shoemint is stopping by today to give away 5 pairs of shoes! you could win them for yourself or win them for your sister’s christmas present. up to you!

have you guys been on the shoemint site? they have good prices and some super cute options. the chrisina flat has been my favorite for a while now. rachel bilson and steve madden have something good going on here. now, take your pick little lady…

here’s how to win…(CLOSED)

1. head on over to the shoemint site and choose your favorite style. i personally love my new animal print heels with a casual t-shirt & jeans.

2. then leave a comment below letting me know which pair of shoes you would like to win.

five winners will be chosen to win one pair of shoes on wednesday, december 5th at 10am PST. open to US and canada readers only. this post is sponsored by shoemint.

UPDATE: winners are #62 kelly, #114 paige, #143 hayley, #213 sandy, and #464 kelly m.!


Add your own

    Rachel C says:

    LOVE those yellow heels!!! 🙂

    Chelsea says:

    Black with gold tip all the way!

    Fallon K says:

    I am LOVING the Kelin. I’m a tall girl as it is so wedges are my best friend. Love the strapiness and cheetah print to add a little sass!

    Hannzah W says:

    I looove the Sasha in black, I would really love to get them for FREEEEE!!! Pick ME!

    Al says:

    Loving the leila’s!

    Kelly B says:

    I really love the Hillary in black patent. I think it’d go with everything. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Katy says:

    I would love to win those brown boots! I’ve had a wardrobe aversion to the color brown for most of my life but have recently started embracing this neutral and these would go a long way in helping me make up for a severe lack of the color in my wardrobe 🙂

    Christen says:

    Jaime in white. All the way.

    Paula says:

    Cacee is a great over-the-knee boot! LOVE!

    stephanie says:

    i’m loving the lydia in black! thank you!!

    Kel Cadet says:

    The Suki boots are callin mah name! Great for bustling around the city.

    Perla says:

    loved the brown Suki boots.. even the name is cool..

    Sarah J says:

    The Mona in Gold – flat but with a bit of fancy too. Cute!!

    Noor says:

    MY favorites are the abagail in black.

    japolina says:

    I need the deanna black suede boots (size 9 please!)

    Gabriela says:

    The teal flats please! Xoxo

    Ashley Cameron says:

    Deep down I am a girly girl so I would get the Hillary flat with the bow. It would be perfect to dress up jeans and button down or a simple dress!

    charlotte says:

    Ah I love this site! That little quiz they just made me do, well it didn’t feel like a quiz cause I thoroughly enjoyed it. My favourite are definitely the Diane wedges! Super cute and colourful. Perfect for Spring/Summer.

    Kimberly O says:

    The brown boots are my favourites! Especially in this cold weather…

    Madison R. says:

    I LOVE the Carol heels!! These would be perfect for me to wear to work and would go really well with tons of different outfits!

    Danielle says:

    i adore the veronique heels in orange! they’re just my style 🙂

    michelle schumaker says:

    I think the Nancy boot in the wine color is fantastic because it combines 2 very hot trends – 2 tone and the dark red/ox blood color. Love them!!!

    Jamie says:

    I’d love to see Koko on my feet. I’m obsessed with cap-toe everything!

    Stephanie says:

    I love the shape of the Kathryn pump. That’s a hot little heel for an otherwise classic look!

    Mary Beth says:

    I really need a new pair of boots for the season. I’m loving the Nelle in Cognac!

    Lily says:

    The Abigail boots in gray are perfect for this season’s funky printed socks peeking out of cuffed jeans! Want ’em!

    Rachel says:

    Leila! And esther, and abi….

    Brenda says:

    I want…I need the Abigail boot!

    Stin says:

    Loving the super sweet Candy in wine!

    Diana says:

    I’m digging the Nelle Boot in Brown/Tan! <3 LOVE.

    bonnie says:

    gorgeous teal flats!

    Kenzie Lee says:

    So many great shoes to choose from! I have my eye on the Abigail boot and Kelin heel!

    xo, Kenzie


    Jill says:

    Those boots are divine!

    Kasi says:

    I am just crazy about the mona in gold! Just the right amount of fancy 🙂

    Jenn dePaula says:

    Love the Candy boot in gray !

    Dot says:

    I’m usually a flats kind of girl, but those Veronique yellow heels are killin’ me.

    Abby says:

    I love the Koko! My black flats just fell apart and these are so cute!

    Alexa Sonken says:

    I love the Carol animal print heel! Love 🙂

    Kristiana says:

    I’d definitely go for the Koko! Perfect for work and going out after!

    Erika says:

    Suki in brown, or Mona in white. Both are sold out in my size, which is why I never find shoes- they are never in my size!

    Rachael B says:

    Danielle is pretty terrific – I love the green and black together – what a fun mix!

    Lindsey says:

    I love those LUCY boots, perfect for a casual day!

    Becky says:

    I love the CAROL! Leopard/Zebra… predator/prey… sexy african safari! These are so fierce!

    Julie says:

    Oh sooo many I am in love with ShoeMint. I’d have to say the Mia in Tomato or the Joanna in gold!

    Jennifer says:

    Totally animal print!

    Jill says:

    Love the Lambert shoe! adorable.

    Courtney says:

    The Coco in black is pretty spectacular!

    Anonymous says:

    LOVE the Koko!

    rachel peterson says:

    love the koko!

    kerry says:

    the janice is looking awfully cute!

    Kate says:

    The Cristina flats in Turquoise!

    Kara says:

    Oh gosh…it’s hard to choose just one! I love all the boots but I’m thinking a classic flat would be PERFECT! Love the Koko!

    Maca says:

    The Kaylen in both colors is amazing! thanks for sharing!!

    Maria Anne says:

    I totally love the Sasha Aztec boots. They’re awesome.

    xoxo Maria Anne

    Sara says:

    I love those black flats with the gold toe. So cute!

    jenny says:

    I’ve been lusting after the Koko flats for some time now. Could also really use a pair of boots to wear to work, like the Abi. I’ve wanted the Diana sandals since this summer, and I could really use a pair classic heels like the Adrienne. And I think the Leila are my favorite! Love the Carol too!

