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as you can see, this is my new favorite cardigan. i wore it last week here too with a teal leather skirt. today i am excited to show a preview of my friend pricilla’s spring line from crowned bird. i met pricilla when she took blogshop earlier this year and we have grown to be pals. it’s been fun watching her business grow – she is definitely one stylish lady!

i am wearing her high-waisted shorts + dotted sleeveless top. i paired it with a vintage head scarf and was ready to go.

photography: heather gildroy for designlovefest
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    Leigh says:

    Oh what a fantastic line! Absolutely love those shorts! And no shame in have a favorite cardi! Mine is red with blue stripes! I wear it more in a week than I should…

    love these posts! it must speak to my girly instinct to play dress-up–but in a grown-up, sophisticated way, of course! 🙂

    Chick Tyler says:

    Big, big fan of the high-waisted shorts! And you’re definitely rocking them!

    Anni says:

    I adore these! That last shot especially, so beautiful.

    Ali Mackin says:

    Yes I love your cardigan. I bought an aqua colored one at H&M in August and I have been wearing more then I would like as it is the only one I own, I need more cardigans! The shorts are great! In New York we can wear them this time of year, but with tights.

    Ali of aliandang

    those shorts are the cutest!

    Kellen says:

    I just checked out her line, and I’m in love with every piece! She’s amazing, and both pieces look super cute on you!


    Amelia says:

    Adorable as always bri! Where is the cardigan from?

    Bettina says:

    I love the lighting in these photos and yes, that sweater is stunning. Looks like she has amazing pieces, I’ll have to pop over to her site!

    Shauna says:

    My favorite style post so far! Beautiful!

    Sarah says:

    You are such a cool and confident model, Bri! You always look great, but awesomly stylish clothes never hurt!

    bri says:

    oh gosh, thanks sarah. i don’t consider myself a model, but i sure do love showing outfits! you are sweet.

    Michelle says:

    loving this! Your style posts are seriously off the chain!

    the color of that cardigan is fabulous! love it

    Danielle L says:

    diggin’ the color scheme presented in this style post. Calm & delightful hues.

    Malori says:

    I’m loving all of these polka dots!!!

    this outfit is killer! and you have such a cute little bod to sport it!

    Where’s the cardigan from? I love it, and peach feels so fresh for fall!

    Molly Sarah says:

    The bottom picture makes me want to move back to California so much!

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