ok, so let me start off by saying some of you might read this post and think i have lost my mind a little bit. but hear me out, ok?

i have always been fascinated with underwater shoots. whether that be watching planet blue like it’s my job, or admiring fashion shoots executed underwater. i’ve always had a thing for jellyfish too (remember this post!?) so i thought it would be cool to shoot this week’s style post underwater. and no, this isn’t the most “shoppable” outfit but it’s interesting to study the layers and movement of fabrics in a new environment. well, at least i thought so.

check out how sweet this gold lamé skirt looks when submerged in water. close up (above) and far away (below)…

or this yellow gauzy skirt that created an insane effect once it touched the water…

we had fun shooting for a while in an isolated pool of a downtown rooftop with an underwater film camera. which is always exciting because you never know what you are going to get. i was really pleased at the abstract result and could even picture these blown up large on the wall.

and now for the contest i never won as a child…

my boyfriend came with me that day and shot with his gopro under the water. have you guys ever played around with one of those? they’re super cool!

then i decided to give myself an hour (yes, i’m a loser and time myself sometimes) to try to edit the footage in photoshop into a short little movie. you know how we teach you to edit your videos all in photoshop now? (class here and here) those skills are really helpful when you just want to make a short video to accompany your post! watch here:

photography: heather gildroy
video by: modshift + designlovefest
more style posts: right here

and last but not least, the winner of the massive giveaway! taylor went out of her way and made this adorable video in addition to entering our contest. our whole team just loved it. congrats taylor m., we can’t wait to send you all of your gifts and see you at blogshop!

update: i deeply apologize for my mistake here, i’m human and i made an error. i hear all of your comments and i’m doing everything i can to fix this. i announced one more free spot to blogshop on my facebook page. thank you so much for understanding. -bri


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    emily says:

    Congratulations TAYLOR!!!! How exciting 🙂

    Laura says:

    Congrats to Taylor! That was such a fun video…loved the bloopers!

    Milynn says:

    Bri, these are seriously stunning photos and looked like sooo much fun!

    CONGRATS Taylor, so many great things to have won!

    I just watched her video and she deserves it. Way to go, Taylor!

    Bri, where did you get your suit? Love.

    megan says:

    you are such a talent!!! amazing concept Bri!!!!

    Anonymous says:

    Congratulations TAYLOR! Your really worked HARD for this!:-)

    Question... says:


    Seriously love your blog and your creative talent. Never in a million years did I think I would win this giveaway, but didn’t you say the winner would be random? If you’re holding a creative-entry style contest – just say! If Taylor was actually chose at random, and not for her video entry than she is the luckiest girl in the world!

    Sylvie says:

    Congratulations TAYLOR! You really worked HARD for this! Bri: LOVE LOVE LOVE everything you do! You’re such an inspiration!

    Question...seconded says:

    yep. reading the tweets about “so many good entries” made me double check to see if it truly was random.

    The photoshoot is awesome … I’d probably pass out from holding my breath too long, though… lol

    – And congrats, Taylor. The video was adorable.

    – tianna 🙂

    Sally says:

    I adore these photographs, really super beautiful and so calming. And you’re right, they would look fab blown up as art on a wall!

    bri says:

    it wasn’t intended as a creative contest, but when someone goes above and beyond without being told, i definitely recognized that 🙂 let’s all be happy for taylor, she definitely earned it!

    That underwater video was pretty trippy…in a good way!

    bri says:

    ha, totally dana! and thanks everyone for the sweet comments. heather really did a beautiful job.

    Natalie says:

    Hi there! I agree with #8, I thought you said the winner would be chosen at random, so I just have to mention it…and I totally agree that if it was meant to be based on whose entry was the most creative, we should have known that ahead of time so we could get our creativity ON!

    bri says:

    hi natalie. i am sorry you feel like that, it was not the intention. like i said, i thought it was notable that she did go above and beyond without being told, plus entered in multiple ways. we will definitely be having more contests like this in the future. a creative contest sounds fun. let’s not rain on taylor’s parade, please! thanks everyone 🙂

    Natalie says:

    Bri, I just now saw your response to the question about the winner. I’m sorry, but that’s really disappointing to me. You could have called out her entry and given her some blog-love, but you did say the winner was going to be random. I entered because I thought, “Hey, it’s random! That means I really have a chance to get some amazing insight for my blog!” :-/

    Bri, I agree with #8, #10 and #16 (Natalie) – the video is great, but if being extra-creative to win was part of the contest I would’ve entered differently. My understanding from your original post is that it that the winner was to be chosen at random. I feel that the entry requirements weren’t communicated accurately (either that, or I grossly misunderstood them!).

