UPDATE: winner is #387 praxis!


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    oh, these products look so great! my favorite would probably be the woodfire collection, i bet it smells lovely!


    lauren s. says:

    The art deco design of the Starlet Ceramics is fantastic. My favorite is the balsam and cedar. Although the naughty + nice is adorable!

    Kamila says:

    Illume products make me so happy! Just looking at them makes me want to cozy up and spend the day looking out my window watching snowflakes dance! The naughty and nice candles make me smile 🙂

    Kristen says:

    I happened to smell the Balsam & Cedar candle last night and it rocked my world. Better than a Christmas tree but still very seasonal. LOVE.

    Holli says:

    The confetti motif pedestal is so festive! Would be perfect for a New Year’s partay 🙂

    Meredith says:

    I absolutely love candles – so I’m very excited to try a new brand! My favorite smell is pumpkin, so I would love the Heirloom Pumpkin Starlet Ceramic candle!

    I love their Gardenia scent!

    Jill says:

    I like the confetti motif pedestal-it would make such a nice centerpiece.

    Julie C. says:

    I WANT THEM ALL!!!!!!!
    But my favorite is the gold confetti pedestal: it would look great in my future daughter’s nursery! 😉

    Brittni S. says:

    Illume is my favorite! I am so in love with the Decadent Footed Glass candle–perfect for the holidays and oh so pretty!

    Danielle says:

    Love the idea of the Balsam & Cedar! It would be perfect to get into the spirit since I can’t really fit a Christmas tree in my Brooklyn apartment. Great giveaway!

    These are so beautiful! After looking through their site, I would love the mercury glass wood wick candles. I can’t get enough shiny right now it seems 🙂

    Clara says:

    A coconut milk mango candle sounds delicious! Thanks for the holiday giveaway!

    krys says:

    i love the gold confetti motif pedastal!

    Lavinia says:

    great giveaway! i love the Pomegranate Soy Tin — it smells delicious!

    Krista says:

    I love the confetti motif pedestals! they would be so perfect for holiday parties.

    Alle says:

    Oh. Mah. Stars! Those are lovely!
    My favorites are the Naughty + Nice set!

    I love the starlet ceramic candles! What a great gift! Please tweet me if I win! @birdflygood

    Allison says:

    I’m loving the gold confetti motif pedestal. So beautiful!

    The footed glass one is definitely my favorite, but the mercury glass are lovely too!

    Rhianna says:

    The gold confetti candle is definitely my favorite! So much fun!

    Sarolta says:

    These look wonderful! My favorite is the confetti pedestal. I could so use its beauty and its winter scent.

    katie says:

    Those are so gorgeous! I love the art deco starlet tins, and candles are so cozy this time of year!

    Gina M. says:

    Their mulled wine is my favorite holiday scent ever! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

    Shiree says:

    The mercury glass candles are my favorite! Adds such an antique, classy look to any home 🙂 Mine looks great on top of my coffee table books

    Philam says:

    Wow! Great giveaway! I love the pillar candles, the colours are so rich and they would look stunning mix and matched in a fireplace or on a mantle for the holidays.

    Sorae says:

    LOVE the confetti motif pedestal!!

    Carolyn says:

    The balsam and cedar starlet candle would look amazing in my living room, but all of it is fabulous!

    Christa says:

    oh goodness, I don’t know if I could pick just one! I am obsessed with great candle smells with amazing jars/tins. I would go vanilla suede or the Balsam & Cedar Decadent Footed Glass (it’s just so beautiful!).

    Adrienne B says:

    What an awesome giveaway! I am loving the gold confetti candle!!

    Brittany says:

    I love how fancy and fun the confetti motif pillar is!

    Hannah says:

    I love the confetti motif pedestal! Perfect for the holidays

    they are so nice, definitely they would make any space so warm and comfortable, just like home. Love them!!

    amanda says:

    the gold confetti motif pedestal – love, love, love!

    Grace says:

    Mmm…I love the Balsam & Cedar Decadent Footed Glass candle!

    Nali P. says:

    This is awesome! I love the Balsam & Cedar Decadent Footed Glass candle.

    Michelle L. says:

    There’s nothing better than having your house smelling amazing, and the bonus point with candles is the candle light, nothing beats that!! not only homey, but warm, welcoming and cozy… just LOVE IT!!

    So much better when the candle itself looks so pretty, I’d go for sure with the saffron lavender retro tin, cute packaging, my fave scent, plus a nice twist with the saffron. <3

    Mariah says:

    The lidded starlet candle is beautiful! That’s the one that most excites me for my home!

    joanna says:

    the happiology collection will be great for inviting positive energy into the new year!

    KC Michelle W says:

    Love the naughty candles! So cute!

    Rachel says:

    Ooooo….I love the gold confetti motif pedestal! It’s so festive!! The Naughty and Nice boxed glass candles are adorable too!!

    Stephanie M says:

    Defenitly the Balsam & Cedar Decadent Footed Glass… the gold confetti pattern is perfect!

    Karissa Ferguson says:

    My favorite is the gorgeous gold pedestal candle!

    Samantha says:

    LOVE. I went to the site and bought a couple of the starlet candles already! I really like the motif pedestals above, if I win…I’m getting that!

    jamie says:

    i love the gold confetti on the pedestal! all of their containers would be great to re-use.

    Mary Frances says:

    I absolutely love the confetti candles!

    Wendy D. says:

    It’s difficult to choose just one, but I must go with the Balsam & Cedar Decadent Footed Glass!

    Christine says:

    I LOVE that footed Balsam & Cedar seasonal candle!! And I have an urge to buy every Illume candle in a tin that I see, like the Citron Basil Paint Tin Candle.

    Kneale C says:

    I love the Balsam & Cedar starlet candle, so wintry and art-deco glam. Lovely contest!

    Pegah S says:

    I want, Mediterranean Essential Jar and Gardenia Essential Tin.

    Emily says:

    I love the gold confetti pedestal and the Starlet candles. So pretty!

    Sarah says:

    Citron Basil sounds like it would smell amazing! Looks cute too…

    Anna George says:

    Seriously loving their boxed candles! All of them have such cute designs making the perfect gift! My favorite is the Cheers Votive Candle because who doesn’t need some extra holiday cheer! 🙂

    Hilliary says:

    that pedestal is absolutely gorgeous! Illume has been a long time favorite of mine

    Suzanna says:

    I like the mediterranean tin

    Kenzie Lee says:

    What a great giveaway! I agree that candles are one of the many things that can make a house a home!

    I love the naughty and nice candles! They are festive and the warm, spicy scent sounds amazing!

    xo, Kenzie


    Kate says:

    I love the confetti motif pedestal. It is too cute!

    Janna says:

    Love the monogram candles! Especially like that they’re so pretty and reasonably priced!

    Love the confetti motif pedestals! Would love to win!

    Rachel R. says:

    I LOVE the gold glitter pedestals! Also, the saffron lavender scent sounds amazing.

    Amy says:

    Ohhhh… I’m in love with the Woodfire 3-Wick Mercury Glass Candle! Sooo pretty! Please email or facebook me if I win! Hope you’re having fun down under!

    Kate Hooker says:

    I love Illume candles! I had the coconut milk mango burning all summer long and I’ve lately been on the hunt for a perfect Christmas candle. I LOVE the mulled wine scent, but would love to smell the Naughty and Nice candles!

    abigail says:

    i love the naughty candle! so cute.

    Scout says:

    The confetti motif pedestal is so cool!

