hello everyone. i just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for stopping by designlovefest and for all of your encouraging comments. i was laying on the couch last night working on a new post for this week and i was so exhausted. but then all of a sudden i felt so overwhelmed with gratefulness and i finally took a moment to be proud of this site. i thought about how much designlovefest has changed over the past year and how one day last january i decided i wanted it to be mainly content that i was putting together myself. i thought about all of the talented friends that i have surrounded myself with that have pushed my limits more than you know. it’s so fascinating that i can scroll back through my archives and watch my own personal growth.

i couldn’t have done it without the amazing contributors that put so much love into each one of their posts. and lately i have been brainstorming even more columns i can incorporate. so without sounding super cheesy emo, i just want to let you guys know how much i appreciate you following this journey with me.

you are the best. –bri

photography:Β heather gildroy


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    leann says:

    YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION, BRI! you have no idea how much i admire you and how you relentlessly follow your dreams. please don’t EVER stop blogging/designing/everything you do – you affect people more than you could ever know.

    Caitlin says:

    awwwww Bri, you’re awesome! This site is so unique and so sunny, I look forward to every single post πŸ™‚

    Thank YOU!

    mucica says:

    I think yours is the only blog I`ve been following, always thinking how little comments you have(and writing it a couple of times also).
    Now you have many of them.
    and you deserve it.
    I would like to have you as a friend. You are that cool, sweet and beautiful.
    And I wish you all the best.
    such a cutie pie, you.
    hugs from Croatia

    Ashleigh says:

    If there is anything that is true, its that you have so SO much to be proud of! You bring us soo much inspiration – thanks for all you do πŸ™‚

    xx Ashleigh

    Thank YOU for being so inspirational to us! Like a lot of other bloggers, you were one of my first blogs that I followed even before I started blogging. I love your work ethic and passion in everything you do!

    melissa says:

    YOU’RE the best! I know we don’t know each other, but I definitely look to you as my super smart and talented designer gurlfrand! I’m so inspired by your words of wisdom, awesome style, and true & honest posts!

    I am a graphic designer, but also a graphic design professor and I’m ALWAYS sharing your posts with my students! They are so helpful!! Thank YOU for taking the time to share your experiences as a freelance designer! Your blog is such an inspiration to designers, new and old!!! Plus it’s such a beautiful visual treat!!


    charlotte says:

    what a cute little post. thank YOU for all that do to inspire us daily.

    Your blog is amazing! I’m so grateful that I found it. Keep doing what you do girl!

    Mariana says:

    thank YOU for the incredible work you’ve been doing with the blog. It’s such an inspiration! I come here everysingleday! Even before checking my facebook! hahaha


    xanthe says:

    I love visiting here and being inspired. Thank you x.

    Marion says:

    Your blog is very wonderful, i love that. Thank you !

    Merritt says:

    Your blog is the best. And your blog is the reason I will finally break the chains of cubicle-life & move to freelance! Thank you a zillion times, Bri!

    stephanie says:

    It is such an honor to be part of DLF team! πŸ™‚

    Royale says:

    I just love your blog. You are so inspirational. I love all your bright colors. It makes me feel better about all of mine. πŸ˜€

    Melissa says:

    I completely feel the same way as the first commenter. You and ALL your creative projects are an inspiration for me. I’m 32 yr old designer, at a time of my life where serious change is needed. I see so much of myself in you (creatively) and I look at all you’ve accomplished as an example of what’s possible if I put my mind & heart into it and take some risks. Keep on being fabulous!

    Noor says:

    I agree with all the comments above <3 All of us graphic designers love having a place like this to come to.

    emily says:

    THANK YOU for bringing beautiful things into our lives. I personally want to thank you for inspiring me to follow what I’m passionate about… to make it happen. Every fun DYI idea, every bit of advice, the smiles that you put on our faces, I love it all! Thank you. xo

    Kat says:

    No, no, no, thank YOU for giving me interesting things to scroll thru everyday!

    Kate says:

    I so agree with everyone–you have no idea how much I admire you and your work! Everything on Designlovefest is so inspiring to me. I started reading before deciding to get into graphic design, and this blog was a big part of what pushed me to start considering that career path. I’m with Melissa–I don’t know you, but I feel like you’re a designer friend I can turn to for advice and smiles (hope that’s not too creeper-ish!)

    justbeth says:

    Look at dem’ bangs! You are too cute and it’s because you work so hard that keeps me coming back and keeps me inspired to do more with my freelance, and design and some of my other hidden passions. So thank you Bri.