    Can you please clarify?

    Thanks a bunch. And congrats to Taylor. 🙂

    Anonymous says:

    Great style post! And congrats to Taylor! But this was not a contest it was a giveaway… creativity should not have been a factor. I’m sure a lot more of us would have done something creative, but the entry rules were clearly explained. Little annoyed.

    kit says:

    happy for taylor – but kind of surprised by the bold decision especially considering the mass appeal this had and the mass marketing you received- it definitely said: we’ll be choosing one random winner on tuesday, august 28th at 10am PST. Pretty misleading. just sayin’

    way to go taylor – this will be such an experience for you!

    One more comment from me – I just saw your response, Bri, and I have to admit that I’m also a little disappointed. I think it’s great Taylor won, and that the contest was a success, but I feel that even though it wasn’t your intent, your readers were mislead.
    Just a thought to keep in mind for next time. Thanks for listening and responding.

    Aww Shucks! Oh well, Congrats Taylor! Now you’ve got me interested in beefing up my videography skills! Shooting under water was such a cool idea! Enjoy your prizes hope to see more great work from you soon! 🙂

    Aira says:

    Wow! Taylor is so lucky! A wacom and adobe photoshop… I can only dream! Haha…

    And Bri! I wish I have a circle of friends like yours! So creative. It must be inspiring to be surrounded by them all the time! This is a great post and the pictures came out so nice =)

    bri says:

    you all, i really am sorry if this post was misleading. i am really bummed by this, because i just was really impressed by all of taylor’s efforts – she emailed, tweeted, commented, posted and more… and i felt like she really earned her way into class. i was touched by her story.

    i am truly sorry that you guys feel like that and i can only promise to be more clear in the future.

    Tiffany Reed says:

    Congrats, Taylor! I’m so jealous right now! And this shoot + video is so amazing. Makes me want to try it out:)

    Anonymous says:

    Hi Bri – I don’t think anyone is raining on Taylor’s parade… she is awesome! What people are pointing out is that you held what is knows as an “illegal lottery” … The U.S. has strict laws barring private lotteries. A lottery is a promotion that has three elements: Prizes, Winners Chosen by Chance, and Consideration.

    To avoid being classified as an illegal lottery, sweepstakes must ensure that at least one of these elements is missing. Because prizes and luck are central to sweepstakes where the winners are drawn at random, legitimate promotions can never have consideration.

    You probably want to research this stuff before your next “giveaway”… You have actually broken the law here.

    Bri – yes, those are all great things and I appreciate her efforts, but that wasn’t what was asked to enter. A giveaway by nature is random, and a contest requires skill to enter and a judgement made to win. If it were a contest and these things were required (or even would have affected the outcome), that should’ve been communicated. It’s unfair (and personally I feel unethical) to give preference to a winner when it was stated that the outcome would be random.

    Once again, congrats to Taylor – my comments are in no way saying that I don’t think she did a great job and deserved to win. I respect the extra effort, and she’ll rock Blogshop.

    Stacey says:

    You’re really sorry “if” it was misleading? Girl, you changed the rules in the end! Totally misleading! No one is trying to hate on the winner. Your readers don’t like being lied to!

    Obviously no one was told to go above and beyond. . . .it was a “random” contest. What’s sad is you get to keep all those Facebook likes from your fans trying to increase their “random” chance of winning. Not sure they’ll all be fans after this. . .

    Anonymous says:

    Haha, Bri you should just stop commenting… It keeps getting worse. We all have stories. We just didn’t know we should email you and tell you our story to win this giveaway.

    Kes Cardoso says:

    really cool video idea. and very disappointed on how the winner was picked. didn’t really made sense. Anyway… Congrats Taylor!