    Karen says:

    These are all so great. I especially love the design of the Starlet lidded candles. Shiny, pretty, scented? Yes please!

    Alex says:

    My favorite product might be the “Coconut Milk Mango Frosted Mini Candle”. I have a new obsession with coconut, and I think it’s cute that the candle kind of looks like a glass of milk. Simple and beautiful.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

    Amy Saycich says:

    How beautiful is that pedastool one?! I have never seen a candle like that. That would be my pick and I would host a small get togehtr and have that be my centerpiece. Beautiful!

    Angela says:

    I love the mercury glass candles – and the woodfire scent is probably one I would love (especially since I do not have the luxury of a fireplace!).

    Chloe Moon says:

    I love the mulled wine color and oh that must smell amazing! The candle holder too is pretty! Please count me in!!

    Ergo – Blog

    Jamie says:

    Art Deco Starlet candles!!! Beautamous!

    Heidi says:

    Since our Christmas tree isn’t real, I love the sound of the Balsam & Cedar candle! Just the thing to make our home ready for the holidays.

    Kaity says:

    that starlet candle is gorgeous!

    Sommer says:

    I like the twilight vanilla starlit as the naughty and nice duo— very clever! Thanks illume!

    Maria Anne says:

    I love the gold confetti pillars! The best looking candle I’ve seen in a long time!
    Maria Anne

    Victoria R says:

    I love them all, those candles would be such a nice gift for my sister too!
    My fave items are the Starlet Ceramic and the gold confetti motif pedestals.

    Brooke Stuart says:

    I’ve been wanting a candle that smells like cedar for a while, and so has my mom, she just couldn’t find the right smell, or how it looks. I love the gold polka dots,… it’s festive but also fun for all year long!

    Erin says:

    I adore the motif pedestal! <3 Not to mention the adorable matchbox.

    Chick Tyler says:

    I have to say I’m over the moon about the gold confetti motif pedestals… plus I would love the scent of Balsam & Cedar!

    Renée says:

    Ooh I just love that box of matches. What a lovely giveaway!

    Brooke Stuart says:

    I’ve been trying to find a ceder candle for both myself and my Mom for awhile now. The candles I’ve found have either been out of my price range, really small or in a really boring container. However, I love this old confetti motif pedestal! The gold polka dots make it unique and festive!

    Mary Beth says:

    I love the starlet ceramic candles! Love the old school look!
    my morning coffee

    maite says:

    LOVE ALL of the Monogram Collection, wish my name was ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ and the polcadots Balsam & Cedar Decadent Footed Glass, and the matches! Such a beautiful find, thanks Bri!

    I love Illume! That pedestal candle is so gorgeous, and I love the naughty/nice pair.

    Jenny Rae says:

    The gold confetti pedestal candle is so beautiful! Plus it’s in the balsam cedar scent-my favorite!

    Kaleigh says:

    The Twilight Vanilla Starlet Ceramic candle is gorgeous! Thank you so much for this giveaway!

    Gina says:

    I love the gold confetti pedestal candle! So festive for this time of year!

    Becca says:

    I love the pedestal candle. Those gold dots are so fun! Thanks for the opportunity!

    Joana | myseastory says:

    My favourite is definitely the balsam and cedar decadent footed glass, so original!!

    Jordan says:

    Gold Confetti is the bomb diggity!

    gorgeous designs. i neeeeeeeed that footed class beauty. NEED it!

    C. M. S. says:

    It has to be the classic twilight vanilla 😀

    Carrie says:

    Those naughty/nice candles are amazing.

    Emily says:

    Love the ceramic candles with the art deco design, twilight vanilla sounds lovely for wintertime

    adrienne says:

    Thanks for sharing this site, the candles and scents look right up my alley! I love the Mercury Glass Candles – I bet the Woodfire smells lovely.

    Dana says:

    Love love the Mulled Wine and the Balsam and Cedar footed glass candle!

    Lindsey says:

    The Naughty and Nice candles are adorable! Thanks for the giveaway, and Happy Holidays! <3

    Colleen says:

    I love the naughty/nice candles!

    kerry says:

    the art deco starlet candles! total 2-fer, cute jar + smell good candle. win, win!

    Kaitlyn Bitner says:

    I love the stylish packaging and exterior design! It’s so hard to find a great looking candle that also smells great! I am guessing these do the trick! Hope I win win win!! Definitely love the confetti pedestal.

    Cristina says:

    GAH, that Art Deco starlet candle is INCREDIBLE!

    charlotte says:

    what a cute giveaway! these candles are lovely. My favourite is the juniper jade natural rope jar candle. such a pretty candle.

    Erin says:

    Oh! The Naughty & Nice ones are sweet! I have a houseful of candles all the time and I agree– a house is not a home until you have a few candles lit.

    Daisy says:

    Hey these candles are cute! I love the Naughty Nice ones! <3

    Marissa says:

    hands down, the confetti motif pedestal – it’s sparkly and perfect for the new year.

    LH says:

    I love all these but especially that ceramic lidded one!

    Leanna R. says:

    My favorites are the confetti motif pedestal and the oversized matches…. both of which would look amazing in my bedroom!

    amanda says:

    I LOVE the confetti pedestal candle. It’s so fun!

    christine says:

    Naughty or Nice? I want to light BOTH at ONCE and see what happens!! <3

    Amy says:

    The confettit pedestal is adorable…I also love everything in the “bohos” set!

    Amy says:

    (I forgot to include my email for the comment above)

    Natasha Lynn says:

    I am obsessed with candles and totally agree how they transfer a house into a home. I looove the gold confetti motif pedestal. I hope I win this!

    Lea Helen says:

    Oh My! My favorite would have to be the decadent footed bowl! How festive!

    lucy says:

    The footed glass candle is so festive!
    + I’d bet the outdoorsy cedar scent is hubs/boyfriend/male roommate-approved, too.

    kate n says:

    Wow. The Confetti footed glass candle is so gorgeous! MUST HAVE!

    That top one looks like birthday cake! That’s the one I would choose. Looked up what the scent was and it’s balsam and cedar? Love it. Perfect and cozy!

    Summer says:

    ABSOLUTELY IN LOVEEEEE WITH THIS STORE! Thank you! Favorite is def the gold confetti motif pedestals! *fingers crossed*


    Steph says:

    Ah! I love the confetti footed pedestal candle, and now I MUST go smell their coconut milk mango and sweet rhubarb scents…those sound so up my alley.

    Malori says:

    yaay I love candles! They’re such a perfect addition to any decor. The woodfire scent seems like it is right up my alley. I’d love it in one of those pretty glass jars 🙂

    charlotte says:

    in LOVE with the decadent footed glass – reminds me of sparkling bubbly and a snowed-in New Year’s Eve.


    Mai says:

    love love that gold confetti motif pedestal!

    Christine L says:

    Love, love, love the monogram collection! These would make such great gifts.

    Esther says:

    Oh my goodness, those gold confetti motif pedastals would look perfect on my bedside table. Thank you for the giveaway!

    Katie says:

    I love the gold confetti motif pedestal!! So gorgeous!

    sarah says:

    Well they’re all pretty but I’m afraid I’d have to smell them to pick a favorite! I haven’t ever seen this company before, so thanks for introducing me. A well made seasonal candle instantly makes me happy (isn’t smell memory so funny?) so I’d have to pick those! I keep getting bummed on weird “pine” smells so I might have to try these out! Thanks! xoxo

    maegan says:

    ohhhh my, candles! you have such delightful giveaways. i really love the gold confetti pedestal, but if i have to pick a favorite, i’m going to go with those perfect naughty & nice candles. one for living room, one for the bedroom? 😉 this is my first Christmas as a married gal – these bad boys would SO light up our holiday! (hardy har.)