    Bri, Thank you for all you do! P.S If you ever need anybody else in your team don’t hesitate to reach me πŸ˜‰ Would love to assist on any way.

    Kate says:

    So sweet, Bri! Thanks to you for giving us such amazing content to come back to every day πŸ™‚



    Holli Keaton says:

    Bri, Thank YOU for posting to this sight. I seriously look forward to reading your blogs. They are so inspirational and fun!

    On a side note, I definitely just wrote a thank you like this on my blog yesterday. Must be the season! πŸ™‚

    I’ve liked you since the beginning! Thanks for writing a blog that keeps me coming back!

    Danielle says:

    Thank YOU, Bri! Designlovefest is legendary and we all know you’re just getting started πŸ˜‰

    Leigh says:

    Aw! You seriously are so adorable and inspiring! I just came across your blog about 4 or 5 months ago, but have totally gone through your archives and love every single post!

    Kory Woodard says:

    You are SUCH an inspiration, girl! I couldn’t be more thankful for you and bloggers like you, so thank YOU! πŸ™‚

    CUTIE ON DUTY!! Thank you, Bri.

    michelle says:

    No, Thank YOU, you have inspired us all to go out and be creative!

    Mani says:

    Bri you are amazing! I love how candid you are and you are a constant source of inspiration for graphic designers and bloggers everywhere. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. πŸ™‚

    Bri, You are such a big inspiration. I can’t tell you how many times I come to your blog. though I read a lot of blogs, yours is the only one I actually tell people about consistently. I hope you find happiness in the success you have had because there is definitely more to come. I am a long time reader and know that you and your blog has grown so much over the past year. Congratulations!
    – Jessica

    jen chii says:

    Thank You for inspiration!
    Your too cute Bri ❧

    Burkha says:

    Awww…you are so cute! i think that really shows how humble you are (in my opinion one of the greatest human characteristics). you said “thank you”, and I say “thank you” back. your blog is lovely, and more important, it has great content, content that I happen to find really useful. so keep that brain creating, you do it great!
    Besos πŸ˜‰

    Dinechen says:

    Bri, you’re such an inpiration!!!
    You and your site, your posts and ideas are making my day, every day, a little bit more shiny!!!
    Love from Germany,

    Bitty says:

    No, You! You’re the best ever. There’s nowhere on the internet that I am more excited to visit. Thank YOU!

    designstiles says:

    Thank YOU for your amazing blog. Yours has been an inspiration since the first day I stumbled upon it. It just keeps getting better and better. I can only image where it’ll go from here.


    Sarolta says:

    I go with Jessica Bramlett (33.): I read a bunch of great blogs, but it is your name even my husband knows by now. Because you are super inspirational. The way you evolve your style inspires me to go find out what my style is. It is fun to follow your journey! Thank you.

    kittybaroque says:

    Blessed to be on the journey with you wonderful Girl <3 Just THINK with all those sprinkles of glittery awesomeness you shake over us how much they in turn inspire us to grow into the best of ourselves, bring happiness to others etc… its the gift that keeps on giving mwaaaaaahhhh XXXX

    Sally says:

    No YOU’RE the best Bri!!

    Trix says:

    Thank YOU for inspiring us with your infectious spirit of fun and daring! It’s always a treat to read your posts.

    When there are 300+ posts backed up in my bloglovin feed… I admit, I just read the latest designlovefest post and then mark it all as read. This place is always worth it πŸ˜‰

    Holly Wells says:

    Awww yay Bri! I’m so in love with your design and aesthetic- everything you do wows me! Thanks for the inspiration and i’m along for the ride as long as you travel down this road!

    Holly Foxen Wells

    I am so in love with your blog and it’s been really great to see it grow into what it is today! Thanks for providing so much inspiration on a daily basis!

    Anonymous says:

    This made me smile, child o’ mine! You being grateful and then all the wonderful comments from your blog followers. Makes a mother proud! XOXO

    VerΓ΄nica Mancini says:

    YouΒ΄re my DIVA!! Just it! πŸ˜‰

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