i always get a little nervous before i travel out of the country…am i forgetting something? is my passport expired? do i even know how to get around? just that feeling of uncertainty. but that’s also the exciting part. not knowing what to expect, not over-planning. i have really learned (well, almost) to let most of the travel anxiety go and just keep my eyes wide open and ready for anything.

we are headed to australia in 6 days and will be there for just about two weeks! (i can’t believe the sydney and melbourne blogshops sold out!) i haven’t had much time to actually prepare for the trip, considering miami is tomorrow, but i would really love your sydney and melbourne recs! i have been wanting to go to australia since i was in middle school (i used to think i wanted to be an oceanographer when i was a kid – which is hilarious because the ocean totally freaks me out now – but those beaches in australia sure tempted me as a kid) i’m happy to be headed there in their summer time and to have a little time to explore both places in nice weather.

now…food, shops, beaches, secrets….please tell me!

how cute is this baby kangaroo print by sharon montrose? the perfect nursery print!

and hey…check out this wild spot we will be teaching in sydney next weekend! thanks for scouting, sweet luisa


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    Brittany says:

    Hey Bri! So excited for you to get to head down under!!! What an adventure.

    Also, there is a Victoria’s Secret PINK ad in place just above this post on your main page – it has a drop down feature where they are showcasing 8 products, but it hangs over your sweet little post! I wasn’t seeing a “close” option on it anywhere, and rolling over it doesn’t change the status of the drop down.

    Just something to look into!

    bri says:

    hi brittany! thanks for letting me know! i was just scrambling to get that fixed…ugh!

    Kate says:

    Aw man! When I saw “oz,” I totally thought Kansas – and then Kansas City. And I got really excited. But have fun in Australia!

    sarah.a says:

    in melbourne check out acland street and the st kilda beach foreshore, chapel street for great shopping, chadstone shopping centre, brighton beach and all the fun alleys in the city area! give my town a hug, i miss it.

    justbeth says:

    So I’m so totally excited that you are going to Australia! I can’t wait to see all the pictures and hear about what an adventure it will be. I wish I could help in the where to go, what to do, in Australia department, I’ve never been but I do know of one guy a really awesome photographer from there maybe if you reach out to him he can give you a few hot spots to look out for, Dan O’Day, http://www.danodayphotoblog.com/
    Good Luck, Safe Travels, and have fun!!

    rita says:

    australia is my very favorite place, ever! we spent a lot of our time in sydney in a wedding + jetlag hangover but some of my favorites were:
    – manly beach – little less touristy than bondi and gorgeous!
    – the rocks area and all of the restaurants on argyle street – http://www.sakerestaurant.com.au/sydney/ had amazing sushi and cocktails!
    – the little cafes/delis everywhere all had AMAZING food! you’d pop in for a water and leave with the best little chocolate treat or sandwich
    – it is amazing to see ‘roos in the wild, but if you don’t have time for that trip, you can go to the taronga zoo – it’s a conservation zoo so not creepy like most zoos (in my opinion!) and is a beautiful way to see the city
    – sydney bridge walk!

    these are probably all pretty touristy recommendations… usually we try and incorporate ourselves into the regular life of a city but for this trip we just kind of rolled with being tourists. then we went and spent a week in the whitsundays, which was heaven!

    i can’t wait to see your trip recaps!

    oh! and if you are flying virgin australia out of LAX- they had really weird carry-on rules regarding weight… we only had carryons and ended up having to check those b/c of the restrictions. something to be aware of!

    yvonne says:

    How fun! I use to live there for a bit when I was in University, going to the College of Fine Arts in Sydney. Anyways, you must go to Manly Beach. It’s were I used to live and commute into Sydney too. Take the Ferry over from the opera house to Manly. So much fun! Never been to Melbourne, But here it’s super cool. Safe and fun travels!

