one of my recent goals has been to document more of my favorite shops and restaurants. there is an enormous amount of cool places to go in LA so I have been bringing kimberly around with me to shoot them for the blog! (she also shot this flea market post)

this week we hit up the new poketo store in downtown LA! ted & angie are actually my next door neighbors so when they told me they were opening up a store in the neighborhood (here is their online shop) i rushed over there to check it out.

poketo is now my go-to gift stop. need a little gift for a friend’s birthday? or a house warming gift? here’s the place. and major cool points on the decor in there, huh? now i want a room in my house made out of plywood.

my boyfriend rode his bike over to say hello during the shoot. he looks quite athletic here!

i bought the clutch with the baby triangles on it for my assistant’s birthday. just LOOK at how many cool ones are on the falcon wright website!

and claire vivier! your clutches kill me. perfect color choices on those neon stripes.

they have a little section of bathroom items like striped towels, nice soaps and containers. everything they have is high quality, and they have edited it down so nicely. i loved seeing SO many of the items that I have chosen for our past blogshops in there! it made me feel like i was doing somethin right!

my favorite section there is the glassware and little planters. so much charm!

i bought this A-frame succulent planter below for our new house. I have already picked the perfect window for it.

hopefully you enjoyed your little tour of the poketo shop! make sure to stop by and pick up a little treasure for yourself.


820 East 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Monday-Friday, noon to 7pm
Saturday-Sunday, 11am to 7pm

photos by kimberly genevieve for designlovefest


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    Jess says:

    Gorgeous! Love all of those scarves in the shop too!

    natasha says:

    this is cute store the light airy white space with colors, love it

    Oh I love Poketo! So happy they are also only since I’m not anywhere near L.A! The store looks amazing.

    Leigh says:

    I was about to say that I wish they were online and then I saw that you included their URL in the post. Thanks for sharing, I might have to do some retain therapy later!!

    Sarah says:

    Love! I seriously need to move to LA! Or at least do an extended trip.

    Leigh says:

    **retail therapy

    Ashlie says:

    What an adorable shop! As a boutique owner I appreciate seeing what other cool stores are doing in other cities. I’d love to visit this one – I’m inspired by all their natural light and colorful products!

    bri says:

    the light is the most beautiful!

    Erin says:

    A friend and I have planned an Emerican Trip in January and will definitely be adding this to our google map of adventure!

    Now if you’ll excuse me, there be an online store that needs all of my attention.

    what a delightfully curated shop! thanks for sharing, looking forward to more LA recommendations!

    store is SO cute, and yes i was the lucky recipient of that AMAZEBALLS pink triangle clutch–thank you bri, you’re the best!! 🙂 kimberly, love the pics!!!!

    hey bri! i love the little clutch with the triangles! might need to copy you. haha

    Jeanne says:

    Oh, how I wish Poketo is in S.F. too! Love the shoot, Bri!

    Oleah says:

    awesome shop!


    I’ve been buying their stuff from their online store for ages!! Didn’t know you guys were neighbours!!???!!!??? Gosh I’m jealous!

    Jamie says:

    Oh man I love Poketo! Do you know who makes the striped dress in the photo underneath the owners? I love it and must have it but I can’t find it on their website!

    TLV Birdie says:

    Oh we’ve visited this shop with my BF the other day and very much loved it, and we’ve bought there a typography design cool book and now I see this store #1 in your list!:)

    Talita Taiti says:

    What an adorable shop, I like how it looks so clean and airy. Definitely visiting when I move to LA in April!

    xx, TT

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