i have been a fan of jimmy marble’s banners for a long while now. i knew i had to collaborate with him somehow for designlovefest. so we decided to go on a flower hunt adventure. we all piled in my car with all of his banners and we chased the sunset while and he took photographs around LA of them (and we made a video all about it down below!) jimmy’s video interview turned out awesome. he is one of THE most genuine, passionate artists i have ever met. all of his answers were endearing and made me love his work even more.

today you can win a custom banner – you choose the phrase you would like, and jimmy will make one just for you! this would make such a special christmas gift for someone you love…

jimmy is all about optimism, can you tell?

i love that he chooses such simple, yet powerful phrases. i have two of his banners and constantly walk by them and smile. it’s so hard for me to pick a favorite phrase, but “the future is bright” is definitely high on the list…

this one above that i am holding is french for “this will amount to nothing.”


1. watch the video below and tell us your favorite banner phrase from it in the comment box. THEN, also tell us the phrase YOU want on your banner if you win. (keep your phrase between 1-6 words)

one winner will be chosen on Tuesday, Nov 20th at 10am PST. make sure you leave your email address so i can let you know you won. good luck! -bri

UPDATE: winner is #7 AMANDA. “OH, MAN!” congrats!

photos by: jimmy marble / shop his banners here and at reform school!
video by: wade! for designlovefest


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    Anni says:

    I love love love these! “The future is bright” has to be my favorite from the video.

    I think if I was to make my own phrase, it’d be “home is wherever I’m with you”

    Marta Smyk says:

    I really like this giveaway! My favourite banner from video is: “your heart is wild”. And if I won I would choose these simple words: “BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE”.

    Dot says:

    Love the story of his mom telling him “cool your jets”! I’d love to have one of these with my mom’s little sayings. “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it” is probably a bit too long for a poster, but that’s always been her mantra. I hope 2013 is a little slower, too. 🙂

    Leigh says:

    Love the flower hunt! Those banners are just so perfect!

    Margot says:

    Great video, and such a great idea, Jimmy Marble! I love the “Fear is for jerks” poster but I would personally love the “The Future is Bright” poster 🙂

    Tiffany says:

    Favorite phrase is definitely ‘fear is for jerks’–that’s just the place i’m in in life right now and that phrase is so on point. That’s probably what I’d get if I won. 🙂

    Amanda says:

    It’s so hard to pick a favourite! But if I HAVE to, I’d say “Time cools all jets” because it’s so true! Or “You can, really!” because how awesome is that?

    For a custom banner, maybe “Oh, man!” because I say it ALL THE TIME. Or, “Look on the bright side” with a neon yellow background?

    Annie says:

    the banners are amazing! I really like the sound of the one that just said ‘yes!’ but ‘time cools all jets’ is my favourite. If i was lucky enough to win i’d ask for: ‘so far so good!’ great giveaway 🙂 Annie x [email protected]

    Allison says:

    Jimmy Marble! Your attitude is so inspiring! Cynicismis all too often a theme in graphic design, the positive spin on your work is refereshing. My favorite poster is “fucking be cool about it.” I’ve always liked the phrase “never say never.” OR “shake it out and loosen up.”

    Danielle says:

    I think the ‘time cools all jets’ one is pretty fantastic. But I’d love one that says “i think it’s called love.” It’s from Winnie the Pooh, which in my humble opinion is the best source of life knowledge.

    Pegah S says:

    great video! so Beatles!!!
    My favorite phrase was “Time will cool all jets”. I would like my poster to say ” Be Nice” on a tribal pattern background.

    Nikki Noir says:

    My favourite phrase is ‘Your heart is wild’ and the phrase I would like if I won would be ‘Be the change.’

    LOVE this post!!
    favourite banner phrase – the future is bright
    phrase i would like – how dare you

    Carly Stotts says:

    Banners rule! I love “Fear is for Jerks,” but I also love that his mother’s mantra has rung true in his life. I think I would like my Grandfather’s coined phrase in banner form…when you asked him how he was doing he would always say “Better than I deserve!” Puts even a bad day into perspective. Thanks for an awesome post, Bri!

    This is so cool! I love how Jimmy just took off with his own designs without feeling like he needed Photoshop. The end product is awesome.

    I really love “The Future is Bright”, and “Te Amo” is one of my favorites. 😀 Thanks for introducing us to him! I’m a big fan now!

    stephanie says:

    i absolutely love his prints and his philosophy on optimism. i love the banner that says “i feel great.” thinking about it just makes me smile. i would want my own banner to say just that actually!

    Kristina M says:

    my favorite banner from the video is “your heart is wild,” but i think i’d like to have “sure we could try that” for myself 🙂

    raeanne says:

    awesome. my favorite is “the future is bright”, but if I had my way with a custom poster it would for surely be “don’t take any wooden nickels”.

    Steph says:

    Ha! These are so cool! It’s really hard to pick a favorite, but I think “fear is for jerks” is pretty cool, because I have definitely not seen that anywhere else.

    My favorite phrase right now is “do epic shit”…it really says it all.

    Megan Leader says:

    Love this! Hearing artists’ stories in their own words is the best.

    The one I like most is “the future is bright.” If I won, I would like the phrase, “I freaking love you.” When my husband and I were dating (long-distance), it’s what we’d yell down the hall to each other when I left his hotel room to go home. It makes me happy.

    megan (at) farandfaraway.com

    Kayla says:

    I love ‘the future is bright’. If I were to win one of jimmy’s posters….o gosh. I would choose the phrase above or ‘salt is good’!

    Lindsay says:

    “Sure we could try that” is the greatest thing! i can’t help but think of how inspiring it would be to look up and see that print when in a pickle at work.

    While I would be delighted to win just that phrase, I think Carly Stotts’ grandfather quote is amazing, and she should for sure win that on a poster.

    Cate says:

    Super inspiring video. Love Jimmy’s positive attitude and beautiful posters. My best friend is getting married in a week and I’m thinking this would be the most amazing wedding present. Though I’d be tempted to keep it for myself!

    Jessica LS says:

    Lovely video! What a beautiful series. I think the ‘Fear is for jerks’ banner is so positive and fun. I’d love a banner with a simple ‘It’s all OK’ or perhaps my favorite quote I read in Cheryl Strayed’s book “Dear Sugar”- ‘The future has an ancient heart’

    Christen says:

    From the video, “Fucking be cool about it” is awesome. I like unexpected and positive use of profane language. It takes away some of the shock value and power. “I feel great” would also be a good one for daily affirmation.

    If I could get a customized one, it would say “Killin’ It.” I have it on my phone and it’s some thing I tell myself when I’m doing a good job or need a boost.

    Sara says:

    I loved the video, and I loved the banner “Time cools all jets”, it’s just different enough to sound like a new phrase while sounding familiar at the same time (it being so close to “Time heals all wounds” and all).

    If I were to make one or be able to win one for myself or a friend, I’d want the saying to be “Remember where you come from”, it’s a family saying that means the world to me. It inspires me to remember that I’m not only representing myself but my parents/family and friends. It’s also the saying that my grandma Charlotte used to say to my dad growing up (as it was said to me as I was growing up by my dad), she still lives within those words and I always remember where I come from because of it!

    Marisa says:

    The video turned out great! I love the “Fucking be cool about it”. I love mixing beautiful type and crude phrases haha If I were to win a custom one I’d love “Don’t Forget To Be Awesome”.

    Great work and great collaboration!

    SB says:

    Love the “Your Heart is Wild” phrase! I think a good reminder phrase I would love to see on my wall before I leave my house everyday would be something like, “What adventure will you live today?” Thanks for this opportunity!