    Bonnie says:

    I love the Meghan boots!

    Shadia says:

    In love with the Veronique lemon shoes. Soo great! Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway. 🙂

    Ashley G. says:

    Great giveaway! I love the Adrienne in red/pink. It would add a lovely pop of color to any outfit. Thanks!

    Kelly says:

    I love, love, love the Koko flats. Those would be my pick for sure!

    Nancy says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Mona in Gold! Perfect for this NYC gal.

    allie says:

    I love the Hillary flat!

    Merritt says:

    Eeek! I would love to have the Adrienne in mustard & emerald. Thanks for hosting such a rad giveaway, Bri! Favorite blog, hands down.

    Erika says:

    i’d have to say my favorite is the adrienne. loving the yellow with contrasting emerald toe cap!

    Courtney says:

    Love Shoemint! And the KoKo is adorable! Def would become an everyday staple for me!

    Joan says:

    I have been in need of a heeled pair of boots for the cold MN winters…. Deanna in black!

    Brooke Stuart says:

    My favorite pair of shoes from ShoeMint would have to the the Esther in Leopard, If only i didn’t wait so long to buy them!

    My second favorite would have to the the Koko and would love to win a pair! I can never find black flats that i like, they are either too busy or too boring, and these seem to be the perfect pair!

    Conria D'Souza says:

    I am in love with the NELLE black boots! They seem like the perfect fall boot!!

    Love ShoeMint! I’d have to go with either the cap toe flats or the riding boots.

    Michelle says:

    Loved the Carol.

    Layken says:

    I adore the Sasha boots in the Aztec color, the printed boots are on of my favorite trends to come around and i’ve been dying to get my hands on a pair of my own !!

    Kiersten says:

    I love all of the flats, but especially the Koko!

    Lyndie says:

    The Molly Pumps are killin’ it!

    Nina Haglund says:

    I love ShoeMint! I’ve had my eyes on the Christina flats for a while now, and I love the KOKO’s too! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

    Carrie says:

    I NEED those animal print heels. Amazing!

    Kiley Kudrna says:

    i love, love, love the riding boots.

    Kristin B says:

    I’m loving the Bridgette sandal! Mega cute! And totally inappropriate for this time of year, but whatevs. 😉

    Tam says:

    I love the teal Christinas!

    Michelle says:

    Carol Heels please!

    Kayleigh says:

    Love this! The Koko is my favorite… that gold toe is perfect!

    Angela says:

    Oooh, tough choice. I need some black boots so I’ll have to say Nelle or Deanna! Great giveaway!!

    Meagen says:

    LOVE the Meghan boot and not because it shares my name ;p

    Mary says:

    Infatuated with the Adrienne in mustard and emerald satin. Who wouldn’t love a good color pop with any outfit?

    Rebecca says:

    The Nelle Boot is gorgeous!

    Katelyn says:

    So many to choose from but I love the Koko flat!

    Sarah B says:

    I’ve been wanting a pair of the Koko flats since I first got the email!! <3

    Abbe says:

    I NEED the Eileen, in silver of course 🙂 Huge everything-Mint fan

    Jodi says:

    The Stephenie boots with laces and studs!

    Britt says:

    love those striped/animal print heels!

    Ashley says:

    I absolutely love the Christina flat. All the colors, but especially the black+white striped pair!

    Sophia says:

    Love the Gelareh in Mustard! (though the animal print carol has a place in my heart too)

    Marissa says:

    i just die over the leopard-pony esther. too cute for words.

    Meredith says:

    I absolutely love the new Zoe heels – perfect for New Years!

    Holly says:

    I would love to own the Carol!

    M.C. Sommers says:

    The hillary is my definite fave!

    Amanda KP says:

    I love the Veronique heels – so classy and the color would jass up any outfit from jeans to a fun dress!

    Kymbre says:

    Julie! orrr the Koko flats!

    Chelsea C. says:

    I’ve been needing a pair of riding boots like woah, so I’d definitely go for the Nelly in cognac! Big thanks for the fab giveaway. 🙂

    Julie B says:

    As much as I LOVE the yellow pumps, the awesome teal flats are really what I need!

    Eliza says:

    I love love love the Kokos.


    Hazel says:

    I’d love the Isabella heel in black. It’s understated yet stylish. Thanks for this giveaway 🙂

    Chelsea says:

    The Koko is to die for! So of-the-moment and perfect for holiday parties.

    Renée says:

    I love the Sidney because anything black and studded is a winner in my books.

    katie hart says:

    Loving the Veronique! Very cute shoes– ALL Of them!

    Diana says:

    I know we’re in the winter season here, but I can’t get over the Dayna wedges. (Spring can’t get here soon enough!) http://www.shoemint.com/shoes/dayna#2759

    Stacy says:

    The Patricia flat in gold looks like it would be a perfect fit for my holiday dress! thanks thanks thanks !

    Kathryn says:

    Hillary in black! <3

    Brittany says:

    I love the silver studded Zoe’s and the dalmation print Jess heels!

    Sara says:

    I’ve been eyeing the striped Christina flats! Shoemint can do no wrong. 😉

    kelly says:

    i adore the kaylen heels – especially the bright yellow, but the pink is nice too! great giveaway, so much fun!

    Joanna Melissa says:

    the Kathryn in Pastel Pink is classic and chic, love ShoeMint!!

    I love the green heels! They would be perfect for my wedding day and then with boy jeans and a gray t shirt. I would love this!

    I love the leopard print pair with chunky heels!

    Emily says:

    I loveLOVElove the black flats! So classy and chic, with an edge. Perfect to wear to my magazine internship!

    Anne says:

    LOVE the Nelle boots or the Koko’s…..hard to decide : )

    m says:

    OMG, the KOKO flats are simple perfect. I would loooooove those for christmas!