    Tiffany says:

    I love the motif pedestal and the coconut milk diffuser sounds loooovely. I hope I win this wonderful giveaway!

    Kate says:

    Twilight Vanilla in the Starlet seems like it smells real good.

    Rowena says:

    I love the look of the Bamboo & Agave candle and I bet it just smells divine! Thanks for the opportunity!

    ash says:

    Anything by Illume is going to be good, but I’ve never heard of their Fennel Leaf scent. I’d love to try that!

    Dani says:

    The Naughty & Nice candles are the cutest for the holidays!

    vivi says:

    I MUST have it all!! But coconut milk mango first, please!

    Jessica B says:

    Im in love with the Balsam & Cedar Decadent Footed Glass candles!

    Leah says:

    Loving the Naughty & Nice candles but the Coconut Milk Mango sounds divine as well!

    Abigail says:

    Twilight Vanilla Mini Pillow Tin Candle is lovely

    Brittany says:

    Those gold confetti pedestals… I’m dying! So cute! Plus, I’m basically candle-obsessed. Illume is such a great brand.

    Cailin McDermott says:

    The art deco starlet candles are too cute! I’m a huge candle junkie and this is my dream giveaway! <3 crmcder AT ilstu DOT edu

    Haley G. says:

    I love the design of the Happiology collection and the Ginger and Sea Salt candles sound amazing.

    Mandy DeTurk says:

    I love the Naughty & Nice candles, I see them everywhere.

    Holly Wells says:

    Hi Bri! I would be happy with any candle from their collection. The scents all sound divine but I would have to go with my all time fave scent, Gardenia 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    xx Holly Foxen Wells

    Anni says:

    Definitely the woodfire candles, sounds like the perfect winter treat.

    Rachel S. says:

    Lemongrass Essential Jar! Their products are beautiful.

    Bitty says:

    Wow, those candles are so beautiful. They’re like little firey works of art! Thank you for showing them to me, I was just thinking how powerful a little firelight can be. My fav candle I saw was from the boxed collection and says “GOOD LUCK”, but obviously I’d love to win any of them, especially for gifting.
    thanks Bri,

    Erin A says:

    LOVE the Starlet series!

    Adrienne says:

    Oo la la! What an awesome giveaway. I discovered Illume just a few months ago and happily placed one (or two or three) of their products on my Holiday Wish List. The gold confetti motif pedestal is GORGEOUS. It would be fun for a party with friends or romantic for a party of two. It’s pretty much perfection in candle form. : )

    Danielle says:

    so many lovely candles to choose from, but i’m loving the balsam & cedar jewel cut glass and the fennel leaf paint tin can. so beautiful.

    Lucy says:

    Coconut milk mango sounds amazing – but I want anything in the footed pedestal!

    Love the “nice” candle! Such great typography.

    Anonymous says:

    Bri! Thank you for all of your wonderful posts and giveaways! Your site is brilliant. I would absolutely LOVE the TWILIGHT VANILLA STARLET CERAMIC (Holloway) It’s such a beautiful design!!! Thank you!!!!

    susanna says:

    I love the Monogram red cedar candles! So classy.

    Laina says:

    oh man, candles hold a special place in my heart too! when I was little my mom would have dinner party after dinner party and proceed to light every candle in our entire house. one year our wall-size glass shelving unit actually exploded behind our dinner table because of the excessive candle placement!! anyway, i’m dying over the gold confetti motif pedestal… it would look so great in my new space! the mercury glass isn’t too shabby either 😉

    kimberly long says:

    Oops! I forgot to put my info above! 🙁
    This was my post:
    Bri! Thank you for all of your wonderful posts and giveaways! Your site is brilliant. I would absolutely LOVE the TWILIGHT VANILLA STARLET CERAMIC (Holloway) It’s such a beautiful design!!! Thank you!!!!

    Kellye says:

    Oh I just love everything by Illume and the Balsam and Cedar Starlet Ceramic would be perfect for the holidays!

    Nadine says:

    I think the twilight vanilla scent sounds amazing!

    Kristin says:

    coconut milk mango candles!! mmm!

    Caitlin says:

    I love the Art Deco candles!! I would store jewelry in there afterwards 🙂

    Emily says:

    love the Pineapple Cilantro in Summer, delicious! Wonderful Giveaway!

    Gia says:

    Oh, that pedestal candle is just gorgeous! I live in Alaska so I could use these! Thx!

    Micaela says:

    What a great giveaway! My favorite product would have to be the Woodfire 3-wick Mercury Glass Candle — the scent sounds amazing and the vessel is gorgeous! I also think the polka-dot pedestals are genius. Thanks so much!

    mklade (at) gmail (dot) com

    I want that Naughty and Nice set. Too cute!

    ali says:

    that nice candle! so cute.

    Jaimie says:

    The mercury glass is beyond. And mulled wine is just the most delightful winter scent (and beverage). Such a lovely holiday giveaway!

    Kate says:

    The woodfire collection sounds divine! Candles are always a perfect gift!

    Olivia says:

    My favorite is the Balsam & Cedar Decadent Footed Glass/gold confetti! It’s so perfect for a centerpiece!

    xo Olivia
    go for the glam

    Ellen says:

    The confetti motif pedestal is perfect!

    Jenna says:

    I’m in love with the naughty/nice candles. love that idea.

    kat says:

    starlet in cedar would smell great for the holidays

    Christine says:

    eeek! I love love love that confetti motif pedestal and the coconut milk mango candle sounds kind of amazing. Pick meee! 😉

    Samantha says:

    I was just at a friend’s house and she was burning an illume candle and it was heavenly! I love the starlet candles- they are gorgeous even when they’re not lit.

    Michaela says:

    I love the Monogram & Boxed Votive!!! So cute!

    Jessie says:

    The starlet ceramic candles are stunning! I bet they smell as good as they look….

    Allison says:

    I love the look of the gold confetti candles! Such a lovely giveaway 🙂

    audrey says:

    i adore all of them but the naughty & nice sets are my favorite! xx.a

    Royale says:


    merci <3

    Alex says:

    The gold confetti footed candle is so pretty! I would LOVE to have that in my house.

    joanna says:

    The Citron Basil sounds delicious. It would be great for my kitchen.

    Autumn says:

    I’m swooning over the Modern Naturals collection, mainly for the beautiful packaging, but it would definitely match my apartment! Also, the matches, I’m a sucker for well designed matches! <3

    Jess says:

    Their Twilight Vanilla scent is great! I just ordered my sis two of their candles and would love to win their gold confetti candles myself!

    Ally says:

    I love the art deco candle. I love art deco style and design and that candle is absolutely perfect!

    Campbell says:

    Love the Balsam & Cedar Decadent Footed Glass Candle! <3

    emily says:

    The lotion candles are my favorite!

    I’m obsessed with the confetti candle, fingers crossed!

    Kari says:

    I adore their diffusers. I bought two of the Ginger & Sea Salt Aromatic Reed Diffusers this year for my mom’s Christmas present. The design of the website is nice too and the packaging. Love their typography <3

    Kerry Grolle says:

    I love their use of gold in the packaging. It definitely elevates the candle to a very festive looking (and smelling) part of holiday decor. And the Illume matches are also a great addition!