    Penelope says:

    I live in Melbourne and could give you a thousand tips on awesome things that make this city amazing! But instead I’ll just give you one, and that is to have a read of broadsheet.com.au – they have Sydney and Melbourne sections, and have a list of great bars, cafes, restaurants and fun activities to do.

    I can’t wait to hear what you think of Australia 🙂

    Esther says:

    I recently had a 24 hr layover in Sydney, so I asked a friend of mine who used to live there for some places to visit. As a few have mentioned above, if you have time, take the ferry over to Manly. Both the ferry ride and Manly Beach are incredible. Also, Harry’s Cafe de Wheels has the most amazing Australian meat pies (cash only, fyi). I’m so excited for you! Have a wonderful time!

    Cat says:

    A favourite place of mine in Sydney is the Royal Botanic Gardens which would be amazing now with all the weather we’ve been having. Just outside of the grounds is the Art Gallery of NSW which is free!! And over in Sydney Harbour, near The Rocks is the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) – also free! Ooh and I really love Crown Street in Surry Hills for quirky shops and wonderful cafes. Actually Surry Hills in general is pretty neat.

    Noor says:

    Everyone that I have met have told me Australia is one their all time favorite vacation spot to go so I am sure you will love it. I have ALWAYS wanted to snorkel at the great barrier reef its my #1 to do thing since I was a kind. Have fun and take LOTS of pictures for us..

    Chick Tyler says:

    (I love that couch!!!)

    Lindsay says:

    Whatever you do in Melbourne – make SURE to stop in the Fitzroy neighbourhood (particularly, Brunswick street, starting at Gertrude)!! BEST vintage shops, boutiques and cafes. I’m so jealous! Make sure to take in all the amazing graffiti as well – Melbourne is absolutely covered in amazing art. Have a blast! Come to Canada for a blog shop!


    Tanika Blair says:

    Mebourne, Hoiser Lane! u should do a fashion shot there, awesome graffiti street

    Erin says:

    Getting really excited for next weekend! The space looks AMAZING!! I agree with several of the posts above – Manly Beach is gorgeous…also, you can take the harbour ferry to Watsons Bay – there’s a great seafood restaurant there called Doyle’s that do a delicious seafood platter. Plus it’s waterside, so you can’t beat the view! I also love the Rocks area, lots of cool old pubs there to explore. I also love Surry Hills for more of a funky/trendy vibe. Good restaurants, pubs, and shops there. Darling Harbour is also worth checking out. Even though it’s a bit more on the touristy side, it’s still really pretty and there’s lots to do. And of course, you gotta check out Bondi Beach. It’s definitely the most well-known beach in Sydney, if not the country. Hope this helps! Safe travels!! xx

    Patty P says:

    Yay for your Australian Visit! I’m a Sydney and ex Melbourne girl so here are my popular and local tips…:


    Bourke St Bakery in Surry Hills for delicious treats while sitting in a gorgeous leafy street with LOTS of local lovers of this cafe.

    Breakfast at Bondi followed by the cliff walk from Bondi to Bronte, then a swim at Tamarama or Bronte Beach and then a swanky beachy lunch surrounded by Bronte posh locals.

    Sydney Zoo! gorgeous view of the harbour and aussie furry creatures :)You get to catch a wonderful ferry trip there too.


    Roof top bar and cinema on top of the Curtain House building! Delightfully full of local hipsters!

    Great Ocean road drive if you can spare a full day. Beautiful Aussie scenery.

    Melbourne is the awesome small bar capital of Australia:
    Some of my favs: Workshop, Madamn Brussels,Cookie, Joes Shoe Store,Pony Fish island…. lord, I could go on and on.

    The above comment was right, Broadsheet is the Australian Bible for cool places and things to do. Wonderfully curated.

    Have a great time!

    Liz says:

    Sydney will be quite humid, and Melbourne will be anywhere from cold (although not heaps cold), to rediculously hot, with rain inbetween. I live in Melbourne. But my favourite thing to do, is get lost wandering in the laneways of melbourne, taking the back routes instead of the main streets. I also like to hang out at Williamstown, and watch the big cargo ships come in, with Melbourne city the backdrop!