    Jill says:

    I love “be cool baby”! It can mean so much, you know? It’s good advice, and a nice compliment at the same time. It also reminds me of in the film True Romance “you’re so cool”. Cool can be used for more than describing new sneakers, but a word associate with love.

    If I could have anything on a banner it would be “Let’s make out”. Because I mean it. The more kissing the happier we are, there’s actual science to it. Sometimes when I’m fighting with my boyfriend I’ll just yell that out of no where. He just laughs, and often that’s just what we start doing. We stop fighting, start being cool and making out.

    Wendy D says:

    All of Jimmy Marble’s banners are awe-inspiring. I particularly liked “Sure We Could Try That.” I’m still considering what I would like on a custom made banner.

    Jessica says:

    I love the “fucking be cool about it.” I could totally see that in my house – I love the casual humor in it. If I had one made for me, I’d love for it to say, “Kick Ass and Take Names.” That simple daily reminder would be so empowering and in-line with the way I tackle obstacles and problems that come my way. What a great interview, btw. Really inspiring.

    bliss says:

    wow which ones don’t i love? hello, NONE! they are all great but maybe “i feel great” is the one that caught me by surprise, so simple, and i was glad to read it. mine would be “bliss rocks hard” because isn’t that just silly?

    charlotte says:

    What a cool story behind his work! My favourite in the video is definitely “Your Heart is Wild”. It’s hard to pick a saying I’d want for my own…but I really like “Time to Sparkle” I’m a new graphic designer and getting into design moods can be tough sometimes! That phrase would inspire me 🙂

    Fiona says:

    I love them all but my favorite phrase on the banners is “The future is bright”. If I could choose, I would choose a print that I would hang up next to my mirror to remind me in the mornings to put on an outfit that is colourful and makes me feel happy. So I’d like a print that says: “Be So Bold”. I think it’s a good phrase to remind myself of!

    maite says:

    “You Can, Really” is pretty awesome! Such a great video 🙂

    Angela says:

    SOOO cool!!! I like, “I believe in everything” (on ReForm School) or “your heart is wild” from the video. If I could pick my own…”dive into the unknown”. These collaborations ROCK! Thank you!

    Suzanna says:

    Big fan of both “f-ing be cool about it” and “time cools all jets”. Think I would rather have one of those than my own phrase!

    Ansley Prior says:

    My favorite banner is “Fear is for jerks” and If I had my own custom banner made, it would say “Buy the ticket, take the ride” because as a designer I think it’s easy to get caught up in deadlines and the stress of being “on” (creatively speaking) all the time. I think the phrase is a reminder that we are all on this journey that’s life, and it’s ok to just live it sometimes.

    Christine says:

    “Your Heart Is Wild” is definitely a fave, but I think I would want one that reads “Fear Less, Hope More.” One of my favorite quotes is a Swedish proverb that says: fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Love more, and all good things will be yours. Thanks for the awesome morning inspiration–I’m feeling like the future is brighter already! 🙂

    Arnelle says:

    So hard to choose! But I love “The future is bright” and “Fear is for jerks” – ok I chose 2…:)

    Would love one that says “YOU ARE MY FAVOURITE” for a special someone to find in their Christmas stocking!

    Amazing work x

    molly alone says:

    I LOVE “Your Heart is Wild”. It sounds like a song title, or the beginning of a really awesome poem! This guy is rad. So simple, and so rad!

    The phrase I would pick is “I HAVE BUCKWILDNESS OF SPIRIT.”

    {The entire quote is “I have a certain buckwildness of spirit, and you pretty much can’t tell me ‘no’ when it comes to what I think is fly.” It’s my life mantra.}

    Laura Bear says:

    What inspiring work! wowo!!!
    “You can, really!!” is my favorite. Wow. really awesome stuff.

    Dana says:

    I’d love one of these!

    Danielle says:

    Loving the videos lately, Bri!

    My favourite phrase from the video would be COOL YOUR JETS!

    And I would choose the saying “you are what you love” on a banner!

    Happy Tuesday!


    Krista says:

    I love the “Fear is for Jerks” one. I would want mine to say “Keep it simple, stupid.” What a great give away…this is an inspiring interview with a truly genuine and talented artist with a great passion.

    Gia says:

    I like “the future is bright”. I thinking I would choose, “Be true to yourself”. Thx! What fun!

    Amanda Blair says:

    first: coolest giveaway ever. second: Jimmy is rad. third: my favorite is “be fucking cool about it”. bahahaha, that’s hilarious and awesome. Could I do a line of a poem? Because if i could I would get, “let the soft animal of your body love it what it loves..” from Mary Oliver’s Wild Geese.

    Adina says:

    I like the poster the says “fucking be cool about it” If I were to win, I would get one that says “Nailed it!” because whenever my husband or I mispronounce or have trouble getting something out we say that to make each other laugh 🙂

    Alison Myra says:

    I have been a fan of these banners for awhile now! LOVE the optimistic view towards life! My favorite is def “Your heart is wild” if I won a custom banner I would want it to say “for like ever” because I always find myself saying, “I want to love you for like… ever” to my boy. Awesome giveaway!

    Zuri says:

    I like Time Cools All Jets. Jimmy Marble’s stuff is so bright and colorful and well crafted! It’s nice.
    Maybe for my banner I’d choose, Love Is All Around or All Together Now(just ripping off sound lyrics) or Create, Love, Joy, Alive.

    Rebecca says:

    This post was the perfect thing to start the day with. Kudos to Jimmy Marble for an amazing idea and not letting things stand in his way! My favourite banner is either “The Future is Bright” or “Time Cools All Jets” because I love when you know the story behind the work. If I was the lucky girl to get one, I would want “You Fight Against Yourself.” It’s what my dad always says and reminds me that my worst enemy and critic can often times be me.

    Laura says:

    Cool. This is so awesome and I love his simple approach. I think my favorite was “Be Cool Baby” but “Time Cools all Jets” is pretty rockin. If I could design one, I’d have is say “fortune favors the bold” because I always need reminding, and I would love for my future kids to be raised in a house with that on the wall. Cheers!

    Meagen says:

    I love “The Future is Bright” from the video and that’s what I would love to have for myself 🙂

    Laura says:

    Really great stuff!

    Fave saying: Time cools all jets
    My saying: It’s always possible

    Christa says:

    New poster should be Jimmy’s last line, “This has been a really great day”. Reminds us to be mindful! I also like, “Sure we could try that”. Great work.

    Eliza says:

    Wow…I love the “fear is for jerks” one. If I could have any phrase…it would beeeeee….”Do what you love”. It’s what I tell myself everyday, when I get worried about what people think, what the stats are. If I love it, who cares what everyone else thinks?

    Love this blog!

    Amy Buller says:

    “Your heart is wild” is a super wonderful phrase!
    I would go with “Oh Hello There”

    bethany baker says:

    Hey! I’m totally in love with jimmy Marble’s work! I love the ‘I feel great’ poster, i’d love my very own copy with those exact words, it’s lovely!

    Alena Jaffe says:

    a haiku for you!

    amazing these are!
    his first, my favorite: YES
    i say, hey girl hey

    Lynne says:

    The Future Is Bright, is my favorite, but I just love them all! I also loved the music in the video. What I really responded to was the point when he discussed his optimism.

    Lenay says:

    This made my day! I liked the “Sure we could do that.” It’s a state of mind that I admire and constantly try to put out for the world – just to be open and willing to experience anything that comes my way. I love that attitude and having one of his banners to reflect that would be lovely!