    So creative! Congrats to you Taylor!!!

    This is absolutely dreamy. Such a well done style post, girl!

    Congratulations Taylor! Enjoy the giveaway enough for all of us! 😉
    The video was adorable and very well done! Was it by any chance shot in Savannah?? It’s inspiring when people go above and beyond!

    Bri, I adore the h2o project – heavenly!

    Criss Marie

    Lauren says:

    I would have loved to have seen the amazing submissions you surely would have gotten if this had indeed been billed as a contest, instead of a giveaway! Seems a little like a one pony race. 🙁

    Anonymous says:

    If you want to make good with your readers, you really should just pick an additional “random” winner and eat the loss.

    Carrie says:

    Big congrats Taylor!!! We are all so happy for you!! Thanks Bri for all of your continued daily inspiration. You are a rock star!

    Allison says:

    I think a creative contest for a creative workshop would kind of be like hosting a basketball competition for NBA players. The beauty of the giveaway was that it was going to be a game changer (sorry for the sports metaphors) for whoever the random winner was. Someone who didn’t know anything of gifs or videos. That magic is gone now…

    Latrina says:

    I’ve been so eager to see these photos since you first spoke of the underwater shoot. Love them! I’ve always been a fan of underwater shots as well — there’s just something unique about them — the way you can capture movement so well.

    Anonymous says:

    Just wanted to add that I, too, was disappointed that this wasn’t a truly random contest. I’ve read all your comments, Bri, and it seems like you rewarded Taylor for the free advertising she did by tweeting, posting, commenting, creating a video etc. for you and your brand. That’s good for you, but not nice for all of your other fan. Last I checked, random still means random, and you could have rewarded Taylor with something else instead if her story “really touched you so much.”

    Anonymous says:

    Congrats Taylor! Cute video. I’m sort of disappointed that someone who already seems to know how to add a cute video to her blog gets to go to Blog Shop. I would have liked to learn how to do that…

    Amanda says:

    I read this post and watch the video while I was listening to Dauoalgon – Sigur Ros & it was perfect. I totally understand your underwater love.

    Kellen says:

    Congratulations Taylor!

    As you said, Bri “every extra comment helps your chances of winning!”
    Taylor did that and MORE. I think she totally deserves to win with her hard work!

    Oh and can I say I’m utterly obsessed with you underwater Post!


    bri says:

    hey everyone. i truly feel so terrible about this (and i totally understand your frustration with me!) i am going to give another blogshop spot away at random.

    again, this is my fault. and i hope you guys understand i will try to fix it!

    Anonymous says:

    Bri, that’s awesome. You heard us and that’s pretty cool.

    bri says:

    announcing the winner right here, and i will email the second winner shortly!


    Thanks Bri, that gesture is greatly appreciated. It means a lot to know that you’re doing what you can to make it right.

    bri says:

    thanks lesley, that means a lot.

    And congrats to Katie. 🙂

    Stacy Bauer says:

    congrats to both of the winners! that’s so awesome, Bri you did such an awesome thing here!

    Anonymous says:

    bahah My name is Taylor and for a second I thought I won! I think yawls need to simmer down about Bri giving the class to Taylor. Taylor’s are good people and we rarely win things so this is maybe a first for this Taylor.

    Anonymous says:

    Let’s not overdo it here kids. She didn’t do an awesome thing. She fixed her mistake after given a hard enough time.

    Alison says:

    Congrats to Taylor and Katie! I’m very excited to see how they grow from here.

    Thank you, Bri, for listening to your readers. We had a legitimate complaint, and you did what you could to make it right. And, even better, now TWO people who deserve it get to go to blogshop! <3

    Stacy Bauer says:

    Either way, two people are blessed now instead of one. It is an awesome thing!

    Ashli Nixon says:

    Congrats to the winners! That is awesome that everything worked out! 🙂

    Anonymous says:

    Under the circumstances, that’s the fairest fix. I still doubt all the multiple ways of entering were taken into consideration this time or the first time around (and I hope Katie gets all the same prizes). I also understand that being one person with a very popular blog can be daunting and it’s been a learning experience for me (not that I’m this successful); there are basic expectations– from readers and sponsors– and should be a level of professionalism with these things.

