i have been running around planning the next style shoot with max. the last one was so much fun to put together, and we have a new set of concepts this round! i look forward to sharing with you all.

okay, so don’t judge me and my terrible editing skills (i know, it’s a cheesy ending ha!) but i had all these iphone videos from the day of the first shoot (using this 8mm app)…so tonight i had a glass of wine and put them together in iMovie real quick. you guys should get that app, it’s a good time.

in other news:
• our chicago blogshop sold out (yay!) and there are still a few spots left in portland!
• i am off to san francisco today for 5 days, staying with my friend victoria! (i always love your food recs. keep em comin!)
• some big changes happening over here at designlovefest (and change usually freaks me out) but this time i am super excited!

happy weekend! – bri


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    Gertrude says:

    give us a clue about the big changes….!

    Alicia says:

    Ha! That was cute. I’m going to check out that app now!

    you’re good!! that was a sweet little video, thanks for sharing!

    trina says:

    So cute! Yay..i’m signed up for Chicago and can’t wait!
    Have fun in SF!
    xo . trina

    Kristin says:

    could you post (or email me) the food recs? I am going to SF in a month and I would love to see some more good places to eat while I am there 🙂

    Love the 8mm app! Nice video, thanks for sharing!

    Keely Reyes says:

    Maybe I will see you while you are in town! Enjoy SF, this weekend is supposed to be nice!

    Anonymous says:

    love the video and will get that app. Love Jim M too! BTW – you might be interested in the 30/30 Dresses GROUP! on FB…..posts of what dress we wear everyday for 30 days…..lots-o-fun and right up your alley!

    kristina says:

    bri – if you’re in north beach go to mario’s bohemian cigar shop for awesome focaccia sandwiches and if you’re in berkeley {where i’m orig from} you need to go to cha-am for the best thai!!

    Kristen says:

    Along with a morning bun from Tartine, definitely try Weird Fish in the Mission for fish tacos that will blow your mind! And some fried okra and dill pickles never hurt. You might not see it at first, it’s tiny- right at 18th and Mission.

    yvonne says:

    Try Delphina (excellent pizza), then go straight across the street for Birite ice cream. Have fun!

    Elisse says:

    Terrible editing skills? Psh! That video is adorable. Fun to see some behinds the scenes. I hope you do it again for this next shoot!

    gia says:

    Ooh the song is perfection. I love it. Aaand it’s making me want a martini at 9 am on Friday morning! happy wknd! xo

    xanthe says:

    It’s gorgeous!! Great editing… love that 8mm app too x.

    Jennifer says:

    I think the video is cute! But that app is awesome! I can’t wait to try it out!

    Sweet little video. 🙂 Change can be good! I’m excited to see what’ll come. Happy weekend!

    Holly Sax says:

    Super cute video. I love the vintage style

    richele says:

    omg cute overload

    Latrina says:

    I love it! Super cute & fun. 🙂 …SF? now you’re in my neck of the woods now, have a good time!

    Pink Ronnie says:

    Thanks for sharing this! Can i ask – was there a reason why Max had to shoot photo of the closeup with your gloves and ring from above with you lying down? Just very curious whether there was a technical reason for that.

    Also, I am SO excited about your news (without even knowing what it is! hehe!)

    Ronnie xo

    Latrina says:

    I bought the app and I can’t stop playing with it now! So much fun.

    How fun- and what a great app! Thanks for sharing.

    joy says:

    SO cute you! LOVE! xo

    Morgan Brooks says:

    Precious Video.

    nazanin says:

    hey while i was watching ur video , i was listening to this greek song , and it matches ur video !


    lots of love from Iran

    look see says:

    Great video. The 8mm app is totes rad. I heart it.

    kait says:

    Loved this video SO much!!

    Doors song was absolutely perfect, daisy dress is actually to die for, and now I gotta check out this app..

    Good work! It struck a chord with this vintage fanatic 🙂 x

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