i really wanted to go on a tropical vacation for my birthday at the beginning of this year…but work wasn’t really allowin that. but i’m making it happen in may! my family would always go to cabo san lucas when i was a kid, so it’s a special place for me… and do you remember this post about how arian & I started dating and had our first kiss in mexico?! funny stuff.

now, i gotta find a swimsuit! i always love the selection at anthropologie…i just wish i could try them on in a store! here are the ones i’ve had my eyes on…and hey, tell me, where do YOU shop for bathing suits?

one / two / three / four


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    Jennifer says:

    I like #2, the bright yellow one! So cheery!

    cianne says:

    the white one would look hot with a good cabo tan !!

    Abby says:

    I personally love #3, the color would look fantastic on you! I have no idea where to get a great swimming suit, I’m going on a little beach adventure as well this summer, and I am desperately searching for a great suit!! I really like Topshop’s.

    Pink Ronnie says:

    Bri, I can definitely see you in #3!
    I shop an Australian brand: http://www.seafolly.com.au
    Ronnie xo

    Gaby says:

    yes i am in love with that cherries bikini. waiting for it to go on sale… my hawaii vacation isnt until september. hoping to snag some more vintagey summery duds to bring along with me.

    Sarah says:

    Although not as exotic as Cabo, my family is going to Florida in June. I’m so excited and can’t wait to go shopping for a new bathin’ suit! Love the strapless so you don’t get tan lines, but I’m a big fan of #1.

    emily says:

    j.crew always has an AMAZING selection and the suits are the best quality! sometimes they’re a little pricey, but they really really last. i’ve had some of mine for years and they don’t pill or stretch. there are some really cute retro silhouettes right now (kind of like the suits you featured above) as well as great patterns!

    Kaleigh says:

    Two and three please? I always go target! Cute on a budget!


    Munya says:

    Victoria’s Secret actually has some great ones (fun patterns, styles/cuts). You can either get them online or in some store locations!

    adele says:

    Loving the fluro…just wish it was in a bikini!
    Happy Tuesday hun xoxo

    Kadi says:

    OMG THE fourth one!!!!!!!!!! Love it!

    #3 and #4 are so lovely!

    erin aka eef says:

    Cute swimsuits! I really like 1 and 4.

    I’m buying this swimsuit this year: http://www.etsy.com/listing/62974789/mini-ruffle-monokini

    So excited to get it!

    Sallie McNett Hunter says:

    Get the red one

    Lauren says:

    #2 or #4 for sure!
    I always shop at either J Crew or victoria’s secret.
    But no bathing suit for me this year…I got an internship!

    gia says:

    J crew has great quality that lasts and they are sophisticated. I also like gap body though they run big. I like your first choice too.

    gia says:

    p.s. I think victoria’s secret are so cheap. But maybe the trick is to buy the expensive ones. The cheap ones are exactly that- cheeeeap and don’t hold you in and ugly lining.

    Mariah says:

    Two or three. or both. You can have a couple, right? 🙂

    Lindsay R says:

    cute suits! i love going to little boutiques in Pacific Beach, San Diego. Nothing better than that slew there. And you can try them on 🙂

    CherryPop says:

    CARROTS and coffee man.

    Chelsea says:

    Love all four! Although I usually am not a strapless girl when it comes to bathers (as they call them here in Australia) as I hate to have to pull them up all the time.

    My favourite bathing suit company is Seafolly. They have cute designs (like this pin-up suit that I have http://media-cache2.pinterest.com/upload/3096293463488591_62WJjDVG_f.jpg( and they last FOREVER without getting all gross and bagged out. I bought a SF bikini when I was 19 for a trip to Europe and I still wear the bottoms (ahem) 9 years later! I’m sure I’d wear the top too but lost it years ago…

    Speaking of Anthropologie swimsuits, I’m coveting this lovely one quite a bit!


    Brandy says:

    Ooo my favorite one for you is the red one, soo cute and fun!

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