    Becca says:

    I’m just so disappointed. I’d be a little disappointed if it was randomly drawn and I lost – I was expecting that…but I could’ve done something creative too, had I known! I don’t want to be ungrateful for the opportunity because it was truly an amazing one. But I feel like I could’ve really brought a good game to the competition if it was that – a competition.

    elizabeth says:

    Girl, don’t sweat the haters.

    Anonymous says:

    I knew this was to good to be true. Happy for the winners! Hope you girls get to take your blogs to the next level and learn how to throw “random” giveaways too 🙂

    Anonymous says:

    I think it’s great that Taylor had such an amazing story and that you have given away another spot at BlogShop to fix this, Bri, but Taylor won all those other prizes too. I think that the person that was drawn at random should receive all those prizes, as was stated in the original post. If you’re going to fix it, then why not do that? Taylor really wanted the spot in BlogShop, she earned it, and she can still have it, but give the random winner what they were promised.

    Krysta says:

    What a cool style shoot! Love how the shotsturned out. And congrats to Taylor- what a fun little video she made!

    kayleigh says:

    what is the song and the artist from the underwater video? (ps- it’s really cute and beautiful)

    Victoria says:

    Uh my, don´t poop your pants everyone… I was really surprised as you all seem to love creativity you were being so uncreative about you posts, just put some random s*** up there and yeah done… no, that is not how you deserve things. I did write something pretty creative and put some time in it… I still didn´t win, so what!? That´s life, just try again instead of wining about something that´s done already!!!

    stephanie says:

    Wow Bri! you really go all the way to create creative content! I am always amazed by of how far you go to get this creative thrill an create fresh content! Just wanted to say you are truly inspiring! 🙂 The colors underwater are so wonderful and creates such another kind of art. Your boy has talent!

    Love this style shoot! My favorite by far. Great job on the video too Bri. Appreciate your honesty with the giveaway madness. Keep your head up! 🙂

    Kristin B says:

    Loooovin’ the underwater video. So rad! Very ethereal and dream-like.
    (Love the song playing over it too – gorgeous. Curious to know who sings it as well… must seek them out on iTunes fo sho.)

    Hilary says:

    Well deserved, Taylor! Your video was adorable!! And thank you Bri, for being so generous and opening another spot for Blogshop after the unintended oopsie. Gorgeous underwater Style Post concept too!! Wonder if this was inspired by your current Smartwater partnership?

    Kerry Grolle says:

    Bri (and Angela) – you handled this situation so gracefully. Now you’ll have two very eager and thankful students in your class. I can’t speak for all those out there, but I appreciate your work as business women to address the situation as you did. Cheers!

    Samantha says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Taylor and Katie! Y’all are going to learn so much and have a blast at BlogShop!

    Bri! Your underwater style shots are AMAZING!!! These pictures are beautiful and belong in an editorial or {most definitely} blown up on your wall!

    xo, sam

    **Style of Sam**

    Hi Bri! I just have to tell you that you are an ANGEL! You are really trying to hard to please everyone and it shows. Don’t get bogged down by all the haters. It’s the internet. Not everyone can be pleased. But you do a great job and I know that thousands of people will be coming back again and again (myself included!). This was a great opportunity and I am so happy for both winners. They get to partake in an amazing workshop that will change the course of their careers! Love you, girl!



    Queen Mother says:

    P.S. I really appreciate all of you who showed grace and style at not winning. ESPECIALLY #34 Christina Marie saying that Taylor going above and beyond was INSPIRING! : )

    DENISE. says:

    LOVELY job, ladies!

    Lindsay says:

    I am such a water baby, I am totally captivated by these underwater photos. Beautiful as always.