    Ashley says:

    Big fan of the Lucy!

    maite says:

    LOVE the Adrienne in Mustard! I can already imagine the whole outfit 🙂

    alicia says:

    black flats + gold tip = obvious winner <3

    Rowena says:

    I’m a ballet flat girl so I’d love to win the cobalt Patricia shoes. Thanks for the opportunity!

    Cate says:

    I have been lusting after those gold tipped Koko flats for a while now. I love the shape/cutout on the side of the shoe. It sets them apart from all the other shiny-toed shoes out there. Super duper cute.

    girlfriend. the Adrienne is to DIE for. love love love it!!

    I’ve had my eye on their orange pointy-toe flats for months now! It is arguable that one needs a pair of orange shoes in their closet, no?

    Cass says:

    The Jolly heels, please. Because it’s Christmas and who doesn’t need some more jolly in their life?

    Jen says:

    Would love the koko shoes! thanks for the fab giveaway!

    claire says:

    Can’t find the amazing brown boots in your post on the site, but the Nelle in cognac or the two-toned Meghan boots would be good winter wardrobe staples.

    Megan says:

    I love the Koko!!!

    ash says:

    I only like my ballet flats pointy, so the Koko for sure!

    Simone says:

    YAY FOR SHOEMINT! I am so far in love with the Jess in Dalmation, Carol, and Koko – I think I would have to choose the Koko (just because, really, when do I ever wear heels?)
    much love!

    annie says:

    I’m thinking almost every outfit in my closet could dare to be brightened by those Veronique’s! YUM!

    Jessica B says:

    The Lambert platform sandals need a new home in my closet!

    lindsay says:

    Leila, adorable could wear through the seasons 🙂

    Suzanna says:

    Veronique heel, please

    Pegah S says:

    Stephenie for me please.

    allison says:

    i love the abigail!

    Beverly says:

    Koko for sure!

    sel says:

    i love the lucy – need a little fringe in my step!

    Robyn says:

    The Koko flats with the metallic toe. I’m constantly looking for shoes I can wear that are versatile for work and going out. Those are just what I need to give a punch to my business casual.

    Tania says:

    I love the Cacee boots! They’d look perfect with practically anything! 🙂

    Hayley Trone says:

    Killer giveaway! I love the koko and the jaime.

    Lindsay B. says:

    I have been obsessed with the color mustard this season so I instantly fell in love with Gelareh! They have been on my wishlist forever!

    Jamy B. says:

    I would love the leopard block heels too. Obsessed!

    Christa says:

    Love, need, want. Any and all! But the Carol heels are the ones for me.

    Jamie says:

    I absolutely love the Adrienne heels! The red/fuschia colorblocking is adorable.

    sarah.a says:

    the pointed toe with bow Hillary Herringbone shoes are cute and great for everyday!

    vanessajw says:

    I’ve been eying the striped Christina flats for ages but they are always out of stock!! love those boots too

    Jaclyn says:

    Oooo I NEED the Kathryn in Floral!!!

    Stephanie says:

    Oh, I LOVE Shoemint! I am definitely loving the Christina in turquoise as well. I love its simplicity and boldness!

    Sofie T says:

    Boots, just in time for winter!

    Tish says:

    I love the Meghan boot! Looking for cute shoes for my upcoming engagement shoot…perfect site!

    Sukkar says:

    The red and purple danielle shoes are what I want!!! 🙂 https://www.shoemint.com/shoes/danielle#4761

    Jessica says:

    The animal prints heels are gorgeous!

    Sarah says:

    The Abigal boots would be a fun basic to have! Thanks for this opportunity!

    Sarah says:

    Those flats. Man, those flats.

    Brittany says:

    Those blue Christina shoes would be the perfect pop to all of my neutrals!

    Gina says:

    Loving the Eileen in black and silver! 😀

    jess lonett says:

    i think the kristin’s in black with the studs would look good added to my shoe collection! the zoe’s are a close second though, i just don’t think i have as many places to wear them 🙂

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Koko flats!

    kim says:

    Those brown boots. Boots, leggings, and cozy sweater is my perfect outfit.

    caitlyn says:

    I am eyeing “the kelly” sandals for my trip to mexico this spring.

    Jenny says:

    Boots please, I like to pretend I wrangle cats for a living. 🙂

    caroline says:

    I love the “Carol” leopard print heel… only fitting, given my name is Caroline! 🙂

    Morgan says:

    I love the Meghan boot! The perfect combination of black and brown for a cold winter day!

    Leah says:

    I would love to win the Hattie! yippee!

    Lea says:

    I absolutely love the Meghan boots !

    christina says:

    Love the “Eileen” in black

    Emily says:

    Love love love the selection of shoes on ShoeMint. My current mood has me leaning towards Julie, but I always love myself a classic heel like Veronique.

    Megan says:

    I love the Meghan boots!

    Katie says:

    I love the Christina flat in turquoise. A great way to add a little more color and pop to my look 🙂

    Lauren says:

    Love the Eileen! So hot!!

    Sarah says:

    Love this giveaway, shoemint is the best. I’ve been wanting the Veronique in mustard or orange forever! Thanks!! xo

    Alyson says:

    The Adrienne’s in red/pink would be perfect for ladies night!

    Becca says:

    I looove the Mona loafer in gold! I’ve been wanting to add some gold to my shoe wardrobe and I’m a t shirt and jeans gal. These are the perfect choice! 🙂

    Katie says:

    LOVE the Mary’s in Yellow! Adorable.

    Ruthie says:

    those kitty cat heels are the bomb diggity! I’d wear them around the house and our Chihuahua and Jack Russell would each have a foot at which to bark! Thank you for your consideration 🙂

    Franchec says:

    I would love to add Nelle in the Cognac color to my closet!

    I’ve been wanting the Christina in stripes forever now! Love Shoemint!