    Stephanie Lee says:

    I really enjoyed “YOU CAN,REALLY!!”. It’s very encouraging during these college times. haha! “How about that kitty cat?!” would def. be my phrase with a blue background. :^)

    Mfree says:

    These are so cute! I love the idea of a banner saying ‘Yes!’as he describes in the video and my favorite from the video is “be cool baby”. If I win I’d like one that says ‘It’s Friday I’m in love!”

    laura says:

    I really like ‘time cools all jets’… the shots in the video interview where you see jimmy talking in the rearview is rad!
    if i could have a banner it would say ‘the universe is real’

    Abbey says:

    “Time cools all jets” hands down! The sentiment behind it with his mama’s advice makes it all the more beautiful.

    I would want mine to say:

    He kept calling. And I kept answering.

    [email protected]

    Lisa says:

    Great video, love the whole attitude and style, makes me feel like the day is full of potential! My favorite phrase is “You can, really.” We all have to tell ourselves that about ten times a day.
    If I could have a custom phrase it would be “Express yourself” because that’s something I work on having the courage to do all the time.

    Libby says:

    Favorite: “Time Cools All Jets” (it was his first banner, and it is such a true, relaxing statement)
    My Banner Pick : “I Love You More Than…” (it’s from a children’s book, & my Mom and I say it to each other all the time.

    gloria waters says:

    “time cools all jets” is my favorite of jimmy’s. i never heard that phrase before but i can imagine his mom saying “cool your jets, jimmy” but if i were to make my own i would say “action speaks louder than words” because its a phrase that my mom always reminded me to embrace and believe. in high school i would write “actions > words” in the margins of my agenda.

    and oh jimmy! you’re my hero – i took graphic design classes, got my degree, and still love making things from scratch after knowing all the 21st century tricks. we are nearly the same for creative process, but you just left out the middle man 🙂 great work! and thank you for the opportunity to win designlovefest team and bri! -gloria

    evie says:

    i love the one with the phrase: ‘your heart is wild’ !!!! great video and idea plus great colors …everywhere…<3

    Love the quirky optimistic phrases – especially “You can, really!!” It’s always nice to have a little positive reinforcement.

    And in the same vein, my personal optimistic phrase would be, “It’s all golden.” I would love seeing that on a daily basis!

    McKenna Ryan says:

    I love the phrase, your heart is wild. I love all of them though. These banners are so fun. I would love my phrase to be “Je t’adore toujours”. It means “I will adore you always” in french.

    jess lonett says:

    my favorite is “fucking be cool about it”. my phrase would be electric pursuit. it’s my code name i’ve given to working on moving to DC! code names make everything more of an adventure 🙂

    Barbara says:

    These banners are so fun and colorful! I love the your heart is wild poster! My banner phrase would be: She believed she could, so she did.

    Samantha says:

    I love the story behind the “time cools all jets,” it has a great meaning behind it that I can totally relate to–however, if I were to win one, I think I would get the french one that says it will all amount to nothing; I think so often we hype things up in our mind and obsess over things that aren’t worth the thought, they will simply amount to nothing at the end of our lives.

    Abbwy says:

    I love ‘fucking be cool about it’! These are so great! I also love how he made a poster with just “Yes” on it, and thats probably what I would want. 🙂

    Kathryn says:

    The video is wonderful! I love “your heart is wild.” It is a truth that will look people in the heart and take them off guard from the comfort of the wall. I would like to have that one!

    zorianna says:

    I love: Time cools all jets! (Definitely something that my mom used to say too, and that I think to myself when stuff gets hectic)
    I would love: your heart sparkles.
    Thanks for spreading some optimism, Bri & Jimmy!

    Emily says:

    Love the simplistic yet powerful posters. I would want mine to say “LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE BRIGHT”

    Another awesome giveaway Bri, thanks!

    Tyler says:

    I like “fear is for jerks!” My girlfriend is always optimistic and always says “today is the best day EVER” I would like that as a banner.

    hannah says:

    i love the one he talked about, that just says “YES”! that’s what i would pick. what more do you need?

    Kelsy Johnson says:

    love the “future is bright” banner. if i won, i think i would want it to say “you are my favorite”. great giveaway!

    Love these! My favorite is “time cools all jets”, so true.
    I would love to see a banner of “It’s hip to be nice” People need to remember being nice never goes out of style.

    justbeth says:

    So first off Jimmy reminded me of the character Turtle from the movie North Shore, it could be just me, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3VeBW9BHHE. But I loved the idea of just a poster that says ‘YES’ that is so fun, so positive, and can mean so many different things in the form of a poster! If I could request a poster it would be ‘BAM’ because it’s exciting and simple, and would always make me smile when I saw it on my wall. And I would probably start shouting ‘BAM’ a lot and that would make me laugh and fell better too if I wasn’t already in a good mood!

    Lindsay says:

    These are all so awesome! I love “time cools all jets”..because really, it’s so true! I’d pick that one or go with something like, “just be cool”. Crossing my fingers!
    [email protected]

    Emily L says:

    i really like the “the future is bright” one…so optimistic!

    Maggie Ryan says:

    I cannot even begin to tell you how much this refreshing little video brightened my day! Love love love all of them! I really enjoyed the “be fucking cool about it” poster. I think for my office I would love to have the “you can, really!” one. Thank you so much for another great giveaway, Bri!

    this is just what i need for my new place!
    favorite one from this cause i stress so much and would be a great reminder is: ca ne tire pas a consequence.
    and a custom one i would love would be: que sera, sera
    (which means “whatever will be, will be”

    thanks for this giveaway!

    Margo says:

    Gorgeous video! I love the “Sure We Could Try That” poster and would choose that phrase for my personal poster as well … It’d be fun to put in a bedroom 🙂

    i love the camus quote “vivre et créer jusqu’aux larmes” or live to the point of tears.

    Allison R says:

    Favorite from the video is definitely, “fucking be cool about it.” I feel like I’ve said that many times over the years. My personalized piece would say “rules are for fools”…cause who ever got anywhere by playing by the rules?

    Dani says:

    I love the “future is bright” banner. if i won, i think i would want it to say “today is the day.” so optimistic!

    Chick Tyler says:

    Favorite from the video is “Future is Bright!”
    Phrase I would love would be “Every Body Shits” because everyone does and it’s one heck of an equalizer!

    Lauren Clay says:

    I loved the banner “your heart is wild” from the video and would hang it up in my bedroom in a second. For my custom banner, I would have to go with “you are my sunshine” because that’s the song I would sing to my husband when we first started dating.

    Alexa Sonken says:

    My favorite phrase is the future is bright!!! Love his work! I would want that phrase, the future is bright. I am ALL for optimism!

    bri says:

    loving reading these comments!!

    Whimsy Being says:

    what a great giveaway! my favorite phrase is “your heart is wild”

    if i won, i’d like to inscribe a kerouac haiku: “mist falling / purple flowers / growing”

    thanks for the chance to win!!

    Alexia says:

    I love, love, love the “You can, really!!” banner (and really all of them, for that matter).
    I would love to have one that read, “Be utterly amazed.” Thanks!

    Jimmy Marble is so great.

    Kristen Jingeleski says:

    This is amazing, I love his attitude about life and his work. I think my favorite phrase is “fear is for jerks” because life is scary but you have to embrace your fears to live a great life. If I won I would pick the phrase “don’t sweat the small stuff” because I need to remember that things change with time and to stop stressing about little things!