    Emily says:

    Hey Bri, just wanted to say you are awesome and everyone sure has an opinion about other people’s business. DesignLoveFest and BlogShop are your businesses, and it should be a given that you can do what you want when choosing winners for contests or whatever. You have numerous fans who don’t think you’re a horrible person (myself included) and I applaud you for trying to “make it right” even though nothing was really done wrong. Keep doing what you’re doing, and those that are peeved kind of need to get over it. You rock!

    this is so insanely beautiful. i’m so looking forward to learning how to make videos from you and the team. and i think you were quite graceful in a difficult situation and did something extremely kind and generous to rectify it. xoxo

    Maine says:

    This looks heavenly! It reminds me of Neil Craver’s shoot in Stache Magazine (http://issuu.com/stachemagazineonline/docs/05_stache_august_2012/83)

    Karen says:

    Well… I was disappointed I didn’t win (but then I never win this kind of stuff). And I was happy for the winner (and a little jealous). Then I was confused that it wasn’t random. Then I re-read the instructions and I thought… I posted comments, I liked, I tweeted (I can’t make a video because I don’t have the ability to do so and I can’t post on my blog because I don’t ahve one yet… and it was clear a current blog was not required). Then I read all these comments!

    1) People have a right to be confused, disappointed and/or irritated.
    2) People have a right to say so. It does NOT make them haters. It makes them honest. There’s no swearing or offensive language. Just people saying, “hey! wait a minute…”
    3) I don’t see how any of the comments were directed at the winner.
    4) 73 comments is nothing considering 2,700+ entered! I don’t think this means there’s some kind of mutiny going on.
    5) Bri handled the situation. Now it’s over.

    One thing I want to echo… someone mentioned how the point of going to blogshop is to gain skills you don’t currently have. And, hopefully, to gain inspiration. That’s exactly how I feel. I’ve been watning to go for a long time but I don’t have the money to go. And I don’t have the money to buy photoshop for my computer (long-term a 30-day trial isn’t going to get me anywhere). This “small” contest represented a HUGE opportunity for me and for many others, I’m sure. So I want to thank Blogshop for holding the give-away. I want to congratulate the winners. And I hope, Bri, that you will remember that while the winner had the time, talent, and opportunity to put something fun together, everyone deserved to win just by virtue of following the directions, and by proactively promoting you and Blogshop. Thanks! 🙂

    Anonymous says:

    Nicely said #77.

    Amy says:

    Gotta agree with those who were confused and disappointed by this. A second blog shop opportunity is nice, but it doesn,t address the fundamental issue that the rules of the contest were changed retroactively. Bummer.

    bri says:

    i completely owned up to making a mistake, and i have been thinking all day of how i can make this better. it was an honest mistake and i never meant to upset anyone. i hear all of your comments and all i can do is apologize and try to make it better. there isn’t much more i can do unfortunately, because it has already happened. i truly appreciate all of my readers and would never want to upset any of you. thanks so much for hearing me out and i will do my very best to never let something like this happen again. -bri

    Pink Ronnie says:

    Loved this underwater style post, Bri! You should definitely blow a few up as canvases and hang them in your new home!
    Ronnie xo

    I totally agree with Pink Ronnie #81.
    Number 6 is my pick.

    As for the competition/contest/giveaway. I’m disappointed by the error but appreciate the swiftness of your response. Thanks Bri.

    Yay for Taylor.


    Laura says:

    Amazing post today! I can’t believe you edited it so quickly! I hope your tummy survived all the turmoil.

    Noor says:

    I love these pictures they are so pretty 🙂 I was just curious what do you all use all these images you shoot for? 🙂

    Sarolta says:

    First: Bri, the underwater shoot is awesome! And I love the little video, Taylor made. I had entered, too, but totally understood, she really deserved the giveaways.

    Second: I am disappointed about all the anonymous criticism here. If you are disappointed about the contest and even say stuff like this contest was against the law, why can’t you put your name down here?

    Brianna says:

    Hi Bri,

    I just wanted to say thanks for drawing a second winner, I think that was the right thing to do. I was surprised when I saw the random winner had also randomly made a video, but honestly, I just thought, well maybe next time! 🙂 I also want to say I really agree with comment #38, I do consider myself creative, but I entered the giveaway because I saw it as a jumping off point for myself, so I hope you will keep doing random giveaways for those who need a push.

    Elly says:

    She apologized…so stop it already with the complaints! Can´t you all see that you making her miserable. She´s done so much for us all by putting together this wonderful Blog that we all enjoy daily. Think about that before you continue to make her feel bad!

    Emily says:

    This is interesting. I do agree, the second winner should get all of the prizes, not just a spot in blogshop. That is what would be fair and what would make up for the mistake.