    Nina Haglund says:

    This site is great! I really love the mercury glass candles, they’re beautiful and would look great around the holidays or anytime of year in my opinion! The mulled wine or woodfire ones sound like they would smell wonderful. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

    Emily L says:

    i love the naughty and nice candles! they’re so cute!

    Heidi says:

    The “love” votive is my favorite =)

    Naomi A says:

    The gold confetti pedestals ARE my fave!

    Morgan says:

    I love the gold confetti motif pedestal candles, so pretty!

    Carrie says:

    I LOVE the naughty and nice candles!!

    Angela Riggs says:

    The Woodfire Starlet Ceramic sounds fantastic, especially for this Florida girl! And I love the container – I would definitely keep it once the candle was gone.

    Jessica says:

    Love that gold confetti pedestal- would work particularly well at new years parties!

    Melanie says:

    The Mulled Wine Starlet Ceramic sounds amazing! I would love it my house 🙂 Merry Christmas!

    stephanie says:

    the monogram candles are my favorite!! yeeeees i love candles. this is an amazing giveaway.

    Kendra says:

    This is such a lovely giveaway! And I agree about candles – my mom taught me the same thing. I love the Nice candle! Such a cute idea. I’ve also been obsessed with the monogram with the ampersand on it and this one looks similar!

    Bryanna says:

    The naughty and nice candles are my favorite!

    Stacy says:

    Its hard to choose a favorite, but I love the Naughty & Nice candles. So unique, and such wonderful design!

    Lauren Clay says:

    I LOVE the naughty and nice candles!!!

    Alison says:

    This giveaway set is gorgeous. Just HAD to check out the rest of their stock. Whoever wins this will be having some well-lit, happy holidays.

    Jessi S says:

    The lotion candles are intriguing and I love the white, ceramic container 😀

    amanda b says:

    i love the gold confetti! i’ve been eyeing it for weeks 🙂

    Allison says:

    love the gold confetti motif! all of their products are so beautiful! love it!

    Kasi says:

    Oh I love the happiology collection! All of their stuff looks so lush and nice 🙂

    Marie B says:

    I love love love the gold confetti motif pedestal candles! I always want to indulge in candles, but sometimes the cost stops me. I also love that these smell nice AND look beautiful!

    Margaret says:

    The art deco starlet candles are beyond gorgeous–I can’t think of anyone on my Christmas list who wouldn’t love one. 🙂

    Katie says:

    I love the mercury tin and the limited edition.

    Ann says:

    These are beauts! I love the gold confetti motif pedestals.

    Jennie says:

    I love the Twilight Vanilla Jewel-Cut Glass candle, but all of the products are great!

    Crystal says:

    My favorite product might be the Woodfire Oversized Matches. I’d like to have matches out and handy, but only if it’s lovely looking like this set!

    Jordi says:

    I have the Starlet Ceramic candle in Heirloom Pumpkin and I love it! It makes my whole apartment smell awesome.

    Kristen says:

    Hey Bri,
    Love your blog! I think that the Coconut Milk Mango candle in the essential jar looks absolutely divine. I am a sucker for a good coconut fragrance.

    Christina says:

    Gold confetti pedestal!

    Allison says:

    I love love love the gold confetti motif pedestals…could use all year round for some candle glam!

    Jennifer says:

    I’m lovin’ the Balsam and Cedar Decadent Footed Glass candle. So chic!

    so many pretty things to choose from! their website is full of divine products but how cute is the naughty and nice candle set?! love it.

    laura elizabeth

    Ingrid says:

    The Twilight Vanilla Frosted Mini Glass Candle is simple but elegant!

    Lindsay says:

    I love the Mulled Wine 3-Wick Mercury Glass Candle – so festive!

    Sarah C. says:

    Definitely the footed glass candle. So beautiful and perfect for a centerpiece!

    sohail justin akhavein says:

    ah!! of course i would choose the woodfire candles because they always remind me of my childhoods at the cabin! crisp, cozy and warmth from a tiny tiny candle!

    gabrielle says:

    i love decorating with candles! my favorite has to be the confetti motif. it would look great in my bedroom or kitchen xox

    alicia says:

    i think naughty & nice candles are clear winners 🙂
    i have a little box with about 40 different scented tea lights. i think one big scented candle would be much more effective 🙂

    Erin S. says:

    I love all of them! So pretty! The gold confetti motif pedestal one is SO so pretty.


    Martha says:

    My favorite product is the Pomegranate pillar candle. I miss that scent from my old Illuminations days! Those were the most fragrant, longest burning candles I’ve ever used and I’ve missed them for years. I’m so glad that you make them and that I found you!

    Alex says:

    I’m obsessed with the gold confetti and art deco ones! so pretty

    sarah.a says:

    citron basil candles sounds delicious! and the gold confetti one looks so nice

    lauren g. says:

    The heirloom pumpkin starlet ceramic seems great!

    Barbara says:

    I know that the fall is now over, but still completely hooked on Pumpkin smelling candles! Love the gold confetti one though.

    Carol says:

    Oh that would be a great way to beat the winter blues!

    Dana says:

    these products looks magical! my room has lots of burned-to-the-bottom candles peppering the space right now. would love to remedy that with these! i love the packaging of the art deco candles. favorite.

    Wendy says:

    I love burning the balsam and cedar at the same time as the woodfire- amazing combo!!

    sel says:

    loving the naughty and nice set! perfect for the season!

    Rachel says:

    How is one to choose?? I love the pumpkin, so I think I’d have to go with the Heirloom Pumpkin Starlet Ceramic.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the confetti motif pedestal!!

    Ada says:

    The gold confetti motif pedestal is so beautiful and festive for the holidays!

    Lori Kasner says:

    Favorite are the initial votives from the Illume site.

    Han says:

    Loving the confetti motif pedestal! fun, flirty, and beautiful!

    angie says:

    wish I could sniff them all!! The red cedar scented one that says “cheers” caught my fancy.

    Priscilla P says:

    I love the Balsam & Cedar Decadent Footed Glass!

    Jessica says:

    The naughty and nice candles are the cutest things I have ever seen–would love to start the New Year off with these candles!

    Jayna says:

    Mmm Juniper Jade..

    Marie says:

    I just received a box of their Woodfire candles I treated myself to from their Cyber Monday deal. My favorite, for sure! I love Illume, so glad I stumbled upon them at a local shop.

    elissa says:

    i LOVE the Woodfire Starlet Ceramic. fingers crossed for this giveaway! since it’s gotten colder i’ve been plowing through candles keeping the house cozy.

    Lisa M. says:

    I love the confetti motif pedestal. Candles really make a home.


    Kristina M says:

    the coconut milk mango candles sound incredible!

    Deepshikha D says:

    I love the naughty and nice candles! the concept is so adorable and awesome for christmas.

    Angela says:

    I love the cheeky “Naughty Nice” collection. The “Nice” candle would be cute for my living room, while I think the “Naughty” one is a saucy addition to a bedroom (hehe). Happy Holidays!

    Amanda says:

    i love the naughty + nice ones, they’re cute! enjoy australia!

    Courtney says:

    The confetti candle is just so adorable! I love them all though!

    Eliza says:

    i love love love the cheers votive candle! would be great for my mom. whether or not i win, i will be considering these as a gift!


    Anonymous says:

    Even though I’m a sucker for the smell of Gardenia, and the Gardenia Retro Tin is adorable, I’d say the Naughty Boxed Glass candle wins because of the adorable packaging.

    Erika says:

    My favorite is the Balsam & Cedar Decadent Footed Glass. Perfect scent and pedestal for the holiday season!