    Kerry Grolle says:

    Although not specifically shown in the interview, the banner which I think struck me the most was that which Jimmy mentioned he made for a friends birthday, a “YES” banner. If I was able to commission Jimmy to complete a custom piece, it would read “Peace of mind, paper, pretty things”, which is my motto for all my work. I can’t wait to see more of what he comes up with!

    Sarah says:

    I love the banner that says “be cool baby”. It’s so perfect! If I made a banner, I’d have it say,”The Grand Potato” which is a pun using english and french for “the big if.”

    Christina says:

    “Time Cools All Jets” is my favorite on the video. I would want mine to say “Yes. You can.” Thanks! -Christina

    Ash says:

    I LOVE the “Time Cools All Jets.” So quirky and great. On my own banner, I’d love, “She believed she could, so she did.” Such a motivating approach. Or, CLIMB HIGH, CLIMB FAR.

    Ashley O says:

    I love this video! Awesome sauce. My favorite banner of his – “Your heart is wild” and all that it conjures. If I won I’d love a banner that says “Never Grow Up” because I’m constantly fighting adulthood and always telling my little boys that they can never grow up and they should stay little forever.

    Lily glass says:

    “you can, really” is my favorite! I would love a banner that says “and how” — my grandma used to say it in response to most anything positive, implying that there’s always even more than we realize to be thankful for, she was the most positive person I’ve ever met; I’d hang the banner in my new baby girls nursery – she’s named after my sweet grandma, Ruth.

    Clio says:

    love this.

    My favourite one from the video is —your heart is wild
    And I think I would get—Love is all you need.

    gabrielle says:

    great video! i’m a big fan of jimmy’s work. my favorite quote from the video is “time cools all jets,” but if i won i think i would want it to say, “always be my baby” or “je t’aime”… something cheesy like that 🙂

    nicole says:

    Jimmy Marble is like a breath of fresh air! “time cools all jets” is a brilliant sort of new-age version of an old slogan. and who doesn’t love a dude who’s inspired by his momma?! “fucking be cool about it” is my personal fave. i love the video, & the song choice is rad too! my custom banner would probably have to read “did it my fucking way”, to celebrate a recent accomplishment; written in the spirit of Jimmy, & a little bit Frank Sinatra. good luck everyone! oxo

    Sylvie says:

    What a gem Jimmy Marble is! Love his stories & artwork – simple and direct! Favorites:You Can,Really! and The Future is Bright and Be Cool Baby. If I win, here is my quote: YES PLEASE! Thx for the great video & giveaway, Bri!

    Lauren says:

    I really like the “Time Cools All Jets.” It’s so true. If I were to win, I would like to have “In life’s grand scheme of things…”

    Sue says:

    “Time cools all jets” is my very favorite banner from the video. If I was lucky enough to win I would choose “Go out on a limb” ……………..fingers crossed!

    Darrian says:

    I am so inspired by people who create like Jimmy. Thank you for sharing his story. I like the “I feel great” poster in that pretty vid. I think I would have my own banner say “Hustle Hustle Hustle” 🙂

    Rebekah says:

    “Fucking Be Cool About It” has to be my favorite from the film 😉 I love Jimmy! I would love one that said, “Yarp.” Would be a pretty amazing birthday present for the hubs!! xo

    Kelly says:

    Always loved his artwork. I am especially fond of “Time Cools All Jets” mainly because I say “cool your jets” a lot. If I could get a custom banner I would want it to say “Everyday I’m Hustling”

    EMMA SHEFFER says:

    These Banners are stunning! I love them!
    -My favorite from the video is “Time cools all jets”
    -If I won I would like one that said “Say less, mean more”


    Julia says:

    my favorite is “be cool, baby”. a good reminder for stressful days! if i could have my own custom banner, it would definitely say “it’s a great day to be alive” i would put it in my bathroom so that when i look in the mirror in the morning, it would be behind me. a great way to start your day, no?

    Merritt says:

    I completely adore THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT poster. The lighting in this video is fabulous, too!

    If I were to win, I would love a poster that reads CHEERS, BABY because my guy & I always find something to toast to. Life is awesome.

    Kara says:

    such a tough choice, and i DEFINITELY wouldn’t know what to put yet if i were to make my own. i’ve always been drawn to his “the future is bright” and “time cools all jets” banners. but i also love the “fear is for jerks” one, too! ahhhh. anyway, great interview- thanks bri and jimmy!

    Jessie says:

    Wonderful. My favorite banner from the video is “your heart is wild” and I would want mine to say “home is wherever I’m with you.”

    Carleigh says:

    I like the one that says “Be Cool Baby” I would love one that says “sweet love”!

    Kymbre says:

    Aw the “Be Cool Baby” is the best!
    My phrase: “Make room and DANCE” or “Let us boogie.” Just anything to do with dancing!

    That video was so rad! He seems like such a down to earth guy 🙂 I loved “the future is bright” from the video, but I’d get that one that says “c’est la vie”! Such an awesome giveaway. Thanks to the both of you xoxo

    Han says:

    I’m digging “be cool baby” but i’m feeling a “change the world” vibe recently…so i would make one that says “create a difference”

    Amanda says:

    love these so much! i’d seen them around but never knew who did them 🙂 i’d get either ‘sky is the limit’ or ‘some things take time’ so hard to choose! x

    Mommy Dearest says:

    I liked his “Sure, we can do that” one! For me, I’d either do “Sweet Child O’ Mine” or “Harmony Matters.” : )

    Katryna says:

    So beautiful! I totally fell in love with “time cools all jets”. Its fantastic. If I got my own, it would say “…Let’s go exploring”

    Connie says:

    LOVE these! My fav: “be cool baby”. It would be excellent to have one with “let’s be adventurers”.

    Jennifer says:

    awh! he seem’s like a pretty cool guy!
    let’s see, i would probably get the phrase “everything is temporary” on a banner if i was lucky enough to win one. my mom always said that phrase to me growing up and i try to live by it.
    some people interpret it as a negative thing, but i like to see it in a more positive light… even if you’re having a bad day you gotta remember it’s only one day out of a whole lot of days 🙂

    Sarah says:

    My favorite is the “You Can, Really!!” If I could choose a phrase it would be “Bright Lit Blue Skies.” It reminds me of fun summer days and is the title of one my favorite 1960s songs by The Rockin Ramrods (which has been covered by Ariel Pink)!

    Chelse says:

    I love fear is for jerks. I honestly love all your phrases I would want one of those, but if I choose mine it could possibly be…. “run wild my child” that makes me happy

    tori cohen says:

    So in love with “time cools all jets”.
    If I could choose mine it would be “Let It Be…KNOWN.”

    Rachel says:

    I think the best one is “your heart is wild” and if it were to be my own, I would either go with “One day, you’ll be cool.” from Almost Famous or “Work Hard – Be Nice” my life rule.

    That or “clear eyes, full hearts can’t lose” from Friday Night Lights since it was shot here in Austin. Love these.

    Lisa says:

    I like the fear is for jerks banner! And if I had one for myself, I’d like it to say, “I like your face”

    Simone says:

    seriously loved that video & the posters! my favourites are “fear is for jerks” and “the future is bright”. if I could choose my own saying, I would go for “c’est la vie”.

    Karissa Ferguson says:

    very cool to hear his story! i would definitely want my banner to say “enjoy life” my dad says this all the time and has turned it into a little song and everything. i would really love to have this banner!

    aliza says:

    These are awesome. My absolute favourite is “your heart is wild”.

    If I could have one custom made it would have to be the first part of my personal mantra “I am a superbeing”

    I’d get a second one to hang beside it that is the second part “I can do anything!!!