    Dawn says:

    I agree with those who were really disappointed by the way in which the winner was chosen. Although I can see that it’s difficult to correct now, I agree with others who feel that the “fix” isn’t ideal. I don’t uhderstand those who are unhappy that people are expressing disappointment. I think commenters have been honest and open and their commentary hasn’t been personal or mean. I expect Bri, who is well versed in marketing and social media has an interest in understand just how many of her readers have been put off by this. I imagine that she also supports readers politely venting if that’s what they feel they need to do.

    bri says:

    hi dawn. i completely understand people leaving comments of disappointment. however at some point I have to own up to it and move on, you know? i am making up for my mistake personally with the second winner, and there will be extra prizes. but i don’t feel it’s okay to keep telling me over and over what katie deserves when i am over here planning new prizes for her. i would really like people to accept my apology and not leave any further comments unless it expresses a separate concern. i am doing my best here to remedy but at some point we are beating a dead horse. we all agree, i was wrong.

    Mfree says:

    These photos are totally amazing! I can’t even imagine being weighed down with all that fabric and still somehow looking graceful. Seriously aweosme!

    bri says:

    i really appreciate your lovely comments about the underwater shoot! heather is fantastic and i love showing her work 🙂 plus, playing around with editing is making me want to switch careers! it’s so fun.

    Elisabeth says:

    Bri?! These shoots are absolutely stunning. You did a really good job – you’re such an inspiration 😀

    Silkie Lloyd says:

    You already give away so much everytime you make a post on your blog,I’m just happy to be able to enjoy your creative eye and unending enthusiasm, you are always an inspiration when the day to day gets the better of my own creativity, so big thanks to you!

    Bri – I’m in love with this shoot!

    And as for the whole contest thing – people need to just let it go! You chose a winner who totally deserved it + then chose a random winner. Problem solved.

    Thanks for all you do – you’re an inspiration to SO many!

    sarah says:

    Nah, I don’t see it as “problem solved” at all. This was hugely unethical and honestly makes me question the morals of other bloggers doing “random giveaways.” I understand and appreciate that you’re trying to fix this, but I agree with another commenter who pointed out all the other things that Taylor won – giving one actually-random winner only a portion of the original giveaway does not make this fair at all. Don’t mean to be hard on you but this just feels quite unfair, as I’m sure you can understand.

    jenn | scout says:

    good lord bri….these images are STUNNING!!!! so so inspiring and i can’t wait to see what you come up with next! you are putting the rest of us to shame…this shoot has me totally swooning! you go girl!! kudos to heather too for the beautiful imagery….GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS!!!

    Ella says:

    Play fair or don’t play at all, Bri.

    Mia says:

    I think the only way to really make up for this egregious mistake is to select another random winner to win the exact same prize package Taylor won, or give Katie all of the same prizes Taylor got. Pretty simple fix! So, maybe Bri has to spend a little money out of pocket. With all of the publicity she got from this giveaway, it seems worth it.

    May says:

    Let. It. Go. The horse? It’s dead. Died a LONG TIME AGO. What you want to say about the unfairness of the contest? Sure, you’re free to express your opinion, but someone said it already. A lot of someones said it already. Seriously, take a deep breath, relax, and let it go. You’ll surely feel much better than yourself than using the method of trying to make someone else feel bad about themselves. We all make mistakes, whether it’s put out there for everyone to see or not. Bri is not perfect but neither are you.

    May says:

    *feel much better about yourself…

    allison says:

    Girl! My grandfather died this morning and I feel worse for you!!!! I hope today is better for you:) You could always jump back in the pool, these images are gorgeous!

    Thanks for the inspiration and pretty distractions, I definitely needed it today!

    Dawn says:

    Hey Bri- I wanted to respond to you. For you, the string of comments probably feels like one, long, conversation. But many of us haven’t been involved in this conversation from the beginning. We’re just checking in on the blog now and realizing for the first time what has happened. I realize that you are probably pretty overwhelmed by the reaction and that you are trying to make things better. But, I haven’t left the same comment “over and over”, I didn’t tell you “what Katie deserves” and I don’t get why you would encourage people not to share their thoughts. You may feel that the comments are the same. But each of us has a different take and people want to be heard. I know I left a comment b/c I really like this blog. If I didn’t, I wldn’t have been so disappointed and probably wldn’t have added my two cents.

