we have pulled together some more great resource links just for you today…


someone on pinterest that inspires me:
i want to live in dree harper’s black and white stripe board

favorite home accessories website:
a+r store has really fun odds and ends. i’ve had my eye on this chair for a long time.

artist you should follow:
the husband and wife duo behind flat vernacular wallpapers. their wallpaper designs are hand drawn and hand printed (some glow in the dark!). i have a sample of the beau monde hanging in my apartment (you can see it here in the first picture).

a site you might not know about:
colossal is one of those blogs you find yourself in the black hole of beautiful imagery (check out this a-mazing paper cut stop animation. you’ll watch it over and over.)

resource i can’t live without:
wordmark.it – preview words with the fonts on your computer! genius!


someone on pinterest that inspires me:
emma fexeus for the days when i want to take a break from color and just look at spectacular shapes & home inspiration.

favorite home accessories website:
i came across woonwinkle the other day and found a lot of rad stuff.

artist you should follow:
i enjoy following the ruffle house on instagram. she’s a doll. instagram is art too, right?

a site you might not know about:
okay, maybe you’ve heard of it. lovely package documents my weakness for buying food based on the label.

resource i can’t live without:
arian! he helps me make videos for this blog (he is a full-time freelancer now, hooray!)

(illustration by katie evans. read more freelance advice posts are over here!)


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    rita says:

    AH! so many new sites to peruse and shop, how am i ever going to get any work done today? thanks for sharing… i love these columns!

    Latrina says:

    I agree with Rita! I love these columns of yalls! 😀 So many great websites! I bookmarked a bunch of them. 🙂 Thanks gals!

    allie says:

    i absolutely also make food purchase decisions based on the label (and wine and beer for that matter as well!)

    Erin says:

    Great post! I’m still in awe of the wordmark.it site….will definitely be using that one a lot!

    esther says:

    Such great sites! I’ve been in the “black hole” of Colossal all morning long! Like Rita, it looks like very little work will get done today. 😉

    stephanie says:

    Thanks Katie my life just changed today!! I can’t believe I didn’t knew about wordmark.it

    Mfree says:

    i look forward to this column every week and it never disappoints. thanks for all the great links!

    Nicole says:

    You always have the best words of wisdom! If you are looking for more topics I would love to know how you first started to gain your client base? Was it more word of mouth, hittin the streets, etc? Thanks xoxo

    ellen says:

    wordmark.it – so good – do you guys know any other sites/desktop apps for organizing your fonts. I have so many (& I’m sure you ladies do too) & have a hard time keeping track of my favorites.

    Caroline says:

    I hadn’t heard of wordmark — whoa! life changer right there. Thanks so much!

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