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i found this skirt for 20 bucks at a vintage store and fell in love. it has the potential to be cheesy but paired with the right elements, i think it shines.

i wore this outfit to my friend joy’s birthday dinner at son of a gun with friends, which is absolutely delicious by the way — fun tapas style! get the lobster rolls + a moscow mule for sure.

now. the shoes were a splurge. i rarely purchase expensive shoes — you know how everyone has their “thing” that they spend money on? whether it’s handbags or sunglasses or shoes…well, i’m a save-aholic (i splurge on apple products and eating out too much) and i usually have a hard time forking over a ton of money on shoes I might only wear a handful of times. but i saw these shoes and thought they were timeless and sexy. i usually go for more of a colorful chunky heel and these are just the opposite — it’s a nice change.

here’s how you can get a similar look to this one! floral mixing part 2, just like this post.

shop: J.crew belt, Urban Outfitters tank, Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt, Jean-Michel Cazabat shoes

photos by angela + ithyle, see more outfits if you click right here


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    justbeth says:

    I don’t have the money to even pretend to splurge on those lovelies, but a good thrift find, I can so that all day every day 😉 Great style post Bri!

    Amelia says:

    Omg obsessed bri! I think this might be my favorite so far.

    gloria waters says:

    HE’S LIVING IN A VAN…DOWN. BY. THE. RIVERRRR. Made my day! And your shoes are gorgeous Bri.

    Happy summer! Sometimes its ok to splurge on shoes! My daughter made me buy these gorgeous Valentino shoes, but it was worth it! I loved keeping up with your blog! Love Jamie Herzlinger

    Jenna B says:

    Super cute! Love the shoes.

    Ah, so cute! Cheesiness DIDN’T happen here. I’m such a save-aholic too, but I have to agree that some things deserve to be bought.

    You look gorgeous! Love the pattern mixing.

    Mary Schaubert says:

    Sometimes you just hafta splurge! My wedding shoes are Jean-Michel Cazabat, and they are so beautiful (and surprisingly comfortable) so I think you are probably justified. Plus they totally take that outfit to a new level, and that outfit is crazy (in a good way!! : ) so I think they’ll do it for many outfits.

    I love your style! All the colors and patterns are so fun.

    Alexis says:

    Great outfit, I love how bright and happy it is. It looks wonderful :).

    Oleah says:

    cute outfit (:


    Pink Ronnie says:

    You are totally rocking this outfit Bri. Love that second shot of you striding with such style and confidence!
    Ronnie xo

    Amber says:

    Bri, great post! I’m much of the same way… I spend far too much money on going out to eat, haha. Food just tastes SO much better when you didn’t spend an hour prepping it and don’t have to worry about the dishes to do after, i guess. Likewise with the splurging on Apple products. I can’t resist the bright white luster of their retail stores.

    The skirt is sweet… i’m digging the oversize flower print.

    You are gorgeous, woman! I am in love with this outfit. I may just HAVE to buy that blouse.

    Victoria says:

    Where’s the van????! This is adorbs, no doubt

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