    Anonymous says:

    i have to agree with the point about questioning morals in this case. that bri is admitting fault, taking responsibility, along with measures to rectify the mistake is appropriate for sure. but, the bigger issue is that on this occasion the biased practices of “random” selection were brought to light, and that brings into question numerous previous giveaways which might have misleadingly used similar practices. also, i can’t help but feel slighted when this was meant to be opportunity and not qualification based. it is understandable that bri would be on the defense, and i dont think it should be a personal attack, by any means. but, what i don’t think has been addressed on her part is how this mistake was actually made and how this instance has differed from previous random giveaways. what actually is the system you normally use for random selection and how did this time differ in your process?

    just me says:

    I would suggest next time checking out the FTC.gov website before conducting these giveaways..I know the situation has been rectified, but had someone filed a complaint with the FTC, you and your blog would be in a lot of trouble..a lot. Since giveaways are essentially lotteries there are very strict laws and rules governing them.

    Ignorance of the laws are rules are not a defense either, and will not be considered as such in an FTC investigation…so I would seriously seriously think about completing a little research on FTC guidelines for how to conduct lotteries (giveaways) for all your future ones.

    Beverly says:

    Awesome underwater shoot. The colors, softness, and beautiful lines are amazing.

    Let’s talk about that instead 🙂

    It’s not all about giveaways and winning/losing.

    Michelle Schumaker says:

    Whew! Maybe you should have separated the water shoot post from the contest results post because all I want to do is tell you I don’t think you are crazy! I love the underwater images! I hope you didn’t ruin any of those beautiful clothes! I’m appalled that so many people want to knock you when you’re down. I personally don’t take pleasure in jabbing and jabbing to make someone feel bad and then worse, so it’s a shame that so many people do. xo

    Frances says:

    Yes! The posts should have been separate. You had to know that people (almost 3,000 people) were waiting to see what happened with the drawing. But it was buried at the end of this post? Kind of strange. Sort of teasing, in a way.

    Anonymous says:

    Okay, I was on Bri’s team until her comment at 90. It has been less than 48 hours, so people still confused and upset is not “beating a dead horse”. Also, there is no way for the people on this site to know you’re coming up with new prizes, so to act defensive in regards to them asking that the random winner wins the prize promised is unfair.

    Of course it isn’t fun to make a mistake and be called out on it, but it’s your responsibility to behave with grace now. The comments by followers have been remarkably thoughtful, respectful and on point. Unfortunately you have to either keep apologizing or simply stop responding.

    Trish says:

    Bri, these photos are great, fantastic idea! I love it. And I agree with you, you offered a new giveaway to make matters better and what’s done is done. Time to carry on. I don’t get all the anger and “regulations” for a simple giveaway. Oy vey!

    Jennifer M. says:

    Fascinating – love these photos!

    Nina says:

    Hey bri, you should do your next advice post on rules and regulations bloggers should follow on contests, random giveaways, when you get paid to promote things..disclosing affiliate lonks where you(bloggers) makemoney off of clicks andpurchases, etc…and following FTC regulations. That would be a nice way to follow up on your mistake and take ownership for something you did wrong, but corrected, and show your dear readers that you are taking responsibility and not hiding away in the comments…

    Thank you SO much for choosing me as a winner! I cannot wait to meet you either! Never in a million years did i think i would win. Ive won a couple $50 scratch offs here and there, and my big win was a gourmet soinning spice rack at my aubts bridal shower when i was 5 woo hoo! I feel so honored/blessed/lucky, not to mention EXCITED! thank you for this once in a lifetime opportunity! I cant wait for everything!

    By the way this shoot is awesome! Ive always loved underwater (fashion) photography. I just emailed you all my contact info, pretty lady! I cant wait! My heart is going to skip a beat whenever i see a fedex/ups truck for the next week or so lol. Cant wait for the goodies and for BLOGSHOP! THANK YOU so much again!

    anon says:

    Wow bri you’re an asshole for this.

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