    Jenny says:

    I just moved back to the States from Sydney and absolutely LOVED it! You wouldn’t think it possible to love a country where cocktails run about $17 a pop, but it is the BEST place on earth. In Sydney – Bondi, Bondi, Bondi. It is pumping this time of year… check out Bondi Hardware or the Anchor for drinks & browse the shops on Gould Street. Shady Pines in Darlinghurst is also really fun, with great fresh-juice cocktails. Lord Dudley in Woolahra or go to Paddington for fun old english style pubs. In Melbs – you must eat at Chinchin (you’ll adore the neon signs) and Movida/Movida next door. Biggest tip of all – unless you’re doing the cafe-thing wherever it is you decide to eat, make sure you call ahead and make a booking. Have an extra cup of that amazing coffee for me!

    Annie says:

    Yay! We are excited for your class next week! And you will love Sydney-I live in Manly which you DEF have to take a ferry ride to!

    Sarah says:

    I’m so bummed that I’m missing out on the Blogshop events, but I’m up in Brisbane and can’t make it down.
    In Melbourne, I can absolutely recommend
    – Hu Tong Dumpling bar – order the Xiao Long Bao
    – Mamasita
    – Burch and Purchess sweet studio (great design and crazy desserts)
    – Movida
    In Sydney,
    – The Grounds of Alexandria is my favorite place to be

    Lisa says:

    Loving all these tips – lots of things I didn’t know to explore in my own city!

    Here are a few more of my faves
    – The Winery on Crown Street in Surry Hills in Sydney is an awesome quirky wine bar with a shrine to Elvis (or Manly Wine if you’re over that way – same concept but by the beach)
    – Bills or Orto Trading Co in Surry Hills for breakfast.
    – Gelato Messina for the best gelato ever. They have branches in Surry Hills and Darlinghurst
    – Sake in The Rocks is one of my favourite restaurants on earth but you’ll need to book
    – The Australian Hotel in the Rocks serves kangaroo pizza (!!)
    – Brunswick Street in Fitzroy in Melbourne is full of great quirky shops
    – Definitely visit Chin Chin (doesn’t take bookings so go for lunch or early dinner) and Movida in Melbourne!!

    Serena says:

    I live in Sydney (soooo bummed I missed out on Blogshop tix!) and the weather has been crazy lately – it’s 95F today but will be much more normal and summery next week, so you’re good 🙂

    Things to do:
    THE ROCKS – Restaurants and bars (http://www.theargylerocks.com), also Cafe Sydney (http://www.cafesydney.com) at Circular Quay if you’re interested in a gorgeous view of Sydney harbour over dinner.
    KING ST WHARF – Great food by the water. Japanese at Kobe Jones (http://www.kobejones.com.au)
    MARKETS – Paddington Markets on a sat feature up and coming designers (http://www.paddingtonmarkets.com.au) and Bondi Markets on a Sunday are awesome as well (http://www.bondimarkets.com.au). Paddington/Oxford St are great for shopping as well.
    TOURIST STUFF – Taronga Zoo. If you’re staying in the city, get the ferry across the harbour to Taronga Zoo. You get on at Circular Quay and it takes you to the zoo (Timetable: http://www.131500.com.au/upload/docs/sydney-ferry/TarongaZoo-ferry-timetable.pdf)
    If you want to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge do it at sunset (http://www.bridgeclimb.com)
    Bondi Beach gets crowded but the Bondi to Bronte walk is great (http://www.waverley.nsw.gov.au/things_to_do/local_walks/bondi_to_bronte_coastwalk).
    MANLY – (Again get the ferry there) ‘Hugos’ has great food & is casual and fun: http://www.hugos.com.au/manly.swf
    HAVE FUN and make sure you come back again! xx

    Serena says:

    I think my comment went to spam because of links to Sydney places!

