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we’ve been doing some intense DIY posts around here lately…it’s time for a simple craft today! one that only takes a few minutes. i have always made inspiration boards to keep up around me while i work and i’m constantly switching items in and out. you could definitely use these glitter magnets on your fridge to add some sass, but i chose to hang up some my recent inspirations in my office.

what you’ll need:

• circular magnets
• glitter
• clear craft glue
• gold spray paint
• gloss clear coat enamel

the steps:

• spray magnets with 2-3 coats of gold spray paint taking care to get the sides of magnets, let dry
• lay a nice layer of clear craft glue on the entire surface of magnet
• dip magnets in glitter

• shake off excess glitter, lightly pat glitter into glue with finger to help keep the shape of the glitter mass circular
• dip magnet in glitter again and repeat the previous step, let dry
• spray with two coats of clear coat enamel to seal and prevent glitter from shedding

these would be a cute gift in a little see through bag for a friend!

project by: natalie shriver for designlovefest
photos by: kimberly genevieve
more DIY projects here

and thanks martha stewart for blogging our ombre pendant lights!


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    chrisi says:

    What a GREAT idea!!!! I love this. Glitter anything is fun, and then it gets in your hair, face, etc. haha good idea with the enamel coating :]
    stay fabulous.

    hey! I love glitter, I love magnets… so I guess I’ll have to try this 🙂
    thxs for sharing

    janae says:

    GORG! Totally making these, like today!! When I make is it cool if I link back to ya for the original inspiration?!?!

    LOVE these adorable magnets, Bri! So creative and festive, especially with the holidays around the corner. Will definitely be making a set of my own this weekend!

    stephanie says:

    Great activity for kids! (and older kids!) Super cute.

    Michelle says:

    the world needs more glitter!

    Lulu says:

    LOVED it! thanksss

    Ange says:

    Posted on July 30, 2011:


    I’d hate to think you’re stealing other creatives’ ideas. Perhaps it was just a coincidence…

    Latrina says:

    Hah! So simple yet it adds so much character! I love this. 😀

    Jaclyn says:

    So cute and simple, I love little crafts like this. I might have to try this over the weekend.

    Mary Beth says:

    I’m totally making these to go on my fridge. Simple and easy.. Mine might all be gold though!

    bri says:

    hi ange. i have never seen that glitter magnet DIY before, that was a coincidence. with such a simple craft, there is bound to be other people who have tried it. we do have our own spin on it, luckily 🙂 thanks for pointing those out to me though.

    natalie says:

    Ange, they say great minds think alike and I can assure you that we glued and glittered independently of other craft blogs. With as many craft posts as we do I imagine some projects being found elsewhere is inevitable. This is a really fun and easy project, so where ever you found it I highly suggest you give it a go.

    Holli Keaton says:

    What a fun craft and way to decorate the office up! DOING THIS!

    love this! so creative and cute

    Lindsay says:

    So simple and cute! Love it!

    Kristin B says:

    Holy bananas, these are adorable! I’ve got my glitter ready and I’m craftin’ up a storm next weekend!

    Cute & super simple!!! 🙂

    lexi says:

    These are 1,000% going on my to-do list! Love simple DIY’s … especially the kind that involve glitter!
    Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

    Courtney says:

    I love the clear bowls with the gold rims you used to hold they glitter! What a great project!

    Congrats on the Martha Stewart guest blog!!!

    Kathi says:

    Love this craft! Will feature a link to it from Bubblegum Post tomorrow morning!

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