    Jen Castle says:

    Done and done. Also joined the mailing list, love their collection. If I were to choose just one, hands down it would be the Balsam & Cedar Decadent Footed Glass (aka gold confetti!).

    Andrea says:

    I love the mercury glass candles

    Rebecca Bee says:

    This is so surreal. i just turned over the illume candle I got at blog shop to see where I could get another. Mine is almost gone! I love how the mulled wine smell gives the room a holiday vibe.

    Annie O. says:

    My favorite Illume candle at the moment would have to be the “Woodfire” scent in the Mercury Glass votive. Illume candles, especially this time of year, are perfect for lighting when you’re cozying up by the fireplace on snowy winter nights! They also make the perfect gift; you really can’t go wrong with a lovely candle.

    Elina says:

    Balsam & Cedar Decadent Footed Glass is perfect! I love candles in this season!

    Kellsey says:

    the Balsam & Cedar Decadent Footed Glass candle is amazing. looks like a bday cake

    Britt says:

    Those Starlet Ceramic candles are awesome!

    Erin says:

    With so many great designs and scents, it’s tough to nail down just one. I love the retro tins and the gold confetti motif pedestals are my favorite. Anything in the mulled wine scent would be great for this time of year. What a great give away! Thanks!

    amy says:

    art deco in vanilla! Love!

    sooki says:

    Mulled Wine 3-Wick Mercury Glass Candle!

    Dana Langston says:

    I just love all of your products so it’s
    hard to pick just one or two to list. I guess the
    confetti motif candle. I love the way candles
    make me feel better when I’m sad or
    happy and always keep my home
    smelling oh so delectable.

    Amanda Smith says:

    Oh my gosh! I love the pedestal candle! It’s so beautiful!

    Love the confetti motif candles! Such a cute holder! x

    Brittney says:

    The starlet is so cute and classy! And, hold up, girl…Heirloom Pumpkin? YUM!
    Have fun in Sydney!

    Sinead says:

    I really just love the confetti motif pedestal!

    Natalie says:

    I can’t even imagine how wonderful my house would smell with the heirloom pumpkin reed diffuser. Classy & delicious 🙂

    Margaret S. says:

    My favorite is the Mulled Wine Starlit Ceramic. Too bad you can’t smell them online. Technology really needs to catch up.

    Anne Cuddy says:

    I love Balsam & Cedar Decadent Footed Glass! So cool!

    Kiley says:

    The Heirloom Pumpkin fragrance looks absolutely amazing!!!! I’m in love!

    Ana says:

    I don’t know if this giveaway is open worldwide, but just in case, i leave my comment!
    I like the gardenia candles!

    Liliana says:

    I love the beautiful Balsam & Cedar Fireside Mátches,mostly because of theír box!

    sharon says:

    oh boy! i really like candle and definitely use them all the time. illume candles has got to be one of my favorites.

    Ciera says:

    This shop is AMAZING I LOVE the confetti motif pedestals!!!

    Nicole says:

    I really love the woodfire starlet candle along with the woodfire matches. So chic.

    Jamie says:

    oh my gosh! these are wonderful. i love love love the woodfire starlet candle.

    Allison Skok says:

    I just love the “Give&Give” candles. So cute, and the font is spot on.
    And the name “Illume” is absolutely brilliant!

    Katie says:

    I LOVE the top candle, the glass one with the gold dots. I am obsessed with candles. They make a room so much nicer!

    Courtney says:

    My FAV is the Woodfire Collection! So cozy!!

    Noor says:

    Wow what a great give away I LOVE candles 🙂

    Those lotion candles are amazing.

    Ah I love everything, so it’s a little hard to choose, but I’d have to say the Coconut Milk Mango or the Balsam & Cedar candles are my favorites. They fill up a whole room with deliciousness!

    Sophie says:

    I really like the confetti candle!

    courtney d says:

    my favorite is the confetti motif pedestal!

    My favorite is the gold confetti motif pedestals that would look perfect in my living room ! Finger crossed !

    DANIELLE L says:

    any of the WOODFIRE collection because it is starting to get semi-cold in Texas!

    Alyssa says:

    The gold confetti motif pedestal is my absolute favorite!

    Leslie says:

    What a fantastic site! The candles in tins are my favorite, I bet the Heirloom pumpkin smells incredible!


    MaryB says:

    I love the balsam and cedar footed glass candle. What a wonderful giveaway. Thanks for offering the chance to win.

    jess lonett says:

    the gold confetti candle is definitely the most rad!

    i definitely have some candle loving friends i could gift the second set to 🙂

    Tori says:

    GINGER & SEA SALT? OMG. The Naughty & Nice ones also look amazing and so adorable!!

    Rebecca says:

    The naughty & nice candles, too perfect to add to the basket full of “favorite things” I am giving my dear friend this Christmas!

    Sarah says:

    I love the heirloom pumpkin starlet ceramic. Happily it’s part of the giveaway set!

    Sam says:

    Ooooo, the Fennel Leaf Paint Tin Candle!

    Kiersten says:

    The confetti motif pedestal candles are so pretty!

    Lindsey says:

    Such amazing candles! My favorite is definitely the balsam & cedar decadent footed glass candle!

    kendra says:

    loving the confetti candle so pretty!

    anne says:

    Awesome! I am sure lemongrass is amazing!

    Isabel says:

    love the Balsam & Cedar Decadent Footed Glass candle.

    Jo Marie says:

    I love the polka dots on the Gold Confetti Motif Pedestals. The scents look amazing…Balsam & Cedar would be perfect for the holidays, and I’m curious about the Citrus & Basil combination. Thanks!

    Emily K. says:

    I love Illume! I especially love those confetti pedestals! I would also love to try their rollerball perfumes. Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

    Laura says:

    Love the naughty + nice – nearly everyone I know has been extra, extra good this year.

    Gaby says:

    i LOVE that confetti candle and their mulled wine 3 wick candle. they sound like they smell like a delicious christmas!

    Natasha says:

    Each candle is a mini work of art! My favorite has to be the Heirloom Pumpkin Starlet Ceramic. How gorgeous! Something I’d just love to have out at all times, lit or not!

    ashley says:

    oh man, it’s so hard to pick! and i think i’d want to stick my nose in each one. i’m usually a sucker for sweet smelling candles like vanilla, but there are so many interesting and unique scents. right now, something about the mediterranean candle one appeals to me. mm. love candles!!

    Kate says:

    The citron basil soap must smell INCREDIBLE!! BUUT I’d also love a coconut milk mango candle….yumo!! Great giveaway!

    mindi says:

    Usually not a fan of scents and smells…but anything balsam makes me dream of Maine. And that’s a good thing!


    Kathy says:

    The gold confetti pedestal candles take the cake! So beautiful!

    ashley e says:

    Oh gosh, I love the matchboxes! As far as candles though, the Balsam scent would be perfect right now.

    MF Miller says:

    I actually really love the matchbox.
    Nice matches are a luxury that I usually don’t think to splurge for but they look so classy and impress at parties.

    Sms says:

    The gold confetti

    Camille Iman says:

    I love the diffusers especially the Mediterranean and Lemon Grass scents! And the Love votive candle since I’m a newlywed!

    victoria says:

    I love the naughty and nice set!

    Caytlyn says:

    I LOVE the confetti motif pedestal, all their stuff is beautiful!

    Emily Hazzard says:

    The Oakmoss fragrance seems lovely. I love that big ol’ jar candle!