    Kayla Horn says:

    Holly in black, hands down.

    Mai says:

    love the gelarah!

    Ada Thomas says:

    The Mona loafers in gold are so much fun!

    Andrea says:

    I would LOVE both the GINA and the CAROL. such cute versatile pieces!

    Alexis says:

    Loving the Holly, perfect for the winter.

    Hillary says:

    I love the Hillary flats! (great name for a shoe too, i might add 😉 )

    megan says:

    i love that cap-toed adrienne with its pop of zany colors!

    Krista says:

    The Abigail would be a wonderful addition to my wardrobe!

    Emily L says:

    I’ve always wanted to try wearing loafers so the Mona would be a great pair to start with!

    That boot! But I couldn’t find it on the site – so j’adore KATHRYN. (and its my middle name, oh la la). Great giveaway, thanks!

    ashley beilharz says:

    I love the Koko flats! They’d go with everything.

    Taryn says:

    Stephanie Boot…size 7!

    Laura Stephens says:

    The Melissa boots are perfect! I love them!

    Laura Elizabeth

    Nancy says:

    Oh man oh man. No lie, I have dreaming about the Sasha for WEEKS!!! Perfect, perfect year round.

    Priscilla P says:

    I’d love the Stephenie! The tiny studs on the back totally sold me!

    Monica says:

    I need those boots!

    Darci says:

    Love this site! And 40.00 off your first pair of shoes…AMAZING! The Abigail boot in Taupe would be perfect for having to chase after my 1.5 year old…easy to put on and comfortable but still stylish 🙂

    Christina says:

    I really would enjoy the Jess heels. I’m a little lady and those would be the perfect shoes for a night out.

    Sarah says:

    love the eileen shoe! sexy 🙂

    erin says:

    When the weather outside turns cold and dreary, a pair of yellow Veronique heels makes this girl cheery!

    Casey says:

    Love the leopard sandals!

    Wow! Love the blue flats! I’ve been on the hunt for a pair like these for awhile now.

    The Holly in black are fantastic! They would be the perfect winter bootie. I’m in loveeeee. Choose me.

    Shannon says:

    I love the Koko! As a pregnant lady good flats are key 🙂

    I love the Nelle boots.

    I think I should win these because I am 5 months pregnant with my 3rd child and the only part of my body that hasn’t changed are my feet. Lord, I need these!

    BTW love your website!

    Frankie Aztecs or perhaps a pair of studded Stephenies. Darling.

    Erin says:

    yellow Gelareh!

    Megan says:

    Love the Gelareh in the mustard suede!

    ansley says:

    i would love to win the abigail in black!

    MaryB says:

    I love the short boot called Holly.

    Kate says:

    I love ALL their flats! I’m a tall girl, so I tend to stick to flats 😉 They have a great selection!

    melanie says:

    loving the toe cap- perfect for the holidays. Melt my heart! Top fav is the Adrienne. I would rock those every day with every look!

    The black flats with gold tips are FABULOUS!

    tamara mcleod says:

    I love those black flats with the gold tip!

    I love shoemint! What a fun giveaway. I’ve been looking a great pair of short brown boots and the Sasha boot in cognac is gorgeous. Love!
    Good luck to everyone!

    Jana says:

    I love the Veronique heel!

    Kelly says:

    I’ve been eyeing the Nancy booties. Love the two tone maroon and blue.

    Colleen Clark says:

    Definitely the Carols! I agree that they’d be super adorable with a tee shirt and jeans!

    Emily says:

    I love the teal Christina

    kristn says:

    KOKO needs to be in my closet.

    Kristy says:

    So tough to choose only one!

    Of the styles that were recommended for me, I adore the Leila for a fun night out (mini dress and tights!) or the Adrienne for a fun pop of color for the work day. (I knew I couldn’t choose just one)

    Court says:

    I love the Courtney wedges in yellow! And not just because the shoe and I have the same name : )

    julianna says:

    I love the Meghan boots! they’re soo adorable!! 🙂

    Joyce Kim says:

    I love the Adrienne heels!

    Erin says:

    I adore those Koko flats. Perfect for work!

    Mara Dawn says:

    I love the Sasha boot with the black and white aztec print.

    Amanda Meyer says:

    I love the striped Christina flats! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

    Mila says:

    Adrienne in mustard. I have been loving color-block lately! It would go great with the latest outfits I got. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Allison says:

    LOVE the KOKO flats! so cute!!

    adrienne says:

    Teal Christinas are awesome.

    Ali says:

    I love the Joanna! The perfect shoe for all of the holiday parties coming up! Thanks for such a great giveaway!
    xo- Ali (A Dash of Details)

    Debra C says:

    Love the Taia in black.

    AnnieLeach says:

    the blue or black flats. I love the katherine and the christina

    Marie B says:

    I’m in desperate need of some dressy flats! It’s the major shoe missing from my wardrobe. I love the black and gold pointed tip on the Koko!

    Molly says:

    I’m loving the Abigail boot!!

    Anna Dollins says:

    I absolutely am in love with the KOKO flat in black with the gold toe cap! Perfect to dress up or down 😀

    Wendy D. says:

    I win love to win the Jo Anna heels in teal – perfect for my job at a library, or the Nancy boots in black and white!

    Mfree says:

    I’m a flats gal and those Hillary shoes with the little bow are definitely for me! Thanks!

    Lisa says:

    Bows are my weakness, so I would love to get the Joanna heels!

    Amanda says:

    I love the blue(turquoise)suede flats! They are sooo pretty! Please pick me!

    Malia says:

    Love the Leila heels! So cute with a pair of jeans

    Sara says:

    I would love to win the Esther in taupe! So cute!

    roxy says:

    The courtney shoes are majorly cute!

    emily anne-maire says:

    love shoemint and looove the hillary!!

    Kat says:

    The black and gold tipped flats are my favourite.

