this weekend it’s all about getting settled in our new place. there is literally stuff everywhere! it’s funny that now we are in a house again, all of our industrial loft decor looks….real wrong. i need to work on getting more timeless items i suppose. i know a lot of people that really enjoy the unpacking process…finding a home for all the knick knacks. i wish i could say the same, but it’s definitely not a joy for me. the other day i had some wine and danced around while unpacking my bedroom. that helped for about 12 minutes.

enjoy your weekend everyone, and if you are mid-move too…i feel your pain! -bri

photo: the designlovefest instagram — ps for those of you who asked about my gold hangers in this picture, they were spray painted for this photo shoot. i wish i knew a place that sold them like that.

also, thank you cassandra daily for interviewing me here!


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    Rachel says:

    Good luck Bri! I hope the task will be more relaxing than you expected!

    Pink Ronnie says:

    Love the combination of the tulle and the gold hanger!
    I have to say, I’m one of those crazy people who do love finding a place for everything, but it still is extremely stressful and ridiculously tiring.
    I hope you make it through the weekend in one piece. And you are going to do such a wonderful job setting up your new home! 🙂
    Ronnie xo

    bri says:

    thanks ladies!! i could use the encouragement!

    mindi says:

    Mid-move, and I’m really thinking those art books that make me feel hip and cool are making my thighs burn. Right there with you, lady! Good luck to you.


    look see says:

    I’m with you – I hate unpacking! It always feels like it should be great, but totally sucks! P.S. Your Instagrams are rad 🙂

    Anonymous says:

    Just keep chipping away cause it feels SO great when it’s done!!! Your Mom has moved 18 times in her life, so I’m a pro, but remember the one huge crying meltdown I had when we moved to this house? Boxes stacked high in all 12 rooms with just pathways to walk, and even though I am a workhorse, I got overwhelmed and sobbed like a baby. But I got er done! Carrying that last box out is a fabulous moment! : ) Can’t wait to come see it! Love, Madre

    Thank you Bri; I’m totally mid-move – and we’re moving to another city, which makes things even harder. I’m solving it by giving away most of my belongings, but I still think there will be more boxes than is healthy for a girl.

    Best of luck with your unpacking – maybe sparkling wine would help for at least 23 minutes. Unpacking must be a tad more fun than packing though?? I hope so… =/

    All the best, Trud

    Good luck with the unpacking! You know, my sister-in-law actually did have an unpacking/moving party with her husband and our family, along with some of her friends! It was fun, and the process was quick and painless! 🙂

    YYZ says:

    Oh, I know! I HATE unpacking. Moving is a drag, but once you
    ARE unpacked, it’s all worth it. Hang in there!

    Sarah says:

    Ahh I move twice a year so I definitely know the feeling! Good luck dear!

    xoxo Sarah

    Azadeh says:

    It feels good to be settling in to a new place. just try to see the bright side of removals.

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