    Pink Ronnie says:

    Hey Bri,

    SO excited you’re coming to Sydney. You should have a blast. The weather is great here at the moment. VERY warm (hot!) and VERY sunny. So lots of sunscreen girl.

    We just moved to the northern beaches this year, and I have to say the beaches are amazing. Manly beach is obviously a popular one. Lots of shopping and food around there as well. The ferry trip is pretty awesome (from Manly to Circular Quay and vice versa). – you get to see the lovely harbour.

    Some smaller beaches we also like are Dee Why and Freshwater. Dee Why has the most amazing frontage of cafes and restaurants so you won’t be lacking for food choices (Sandbar is our favourite cafe, but so many others to choose from). Freshwater has a nice little cafe and a more upper market restaurant there which we have yet to try. Further north you’ll find Newport beach and Palm beach which are also spectacular. (I have quite a few photos of Dee Why beach on my blog, in case you want to see for yourself.)

    Neutral Bay/Cremorne is one of our favourite places to go to for Japanese food (Shimbashi on Military is our fave restaurant)!

    As for shopping, I think you might just be lucky enough to catch the art/design and fashion markets at Kirribilli over the 9th to 10th December weekend. You also get a spectacular view of the bridge and the harbour from Kirribilli and heaps of great cafes/restaurants there too.

    ENJOY, Bri. You will have a ball.

    Ronnie xo

    Jaclyn says:

    Bri – you are going to LOVE it! I moved here 5 years ago from LA and still love discovering new spots. So excited to be a part of BlogShop and to lend a helping hand, the space looks amazing!

    Libby says:

    Oh now it’s here I CANNOT beleive i didn’t sign myself up to blogshop. shame on me! But from a Sydney local, here’s some good places I’d suggest:

    – absolute #1 place to go to for a meal is in Alexandria – a newish cafe called ‘The Grounds’. everything on the menu is a good choice and you’ll just die at the effort and detail in the fit out of this place. There’s a big garden out the front where they grow heaps of what they use in the kitchen. They got top people in various industries (business, coffee, food, Interior Design) together to work on this and so it’s had a lot of effort invested into making it amazing. I suggest just do breakfast, morning tea and lunch one day and enjoy the place – it’s that delicious and gorgeous.

    – Surry hills is lots of fun daytime or in the evening. Crown street is an easy win for shopping if you’re short on time but do try and look down other streets for other fun places. Try to buy something from Bourke Street Bakery and you’re tastebuds will thank you! The winery (as someone mentioned before) is a good bar, but for small finds I suggest Shady Pines and Sticky Bar, which you have to enter via a back entrance and have to txt to be let in, but don’t let the effort put you off!

    – catching a ferry from Circular Quay to taronga zoo or manly is also a great idea. Fun journey, good destinations. The Zoo is definitely two in one as you do get good views of the city while meeting some of the local animals!

    Seriously though Melbourne is freaking awesome too. It’s a designers heaven. Eat as much food as you can because you’ll be hard pressed to find better food anywhere. I loved +39 Pizzeria and Izakaya Den (Japanese) last time I was there. 🙂

    PS where is that venue? I know you probably don’t want people bombing the class but please don’t forget to mention where it is when the class is done! 🙂

    Libby says:

    Also – be warned – we’re apparently experiencing a heatwave… Embrace a good kick off to summer!

    Bri – have a wonderful time, it will be “rad” and I can’t wait to hear what you think. You have great tips above, including comments about the weather. IT IS BOILING, BOILING HOT IN THAT PART OF AUSTRALIA AT THE MOMENT. With your fair skin you will want light weight, long sleeves and big hats to protect you from the sun. Drink loads of water, eat salads and forget the potatoes!! Enjoy! Anita x

    danielle says:

    You’ll love Melbourne! Absolutely love it!
    Bring clothes for all types of weather, even though it’s been sweltering this week, Melbs is reknowned for 4 seasons in one day, and that’s completely true!

