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photos by angela + ithyle

floral top, bright pants. you’ve seen it before. but this look has been going through normal rotation over here. i mean look how amazing taylor t looks doing it.

when angela and i went out to shoot these she said the shirt looked kinda like something her grandma would wear. which made me laugh. and it’s true, those boxy patterned button ups aren’t the most flattering…but i just love them. this one kinda looks like a cheesy painting but somehow isn’t cheesy in shirt form. or maybe it is. maybe i’m cheesy.

anyways! here’s how you can achieve this grandma chic look yourself, ladies…

shop tops: yellow tank / silk top / corset
shop pants: purple / red / pink


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    nicole says:

    if this is grandma… bring it!!! i love the shape of the shirt paired with the skinny jeans, and the color… it’s perfect!!!!!!

    Grandma-chic the look I default to most days. You wear it well. 😉 Also, those heels are incredible. SOOO classy.

    Abby says:

    I love this grandma look!! It’s so trendy and kitschy (in a great way), just like chunky sweaters!! So cute!

    Molly Alone says:

    our grandmas had style though! flattering cuts, bright prints – whatever, girl.. you rock it!

    Casey Lynn says:

    The shadow puppets are amazing! Love this!

    Megan says:

    I absoutley love it. I love all the colors, and the shadow puppet is hilarious.

    rachel! says:

    oh, do you think you could work some detailed shots in next time? i would love the details on your “grandma” shirt. 😉

    but really, i think everything about this post is genius. your hair? those pants? yeah, girl!

    adele says:

    Florals & coloured denim…bang on! I adore your Chanel pumps!
    Have a fab Tuesday Hun xoxo

    Sarah says:

    I’m a sucker for florals and button downs! So this is totally calling my name! What a fantastic location to shoot. That wall is just amazing!

    sue says:

    not diggin’ the grandma chic… sorry, i’m soooo with angela on this one! hehehe

    bri says:

    to each its own sue! ha

    Megan Wells says:

    Very cool pictures Bri…totally digging the pop of that shadow. Oh and cute clothes too of course!!

    Hannah says:

    love the first picture. so fun. I would so wear a grandma shirt!

    xanthe says:

    Love the pink and blue combo! and your sunshine, wishing for some here x.

    I love that top and the shoes are to die for.

    Lauren says:

    Love the colors. Great, vintage shirt.

    Amy says:

    That’s the best floral + colored denim combo I’ve seen!

    Julianne says:

    your hair is so awesome! do you dye it yourself or have it done professionally? also, i am loving your pink pants. 😉

    look see says:

    Maybe cheesy, mostly awesome 🙂

    sue says:

    abso-freakin-lutely! couldn’t agree more… i must say though, there are som e pretty stunning paint colours going around your neck of the woods! this wall & the {stencilled?} street you photographed on the other day… beautiful backdrops! hugely jealous!

    Love the photography! V inspirational!

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