    Lindsey says:

    The Mia is adorable. Love that color!

    kelly ann says:

    I LOVE Shoemint! The Sasha boots have been on my wishlist 🙂

    Robyn says:

    I love love love the Nancy booties, but they’re out of my size. >sad face<

    But GASP! Those Isabella wedges in black are to die for.

    Ashley O says:

    The Koko flats with the gold tips are pure class. But I also love those Kristin wedges with the little gold detailing… gotta love shoe mint!

    Brittany says:

    I love the style of the Veronique!

    Jonnie says:

    I love the Nelle boot

    Altaira says:

    Love the Kokos!!!

    Katy says:

    I’m a “Jill” through and through. Shoe Mint, just like DesignLoveFest, makes me smile!

    Amanda says:

    I would love to win the Animal Print heels or this Lucy Boot: http://www.shoemint.com/shoes/lucy


    Lauren says:

    I LOVE the Suki booties in the Wine color! I’m so happy you’re offering this giveaway!

    Erin says:

    Absolutely the Christina!

    Abby says:

    Koko flats! Love love

    yvonne says:

    Love the yellow Adriennes!

    Jessica says:

    the yellow adriennes!!! love love love

    What an amazing giveaway! Thanks Bri and ShoeMint.

    The black flats with the gold tip are absolutely stunning! This would be a wonderful birthday present to myself (birthday on Sunday). Ah, crossing my fingers.

    Thank you, thank you! 🙂

    Rachel S. says:

    I LOVE the Adrienne or the Ruth. So many cute shoes. 🙂

    Brie Elise says:

    Oh ShoeMint. A girls best/worst friend! (mostly best though)

    I’ve been scouring online and retail shops for the perfect boot, and low & behold, it would be the Nelle boot on ShoeMint.

    The perfect soft leather, shot heeled riding boot!

    Kaity says:

    I love the Nancy booties!

    Sarah says:

    I would absolutely LOVE the Sasha in Black/Aztec or how about the Lucy. Those western fringes are awesome! *crossing my fingers!*

    Maia says:

    I want the Nelle boots in black so bad… <3

    Dani says:

    Veronique in black. Classic black sexy pump!

    Laney says:

    I’d love to win the Zoe for my sister. Studs + Glitter + Heel=all her dreams come true.

    Ashley says:

    Stephenie Lace Up Boot!!!

    Janie says:

    Hi Bri ~ Check out the Candy wedge booties in wine. They’re edgy & chic. Thanks for the opp, may the best gal win!

    eat_design says:

    I’ve been a member of ShoeMint for a while, they are one of my favorite online shoe shop stop – which makes it so hard to choose!

    Have to say, DIANE is absolutely perfect for a Palm Springs getaway though! <3 love 'em.

    those cute adrienne heels- yellow with the green cap toe! ah! i could just die. those are the cutest. <3

    Kelsy Johnson says:

    Love the Cacee over the knee boots!

    Sarah says:

    I love the Stephenie boots.

    Every wardrobe can use a little more bad ass.

    Grace says:

    I LOVE the Adrienne pump in red with pink tips! such a perfect pop of color!

    I’m obsessed with the Candy booties in Burgundy ! Finger crossed !

    Carla says:

    Black with gold tip (: !!

    Stephanie says:

    Koko flats please!

    Airen T says:

    Patricia in metallic

    Joanna says:

    Wow, tough choice! I think I’d go with the Adrienne in red and fuchsia.

    Daisy says:

    The Carol heels are adorable!
    My favorite out of all of them!

    Olivia Huish says:

    I am absolutely in LOVE with the Christina striped black and white shoes although I think they’re out of stock… so I also really love the KOKO flats!

    Nadine says:

    I love the Koko and the Christina flats!

    Jill says:

    The nancy forever!

    kate says:

    The gold cap koko flats are adorable! I’d wear those to with just about anything. Definitely a winter staple for SF!

    Alison Myra says:

    LOVE SHOEMINT! I’d go crazy for the “Carol” heel! Leopard print is my fav!

    Stephanie says:

    SO in love with the Patricia flats in Cobalt!

    Aubree says:

    I would love the Patricia Ballet flats in citron. A nice punch of color this winter!

    Patti says:

    I love the “Meghan” boots for everyday!

    absolutely love heather in brown! 8.5

    Shauna Nep says:

    KOKO is so photogenic, it’s obvious we’d be so in love. Perfect day-night shoe (in flat form!).

    Michaela says:

    The Cacee boots are unreal! So, so lovely. Thanks for such a fun giveaway!

    Sara Strauss says:

    Hi! I love the Adrienne in red! Gorgeous shoe!

    Jennifer says:

    definitely the gold tipped black flats! 🙂

    Annalyn says:

    Since it’s snowing right now here in Canada, my favorite is Meghan It will be a great birthday gift if I win one yay!

    emily says:

    the Koko!!! love me a gold tip 😉

    Matrioshka says:

    I’d have to go all Joanna!

    Sarah Wertz says:

    Loving me some Meghan boots!

    jen says:

    I have been dying for the gold debs or the carol’s for my christmas party this year. fingers crossed and thanks for the giveaway!

    kirsten says:

    I love the Lea!

    Sharon says:

    The Meghan boots! <3

    Holland says:

    Oof I am loving the cognac Sashas!!! What a great giveaway!

    Megan says:

    Ooh, I love those yellow suede heels. 🙂

    Kat xiong says:

    Christina flat! I can wear it to work and to happy hr! Pick me!

    Natalie says:

    While I generally wear flats day-to-day, I just can’t stop looking at the Adrienne shoe in mustard!

    Meghan says:

    KATHRYN! They are THE perfect little black heel, and it just so happens my wardrobe is missing a pair like these. Thanks for the giveaway, Bri!

    Emily K. says:

    I would love to win the Nellie boots! Thanks for the fab giveaway!

