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so i can’t say for sure exactly when beans went from “ugh, totally gross” to “more, please.” all i know is that they did, and i couldn’t be happier.  several years ago on new year’s day, one of my friends from college introduced me to cowboy caviar. it’s good luck to eat black eyed peas the first of the year and i think this is the best way to do it. now i know we are no where near new years, but let’s not let us stop us from eating something that is healthy and delicious (plus, we can just pretend these little guys are good luck all year round).

what you’ll need:
• 1 can of black eyed peas
• 1 green bell pepper, chopped
• 1 small red onion, chopped
• 2 cloves of garlic, minced
• 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
• 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar

what to do:
• pour the black eyed peas into a colander, rinse and pat dry
• in a medium bowl combine everything on the list
• add salt and pepper

• put it in a pretty bowl and surround it with your favorite chips. (& maybe a couple cold beers)

now, how easy is that? and if you have any left over (which you probably won’t), just add it to your next salad. so yummy.

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    myseastory says:

    great reminder!, we eat this a lot in portugal, mostly in the summer – and sometimes adding tuna in olive oil. so good!

    Corissa says:

    This looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!

    Pegah S says:

    What is the white stuff in the little cup? Is it salt? Extra garlic? of course more of both would be best at all times. 🙂

    Sarah says:

    My mom makes this and it is so delicious! We like to use orange and yellow bell peppers too. (We like peppers, plus it’s pretty!) They’re super good with frito scoops as well, or even sometimes as a teeny tiny side to your meal.

    kristina says:

    this looks so scrumptious!!

    Sharzad says:

    Yum! Looks so fresh and delish ; )

    P.S. LOVE the layout of your blog


    Anonymous says:

    Yummm…I make a pretty mean bean salad myself. Yours looks very refreshing. Have a great day!

    xo Cat!

    Alexis says:

    Just looking at the photo I thought, “hmmm, those look like the ingredients for Texas Caviar.” Ha! I’ve never met anyone else who’s made or eaten this! It’s my secret weapon at summer cookouts. I love this dish because it can be super basic, or suped-up as you like it. I usually add a chopped up jalapeno and I cheat and use Newman’s Own Italian salad dressing for the extra herbs and spices.

    jacki says:

    you can also substitute black beans, then add corn, little cubes of pepperjack cheese, a bit of black pepper, and a pinch of cayenne pepper. it’s super colorful and mighty tasty.

    oh, and its even better after it sits in the fridge overnight, once all the flavors start blending together.

    This looks so yummy! I would have to make it soon! 🙂

    This looks amazing! I would have to make it soon! 🙂

    gia says:

    nice. I prefer dried beans and soaking/cooking them. Black eye peas make GREAT hummus too, fyi.

    Marie says:

    What a great idea! Love the photos too! 🙂


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