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photos by angela + ithyle

i’m not sure why you aren’t all cutting bangs. they are such a nice change. anyways, this outfit is sort of candy striper meets circus. it’s also a pretty fun date outfit.

this outfit would’ve been too sweet for my taste, but i threw in some black tights & messy hair to balance it out. i do love the flair of that skirt though! and i’ve been wearing these twistbands around my wrist as bracelets & as hair ties. (i like the metallic ones too)

well, you guys told me that you were into the get the look from last week. so i made another one for ya…

nail polish / twistbands / heart shirt / striped skirt / yellow ring / shoes / tights

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    Sarah says:

    Great outfit! I look adorable and cool! This looks like an outfit I’d wear every day of my life. Love it.

    you look adorable! I hope adorable was what you were going for!!!
    The volume on that skirt is so fun! and this is coming from someone who wears jeans every.single.day

    Sarolta says:

    I love these pictures. The red so rocks them they could be postcards!

    Abby says:

    Wow! I love this look! So sweet – which is always a good thing in my mind! Love the pattern play.

    Tiff Reed says:

    Adorbs! I love the color combo!

    missbrenna says:

    Colours & patterns that could brighten any day!

    WHAT a freaking cute skirt! I always want to try bangs, and then when I cut them, they get in my eyes…and seem kind of thin. Pah. Yours are so cute, though! I have a feeling your hair is thicker than mine.

    Loli says:

    i looooove those kinds of hairties. i recently went to L.A. and my friend gave me a few. I wear them on my wrists, in my hair. They’re great and really cute.

    Amelia says:

    cute! i’m with danie on the bangs. i cut them on a whim when i was studying abroad in barcelona. i loved how they looked but they would get gross and stringy after a day or two. yours look lovely though 🙂

    Ali says:

    girl, you are rockin those bangs!

    whitney says:

    Love the flair on that skirt!! very nice 🙂

    Love the ‘fit, but I also love the turquoise wall! Nice choice!

    You’re just too pretty 🙂

    nicole b. says:

    Way ahead of you on the blunt bangs, 😉 Yours are precious! Love the date outfit! xo.

    I love love love this outfit! I would totally rock this. 🙂

    Lindsey says:

    Loving that shirt from Topshop! The bangs look on you is great, but I know I could never pull it off!

    Love this look so much, so fun and youthful…I’m really loving the heart print too.

    Steph says:

    WOW so inspiring x

    Lorena says:

    I need that skirt! Love the colors of your outfit

    so cute! I love the structure of your skirt and how it holds such a great shape.

    Tiffanie says:

    You are a vision! One of my favorite outfits yet!

    carissa shapiro says:

    Ok, so wait, did you cut your own bangs all by yourself? I would LOVE to cut my own bangs and try out a new style but I know I’d mess it all up and regret it! How did you go about doing it?


    Pink Ronnie says:

    I love it. This suits you so much!!!
    Ronnie xo

    Quinn says:

    This is so lovely! What a cute idea! The skirt on the girl is adorable and I love her hair so much!

    Brianna says:

    how fun is that skirt!!!

    Rita says:

    I love your Style entrees! I saw this one and promptly purchased 5 pairs of opaque tights from Urban Outfitters. How much do we love the internet???

    jess lonett says:

    I LOVE the volume on that skirt and it makes your legs look suuuuper long! i need to find a gem like that 🙂

    Riette says:

    Oooh, these colours make me so happy. Love the turqoise background in the top photos.

    Karen says:

    Great outfit. Spontaneous, unfussy…charming!

    Jaclyn says:

    This is adorable, the little pouf of your skirt has such a great look.

    sooki says:

    your style is impeccable!!! adoooore the skirt.

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