    Jenna says:

    I love candles! And I love Illume! I really like the frosted glass candles and I think I would love the Tahitian scent. But everything on their site is really lovely!

    Hazel says:

    The yuzu mint fragrant candle sounds divine!

    Tina Martinez says:

    Would Love to check out the Citron Basil scent! all of their candles have really interesting scent combos, Great Giveaway!

    Carly says:

    Love the heirloom pumpkin, but gotta have that pedestal candle 🙂

    Courtney K says:

    Balsam and Cedar all the way!

    correatown says:

    the gold confetti pedestal candle makes my heart sing a little bit more… def my fave. LOVE your site darlin xx

    Dana S says:

    I just smelled the Naughty candle in a store… and I LOVED it! Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

    Maggie says:

    Pretty! The woodfire collection sounds amazing!

    Taylor says:

    the motif pedestals are darling! …and will make a wonderful little home for some succulents once the candles burnt out! make it more of a bitter sweet ending for the candle rather than being afraid of burning it all gone! :]

    Summer B. says:

    Love the pedestal candle holders! Beautiful!

    jennie says:

    The coconut-milk-mango essential jar would be a fabulous bedroom addition.

    Holly says:

    The gold confetti motif pedestal is just so retro-classy–I don’t know if I’ve ever seen glitter make something look so delicate! I’m also loving the “Mulled Wine Mercury Glass” candle—I agree candles make us feel a little more grown up, but some sparkle always brings out the giddy little girl in me!

    Kayla J. says:

    Those gold confetti motif pedestals are just darling! I love yummy smelling candles!

    megan s says:

    oh. my. those confetti pedestals are to die for!! i may just have to get them regardless because they’re fabulous!

    Laura C. says:

    I would love to freshen my room with the Citron Basil candle. Just the name of it sounds so crisp and refreshing!

    Love this giveaway!

    Erin says:

    I love candles in my home, they are an absolute necessity and turn my place into my sanctuary. I love the sound of Saffron Lavender (perfect for bubble baths and early night in bed) or Citron Basil for out to lovely summer nights

    Rosemary says:

    The gold confetti pedestals are just beautiful! I also love the sound of their Happiology collection. The Sunshine Demi candle sounds lovely!

    Michelle B says:

    I absolutely love the gold confetti pedestals. Gorgeous! Thanks!!

    emily says:

    I wonder what that delicious-looking Tuscan Olive tin candle smells like.

    Kathy with a K says:

    Naughty & Nice!

    Samantha says:

    Great site. Pinning some items for gift ideas. I love the look of the boxed candles. Balsam and cedar is what I’d want to be smelling this season.

    Amy says:

    sure do love that gold confetti pedestal!

    Melissa says:

    Totally in love with the gold confetti motif pedestals…it’s truly golden in my book! 🙂

    annalise says:

    love the starlet candles!

    i absolutely LOVE the balsam & cedar decadent footed glass confetti candle, it’s stylish and a little party on your table!

    Barbara says:

    I love the gold confetti candle!

    Um HOW can I choose just one? I say all of them are my favorite!

    Brittney says:

    The citron basil candles sound amazing!

    love the sunshower collection…and the packaging’s pretty too!

    Liana Kangas says:

    The Balsam & Cedar Decadent Footed Glass absolutely matches everything in my room! Cedar is one of the most perfect smells for the holiday.

    Bonnie says:

    Love the Oakmoss essential tin – gorgeous packaging!

    carissa shapiro says:

    I just LOVE that gold confetti candle on the top! I’d love to give it away and better yet, keep one for myself too!

    katie says:

    that coconut mango soy candle sounds like a little piece of candles. And I love the matchboxes. Beautiful packaging. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

    Allison says:

    Ooh I love the wood fire collection!

    OOoh, those are just gorgeous!! I love the limited edition footed glass candles with the gold dots. =)

    Inge says:

    I love the gold confetti pedestal! And the woods fragrances they have must smell wonderful!

    carolyn says:

    you had me at confetti!

    kirsten says:

    I love there monogram candles!

    julis says:

    wow..those products are so nice!
    I love the message candles..but there are too much gorgeous things..

    Lindsay o says:

    I love the confetti pedestal! It would look great sitting out on my dining table.

    Celeste says:

    Love the Twilight Vanilla 3-wick Mercury Glass candle!

    maggiedodson says:

    Having been on a hunt for the perfect candle (can you say get a hobby? 🙂 ), these are at the top of my list! Oh how lovely my apartment would smell if I could light the Tuscan Olive candle!

    Loren says:

    Can’t resist a candle named Naughty…

    Rebekah says:

    I love any of the starlet collection, the deco design is gorgeous!

    Christina says:

    I like the lidded candles. That way when you blow out your candle all you can smell is sent of the candle and not the “I just blew out my candle” smell. You feel me? These are gorgeous candles! It’s funny because I just lit up a candle before I sat down to check out your blog!

    Audrey says:

    Winter Woods is fantastic. Gorgeous mercury glass too!

    Mylaine says:

    I love them all!
    But my favorite is definitly the gold confetti pedestal. how cute!

    I LOVE the Twilight Vanila 3-Wick Mercury Glass candle! So pretty!! But I’m dying to try one of the lotion candles!? SO cool! These are beautiful!!!

    Melissa Em. says:

    What a great and generous giveaway! They all sound wonderful, but the Mulled Wine has me drooling.

    Hannah L says:

    I love diffusers, the oceano one would be perfect to avoid the winter blues!!

    Meghan says:

    I love the look of the twilight mercury glass candle! Super cute and it’s vanilla scented – a bonus for sure!

    Kerry says:

    LOVE the naughty and nice candles!!

    Audrey says:

    Oops I guess Winter Woods isn’t on their site (I got it at Anthropologie) so my choice is now Balsam & Cedar.

    Summer says:

    I love the gold dots on the Decadent Footed Glass candle.
    Such a center piece!

    Krysta Klumpp says:

    The boxed candles are gorgeous and beautifully packaged. x

    Zoya says:

    Omg. That confetti candle is most definitely my favourite! I must have it, it would be the perfect addition to the collection of pretty things on my cabinet. Beautiful collection, I think I may need to invest!

    Lisa says:

    I’d love to have the Heirloom Pumpkin Starlet Ceramic candle! They have so many great candles it was really hard to pick a favorite.

    Kat says:

    Oh I like the Heirloom Pumpkin Starlet Ceramic. It’s got a great design and sounds like it smells pretty great too.

    Krista W says:

    I definitely like the Woodfire and Mulled Wine as a holiday scent, but I’m loving their herbal and spice scents like Saffron Lavender and Ginger & Sea Salt.

    meg says:

    *wantwantwant* the balsam & cedar Starlet. gorgeous! close runner up the woodfire. i need both!

    Sara says:

    My oh my, I love that polka dot candle holder!

    Rita says:

    I live by the coast so I’m very intrigued with the Ginger & Sea Salt Rollerball Perfume. Seasalt in a parfum? I must try it! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Sonja D says:

    Citron basil sounds intriguing!! I love citrus and herbs.

    Mailinh says:

    Just love the gold confetti motif pedestal! Too pretty!

    Tiffany says:

    I love their Happiology collection, but their starlet ceramic candle from the Holiday collection is so, so pretty!

    anna g says:

    definitely the Woodfire Starlet Ceramic candle. i have it burning on in the room right now, next best thing to having a real fire place!

    Lizzie says:

    Love the gold confetti motif pedestals.

    rachael says:

    i love the woodfire pillar! so beautiful!