    Make you sure you visit Smith St and Brunswick St Collingwood, and all it’s cross streets. There are a trillion little shops to explore, cafes and bars. On Johnson St Fitzroy (off Brunswick) is a wild Tiki bar called LuWow, worth a look.

    The Melbourne Museum and Royal Exhibition Building and surrounding gardens are worth a wander through also.

    Plus head out a little further along Lygon and Sydney roads into Brunswick East to find plenty of excellent cafes and tiny craft shops.

    Chapel St is a mecca for shopping, but there are plenty of little streets and laneways dotted about in the city centre that you can lose yourself.

    Oh… and China Town for dumplings!!

    Have a rad time!! 🙂

    snappystreet says:

    YAY! You’re going to love Australia, we really do have the best of everything here!
    The weather is stunning at the moment, so I hope you’re prepared for it to be H-O-T!

    Sydney is amazing, Bondi is great, the Harbour itself is stunning, walk over the bridge if you get a chance – one of the best ways to experience it.
    Newtown has some great funky shops, bars and cafes. Check out the Grounds of Alexandria and Vicinity Dining if you can.
    Do the Bondi to Bronte walk, to take in the ocean smell!
    Have a drink at the Glenmore Rooftop in The Rocks (overlooking the city)
    Stroll through the Botanic Gardens (where I got married) it is stunning and right on the harbour!
    You’ll have so much to see and do – enjoy every last minute! x

    Jaimi says:

    Greetings from Sydney! Heads up it is getting really hot here and the sun burns hardcore here, so make sure you bring your suncream! Food wise, there are great cafes everywhere. Kawa on Crown st, The Grounds in Alexandria, Miss Marmalade in Bondi Junction, Sushi on Stanley (Darlinghurst), Molly’s in Maroubra, The French House in Waterloo, Kitchen by Mike, Ampersand in Surry Hills, Crazy Rays in Maroubra (BEST frozen ice and it is right on the beach), Coffee, Tea and Me in Redfern, The Grumpy Baker, Bourke St Bakery….Ok I think that will be a few to et through! If you want rad dinner go to the Winery on Crown st or Miss G’s in Potts Point…and you HAVE to go to Messina on Crown St, they’re gelato is out of this world. Plus they play dance music…icecream and dancing- need I say more?

    Bondi beach is obviously really pretty but it is so packed. Maroubra is also really pretty without the millions of people. Little Bay near Malabar is also super pretty and has less waves!

    That will be way too much to keep you occupied for a few days so I’ll stop there! Goodluck 🙂

    Erika says:

    Definitely head to some of the little bars around Surry Hills in Sydney:
    – Shady Pines Saloon – a hidden western style bar on Burton St that plays boot scooting music and serves amazing cocktails
    – Tios – Mexican bar (looks like a Mexican house from outside) serves free popcorn with all drinks and the boys dance on the tables.
    – Baxters – undergound bar in the city, kind of like a Gentlemans club
    – The Winery (Crown St, Manly & Darlinghurst/Kings Cross) it’s like a garden, I want to live there

    And don’t miss out on Miss Chu dumplings! They deliver or have a few Tuckshops around both Sydney and Melbourne.

    Have fun x

    Fox and Beau says:

    You MUST come to The Finders Keepers Markets in Sydney on December 8th & 9th! It’s only the BEST market in Australia, oh and we will be there!



    Lou says:

    Hey Bri,
    Can’t believe blog shop is finally here! I second all of the advice above
    And it is seriously hot at the moment. I love kitchen by
    Mike too and try red lantern in surry hills as well – great
    Vietnamese. Also single origin roasters for great coffee.
    Can’t wait to hear what you think of our city !
    Much love

    Amanda says:

    it’s crazy crazy hot here at the moment, but you’ll have the best time! wishing i was in one of the classes! can’t wait to hear about it! x

    Hannah says:

    Please do come to Perth! Would love to have you here!!

