i’ve been thinking about what i am going to be for halloween this year. i was dog the bounty hunter a few years ago and it was my favorite costume (i even had my friend dress up as his wife with balloons in her shirt. it was awesome). this year i was thinking about twiggy or wednesday addams. both seem equally fun to dress up as. i’ll let you know if more ideas come to me this week…

so you know what i’m about to ask, don’t you? what are you gonna be? (ps loving these little kid ideas over on oh happy day! so many good ones.)

shop this costume: 1. Topshop shift dress, 2. Isabel Marant drop earrings, 3. Benefit mascara, 4. Topshop silver tights, 5. Asos metallic mary jane heels

shop this costume: 1. Stila liquid eye liner, 2. M Missoni dress (lots on modcloth too), 3. Topshop black tights, 4. Urban Outfitters oxfords, 5. Nars black nail polish


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    Leigh says:

    Oh these are awesome costumes! You could pull either one off! I am going to be tweedle dee and my husband is going to be tweedle dum! We have the hats and everything!

    Briana says:

    I saw go with Wednesday Addams. It would be fun to play her character all night, too.

    The whole ‘dress-as-slutty-as-you-can’ for Halloween is getting ridiculous. When did people become so un-creative when it comes to dressing up?!

    Not sure what I’ll be dressing as but we have a pretty fun idea for our daughter. I have a 7 month old named Alice (I was 7 months pregnant in your BlogShop class!) and we have a onesie that I glued chains on and she’ll be ‘Alice in Chains.’ 😉

    Krysta says:

    Both costumes are great, but I think I’m partial to Wednesday Adams… she’s extra Halloweeny. I think my husband and I are going to try and do different version of Bowie (me as ziggy stardust, him as Bowie in the Labrynth)… we might even get the pups involved if we re feeling extra creative.

    Chick Tyler says:

    It’s so funny you mention the little kid outfits at Oh Happy Day! Because I’m definitely going to do the Strongman costume for myself! (I’m in my 20s!)

    But I LOVE the Twiggy idea!

    Leah says:

    Personally I LOVE the Wednesday Addams idea. That dress is just too perfect to pass up.

    Rox says:

    I’m digging Wednesday Adams for sure! if you do go that route, you should also try and find that doll she carries around too. I’ve already started my costume…but it’s going to take some time to construct it!! (and I’m slowly revealing it on my blog).

    Ali Mackin says:

    I am going to be a playboy bunny in mourning. This was actually my outfit from LAST year but, are you ready for it…we got snowed out! 10 days earlier it was in the 80’s. Well the outfit idea was based on the fact that The show about the Playboy Club got cancelled after only 2 or 3 episodes. I just happened to have an all black retro cut one piece bathing suit. And while shopping at Macys I saw these awesome black lace bunny ears. So all I need to do is add black lace tights, black booties, a little black jacket and a pom pom off a ski hat and I am good to go!!

    PS: I am leaning towards the Twiggy costume. Gives me an idea. Maybe I will be Edie Sedgwick next year, those shoes would be PERFECT!

    Nicola says:

    I definitely love the Wednesday idea! She’s pretty cool and really halloweeny! I decided to go as a china doll to our friends Halloween party cuz they always creeped me out when I was little and I thought the make up will be really fun to do! I found some great make up inspiration on Pinterest too! Can’t wait to see your final outfit! Also I love that you dressed up as dog the bounty hunter that’s incredible!!!!

    both are completely awesome!!! i have always loved the idea of twiggy for halloween…such a good look & you could totally pull it off! this year my husband & i are going to be forrest gump & jenny {70s, ready to jump off the balcony jenny!} …he has been told for too long that he resembles tom hanks, so we figured it is finally time! XO brynn

    Sarah says:

    Love both ideas! You’d be so adorable as Twiggy! I have a twin sister and we both live in the Twin Cities. Convenient, right? We’re thinking on wearing Minneapolis and St. Paul shirts so together we make the twin cities…

    Michelle says:

    Wednesday was on my list of prospective halloween costumes this year, along with the chic from moonrise kingdom, and margo tenenbaum, oh and daria! LOL Think I am gonna go with Margo. An excuse to by a faux fur coat…yes please!

    Just did a halloween gift guide too

    I am totally remaking Oh Happy Day’s ‘field of flowers’ costume with fake flowers glue gunned onto my body, oh yeah!

    LOVE the twiggy costume. Gave me great inspiration for my Halloween outfit! I may just hit up a thrift store this weekend look for similar pieces!

    lindsey says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these costume ideas!!!!

    ephraner says:

    LOVE this, I want to be Wednesday! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Erin from Food & Femininity

    hahaha i LOVE that you dressed up as dog. haha that is awesome. These two costume suggestions are so chic! love them!

    Michelle says:

    Wednesday was totally on my list this year, along with Margo Tennaembaun, the chic from Moonrise Kingdom, and Daria. Pretty sure I am gonna go with Margo though…an excuse to buy a new faux fur…yes please!


    Anneleen says:

    The Wednesday Addams costumier for sure!

    Ooh, I love this idea – so fun, and I always appreciate a good last-minute option!

    Tabitha says:

    Wednesday was on my shortlist too! And that dress!
    I am going to be Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice and rock the red wedding dress like nobodies business!

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