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mixing patterns is all about scale. i challenge you to look at different patterns together and see what you like. for example, in these photos the three patterns on the bottom half of the photo all work together, but adding a similarly scaled 4th floral might have been overkill. HOWEVER, add an oversized print and now we’re talkin…

we also put some colored chalk in my braid that was pretty fun for a change. i look like i should be prancin around coachella or something, huh?

here we have a little floral on floral on floral on tambourine…

isn’t this quote so true? it really believe in the emotions colors can bring us. and when you mix them all together…it can be pretty powerful. look at me gettin’ all emo on you guys now.

here’s the little collection that i put together in case you want to recreate this look! (loving the peplum trend, aren’t you?)

shop my beso collection: peplum top / cardigan / ring / purple bracelet / yellow bracelet / flower / shoes / earrings / floral jeans (i am wearing these similar paige denim jeans)

photography: max wanger
art direction: bri emery & jen gotch
styling: jen pinkston
hair & makeup: alex michael may
sponsored by: beso

see you back here next week for a dreamy little number…and see all the style posts here!


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    Yara says:

    Ah sooo lovely I adore the colors and gaiety your style is defined by! New addict to DesignLoveFest 🙂 Keep up the great work, any chance you’ll be visiting the Netherlands for a blogshop once?

    xoxo Yara

    sally says:

    Your braids are awesome! You should do a hair tutorial sometime 🙂

    stephanie says:

    wow! I am in love with the floral fabric used for your background! lovely!

    Casey Lynn says:

    This is my favorite style post you have every done! The colors are amazing!

    Sarah says:

    So beautiful! This has to be one of my favorite looks yet, Bri! I love all the color, florals and lightheartedness!

    Laura says:

    I like to play with colors too! My skin is so fair though that bright and pastel colors really wash me out. So I tend to stick with mostly dark colors, but work in some lighter ones when I can. Dark green goes fantastically with my red hair. 🙂

    kate says:

    girrrrrrl you are amazing! great styling and the set is a dream!

    Kerry says:

    Love it – amazing as always! AND I just purchased those earrings – Thanks!

    Alexia says:

    Love your hair!! The colors are amazing and I adore all of your jewels.


    victoria says:

    love this one and all that color you get away with! xo

    words cannot express how much i am loving these style posts. they are absolutely inspiring in every way.

    love. one of my favorite style posts so far.

    bri says:

    i am so happy you guys are liking these new style posts! makes all the hard work worth it! thanks! bri

    Like your style! Lots of colors!

    Jennifer says:

    There’s so much to love here. The colors, the backdrop, the braided crown. A modern Frieda Kahlo, I think. Lookin’ good!

    Loved this! And yes- loving the peplum trend as well! 😉

    Marie says:

    I love all the colors and patterns. So vibrant and full of energy! 🙂


    Brandi says:

    This is so bright and fun. I can’t get enough florals these days. Please tell me where the purple floral fabric is from?

    Sarah says:

    First- Beautiful! Loving all the fresh florals this season.
    Second- You need to put up a tutorial for that braid, stat! It looks soooo cool- especially with the new bangs!

    Love the whole outfit, so fun and eye-catching.

    kelly ann says:

    As a tambourine player… I kind of love this post. 😉

    I’m loving the modern Frida Kahlo braid look. 🙂 Great shoot!

    Leigh says:

    I am a little less bold with my pattern mixing, but I am loving the mixture as of late, and yours is perfection! Love the little lesson, and the quote, and the tambourine, and how your personality comes out in every single photo!

    meg says:

    Great pics! That fabric is gorgeous!

    Lexi says:

    Lurve this post!!! As a long time pattern mixer and color combo fanatic, this post really speaks to me! So true how scale plays such an important role in how to mix patterns successfully! *~*

    Anonymous says:

    gorgeous! does anyone recall where she got her little knot ring?

    bri says:

    the knot ring is from ariel gordon!

    This is my favorite one so far… I luvv everything.. you guys totally nailed it…


    alicia says:

    makes me think of frida kahlo <3

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    Hayley says:

    Holy crap that fabric is gorgeous.

    No wonder Max Wagner is the photographer! Love his work!

    NotSoLolita says:

    Love it. I recently worked on a Floral Vs Animal and this photoshoot reminded me of it. Really nice work.

    Caitlin says:

    love this post! super cute. x

    candy says:

    i am very like your sharing ,i like the flower fashion trend !!

    I love that floral fabric. Bri did you ever say where you found it??

    Nadia says:

    Well, hello, bangs ! Too cute. xo.

    Nilead says:

    So cool! I like your set 😀

    nofu says:

    Awesome, you are so creative 😀

    Gifts says:

    Beautiful you are.

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