i have been wearing these black heels into the ground – they go with everything! but it’s time to switch it up. i saw these two on kate spade and i’m having trouble deciding…which do you like? i am thinking i could get more wear out of the dotted?

choice 1 – or – choice 2


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    allison says:

    eep! they’re both so cute. but go with the dots!

    Sarah says:

    Tough choice! I love the dots simply because I prefer pointed toes and I’m a big fan of pattern. However, the heel on on the gold is just too cool. My vote is the dots, though!

    Christa says:

    Gotta go with the dots. Much sexier. And you can’t go wrong with polka dots, I mean c’mon!

    emily says:

    Dots all the way!

    Abby says:

    I actually love the gold!! There’s something really retro-sexy about them, and they’re still quirky enough to jazz up any outfit!

    christine says:

    I’m feeling the gold too. I think they would be so much fun to accessorize with.

    Brianna says:

    Go with dots! You’ll wear those out eventually too, and then you can always jump back to classic black.

    Lauren says:

    The gold heel is SO good!

    Kat says:

    LOVE the gold heels!

    Cari says:

    I love the gold-heeled pair. Much more classic and versatile.

    Rebecca says:


    Erin says:

    Tought call! Love the dots but I like the thicker heel on the other;/

    melissa says:

    is that even a real question? 2!

    Alena says:


    alexisbryn says:

    dots, they transition well into FALL!

    Isra says:

    Definitely choice 2! I’m in love with it!

    melanie says:

    i love the shape of the polka dot heels, but would like them better if they weren’t patent leather (patent + print, while fun, isn’t exactly “classic” for me). also, the gold heel is straight-up sexy, and the chunky heel will be more comfortable… so, gold heel!!

    Cheyenne says:

    yes! the dotted heal! love it!

    Noor says:

    I am loving the dots.

    Little Pink Strawberries

    Megan says:

    Oooh, I LOVE the dots, but if it were me, I feel like I’d get more wear out of the first one! You could pair the one with the gold heel with gold jewelry and basically any outfit you want; but the dots would probably need to be an accent to an outfit.

    Gold heel 100%. Classic with an awesome twist.

    ana g says:

    oooooh dots!!

    leigh says:

    Dots all the way!

    Amelia says:

    number two! i feel like you will wear these with everything. 🙂

    Rox says:

    my vote is spots!

    kendall says:

    BOTH!!!! but….. if one one… dots!!!!… think of the pattern trend going to happen in the fall 🙂

    Mandy DeTurk says:

    How can you choose? I LOVE the gold!!!

    Melisande says:

    polka dots! so fun.

    Tricia says:

    I’m in love with the gold heels, do it!

    Kerry Grolle says:

    I love the gold, but go with the ones you think you could wear with most and still give you that excited feeling. I bought a pair of red patent leather pumps {on a whim} and ended up wearing them at least once a week for six years.

    Samantha Gale says:

    Definitely the gold heel! So much more versatile.

    alison says:

    all.over.spots. hands down.

    Aline says:

    the gold heel! it’s classy 🙂

    Marianne says:

    The gold for sure!

    Kim says:

    the polka dot heels!

    Hayley says:

    gold heel. definitely. If it were earlier in the summer, I would say polka dots, but the other ones are perfect for fall and winter.

    Phoebe says:

    Gold heel, all the way! If you like the look of that pump, Banana Republic has a new pump out that is has black leather body + patent tortoise heel (similar shape to this Kate Spade one) + small gold edging at the toe. It’s called the Ivana pump, and I just bought them.

    Such a tough choice! I’d go with the gold since fall/winter are right around the corner! But honestly you couldn’t go wrong with either!

    Inge says:

    I love the gold heel! It’s gorgeous and versatile. I personally don’t care much for a pointy toe, so no dots for me.

    Black with gold heel. They’ll still go with anything.

    – tianna 🙂

    I love choice number one! But when it comes to fashion you might need to treat it the same way you treat love and that is by following your heart 😉 lol xoxox. Good luck 😉

    Sarah J says:

    gold heels! they’re classic and timeless. they’ll also go with anything

    Johanna says:

    The gold one are amazing, when you’ll walk outside the light of the sun will reflect on them and fiiiou .. you’ll shine and be like superwoman !

    Allie says:

    I have been eyeing the gold heel ones, myself!!

    Ashley Fine says:

    Spots and dots forever.

    Melanie says:

    This is a VERY hard decision lady! I’ve been loving on the polka dot for quite some time now, so I say GO FOR IT!

    I say gold heel, all the way! So pretty!