    Latrina says:

    I never knew Rachel Bilson had a shoe collection… Loving it! I would love to win some boots, though. I adore the brown Sukis 🙂

    Nora says:

    definitely adrienne in mustard and gold, great!

    brianna says:

    I really love the Joanna (in Teal Metallic). What a great shoe for the holidays – just enough shimmer, and the perfect “green” tone to play with winter outfits.

    Anonymous says:

    Ciao bella! The Suki boots are lovely… I do wish my feet could meet them…

    Jana says:

    Ciao bella! The Suki boots are lovely…I do wish my feet could meet them…

    Suzanne says:

    I would alter the rest of my closet for the Adrienne shoe!

    Soyoung says:

    I love the Hillary flat in black herringbone!

    Patti says:

    Love the Frankie’s!

    Maria D. says:

    Loving the Koko. Lovely pair of shoes for the office.

    Halle says:

    Love the Courtney! My fave!

    Nicole says:

    Adrienne in red and fuchsia satin please!!! Such lovely heels!!

    Samantha says:

    I am a big fan of black flats. I’m loving the gold toe on the Koko.

    Vanessa says:

    LOVE the gold toe flats!

    Maggie says:

    I love the Christina in orange!

    Kammi says:

    I would want Isabella wedges in size 5 1/2. I would wear them during my spare time.

    Donna Belle Ibarra says:

    I have yet to own a pair of boots, so I would be THRILLED if I won the Suki boots in the Midnight color <3

    Meg says:

    Coming into summer in Sydney, I just love Carol and Hejsa – both so cute!

    Leslie says:

    The black and white striped Kimberly Wedges with the ankle tie are ridiculously cute and would look great in summer!

    Cortney Dupies says:

    I’m a bit of a gold fanatic lately (but honestly who isn’t) so naturally I’d love to add the Koko to my wardrobe!

    MaggieB says:

    I love the Kathy!

    Kristina M says:

    i’m loving the julie!

    Margaret says:

    Jaime in white! Come to mama.

    Olivia Yvonne says:

    Oh my- I love the Suki boots in dusty rose. They could be worn casually or with a more premeditated outfit, and versatility works quite well with me!

    Hilary says:

    I’ve been a fan of ShoeMint for a while now… you’re right great style and great prices!! I would definitely go for the Louis Vuitton inspired Joanna heels in metallic teal.

    AMY KARSTEN says:


    allison says:

    Gelareh in mustard. mmm….mustard.

    I’m a big fan of the Cacee boots!

    Stéphanie Valentine Picard says:

    The Adrienne in red and pink is magnifique!

    Holly B says:

    I love the Meghan boots!

    Paulina Garcia says:

    I love the blue flats!! 🙂

    I want the leopard shoes!!

    xBianca @ A Fabulous Challenge

    amanda says:

    Those ‘Julie’ shoes are adorable!

    Aly Tate says:

    i LOVED those Veronique shoes. Man oh man, all the outfits I could create with those!

    Sylvie says:

    Oh goodness! How do I pick one favorite!! I really love and could sure use a pair of Sasha boots! 🙂 Crossing my fingers!

    Morgan says:

    Sasha Boot in brown leather! I’ve wanted biker boots for so long.

    christa says:

    Esther, in Leopard Pony! Love!

    jen says:

    love the jess pumps in bronze metallic! perfect for the holidays <3

    Lynn says:

    I would love to win the KOKO flats. Thanks for the chance!

    Bre Richison says:

    I love the Adrienne in pink and red, the Koko, and the Nelle in tan…perfect assortment of fun heels, and versatile boots and flats. Thanks Bri!

    taty says:

    oooh, stephenie!

    Rose says:

    The Lea teal flats are gorge!

    Kirstie says:

    Love the Nelle in brown!

    lisa says:

    oh my, those melissa boots!

    Ashley says:

    I love the Nelle Boot in black. Thanks so much!

    Jamie says:

    Koko flats! They are perfect! Thanks for doing the giveaway! 🙂

    Amber Dugan says:

    I’ve been been dying for a pair of those flats with the metallic toes. They’re amazing! Thank you!

    Joanne says:

    I have so many favorites!! But I really do love the Koko and Sidney! Love Love flats 🙂

    Chelsa says:

    Ciao Bri!
    The Koko is the exact style of shoe that I have been searching high and low for with a good clearance tag (broke college student!) for months and months! I would be unbelievably appreciative to win these gorgeous shoes and would die to wear them to my dreaded final exams and my meetings with the Washington State Legislators in Olympia over the next 4 months!
    Much thanks!

    mucica says:

    Hi Bri, and the girls and boys.
    Ohhh my, there are so many nice shoes, but….
    all the colored ones I like.
    adrienne, oooh, oooh.
    thank you for the giveaway.
    i would be so chic in them, snow will not stand a chance with me in them.

    Caitlin says:

    I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of brown boots and these are it!

    hayley says:

    i would love the Koko flats to add some glitter to my everyday outfits and the Nancy booties in Wine to paint the town red!

    Cristina says:

    Go figure I have the same name as my favourite pair! I’d love the Christina flats in orange! They’d really make any outfit POP!

    Woohoo!! TEAL flats all the way 🙂

    Ren says:

    Love the Eileen in black, perfect party shoes!

    Amelia says:

    so many beautiful ones to pick from! i love the striped christina as well as the olive holly.

    Meghan says:

    I saw the Meghan’s and fell in love then realized that we share the name, so it was totally meant to be!

    Mimi says:

    Ooo! I love the leopard sandal! I hope I get picked 🙂

    Haley Doolittle says:

    Those Suki heels are great!

    Shauna says:

    I am in love with the Adrienne in mustard. Thanks for the giveaway!!

    Kate says:

    The Mona in metallic. J’adore!

    Whitney says:

    The Koko may be my favorite.

    Nina says:

    I’ve been hunting for a pair of heels like those beautiful golden yellow ones ever since recovering from foot surgery last year. I saw a pair in a magazine when I was stuck in bed and they were my motivation to get back on my feet and into heels! I would take great care of them and always show them a good time!

    lindsay says:

    i’m more than a little in love with the abigail boot. perfect paired with thick wool socks, rolled up jeans and a cozy sweater. that combo would make for the comfiest casual friday/weekend brunch look for my minnesota climate.

