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i just have so much fun coming together with my friends and dreaming up new concepts for these style shoots. this month we wanted to do something completely different than the last time i shot with max.

for the month of may there will be 4 very different looks each tuesday. we were lucky enough to team up with beso (an awesome shopping site) to make these funky shoots possible! each week, i will be creating get the look collections that go along with each outfit!

i always put together mood boards for my photographers and stylists so they can get a feeling for the shoot and know how to prepare. i also just really enjoy making them. i thought you might like to see where my ideas came from and a little behind the scenes on the process of these shoots…

…and can we talk about how funny it is that i remembered after the shoot about that child model photo of me right above! wow, i look the same as my 3 year old self!

i knew i wanted to have a tux for one of the looks. i just love the menswear look with little hits of femininity (like those amazing feather trimmed BHLDN shoes!)

luckily my boyfriend arian is making a behind the scenes video of all of these shoots combined! (coming out on the 4th week!) in the video you will see me dancing & posing like a straight up fool for this series. it’s a good thing max knows how to make me look somewhat normal in the photos.

if you know me, you know i love all things jazz. you can find me driving around town in my convertible gettin’ doooown to some soul music. it’s just something that really makes me really happy. so the photos were also inspired from that.

see you back here next tuesday for the next shoot! it’s quite bright!

photography: max wanger

art direction: bri emery & jen gotch
styling: jen pinkston
hair & makeup: alex michael may
sponsored by: beso

i would totally wear this outfit to a party. would you? it’s unexpected! and the fit of it is still flattering & girly. here’s how you can achieve a very similar look…

shop: blazer / shirt / bow tie / glasses / shoes / ring / pants


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    cianne says:

    I have always love women in tuxedos.. something so sexy about menswear… You remind me of Carrie Bradshaw at Stanford’s wedding! Would totally wear this for my birthday (today !!)

    Do-Hee says:

    Love these looks! I think your hair adds so much more character to these outfits also 🙂 loving it all!

    Bianca says:

    I love your style shoots so much! A breath of fresh air…

    Kate says:

    Cutest damn pictures I’ve ever seen of you!



    I just love these shots!!! So classic and dreamy!

    Blake Reynolds

    Erika says:

    these style photos ROCK. nice work!

    Ha ha! The comparison between you and your 3 year old self is amazing and hilarious!

    Rachel says:

    I love that you included the photo of you at age 3. That kind of stuff is priceless!

    Bri, these are wonderful. I love how everything you set your mind to do, you do, and with such excellence!

    brian says:

    We should have done a video for this!

    Erin says:

    The styling is soooo cute! I LOVE it. You are adorbs! I buy bow-ties for my hubby and bow-tie collars for my pup. You make me want to buy one for myself. Ha!


    Stephanie says:

    I love your playfulness! Ideal for any photographer to get a subject that moves! Great work!

    yvonne says:

    Gorgeous! You’re posts just get better and better. Best style post yet!

    Kimber says:

    Yow! Looks so good! I dig the diversity of your shoots with Max. Very inspiring.

    What a cool concept! Aw, your three year old self is just darling.

    dee says:

    so cute Bri! lovin’ the style of these photos. you and max are so talented. can’t wait for next week!

    adele says:

    This is such a fab shoot! Love love love!!!!
    Would love you to stop by my blog & check out April’s outfit roundup!
    Have a fab Tuesday Hun xoxo

    I absolutely love the feeling of this shoot! You look gorgeous and the photos are amazing. I’m really enjoying these new style posts with a twist!

    all i can think about is judy garland “get happy” when i look at this.

    Very cool, you look amazing!, have a great day!.

    Your style shoots are AH-MAZING and so inspiring! You are all extremely talented!

    This is genius. My favorite style post yet! Plus I’m a sucker for black & white photography!

    gia says:

    Nice! I love jazz and soul music too. I look forward to the video- hope it has a great soundtrack. Knowing you guys, it will!

    Sarah says:

    Love this shoot! What a great theme! So different from last time but just as stylish and cool!

    Matisse says:

    If this is what the first of the month looks like, I cannot wait for next week…and the week after that…and the week after that…and the VIDEO…

    Richard says:

    This is really lovely! Reminds me of a shoot I did in the Autumn; female model dressed in masculine wears:


    Amber says:

    Bri, these looks are great! Love the mood board, too (that picture of you as a toddler, haha! too cute!) I love the black and white/oldschool style of this shoot. Well done.

    Molly Marler says:

    Briiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! This is my absolute FAVE of yours thus far! Max is so damn talented, and you did such a gorgeous styling job! You look amazing! Super duper inspired by this. Thanks, love! xo

    rachel! says:

    too good. always.

    anna says:

    what an awesome style shoot! love the black and white photos!

    Style Tutor says:

    I am dying over how adorable this is! Every single piece needs to get in my closet NOW!!!!!

    Rikki says:

    I love this. The pictures are so fun. Beautiful b&w tones.

    megan says:

    i love you style!

    Love the whole look and the feather detail on the shoes!

    Gena says:

    ahh SO GOOD! and those shoes are so money.

    Hello Friday says:

    Loving the concept and everything!! xoxo

    Lisa says:

    LOVE these photos! Love the black and white contrast and I now want to own a sequin bowtie. 🙂

    Queen Mother says:

    I love that little 3 year old, and it feels like only yesterday I took her for that modeling shoot! : ) Love, Mama

    Sarolta says:

    These pics are just soo good! Thank you 🙂

    Shawnee says:

    These photos are fantastic!! and i am in LOVE with your hair. seriously, it’s beautiful. i’ve been a blog lover for awhile now, xoxo

    Great styling and gorgeous pics love the suit funked up with a feather heel 🙂
    Carla x
    Fun series this one, looks like you are having a great time with it also

    kelly ann says:

    There is nothing better than dancin’ the night away to jazz. Nothing. Also – you rock a tux!

    Pink Ronnie says:

    This totally suits you to a tee! Love both your looks.
    I can already picture you doing ‘jazz hands!’
    Ronnie xo

    Boo.Clothing says:

    The shoes definitely add an element of surprise! Just beautiful!
    Boo. x

    Sally says:

    you should make playlists and post them on your blog, or have a song of the week or something (: just an idea!

    look see says:

    Just too much awesome all at the one time. Freaking fabulous.

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