    My sister and I say this over and over again when we want to accomplish an impossible task. It has worked every single time!!

    aliza says:

    “I am a super-being! I can do anything!”

    Abbey Warner says:

    Wow- these posters have such a simple design but are still so powerful! I was really fond of the “fucking be cool with it” one, since to me it seems like a sassy way to preach acceptance 🙂 Here in Berkeley, we say “You do you” a lot, and I think that would make an awesome poster! Thanks for the cool interview/video!

    Ah, Bri! That video is beautiful – super inspiring. I love hearing about an artist’s process. I have been following Jimmy on instagram for awhile now and just love his eye for design.

    My favourite from the video is definitely “The Future is Bright” because I always believe great things are just around the corner.

    If I won a banner from Jimmy, here is the quote I would love to have on it: “gee whiz!”

    Thank you!

    Jessica says:

    Love this! “Fucking be cool about it” is my favorite, although it was hard to choose! If i’m lucky, i’d love mine to say “si se puede!”

    Freja says:

    LOVE “the future is bright”. If I could choose, I’d ask for “Remember who you are”.

    Such a fun video. My favorite banner is “Your heart is wild”.

    If I win I’ll request mine to say “Corazon de Potato”

    laura says:

    love the “your heart is wild”.
    i’d love one for my home that says “i carry your heart” or “i want you” !

    Nicole says:

    These are pretty sweet. Love the song in the video too. My favorite phrase is “Sure we could try that” and that’s exactly what I would want hanging in my hallway

    Annelyn says:

    I love “Fear is for jerks”. If I could, I’d ask for a print with the phrase “This too shall pass.”

    Katie says:

    I also love the “The Future Is Bright” one. It’s so uplifting! If I won, I’d ask for the phrase “Love Your God” and then I’d order one that says “Love Your Neighbor” and sit them side by side.

    Although “I Want You” would be a pretty fun one to put in the bedroom!

    Stacy says:

    I just really like your name! My favorite banner phrase is “your heart is wild”, because mine is. And in honor of your rad name, I think I’d like a banner that reads: “I’ve lost my marbles, and I feel great”. Thanks Jimmy Marble.

    Stacy says:

    Shoot- too many words. How about “I found my marbles!”

    lacey says:

    “the future is bright” is excellent because i really believe God’s best is always before me. if i could have a custom one made, i believe i would have it say “tra la la”. i am a new fan of jimmy! 🙂

    Anonymous says:

    Wow I love!
    “the future is bright” I love that one, it’s a quiet reminder to be excited about life.
    I think I would love the words “baby, be wild”
    Sometimes I need to be reminded to get back to my roots, and let loose!

    Esther says:

    Such a cute video, and thanks for the giveaway! I loved the, “You can, really!” banner. I would love one that says, “Be romantic.”

    Erin says:

    Wow I love!
    “the future is bright” I love that one, it’s a quiet reminder to be excited about life.
    I think I would love the words “baby, be wild”
    Sometimes I need to be reminded to get back to my roots, and let loose!

    Lisa says:

    I love the ‘Fear is for Jerks’, but I would love the inspiration of eating a bowl of cereal under ‘The Future is Bright’! Great idea!

    Ahhh! I love love love these posters. “Fucking be cool about it” is probably my favorite. It makes me smile because I can picture Jimmy saying that, kind of calm and silly. I would love to have a poster that said “lack of passion is fatal” seeing as how that has been my slogan for a few years now.
    Email: [email protected]
    Good luck to all!

    Marie B says:

    My favorite is “You can, really!!” Sometimes you just need a little reinforcement when the doubt sneaks in. I’d love a custom one that said “Kiss and make up” because it’s the perfect reminder not to bicker at home. I’d also love that says “What would Beyonce do?” Because it would make me laugh and give me confidence every time I looked at it!

    I am obsessed with these banners! My favorite from the video is “Be Cool Baby.” If I win, my custom banner would read, “And away we go.”

    mckyna says:

    I LOVED the “Be Cool Baby” banner. jimmy looks like a super cool, down to earth guy. it would be the bees knees to own a banner made by him. i would want my banner to say “you’re just dandy”

    Angela Riggs says:

    “Time cools all jets” was my favorite poster – I like that it was (maybe) his first design, but I also just really enjoy the phrasing of it.

    My banner would say “ninety more years” (or “90 more years”), which is something that my husband and I say to each other when we talk about our future together. The meaning to us is that we’ve been together for 4 years now, but it’s always “ninety more years” – our way of saying forever.

    Miranda says:

    These are really amazing. High five Jimmy! My favorite from the film/post is “your heart is wild.”

    If Jimmy was making one of his great posters for me I would want it to say “you can close your eyes, it’s all right.” It’s a phrase from my favorite old James Taylor song, and the lullaby I sing to my two baby boys every night.

    Thanks Bri!

    xo Miranda
    [email protected]

    Yeah so, I like the ‘cool your jets’ poster best. So funny that his mom told him that. I’m kind of an optimist too. I’m grateful for every day. At dinner time in my house, my husband and I, and my two gorgeous boys always make the same toast. We say – “We’re not dead yet!”. We say it in a British accent like Monty Python. That would be the banner I would want. xo jam

    Hazel says:

    The “BE COOL BABY” poster is cute! If I won this wonderful giveaway, a phrase I’d like to see on the poster would be “BAD GIRLS DO IT WELL” M.I.A’s songs has been stuck in my head lately.

    Shya says:

    These are so rad! I love them all! My favorite from the video/post is “your heart is wild”. If I was lucky enough to win a custom one I’d want my banner to say “don’t believe everything you think”

    Kate says:

    My favorite banner from the video is “your heart is wild.” I would want a banner that said “wild and free” taken from the quote “All good things are wild and free” by Henry David Thoreau

    I love the one that says “Fear is for jerks.” Just because it’s so different- I’ve never heard anything so interesting & clever. I’d love one that reads “Be An Adventurer.”

    Bitty says:

    That was such a great video, so inspirational, makes you just want to go out and do something, no matter how simple. “Be Fucking Cool About It” was my favorite banner on that super awesome video.
    I would like a banner that said “You’re Beretta”
    Its a quote from Reservoir Dogs and my boyfriend and I always say it to each other when we need to be pumped up to do something that we don’t want to or are scared to do.

    Hilary says:

    these are so rad! i think my favorite phrase he’s done is “you can, really!!!!” that’s fun. i think i would want one that says, “make your own lightning”. i say that to pump myself up a lot!

    Simone Anne says:

    Oh my goodness, I just love these so much! I have seen them around online, but never knew much about these. Now I want one! I loved the first one – “sure, we could try that” and also “you can, really” both are so good! I think I’d pick the first one, but maybe the second one. Or maybe make one up about adventuring! If I got one for real though, it would say: “Why not you?”

    my favorite phrase in that lovely video? “Time Cools all Jets.” profound my friends. if i had to come up with a phrase it would probably be “yes, i’m a failure.” in dedication to all those like Van Gogh and Keats who died genuinely thinking they were failures but in actuality wen on to be some of the greatest known creators in the history of mankind. and to remind myself and all people that our failures do not make us though they are a part of the experience, we may be something amazing someday. so what if we fail? embrace it.

    Gina says:

    i love “fear is for jerks”!

    Lauren Keeler says:

    LOVE! My favorite from the video was Time Cools All Jets (duh, so true). I think I would get that one, or one that said “Bon Vivant” maybe? Hmm.