    Jenny Rae says:

    It’s so hard to choose from Shoemint’s great selection. I think I would get lots of mileage out of the Meghan boots, but if I had to pick just one pair it would be the Kristin wedges all the way!

    Calee says:

    OMG SHOES. O . m . g . shoes. this site has such a great selection. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

    I would LOVE the Kirstin wedges. SO my style.

    Linda says:

    I really like the Nelle Cognac boot! https://www.shoemint.com/shoes/nelle#8093

    Paola says:

    Midwest winter is fast approaching, so a cute pair of boots like the Nelles would be awesome!

    miguez says:

    oooohhhh! I love the Meghan boots!

    Oh gosh! I LOVELOVELOVE Shoemint! I just got the email for the Holly booties! So cute and work appropriate but also works for everything I’m wearing after hours too!

    Margaret says:

    The Deanna boots in Black. I have massive calve so the lace up the back is much appreciated!

    Kim says:

    Love the black flats with gold toe – classy and fun!

    I am fully smitten by the Koko <3

    cj says:

    i adore those leopard/zebra strappy sandals with the stacked wood heel! would love to own ’em! <3

    Lindsay says:

    LOVE the black with gold toe. Classy, yet updated.

    Jordan says:

    I would LOVE to win the Melissa boot. Such a classic style, will go with everything!

    AJ says:

    Love Nancy in Black/Bone

    Julie says:

    I am in desperate need for some new fall/winter boots, the Nelle looks perfect for me!

    Robin says:

    I’ve had a crush on the black and white striped Christina’s since I first joined the site. It’s true love at this point I think.

    Kaitlyn says:

    I’d really love the Nelle boot in black!

    Gabby says:

    I’d love the Taia’s in nude pretty please, with a cherry on top! http://www.shoemint.com/shoes/taia <3

    Cailea says:

    LOVE the Jess pumps in the leopard print! GORGEOUS!

    Celeste says:

    I like the Hillary in wine!

    I would love to win the Jess show in Dalmatian, but I am so torn between that and the Gina. Both are so gorgeous.

    Danielle says:

    The Koko flats with the gold metal toe cap are just perfect in every way.

    Holly says:

    this one was tough, but i am sucker for yellow, so i am going to go with these mustard heels: http://www.shoemint.com/shoes/gelareh

    *crossing fingers*

    Danika says:

    Thank you Bri & ShoeMint for this amazing giveaway! I love the Carol!! <3 My birthday is December 4, and this would be a great gift. =D


    Sara says:

    I love the Kristen heels in Aztec.

    Tara M. says:

    Fun giveaway! I would love a pair of the new Koko flats! 🙂

    Libby says:

    Those pointy-toe black flats with the gold tips – gorgeous!

    Jessica says:

    in lerve with the hilary in black

    Emma says:

    I absolutely love the Meghan boot!

    heidi says:

    love the Nelle boots in brown

    Annalise says:

    Mary cognac are very cute!

    Casey says:

    Loving the Eileen shoe! looking for a great pair for my vegas trip coming up and this would be PERFECT! <3

    Charmaine says:

    Hillary flats (in the black or red) or the brown Nelle boots!

    ayesha says:

    i love the kimberly!

    Michelle says:

    I love the yellow heels!

    Michelle says:

    The Mia!

    Autumn says:

    I’m in love with the popping bright colors of the Adrienne heel and simple, ‘goes with everything’ attitude of the Koko flat! So many shoes! xo.

    Mary says:

    I will wait until Hillary in Wine is back in stock; dying in love with her!!!

    Colleen Boudreau says:

    I love the Jess heels in Dalmatian.
    holliister at gmail dot com

    jenna says:

    Ohh! I want the black flats with gold tip for sure!!

    Marion says:

    Jaime white 🙂

    christy says:

    I would love to win the Joanna! love the bow 🙂

    victoria says:

    I luuuurve the Koko as well as the Suki… figures they’re both almost sold out 🙁

    Jolyn says:

    they are FABBBBB!!

    Michelle says:

    My favourite would be the brown riding boots in the picture for sure! I’ve never had a pair–it’d be great to own them! 🙂

    Talik says:

    I love the Sasha boot in black!

    Brittney says:

    The Lucy fringed bootie in cognac leather is super adorable…and comfy lookin’ too!

    Leanne says:

    Koko is ahhmazing! gold=black= perfect! sigh

    Kendal says:

    Carol. Gah, those leopard shoes would go with everything!

    Dale says:

    I love the gold-toed flats and leopard heels!! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Jessica says:

    I LOVE the Carol animal print heels so much! They would be a great way to add some fun to any outfit!!!

    Rhonek says:

    Love the KoKo:-)Thanks…Have an AWESOME day!!!!

    Meg says:

    Love the Koko! Thanks for the opportunity!.

    Erica Louie says:

    Hi! Thank you so much for this AWESOME giveaway!! I love the “Jess” pumps in Dalmatian print pony hair. Lots of love!!

    Erica Louie

    Nicole says:

    The Courtney in Chestnut. Need these shoes in my life!!

    candice says:

    I’m crushing on Koko in that forest green color!

    Lauren Clay says:

    I have been obsessing over the christina flats for so long now. Would definitely love to finally have them!

    Saphrin says:

    Ohhh, I can’t choose! Either the Viola in Black (that zip detail is brilliant) or the Nancy in Wine/Navy (the colours are perfect)!

    Carol says:

    The Mia in nude. oh. my. gawd.

    I really love the Nelle boot in cognac. And real leather! That sucker is gonna age beautifully.

    kat says:

    could use cacee for the snowy winters

    Kim says:

    I would love to win the “mary” flats. So adorable. 🙂

    Ashley K says:

    I love the Suki shoes, so cute!

