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you guys know it’s mother’s day this weekend, right? why send flowers when you can make her a cute tasseled floral pillow? eh? ok, let’s do it…

what you’ll need:
– sewing machine (don’t be scared, this is easy)
– 1 1/4 yard of fabric (for an 18×18 pillow)
– coordinating thread
– pins
– scissors
– ruler and straight edge if you have one
– yarn
– yarn needle
– 4 medium sized beads (we used a wooden one)
– cardboard cut to roughly 3×4 inches
– 18 x 18 inch pillow insert (we got ours at west elm)

how to make the tassel (reference photo below)
– wrap yarn around a piece of cardboard. I like a nice pouffy tassel with lots of attitude so I do this
about 50-60 times.
– slip yarn off cardboard being careful to keep the loops neat.
– take a piece of yarn about 18 inches long and slip bead onto it. now use that piece of yarn to tie one end of your loops with the bead on the inside. tie it nice and tight, maybe even take the yarn around a second time to really secure the loops.
– now cut the bottom of the loops in half.
– smooth the yarn around the bead and tie a piece of yarn at the bottom of the bead. (the bead helps the top of the tassel to have a very round shape)
– now trim the bottom of the tassel so that the ends are all even. this is my favorite part, it’s like a little tassel hair cut.

how to make the pillow cover (reference animated photo below)
– measure and cut three pieces of fabric: 1 piece at 18.5 x 18.5 inches and 2 pieces at 18.5 x 13 inches
**helpful tip, I like to make a pattern out of a thick piece of paper so that I can easily make new covers in the future. I also find it a little easier to measure straight lines on paper than on fabric.

– on the two smaller pieces fold one long edge over twice and sew flat
– lay your larger piece with the right side up.
– now lay one of the smaller pieces down so that the unfinished edge lines up with the top, right side facing down and then lay the second piece down in the same way so that it lines up with the bottom edge. The two pieces should overlap several inches in the middle.
– pin around the edges and then sew together giving yourself a 1/2 inch seam allowance on all sides.

– clip corners on a 45 degree angle taking care to leave a little fabric between the stitching and where you cut. This step helps your corners stay sharp.
– turn pillow cover inside out.
– to attach tassels use a yarn needle and feed the long loose ends of your tassel through the corner of your pillow case. I like to feed one through each side of the pillow so that I can make a nice secure knot on the inside with just a little bit of fabric in between.

– insert pillow form
– throw them all up on your sofa, pillow party!

let us know if you make them & tweet @designlovefest some photos of them!

(photos & creations by natalie shriver – see more DIY projects here!)


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    i’m so afraid of my sewing machine! but this sounds pretty easy. thanks for the tip about cutting the pattern out on thick paper first. brilliant!

    Sarah says:

    What a great tutorial! Before moving to college, I mad a plethora of pillows so my dorm would feel homey! I never got so adventurous as to try tassels. My summer project now.

    Brianna says:

    I’m a pro at making my own pillows but I never thought of making my own tassels. I’m going to give it a try.

    Maggie Ryan says:

    What a great-looking tutorial! This puts the pillows I’ve made to shame. Nice trick with snipping the corner – how smart!

    Jackie B. says:

    Such a cute and easy diy! Thanks for sharing!!! <3 jb.

    These tutorials are great! I love the tassels! So cute. xo

    Sweet idea. Like the gif use too – I find it hard to resist animating wee gifs since I learned how to do it in CS5.

    Claire Page says:

    This is awesome! Love love love this column!

    This is so much better than flowers! Thanks

    TJ says:

    Great tutorial! I love tassels on pillows.

    How easy!! Great, now I’m gonna be putting tassels on everything…

    Kelly says:

    so pretty. where can i get that fabric? Amazing!

    franky says:

    this is such a great idea! thanks for such detailed informations too. great post!! where did you find such fabulous fabric??

    wilma says:

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