this house made me tear up a little bit. ok, not really. but i did sit in shock for a minute while i looked through it. this whole house hunting process has been funny. maybe it’s PMS, but i get really emotional about where i live. i see a place, i mentally move in, and then i cry when we don’t get it. arian has marked me as being “unreasonable.” ha, never heard that before!

what do you expect, i’m a BLOGGER! i look at dream houses all day long. anyways, i was being a tad unrealistic for a minute. but the PMS passed and i’m better now. just in case you were wondering.

but let’s take a look at this dream house. just for kicks.

someday i’ll get that shiny white floor. mark my words!

and are you kidding me with this bathroom? spa life 24/7!

you guys are probably like, “yeah bri, we get it! you like all white houses with lots of light and colorful accents!” but i just never get sick of posting about them. i hope you enjoy looking as much as i do!

photos via linda bergroth


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    umm ridiculous. i want to move into this place…like now.

    Laura says:

    Wow. Wow. Wow. That sofa is incredible.

    erin says:

    totally understandable. i’m experiencing a little ’bout of melancholia after returning from vacation. pining for two tiny places to live. one in the city, one in the country. in the meantime, day dreaming.

    Kendra says:

    that bedroom is amazing, and the print behind the bed is now on my wishlist!!

    mallie says:

    i certainly never get tired of looking at anything you select.
    and “mentally” moving in, while tiring, is something you just can’t control. when its in you, its just in you.

    one day, bri!

    Katrin says:

    The house IS absolutely beautiful. I consider it to be quite normal to cry because of things like this. Men most probably never will understand – but most of your female readers will do!

    LaTrelle says:

    I NEVER tire of looking at dreamy homes. I get deliriously happy in bright, airy spaces.

    Jenny says:

    That bathroom tile is to die for! What a dream house!!

    I LOVE the white floor. I’m just all ‘HOW DO YOU KEEP IT CLEAN?!?!?!’ – yeah, I ruin things with my reasonableness, I know.

    oh i love a white crisp house with lots of color. keep bringing them, at least for my sake.

    Tatiana says:

    i could look at houses like these ALL day long! don’t be afraid to post more!

    Abby says:

    You’re not unreasonable at ALL!! Well, at least I don’t think so. And I will never get sick of looking through loads of beautiful houses and interiors of all white with bright colorful pops here and there! It’s magical.

    If I had a white floor it would always look grubby! We got polished concrete in our living area so it is easy to keep clean but doesn’t show up all the doggy footprints too badly 😛 I am in love with the floor tiles in that bathroom though. How cool!

    Laura Mason says:

    be-a-u-ti-ful! Awwww I makes you feel instantly relaxed thinking about living, or working in that space huh…. though I know I wouldnt be able to maintain a white everything, I doubt I could even vacation in a white-everything place for a week without feeling the need to clean all the time… hummm maybe that is a good tactic to get me to keep up on the chores 😉

    That green pillow mix in the first picture is perfect

    E says:

    Are you searching for a rental or a purchase?

    kelly ann says:

    I LOVE white floors!! I recently tore out the old, horrible carpet in my bedroom and painted the concrete a bright, bright white. Best decision ever.

    Emma says:

    that bathroom popped up on pinterest just the other day but wow the whole place is amazing… btw I also love white with a pop of colour my husband says its boring but i dont care 🙂

    Latrina says:

    …please! Continue to share your interior likes, we love it. 🙂 White, clean, lots of light… what’s not to like? That home is truly gorgeous. I absolutely love it — especially the bathroom, how cute!

    Amber says:

    bri, i totally understand your love for this style interior. i love having white walls, white floors, etc. it makes it more like a canvas that you can just go crazy and decorate. love just about all of these that you’ve posted. so dreamy!

    also, congrats on the new place!

    Yeah – everything about this place is totally worthy of tears.

    Amanda says:

    gah, so beautiful. i do the same thing… it’s totally ok.

    tula says:

    That bathroom tile is SICK! Sick I tells you!

    Sarah says:

    My goodness, love this house and the matching of colours against the crisp white. Beautiful.

    Sophie says:

    That BATHROOM. It’s to die for.
    I would call you very reasonable indeed for wanting to live here 🙂

    Rachel says:

    Are you kidding me?! I probably like looking at these pics more than you do! haha Thanks for posting 😉

    Maggie Ryan says:

    I literally cannot stop thinking about that painting in the bedroom. If anyone knows who painted it, you’d be my hero!

    Victoria says:

    lol, it’s funny you mention the “unrealistic” blogger thing, my fiance has been reminding me while i plan our wedding that i need to have realistic expectations of the design and that it might not look like those weddings featured on wedding blogs. then i look at him as though he just stomped on my puppy.

    This is a gorgeous space. I like to think your unreasonable-ness is much like mine…. except I label it as ‘determined’ 🙂

    Alyissa Johnson says:

    Do you know where I can find the Duvet and pillows in the last photo? That’s the color I have been searching for!

    Val says:

    That apartment is Finnish. You don’t want to live in Finland…

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