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ok ok, one more coat. this lauren moffatt wool coat is one of those items you have for years and years. it goes with this fancy vintage dress but would also look great with jeans and flats. it has big gold buttons, an interesting collar and wonderful striped lining…

i stumbled upon this vintage party dress for only $38. can you believe it? although, i can really only wear it for a maximum of 3 hours because of that corset style. it’s a beautiful dress, but it’s sure not one that i can easily wear on a pizza/pasta/carb-filled adventure. unless you do what i do and unzip it in the back and put the coat over it. how did girls wear those corsets all the time?

i am traveling home today from san francisco and can’t wait to just be in LA for a little while. i just looked at my calendar and saw there was absolutely nothing scheduled for this weekend. arian asked if i wanted to go on a mini-vacation somewhere together…which sounds nice. but sitting around in our pajamas sounds reeeeaaaallly nice too.

photography: angela+ithyle
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    Rachael says:

    Your hair is amazing. I’m about to go cut my bangs short again this second!

    love – very cadet indeed. would you mind sharing your lipstick color here? have been on the search for a great deep red for blondes…

    Joan says:

    The coat dress combo is super. I love the details on that jacket!

    Jamy says:

    absolutely beautiful bri. the colors are stunning!

    Jaclyn says:

    I love these bright sunny pictures when you pair them with red lips, it’s such a great combo. That dress is beautiful, nothing beats finding a standout piece for your closet that is under $50

    Annie says:

    so so pretty – the coat and the dress!

    Conny says:

    I am in love with how effortless and pretty this outfit is. That dress is a Rockstar! 🙂

    brittan says:

    Oh my gosh Bri! That dress kind of reminds me of Leisl Von Trap (sound of music) and the scoop neck dress she wears in the gazebo. I love that cut, it is so flattering… SO PERFECT. Kind of can’t gush enough. in love.

    Rachel says:

    Serious question: how did you get your hair to be/stay that long? I’m doing something wrong. Please teach me!

    Leigh says:

    That dress is stunning! And fits you like a glove! I LOVE it! Your style posts are always my favorite! i never know what to expect!

    love the look! That coat is perfection for everyday wear!

    Rox says:

    gorgeous photos. probably my favorite style post you’ve done thus far!! xoxo

    Gorgeous dress! Ah, the price of beauty, eh?

    Sarah says:

    I love a coat with great lining! But I’m a little jealous that a warm coat doesn’t seem to be entirely necessary in LA!

    Anonymous says:

    This is a huge national holiday and you’re posting photos of yourself? Come on! You have a great big following of people – urge them to actually make a difference and and get out and vote! I’m not quite sure how a style post is relevant today.

    Michelle says:

    dear anonymous, in case you didn’t get the memo, this is where type and images totally make out, NOT politics. I find it completely refreshing that she is not shoving her political agenda down our throats.

    Bettina says:

    This pairing is so chic and so very subtly patriotic 🙂

    Naomi A says:

    You look absolutely stunning, my dear! I love your dress~


    amber baxley says:

    Love that dress and your red lipstick! 🙂

    rachael says:

    hooooooly, that coat is LUSH. retro! what a perfect vintage dress..and so cheap!

    Latrina says:

    So stinking cute! But I can see where it’ll be uncomfortable after a while. I’m not sure how the ladies wore those things back then… I’m very picky with how fabric and clothing feels on me, so I know I couldn’t do it lol

    Love everything!!! Esp the hair 🙂

    lexi says:

    That coat is gorgeous!

    Ashley says:

    you have such great style! i wish i had your hair!!! is this really your 75th post on style? That’s amazing! What’s your secret to blogging success?

    This dress and coat look great together on you! Beautiful!

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