    I would love to win the ABI leather booties or Nelle knee high boots in black. So gorgeous!

    Allison says:

    The Holly leather booties are perfect in black, I’d wear them with print sweater tights! and a vegan leather skirt, and a warm, comfy sweater.

    Tiffany C says:

    I would love to win the mona oxblood loafers! to die for! brilliant.

    Nikki Noir says:

    The Nancy boot in black and white are my favourites, I just love monochrome.

    Amélie says:

    Totally digging the Ariana boots in white leather! So gorgeous–they actually remind me of Dr. Martens. 🙂 <3

    Caroline says:

    Love the boots! A must for the cold Canadian winters 🙂

    Kestrel says:

    The Nancy are so classic! Dress them down for the day, dress them up to go out! Lovely.

    Kelly says:

    Would LOVE to rock a pair of the kokos!

    Lucy says:

    Hey! I adore the cap toe and sleek design of the KOKO flats – I work in a gallery and do a LOT of running around all day. It would be a chic, fabulous update to my more traditional ballet flats that are pretty worn 🙂 So kind of you Bri to work with shoemint to get your readers suited up!

    Karla S says:

    I love the Kathryn pump, sassy little heel!

    shell says:

    oh oh! holly in olive green.

    amanda says:

    the stephanie boot, for sure (brrr, it’s cold outside in boston!).

    Leigh says:

    I’ve got my eye on the Turquoise Kellie’s. I’ve got vacation on the brain and want summer sandals! ♥

    Cristina says:

    the Eileen in black would be a great xmas present to me!

    triciafloyd says:

    I would really love those mustard pointed toe Gelareh pumps 😉

    Eli says:

    Awesome giveaway, I love the Abi and Kelin,

    Rebecca says:

    Love the Meghan boots!

    Erin Dorney says:

    Love the Meghan boots!

    Lizzy says:

    I’m crushin’ on the KOKO pointy cap toes!! Perfect color for the season.

    Lindsey says:

    I love the Koko flats in emerald. Perfect for the holidays!! Thanks!!

    via says:

    I love the Zoe! I would wear them everyday!

    katie says:

    Ooooh the Meghan boots would be perfect for wintery weather. Great giveaway, thanks for the chance 🙂

    Cass says:

    The Cacee boots are amazing and I would love to win them!

    Throuthehaze says:

    I like Candy in wine

    Camille G says:

    Kaylen in hot pink! They are gorgeous!

    ali says:

    Brooke in Green!

    I would love a new pair of boots! Nelle in black size 8.5. Thanks! 🙂

    Linnae says:

    Definitely love those Abigail Boots in Taupe Suede. Beautiful!

    Therese Brion says:

    Black gold tipped flats!

    Kelly M. says:

    The Koko in emerald green for the holidays!

    hilary says:

    Crushing on the Julie flat in blush! So pretty!

    Sara says:

    I love the Casee boot! It’s classic!

    Carol says:

    I personally adore the animal print sandals to be paired with some metallic skinny jeans and a borfriend tee.

    Brooke says:

    Sasha in black aztec print… what a great way to incorporate pattern into a cozy outfit… dress them up or down. Can’t wait!

    Kelsey Smith says:

    Veronique Pumps in Black are so classic!

    Caroline says:

    I’ll take the Carol leopard print heels, please!

    Mary Ann says:

    Koko flats in green!

    Koseli says:

    Leopard flats with jeans and a white t-shirt

    Tori S. says:

    I love the Lucy boots size 8.5 in the wine color!!

    Jamie R. says:

    Definitely the Cacee boot, so perfect!

    Michelle Perenchio says:

    I’d love to win the Zoe to spice up my little black {New Years Eve} dress!

    Sinead says:

    Obsessed with the Jamie flats in white!

    Alex T says:

    Definitely crushing on those Stephenie boots! They’re really cute!

    Kathleen N. says:

    I adore the Eileen in rosegold.

    Thank you!

    Tara Ford says:

    I love the Stephenie combat boots!

    Maria says:

    Koko flats FTW!

    Jessa says:

    Love the Nelle in Brown.

    Teri says:

    Wow, amazing! I am in love with the Joanna right now, so pretty!

    Brynne M says:

    LOVE shoemint…well, all the mints! Totally would get the Hillary in wine!

    Brit says:

    The Hilary in black! It’s the perfect everyday shoe.

    Emily says:

    I love the emerald & gold Koko flats. So festive!

    nicole s. says:

    i love those emerald and gold Kokos! would be the perfect holiday shoe.

    Marilynn says:

    I love the Eileen, sequin-backed heels. Perfect for holiday parties!!

    Emily says:

    I’ve been feeling the Meghan boots for awhile. Perfect day to night boots. Thanks for the great giveaway!!

    Jaclyn says:

    I love the KoKo flats in black!

    Beth says:

    Leopard shoes are my go-to to make my outfit POP! I’m in Shoemint heaven!

    Miriam Mandel says:

    For sure the Melissa booties!

    Annie says:

    Love the Christina flat!

    Sarah Swafford says:

    I love the LEILA!!!

    Sewon says:

    My favorite is the Holly bootie!

    Danae says:

    because i’m on an unending quest for the perfect everyday bootie i have to go with the Melissa in taupe suede this time! Thanks for the giveaway Shoemint and Bri!

    Sarah says:

    I love the Holly Ankle booties in olive! If I win, I’ll be doing a little tap dance in my new boots! Yay shoe mint!

    Kelsey says:


    Rachel says:

    Definitely the Meghan boots! LOVE!

    Sarah says:

    The brown Suki boots.

    Sarah says:

    The Nelle boots or the Suki boots in a brown shade. Thank you!

    daniela says:

    I love the Mia heels in Nude, but the Koko flats in black are amazing too!

    Nnenna says:

    I’d love to win the Eileen- perfect party shoes! Thanks for this giveaway! 🙂

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