my weakness is cheese and bread. i just have no will power against it. none.

one of my favorite date nights with arian is just at home with a bunch of cheese. very simple. there is a cheese shop in silver lake that you can pick up a baguette, some wine, those delicious cornichons i can’t stop eating, jam and of course your favorite selection of cheese. i like to just ask them if i can sample their latest shop favorites – i’m not too picky so those usually work for me.

and then you get to build your little masterpiece. a cheese board, some fruit, play some records, put on some lipstick and life is good.

i loved the styling of this board below!

check out the cheese store of silver lake if you are in the area!
3926 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90029

what’s your favorite simple date? -bri

(top five photos by kimberly genevieve, bottom photo by always with butter)


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    oh my gosh bri, i need some cheese! great idea…cheese boarding it this wknd!

    I am just like you: completely weak in the face of cheese and bread. It is my guilty pleasure. This shop looks adorable!

    Cheese + wine is a huge favorite for us too. We don’t have enough time to style our cheese boards like that gorgeous picture. We start picking at the cheeses as soon as they get unwrapped. A party at our apartment – cheese is usually gone before the guests arrive!

    Molly Graham says:

    Ummm yeah, I’m a cheese & bread girl too…and wine & chocolate…so moving to France – the capital of all four has been a blessing and a curse! Ahhh Bri come over & we’ll go flea marketing followed by wine & cheese of course!

    Heather says:

    Oh man! I can’t resist cheese either. Hubster likes it but isn’t obsessed so our favorite stay at home date is to make a snack smorgasboard. Usually that means cheese fondue, shrimp cocktail, olive tapenade, some chocolate and a good bottle of wine. MMM!

    Alexis S. says:

    Oh my gosh, this is definitely my favorite simple date, too! Over our first year of being married, every month we have a wine, cheese, olives and bread date to celebrate.

    Kelly says:

    I had to cut back on cheese because I noticed my pants getting tighter. Such a bummer. I could eat a cheese/charcuterie board for every meal. I have a Pinterest board dedicated entirely to cheese 🙂

    Leigh says:

    Oh oh oh! Wine and cheese is one of my favorite dates! So much so that my husband and I do it so many times a week, that we finally had to stop buying the nice cheese and stick with some regular cheaper cheese just to save a little money hahaha

    ashley beilharz says:

    Love cheese! What is your favorite? I never know what to try next

    cianne says:

    Agreed. Cheese, baguette, and wine is where it’s at. We like to make a cheese board and sit on the living room floor. Bonus points for a great podcast or movie.
    Have a good weekend, Bri.

    Bree says:

    Maybe your “I Cut the Cheese” face?? hahaha joking! Love your blog and look at it daily. -Bree

    caroline says:

    love the look of that cheeseboard! mm mm!

    Sydney says:

    An evening spent with love, cheese, wine and music sounds divine! Of course there has to be red lips involved 🙂


    ali says:

    Stop it! Your making me hungry.

    Kara says:

    Your jeans are the perfect color! Where did you get them?! Jeans are my least favorite thing to shop for so I’m always on the hunt!

    Jordan says:

    i’m right there with you on the cheese & bread. especially anything that combines the two. that shop looks fab though – i’ll definitely have to check it out if i’m ever in the are!

    Mfree says:

    before our little one came along, my husband and I used to go on bike dates about once a month. We live in LA so the weather is usually great for it. We’d hop on the bikes and ride for a while and eventually stop for food and drinks. the ride home in the cool darkness is always so lovely.

    Latrina says:

    Oh my gosh! I know what you mean — I couldn’t live without cheese, bread aaand potatoes. Those are my staples. 🙂

    What a sweet date! My husband and I do little dates like that all the time. One of our favorites is to visit local coffee shops and rummage through old book stores. 🙂

    I LOVE this idea! It’s the simple things, isn’t it? 😉

    Kristina says:

    oh me too. i could LIVE on cheese, pickles + baguettes, yum! xo

    Noor says:

    I love me some cheese hehe

    Little Pink Strawberries

    Elisse says:

    I love the cheese store! Now I really need to go back! Yum

    Aira says:

    mmmm! my girlfriends and I just planned a craft date while having cheese + wine! I guess we’ll end up with crazy stuff haha

    You and me both, fresh baguette, some figs and a balsamic
    glaze and that is a meal for me!!

    Jaclyn says:

    This store looks great, I definitely want to try it out. I love nights like that at home. I’ll build a cheese plate for my husband and me, then we’ll spend the night in watching movies. Such a relaxing ritual.

    Stay in the Lines

    lisa says:

    This is the perfect meal in my book! My favorite simple date is a bike ride for beers 🙂

    Your “I love cheese” face is still cracking me up. Awesome =)

    Sarolta says:

    Well, cheese and wine comes pretty close to my quitting time favorites. And then I love to add some Spanish olives. They are superior!

    Leigh says:

    My husband and I do this too! As an homage to Liz Lemon, we call it “Night Cheese”. 🙂

    designstiles says:

    Yup. My husband and I love to snack om cheese while we prep dinner. Various cheeses atop some crackers and finished off with some peppers from his garden. Parmigiano Reggiano is a favorite. Serrano or habaneros take it to the next level.

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