    Lauren says:

    So excited to be participating in next week’s workshop! I am travelling all the way from Perth on my first ever solo travel adventure (and my first ever time in Sydney). It’s going to be a whirlwind weekend and I can’t wait to meet all my fellow classmates and learn loads! xxx

    kittybaroque says:

    BROADSHEET is really going to give you ALL you need for Melbourne and Sydney but some of my likes below – mixed bag.

    MELBOURNE – CAFES BY SUBURB – breakfast and casual lunch:
    MELBOURNE CBD: Little Mule, Captains of Industry, Manchester Press (yum bagel), Cumulus, League of Honest Coffee, Pellegrini (Melb Institution – coffee & pasta)
    SOUTH YARRA/PRAHRAN: Two Birds One Stone, Amsterdam, St. Edmonds, My Legendary Girlfriend, The Botanical, Sicilian Orange,
    ST. KILDA: The Galleon, No.8, Fornaia, Mr Wolf
    RICHMOND Friends of Mine (great food, out of the way….)
    BRUNSWICK/FITZROY: Min Lokal, Cavallo Nero, Monsieur Truffe (amazing coffee, croissants and chocolate), Paco Taco, Huxta Burger,

    MELBOURNE CBD: GoGo Bar, 1806, Seamstress, Rooftop Bar, Cookie, The Long Room, Berlin, Comme, Izakaya Den (Japanese), Madam Brussells (rooftop quirky tea party bar), Movida, Ponyfish Island (under a bridge)
    SOUTH YARRA/PRAHRAN/Richmond/Camberwell: Fog, Der-Raum, Bar None, Claremont Tonic (new), Wolf & I, Red Bennies (Cabaret, Bar & Burlesque Show)

    39+ (great pizza), Mamasita (great Asian-Australian & Cocktails – near GoGo Bar), Cookie, Spice Road, Becco, Chin-Chins, Becco, GingerBoy, Com
    BRUNSWICK: Coda, Veggie Bar,Izakaya Den (Japanese), Circa, France Soir, Raymond Blanc Millswyn, Golden Fields,

    SHOPPING – by Suburb:
    BRUNSWICK/FITZROY – Gertrude St/Smith St location. Vintage Garage (best vintage store), Lost & Found (also Vintage), Vixen (great textiles), Dagmar Roussell (french quirky knits & french classes), Monsieur Truffe (Chocolate), Le Petit Salon (cute quirky fashion and crafty stuff), Victoria Mason Jewellery Studio (on Gertrude)
    BRUNSWICK ST: Heaps of quirky indie clothing stores, Zetta Florence Stationers
    Hungry Workshop (letterpress place), The Printing Museum, Harvest Workroom (more printing and classes, interesting from Crafty perspective), Craft Victoria (Craft Show and

    PRAHRAN/SOUTH YARRA incl Chapel & Greville St: FAT (clothes), Gorman (clothes, you will LOVE the colours..in CBD also), Signed and Numbered (AWESOME limited edition artwork, cheaper end, contemporary print, V. Melbourne – on Greville St), a *really* cute quirky shop also on Greville St almost opposite signed and numbered, all kinda gifty things), MagNation (best magazine store!), Chapel St Bazaar (Vintage everything…), Prahran Market (MUST have a cupcake by Mr Nice Guy), Marimekko Store (self explanatory), Green With Envy (posh fashion), TopShop (UK Fashion Brand

    MELBOURNE CBD: Outre Gallery (Retro/Contemporary Artwork/Prints), Metropolis (uber cool bookshop in Curtin House below Rooftop Bar & Cookie), Chinatown Precinct (great photo ops), Antons (the coolest suiting 1940’s retro style cool vibe), Melbourne Central Shopping Precinct (good mix different kinds of shopping), Tessuti (AMAZING fabric store), Cupcake Bakery & Little Cupcake (self explanatory….), Sole Devotion on Degraves St (John Fluevog Shoes…LOVE), Treats from Home (UK Sweet Shop), MYER & David Jones (OZ Department Stores) and Zara.