    Jennifer R. says:

    I LOVE the gold confetti pedestal!
    I’ve just finally put up my Christmas decorations and I am trying to make the house look as festive as possible for our holiday party. Really, any of the items would make a great addition to the house!

    Praxis says:

    Oh I am definitely in love with the gold confetti pedestal candle. it’s quirky & gorgeous at the same time, and would be a perfect addition to living room.

    – praxis

    Erica Louie says:

    Wow! Such beautiful candles!! I love the Heirloom Pumpkin Starlet Ceramic candle! Awesome and retro!!

    nicolle says:

    LOVE the naughty and nice candles!

    Oh man. The pedestal candles kill me. SO AMAZING.

    Amy Orvin says:

    I love the Love Votive Candle

    Leigh says:

    I love the idea of burning the naughty and nice candles at the same time so that it smells like the holidays! I’m a big fan of candles and usually have a few burning that complement each other.

    Tiffany says:

    I love those art deco ceramic candles, so beautiful!

    Kelly says:

    the art deco candles will be a nice touch, I like those!

    Jade says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog today and am smitten! Those Naughty and Nice candles are so much fun! That Ampersand is to die for!

    Katrien Van Mulders says:

    I adore the frosted candles, especially the Thai Lily Frosted Mini Candle!

    Queen Mother says:

    Dear Darling Daughter! I will let someone else win this (as if I’d ever be eligible anyway! haha) because I have enough candles. I actually counted that I lit 29 the other night. Helped to make sure I would not burn the house down when I counted 29 when I blew them out! haha : ) Thanks for the shout out! Love you, Mama!

    Anonymous says:

    Has to be the starlet ceramic for me i think. Im mid-mentally decorating the flat im moving into next month. The line, the colour, the style centrepiece to my pinterest board. Well classy x

    Hélène says:


    My favourite product would be the naughty candle for sure !

    bri, thank you for the chance to win!

    it would have to be each item in the woodfire series! the best scent in the world.
    though, that confetti stand is pretty amazing.

    happy holidays to you and yours!

    Zhanna says:

    The confetti pedestal is just adorable. And you can use them for all your make-up cotton balls or something, once it burned out.

    Blackcosmic says:

    There must be something in the water! I swear I’ve been thinking about scented candles all week and have been seeing them everywhere! so I would be pleased as punch to win this amazing set of candles (could really turn my studio into a calm nice smelling place, and focus my senses during yoga too!)
    I had a good browse over at Illume, and the gold confetti motif pedestal is definitely one of my faves, it’s just so cute and spotty!

    Corina says:

    I fell in love with Heirloom Pumpkin Demi Boxed Candle !!

    They are so stylish!

    Ruthie Baudoin says:

    the gold confetti motif pedestal would stand tall on our coffee table in our 640 sq foot home for our annual Christmas Eve Eve party of the 23rd where about 100 friends and neighbors come through to wish each other a jolly holiday! thanks!

    Alicia K says:

    Love the naughty and nice ones!

    Dalyn says:

    Love the gold confetti pedestal and I’m dying to smell the balsam and cedar scent!

    Christine says:

    I love the idea of the coconut milk mango soy tin jar and any of the lemongrass candles. I bet they smell delicious!

    Minna S. says:

    oooh! i would be happy with anything from their shop! everything is so lovely! my fave would be any of the fruity scented candles (:

    amber says:

    I am loving the frosted mini glass…and I’d want to try one in Thai Lily!

    Kelli says:

    I have to say my favorite is the gold confetti motif pedestals! I LOVE polka dots and gold! 🙂

    Courtney M says:

    I love the nice and naughty candles as gifts but my favorite is the confetti pedestal. I can picture it on our mantle now!

    emily anne-marie says:

    looove the Balsam & Cedar Decadent Footed Glass!


    Erin O says:

    I would love to smell the Woodfire candles!

    martha says:

    love those gold confetti candles!! and their balsam and cedar scent is fantastic

    bree says:

    My mom is a candle lover as well, her home smells amazing whenever i visit. I’m a sucker for Chrismas smells and balsom and cedar NEEDS to be in my apartment. Thanks bri!

    holly says:

    I love the starlet candles, so i really hope I win!
    Thank you! Pretty please pick me!

    Michaela says:

    Bamboo & Agave… how amazing does that sound?

    Vee P says:

    I love the scent of lavender & the ocean so I’d most likely would buy chaffon lavender & oceano =]

    Dani says:

    I love to art deco starlet candles! Beautiful.

    The coconut milk mango sounds divine. But I am madly in love with the Balsam & Cedar Decadent Footed Glass candle!

    Megan Alissa Glanville says:

    I love it all! I would select the fennel leaf paint tin can candle! lovely 🙂

    Colleen Boudreau says:

    I like the Sunshower Energizing Body Butter.

    Ashley says:

    They’re all so pretty! I would love to smell the Woodfire.

    Megan says:

    I love any of the Saffron Lavender candles 🙂

    Michelle says:

    Candles are one of the highlights of my life. They make my life so much better. The first thing I do when I get home from work is light a candle. My favorite scent is pumpkin, but the Naughty & Nice collection is too perfect to pass up. I’d also probably love any of the wood scents. So many to choose from!

    Emma says:

    Mmmmm I love me some Balsam and Cedar candles! They’re my fav

    I love the Naughty + Nice set, so perfect for the holidays!

    Kelsey Smith says:

    I love the Woodfire Starlet Ceramic candle!

    Alex B says:

    The Tahitian and Coconut Milk Mango look lovely!

    Donna F. says:

    Love the Twilight Vanilla reed diffuser…and everything else too!

    Adele says:

    The Balsam & Cedar Decadent Footed Glass looks amazing!

    Rachael says:

    My favorite is the Twilight Vanilla 3-Wick Mercury Glass Candle! But they all look so nice!!

    Jessica says:

    I love the gold accents and patterned designs on the starlet candles! Hope I win!!

    Jess says:

    The decadent footed glass / pedestal motif is my favorite! Reminds me of a pretty birthday cake. Pick this number!

    Colleen Cummings says:

    I love the design of the naughty and nice candles. So cute! My all time favorite scent from illume is cucumber.

    Kate says:

    The container for the lotion candles is great and I am intrigued to try the woodfire scent!

    erin says:

    I am obsessed with all things pomegranate, so that would probably my favorite!

    Completely LOVING the gold confetti candle!

    Annalise says:

    The footed glass and starlet ceramic are very pretty. I bet the gardenia collection smells amazing!

    Heather says:

    The woodfire mercury glass candle is my fave!

    Natalie says:

    Love them all especially the confetti motif pedestal!!

    magalerie says:

    The perfect giveaway for the Holiday Season 🙂

    I love the I love the naughty & nice candles. Fingers crossed 🙂

    Stephanie H. says:

    Thanks for hosting this! I really want to smell the mulled wine candle :).

    Sara says:

    Such a great collection of products! Gotta say I love those Naughty and Nice candles. Perfect for the season. 😉

    Can’t just pick one, especially with candles! Love the Naughty + Nice themed candles. You seriously can’t go wrong! Adorable.

    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

    Emma says:

    I love the Balsam and Cedar or Heirloom Pumpkin Pillow Tin or Decadent Footed Glass! So pretty!

    Alli says:

    Love, love, love gold confetti motif pedestals. Anything with confetti is fantastic in my books 🙂

    Olivia says:

    I love the Give&Give collection, what a great way to remind your loved ones that you’re rooting for them!

    Kimberly M says:

    The Mulled Wine Starlet Ceramic candle would not only smell like the holidays, but it looks so beautiful and festive, as well!