    Michelle Perenchio says:

    ///// Jimmy Marble – you rock! What an awesome way to create posters and spread the positive vibes. I’d love to win a Jimmy Marble “why yes of course” banner. There’s nothing better than being surrounded by people who are excited (to say yes) to new ideas & adventures! You didn’t show your “YES” banner but “the future is bright” is also one of my favorites.

    Whitney says:

    The simplicity of the design and message are perfect.
    Especially “You can, really!”
    Sometimes you just need that last assertion.

    Stephanie says:

    The comments are lovely! I like them all but particularly “Ca ne tire pas a consequence.” So true. I’m 42 now and something my grandmother said to me as a child has always kept me open and leaning into life rather than away from it (and it’s what I’d love to see on a banner): “One door closes; another door opens.” Life isn’t always a bowl of cherries, but always something is learned from the bad and a new path can be found. By the way, the artist should totally make one that says, “I’d like to swim more!” (I’d buy that one. :))

    Kiley Kudrna says:

    my favorite is definitely “your heart is wild” and if i were to make my own, it would say “this too shall pass” with a floral background!!

    Molly says:

    i LOVE the ‘time cools all jets’ idea/ I think I would love a banner saying ‘kein stress, keine hektik’. It basically means be calm, and everything will be okay. it gives me good vibes 🙂

    Molly says:

    ^^ and my email: [email protected]. Thanks!

    Lama says:

    My fav. would definitely be “You can, Really! ” ! I think it would be a great banner for positive psychology and a reminder of all you can achieve!

    for my own banner I would choose “CHIN UP, KID”

    Lama says:

    Come to think of it, I’d rather choose “MAKE IT HAPPEN”

    Bee Harding says:

    Legend! We need more positivity in the world.
    I too like ‘the future is bright’
    My favourite saying is ‘A heart at peace gives life to the body’…if it has to be smaller you could just go with the first 6 words 🙂

    Tati Hani says:

    It seems almost impossible to pick a favorite but I really love ‘Time cools all jets’. Very profound but in such simple words. But it’s definitely something that reminds me of something that happened and of its place in the past, much like a chapter in a book.

    If I had to choose one, I’d want it to say ‘All Adventurous Women Do’ from my fav tv series, Girls!

    Lise says:

    Really love the ‘ca ne tire pas a consequence’! In fact, the french made me wonder what I’d like on a banner and I think ‘A certain je-ne-sais-quoi’ would be adorable! Thanks for the chance to win! The video is great!

    rachael says:

    i LOVE the poster that says “your heart is wild” . if i won i’d like to have one for my wall that says “why not just try?”. if i don’t win, i’ll just get it tattooed.

    kelly says:

    My favorite is “You can, Really”.
    It sums up the reminder that I tell myself daily.

    Having been through a lot over the past few years, and having quit many things that I was scared of, I’ve had a shift towards believing I CAN DO THINGS, and I’M GOOD AT THEM!

    This naturally leads into the phrase I would want on my banner: YOU’RE WORTH IT.

    In fact, I’ve thought of this so much, I tried to make my own banner, modeled off of Jimmy’s, using the phrase YOU’RE WORTH IT. It’s a phrase that I hold to for myself, and one that I hope all who I meet will feel in my presence.

    Thanks, Jimmy, for your inspiring messages. I hope to get one of my own!

    Nicole says:

    My favourite is “Your Heart is Wild” and I would choose to have mine say “You me Oui”

    ashleyj says:

    Time cools all jets — love it!

    Great banners! A splash of positiveness! My favorite from the video was – “your heart is wild”! As for a custom banner, I would really love one saying: “LOVE IS STALKING YOU”.

    or maybe my banner would say ” love is for the birds.”

    ha, I love “Time cools all jets”! One of my favorite goofy phrases… I would love a banner that reads “I’m making a masterpiece over here” to hang about my work space!!

    Anke says:

    “Fucking be cool about it” is my favourite! 🙂
    And I would love to have a banner with “The only good system is a sound-system”. I know, one word more… but the “a” is tiny 😉

    Natalie says:

    I’m in love with how simplistic but bold and powerful these are! “You can, really!!” Is my favorite. I think too many times a day others or ourselves tell us we can’t, so it’s nice to hear that for a change. I would love to wake up to a bright and bold “Hey you with the face! Smile!” every morning. Keep on keepin on Jimmy Marbles!

    Scout says:

    Oh my gosh. I love “fucking be cool about it”! If I had my own made…I’m not sure. Maybe a line from a poem, or “tu attend quoi”, which is French for “what are you waiting for?”

    I want to spend the day with Jimmy! Love the banner – “You Can. Really!!!” a great reminder and a perfect inspiration for my three little girls! However, as a color lover I might have to commission “Color Changes Everything!” Decisions decisions….

    Kim Smith says:

    This is so awesome! Love all of them! My favorite from the video was the one that said “You Can Really”. I would love to have one that says “Never Give Up” to hang in my new office! 🙂

    Abby says:

    Such awesome art work! I really love the one that says ‘fucking be cool about it!” – but if I could make my own it would say ‘home sweet home’ – my grandma had a needlepoint design that said that and it has hung in her house for years. It’s really a sweet memento.

    Meredith says:

    “Fear is for Jerks” is pretty awesome. I would get my favorite quote “Buy the ticket, take the ride” by Hunter S. Thompson. I find his quote to be inspirational and exciting – it always gets me to do things I normally wouldn’t try!

    Al says:

    I love the ” your heart is wild” one. I’d want mine to say “Fuck em’ we don’t need em.” Because sometimes you just gotta let it all go.

    I think i caught a glimpse of: Sure, we could try that
    And that is totally the one i want! Just as a reminder.
    🙂 They all are awesome though..

    I really REALLY love the “Be cool baby” banner! It’s very “me” and would be a great way to keep me and my stressey messy moments in check.

    As for a banner with my own phrase? I like “Keep it real, lady” that would be my favorite phrase!

    Tina says:

    My favorite – “time will cool all jets”
    My quote would be – “spit it out, stupid”

    Tina says:

    My favorite – time will cool all jets
    My quote – spit it out, stupid

    jackie says:

    very cool!!! I love them all but would love to create my own! “you are my sunshine” or “you are loved” or “keep it simple stupid” orrrr “the journey, the adventure”

    haha fingers crossed 🙂

    Jennifer says:

    My Favorite – Time Cools All Jets
    My quote – “Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things”
    Originally a George Carlin quote but was said to me by my godfather. I always live by this! haha.

    Joani says:

    My favorite: Sure, We Could Try That (picking one was really hard!)
    Mine would say: Stay on your grind

    Jacqueline says:

    Love these! My favorite from the video: “your heart is wild”. If I won (fingers crossed!), I’d go with that or “fear is for jerks” because it’s equally awesome.

    Jimmy’s spirit is so positive and awesome. Completely LOVE how that comes through in his work. He’s super talented.

    My favorites are: The Future is Bright & Time Cools All Jets
    My pick would be one of the two above or: YOU GOT THIS, TRUST YOUR GUT, or IT JUST MIGHT BE BETTER.

    *fingers crossed!*

    Margaret says:

    So nice to see artists around Los Angeles being featured here. It makes la feel smaller and like were all in it together! I love the future is bright and I would love to hav the same one in my home as a constant reminder. Thanks for a fab giveaway and an inspiring blog!

    Maggie says:

    i love them all! my favorite one is, “fucking be cool about it”. i want that right by my front door. i’d probably choose “don’t be so hard on yourself” or maybe “always make new mistakes”!

    emily says:

    I loved this! Ok. Favorite: Be Cool Baby. Mine: Let It Begin. P.S. it’s so great to see artists using their hands and paper, and not only relying on a computer. We can definitely fall into that habit, I know I do!