    PHEW!!!!! Run out of steam!

    Touristy Stuff – St. Kilda Suburb – Beachside, National Gallery Victoria (both Fed Square and St. Kilda Road), Botanical Gardens, Victoria Market (Sat Morning…but there is a Suzuki Night Market at the Vic Market in the evening during the week (awesome), Melbourne Cricket Ground (if you are a guy….), Melbourne Zoo

    Chadstone: Out of the way a bit but MASSIVE shopping mall

    Drive down the coast – beachy – Mornington Peninsula (only if you have a car), Healesville Sanctuary (rainforesty….),

    S’All I got for now. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to Blogshop Melbourne.

    kittybaroque says:

    If you can get to Finder’s Keepers Market you will LOVE it (they might have a Friday Night you can do if you are teaching on the weekend) – SUPER crafty-cool

    Newtown: REALLY love it. AWESOME vintage retro stylist there called ‘Leopard Lounge’ if you can get in
    STICKY – LOVE this bar!!!! Stay at the Establishment if not too exy.

    In Melbourne – Art Series Hotels are pretty much the coolest

    Rosemary says:

    My faaaavourite cocktail bar in Melbourne is Madame Brussels!! Go there early if you can cos they get busy!
    The Emerald Peacock, Lounge, Rooftop Bar, 1806, The Gin Palace (A MUST!), New Guernica, Sista Bella, Lu Wow, The Black Pearl, Naked For Satan the list goes on!
    Don’t be scared of the little alley ways in the CBD- they are the safest in the world and that’s where some of the best bars live! And we had a pretty intense heat wave so make sure to pack for all kinds of weather. Melbourne’s weather is cray cray.
    I’m so excited about Blogshop being in Melbourne!

    Renee Blake says:

    YAY!!! only 13 more sleeps to blogshop in Melbourne. Super excited to be going. Thousand Pound Bend is one of my favourit places to hang out in. http://www.thousandpoundbend.com.au

    Emily says:

    – Surry Hills, esp Crown St: Hipster zone, best shops (great vintage too at the top), yummy cafes and bars, BEST coffee/breakfasts
    – redfern: Great galleries, edgy
    -Newtown: more studenty/wild. Lots of fun, great bars, awesome Thai

    Botanic gardens a must! So gorgeous

    Bondi to Bronte walk (mindblowing) and the harbour walk (starting at Rose Bay you can stop at all these amazing little beaches along the way with the whole harbour spread out in front of you

    Have fun!

    hi bri! i’m doing your class this coming weekend and my vote is we all go to Shady Pines on sunday night afterwards!

    oh yes, and definitely do madame brussels in melbourne- you girls will LOVE it.

    if you go to the taronga zoo in sydney, make sure you get there for the bird show (it’s free)…i think it runs at 12:30 everyday.

    erin says:

    Hey Bri,

    Super exciting you are coming to OZ!
    My husband is an American and we love to show any friends visiting from the U.S around in Sydney. It is such a beautiful city to visit.
    I read the comments above and their are a heap of great suggestions.
    Broadsheet is a great resource for sure!

    Definitely explore the Sydney harbour.

    Start in Circular Quay and go to the MCA ( museum of contemporary art) and then walk over to the Opera House ( such an amazing building!) from there walk through the Royal Botanic Gardens and you can walk back through the city.

    Bondi is an absolute must, sure there are more secluded beaches and less touristy beaches, but Bondi has this charm to it, little cafes and cute stores.
    Sit on the beach and catch a sunset! So pretty!
    Up the street is a cute bookstore and cafe called Gertude and Alice. The pots of home made home brewed Chai is AMAZING… !! Around the corner is a great place called Miss Chu ‘s. The place is right up your alley, and the food is delish, its vietnamese, super fresh and light, and they have these coconut slushie drinks that are perfecto on a hot day. Nearby there are a few bars too.
    The Bondi Cliff walk to Bronte beach is so beautiful, it takes you up on the cliffs for some gorgeous views. You could spend a day or 1/2 day in bondi for sure.