    I love the mercury glass candles – especially noble and cedar – it’s going in my room right now!

    Cathy says:

    The Balsam & Cedar is my holiday favorite!!

    Yvonne S says:

    Thank you for this amazing giveaway! Illume’s Coconut Milk Mango is one of my favorite scents of all time, but I’d love to try these holiday candles!

    Kayleigh says:

    All of their candles are gorgeous! I especially like the Naughty & Nice candles… so cute!

    Jessica says:

    I love the Mulled Wine Fireside 2-Wick Tin! I love all of the designs Illume has for their candles but the 2-Wick tins are so simplistic and yet beautiful!

    Jamie says:

    I am in love with the monogram boxed candles!

    Joanna Lee says:

    I am in love with the Naughty and Nice candles. The design and type on them all is just great. I would definitely have to give these to a design friend. Thanks for the discount as well!

    Definitely would love the Balsam and Cedar decadent footed glass! I love when my apartment is filled with the smell of evergreen during the holidays.

    Erin Turner says:

    I love the Naughty & Nice Candles; so pretty.

    Jenny Newman says:

    The Mulled Wine 3-Wick Mercury Glass candle is for sure my favourite.. It will burn longer and brighter than all the rest and I suspect that scent is DIVINE.

    Dara says:

    i LOVE the mercury glass collection!!!

    Jamie T. says:

    I love the gold confetti pilars, and I’m really digging anything with mercury glass right now. Illume always has the best smelling candles!

    The Balsam and Cedar Illume candle would be the perfect holiday gift. Wonderful giveaway! xx

    yvonne says:

    Love Illume. I think the Decadent Footed Glass candle–perfect is amazing! Wat a holiday treat.

    caitlyn says:

    Those footed pedastal candles are incredible. so festive and fun. caitlyn.crane@gmail.com

    Erin says:

    The naughty boxed glass candle! How festive 🙂

    julianna says:

    wow! i love the coconut milk mango candle! i’m sure it would smell amazing! candles make a house so cozy!

    kristina says:

    i love their vanilla room spray!

    Nora says:

    Balsam and Cedar footed glass be mine!

    Michaela DeRosa says:

    Love love love the Mulled Wine!


    jodie says:

    Love all of the candles in the starlet range, beautiful art deco designs.

    Savannah says:

    Love the confetti pedestal candles!!!

    Freja says:

    The gold confetti pedestal looks great!

    I love the gardenia and lemongrass retro tins!

    Joyce Kim says:

    I would love the Woodfire Starlit Ceramic!!

    katie liz says:

    i’m loving the confetti motif pedestal…never seen a candle like that before!
    xo, katie liz

    Susan says:

    I love the Saffron Lavender retro tin and the gold confetti pedestals!

    Breana Richison says:

    Juinper jade looks amazing and the big gold one pictured above.

    Molly says:

    How beautiful! I’d love to win the confetti pedestal. 🙂

    silvia says:

    I like Balsam & Cedar Fireside 2-Wick Tin. From Italy

    Sara Baryak says:

    Coconut Mango Essential Jar Candle!!! Think this will smell AMAZING!! And the color is gorgeous! I love giveaways… Always wanted to sign up for one but never have. Got my fingers crossed! Happy holidays everyone!

    Lauren says:

    I really love the mercury glass candles! So pretty! The scents on the site are so unique.

    Alexandra says:

    I love the Twilight Vanilla Essential Jar! Vanilla has always been my go-to!


    Julia G. says:

    I’d really enjoy the orange cranberry pillars. Sounds so good!

    Cate says:

    The mulled wine starlet candle seems to combine two of my favorite winter things in candle form: cozy, candlelit nights with mugs of mulled wine. Thanks for the giveaway!

    kristi says:

    oh em gee. how does one decide?!?! Sunshower and Yuzu Mint sound amazing but I also LOVE the confetti candle. I just want the holder!


    Amanda says:

    i about died when i saw that gold polka dot candle. if i don’t win it i’m buying it!

    Kelly B. says:

    I love the candle tins! I bet the lemongrass essential tin smells amazing. I would choose that one!

    Sarah says:

    I love the gardenia scent. The Gardenia Essential Jar would be perfect on my night stand!

    nicole says:

    it was definitely love at first sight for me with the Balsam & Cedar Decadent Footed Glass candle. the gold dots are almost too much cuteness to handle, & the scent sounds divine! thank you for the discount too! fingers crossed. oxo

    alexisbryn says:

    WOW! LOVING THIS Balsam & Cedar Decadent Footed Glass!!

    gold polka dots FTW. However, the citron basil candle sounds divine! With the cute rope detail on the lid.

    Aubrey says:

    The naughty & nice candles are WAY cute!

    Ashley K says:

    The balsam & cedar footed glass candle looks awesome! Everything is just gorgeous though!

    Clare says:

    Great giveaway! My favourites would have to be the Ginger and Sea Salt candles. They sound good enough to eat!

    Melody F says:

    Coconut milk mango! In everything:) must buy their diffuser and big jar candle. Love.

    Cindy A. says:

    Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway. My favorites are the Naughty & Nice candles, but I also love the Fennel Leaf candle and hand lotion.

    maggie says:

    the seasonal collection.. and happiology collection…pretty much i want them all!

    My favorite is definitely the Balsam & Cedar Decadent Footed Glass Candle!! So festive!! 🙂

    isa says:

    I love the Balsam & Cedar Decadent Footed Glass candle!

    Linnae says:

    LOVE Salsam & Cedar Glass Candle. Yes!

    Lois says:

    I love everything in the shop! I always say to people if they can’t think of something to get me – a scented candle is always gratefully accepted. If I had to pick one favourite right now it would be the Juniper Jade Paint Tin Candle. I hope I win!!

    MelissaW says:

    I really love the look and I’m sure would love the smell of the Balsam & Cedar Decadent Footed Glass. I think it would remind me of home in Oregon.

    Emily says:

    We are currently redecorating our offices and my boss has been on the hunt for some great accessories – especially candles for this time of year. What could be a better gift than the Balsam & Cedar Decadent Footed Glass? So pretty.

    Aleta says:

    Omigosh their candles are to die for!! My favorite scents by illume are lemongrass or tangerine. All the different designs are so elegant, and the scents make any space heavenly!

    Monica N says:

    I totally love the confetti footed glass candles! And the bamboo and agave tin…I can only imagine what that smells like. Heaven perhaps?

    Eliza says:

    Oh I long to smell you, Juniper & Jade (and Oakmoss and… let’s face it, anything in the lovely woodsy forest section!). Candles make the world go round, particularly at Christmas.

    Thank you for the chance to win Bri!

    Melissa says:

    I love all of their candles on their website, such cute designs on the tins. My favorite is actually the gold motif pedestal! Love the little gold specks and how it’s raised!

    Sarah says:

    I love the Pineapple Cilantro scent, i have a few in my place. But I have been eyeballing the Starlet Candles since it popped up on the website. I am excited to try the Basalm and Cedar scent!

    Nicole says:

    The Sunshower collection sounds like it would smell nice! And I love the packaging!

    Amber says:

    The starlet ceramic candles are gorgeous! I’d love one in cedar and balsam or woodfire.

    Dom B. says:

    LOVE the Limited Edition and the Mercury Glass candles. So pretty, I could watch them all night instead of a fire!

    Caitlin says:

    Eek! I love Illume candles! I love their orange cranberry scent. It’s perfect for the Holidays!

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