    Rachel says:

    My favorite: The future is bright. My own phrase would be: El Amor es Divino

    Jenny says:

    I loved this video, will you have more artists’ interviews in the future?

    It’s a tough choice but I really do love “Time cools all Jets”.
    I think if I were to choose a phrase, it would be “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”

    Stephanie says:

    Well aren’t these just rad?! Mr. Marble seems like such a cool dude! I love the “Fear is for Jerks” one – so great for a work space! If I were lucky enough to win I would go with either “Tastytown, USA” for my kitchen (its a phrase we use around my place when we really like the way something tastes!) or an adapted quote from a post I saw over on sfgirlbybay (http://www.sfgirlbybay.com/2012/11/14/design-crush/) that would read “Home is a feeling.” Thanks for the chance to win!

    Jack says:

    Favorite banner: “Be cool baby”
    Quote of choice: “you can rely on me honey”

    Erica S.G. says:

    These just make me smile to look at them! I can only imagine what joy it would bring to own one of my own (and maybe I wont have to any longer).

    My favorite banner was “Your Heart is Wild”. Being wild at heart is what makes one feel free to be whoever you are, and it’s something I have kept in the back of my mind when others don’t want to accept me for all that I am.

    So, if I wanted to have a banner for myself, I would want “Take Tea with Sugar” as a way to say, take a moment for yourself and indulge a little.

    Erika says:

    I love “Fear is for Jerks”!

    If I could make my own, it would definitely say “A Rainy Day Is No Excuse”. It often gives me a good reason to go outside and enjoy the day when I feel like sitting home and being a bum 🙂

    ingel says:

    My fav is the b&w frenchie one – this will amount to nothing.
    But mine would be – when the sun sets, the moon rises

    Amanda says:

    Wow. I really dig this guy. Positive art is a beautiful thing. My favorite of his was “Te Amo” simple and beautiful, and reminds me of my boyfrannn 🙂 hahaa. I think I’d want mine to be “The Best Is Yet to Come.” That was my grandpa’s favorite phrase. Thanks Bri, I loved the video interview, that should be a new column!

    tobie says:

    i love “be cool, baby” and “you can, really”
    it is too hard to pick what i would want! maybe “a noble and absurd undertaking” maybe “shine on you crazy diamond” maybe…
    thanks fro the inspiration, this giveaway and this Jimmy Marble are awesome!

    Winslett says:

    i love “Time cools all jets” because it is true. really true. some things take years and years. but some things just take a moment to breath. right? good words of wisdom.

    let’s see for my own how about “the grass is always greener where you water it” that’s kinda long for his technique though. so how about a few more short lovelies like “just smile and wave” (I am guilty of this lots…especially when I forget someones name ; ) or “free as the wind” or “play hooky” or “i think i can. i think i can. i think i can.” or “try, try again” or “let’s go on an adventure”…I could go on and on. but those are a few good ones that make me happy to read and even more happy to actually do or feel. I would LOVE to read any of them on my Jimmy Marble original. “Thanks, y’all!” (…another good one!) …”Live Thankfully”

    Jeanie says:

    It’s hard to pick a favourite, but I would have to say “sure we can try that” or “I feel great”, because they are both things that should be said more often 🙂
    I think i’d have “stay fresh” on a banner because it’s something i relate to, and is motivational for creativity.

    anna-christina says:

    oh, these are so great! I love the, “your heart is wild.” but if i could get my OWN, well, hoo-boy, I’d choose, “love governs our words.” it’s kinda become my personal motto.

    this is so wonderful! i pretty much love them all… but if i could have my own it would say ‘life is but a dream.’ 🙂

    kelsie rae says:

    “Be Cool Baby” is my favorite! I would have mine say.. “Keep the Commandments”

    annie says:

    his work is amazing! love “fear is for jerks”. i would jump at the chance to have one say “easy come, easy go”

    Natalia says:

    My favourite one is the French one! Mine would say “dream child”

    Sonia says:

    My favourite banner from the video is “Sure, we can do that” and if I could make one of my own it would be “Nobody can take away your sunshine”

    Stephanie G says:

    My favorite is fear is for jerks 🙂 I love it…and I would want that If I win!!!!

    Sarah says:

    I love the “fucking be cool about it” one. I don’t cuss a lot myself but I think we have all had that moment where you want to shake someone and yell that.

    I would love one that said “No backtracking”

    A life philosophy in two words. What’s not to love?!

    julie neill says:

    Favorite from the video: “Fucking be cool about it”
    My grandpa passed away in July and his motto that the rest of the family has adopted through the years is “It’s All Good.” His encouragement and optimism lives on by that phrase for me. That is what I would pick for my personalized banner by Jimmy.
    Thanks Bri!

    Rosie says:

    I love that he made one that just said “yes” because that’s been one of my favorite words, or rather attitudes, lately (its very yoko ono, isn’t it?). but in terms of brightening up an impending dorm room experience I’d love the phrase “vous êtes ici” (“you are here” in French)… a reminder to live in the moment! And I’d especially love it if the background were pink! …fingers crossed! xo Rosie

    Rosie B says:

    I’m obsessed with all of these. But especially the one that says “this will amount to nothing” but in French. Everything sounds cooler in French.

    Please make me one that says “I love you, but you have no idea what you’re talking about.”

    ^ Moonrise Kingdom reference… a cool movie, even cooler with French music on the soundtrack 🙂

    natasha says:

    LOVE the video and how it was an interview. Also love how Jimmy is all for optimism. My favorite phrase was ‘The Future Is Bright” and if I won I would love for my phrase to say “Live Ur Fantasy Evryday” because the fantasy represents your dream and when you have a dream you should work towards it everyday :).

    Kristin M. says:

    I love “You can, really!” Words of encouragement are so important.

    If I had my own poster, i would love for it to say:

    “Be bright. Be bold. Be you.”

    Lettering smaller to larger, top to bottom.

    I’ve needed this reminder a lot lately.

    Thanks, Bri!


    Stephanie says:

    I think I’d like to start saying “Cool your jets” now . . . that is pretty awesome. If I won I would definitely want “Be cool baby.” Love that!

    Allise says:

    Please, please, please, let it be me. My favorite phrase from the video is “wild at heart” because it reminds me of my 2 year old son. The phrase I would love to have isn’t custom, it is his banner, “let’s go home already.” It is just so, so perfect!

    Natasha says:

    Beautiful banners! Always inspiring to look at, especially “The future is bright”. If I could design one I would want “You belong among the wildflowers”!

    My favourite is “Be cool baby” and I would love “Life won’t wait” , Thanks.

    Janette Bake says:

    “I Feel Great” almost slipped past me but is definitely my favorite from the video. I think it would be sweet to have a banner that reminds “Stay Gold.” Love the post and this blog!

    Cordelia says:

    Great video! “The Future is Bright” makes me smile and is so simple. “I love you, my love” is something I often think.

    FEAR IS FOR JERKS has to be my most favorite saying (although they all pretty much rock) I would love the saying FRENCH KISS LIFE as a banner, I think it would be an awesome piece for above the bed to wake up to every morning!

    lauren says:

    Wow! These are pretty sweet! I love “Fear is for jerks!” If I won, I’d love to have “Ca ne tire pas consequence” on a turquoise background! 🙂

    rita says:

    ah! i fell in love with jimmy marble last year b/c of the instagrams you and jihan/geronimo balloons would post of his work! it is my favorite! i’ve been meaning to email him about a custom piece, this reminds me to do it!
    “fucking be cool about it” is my favorite, b/c it’s basically just perfect. i’d either want that, or i saw a chalkboard he did that was “believe in yourself, and your friends” that i loved… or, “what will you think when you are 90?” to remind me to try crazy things now b/c i’ll always be happy i did them.

    loved the video!