    Amy says:

    Gold heel!

    franchesca says:


    the gold heel is so gorgeous, but it seems like dots would be more your style 😛

    Oh man, tough choice. I’d go with the gold heel. Other than the fact it’s more versatile, it also looks more comfortable. Plus it’s got SO much personality.

    amanda says:

    i wish the dotted came in the gold heel shape – then its a no brainer, ha!

    Dana says:

    THE DOTS!!! :o)

    the smart decision would be to go with both. but i guess if you were to pick..go with the dots!

    Bianca says:

    If both reeeeaaaaaally isn’t an option than I vote dots. All the way.

    Emma says:

    Gold Heel!!!

    Georgia says:

    they are both super cute but I would go with the dots!

    oh polka dots all the way!!! 🙂

    Jenny says:

    Definitely the polka dots!!

    Jaclyn says:

    Polka dots! Do you know how many adorable outfits you could make with those 🙂

    Burkha says:

    gold gold gold!!! golden girl, golden heels 😉

    Amanda says:

    Gold heel! It’s classy but still fun!

    nancy says:

    gold heel for sure!!

    Piper says:

    I love them both, but I feel like the polka dots are just so “Bri”.

    Maria Anne says:

    dots! I bet you could do a fun DIY of your own for the gold heels!

    Lin says:

    Dots! And only dots! :>

    Altaira says:

    Choice 1!! Both unique and classic at the same time!!

    Lizzy says:

    Polka Dots all the way! 🙂

    holly says:

    What girl wouldn’t want gold shoes?!

    Mimi says:


    the polka dots seem totally “you”!

    sooki says:

    voting for dots! saw those in action on KS’s IG feed and they are SUPER cute!

    Deeyarah says:

    Both! The gold will go with everything and take your day into evening seamlessly. The dots are totally designlovefest-esque… so, both!

    Meghan says:

    Go for Gold!!!

    YYZ says:

    Oh, boy! They are both PERFECT, but in very different ways. I think the spots are very ladylike and retro, while the gold heeled ones are younger and edgier. (Duh– I’m such a rocket scientist….!)

    Y’know, I’d prolly rationalize myself into getting BOTH! (who needs grocery money, after all? Eating and paying the bills are sooooo overrated!)

    Let us know what you pick!

    monta says:


    Kate says:

    The gold may be more versatile but aren’t you just going to smile when you see the polka dots? Team Polka Dot 🙂



    Rachel C says:

    I love your perspective on LIFE. How many girls could claim that polka dotted heels would get more wear than basic black ones? Go for the polka dot, and live every day to the fullest, girl. 😉

    I’d totally go with the spots !!!!

    cj says:

    dotsssss! fur sur!

    LeAnn says:

    OMG 90 COMMENTS?! hahaha you better take a poll and update us with your final decision, bri!! 🙂 and ps..i say gold heel 🙂

    stephanie says:

    gold heel: 37 vs. all over spot: 47 … my vote goes to GOLD HEEL

    … so now it’s gold heel: 38 vs. all over spot: 47

    Sophia C. says:


    Alison says:

    i say polka dot, any outfit can use that kind of sass!

    Oleah says:

    love the all over spotted heel.


    Nisha says:



    Hilary says:

    Definitely the spotted pair!! I love the sexy lines of it more too.

    Sarolta says:

    The dotted one! It is soo sexy.

    katie evans! says:

    i bought the gold ones. obsessed. jcrew also makes a nice flat version…. i bought those too…

    Maaike says:

    Both!! Though if I had to pick, I’d choose the gold heels cause I could wear them to work. Then again, I work at a law firm so maybe this would be an argument for both?

    Maaike says:

    Obviousy meant “argument for dots” sorry!

    Victoria says:

    All over spot for sure!

    astrid says:

    the golden pair, for sure! you can never go wrong with some gold

    Kristin says:

    Go for the gold heels! They are retro and gorgeous!

    getmoe says:

    both are amazing!! but those leslies with the gold heel are SUPER COMFORTABLE! i work at KS in vegas and i’m tortured everyday by both. also, what’s your opinion on the dazzle?


    i’m buying these today for myself 😉

    Evaa says:


    Kelly Market says:

    I’m all in for the dots!!

    Janine says:

    Get the gold heel!!! Then get these cute and cheap flats from gap to satisfy your polka dot need 🙂


    Shirsha says:

    Gold heel. It just channels retro chic to perfection!

    Moana Toledo says:

    just got those polka dot pumps in our store and they HURT LIKE HELL. there’s no support at the bottom…so you’re basically tippy toeing. GET THE LESLIES (gold heel)! it’s like walking on clouds

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