    Surry Hills has some great vintage/ boutique shopping and good places to eat and drink. For sure Shady Pines, they have recreated an american southern bar kinda vibe, old taxidermy etc.. They have great drinks! Tio’s is also great, Baxters, like mentioned above.

    The Taronga Zoo is amazing, and you should catch the ferry over from circular quay, so pretty and funnn! The Zoo is on the harbour with amazing views.

    There is a heap to do, and im sure you wont be short on tour guides!!

    Have fun!

    Sheera says:

    Hi Bri!

    OMG I miss Sydney sooo much! Spent the best 4 years of my life studying there. 😀 I think most of the suggestions here are pretty perfect, especially Cat’s.

    Doyle’s at Watson’s bay has AMAZING seafood and a beautiful view. You would LOVE Surry Hills with its mix of quirky and tasteful shops. Bourke St Bakery is there and it has amazing pastries. 😀 I love Adriano Zumbo macarons in Balmain although I’m not sure whether they adhere to the same quality when it first started. 🙂 The Rocks for some drinks at night.

    For sightseeing, Mrs Macquarie’s Chair and the Royal Botanical Gardens for sure. They’re connected so you can spend the whole afternoon just walking around and catching some sun. You’ll then end up in front of the Opera House which allows you to take the quintessential touristy photo. Manly is great. There is a smaller beach further up which is perfect for relaxing. I used to go to Coogee beach and this small cafe had great salmon and poached egg benedict. It’s smaller than the other beaches but not as hectic.

    I could go on really but I’m sure your other readers would fill you in on better recs. Have fun Bri! Can’t wait to see pics so I can reminisce. 😉

    Rosie says:

    You MUST go to The Winery in Surry Hills when you are in Sydney! Such a quirky restaurant.

    Sarah says:

    Seconding and thirding these for emphasis:


    – Movida on Hosier Lane. ( Book the degustation – it’s like a mariachi band having a party on your tongue )
    – Madame Brussels ( Tennis-themed cocktail wonderland )
    – Brunswick St in Fitzroy for out of this world vintage ( wallet-friendly) .

    Angela says:

    Oh my gosh, it’s THIS weekend hoorahhhh!!
    You have to check out Surry Hills, and Newtown, there are some fab wine bars in Darlinghurst too! Take the ferry to Manly, or Watson Bay, and throw yourself in the surf at Bondi.
    Most of all, have fun!!!
    Can’t wait!!
    A x

    Alli says:

    I am so excited about Blogshop in Sydney this weekend!! YAY!! Thanks for bringing it to us. And I know many people have already said this but you have to go to Madame Brussels for cocktails in Melbourne & if you are in Brunswick Street, Fritzroy Melbourne, also go to Pearl for a cocktail, you won’t regret it x

    Sounds like you’re going to Sydney, Australia! Have a great time! never been but always wanted to go. Love your design blog! Having an eye for design is such a gift, we had our NYC office recently remodeled and a company (http://www.benharoffice.com/office-furniture/) came in and redesigned it all for including spacing, contemporary furniture and everything, it looks great!

    Megan says:

    I wish you could come to Perth. Western Australia has creatives with loads of energy! (And the best weather.)

    Amy A says:

    Oh if you ever come again, I am going to be the first to buy tickets!! I am so bummed I missed out!!
    Definitely set aside a little time for the laneways in Melbourne – amazing – my favourite is one called Centre Place.
    You’re pretty well covered in the comments above for Sydney but I have to second Bourke St Bakery. AND Dan O’Day! He did my wedding photos and he is the most loveliest, talented, awesome dude ever.

    Kristin says:

    I don’t think anyone has mentioned the People’s Market in Collingwood yet. A few blocks away from the Melbourne Blogshop spot! Perfect place to go after class? Check it out, I’ve been dying to go. http://www.peoplesmarket.com.au

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