    Charmaine says:

    I like “your heart is wild” or “the future is bright.” These banners are awesome! If I had to put my own phrase, I’d choose “let’s be wild and crazy adventurers”

    Heather says:

    I like “your heart is wild” and if I won I’d like mine to say “heart of a lion”

    jo says:

    i’m such a huge fan of his, have been since i saw his “let’s go home already” poster on an episode of secrets from a stylist. i thought it was pretty much perfect, and it’s probably what i would choose if i could have any poster of his. but i also loved the “you can, really!” in this video.

    Jessica R says:

    My favourite phrase from the videa is ‘You can really’.

    I’d choose ‘This too shall pass’, a proverb that my aunt told me when she was really sick.

    Jecca says:

    “Be cool baby” would look amazing hanging on my wall. I’d also love to see “I WILL NOT HOLD MY HORSES” or “I’M HEAD HANCHO”.

    Loren says:

    I liked the “I feel great” poster best from the video, but if I could choose anything…it would have to be from my innermost geeky, Battlestar Galactica loving self and it would say “So Say We All”

    These pieces are just lovely! I really like “You’re heart is wild” and if I were to pick my own words, I would choose “il faut chercher avec le coeur” a line from my favorite book The Little Prince which means “one must look with the heart.” Thanks so much!

    Dan says:

    My favorite is probably “fucking be cool about it.” What I’d like; “No cops on this one!”

    Samantha says:

    I really like “You’re heart is wild.” It reminds me of that Great Lake Swimmers song. I’d probably ask for a poster that read: “my heart is grounded by you.”

    Kayleigh says:

    I love the one that says “the future is bright”. i would want mine to say “let the winds of wander blow”. it’s a lyric from my favorite artist, a fine frenzy.

    Wow, what an ace video! I love the soundtrack. My fave was definitely ‘Your Heart Is Wild’.

    Too good.

    oh my, i love these posters! my favorite from the video is ‘be cool baby’ and if i were the lucky winner, i’d have my poster say, ‘welcome to today.’

    thanks jimmy and thanks bri!

    Anonymous says:

    These posters are so simple yet powerful, and my favorite one would have to be “Ça ne tire pas á consequence”
    If I were to commission a special banner it would probably say “I love-I love you” (or “愛してる愛してるよ” if it’s possible to ask for it in Japanese), which is one of the lines from my favorite song. Since I’m making this up I might as well add that I’d want it to be horizontal and long-ish to have enough room for the whole phrase in one line, probably with red or some warm color as a background…haha, I was really inspired. 🙂

    Alice Wu says:

    Oops, I forgot to add my email above ^
    It’s [email protected]

    Natasha says:

    I was at Reform School just today, and asked the name of the artist of the banners I saw there. Regarding your Jimmy Marble contest, I’m so glad you asked! I am completely delighted by “Fucking Be Cool About It”.
    And I would LOVE to have a Jimmy Marble banner in my home that says “These Are The Good Old Days”.

    Michelle says:

    Absolutely love Jimmy’s work & this showcase video. My favorite poster of his would be “Fucking be cool about it.” If I had a poster made of my own I would wish for it to say “Don’t worry baby” of course, in light of the Beach Boys. Pick me!

    Mary Frances says:

    I love the “time cools all jets” pieces. I think mine would say “If not now, when?”

    Hannah says:

    The banner “Your Heart is Wild” is my favourite.
    If I get picked, I’d like “Smell the Roses” to be cut out.
    Thanks! xx

    Robyn says:

    “Time cools all jets” is the one that resonates within me the most. I have trouble with freaking out sometimes but when I stop and breathe…and especially sleep on it. I always feel %100 times better.

    “Just Keep Livin” Would be the one that I request. Dazed & Confused was a movie based on my hometown and my father was the inspiration for on the characters in said film. Since the movie…it has been a household saying we use on a regular basis…and means a lot to all of us (in an honest, but incredibly humorous way.)

    Thanks for the opportunity Bri!

    Leigh says:

    Love love love The Future is Bright… and if I were to choose my own phrase, it would be something similar: Aim True.

    Mirlah says:

    Love ‘ fucking be cool about it!” and if I were to win (fingers crossed) I’d have… Where to next poopie? Me and BF are keen to travel the world! xxxx

    Erika says:

    I totally watched this video twice then pinned it so I can watch if again. What a nice dude! And so inspiring. I’m really in love with the simple banner Jimmy mentioned saying just YES. If I could pick a phrase it would say ICE CREAM FOR EVERYONE.

    Heather says:

    Love love love these!!
    Wild Heart is my fave :))
    If I win (all digits crossed) that is the one I would pick.
    “Mad Love” is a phrase I find myself using as of late..that would also be pretty rad one…

    Xoxo Heather @ http://www.lovehealthandstyle.com

    Leah says:

    I like Jimmy’s FEAR IS FOR JERKS. The banner I would like the most is “I’m Already Yours”

    Jessica says:

    I can’t get enough of ‘Time cools all jets’ its amazing. If i got to pick my own phrase i’d be “Milk, Cream & Alcohol. From my favorite John Lee Hooker song: Serves me right to suffer. That video is killer too, it looked like you guys had a blast!

    Monica N says:

    Loving the You can, really banner. Its pretty perfect. If I won, I would love one that said “Baby, this way” with an arrow pointing to the left. It would be perfect in the hallway right before the baby’s area in our bedroom. PS I love Reform School!

    Samantha says:

    I LOVE Jimmy’s work – I remember seeing his banner “can we go home already” in the window of Reform School on a trip to Intelligentsia. I’m such a homebody, it’s something I’ve always wanted (and there’s something so romantic about that statement.) and if I could pick any phrase … maybe it’d be “you make me feel like …” since I enjoy a good metaphor.

    Madison S says:

    I have recently become a fan of his work! How he got started with these banners is so interesting! I love the one that says “your heart is wild”. If I had to chose my own banner i would love it to say “leave a little sparkle wherever you go!” but that could be too long so “TA-DA!” would be cute as well!

    Mathilde P says:

    I love this so much! I love fear for jerks! I would love a banner that said creativity rules! because… well it does! haha

    Tammy Winn says:

    I love love love his banners and today my favorite of his is “The Future is Bright” — but if I had make own slogan I would want mine to say “Be Nice” b/c it doesn’t matter how nice you are everyone can be a little bit more each day. <3

    Samantha says:

    SO COOL Bri!! Thanks for introducing us to Jimmy! He is awesome!

    We didn’t get it to see it, but he talked about making a banner for his friend that said, “YES”! I LOVE it – that’s my fave. If I could choose my own banner, then I would want it to say, “Be yourself”.

    Fingers and toes crossed!

    xo, sam

    Angel says:

    I love the video and Jimmy’s story on how these posters came about. My favorite poster from the move is a tie between “The future is bright” and “Fear is for jerks.” If I were to be lucky enough to win a banner, I would love it to say “Be nice. Do good. Design.” or “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Thanks for the opportunity!

    Amanda says:

    Luscious video! My favorite print is The Future is Bright. i would love a Jimmy Marble print that says: see it shine. Thank you for this fun opportunity and intro to Jimmy’s work!

    Hannah says:

    I love the “Your heart is wild” banner. And if I get chosen, I would like a “Smell the roses” banner. Please and thank you 🙂

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